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r - niia .'IMi n onon
Vr . rtiknmnson tried in Delaware
Win'", .. .i,.n,,,ir!nir his father when
it Y Or ui-b o ,
N V beastly intoxicalion, presents 0110
lc0 ..'.!,! instances of indulgence
'""Enable and brutal passion, wo have
"Miles, who wero the nearest neigh-
ticarJ rcutw"" ... . .
i .- ..iinrnncil lliu iaiuiii. in u
if.,uw the old man lying
ffl,nui j -- , i, - .1-.
. i.. . nil t 10 crouiiu, litiu niv vuu-
,,,t,'lM!,r "H
Si They
went to
nig lor
liim and found
.-I.. .1... cif it ni nnivs iiininn.
... in neinv ' " .
rin is and ears chewed through nnu
" . f. II. n h.HUl In tllrt
arui iiuiii iiiu nuu v my
..-J mil"
" 1 . ..:!. ...niinilci Hindi. he till'
Wet covercu .
The next morning the son was nr-
' . . tt'itrit llfiTillk son I.-Oil
h i c um" ... "J -
,u" ,. r..,,l,,r aunearcd that the father
ion were to ' " - "
,u" . 1 tint onn tunt ItlltliT
nn lulu mu ' " m.im.
Bl. IwntAP whun ho cntrim Uteri
father. He was his
0-aSl T . !, imn1,, il.ni
' ,u ntcnsionally have a drunken
j .1.. " nnu ueen so no mis
" in rohitinn to the (arm. and
tiat" o it i . it ... : .. .
1. II.AG lli:il I'.lllli: II1IU lIllllllallMI f w
"a'w, hud thrown out some threats
. . w mn arrested 111 t ie
11131 . ... 'r.- . I
. i. .. nhir. anu me uui:t-i iuok
m i. u. " " . m .
to sec ? ", . . , . e .. .
Mil and ca ed lor a lumuicr ui uin,
th3ir 10 auairtii. ........... ...-...
J ta anocar in court to icsuiy ug.uiiM
FniDAY MonKiNo, Ai-nir. 20, 1830.
Maria Monk' Book. If our renders arc not I The Hoitnons of Wak. -In order ton-
already aware of tho immodest character and vengo tho death of his" old mother, executed
licentious tendency of thin catch-penny book, 'at Iortosn, pursuant to orders confirmed by
we woum invite their attention to the lollowmg i -en. ivunu, the (Jarlist lender, Cabrera, ill
ron pnEsmcNT,
roll vice rnnaiur.NT,
PltANCIS OltANGEH of New-Yorlc.
CO- V. V. next week.
The Indians. A general disposition to tnko
up the hatchet is being manifested by various
tribes of savages on tho western and southern
oonicrs oi mo united stales, a corresnon-
remarks in relation to tliU ami other like publi
cations, which wo copy from tho Now. Yotk
Mirror of Saturday Inst:
reeled whatever prisoners should be taken by
Ins followers tube shot; and tho wife of
Col, I'ontillerns, militury commander ol
iiriM....n . i.- r i:f v'"v"- u"" mat moro luoies who were in
rradimr. fi.r ll,n ...f.n.m.w..,! ,sf r,....;i ir..... "1S "atlds, to lie SllOt!
for truant school hovs ami idle rlinmb'eimaids; 1
and vo must proclaim our leprobntion of those
I.I. I .1 r I . .1 . !
publialiers who, from catelesHiics or the Ibvu
of gain, send such poisonous pnges from the
press. Whether the statements alluded to bo
true or fulse, it is equally certain that they aro
injurious to the reputation as well as morals of
inu country. Jiv whom U it intended tlint
these volumes shall be read? Fathers and mo-
And farther, that for
every Curlist that should henceforward be
put to death, twenty relatives of those by
whom such acts should continue to be com
mitted, would bo treated in the same man
ner. -Bos. Trantcript.
r i.otm Since the river opened we have rc-
Plumraor Farm Tor Sale at
WILL be sold at Auction oil
MONDAY, Mny 0, on the pre
mises, fat 0 o'clock. A. M. the
Farm belonging to ihc heirs of
Ijaviu l'luiinhcr, deceased, situated in West
Uruttlcboro, and containing about 150 acres c;'
land. The farm is so well known that any
description of it would be superfluous. Credit
Will be given it required.
Vet Uratthbnro, April 27, 183G. 2w3 1
flitlir 11 Inn lilnrnnl t I I'-miimiPAn . .-. 4..... I.t . . .
