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jou n.
NO. 51.
Publisheil c.ery Frlilay Morning,
py cl. W. NI01IOL3 fc W. E. RYTIIER.
. ... .1 1 1 .. ! i . ri
2 lull Iiuiiuing, ihjuiij vnaic .
Stage House.
I t To in"l ulcriuer Two Dollar year,
I ..-.iini! WHO receitii l'"!''
i f., ii,... n: rii..i.
I r-,. i car. n i" .-v...,
i'- ... i-.i .-i... .,., ...
f . :. m:ulo at tho uxnirntioi. of the venr
l.iilMD l .
I1 1 ... . I.I...I tr-"T n nntwr illscnnl innml
Icrcst win ""-"
I .. ...I Bi.ntil Nl I m nnllun nfl in
, .rrMMS" a r"""s - -i
W'sberi Ureters uy man mini, uu ui-p.uu or
f mi - ... ..yiki nttrntion.
... trill mil HV"V
Lt Ml kinds of JOB HUNTING neatly execul-
B1-' 1.,..l l.,..
,1 ,hort notice mm .-"
... . t tf t
Kn 1. Address to iie vernonsese.
i .1 J
II shall nover lurget mu 111111151 umuit
UfMinhU with which I first gazed on the
L n lulls and verdant vallics of Vermont
I. ii r ,nen in cunimit enveren with n
Bills, irui'i """" "
Lilaru of trees, well nigh ns impenetrable
the embattled spearmen of -Macedon ; nnd
Hies blooming with beauty, teeming with
,nir nnd filled with happy homes. '1 he
lloning hes are, but in a taint degree,
Iwrintiri! of mv sensations. I In must have
. . ..MMnml nT 1 n rr , 1 n tret Ihntl pun
LnH lo. who is able to clothe such feel-
Its ia fitting xvords.
IiVen-EnjUnilV mountaineers! bolii Vcrmontcse,
A vran.lerer liails )our green nnd glorious hills
llml futile (allies, where content and rase
Abide; where pleasant mers and clear rills
llffl.e tour happy homes; here pleasant fields
IA rich rcnard to cheerful talor yields.
Green-mountain girls and boys! n blessing on yoo,
Anexile from far distant lands implores:
iMivrou enjoy the rights your fathers won you,
I .Ma; ron in peace nnd freedom reap the stores
Ofweatih with uhicli a liberal earth here teems,
Yourqmct undisturbed by fercrish dreams
ilnod-bought glory and of boundless wealth;
To die in huiw be yours lite in health
Kulliing the path your noljle founders trod
iOnning m king but Christ
, no lord but God.
J. C.
For the Vermont l'linrnix.
Among the infinite variety of disease, to
hich the human family arc rendered sub-
tl, there is none which breathes a more
isolating fragrance, or bears a more nppal-
ng aspect ; none has more effectually
iffled the physician's conceptions of his
ill, and shown him the inefficiency of his
IjMuoii researches, from the time of Hip-
berates, to the present day ; none has so
kmplctely blasted the prospects of those ri-
tning into usefulness, and fondly anticipa
nga long life of terrestrial happiness; none
Bore preeminently destructive to the animal
fconomy, and none more insidious in an
puncing its approach, than that so preva
and so invincible malady, viz. pulmon
ry consumption.
The bills of mortality in our own country,
Eve us astounding facts of its prevalence,
painthe city of London, one fourth of all
patients die o-this potent destroyer.
Dougu perhaps not more incurable in its
Pturelhnn Cancer, yet from the circum
fnce of its much greater frequency, and its
ing confined principally to persons in the
lorning of life, it imperatively demands not
Piytne attention of medical men, but of
fery philanthropic citizen. Cancer is nun-
ii .
gly found among those venrinrr from the
Pine of life; whose course of usefulness is
illume;, and whose departure is felt much
SS BV rommnnilir ml.nrnn. ... .!
B. -....j . ii uvibua luuaiiiuiHiuil
pis iis victims mostly from those between
Be ajres of fiftnpn n,i .i,:.,.. r. a........
pgall their buoyant hopes of future useful-
Nandnn-crandizcmnni. r.lltlinrr tlinrn rlrttn
Ike t ho InnJ... r ,
,w ,VHU" jiiam Dciore me irost ol a
pai night, nnd divestmt? socielv of mnnv
r "Pienuid embellishments. Hnvintr do-
"iucii ume to the inveitiffalion of this
Esease, and consulted the most approved au
'UP0n it, of Elironnnnrl Amnria iKn
Irthconiinir niiml.Br.
medical technics to render them Intel lirri.
Do l . ... o
r ,u vty reader, will be an epitome of
rn. ... . "
r ...USIonj relativethereto. Of nulmon-
U consumDtion. wn mt.l- ,i
"'ch will be severally noticed in these doc-,ncill-
First, the tubercular, which is the
8lltof tubercles nre-existinrr in ilm Innrrs.
ecnd, iho calnrrhnl u-h;.h co,.J.
r.cUs. and third, the dysnentic. which
E 8l'qUdrf lo"s conlinuct' dyspeptic
! The first variety is that to which sn mnnv
l0n? nennt,. lio,, I j; ,. '
. - muiv uii iieieuitary preutspo-
r a at tlie present rlnv
Piminating physician so readiU- d..9nnira
lct"c Lik-,..l.n.! ......
. " vhiiiijiuiuih ucsiruyur unit
, 3e" over the Eevntinn dwell! nifs. tuber-
F are detects lull. I... . I. .. ...... ..
If. I , ' "illy uy buiiauuuciitea
"heir nrr,.r, ,
L . i iiu operations ; timing oi-
Fumes not the first born onlv. but nrnstrn-
Ran entire household by their well-direct-
r1- uiniw.
uu piiysicnl nrnnortios nf il.n.,. o.irn.iA.
P formations, are ns follow ; They are
V m Circmnserihr.,1 r l u:.
wrying in size from a .pin's head to a
lraen pea. Vhn . ...ut t.
I . ' miuiu auusiuiice oi
1U11!? i nn i.li.. , . ...
uut tuiujiicieiy invoivea witn
Thero also should be n text.
them, which is usually the case, they inva
rinnii neennti hn nnn... ..J ...i . 1 r ... .. ,
, u u , uiiiiui hum uu&LLTiiir fin ri ' I moi aiiuiiii' inline ni "i'niiiifni
- - i I 1 i I - " UUUIIUIIIV,
it'ding the free transmission of blood rJ0W pupils are not taught tho nso of a
book on tho I
through tho lungs, and likewise tho innrcss Clrci,la,intf. medium, money : nor tho ad-
of alrnosnheric nir. V(nrn !,.:... nnlnScs ol wtchnngo nnd commerce. The
thi. Jmnm,,. r .1 1 1 j neneiits or the merchant, the mechanic, i
the impetus of the blood is accelerated hv It I... rr....i..i . :
J i"imoiuuui mail arc not taugni or seen
exercise, or any other cause, small vessels distinctly bv mnnv. Th.. mlm! r
aro frequently ruptured, and tho spitting of atlJ l'oori h nature of the mere earth
blood is the consequence. Though by mi- n . oul lnU
. 1 lUhflt miner,
n ".Woto narrative.
i ne following facts were relatctl, in my
Hearing, by a mnn of color from ilu
crn states. This man hns. hv nmn n...!,.
IHirciiasea tils nwn fruLilnm ,l .1,... r u:
- if , . , . .. uuu iuui ui ,ija
ilUi OUl MlHrhl i n.n c.-om 1 nf.
, ' . ..u. ui iiiviii, iiuvi;
uluii taKCn mvnf Irn.r. him nn.1 .nt.l I,
satisfaction of all
Shipwreck of the Francis Spaight.
rl'l. ! o i. . .
x i luiitia oii.iii'III. Ol .14!i inns ni nn
Willi timber, sal ed from St. Jnhn TM...v
louaiand, on thu 24th of November, bound
lOr JjimeriClf. T it) crow nmntinlnH in l A
knows not wIrtc. He proves himself to the mcn ,vl,n. In" coptnin and mnto: they had
who hnve intercourse with . u.no weal lur ior n few .da)'s- bul afterwards
croscopic inspection, no blood vessels can be
niinm mil! ui.i .. . ill.;. . . - . . ,.,,., i i . t . - ...
imuu iiul luutJi la iirntiiirii vn nnn in tt n .s.i.i. -i : 1 iuiuw &u iinrn. innv i tint itiarn .i.i ,
Wnnt UllprOUtlCtlVC: What COtlSlltUtrA vn n Wl II trim lh r..-.- l. . I driVO beforn flirt tvinrl A !l u
i . " i . . o- - " ius uo liiriinv lis nfissinif in i . c u wvnt.1. uii uu-
i urneomd in iiiU.,!,.. ..I.... " tilings men or low '"a own words : niorninc
tible of inflnrnrnn inn .' ' if ed ; or the causes of wealth nnd happi- "I had n liitlo boy nbour eleven years old ,ho "Mnci of the helmsmansuddenly
ISJ n ,nflamma ,..ni nnd whc h?' "ess and safety, are not taughll No, none One night as he camo home. Kid to me roacl,cdL ,0-"" than an hour
victim on whom th.s legacy is entailed, is of these things are yet even rJrenmed or, in n 'Father, the constable has been mSurSff on her beam end, the greater part of
exposed to an exciting cause, an inflamma- comnon school education. Yet these sim- me to day.' 'Measuring you said I 'what ,ho cr.cw' savinff tliomsclves by clinging to
tory nction commences, tho tubcrclo iscon- p n,rnc,,v. truths might bo taught in n docS that mean"?' dont know,' said he 0, nBS- Patrick .Custick nnd Patrick
verted into & white capsule containing pus. St ffcffii' 'ilVV Lmo ?!'out and ?neJ'ar.ro1,lrmvn,,d $ cck,
nnd io ilinn ni;mi u. .i . i , I no children tcrtfe timo enough he measured how hiirh I w'as I am nfmid ond knfihh, tho mnte in tho after cabin.
n!l " . T Iho .jrtem. lea- to Warn more than we here require. father, they are going to sell mc "rfed Th? cPtain ad got to the fore and
ving an cxcavntion or ulcer. Vatious.havc The children should, ns a nart of their said tho ror,r f,iL, . .1 7. It u , ' main masts nnd cut them nn. ii...
1 . nil .1.. 1 " . . I .. ! u muiilWI .1 UUi I . . . . . " "
been tqo hypotheses nnd theories
by medical men, respecting the origin
bercles. Some hnve nflirmed, that they were
coeval with tho first commencement of feta
advanced education, also, leurn soi
rtgln of'tu- !,a,urc; Vty"!. ral'
iuiuj. turn Bunu'imnir
1 . a,
their Creator.
mothmg of their own thonjxt morning, soon after I went to my op roast wcr
! n B W"1 IMIe boy came tunninr up to me, JW
onheir relMons to crying out; 'John is" gone yonder, they arc" j r,Sn,cd
VSienl nnlnn-nfmnn tnkinrr dim nfT I. . . r. . and there w
cnt with them over the side and
immediately rigjjtcd. Jls, sojon as
.1 --Maiiu rmnica. sue sett ed i nwn n iii
Tl...t....rl-l : f7' 'X; . mey orw, . " " -
.t : i,u vmuiii iiiimri. ni mnn iLUKiiifr n m nrr nn... ... . - . . i u uu mcit; nni Krnrrn lr nntr m iw.r in ....
I..-. 1 . ... . . . . ........ . a cni niter tnem.i . -"j "
III? relations IO tne nnlnrnl I mix nm dm nnri nhrni I j , . I Seen Piecnl Ihn nnnn nn il... I..
r,i 1 , ., 1 , , ,, . . - mi. - .. a miuu in:ur ny ucnr oaoe reach-1 : . ". r i-"f " uumumo. uu
..u.c supposcu mem causes 01 neami and disease, the children ed out his hands to mc. and nid .pn,,..r a"tion could bo more miserable than that
....... . , , , . ..
.. 1 " uiuuiiuiioic crew, stanuinn-nnc u riei-n
into the lungs and ncting ns a nucleus, ana "enec tint natures, nnd the laws which At this, the man who was Inkinc him ntvav on 'hu vrccl. winter's night, and clinir-
nround which the tubercular matter accu- 1 m .r nas S,vvn thcm.abould be known gave him a kick, nnd kicked him alon.r tho ,0..w u,tc'cr wns nearest, ns sea nfter
mula.es. Others again, maintain that they he ni e vS
,. ,1,.. . 1 , , , I . . , 0 . iiiiiiiijiimviii. iimiuui nun kuiii ii oi uav io 1 11s. 1 could I r , . "J nsi.un.ii.-u uiui iiieir provisions
are the consequence simply, of a low degree And the children should early and impress- do nothing to help him It L ,nc o kJ bn wlW overboard, and thev had
01 common lnuammaiion. Many also con- "e y see uie requirements ol their Creator think of it.' Here lit wept. Never in mv 1,0 mcans r coming at fresh water. Tho
tend that thev arc a secretion deposited hv w,c u"'s tney owe to him as their nre- life has mv heart been n n:,...i gnle continued unabated, nnd for snft-tv nnrf
the blood, as bone is found in the heart and SCt," nnd owo'or. . . deed of man, as when I heard this irrev- 8.m'I,l'r they gathered into the cabin under
I the poop. Even here, she was so deep u ith
begged that they would give him a little
lime; ho said ho wns cold and weak, but if
they would let him lie down nnd sleep for
n little, ho would get warm, and then ho
would bleed freely. To this wish there
were expressions of dissent from tho men,
and the captain said, 'twas best at once to
lay hold on him, and let (he cook cut his
throat. O'Brien, driven lo extremity, de
clared he would not let them ; and the first
man, he said, who laid hands on him, it
would bo the woise for him; that he'd ap
pear nnd haunt him nfter death. There
was n general hesitation nmontr them, when
a fellow named Harrington seized tho boy,
and they rushed in upon him ho screamed
and struggled violently, addressing himself
in paitictilnr to Sullivan, a Tnrbert mnn.
The poor youth WHS hflHirnr. annn nnt
down, and the cook, nfter considerable hesi.
tation, cut his throat with a case knife, and
a tureen was put under the boy's neck to
save the'bloodr . .
As soon ns the horrid act had been nerna-
tratcd the blood was serrcd to the men.
They afterwards laid open the bodv nnd
separated the limbs; the latter were hung
over tho stern, while n portion of the former
wus niiotled for immediate use. and almost
every one partook of it. This was the eve
ning ol the lGth day. Thev nte nnnin Int..
itt night I but the thirst' which was before
unendurable, now became cravinrr nnd thei?
slaked it with salt water. Several were ra
ving through the nitrlu and in the morninn-
Inn nnnl. .i.no ....l rl-
uuiiu num. riis rnvinrr con-
t... r .1 ... . . . . :
arteries. From tho circumstance of the r i.i V TTP , .... .-.-v.. ... ,.-, y.yt- una eimpio reunion, "l , , ,v' . , ' ,, "r "" . raving cou-
beinrr irnn.miiinrl fmm n i - - snouiu tney not nau a daughter also.' sa d the poor o d man. "y pinnK couiu not be lotind, and ' ""eu tiunng the succeeding night, and m
being transmitted from parent to child, and all be tauirht 1 tausrht c car v. unrler.innd. kv in un. m,.r,r,i 1...1 -i 1 X 7 ' the irony rest wa bt-stnmlinn nU. fn...i.. the morn nrr. n hi. ..n,t ,Zm.J i.
other reasons which we suppress in this mgly. and practically ? They may be, and day a carriage drove up to the door nnd er At ten in the forenoon n vessel was des- P'oaching, the veins of his neck were cut.
.1. .'.I. .1. 1.. f . . e , I I.11.I .I..... ...UII... 1. I " .. . I.V... . c . . . ..r. v u,nll--!.li . I. .. . 1 - I I.l. lT- l 1 r . .
piui-e, we itiiiiK uie last 01 tne loregoing "v ."" " " "cu oooks anu tencn-mook ner in with her child, and carried them
doctrines by far the most plausible. Never- , ufur onim ornoois as to prove the on ooard a vessel then lying at tho wharf.
thelessthe formative process of tubercles is ' . -ere w 1.0 neces- unoui 10 sail As soon us I heard of it 1
moved n much obscurity. ,! nffnr,l nn It. ' .7" "7 -o- ...ciii. vviicn 1 went to go on
extensive field for tho researches of the nhv
Guilford. 183G.
M. D.
iirnin ni nnr n a : .. . I .. I . . -, .
keeping a child eight or ten years to went after them. When I
reau his tirnner. write his name, board they nmhnl mnUMi
1 1. . .1 . , : .. j j 1 i.... vui sumu uiiv
.y j ner 10 mo ruie oi uiree, ana hate books standing by said, 'that's too bad let the old
and learning for the rest of his life. man see his daughter.' I then went on
....! . .... ... ... 1 I . I I I .. .. .1 ..... 1 I .. I r . . n..
niiu iu iiiu wesiwnru, out sue sioou lar n-i"u me oiuou urawn iroin aim. t his was
way beyond the reach of sicnal. and was 'he second death. On that nirrht. Balmno
soon out of sight. There were 13 hands! wns mad, and the boy Burns on the follow-
inne, ana not one 01 tnem nan tasted a mor- l"S morning; tney were obliged to be tied
ei 01 loon since the wreck: and thev hnd ov tne crow, and the atter evcntnnl v h ed
only three bottles of wine; this wns served to death by cutting his throat. Behane died
oul in wine glasses at long intervals. There unexpectedly or he would have shared tho
io; our schools can and ought io increase board, and my pool child threw her arms wns son,c occns,onal rain, which they were Name fate. Next morning Alahoney distin
tne muu 01 mc nation. 1 hey ought to about my neck, and said 'Father I'm tronc.' 1101 PreP3reU at hrst for saving; but on the guisticd a sail and raised a shout of joy. A
The following excellent
from the Common School
ed at Albany:
How much of the practical business of
1 r ... ....
riye, 00 tne cnuuren learn in our common
Schools 7 What is learned thut assists the
abors of manhood ? I
our Common Schools nous
enlarge its views, its productive powcis, its Here the old mun's sobs prevented his ulter- ml,.or lm" dny they got n cistern under sl"P was clearly discernible, nnd bearing
I eneri'le nml renilnr lltn nimnla :..,)....: .l.nn. U... I... iff I flln mlviin mnt ikIiiim i'i ....... lln.l : I h.ir ennrn Imnnrile lt,nM 1
I j ii ,. iiiuujuiuuj i uui uu rcgovereu llimseil SllttlClently to I "" mn. m aim iu ibu " nivui. uiiiuis wero
suggestions are nnd morally and intellectually hnnnv. say I have not seen nr hnnr.l r , ;i. Hvs- The periods in which no rain fell hoisted nnd when she approached, thev held
Assistant, publish- The Common Schools should prepare men since. Her husband heard of it, and went wcrc nowcvcr "en Ine7i 80 that they stin- UP ,De. hands and feet of O'Brien to'oxcito
for their callinrt, ami for tclf-gocernmtnt.Uo the vessel, bul thev drew n'.lirb ,, ted themseves to the smallest possible'allow- commiseration, The. vessel proved to bo
Onvir.Lt Taylor,
I HE MAN? Does. the younir farmer in
his district school, and while he is receiving
the only education he is ever to pet, learn
any thing of agriculture of the nature of
sons and manures? Any thing that teach
es him to distinguish the dillerent earths
and their peculiar adaptation to the different
grains and grasi? Does he learn any thing
of the best breeds of stock of the best man-1
V drew n ilirlf nnnn
J 11 . . . . -I'""
uuu, uuu nouiu HOiailOW lim to Pa nhn.ird '
'Oh,' said the old mnn. as the tears streamed
SINCElllTY. I from bis eves, 'it hurl, m i
.... - ... J . " - ' " ...w .v. I 1 . 1 1 1 k. A
111 nCVrr Consent while I hrenlhn In Iron I IflinL- nf It' Prnk.t.1.. i'i ......1.1 I...- I
irneti inut assists the .,j. . v. y ; v - . " "uu'u "u" 11 iuve-
n n word, what do Vco . cl w deference, at the expense holder to suffer such wrongs, and the best
teach thnt makes .' .l.T 10 ,,lsaPP? 8 inciio wineroco
could be no mora iniured lit them
to spare the leelins ol a loo . because he ti than this noor discin e nf r!iimT Tni.
a iooi. and a stranger no not even n stran- man has, (if I recollect the number,) six
vi an iiiiiuuer.
Aor, you ore iu earnest-
J hat I am. I see friendship, love.
mon sense, and common honesty, sacrifict
.-i;iy iiour, to wiini is caned politeness.
see women, every aay oul of rei
MI. . j . f 1 . . . . I . I a
ner of raising, keepin" and fatteninrr his L .f '",""" i - nijuaBH . uiu iSu
rmtln ol n J r. I. i.T.i... "ier ure.'S, wun
... v, ui,.l, uuu u . ...v , l.u ,1,,..,, ,,,l. I i ..
Which makes his nrnfessinn useful, urnfiinlil.. I
. I i i . -i f c. rccei
ui iiuiiinuuii-1 is nut utriiiiug, in too many 1
instances, blind imitation : thonuhtless. un- .'
nmduciive mil. the sW;l, d.-lvinn- nf ",c" u. cieaner lauie cioin, and & better din- nun. a minister of the gospel
hands, without the delights or the aid of ?Cr'. ' lhe' do,toutof love ond respect affected to tears nt the old man's recital,
ui mm . i ivcui iu uiu siuvc ucaicrs one lniercened inr
ance. in seven duys after the annenranccof mc Angenora, an Amencan. She rjut offa
the first vessel, another was seen onlv four boat to their assistance, and the survivors nf
i .i . . . . l.i t . . - .
mnes nonn. An eusiiin was hoisted, but me rrancis apaiirnt were sale r rmt nn
she bore away like the former, and was board the American, and wero treated with
soon lost to their view. Despair was now 'he utmost kindness. Lmenck Star.
in every countenance. How thev lived
through the succeeding five days it would Matter or Fact. I am what the old
be hard to tell; some few endeavored to eat women call an "odd stick." I do nothing
Icuiiuren soiu into hopeless servitude hn . ui jutm-ia, mu oniyi m, iuwi.c, a.iciujji uuiumg unicss
knows not where. Three remained with justhJlo for nutriment which occurrctl to think there is a probability of my succeed
bim, and these, some months niro were them. There was no means of taking fish, 'ng; I ask no favors where I do not think
com-fboaffht up bv a notorious firm of ?nl. a.nd although birds were sometimes sceu they may be granted; I grant no favors'
d crs, and shipped for tho southern market "'" pa they had no mcans of bringing where I think they aro not deacrved-j mrf'-
j ciuru ine om man leu inut he hnd lost Jiisl ' u 'a auuuuun was, i 7j uw ,u iucjjuw, wucu,
111 . ... . . I t . .n. J. .... - I. si. . .1 . r I I Ii in Is. -n ...... 1-1 I J! II .
ipeet, as mi; nnd the distress of his wife 'who wept.' . w yn nuuu uy wu couuuet oi y "--uuuu nuuiu ue uiagreeauio.
her heart I crcw towarus one another. As their I "'n a matter ol lact man. i do things se-
I Cll It.tri n rra inisrnneiu (!(. . .1 IK ll t I finin nlliifnd in nllnnd L
ivith I iv nil ill n m ' r rni'i turn ifiih .. I u tuv uttuiuu tiuaa uiju i wl4vv. wuv,n.u iw uutuu u iouv tu
suiTerings increased they became
lielU'r nnUftnnr tvilh WOUIU DlirSI. rlrni'l him tVllh rrrnnt r.ihm.
;r humor, m neiivf Mmnrrr tlmn i hnncn. nhrr tnrUi-nrmir m uu :.J sclhsh the stroitfr sccunncf a place on the ner "omc. I did :t
in Ktntn 111 in In rwni. nlnno r.:.t. cabin floor, and pushinc aside the weak 'nennt to wait upon
good, easy fool, when they cive other hnd usk if somethin-' could not be done fori !?.. shift for themselves in the wet and cold. np- She iicecpled
- 1 " . I I -i -i I I a ir . . . I Tmrn ttn n Ktt .m,t fV 1 1 II .. I IV tin nor nm It lina
ii uu nusi i
seriously; that is I
her homo if she wanted
my ofTer. I went homo
ever since been an enic-
who seemed to have no friend on board, nnd ma to me, whether she wanted me or not.
endured every sort of cruelty und abuse. Ine took my arm and said not a word. I
ro science to observe or exneri LZ Abominablel-lhey treat the lord of their him. They at length consented, that if the f 051 ?nhe mun h,ld Sot soru, leS3 fro, sla- baUe. b" S0. m"u a s,,e, ?ald. ,not ft
when k Z onlv education iKS"n afr"'ons. the partner of Uieir.bed, the father poor father himself could raise the money dlff " h.0 ""u1 wet0 Pceruh M r next dny nnd I said not a
corr n othinc of thefr nmu-sion or their children, worse ihnn any other man in one week, (amounting to considerable nd upurohcna.ro of being hurt; as soon us word I met her again and she gave mo a,
There shouhl be an e enielr'v work nn -,lu'' tl inJeed-lhere's no denying it. more lhan two thousand Jollars.) he might ? B"lV camc ''?', them in M-nrch of a dry two hours talk. She feared I was oflended
farm in? SLl i n ni the "ris " " wick'd' proflignte. cJld-hearted have his own children, i. e. the ones last ta- hen; h? s "" wy. for which he but could not conceive why. She begged
soHs life best Sods of recoveS lie and they know it! They call it hospi- ken away. