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l'rom llio New York tiernld.
"Ail made of pnralon, iintl nil iimilo of vltlic,
All adirnlMin, dniy nnil-ubrervulnwi ,
All liiimblenen, all pmlcnce imd Impatience,
All puiily, nil lii.il, nil goo J kifiliig." Shaki.
I went to church Inst Sundny ; not llie
richly cushioned Trinity; not the gorgeous
Dunnoj not the neat St. Thomas ; not tliu
fastidious Grace; not the incense burning
St. Patrick's. I went to a nrlvnlo family
church, which assembles in a privnte house
t No. Sullivnn street, on tlio snmo
independent principle oil which Mr. La
t6uielto has creuted his congregation in the
Bowery. At half past ten ltered a gate
wny, mounteda stair, opemdfi?door, and
found myself m a smull, ncKtangulur
room, divided into two parts'fjOr'nbout a
dozen of ladies, neatly dressed, "sitting a
round a large tnble covered with green cloth,
n't the upper end of the room. I always
consider myself in civilized society when 1
find myself in the presence of colored bon
nets, with feathers on one side, or a moss
rose on tho other.
Around the table wore arranged about a
dozen bibles and hymn books. At the up
per end, stood a silver cup with two handles,
and rt slice of common bread on a salver,
also a small box with an aperture. Outside
the enclosure, a number oTpews were erec
ted, each having also a bible and hymn
book. Beyond this was n stove to keep the
nnartment warm. Tho heathen, the uncon
verted, and tho pretty young girls, about two
to ten years of age, sat outside. I snt among
the latter cherubs, as eager, as curious, as
simple as tho children themselves.
' At the proper hour, the Chief of the con
gregation entered a tall looking personage.
lie turned to tho left, and after bestowing
a kiss on one of the prettiest girls present,
took his seat at the upper end of the table.
lie immediately stood up, read n chapter of
tho New Testament, and nlterwnnls said
"Men and brethren let us pray." A very
good prayer was the consequence. After
this was closed, he began n sermon, which
was short and sweet. This done, he read a
passage from the New Testament, author
izing tho "breaking ofjiread ;" then taking
up the slice of bread from before him, he
broke off a small piece, put it.iidchis mouth,
and, handed the remainder to Hislleft hand
neighbor. The slice then wenfround the
table in this way, each breaking off a small
bit, as if it had been wedding cake, till it
reached tho Administrator, at the head of the
table. Another prayer, and another hymn.
The Chief then took up thp cup, which
was filled with wine, repeated a text of Scrip
ture, put the cup to his lips, tasted it, ami
then (landed it to his rjght hand man, who
did the same, going, round the table pre
cisely as the bread had done. The bread
and wine,' it will ne observed goes against
the sun.
Another prayer, another hymn, another
small discourse, and then came the crown
mg, glory of the whole ceremonies, the
"Kiss of Charity." The leader trot up and
said,' "Brethren and sisters, let us, according
to the Lord's appointment, greet one another
with tho holy Kiss of Chanty." This said,
every person, male and female, arranged
around the table, kissed each other, right
and left, men and women, women and men.
It was not cither n mere dry buss of the
cheek, but n regular steam-power smack,
that struck If'ome to the ear most charmingly
a real meeting of lip to lip. 1 almost
said involuntarily " 'gad, I wish I were n
communicant for one day, by particular de
sire; 1 should take my stand right between
those two pretty girls in white feathers and
braided hair;" but being only a heathen, I
sat and mourned among the children, be-
.yond the outer railing, as the ancestors of
Major Noah did by tho rivers of Babylon.
After the kissing operation was closed,
- the whole church fell to work, and sung a
pretty psalm of praise for tho memory vouch
safed in that delightful ceremony. It is re
markablo that some of the principal core
monies in every religion are eating, drink
frig, kissing, embracing, &c. The natural
functions of nature are invested with a di
vinity which do hedge them in for reli
giousness. -
I know not the name of this new sect
but they profess to reject all Catholic all
Protestant doctrines and practices with equal
pertinacity. They avow themselves to be
actuated as the early Christians were before
Christianity became associated with politics
statesmen emperors kings, or worldly
ambition. They deny any authority fioih
Heaven to build churches or expend 'money
in endowing clergymen. Religion is a mat
ter of domestic- use. Every man's house
ought to bo his church, as it is his castle
every man ought to bo his own clergyman
every man every head of n family has a
right to tako tho Bible nnd form his own
creed, and to conduct his own ceremonies.
Religion, according to this sect fs not a mo-
Jiopoly to be confined to a particular set of
men called clergy. Such are the opinions
of tho amiable Kissers.
Two Sides to a Plot. It will be re
collected that a few weeks since, under the
head of 'A horrible plot to entrap a female,'
Wo gave an account of the abduction (we
can use none more appropriate phrase) of a
young lady of this city, by u fellow named
Mc.Clinlock, who carried her to New York
for the gratification of a certain Oenernl,
who was there from Vermont. Since that
time, somethings have transpired in relation
to tho affair, which places it in a somewhat
different light. Tho military gentleman re
ferred to is Gen. Seth Cushman, Postmaster
at Guildhall, Vt. The friends of tho young
lady at Hartford havo determined to take
legal measures in the way of redress; and
on Friday last Gen. C. was surprised at his
snug quarters at Tammany Hall, N. Y.
(whero he had been staying for somo time)
by a tap on the shoulder from Sheriff Phelps,
of Hartford, who had previously obtained A
requisition from Gov. Marcy for his arrest
Tho parties left New York in tho New"
Haven steamboat on Sunday morning, and
on their arrival at Hartford, General C.
-gaye bail for his appearance to nrtswer to
'tho charge, and' has since returned to Tam
many Hall Doslon Times.
Mr. S , a reputable and thrifty mer
chant was possessed of n great deal of nat
ural shrewdness together with a tact for
turning every circumstance to his own ad
vantage. Wo havo heard many nnecdotes
of him, nnd among others the following
which perhaps, will better show off hiWe
culiatitics than a labored description. He
kept a grocery store near Spring Ilill,
which liko the grocery stores of that period,
was filled with a variety of 'notions', among
other things, he was famous for the good
quality of his cotton, an article, which nt
that time was very scarce and high. One
day a customer from the country drove up
to his'door and -inquired the price of his
'Three and sixpence per pound,' replied
".Weigh men dozen pounds," says the
countryman, nt the same time stepping into
the More-.with n large bag to put it in.
The cotton was weighed and put into the
bag, and Air, S. slept into the Counting
Room to make n bill, leaving hia customer
busily engaged in tying it up. Now, it so
happened, there was a smnll lot of good
looking Cheese near the spot, and the coun
tryman though right from the land of milk
and honey, could not resist the propensity to
crib one of theiti. He accordingly took one
up, nnd, after looking about to see that none
were observing him, slid it into the bag,
which he immediately tied up, nnd patiently
awaited tho return of S , who soon after
came nut nnd presented the bill, which the
counirymnn paiu.
Now Mr. S moreover, was one of tho
most pnlile men of the age, and his quick
eye Imd detected the abduction of a cheese,
lie was nt no loss to account for its disap
pearance and instantly prepared himself to
act as circumstances might require. The
countryman, after one or two unimportant
observations, was preparing to depart.
S , who we before observed was exces
sively polite, would by no means suifer him
to curry his own bundle but offered his ser
vices, and, at the same time took up the bag
to carry it out. lie had proceeded nearly
to the door of his shop when ho stopped.
'This bag is very heavy 1 must have
made a mistake in the weight of the cotton.'
'I 1 1 guess not,' says the countryman
'But 1 havo certainly,1 says S , 'I
can hardly carry it we must weigh it i
By this lime, S had it brought back
to the counter, and was prepaiing to untie
it. Here was a dlemma. If the bag wns
untied the theft would be discovered, and if
weighed as it was, it would be paying mon
strously high for the cheese. The country
man heni'd and ha'd, and scratched his head,
but without gelling n step out of the diffi
culty. To complete his consternation, at
.u..w ...,, .u
that moment anothei
person entered the store I
this decided him
lon& breath he stammered out,
"Mr.- don't trouble yourself to untie
llie bag; it weighs just n pound I've
weighed it a hundred times."
"No consequence," said S , nnd he
ii ivu u ii
put the whole into tho scales "I knew I
must have made a mistake. It weighs thirty-eight
pounds block-head that 1 nin I
Lets see, twelve that you paid for nnd one
for the bag, is thirteen thirteen from thirty
eight leaves twenty-five. Twenty-five lbs at
three shillings and sixpence is 4 7s Gd,
Wnit a moment, I will make another bill."
Tho countryman did wait, received the
bill, and paid 4 7s Gd for his cheese. He
then flung tho bag into tho wagon jumped
in anil diove off. with a face glowing like
ignited charcoal. Mr. S- remained in
the door until he had bowed his customer
out of sight, then turning round, he coolly
observed to the person within, "Our friend
there has a fine horse; Good George I how
fast he trots." N. II. Gazette.
TJ:c Widower and his Daiurhtcr. H
did not send her to a boarduiL'-school. to
learn frivolous accomplishments, nnd make
romantic friendships, and have her head fil
led with fashions and tlu beaux, before nnv
piun in-s lur uie giuuiiiice oi ner conuuci ill i
life, or any distinct ideas of what constituted ,
r. .1 : i t i i .
rational happiness, had been conveved
to her mind. Certain it is. that the love of
iiojiE, nnd the habit -of domestic confidence.
must pervade female education, or merely
being married will never make a woman
fond of domestic pleasures, or capable of dis
charging domestic duties. It is strange that
men of sense, learning, and knowledge of
the world, can believo tlmt a weak minded,
sentimental, frivolous young lady; whose
whole heart is devoted to dress, amusements !
and husband-IuintiiiL'. will make a k ind nnil
submissive and judicioils wife I Such ap
parently gentle girls are the most unreason
able beings in the universe as wives. 1
mean. Men will not believe, till ilmv find
by conjugal experience, that n nrettv'snfi
oiiui.i n, vuuiin- creature, wnose deone.st 1,-nr.
I , -i j .
ning is a few French phrases, nnd n few
tunes on the piano, can exhibit mission ns
violent ns Clueen Elizabeth, or be obstinate
ns Madame de Stuel in an argument. Be
fore proposing to marry a young lady, con
sider if she has qualities you would esteem
in an intimate friend. If she has not, nev
er dream your love will lnsi. thmml, i...
beautiful as an Hou
ting object but who ever selected a friend
or nis or ner beauty lMrs, Hale.
Attempted arson al thi Am;,,. nu.i.
bocitty House. Early on Saturday morn
ing of last week, some incendiary attempted
to set fire to the premises occupied by the
Ami'l-li'tin nll.ln 1T ' .
a i ",u,u uutu-iy in Nassau sircei.
A night watch has been kept on tho pre
mises since Inst December, nnd this duty is
performed during, the first pnrt of tho night
by a cleric named Williams, who is relieved
at one o'clock in the morning by a man na
med Monnhan. who resides in tho bnsement
nf the building. On Friday night Williams
left his two brothers, nged about sixteen nnd
nineteen to keen watch in his nlaco. who left
the premises about one o'clock, and when
Monahan canio up stairs between ono and
two o'clock, he perceived that tho first door
was not lastencu, and on going into the of-
uco lie lognd a parcel ol newspapers which
had been dipped in oil and set fife to. I'vimr
on the floor, nil the books and papers thrown
about : the desk in which Wua the key of
the iron chrst, nroKnn open, nno uiu iron
chest unlocked nnd robbed of what ensh
Was in it about twenty dollars. Tho two
young men who kept watch during the early
part of tho night were examined at the IV
licoOlfico on Saturday, but nothing trail-spired-to'iniplirnto
them in any way what
ever, nor has there vet been nnv clue dis
covered of the incendiary. N. Y. Jotir. of
Cent. T w
Cannibals at Baucklona. Tho fol
lowing paragraph is from a Spanish Corres
pondent of the London Morning Chronicle.
After such o statement, human nature must
stand nppalled 1 1 "It appears that tho blood
thirsty wretches who dragged ono hundred
Cnrlists from the citadel of Barcelona, nnd
savagely put them'to dentin were not quite
satisfied with the perpetration only of tliis
barbarous act of cruelty, but consummated
their atrocity bv feeding upon the flesh of
their slaughtered victims. The hiirhest clas
ses, even ladies, prized as a patriotic net the
eating of O Uonnell s body 1 By this, youl
sec the low.est or uneducated is not the J
most contemptible class here. I myself saw
several persons eating O'Doniiell's flesh, uf
ter having cut off his feet and head. 1
hope the free presses of England will not
omit to stigmatize the cannibals of both clas
ses, the governing mob, as well ns the educa
ted one. I finish with the remark, that ac
counts like the one here detailed are ofinti
if not actually distorted, at least drawn up in
conformity to the personal feeling of the
writer; but my object has been to give tho
facts and so correctly ns to defy contradic
tion on the part of any truth telling persons."
Mapi.i: Suoah. The Maple Sugar sea
son is now upon us, and during the sunny
days and freezing nights which we have to
wards the end of March, 'and the beginning
of April, the farmer, and tho "farmer's
boys," may be seen in the maple lots, with
all their apparatus, buckets, spouts, kettles,
&c. fur manufacturing this valuable and de
licious article. In time it will be found in
the Boston market, vieing in richness and
whiteness with tho best loaf sugar. Those
who would have their sugar perfectly white,
tind free from that dark color which much
of it wcars?have only to look well to their
kettles, buckets, tubs, &c. before they receive
the sap, as the coloring matter which dark
ens the sugar is all derived from them ns
much so as that which gives brand' its red
appearance is derived from the pipes, bar
rels, Ovc. winch contain it. A writer in the
Woodstock Cornier suggests, that befoie
tho san is put into kettles, a little lime should
be put in, say a tea spoon-full to a couple of
barrels in order to neutralize the vegetable
acid which it contains. It should bestirred
, . nll....,i ...., ,...,., .h,.'
., - , . . ,. .' ,
n!Ktves the sutraTits biatdc appearance, and'
. - . . . . .
causes u 10 cotor xnc ica. i ne kcuics niso,
should, while warm, receive a thin coat of
whitewash, andtwl'en dry, the sap put in
, . i .,. .. . ' ,
and kept boiling till it is 'sugared off.' By
u nmt ; uuvmiuii ui uiianiiiu, .u.imu imiimii
may be made whiter than the best in the
market and bring a high price to the pro
ducer. Clartmont N. II. IZtiglc.
The custom of kissing the ladies by their ;
relations anil Movers w
.V " i"". ' r J P .
...i. Uiim.i.,. ulUm, . H-u u
fair, but to find by respiring their breath :
whether they had been drinking wine a,
uiiiiiu iuui u tuns ui'iecii-u msyr eti any
ladies found guilty of it
from nil elegant and virtuou
ionable society : and bene
age in Rome, to say that thos
saciifice to Bacchus will as certainly make '
their clandestine offeriners nt the altar of:
At a Bargain !
n mm... . . . .mT... e... i- i.f.
i liv; auuaviiuil UI1LI3 IUI M1IU 111$
valuable FARM, Hituated in tlie
loith part of Bernardston, Frank
rr --ji .."
lin county, .Ma$, on llie Stage
noau leauiug Ironi tireenlield to Uraltleboro,
and containing about lica hundred and txecnty
Hive ii;evise juu acres o out land it the
pureiiaser wishes.; The grazing, meadow,
timber and tillage portiuus of the farm are well
calculated for the accommodation and interest
of those who may wish to purchase. On the
premises is an orchard of select fruit j also a
iirsi raie sugar orciiard, Irom winch is made
from five to eight hundred pounds of sugar an
nually. Said Farm contains between if) nml
00 acres of wood and timber land, a portion of
iin.il is uuiieniui ami encstnui , mere is nlso
anoui ju acres ot meadow land which can be
irrigated at pleasure. The dwelling hotue,
with slated roof, together with out buildings,
all in good repair, is well suited to the conven
ience of n .large family. Excellent water is
brought from a durable spring, about 30 rods,
in a Iree-stone aqueduct to the kitchen, wash
room, barn-yard, and garden.
Iicrnnrdston, March 30, lfiim. an
J?arm for Sale.
The subscriber'offers for sale One
fffwi Hundred and Si.viu-Ninc Acres uf
niifcljLk r i -:....., -,..' i iv.. i .... . i
liiT-w "'", suuuieii in vmuioru, uu wiu
UtJ.&m Q, U....I i...l: r i....i
m.yl-.i- ,Jljc 1U1UI ICUUUI I1U11J Ulilllio-
boro to Giecnlicld ; extra 'well wooded, and
well proportioned fur Mowing, Tillage and
Pasturing, The buildings are convenient, nml
water brought from a spring to the house and
barn. Said Farm contains a good Sugar Or
chard ; also first rate Tomb Stone and Slate
Quarry ; which render this Farm a. very desir
able one for those wishing to buy'in this sec
tion of tho country.
For further particulars inquire of
now living on the premises.
Guilford, March 30, 1830. 30
N E new first rate Ox Cart, for sale by
March 20. G. C. HALL.
Seed Barley and Wheat,
March 31.
Aivful BigcloBitres
BY Maria Monk, for sale at the Braltleboro
Just added to the Frank
Japhet in search of a Father! RelSnzi: Traits
ahd Traditions! T.lie Rcpealcre; Talcs of R0:
mance. iScc ' Arxt. oo
March SO,
irnn sal.13.
Kf Hon Trees of the MOIlUS
together with a quantity of the
omk,,k... Si. nf ibo Chinese Mul-
belTyVm" papers sufficient for between 3 and
dOdO.piatiis eacn. . .
The above were purchased by Mr. lilt
tnaish of this town, in Europe, in. person, ship
ped the fore pnrt of this month, ami will soon
l,o ready for delivery to order m this country.
The seed was procured by Mr. Win marsh
with great care, nml is by him Warranted fresh
from trees in Europe of the growth of 18.U
Purchasers will beusurc of obtaining from this
seed choice trees at a low price.
recorders for Trees or Seed, addressed to
the subscriber, Editor of the Hampshire Ga
zette, postage paid, will be duly altendcd to.
Agent for 8. Whilmamh.
Northampton, March 28, lb30. 9- 4w30
A few hundred Ciu.snsE MuuiEn-
SSg-iiv TREES, also n lew moisanu
White Italian tio. oi one anu imu
years' growth, for sale cheap, by
Brattleboro, March 15. 0w2S
rri WO good Waggons and one Hotchkiss'
Ji Straw Cutter, sonic worn may be had
at bargains. Inquire of
March 24. BIRGF, it DICKINSON.
.March 24.
Hooped Sap Buckets 100
do. for sale by
Ij ca liter I reser va live.
rrUIE subscriber has for sale, Partridge's
JL Leather Preservative Paste Blacking
Black Ball of the first quality
Macassar Oil
Oil Soap, &c. &c.
March 17.
Carpenters and Joiners
WILL do well to look into Birgc &. Dick
inson's Store for a grand assoitment of
TOOLS, which have but just arrived with'
many Ameiieau Tools of beautiful workman
ship. ' - March 10.
GENTLEMEN'S Fine Linen Coi.lahs,
riilk Iltlkfs., Broad Cloths, Cassimerts,
&.c. &c. just received at
March 10. BllKiE & DICKINSON'S.
inn HUSH. Potatoes,
for sale by J.
March 10.
A it & m
One Door South CuneVSlore, Braltleboro.
Yirntl Pine and Metal l'timiis
, ,ttl, ...V e..,rn,. irrtm..i !,,
1 the subscriber has taken the Shop recently
i wur'vw "j vv"w w w...
. k'r VfnfW,
j ,ures .U', A' 'Qt'hDLL Z 'L?i
sizes, in the best manner. Also, Improved and
Common COP I' Kit J'CMI'S, which will
i it.. - r. .i;... ...... i
draw- ualiT lo houses iron, we lis and snrinss
j al a considerable distance oil'. They are con
stiucted so as to discharge themselves free (if
111 V I llltlk HIVJ lilt; IIVl 1 1 U U I U IU IICLLi tiGl
also furnishes PUMPS of various descr.p-
wnter so that they ate not liable to Irecze. He
lions, such as llulibiinr Itottiry, and the
l Inn Pump, which have given
I entire satisfaction in this vicinity. All work
shall be done in the best manner and at the
owes, pricts. JACOB ESTEY.
Bmttlelmro, March IT. A 28
toined to Iilanting and getting out Stono from
'edges, or Huinuiering lonc. Industrious
men of good habits, will find the best wnircs
nnd constant employment, by applying tu
o..mui:i. u. joii.nsuic, l-.sq. Agent ol llie
Company, at Quincy, Mass.
Communications may be made by mail, or
iiiruugn b. Cjetsiuur, h. Urattlcboro.
Prc't of tho Granite Railway Co.
Hoston, Jan, 118, I WW. tf 23
(school i'ov Xouisf? li.-tdies.
j. jv. be opened in u indsor, on ednesday the
sum 01 nprn, unuer me care ot .Miss S. M
The advantages that Windsor affords in re
gard to health, situation, &e. are well known
and acknowledscd. It is honed that the tlmr.
ough course of instruction which will be pur
sued in the School, will prove satisfactory to
.ui must whu may lavor u wan uieir uationage,
In common English studies, per term
of U weeks, -In
the higher branches and Drawing,
Latin language, -
French "
Ornamental work.
$3 60
1 00
2 00
2 00
1 CO
Music will be taught if sufficient encourage
ment is given.
BoAiin ean be had nt leasonnble prices. 20
M- Please to Call.
fOUSE Painting, Papering, White-wash-
nig anu oiazinir, done bv tlie subscriber
as usual. He tendcts his thanks to the public
for past favors, and hopes by strict alteution
to his business to securo n continuance uf their
patronage. All work entrusted to him will be
laniiumy and thoroughly executed on short
iiuncu nuu iiucrai terms.
urattlcboro, JUarch, 183G. -Im20
Cornxmssioncva' XoUec.
WE the subscribers being appointed by tho
Hon. the Probnle Court Inr ll.n nil
of Marlboro, Comuiissioners to receivn. num.
me and adjust all tho claims and demands of
an persons against tlie estate or
late of Vernon in said District, dneensod .
resented insolvent, nnd also all elaims-nnd de-
iimiuis uxuiuneu 111 onset tliereto j and six
months from the 27th day of Jnnuary A D
1830, being ullowed by said Court for that
purpose ; We do hereby give uotieo that we
will attend to the business or our said appoint
ment, nt the Inn of Marshall Whithcd in Ver
non, on the last Tuesdays of April nnd May
next, from one to six o'clock P. M. on each of
said days.
Slee80' CComni!fS'
Vernon, March 21,-1830.' : ' " up
, and excluded them , WllSUTVinoil iC StOIlC liamiliercrs. . . "''" Iac.e..0 "earing, aw lisecu- -"."": f '
9 LHUlt'5 OI I.ISI1- , 7-A" nt I ill mil In Dllnrrnc nf' f.L:. ...j .1 ' i. . .7 . . I Sm, I... U.r...
. . i-r.i i " i iur is uirecieu io nuunsit a conv ol 1 he record '-"",,"v"1 u nu uruveu
, . xyiy -- ui iiiis oruvr, turee weess successively, m llie - " "" "-kh mh iu
t u umniii; uillll.- i n IIUIIHHV IsO linanv in UU nCV. Vn....ni,l )U . , . . I. ll I u I inm nni irncn i
e females who miles from Huston, Irom 20 to -10 tlicil occus- A irm rniH' nf r'itnl I R llbl)Cr Shoes u inlprs.
rtcmaioina in the Post Office, Braltleboro, VI.
w Anr 1st. 130
Alexander John
Mnnn Ueubcrf
Belknap Asa
Barret Mary Ann
Briggs Abigail
BufieiOeld Geo K
Cunc Solyman
Cutting John.
Chamberlain Win
Chase Hale
Dobie David
Dorothy James
Elliot Mr
Evans Sarah
Farwoll Samuel
Farnsw'orlh Oliver
French Nathaniel,
Goodcnough lWifcs
Goodeuough ASrilla
Gunn Windsor
Ilackct John
Hastings Oliver
Harris Clatk
Harris Mary
Kathaii Candico
Lasell Samnel
Lasell Sarah B
Larkin Daniel
Murrdiv Mary G
Marsh Norman II
Merrifleld P.
Nichols James
Pratt Orlen
Pratt Alpheus H
Bobbins James
Bobbins Geo W
Rogers' Joseph
Salisbury Clurissa
Shrigly Wlljiam.
Sargent1) Eli
Slteetcr Levi
Stoddard Alvan
Tribou William S
Taft Timothy S
Walker Catharine A
William Ann Melora
Wilder Lovina
Wood Charles
Bcnnct Samuel
Dunley Sarah
Dean Clarissa
Greenwood Betsoy
Hudson Joel S
Willard Henry
Mixer itichardson
Briggs Samuel
n3 Persons calling for the above lclterare
requested to say they are advertised.
(50) ASA GUEEN, P. M.
I-iiat oi ILetlcrs
Remaining in the Post Office at Putney, Vt.
April 1st, 1830.
Clark Bacon
Isaac Knight
Thomas Bliss
Galusha Babcock
Joseph Cushing
Clifford Chaffee
Ira Dickinson
Samuel Daggett
John Day
Lucrctia Dickinson
Alanjon Davis
Austin Edwards
Martha Graves
James Gamhal
Cromwell Joy
Teressa D. Joy
Russet Knight
Lydia Lincoln
Elizabeth Lord
Elizabeth D. Lord
John D. Lord
Oliver B. Peiicc
James M. Shattuck
Mary Sargeant
Mr Stanley
Harriet Snow
John Turner
Betsey. Thompson
John Wilder
Ambrose Wc!lm4in
Sophia Willson
Hoyal D. Joy
IjinI ol' JjCttcrH
Remaining iu the Post OUicc at Dummerston,
Vt. April 1st, 1830.
Arms William Derrick Nath'l
Barret Umplitey Hudson Sclh
Haley Chester W. Miller C. S.
Chamberlain Luke Orvis Waitstill
Crosby Isaac Whipple Edsou
Fish Jason Wilson Abel
French David Thayer Lydia
Hadley Wilson
JList of JjCtfcrs
Remaining in the Post Ollice nt Westminster,
vt. April l, lisM
Charles F. Brooks
Sarah E. Miller
Susannah Bobbins
William Uigney
Luke Sawin
Harvey. Dickinson
' James Johnson-2
Krabci, L,nB
oiitiiiuiii: iu iw u
state or vunnaoisT
District of Marlboro, as.
Atjhe Probate Court holdeiiTt FayeticTille
:!? l r. :.i J:...-. .... .u l . H.i
in uuu lur aiu uixiici, uu iiic mat l-uiic'
day of March, A. D. 183C Present, Duo
.:. 't i. . .
. ' , .
tf01 J 'e, Executor of the last
' ,1 ,., UUU A 9.(1111111 U, rfUlim UllUCIiri
late of Vernon in said district, deceased, and
i"0 . n t'stric , deceased, and
!"' adm.n.stral.on account :-M hereupon
it is ordered that the same be heard at the
bale Court 111 111- holllpil HI )tr.llllnlinrn in
district on the last ednesdav tif Annl hpi
and for the nuinose of notifvina all concerned
KEYES, Reg'r.
- District of Marlboro, ,
At the Probate Court holden at Fayettevillc
in anu tor said district, on tlie last Wednes
day of March, A. D. 163G Present, Hon
As.v Kmoiit, Judce:
COMES Jedediah Ashcraft, Administrator
of the estate of DANIEL DAVIS, late
of Guilford in said district, deceased, and files
his administration account: Whereupon it is
ordered mat tlie same be beard at Hie Probate
Court to be holden at Urattlcboro in said dis
trict on the last "Wednesday of Anril next
and for tho purpose of notifying all concerned
r .1... .: 1 ..i- 1. ' -i . .
i mi- nun.' in hi iiucc ui iiL'.inug, saiu mitnil)
istratur is directed to publish a conv of the re
cord of this order, three weeks successively iu
the Vermont Phrenix, as soon as may be.
A true copy of record,
31 Attest, A. KEYES, Reg'r.
District of Marlboro, ss.
At the Probate Court holden al Wi'Innnmon
in said district, on the last Wednesday of
February, A. D. 1830 Present, Hon. Asa
KniciitJ Judge :
ClU.Mkb Klijuh Smith, Administrator upon
' the estate of ASA SMITH, late of llal-
uax in said district, deceased, and files his ad
ministration account: Wherennnn it U nnli.r.
id that the same be beard and examined be-
leresaid Uourt at the session thereof to be hol
den nt Brattleboro in said district on tho last
Wednesday of Anril next: nnd fur ilm Till rnncn
of notifying nil persons concerned of the time
nnd place of hearing, said Administrator is di-
ii-cuu 10 puuusn copy 01 tlie record of this
decree three weeks successively in the Vermont
A Irue conv of record.
3i Aitcst. A. ICP.VRS T?aV
, , ' j
Di.tlrii t nf .ViWAn,..
At llin Prnl.nln rn.. .1-.. . T , '
i T. . """" iiumtH ui iiraiueuoro in
e.iiu uisinci, on ine last Wednesday of Jan-
1000 rresent, lion. Asa
Knioht. Judse :
rf10MES Hannah Prnnlu A.lm!,.:.,,.:.
inion uiu esiate oi liljlJAU PROUTY
late of Brattleboro in snid dUtrir .1., i'
and files her administration account': Where!
is Liuitruu uini ine bamo be heard and
examined before sn,id Court at the seisin
thereof to be holden at Brattlph. T J?.?S. ?"
tr.et on the last Wednesday of April next
and for the purpose of notifying all persons
concerned of the time and plael of ifeS!
said Admlnis ralr x s dim r,i ..i M. , g
copy or the ecord of this brder tl, ; weeks
successively i tho Vermont Pha-uix ao'on
a true copy of reeoid,
.. Ae3t, A. JCEYES, Reg'r.
T3All kinds nf .TnK nr;n;n .1...
ed at (his office. b ""rui-
IliMISTilATEI, tvt.. "
3 and lIO Knfrn..
tmiiivi tt;iu minimal of k.i
tlilr it tut nuoA.I rr... ."mi
Prin thh period ofc&
that an Individual who proposes to
nddition to them. nlinnll L -,. ""v
that tho wants of the comm,,;,. ' t0H
remiire it. But ovnrv rlnu. ..'" l
adapted to itself, and. that books
tain such matter ns will enn,,' " """l
tcrcsting information, not speculate,
ait inn rC tnnrn onlil nii-I . ' "k
r i """"'menu, p,,,
nnd useful knowledge, adopted tn n..
and bo sought aflcr with
tionato to its estimate and itnDorUn?. .
I Li,., r, l,n..,l,l,. ,:.i. " P ."??
gnishestho present period, should be i
...ill. imtun... I , . Ut: 1
rn(tor.,in Ih.t ll.n ,1 i. '.'.'Mtli
onen. thai none aro so nonr in li.C
Tho success that has attended tlicdis!!!
tion of tho Penny Maeazine, hasmdacSl
nrihfiulnra tn uaiii I.i a ...
publication of tho America Jocn!!
Scientific ank Useful IvsowuikI J
it in hoped Unit its merits will be rk . 1
entitle it to a liberal nharo of public piirull
without clashing with the interesti of eJ
them undoubtedly po3sosf. The liJitoJ
taKC a general range tlirough the field of,
fulnens. The Jncm.tAi. cinbrnccj Biomk
Sketches of eminent men, Ilistoticilr
Discoveries, Inventions, Natural tlUtor? f
mistry, Shrowd Observations, &c. .ifli
moral powers, and convey ueful inforiuiil
luivu m UAIi.iuu UIU nun I'Cl. in.. 1
J l.acli number will contain iiurneroieJj
mgs illustrative of the subjects dcscritiJl
iiuuiuur is in ou piiuuaiicd oa tbeljl
u.ir iiiun,,,, kuiiiuiiiiu oeiween forttj
fifty imperial octavo paces.and betaw.iij
and thirty cnjrravinirs. with nrintoJ
Perms $2 per aanutn pjyiM.B
vancc 18 3--1 cents per single ntimbir
All coinmunicalioiH (post paid) musfl,
diessod to Thus. McKee, Jr. & Co k
No. 47 Stalest.
Any person reniiltinj (post freeleiiti
lars, shall receive five copies for one,
and continued a lon'r as the monn
lurly forwarded.
Post .Masters and others who raw tall
act as Asctils for the Amebici inr.,1
shall receive twenty five per cent on ill us
collected and forwarded lo the PuMishtri
be accompanied at all time with the ink
bers' names, from whom it i? collettei.
PosUtfce, for less than 100 miles, 4l-5
uiiy distance exceeding 100 iailei,7lii
ASA GREEN, Esq. Agent, Bmtletai
Dr. Judktn's Specific OiiitmecJ
rPlIIS valuable medicine s celetnwl
X curing the following dueises: KJ
Swellings of everv descrintion: Sow I.nl
Ulcers of longstanding; Glandular Teal
felons or Catarrhs; Rhoiuoatic pjirj
Joints; bprains, liruises, and Tetlftj;C
blains, or uuts atfcclcil by frost. It til
goon lor boa I (Is and Mums. I
For clandular swcllimrs. it is sunerioflil
I medicine yet known. It is mucht:5trli
I mercurial applications, (as it doesnclccil
ie sn"'IIest atom of that mineral becia
! ,,oc not Ia) patient liable lo iW t
CXHOSllrp In rnlil
exposure to cold.
it-cures the worst Felons on U'h:l!ml
tho applicatiun of forty-eight Aours. I.tl
uiuiisiiis wnicu nave sioou as long ih
come a svslemalie disorder, recuue witi
tu bo taken inwardly lo remove theratsirl
Hut in most cases, by applvin? thuO.t'jJ
Pro - 1 externally as directed, it will gnc telieC
Gi.iil I CEItTiriCATK.
! Messrs. O. & S. C'rosbjs. Cii.-14
' mwh indebted to you for your kimJoeal
most vanub:i Iti
y ytars jfiicltiij
i"ed lo citbl
until I made use of tl
Ointment, which has proved ancnlirerttel
And it bus proved the best remedy forScl
and wounds of every description ihdlrl
made use of. I'ARLCV GODDAMl
Wnreesler. Mass. AdtiI S. Ic'3k
Sold by Button & Lkvkrett, Bntl!H
holii linlesalc by Wm. Slimpson,i
Ilenshaw, Ho-iton : Sands &. Shaw, ARial
Antrustl.lia';. TNo.2.1 U
ComssQncvs' Xotict.
E the subscribers beins aniwinifdl!
Hon. Prnlmti- Pnnrl fur iho iisTC
Marlboro, Commissioners to examine
just the claims of the several Crcfe"
Estate of ASA BUTTON, late ef Dcs:
Ston in said District dprr.ispil. rewesfll'i
solvent ; and six months from the lftb
February last being allowed said creJM
exinuii and siibstautiale their claims, i"
hcrebv pirn nolipp ,1ml ivn vi II alltnln;
ItllinPCS nPnnr firmiinttimnt rtt
ling house of said deceased, 011 the THE
FRIDAYS of Aemi. and Aigcst
one to six o'clock P. M. on each ofssiio!
Dummerston, March 1 1th, 183(5.
Josiali Allyirs Ji
"IT Ii a -a A
JS7"E tho undersigned Commission.
VT nointed lilJ lbe Hon. ProbaleCwJ
the District of Marlboro, to receive andoj
ine all the nlni I ereditartH
also all demands exhibited in oflkt.w'
late of JOSIAH ALLYN, laleofWK
ham in said District, deceaseJ, ropiest'"
solvent; and six months from the 2W'
Februnrv last, lining nllnn-pil hv said Cm
that purpose; Do hereby give notice
will attend to the duties required by '
pointment, at the dwelling Iioute cf JJ
Roberls in said IV Inliiiirlinm. on the I3V .
days of April and June next, at nine H
i. on each ol said days.
SANronn Pi.i-.mh. CcW
Sai.mov Hunt i
Halifax, March 18ih, 1830.
FOR SALE Tho Trials of Lywi
cher, D. D. before the Presbytery" I
finnati, and of Mrs. REBECCA VWk
indicted for the Murder of Ephraim W
Also, a choice collection of second ,M
uooks, at the Brattleboro Bookstore. JTJ
81.50 to S3, wnrrnhled to fit fof
March 10. WILL1STON & Tl'bJ
AND accounts- due the subscrib", '"JJ
main Unnnid nfmp ll.n first daVt'.l
,.,:n i.i.i ' , ioin
I'luuuuijr-oc, ieu wiiu an auuiu'i
lection. JOHN S. GltEGCh'J
wrattieboro Centre, April 1st.

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