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j-fi 11 .11 0 W T fl' Ms f?JL,,
.1 ... . M.iwn .4 mnr.
tor rnnsiDEST,
.. rllU II. IlAHHIOUrt 01 UI1I0.
ron vicb ritKsiDKvr,
..vns fiKAXGHKof NewYorlc.
front 're S'tfe Journal.
........ tr. on iti1 ftr W I'VTinv
C invention oT the Antimnsons of Vcr
. .i,I.ti at the State House in Montpelier
''" . . I'lVl.r.lnn.. IS.1l! If.,.,. '..I.-
. .. I.ll .1,1 V HI I I IFIIIUI 1 I . w v, ....... . (
Wnia Convention. Wo have not room fori TOWN MHKTIXG.
n detailed account of the" doings of tins Con-1 Several questions of some interest are to be
vention. The several nominations made hv ' !i..t..,i i.t..,n .i .i, , I ft..
, .... u. hi. llllllcui lull II IIIIIIIIIK
the Antimasons were adopted I y the Whigs,
so $hat all the opponents of Van Burciiism
may concentrate their strength nnd secure the
vole of the State for IIaiiiiison and GnANoen.
The Whig Convention adopted a number of
resolutions, among which are the following
Resolved, That to perpetuate the republican
principles of tin- People of Vermont, minoi
considerations nnd sectional feelings among
freemen or the same political faith should be
sacrificed upon the altar of patriotism and the
pontic goon, anil be merged in a union of ac-
..... ..I f utl'tmi wa, on motion, elected public
i,.nf II iIi.Upkz Proctor of Cavendish, 1 lion in view of the appro-idling elections.
Vr,en! NvrtMN I.F.tVENWoitTit of 1 lines-j Resolved, That this convention cordi
i ' Vic" Presidents Okohcib H. Mt.Nsr.n, prove of the abandonment of the Mas
I l -1011, llll.l .. u. iui.un, j-.sij, ui einutiuii ill uuillillilllCC Willi ine can o
'l'1' c- t.l.,.. nuiiii.... . n...i r..n .
' i...ii.r. Sfrelan's.
! J witi.ui Mr Thompson, it was
; ,jU.,f That all those who are opposed to
!.t s cn.lu-. in jotnriple and pnictiee, be in--Jt
take seals in tins Convention; and all
"e wIm ncc ml with the sentiments of this
joiioa aa- tcipiested to give their names to
SCC fCt.1t I ?i l"l nil; mi'u3i; ...uniuj; .1
infihf iiii'in i.
Oairi't' ui "I .Mr L-unant,
M,rf.i, That a committee of three from
hc.i. ' be apWiited to report candidates
mlleO,u'0 s, M ne snppoiicii uy me nce
en al l e ti'-xt election; and that said com
.... i. ..,urtil lik' the delegates f.om the
Hit w un . w
.....I mitntirs.
UioarueJ to 3 o cloctt r. .m.
13 o'iti.uck.
C.inventi in met agreeably to adj iiirnment.
.ci. iim'ii4 I in ic r'li'iri. mi nil iiiiiiiiiii
.V .1.1 .i .1.. i... n :
J'JD'I HI .HUH " ll'li,l win' llli"ii i.
i it l.r iiifii nlilv llif sivirnl rnmti-
.......... .in i til' iii.i iiiiiiiiiii. nun int. lint
t . n . .... i h-i. tr f.ikpn .'iinl riinitl il.
j .1 u in ,
5ui II. ,ir:iison Ia.l 1 4-1
J. hn Smith I'l
ScJili" ing "
in II in S .c 11 .h'Vldiii.' iinu
. . i . .1... .1 r. r
iT nil' irni'ii'i . .i' v ....
T nh.ilnt. fo Lieu.eiiant Governor biinsr
. . i . . . i
c & II l '
diJ M. Camp had 1-13
Ai rn War.I icr 7
.Ma tia F hit 7
Sc.te.n; -t
IrJil i . Utvio M. Coip was declared ilu-
jiinaifJ js t'.ie eandiJate lor Lieutfiiant
r 1 ir.
1 a il-j t if I r nctir..r lit.inrr InLnn
Aujnstiiie Clarke had 1G1
S.att ihk 0
Hill ll'lll. .It ll l I I. V;blllhl. UCTUIUItJ
i n'MiinaU'il fir Treasurer.
ii. i i..- . i .i. . r il ;
ill IV II .11 1 1 1 I ) l f (HI 111 Irtl I II' ! 'IIUW IIIL' :
ki M , Tl, ,t this C invent! ... do now pro- ndmil c J
f,nh.nlH,- ,.f P.4i,I,.,it nn.l Vir.. to "Ooluli slavery llllll tile Sill
i.... f .1 I .... I c. . .
-Mucin iii ill i. uiivu ciau.
fhe res Hi ai w.is ad iptrd.
Vr Kr mp iionunatiil fir President, WM.
MEN iif W t.i l
Vir Slllllll ill Paint nnminnte.l n.W'IF.T.
uuo l lIV li .MilxtllCIIII.1'114.
If. ll' . .1 r nt..
il . e . i. i
,11 ni 1MIV ,111.-.
Resolved, That this convention cordially np-
isoiiiu I II
of oublic
opinion ; and disapprove of all secret societies,
and all monopolies, particularly a monopoly of
the patronage of the government for party pur
poses. Resolved, That this convention, in recom
mending to the freemen of the Slate the names
of HARRISON and GRANGER as candi
dates for the highest offices in the gift of a free
people, discard nil feeling of inan-worshiii; and
liimly believe that, if elected, they will be em
phatically th? (itficertt iif the nation, and not
the liudert of u parly.