HV..V V h.UVUu...h.Ui v.w....uui uuui lucrs will scarcely miimt them lo their Uompa- mM1n ih ..t. i. a ' ,,i
1U.., , H-.tn. K att. (iflM.- w - i i i " J! "iMiriVfc uus lain t.nu
,,u,i.,..mUi., iM.., suui, illu nu on mo iii; iiresuies, or insiruciers III mcir BCIIOOIS. , d,.rn , v,n,., ..rrnmrr nil tirnn,! nt 7 R7 n B
western frontier is likely soon to break out in a
, ceived about 20,000 barrcU; this supply thrown
i eiin;H very C'
n.t . .iiii i.i I M"'j suiua in i:uiiiiiiuii uiuiiun lib i oi u o,
1 hey aro not books for lud.es, nor do their j-unry brnmls hoxvever aro scarce at 8 35: snlei
general blare. A letter was read in the House " . "I'lf" lu :,lu ol Troy 7 02; Howard st. nnd Georgetown at
. , ., o . . ,.i,f . , ., -,, . ! uestinl curiosities ami tastes of our nature, fur- 7 nr.. ii,ii,,,i i.,i,i t ,o i "
today from the Secretary o nr to the Clm.r- nish fiui cm1,0,.I11Bllt for Ul0 ici3U're of 7 -ft $ very dull ln,t sales nt SJ
man of the Military Committee, uiging the im- glc-men o'r - I. Where then do the Wl,cui&alcs A luel? S -r oi aUCCc';
mediate adoption of measures for the defence miblwhero look for renders and purchasers : i f,Co hus. Dulifc at 1 47c. Corn lias advanced
of tho western country, and slating that there .lhe answer is obvious. 1 he supporters of this I galea of northern nt 100c; Southern at 81 a 87;
,.. , .. . i , , , ,...,. branch of our hternturo arc plainly to bo the! vWw linln !,.r !., .1... . i.. '
.: . ... i.i :.i:
vim ict o L'UiitV, anu me wreicu-
Utu - . .. . .
raj iw - . . ... ,-
.1... ..inlim n ll'l.l fivtimn II
. . ' . i I '.n m t.n n Hilfl in Mil.
tad precept. v " 7""." V.
V he SnOUlu go, umi wmu im 10 uiu hi.
ntfleDari irom u. j- "
i.1Min.iiv;iiuuKu-in.iu. 1UUIUI1 ';, ,i ,,. I,,l. f ...iTn,
Mr, II C t Ptliuiuiu Uliil W Pt4i rvni-iiioj UIJ IIWM
. D ""'(Ill Oil CUIISCIL'IIL'U SUIIU'.IL'IHI V lllUllCrillllf. mill nrutio r..l.. 1 l.f j !
Rtntnl tl.nt Im lin.l iust rrrnirnl n Inttnr frnm vn., . n,l P Hw. ,nU . . 1 I,,,... WV u""."ra ,rc 'nnlB " a I ecilOC,
, . , . J , , . . . b. , T .. V'" , imne Viv ami mess ut 22, whic
lied Hiver, informing that a number of citizens cr clnsUv, whose intellectual tastes ore satisfied full; i)00f at 67 a 1 1 Lard 1 C a 17c
had recently been killed by the Cnmanches, ! wim these aim s.iniinr tiicines ol nluinous in- Monkv The presoure has not been quite
and that the number of these Indinns wns two ' M "i lZ "''cek; yet there is no cnential
I i i ,u....i c..i i, : ..ifa,:fl'o0 l Miss Monk's gross trnsh, we hnvo aiffereiice. The uncertainty thnt nrcvnils as
........ - i , ' I "ol"lnB I" "IV. 1 1,0 onenco ngainst ueceney is lo l!l0 collrso Government will take resueclinir
arc nguiing men.," -, no orceKS nre.niso in mo- ns ricoi m eiuicr c.n8c. u u i irue, w n in Jth-jjrovi-rnmci.t 1co-ltcB.,Wh!cli on the fint of
tion, and Judge Whito, tihairmanor the uom- im ijiumi jutr r pum-c uivvugmi.i;Marcn WCre thirty two mHlioim, ami which arc
. u.iu imuiuci, "ni iiou-ukiiiui njr , p.um. ni)w rorty mimit ofilollnrM, keeps every thing
however mean and unworthy, con bo disregar-) uncertain. If Congress would decide to do no-
(ico, pimiic opinion sniim, W ho louuiy nnu tilillK n.e it wouK l)0 n rcli(.r ,1C .mbic
sternly expressed, as to frighten those produc- ( wout( mw .vilal 1(1 ,cpcn( on .rhe )rcS!luro
uons a nine more urn- i.ic Biinoc. n uiev.misi i)a;J iwn ,,rcaicr , New York, no doubt, than
be connived at, let them bo smuglcl clnndes- ftny W1IC t.l!t.. T,ja -u ovfng U xic ,.cuinr
tincly into society, nnd not circulated with ns gtat0 0f thiC!,. tlv firc g10 osl t eMl
mittee on Indian Affairs, states that they have
ten thousand wnrriors, which is a greater num
ber than they have been supposed to possess."
The Millcdgevillc (Geo.) Journal of the 12th
instant says: "Wo hear it rumored that the
W Spring Goods.
TQTAVE received from Uoston and N.York,
JLJL their Spring Block ot
pur goods,
comprising n greater variety of Itich Goods
than heretofore oll'ercd in this vicinity. Alto,
Crockery, !aH & SHanlM arc,,
R.onliii.r- filnuunu Art.
MWMmmmmmy Ulllldi.Vai
Adininintrntor's Sale of lcr
sonal Property.
ON MONDAY, May 9, at the dwelling
house of the lute widow I la nn till Plum-
nicr, will be oircrcd for sale, unless previously
sold, the following property, viz:
I uorse; one horse WaL'Sonand (Jultcr;
1 Cdrt; Ploughs, Harrows, and all kiuds of
l' arming Tools ;
Beds and Bedding, Chairs, Bureaus, Tables,
Crockery and Hardware, &c. &c. &c.
tCj-- Male to commence ut IS o'clock, M.
SliTII HEHHICK, Administrator.
WrM Bralllcbaro, April 27, IS'M. 2w3i
Brnltliboro, April S2.
The subactibcr has on hand, for
sale, at his Shop opposite Burnett'
Hotel, n L'ood asortmrnt ol l Ull
and SILK HATS of the newest fashion.
Men's aud Boys' CAPS, which will be sold
at. the lowest prices. CS'Hats made to order.
-Muvii iinjn uiiia iuy .UUS
Brattlcboro, April 27th. 1830. 31
TLAKE & CO. have just added to their
AJ loriner slock, an extensive supply or
V, . . ,. , ., - (v.j ..v.yV, ..... --- sinie oi mines, uy me lire sue lost al least - --
Creek Indians nrc exhibiting indications of a much ostentatious confidence as a lecture on twenty millions; the winding up of the U. S. TVCW and I nshlOliablc Goods,
not depart irom
ClSireSSlng casi; uttuinu mw ......
hwiw last. The wife ol Cnpt. Jonas
ill. A DailllCl luaiuiiiB ..." '"-
...l.'i.. nnir...l in Iiit limisi'linhl ulluirs.
..JJ..I.. -n..l-...l ifiih I'lnlrnt vomitinn
IlUUflllV unui.nvu ...... . . 0
dizziness of the head, and the most acute
vu immediately caneu in, nuu suviui
- I,. .1,1 o rncii1t'it!nn nn hir r.nsr.
ihcr were unable lo aiioru ncr any re-
i -m f J .- ! . ..1.
i . i I I
igonus. It is supposed that she was
. i :..i.!.u .i t. . t .
pain. Key wintii wa muuyinitaoij
ii i.j .i ir.. n.. ...
millLr. IlCt UUUV nuQ Ulliliuiif simr
f r :. l .1 .:. .. ..
.jnosome nsns oi uecainu nnuusi uu
btfore the vital spark was extinct, blie
.ftrt r n. jl di-.'..,
it, vpars in iicaiiu.HL uiiivi.
tuvnoiv oircutiJiunce. a vounK ic-
i p i j : r.. r
r in I rui.iimr irni nil iiuriui' u iil ill
i.i i.i.: l:i.ii .. .
r nin n iim invi ni hit nwii Mill' iii'iini'i
uc u u u ice l ue cm ii wiia nn-
r . i . i r .1 rt i I ..
. i i i ii ii i i
t it soon after died. It appears that the
.j . .1 . ... i ...I
. . , .
belabored under a state ol mental imbe-
ir. ine verdict o the coroner s mrv
i in accordance with the foregoing facts.
llamiuon, U. V. Gazelle.
Bimr.D Alivk. In ihn Inwn nf Wnsh-
ifr Woodman, accompanied by another
fv nn( nrnrrmacnfl enmn Hictmnn m llwi
u nncn a son oi m w. entered wit i a
te of oxen; a slide of snow filled the
A. &ntl neither oxen nor bov were visible.
all all speed they opened the plucc where
'PL.. . . I i- i i
nflffflhnra e. r.,.M iU..
a"""'"! auuiu luua uuui uit: umu,
., 'uiiuii iui a iiiuiiif iil in Lini m mw.
Dean Al nna nf tl.,. t :r.
v. uiiw ui iiiU Uiril. IjIIU WHS i:. -
- ui uiu uAun u was nrouauiv
-VI vuiii u i i? irirni intii mnti-'iinn nn
'outer surface where thev were. The
7UAtf,iM,I ...:.L L! I . i i
nr.. r.t
vl":uune0Xen. and s linu-orl pnnlv nnv
- v. i.ii.. il u s nni iirtrt ....mr.. ... nr..
niA . I . ...
in IC. Hil l U'nl ri...it.uil I... Ino int..
, ...... ..HU W .1 I J '
oarpnt a. r. .l ! . . i .1 n
...... ... mm nm laws 01 aeatn. no
"probably buried beneath tho snow twen-
r mirty minutes. Portsmouth Journal.
turbulent and hostile spirit. Ten or fifteen
families it is said have already (led to Colum
bus forsafety. The Indians allocked the plan
tation of one man, shot down his cnttle before
i5f.ii.nrft nr nn i.Rqnvnn rnliirlnn. I.ft lint Mnrin
kl.nl, II.. ll... .I...IP ...ill. Ml V.l..... I
A'tlllllV IIV ... IIIU D.....W 01. V.I ...... A .14 AUW
worth and Miss Sedgwick."
of exchunge, nnd other cnuscs that might be
nililiNI. Iinl'i Iirniirrlit 1. nmjinr.. mi lli.. mniui.f
Virginia. Patties run close. The counties mn,t nit in nnnir limi-t 't'lm ,im.tinr- ni
Ins face, broke open his corn cub, and drove oil heard from give 31 lug and 33 Van Buren j llnnk arc very crent, and Rood tiaper is abun-
with them six negroes. Such is the story that j members of Assembly. dant at 1 J per cent a month. Vaxly Jldv,
has reached here; -if true, the Clnels ol tho
Dank has taken from her ten millions: This 'adapted lo the season -inakinir a rerv laree
.1:il..l... ..f !...: .1-. I'll. I . . i 0 ' .