The Vermont Anti-Slavery Society held ils
second annual meeting at Middlebury on the
16ih nnd 17ih of February, Rev. John Ide,
President, in the chair. Asa Aldis, Esq. of
St. Albans, was chosen President for I he en
suing year. Several resolutions in relation to
slavery in the United States, approving of im
mediate emancipation and disapproving of col
onization, were adopted; also a resulutiuu to
raise two thousand dollars the present yejr fur
the support of the cause. The Society adopt
ed the following memorial to Congress:
7 1 the lion, the Senate and House of Rcprc
scntatires in Congress ancmUtd :
The petition of the imilersigneil in behalf
of the Vermont Anti-Shivery Society, re
spiftfully tepreseiits:
Tluit in tin estimation of your petitioners
the exiMence of slavery und the slate trade
in the capital of the lniied Suies isun eil
of an ;i l.i nil iiig chur.it ter and a repio.tcli
nj 1 upon the CioM-riimt nl o! the country, and
inai n is a m, e uue lo tue spirit oi our insti
tutions ami the character of our tuition, that
they should no longer twist within that por
tion ol the Republic which is under the
iwclusive jiiii.-diction of Congress.
lule. therelore, your petitioners do not
and on c lit not
te trmle in the
District of Cnliiitiliia : vet, ns it is alleged
that great and insurmountable diflii'uliies
attend the legislation ol Convrrets in relation
to those evils in that District, und in order
to free the iniiioii from the (.'titlt and re
proach ol siillering thi in lo exist in the Cap
ital of the Republic, your petitioners hum
bly pray your honorubU" bodies to passu
CSCancd from
some or them having been convicted ofseveral
rtcttf ir.,i.n: ..J r. .... ..i.i i .i... i .i .
.-i ..LIWI.IIV, wercsouiigiiiiybcnienccil, lliai
Monduy next, and there should be a general
attendance of the voters. -The
article in relation to changing the place
nT lifilttiiir. tlifi muni I tirro 'f...... ll... umal I...
. .IW.UII.f, 1.1. lll.VIIII II1JIII 1IIW T t.l III llll. ,..w.uw. roll jll I CHI l.llvVII, .IIU.
cast village will excite the most interest. Uul J M,', "Hacked the citadel, putting all the
it should be calmly considered and discussed,' TnT&n!X&
and finally decided so as best to accommodate National Guard, which coutiihuted most pow-
the majority of the inhabitants. That there 1 "fully to the revolution in August last. Tin1
are advantages to be derived to one or the oth- Jral Hiioiit-r who fell under the weapons of
cr villace from havinz the iiicctiiu?s belli in it ' t '2,em wretclics, was Cd. O'Donnell,
er viuage, irom iiaingine uieetiiigs Held in it, wl0 w r!ll)turtHi , oiot. His bodv u-n-
wc presume no one can show. The simple thrown from the latnpart to the multitude b
: ...i.:..i. ...:n i..i l,i. i. ... i.i ..'.i i. ,
iui;aiiuil u, llliuil 111 ULtuilllJIUlluie tue
best. Il is well known that most of the
in this village arc mechanics, or persons
, A. ... .. -.Ii H 1, l
uuve no moue oi conveyance to u.c meetings , seven o'clock in the ev.-ni.i.r r the ensnim,
except ns they hire, while almost every other liny, theie was a contest before the rcsidente
man in town can go two, three or four miles 1 "' .,,UJ Captain-General, la-tween the troons
ni.,1 II I.
A linrrih!emas.sacret.ccurrodin Ilnrcelonnon Whee f Sle th?t !f. il I .
fie 5tl, of Jan., I ,g details ,.r which a.e con- icii,i c ' ' r '''fi'i 'rTq ; " ",71 ' ,l' ".t
amed in Gu igimnl', JSle?s,.mer t.rtl.e Mil..- u tV "V. 'Irl .?,u..V ? ,,S " f3 ,,,roU.Bh ,lic
" appeared that some of the Carli.st chiefs liTl
and the mob.
Uy letters from St. Sebastian, of the 7th .Inn.
without expoii'-e. Another thing it is entirc-
I. r ,i f. r.i. :..i...i.: ..rl " "-" i
., uul u. ,w, ,, U3l u ,c- , imui.un.s u. receive,! nl i.nri jt a,m.am that the Cmli-is
iiiia . iii.ii, ui uri ii tsi iier, iu lii iu iiji; till euierillll I
West Village; while there is not a man west
dark hours of ronllict by which the pec pie were
declared fiec When the milcmn &dnioniti.ti.
ol Jeff'rsoti nnd his compattiots, who put the
district North West of the Ohio River beyond
the pollutions of slaveiy, are openly set ot'dtfi
unce and when all the sins of slavery, nnd the
brulMt horrors of the slave trade, are publicly
palliated, ir not justified, surely it ii time fiir
those tyho think fiivoiably or liberty, to com
mune I'eely otic with another, ami fearlessly
tnke their stand on the side of anti-slavery.
For the purHseof f inning an Anti-Slavery
ouciriy in me county oi witiilliam, those Iree-
Jamaica, March 3.1, 183G.
(Signed) Timothv Goon.ii.r. and othcra.
W nrren Dridge which connects Charlestnwn
and Huston, has bee uric fie-, the law authoris-
this village, or "over West River," to eo to the on cnteiimr Gnrtmiii. I.i.i.o nil il... i,,...... trier the takintr of tolls hnvino- exnini! nn the
. O ,,,, liwur.vo lilt I ' " O I " "
t found sinailing. A letter f.om Uavonne states ' 1st inst. A bill to continue the act in fotc-
was rejer-
of us who dues not come here several times a 1 J1"1.1 .c00 relels enleted the town iif Catalonia, j has lieen bt-r.re the Legislature, hut
.MIMt f Willi, U II1)(J1',
inouiii, inn! genorally I lie snmc day tin meet-
ings are held, and conseqiieuily it m no loss or! .. 'YZ 1 , P l,,,,1,"I,,en.,k,ncip nrr,vr'1 , were fi.ed in U.wton, Cbntlcstown, Canilnidge
.: ii i...:. .. !. i .. ... ' i ork litiin I.tvertioiil, birnirs Lmuloii tinners to t...ir...i i f ....... . 7
w ho ,,,,,, . ,. i nun .ui'iiiniii, iniii a uruini lesuvui wits 10 ut
the 3.1 I'cbruary. There u nothing new fiom t.i.i :.. r-i..i .. w.,.. , ..
tune. Rut to a iiieehame residing here
lias no business in the oilier village, il is un !, a "
expense of from 7o cts to SI 50, including his
time and the hire of a conveyance. It is of but
Hilling consctiueuce lo our farmers neutrally
Spain lK-lween the lotces of the Queen and
those of Don Cm los. Uoth parties claimed th
urunry. i uere is noiintig new i.om , ,.,,, ; ni,nt,,iu. u'.-ilM.ln..
creat battle had. been foiiL'ht in "
Fresh Distuthanras between Ohio and Mich
igan have occurred. The a-.sessors of Michi-
iUi a,. r,.i:,i, i ... i .' i . . . .
Where ihe meet!,,,., nr.. I...M ul.,1.. I, !.. ' ... viiuiiia-.ui-iuiMmif.f,.,, ...nu ikiu try.ng collect taxes IIOIII
ics it is of considerable importance. Rut after
all the majority, according to the good old re
publican maxim,
suggest these thou
those who care very little about the decision
themselves. We see no reason for excitement
on the subject, and trust there will be uo hard
words or uukiiid feelings. If there should be
discussion, let every cue remember to ''use soft
words and solid arguments."
A outlier question of more moment is, whith
er the Uridge over West River slinll be made
free. AVc have always thought the loll gate
there to be a deg ace to this place, and it u
The Queen's lorces engsged ' those who deem themselves citizens or Ohio.
are said to have amounted lo 'JO.OCO men. ' The Michigan ollleers broke oihmi the hoiue of
V.. ,,, , I 1 ne llniisli I'ailiamcnt waji to assuuible on a Mr Hiaillev and took a quantity ol tironettv.
must dicide. We mere v t he Ith of Februarv I ti i ' . .."
i . r ., ., VI ituruan. Ihe people were roused; took out a warrant
ghts fur the consideration of I . .i t- i .t .
Hatti.i: ok Mascau in Mount Ati.au. Ts ,, . V" i , B
-The l-Wh lo.ceslmtc ornained a vie ! ,,,eJiU, rood COUMt-v
. f I
iory oi some linpuriuiice at .Miscara, near firk. Tle atg0 am) ,nmis0IIIC meeting
Algiers, u Inch occasioned much rejoicing , house occupiisl by iheottliod ix congrecaiioiial
at I'.iris. A ilrnwing room was, in conse-1 church nnd sviety at .Menslith Ilridge, N. II
qtience triveti nt the Tuilleries. at which till ' tocetln-r with the maiision house mid out huil
thu (liplutnutir corps uere present but Count I 'lings lie!.ingirig to I.yninn U. Valker, Ei.
Allien, the Russian amlissudor. a"' n. '''"cksmilh's shop, were entirely dwtroy-
1'he lule took place from DeC. 1st to 5th. 1 " "'. "."' ":1
I5rn((Icboro High School.
Til 14 Spring Term of tho Bit attledoro
1 1 i cj ii School, will cointnoiicc on tlio
7th day of .March next.
French, - - $5,00
I.nlin and Greek, -l..r)0
English, - . . ;,r,0
A class of small Scholars will bo formed,
who will tie, thoroughly taught iu the much
neglected branches of reading, defining and
French, Botany, &c. will lie taught by Mis
Sarah Steaii.ns, whose services the subscri
ber bus secured for tho coming term.
John s. miowN.
in. II. Air. Urown would lhank all those
who are desirous nf placing Ibeir cbiblren un
der his cli'irae the ensuing lerm.ro signify Ihe
Htmt, verbally or olherwise, llml nn oppofluu
iiy may b given of CI issing, ns I'ur us practi-i-able,
the Scholars, before the commencement,
nf the term. Feb. IM.
"Soy ILL be sold at Ihe residence of JOHN'
V T PHELPS in Guilfon.'. on TCESHAV
Ihe 15th day of March instant, the Stock and
Farming Tools. Hay. and Houudiold Furni
ture of said Phelps. Stock consisting of Neat
("utile. Sheep and Hwine. Sale to commence
at 10 o'cloi-k forenoon.
Hwjjr IIE.VRY SMITH. Auc'r.
The llaines were first
.i: i :.. .i i. ..e .u. i
.,. , , fr. , i i - , . i ihwm en-ii in mi- lHiii-ii hi ine iiiei-iiu iiousj,
I he 13uke of Orleans cotninanded ip , imVe taken from the stove funm-l.
ly the (.lovernor Cieneral .Mntshul Linusei. .. , . , , ., ,. '.. , .
n,, r . i iti 1 ' iiiiiMioiK iK riiiiifu uv nit- i. iineo Mian's
Ihe four brigades were commanded by ' ., itnL- 7.t it. Jt.. i.r., I ti.i
so considered through the Slate and by travel
li,r niiiiuriill.' h.i l u-l If..-.,. I ..iT.... . l...ntt ll.i.l...... I.n.in.,i ,C .l....... ...I .. j. ..... ..... .. .......