1111 .uu (iiuibiiii.y .11 iii'I'uciui.iiik UUIUC911U UI1151 : a&5onmcni OI
I I? A jl. A 1 I 1 .
iVCCClrilllll' IU n vote UI inc lUWIl uruilKIiriltf tuitnttfimxt u i nrrMin i i -
Nntin,, .linuM bo instantly scied and held ns : M.u. " ..-.... 1 ..iu,uunlw wAiiiin.i.Monaay.Apmstt
- 1 in xiui iuuiiiJiuii uiu iici(.uiici ii in; rvatiua n
hostages for tho good conduct of their tribes." j u ,,ut a few ,,ays 8jllcc lat wc noticetl ono of
A letter received in Charleston confirms the the brotherhood in this village, in propria per-
obove, and says the Indians were assembling in . ,0na, attached to a pott.
large bodies with hostile intentions, and that
the whites were becoming alarmed
Probable Battle with the Indiant. Extract
of a letter, dated
Volosia, March 2G, 5 P. M.
... t. . r I I .! 11 1
" A..,,"l ,0' ,ca"' rX . consequence of intoxication.'
(Itrpiitlcil Tar xh I). Ailirrlifcr & I'iriut.)
Al market, -110 Beef Cattle, 35 pnirs Work
ing Oxen, 15 Cow and Calves, SCO Sheep nnd
530 Swine 40 beef cattle unsold.
I'rices. Jje7 Cnlife L.nst weeKM prices
Broadcloths, Cassimtres, Summer Cloths.
all kinds of Tailurn' Trimmings, c.
Enclish, French nnd American P 1 12 C IS
GOODS; Silks, Linings, Fancy Goods,
Gloves and Hosiery, Domestic Cottons, fcc.
Hard Ware, Crockery and Glass Ware;
Iron, Sleel and Nails ; Paints, Dye Stuffs,
Sfc. eye.
together with almost all kinds of Merchandize
wanted for the Country Trade, which are of-
m raiY goods.
HAS received his Spring supply of now
and fashionable DKY GOODS.
Itich Knglisli, French and American Prints,
Printed Jacouclts and Cambrics, French Mus
lins, Plaid Poplins, Challys, Italinnctt. Crapu
de Lyons, English and Scotch Ginghams-
Rich colored, plain, figured and plaid SILKS ;
Black and blue black do; Bluck nnd col'd Al
lepines ; black, blue, pink nnd white French
Crapes ; pressed do. ; Plain, figured, striped
and fancy plaid Cambrics ; plain and fiaureil
Muslins ; Bobinctt and Blond Laces ; Black
figured do ; Itich sewing silk, Hcmani, Flor
ence, crane and gauze laucy Hamlkfs Ilich
scans; itich muslin and Lnco Collars ; itcu,
black and white Merino Shawls; Printed Va
lencia, Satin, Denmark, Raw Silk, Cadiz nnd
colored do; Silk, Cotton & Worsted Hosiery,
a sreat variety ; Ladies' and Gentlemen's Kid
Gloves, a large assortment ; Children's Kid
Mills; llirli Garniture; Cap, Satin, Belt and j
Taffita Ribbons: black, green & white Gauze
BnoAD Ci.otiis &. CASsistcnns Rich Sum
mer Vestings ; 1-1 Linens ; Im. and Linen
Cambrics , 5-1 Linen Sheetings ; brown and
bleached Linen Drills; Linen Lawns; Dam
ask, Bird's eve and Russia Diapers; line and
coarse Crash. Brown and bleached Sheetings
and Shirtings ; Brown and bleached Drills ;
Plain and striped Drills for summer wear, with
many articles not mentioned all of which
will be sold on the most favorable terms cither
for Cash or most kinds of Produce.
Village of Biattlcboro, Ap.21. 33
for a like quality were not supported. We no-feted fur sale on the most liberal terms for
I". i in n .Li . t- f".,.. --!. 11 1 ..- I 1:.
Hfnr l,A ,ir..,.. J7iim Y..li.r,1nw nn ! ,c" ."" ul.''" " ,r,c , ''urel' .V t'l" " " 'tu
. " " i , V J , V V 1 V. e nualily at 43s0 a -ias0; second do. al 3d a Jls; I Uratlleboro, April a7,
luijurai vus iiciu u.cr .ut; uinij ui uuuu ui- ( tmrd do. o'2 a SUS. 1
ing' Oxen Prices are without mnleri-
frcy of this town, who was found dead in the 1 Workin
snow -verdict of the Jurv ' Frozen to death in , al change. Wo notice sales as follows: One
- 1... .
yoke at $50, ci, 03, 75, 8C; three nt 100 each,
and one at 13 dollars.
w us, uia.iu.iv iii-uii. uuui ..i.ww .... .k"-i . .. i .1. i .1 , , . unu unu 111 id. iiuuuia, ,,n I :
clock last evening, (the guide says) between stances attending this death are such as ought ; Co, and ccfiSales were noticed at 10, ! 0r
Conjecturc.is not only to be a warning to drankards, but to 22, 25, 27 j, 32 and 35.
busy to-day as to the cause and result. It is J call upon all who have any thing to do with Sheep We noticed one lot taken at about
Fort King and W ithlacoochee,
busv to-dav as to the cause al
generally supposed that Scott had attacked the, , adm;n;stration of the laws to bo vigil
Indians there, csncciallv as the 25th was the. , ..., . .. .. ...Jr..
Av mnti.,1 f.,r ,, nttai-k to be made. anu ulran a" t"" P-Pc lo usc u,l,r ,n"lu
j --
Latest from Texas. New Orleans papers
af ... - "I . . a-r II.. .1 . It' .1
... osti umi uui- ui ii. .iiisii iiirca r.nisi.'L 11 cin-
i iuiiuii., 7.r . .
:n--, crs nt -10 dollars for the lot.
limucncci e,,;, iir:.. i,.. -,i,.-n.l nm..nii
to put a stop to tho ruinous tralfic in ardent . )ot of j-00 was taken at 7 5-9 for 'sows & 8 5-3
Latest from Texas. New Orleans papers spirits. The Tacts in this cose are, that on the, for barrows; also three lots to peddle, of a bot
to the 10th April bavo been received at New 31st duv of January, it being Sabbath day, the j ter quality, at S for sows and U for barrows.
York. They furnish disagrceablo news from ! said John CaliYey was seen staggering away j At retail, 9 and 10 L l'bose '"B ,CM lhlin
Texas, of which the following is a synopsis: ifn.tu nn unlicensed grog shop with a jug of i $- tt 0cf " "
An arrival at New Orleans from Texas is! rum in his hand, and after travelling about
1)1 K I),
said to have brought the unpleasant rumor that . three miles in the storm, occasionally taking a I jn Marlboro, April IStli, Mr Voshni Pratt,
, rods of tged C3. Printers in 2v. . and .Mass. are
This commodious und wcfl known
Establishment, couveniently locat
ed in the centre of the flourishing
villauc of Brattleboro, is now in the
"full tide of successful experiment" under tho
management of the subscriber, who will spare
neither trouble or expense to render it a pleas
ant and desirable resting place for the weary
traveller. His larder will al all times be sup
nlicd with the besi ofcverv variety of provis-
oul Carder, to run a first rate Machine ion which the country affords, aud bis bar fur
nished with the choicest wiues, cordials, and
liquors of all kinds, as well as beer, cider and
... .. ii . mi t r.f.i. i..ii.. .
pure water, mis staoies win ue laiuii-iuy ui
teuded, and every pains taken for the comforta
ble accommodation and refreshment of man
and beast. ARAD BURNETT.
Brattlcboro, April 20, 1S30. -3J
WANTED at the Chesterfield Factory, a
Wool Carder, to run a first rate Machine
on Custom Work, to commence about the 5th
ue next.
Chesterfield Factory, April 21, 1830.
Particular Notice.
Til E subscriber having disposed of his
stand in this village and wishing to close
his business as soon as possible, requests all
persons indebted to call and make settlement
previous to the first of June next.
Brattlcboro, April 23, 1S30. 21
Col. Fannin had been defeated, and that the ! horn Irom the imr. when within n few
Mexican army had advanced to ban r ehpc and i. ,,.. .i,, i.; .;,:. i;-ui i, ,.,nii,i.ui remirited to notice the above
, , - , , . i-- . . .Iiu iiiiuol. i.iiiw 1 1 l.l nuu ii. v.. - . I 1 1 1 1. 1. ..... . f . , . . -7 .. . . . .. ...
destroyed that place and made an indiscnmi- , , .,.,. 1iiin. --.rci. ha M Wocxirord.Tt. April 17, Mrs Safly Park,
nate massacre of its inhabitants. Santa Anna , lle snow, and although diligent search lias of William Park, Es. aged 71.
was approaching tho Brassos. Another rumor been made he win not lound till yesterday. ,n Whitingl?Bm, on the 19ih instant, Da.
states that San Felipe had been burnt by the I What punishment ought to be inflicted on a Thadeus Thayer, need 75 years. Printers in
I exians and auanuoncu ociore 111c iucaicoiu ; man tliat will, ill open violation 01 llie law, sen .nasi, are requesieu, rc
reached there that Lol. t annin and ins army - f t drunkard and thus cause
.11 !.:U,..l ln IZ.tn lliiiitttnn liml rntrnn-- J .
;;i 7 , tt .Ho of the BrassOH. aud that alt . n the storm, is not for me to say
f . . . ... 1 r. I f x tr 1 a - ! I a
esteem 01 temperance men ami proicu.- U. .c- morning, on 1 uesuay im, w o. aiyor,., ou. , . fowIn ...j from :,. ..xceent w
iym.i muoh iciu, t-.i-.-i .u,.r., - , 01 ,nr n.lvnntaets has a fair nros
For Sale in IBindsdalc, IV. II.
CI EVERAL acres of land well situated on
k9 both sides of lhe Ashuelot including the
liver aud adjacent tu the new covered bridge
and embracing lhe intersection of the stuge
routes and all lhe roads, which concentrate
iicnr the bridge. Thu nremises command a
i creat water power and are favorably located
IF- 1 mi i'..r :l- I I
Brattleboro Academy.
TJM1E Summer Term of twelve weeks will
J- commence on uext WEDNDSDAY,
April 27th. The Female Apartment will be
continued under the direction of Miss Eaton.
R. HARRIS, Principal.'
W. Brattlcboro, April 20, 1830. S3
the country west of it had been abandoned.
' iur uuuuin-r iuis iur iiiurcaiiiiii:. iiiccuuuiL-ui uuu
in Corthheld, .Mass. on Saturday last, me .nallufap.UIj business
!xr m,i:, I' k'Ui. niii Uu ss manuiacturmn uusmess.
M i-. h .1.. 11 V. ";r.:.:V Till Th s v age is well situated in relation to
. I Mrs F. wns aonarent v wel on relirinc to betl. ' ., . .. rr,. 1 ...... :.i.
"'-'nnd was fom , dead 'by her husband in tho: "u "S3"0" V :r,v ? Vu:i!"'V
I11U IUWI13 UU llll; '.!1IIU-;UI MIIU lis uiunuma
The New York (City) and Erie Railroad . ligion as this man does, he ought to be discard
bill has passed the Stale Senate by a vote of cd from tho society of nil good men and Chris-
17 to ia. A committee of the senate have re-, tiaus. l butm aeller.
ported a resolution for dissolving the Manhat
tan Company in the City of New York, tho
committee alleging that the Company has fnil-
ed to perform the conditions of its chnrfer.
The friends of "equal rights" in every part of
the country will rejoice at this step, it being
of general notoriety that tho corporation is the
most odiou3 " monopoly" that lias ever existed,
in this country. Why it has been suffered for
so long a time to enjoy its uncommon privileg
es without any corresponding benefit to tho
public is indeed unaccountable.
W of Criw. Con.The Liverpool cor-
'"oent of tho Eveninrr Star writes :
"'month. a (.., -.;, , :.,
' - vn. w. V I llll. 1.IJII. luiiii: 111 .lib
0 K nn'. IJ I. T IT 1
- uuiicu. L.ora Lianc oni
San action for damages ngninst- Mr
oat. a tutor in his family. It was proved
'!" Loi:(l8ll'P bad encouraged Barrett's
;aioii of Lady Longford connived nt
nn n nn rr. i.: , ..,
finnnn "V "uvrcu 111111 a j;o uoi.
11 ue would allow damages 111
logo by default; as his Lordship
ted lo be divorced from my Lady I Tire
j Kivii nnn chiii;.. .1 . l..
--ww ui I .rtrrfo .ill . .1 .
-.ie 01 such shameless pr
Tut M,
Wardsboro, April 2id, 1836.
Reformation eommeneed. Wc understand
that a gentleman in Putney, (J. L. S.) hcreto
foro n notorious smoker of tobacco, has not
drawn a whiff for four days. Com.
Railroad Speed and Steam Power. In tho !
February number of tho London Mechanics'
Magazine, it is staled that Mr Ranney, "tho
very intelligent engineer of tho New Orleans
nnd Nashville Railroad Company," has actu
ally contracted with Mr Stephenson for a loco
motive engine which will drag a load of tro
L 1 . .7 nt ll.n mt. rf mili-a imr linurl
Death of the Halifax Hermit. A corrcs- Thc r()n(1 u u be buiu wjth n view to.bear this
pondent informs us that Reynolds Aylswortn, unprecedented combination of weight and ve
better known as Reynolds thc Hermit, expired j locity. ieio Irorfc paper.
ot hi3 cabin in Halifax on tho 22d inst. aged Specie. Application has been made within
about CO years. This singular personage
lived secluded from the world about
in a hut of his own construction
his subsistence chiefly by fishing, although nt j t(0 indemnity, n large part of which
times ho would visit some of the neighboring j may bo expected forthwith. Jour. Com,
farms to procure a little meal or perhaps a few jij(f0n. Three fine Bhecp, raised by
nnlinrla nf nillflt. Unlike the celebrated hermit ' tho shakers of Watervlict. N. Y. wero sold thc
I . . .... . . .1 .1. tf ..I f .'..ll... rlnA if idnm
wero sold each for twenty-two dollars,
rsonnge has a day or two to the Marine Offices in Wall-st,
eight years, for insurance on a million of specie from Eu-
He obtained j 1'- " "PP'""" " V'T?" " r.' "
decribed by Douglas, ho'lived not 'beneath,' i other day for fifiy-two dollars. Ono
button Hhe mountambrowV .1
nged 70. In Urookfield, Beni. Jennings, 8-1.
In Holden, wid. Hannah Paddock, need 89:
In sterling, Levi May, a rev. bold a-r, 77.
In Cheatctfield, N. H. 8th inst. wid. Catha
rine Gates, nged 81, formerly of Ashburnhnm.
In Gilsum, 15th inst. Mrs Sarah Miller, aged
63; nnd on the 17th, her husband, Mr Phineas
G. Miller, aged 7-t, after an illness of -I days.
Droiened, on Monday last, near West Riv
er Bridge, in this town, Mrs Cynthia Pullen,
wife of Mr John Pullen, nged 47 years.
Itcc'ctl at thc Stone Ilmltling.
Ap. 29. J. II. WHEELER.
power and otner advantages nas a lair pruspeci
of soon becoming an important manufacturing
place. It is 87 miles from Boston, 03 from
Lowell, 51 from Worcester, 20 from Green
field, 7 from Norlhfield, 28 from Amherst Col
lege, Mass. SO from Hartford, Ct. 85 from Al
bany, N.Y. 70 from Hanover, 19 from Kcene,
65Trom Concord. N. H. 51 from Windsor, 25
from Bellows Fulls and G from Brattleboro,
Vt. For particulars inquire at the Stage House
adjoinm'' the premises.
Also for sale in Marlboro villane, Mass. a
valuable house and other buildings and fifteen
acres of good land favorably situated for busi
ness and thc education ot children, neat es
tate iu the valley of Ct. river would be taken
in exchange.
For particulars inquire at the Stage House
Carpenters' Tools.
B1RGE & DICKINSON hare this week
received a new supply of Carpenters aud
Joiners' Tools. April 21.
FOR Sale, on Flat Street, at a small ad
vance from cost. Persons wishing to
purchase for deceased friends in this place or
vicinity, may do well to call aud see previous
lo engaging elsewhere.
maXXEiS! i e-tf 33
almost inaccessible. Duimg his last illness,
which was lung fever, ho received every atten
tion which his location and other circumstan
ces would admit. Some ol his neighbors nav-
W l....i .!.,.( llm ll.tiil t'ri-sliulrrvlir ?)fcV
Vnrl-. nflnr ii Iniin deliberation on tho case of'
Rev. J. R. McDowell, editor of "McDowell's
on Wednesday last to rus-
J"ctc Goods! JYciv Goods!
made a new and extensive addition to
their stock of Goods, which they offer at ns low
prices as usual for CASH and Rood Cnruir.
Customers will please to call and examine their
goods and prices, before they purchase else
where. April 23.
WM. P. CUNE has, and is receiving his
Slock of Spring Goods, comprising a
great variety 01
Fancy and Piece Goods.
lso Plain, Lace, Florence and Grecinu
MtOJiWJRTSj Misses' do;
French Plotcers and Bonnet Tritnmings.
Brattlcboro. Anril 28. 31
. . i ...!..!. . iiiiini.ii litm In n innra T.uirtinl ,l,.ti1-cl
im? exmeaseu u wiou .w umwiw ...... u.u...u., -
b : l . . . .. i i:...i ir i i!.- i liv-., ikmhI him from tho in tmtry. The threo char-
.nmlnllilllllt n nri'. IU! IL'lllIULi. 11 ' w I ' "... "
tuuiiuu.M ,.....v, , , - rnilo nf nnMiruI nn
1 i n i I ..n.,,!.1!.,irit-inl
xil u3ui- if . ,.,,,,.,,,,.;., nml slnmler. were
- J . f JUIVIIIIUIIUI IIIIO 11111. DVllMtutJ t -
cenlly interred on the 23d, with tho usual I"- sustained unanimously, though there was some
here; nnd if I die, I die here."
cenlly into
0ItMO--l A I. ,...o in
W.- r. .iiiii.iiiiiii luiiii; ...
- v-uuniy. UhlO. ivrilps Hint n mnrn
.-"...-uy sect lias lint BTirnnrr nn sinei!
dte ','uanomc' m the town oi Kin
""7 nave creclpil n slnnn tnmnln nt nn
i iu.uuo. It is GO bv 80 feet broad.
'et high. The second and attic sto-
B'C I0r a ihl'nlnrrirxtl nnA lit..o Pf dtirtl.
, Jt Wnich ISexnoptPfl In linvn thn rnnnuiil
jwui ni acinrl nit "in a nrmntiR
j .nri i i.i iiriiiiirn nn piiiiphi inn
-UlUen anil Pill Uimn nrn cIiwUmiiiT P.
oiim nl I. .1.1l
"hj ui uui min in iriiiinin n iti iuii
- ..vuiun VIU l3fi O CIDCIC UV UlUiu
&ttMn,l it , .... . i
' noming else. Thoy prciena
, "miwuuiu ruvumiions worn inn
tS haul .1
tno siclr, &c.
T.IIBR DnOLI niirincr n late fitorm
. ".ii.ijion, iNortu Carolina, twelve oi
Cln cllirllnno f lion
er? Mled by lirrlunimr. while tho rest with by her brutal husband, i
tn-n escaped alive, J was given last week. Ball
diversity of opinion as to several of tho specifl
pniiiina iiininr i ii'Mi c inriros. jour jum.
John B. Francis (Adm.) is ! , p . Ml..llollist E.,i5COnal Churth
has seceded fiom the main body nnd assumed
ilm tiiln nf Methodist Protestant Church. A
difference of opinion on points of discipline ra
ther than doctrine bus caused tho division.-
Tho "Olive Branch" is the name of a newspa
per just established ns tho orgnn of the new
sect. iJosion I'osi,
Rhode Island,-
re-elected Governor by a majority of nbout 7C0
voles over Mr Burgcs, his competitor.
Passengers in the steamboat Massachusetts,
which lea New York on Friday ofiemoon nt
four o'clock, arrived in Boston on Saturday
morning at nine.
Tim liniikimr house of the U. S. Bank was
sold at Philadelphia o. few daya since for three
hundred and eighty-eight thousand nouars
Tho Grand Jury of tho city of New York,
-. - ii.,:3 iiK.noiirrniinn. liavo lound a
Tho students of this Institution will hold an
ovtiiiiiiifin nn ilm tntli nf Mhv next, nt tho
meeting lioiibo in tho middle of the town. Tho
i-xprniaes will commence at 12 o'clock nt noon.
A band of Musicians from Bcllowu Falls aro
bill ngninst young Robinson for tho mur- engaged to piny on the occb.Ioi,
f Ellen Jewett. His trial will take place glL-"!lrL
der of
in June.
Lieut. Dickinson who was killed at San An
tonio in Texas, was tho son of Gen. Lemuel
Dickinson of Hatfield, Mass.
The wife of Elijah Ball died in 'Providence
- . ... r .I.a iitiiiiiulii !uf1lnl..it nn lmr
on wonuay, iruiu mw n,..i. ......w.. .... . .
nn nccouiu oi which
has been committed.
in Vnmnn. 13th Instant, liv N. Wood. Esrti
Mr Jonns H. Thayer of ilardwick, to Miss
Kf-rxnuin A !Vfnrv n( T.nvilim. Mn.
In Monroe. Mass. Mr Martin M, Bnllou of
Monroe to Miss Diana Bryant of Readsboro.
I.. Wilton. N. H. Mr Ezra Buss, merchant
Mta Mnrv Wilson, fit is now Buss nml
j Buss may thc result not he bundor-6u.J
THE Selectmen of the town or Brattleboro
will let on contract the building of a ne w
road, about one hundred and twenty rods in
nnrrin. 111 1110 n;asi Vlli:i"f. iuv liuiauu
wishing to contract to build said road immedi
ately, will plcaso apply to-Joseph Goodhue
before the 10th of May next, who will give all
. . . ' . I nri . mil'
necessary inlormaiion. April -;o, iojo
Wanted Immediately, -
nnilREE Journeymen Coopers to work on
-a. Kegs, 10 wiiuiii uuu "u
Ilindsdalc. N. TI. Anril 27. 183G. &w84
p Bids, fresh ground FLOUR, just recci
ved by team from Troy.
. y 11 iinir-nf T? Ti
J. 11, lllicinuuiv.
A p. 25.
A SMART, active laboring
employment on application
April 20.
Man can find
at the Paper Mill
THE subscribers liave made largo additions
to their former stock, nnd have now a
full and extensive nesnitment at low prices
n Hindsdale, N. II.
Muslin & Lace Goods.
GENTLEMEN in want or Fashionable
carmcnts are invited lo rail at the first
door south of Cune's store, where they may be
assured of having their work done in the latest
and most ' approval Fashion, and workman
ship second best to none. A liberal discount
made lor UAon on on woric.
The subscriber is Ai!cnt for Scott and Per
kins' (successors to Saguczs) New York Re
ports ol Fashions, nnu wouiu ue nappy 10 iur
nish the trade in this section of the country.
April 28. D. M. BUR W1-.L.L..
TOTAVE commenced receiving their spring
Brattleboro, April 21, 1630.
TTIOR Sale at the Steam Saw Mill, ttrohun
JO dred thousand feet of PINE LUMBER,
Boards, Plank, and Scantling.
April tiU. uit. juti.N iviiiowv
This colpbrnted Encllsh Horse
was bred by Mr. John Baker of
St. Armands, u. nna is eigni
vrnrs old this Snrinir.
1'i.is lloise is descended Irom Prince Leboo
from Lon-r Island j his dam Irom the imported
i.nrn Pt. Paul, his strand dam bv Messenger.
Econ.NE may be louud at the following pla
ces, viz : Mondays at the stable of dipt. Geo.
Wood, West Brattlcboro; Tuesdays at E.
Higley's, Marlboro ; Wednesdays and Thurs
days at Guilford Centre and Algiers Fridays
and Saturdays at li. & A. Joy's, urattieDoro.
TtViri-turi! nnd nl lions who nn; wishin? to llll
prove their breed of horses are invited to call
and examine for themselves, before contract'
ing elsewhere. , ,
rr"S ''.nn. mnilf known at lhe Sialics.
Good pasturing provided for Marcs from a
distance. Casualties at the risk of t he owner.
Season to commence on the Olh ot way
and end the 4th ol July.
Ai.ni7.RT BENNETT, Accnt,
West Brattlcboro, April 27, 1830. t 8
n'A CASES Lace and Muslin Goods, Lir-
k.n 9, Scc, comprising a very extensive
assortment of white Goods, viz.
tllusli ii and JLineti Goods.
Cases wrought and tambour'd Muslin Capes,
Collars, Fisheretls, and Pelerines ;
do. do. Lace do. do. ;
wrought and loom sewed Cambric Ini
settings and Edgings;
4- 4 and 0-4 Jaconet, Cambric, Nansook,
and Mull Muslins ;
Parisienne and Swiss Muslins;
Bishop and Lons Lawns ;
Linen Cambric Hdkfs., Linen Cambric;
Imitation Linen Cambric &, L.G. Hdkfs.
Jaconet Cravats; Bird's Eye Diaper;
Fine nnd extra supet Linens;
5- 1 to 10-4 Damask Table Cloths, whilo
nnd brown ;
Linen Damask Napkins ;
Plain Lace, Satin fig'd, large and small
check'd Cambrics ;
Jubilee and Hair Cord Cambrics;
4-4 to 0-4 British and Swiss Cambrics ;
White- and black double and single
Crown Linings; Curtain Fringes;
JTjftcc Goods.
Thread Edgings aud Inserting ;
Gimp Thread do;
Tatting Edgings; Dutch Laces;
4-4 to 0-4 Bobbinet Laces ;
Black Bobbiuett Lace ;
Black Lace Veils ;
4-4 fig'd Blonde nnd Bobbinet Lace;
Bobbinet nnd Blonde Q.uillings;
Grecian Nets and Quillings;
Worsted. Silk, and Thread Blonds
AL30 ron SALE,
British, French & American
Consisting of Prints, Ginghams, Sheetings,
Shirtings, Cloths, Cossimercs, Satinets, Sum
mer Stuffs, Silks, Bombazines, Merino Shawls,
Handkerchiefs, Hosiery, Gloves, &c. &c.
Boston, March 30, 1830. 0wis30
i N E now first rate Ox Cart, for sale by
1 March 2D. G. C. HALL.
tleboro Bookstore,
ale at the Brat
April 29.

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