... . i.w ..v . ..Mbc ., ..j. ..ii.w., , w.,t..v.. .1 .linn.,..., Iu i lion lur 3i.i.iM, to ii-nry imams
much shuiiir tbau many that are built b towns Loiiilws ( In the Jlh ov, in ruing of IJ wton, at S'J5,0U0 les than rivt.
law removing the seat or government to the
TlieC invention was addressed hy MrKnapp, city of l'iusliurgh, I 'a or such other place
BloJgeit, Mrlla ber, Mr Smith and Mr within the limiis of the free States as the
tr. AUlOtirne.l tl I O'C OCk. u-iulnm nf e....r l,nnnn.l,l.. i..t;..e ....... .1-...,,
most advisable And ns in duty bound,. your
petitioners will eer pray.
7 o'cloek.
Art pursuant t) atljounment. ,-
fh ilU-us.-i in on the Vtcsidcncv wn con-
11 by Mr Ware. Mr Peitibone.'Mr Brown.
Gen. Flint.
rejourned to 8 o'clock, tomorrow.
Tncnsnir. Ffh 05.
iJi'iarconiing to arijournment
' Barber, Mr Kuapp, Mr Pettibme, M'r
'in. Mr Miner. Ren. Flint n.t Mr Wit
IThe ballon fiir President of the U. States
JfUkea and counted, Kj
Wm. Henry Ilariison had S7
uamcl H ebiter 23
Francis Granger 20
Edtvinl Everett if" I
Mania Van Burcn n
JlrattleLaro High -Schod. We wish our
readers would turn an eye to the advertisement
,of this institution. Under the present inslruc-
Tl Convent? m was a, Id resell at length hylfy $ D1H0W-S'' "hool has gone on noise-
Il is for the interest
"in, Mr .Miner, Gen. Flint and Mr Wilson, t or ihe village that" it shoulH be sustained. To
people abroad we would say that board can be
had in ibis village at SI "j per week fur lads,
and b'l 50 fur ladies. Parents and guardians
having children to educate arc invited lo turn
their attention to tbi school.
Jay'j Ivquiiiv. The contents of this book
iMrCinant introduced the fiillmvW:
IHf!vM, That WM. HENItV HARRi-' may be conjectured from ils title page. "An
of Obi) ami FRANCIS GRANGER Inquiry into the character and tendency of the
Ii ti the Pe ml,.nr "iV".0 . Vv C"nvten- American Colonization and A.mrican Ami
Ii i . 1 ' the State ol ermmil m ... o .- . nr-n- , n n-i
f-i(si .r llieollices or President arvl Vice . i3'a,:' u) u-
went f the United Slates. 1 -rcr w ishes to become well acquainted with
UrnOllnn 'if Mr IJ,)(!fTill. th nam-.f Ww. ' Ik nriin -rinf .til! inns ihiriitiT itiicimis n.l
It m'",',? l ,i WS1 ,",kt'n ?P. by.the C?": tflVet, l( these Societies, will find hin.self am-
r 'nn, and ihe yeas and navs kin? dmed -d i , ... . ... , .. .
I! ali'n ..... . e i, .... dIv tiaid bv mrin? this work a lhoroii"li nt rii-
"M Xaw were th"n wital 11 " '"' Brest ability, candor i l"l'eniic in all th,uK, and thus let
pofFinscis CiniMit.. V. P,i- ' anH riWriiniri.ninn. The .-inthnr ,l..rs .mi ! men see the good elfccts or temperance princi-
pies. He should be wise to win souls.
Q. Q.
io this and other Slates. This town is highly
favored in expenses of this kind, while very few
towns can be named which are more able lo
meet them, it would doubtless be of great
advantage to the place could tins bridge be
made free at a reasonable expense, as we un
derstand it can ; and if it is not dune, it may
be eipi-cled that we shall soon bp called on
not only to build a bridge a little higher npihe
river, but also a new road. The at tide iu the
notification relative to this subject, simply sug
gests the appointment or a Committee of t,i
qniiy, to report at a Allure meeting; audit
must be seen by every one to be the conise uf
wisdom lo appoint a committee who will as
certain and it-port the w bole merits of the case,
as to expense, advantage, necessity and proba
bility of another bridge being required,. &c.
The people cnu then decide uudens'andirtgly
and in view of the, whole subject. A wrong
slepinow in '3ccidingihr question either tiafil
may subject the lonn to much unnecessary exi
peiiso. Iwn.
HINTS No. 2.
''.r"ijje it belter than precept." If a
father would have his sou honest, industrious,
economical, temperate, a friend of order, a re
specter or the l.iws. a lover of goodness, he
must set him an example oT these virtues he
must be himself what he would have Ins sun
become, ir a mother would teach her daugh
ter to be modest, gentle, neat, orderly, kind,
alloctiunatc, benevolent, she must cou$l?utly
exercise these virtues herself, IT a preacher
would inculcate peace, brotherly kindness,
christian chanty, and good will to all men, he
must not tft his people, saying, '"Mlow my
word-.," but, "imitate my actions."
IT a friend or Temperance would promote
thai noble cause, he must not denounce his Tel-
lo'.v men and call Ihcui by hard names, but be
I in rpeculatmn. His reasoning is foundtd ou
i farl ; arid tif thesp be hrins loelher n tnn5
Ui' ' . , " .. ,!
1 1 Via.. 1 .? V ...... 'n ' i.
IM.i- ".'5"i e I in riwr.nlalii.n. Ml
1'ilvnatiD v riiiiireil the C.MnnriM.
f'Hu'.l. That the rill MM I.J ! irJt rtA
iwaic Srare Oflicers he iliiwie.t fn nr..rni ' which tells troths that arc not generally well
fWates fir l-'ini.ir,.B , : . . 'iKir! fi.;t . i... i.:, ,.t :
tji ...i, mm mi i luuDl'Ml klM141ICC"..vniii ii nut uje auujLivi aiuiti oi-Al.il
l-Ws-!. i',e lT',,i,e(1 S,ntt'!!- . ! ing the public mind arid becoming a topic or
ffwrnittfemi. Il ' "Ii V'.Y.i?" V; .1" ' ' f lnon universal interest, every good citizen
iBEZ P tocTOIl )
A ALDIS, ' f Fileetors at large.
". J, David Cr.'Awroat..
' .IMItt HoWK,
;' . Gr.tswoi.n,
fi p..... ii
i n mo , on of Mr Chandler, the Convention
K.Tt a S,al1-' Comrnitce; and
fcrfif of Worcester, U'i, Hr.-
I -:"', nn- C. L. K.-sapp of Mont-'w-re
duly elect -d.
'7" "f Mr Manser,
J'" W, 1 Imt the State HnmrnitlPO l.e nil.
It'C10- .""y V!ncy which may occur
CiT.,,T' for fcta,e mce,a' -tili-ctow,
Iitom o'r.MrKnapp,
?yl iiimniiiiously, That this Conven
'Hlm'i'T '" ll,e st,l,'n"w of th llesolu-
U,r 1111 o'eeiing ot the Anlimason-
ou ght to examine it thoroughly in order to be
ready to act wisely and understanding))'. This
book, if read without prejudice, must do much
lo settle the public mind on this important sub
ject ; and written, as it is, in a spirit or candor
and an apparent love or truth and right, it can
not Tail or imparting a beneficial inlluencc.
The book is to be found in Mr Sleen's Library,
and i-, we understand, in great demand. It
has reached the third edition, & is stereotyped.
in the plain of the Sig, the army placed The coach maiiofuetorv of Hiewsier & CV.I.
uiemseives in it nouow square, wun lite ar
tillery and baggage in the centre. On 1st
December, the ! rvncli troops charged the
Arab forces, which amounted to 4000 men,
infantry nnd cnvnlry.
About GOO Arab horsemen with infaiitry
under Abdel K.nlel, now -sallied out from n
deep rax me, bill were igoiousIy met by the
lis at New Haven, Ct. together with the most
vnluable of its cuntcnts, was destroyed by fire
on the night or the 25th tilt. Loss StiO.OOO
on which there was an insurance or 32,000.
For Sale,
-ty. A F A II M, containing about one
hundred and forty acres of Lund,
5'Wli'' eitiiile in Ncwi'mie, between Fav
otlevillc nnd Williiimsville. iilmiil
two miles fiom enclk place. Said Fiirm is
well fenced with stone wall, well wooded, and
vwll Mitured,u ith convenient buildings there
on, und the transport good. More or less
land may be had, ns best suits the purduecr.
One yoke of Oxen, 10 or Cows and some
youn slock nny ho had with the Furm, if
ivnntcd. For further pariieulnrs enfjuirc of
the subscuber, near the prpruises.
March 1st. 4.UC
W Please to Call.
HOUSE Painting, Papering. White-washing
ami Glazing, done by the subscriber
as usual. He tendeis bis thanks lo the public
Tor past favors, and hopes by strict attention
to his business lo secure a continuance of iht ir
potrcnage. All work entrusted lo him will be
faithfully and thoroughly executed ou Short
notice and liberal terms.
Braltleboro, March. l"v?G. 4m2'
13. M. BUSiWELL,
A 4i -k JU V 9
BcAt'Tin'L Inciocnt. At the meeting of cit
zens in the .Methodist church iu Greene street.
held lal evening, for the purpose of taking ' r. ., . ,,. , ,
tnensures r.i ri.hn.hl the n.il.le st .irtor.- knmvn i "L Door South Cune S Store. liratt'eliOro.
I- rrnch artillery, w lip droxe them back after as " The Meilmdi-t Hook concern " very inter ;
a flL'lit of fm; Iiours. On the 3d the nrinv ' cstin? and imnresslve nddiese$ were delivrred i
jessed ihe Sig rutr. and reached :i place of by the llev. Dr. Bangs, and ihe llev. Mr.
seven let.guea eMent, w here they met 3000 j V augh. Thehislor) of that extensive institu-
Arab horses. Arrived at the height of Sidi ,l0n- lro'" "s "lln;y. ""V ao; "s reccn
r. .... .1. i m. ! mean of great and extensive usefulness: and
unnroul, on tlie oirect rotul to .Masca a, ., . , , . , ,'
,. ,, , ,,, i , !, the t'tl ricut and s.Mu .iry manner in W' tich l icy
.warsm i i.tose ejicoumi reo .tie camp oi iave heen applied, w ere disclosed in
Abdel Kader. ulien-the cliiellnin was Mir-iccar nnd satisfactory manner, and
rtit..t w t.lnfi ritif i-iniiorc I li.tt I..... -,.1.1- .tl I... :.. .1... I
were soon cornpelled by the French artillery In tlie course of his remarks. Dr. Bangs related ! "mc of llie 'fAarsou Taxtrn. Also,
to fallback on the mountain. Resuming , the follo-.Mng remarkable incident. Among wnn,h , i T,UM
his march across the plain, three or four, lie burning fragments of books and pnn.eit
4ou.orsea.tacM liisreMrJ.ut.rot iL lo ' x "fi
soon a.spers,;.! t.y.int-nr .1 ery; , ...... - of fcen tcrmcl the best stand for business bo-
..... .... .mi ....A.u.j .iu- uiiiuicuuru aim
travel through this nlac is fast incrcai-
'2 Stages brcukfiist nt this House cacti
fe5s Ami
tfi !T4 5 A I ?,I m
lilt II tllVl . - .j t
Ihe most I bu L,t't' l""" possession given the First
with the' of Apr'' "ext) l,lat celebrated Tati:r"V
leseqttel SrASn 111 Fitzuilliain, N. H. uil known bv
, . r ., rJ,- - I'Ti-V1. . t-i rlllic Witul, was a tiage ot the Jiible con aiiiing . . 1
He iu-e, the At as rtnd thereat wood ofj hc xivIh c 0f UahK w ica( I ween Kc
the Mi.brnh. the Marshal found himself in a n" ,1C morning or the conllagration, aboui ""!'t0.? Ir
which read in the words following:
"Our holy and beautiful house, where our
lathers praisnl Dice, is ucnNKo up wtrn rmc :
ami all our pleasant things aiic i.Ain wasti:!"
We Know not how.the relation ol this inci
lefilc. The Duke of Orleans was with twelve miles distant, on Long Island, and before :
hiin. ami they came very near being cap- the catastrophe was known there, ltwasin
inred by an 'immense body of horaen.eii, : deed a winged messenger of truth, in a double j
who were, however, soon dispersed hy n e- seuse, lor me laci is no less striKiug.iuan au
rv few chasseurs that charged on thorn with thentie, that every word of the page was so
r,. bines ..hied bv the shells thrniv n be two I '?''d as to be illegible, save the llth-verse,
howiizt rs The nrtillery and infantry of
the Emir now- opened n general and desiruc
tive lire from. the wood of the Ilabrah.
Gen. Ondinot herr received a ball in his
thigh. The ibuke of Orleans rushed into
the thickest of the fight. The uttillery. tin
dr Clause!, fin is lied the light and the ene
emy retired. The Duke of Orleans receiv
ed a severe contusion on -his leg by a ball.
On the oth oY Dect mber, nrrivini,!nt the
summit of llie road leading to .Mascara, the
Marshal dctenniueil to clear the first chain
of the Atlas. The Arabs fled before the
fire of the French. The next day ( Dec G)
the at niV' crossed six leagues of. mountain
district.-. There was diflicu'.ty in procuring
nny but nauseonsnvater, but the courage of
. - law .
the troons was tinnbateil. 1 here was .no
morning it is much the Oldest Stand in tho
place, nnd has hitherto commanded much tho
greater share of business. A lease Avill he
given for a year or for a term of years, at the
option of the lessee. Also will be xold if de
med, llie Furniture now in the House and
Farming Tools, on rcason-iblc terms.
For further particulars inquire on the pro
mises of Fba.nkli.y Jonm, or of
e Hiioir noi iiuw.iue n-iuuuii ui mis inci p;,-.:ii:. v n v u no ,,... . .
drni impressed others, but to ns it appeared of, Fitswill.am, N- H. Feb. lb. 4w35
India Rubber Goods.
Agents oj ' the Boston Sictim Factor;,;
sinking interest and beauty. True, there seems
no special reason why such a, message should
have been providentially sent to the man who
found it ;bur tho message tti sent, and all
but the message was obliterated by the melan
choly occurrence of which il gave such signal'
. . .'. fill . 1 . . . ..."".LI. I
intelligence, l ue teat w as urougiii uicr iu iiiis
city by the tinder, and has been pl.icttl.in one
of our bookstores. .V. 1. Commercial.
Brighton Market Monday, February 2d.
(HriMirlril for the I). Aihrrtifrr & I'alriut.)
At maikct, 4!B llrrf Caitlr, and 2C0 tilircp.
ItltlCLS JJttf Cattlt A irniilii.il iiiiiirmpmcnt in
; prircsi:oiitiiuie.ii tvill lie tMrreniiJ I.) tir cu..t.tf icrtt. .
more fii? tit in ir nfler this. The Emir, it is 1 Uu..lii rathi-r infriior V n..iirl h frw ..Ve rx
said, had been dis.Tr.iced. und his narnsol or I ' " ' n"!"e.fi' 'l"!,l;'. tiA
, , , , r . i .. Wi &I : ktiiiiiI il... al 31 txl m M ; Ihint dn il u
in command. The town of Mascara wns 21. nJ oncat 31s 6J.: Steinc Nunc at uiaikti
Impoiitant. A secret conclave of the canine
race, "hound, puppy, whelp and cur of low de
gree," was holdcn some time on Thursday
night last, on the public srjuurc near the hay
scales, to testify, by snarl and growl.nnd yelp,
their utter contempt for certain laws passed by
their bijwd masters; derogatory to their rights
as free and independent citizens. Many deep-
, , l'"'i ui i e n eeliiin-nt llie A nlimfiami. . ....
.s of tht. Legida,;,He;a,,d otbers, in nf 'tow-M were ui.erei. uy ine ring-
leaders, which seemed lo give show ot fight
J1 m'tiin nC M r. ..... .. I ! II
olv h i ' iinu uetermineu resistance to oecoiuiug t uuur
l... 1 "!at the thanks of thi-) Cnnv Her "frv" looked on and wasr-
.KaMii!'" H'n' 7-"nX i ","Te,,f"r ged their tails. Every now and then there was
impartial manner in winch he has b . ,, . , , . ,. . , ,,.
, Hie duiici or the Chair. an indistinct growl or (os--matical rights ciir
. J'ltlmi the proc edirign of" this Conven-' tailed resist toolh and nail.
1 ?ne,l by the ..dicers thereof, he published t
liailt'rH nf tl.t. C...1 1..... ...I I Inlna ITnll. ,ul,n l.ns Im.in f. vti ill 1 1 Pit thmilfll
.W.W. ...M,l I.W w... 0--
the country for a year past as one of the seven
wonders of the world, being, as represented, 1C2
years old, djed at. New York on the 22d ult.
It is now believed that the public have been
imposed upon ; post" mortem examination of
the body shows no indications of extreme age
and Ihe greatest wonder now is that the impos
ture should have so well succeeded.
Hi , l'?,l'r" nf State, whose editors
Dl'w.lt),,ul,lish th name.
Wday """ii men, on motion, aiijourncu
t, ZIMRl HOWE, President.
i"1" PaocToa, ) ... D . . ,
;;Lr.tvr..vwoaTit, Vice Prw.dents.
f'."- Manser c .
pb. Mikeii, I Secretaries.
JJ'"ie 17th ult. a Mr Dennis, his wife and
rending in the Tillage of 'Pine Plains,
wind 'ead in bed, having been sufTbcated
f iciDg a furDace of homing charcoalTin
' 'n preTimis to going to bed.
Accounts from St. Johns, Npwfuundland( or
the 19th ult. represent tlio'fainall Pox as raging
there to a frightful extent. 'Upwards of 2000
ea?es had occurred, and J500 deaths'.
mart-rendinc Circim,lirc.-0n Thurs- ... , . .,,,. nl 31.C.U 3D.: lh.,.1 lio 27. a TO
lav night last, three or four children were fro- f.' !'-''- " ) - .SMep-We n..ii.-r.i .,ie ..1 io 101. unijr, ..nc.it
zento deaih iu ibis city. It seems that the!"' comnianu 1 t.e town 01 .Mascara wns
. . . 1 . .. . I .......v. ..I , I I..I...I. iv.ec.,cei,. r.P ,'l'l... T.i.i e I
mollier nan cxerteu uerseit uuring ine uay, to '""""" .....v.. y iu i. ,. PIED,
obtain wood ; but that having failed entirely to ; seven or eight hundred in number, had been ,n rjllmlrwr5,on j,,h. -yj Mrs Fanny, wife
get anv. her children and herself being in a sull-: nliiiidered by the Arabs, and as many of- tf Tr f.iithfr 'VhiiViir ntvtr vrnr. Kind
ering condition, she went out about ten o'clock j thetti massacred. Q" the Oth, the Marshal and gentle in hcrjlisios7iion, winning in her
at night and alieinpted to take a board or some-, r,.tirftl from Mascara, bringing the Jews mannersandnahVchfd in her deporltnent. she
thing from n fence ; iu doing which, she was
taken by ihe watchmen, who, 111 spite of her
. . f.t f ; .n .1.11
representations 01 tue summon 01 uer ciiunreii,
took her lo the watch house. 'Tllere she again ,
lold the captain of llie walch her situation, und
how she had left her children, and begged in
the most earnest and piteous manner lo be re
leased, or that some one might go with her and
sec that she had not told an untruth. The cap
lain, however,. was as cold and heedless of her
entreaties as a pillar or ice, and as the shortest
way to dispose or her, locked her up. In the
morning, she was permitted logo home in com
pany with a watchman, when lo! the sulfcrings
of her little ones (one of them only 3 weeks old)
were at nn end locked in each others arms,
they were cold nnd stiff dcaih had come to
llieir relief. The feelings of the mother can be
belter conceived than described. The brutal
watchmen were loo callous lo feel n mental
pang; all they cared for was their lock-up Tec.
What has been done with them we know not,
but hanging would be too mild u punishment
for llit'in. Philadelphia Herald, Feb, 5.
Governor Badger oT New Hampshire has ap;y
pointed Thursday the 31st day or March inst.'
to be observed ns a day or Fasting, humiliation
und prayer throughout that State.
jThe account books, tic. or the Methodist
Book Concern in New York, are fortunately
preserved ; having been dug out or tho safe be
nenlh the ruins of the establishment, uninjur
ed hy the fire.
The roof or the brick meeting house belong
ing to ihe Methodist Society in Plymouth, N.
with him the women nndcht!dren riding "as grcaily beloved by her friends, and highly
l.hiiid ill,, envnlrv n il... eninnls Mumbled ' esteemed by all her acquaintance. In the con
injlie chiy from the rains. Some or the 111
fiifttry.geiierouslyjjiore the Jewish childien
nn their knapsacks. The Arabs lost 600
killed French loss very light. The army
returned on the 12lh, to iMostajjiiem..
jugal, matqrnal nnd filial relations, she was
faithful and exemplary. But her decp-toned
pict)',' christian meekness, it holy living, were
ihe chief excellence in her character. She
died in the triumphs.. of that faith, which is as
"an anchor to the soul.' Com.
In Swa'nzev, N. II. Feb. 11, Mr Clatk "Wil
son, 39. In Westmoreland, Jan. .25, John Le
vins, nn insane person.
' t.. . .14.1. ..1. t-r. .... r .1
ill Ull'tlltieiu, mi uii. .ur oraius 11 i-uini'i-
The packet ship Montezuma has "arrived
nf V.i... V..rl.- in 1 r. .hii.a frn.n Wm Cm?
with n largo quantity of specie, nnd n .Min-j enii og'1 a.?, . , c . j
ister Extraordinary 'ns n passenger, whose , Inpriug(.c J. Mr Daniel Swctland, a
business, it is intimated, is to negocnite for
tho sale of Texas to tho U. Slates,
Vent Cruz papers to the 7lh have been
received by the M. Ihe'nlt.irs ol lexas
nrea; principal topic of remark in them, nnd
severe comments tire beMowed upon the peo
ple of tho United States ior encouraging the
Toxians in their rebellion. The paragraph
in . the President's Message hnd however
tended lo sooihe the minds ofuhe people, us
showing I hut tho American government
would endeavor lo prevent nnd restrain tho
fining out of expeditions in our ports, in aid
of the Texians. The nrmy of Sunta Anna,
destined to operate agiiins't Texns, left Sun
Lewis Potosi, Jan. 2d, nnd arrived nt Leonu
Vicario on the 9ih. Its numbers nre not
definitively stated; though it is intimated
that including what twrf to folloic, it would
amount to 8000 or 10,000 men.
On the 19th of Jnnitnrv a mutiny took
I I ; . 1 I S I
II. fell in on the evening or the 15th ult, car- Pm . 10 ,Knrrlson 01 caPul,ru
.. ..1. .-. i j c ....11 South, which nnncars to hnvo been com-
rying wiiii 11 ouu, cuu.ut ,iue wun, uuu uuiujj , , - 1 1' 1. i ... . . 1
much injury?. Aniifccumulation or snow upon pI?Uly successfu. It wns, however, statV
the rcor and jnhigh wind was the cnuse of the i 'fiat no political desjgrj
disaster. vlth th movement!
09 wer connected
olulionary soldier, aged 82.
A'o. 2 IlaWi Building, nearly opjtosilc Col.
Chase's Slope House,
WOL'LD tender their Llianks to the citizens
of Drattleboro and ils vicinity for the
liberal patronage they have received from them
and inform them that they have just received
a fresh supply of LADIES' SHOES of the
latest rashion, which,"logct,her iviih their for
mer stock, comprises a very extensive ussort
mnt for Ladies' and Gentlemen's wear viz:
Ladies' Kid and Cloth Pumps;
French Lace do ; Low Lace do j
French Fur Shoes; Gaiter Uootstt Bootees;
Morocco, Kid, Calfskin and Colh Walking
Slioes Gentlemen's Doots, Shoes nnd Pumps
of every description Misses' and Children's
Pumps and Shoes Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Rubber Over-Shoes.
Also Morocco and Kid Linings & Bindings,
Binding and Shoe Thread, Paste and Sponge
Blacking, &c. &c. ,x
The above articles are offered for sale on the
most reasonable terms, and warranted second
to none. ,
All kind of work done to ordw it short co
tic cd Tenanted.
HAVE now on bitnil, ond will continue to
be supplied with a good assortment of
the grout v iriety ol article nf INDIA RUI3
BEIl GOODS .Munnfucliired by that Company.
amoxo which a'bc
Gentlemen's Frock Costs ; do. iSurtout do.
" Pea do. Camlet do!
" Camlet Cloaks ; Pantaloons; "
" Pantaloons, with Teet ;
" iSgf Lesirins, with and without feel;
Men's and Boys' Lasting ;
Butl'iilo Cloih and Drilling ;
Cups, with nnd without Capes ;
Ladies', Misses' and Children's APRONS, or-
tianienied with Velvet ;
Ladies' Kid, Listing and Mole skin SHOEO
Gentlemen'.) Lisiinr aud Mole-skin SHOES
CLOTH of various kinds, fee. &.c. Also,
India Rti'iher Felt BOOTS, a new article,
highly reeoimuendcd as a durable and ex
cellent nrliclo ;
India Uithbcr SILK PLUSH HATS, of fMh
innuble sluipc, very light, ami perfectly
'impervious to wet," which miisl eventually
taku the place of all other lists.
(JPiirc1lmseri are invited to call nnd e
auiine tho Goods, which are ofTercd on tho
most lavornblo Irriii.i.
Braltlolioro, Feb. 24, 183C5. Cw25
Farm for Sale,
LYING in Jamaica, almut onn
mile from AVest Townshend vil
bige, and containing about one hun
dred and twenty acres' of Lund,
, . . . ...... i. .. I I . ..
itiriy oi wiiieit is interval, is wen proporuon
cd as to Woodland and Pasturing, nnd liss
crowing upon it h lurgo quantily of yniing
Walnut Timber and considerable I'ine. Sni I
Fnrm lies on the Stago road rruiti Townshend
to Arlington, and uilibn crnld on reHinivihlit
lertns. Inquire or NATHAN W VM AN,
living on the premises.
Jainnica, Feb. 24, 1830. 2.1
JUST added 10 the Franklin Library A
mericaririn England, by the atilhor of .1
year in Spain Clinton Dradshaw, or Ihe ad
ventures of a Liwyer Kato Bouverio, v
Mrn. Norton Mardena and Daventrvs Pif.
grim of Walsingham or Talcs of the' Middle
Ages, by Agnes Strickland One in a thou
sand, by James Pirate, by Gupt. JJarryati,
author of Jacob Faithful, Peter Simple, iSlc.
Reynold's Voyage round tho Worll Tin
Rambler in Notlh America, by Chsrlcs Joseph.
Lutrobe, author of the Alpinstnck Rando'rni
Shots from .a Rifleman, by Copt. Kiocuid
South West, by a Yankee Tales and Skctflu
e's by Mire EcdgT-ltJ?, etithor of L!.r. ckJs. &.v
" ; -t

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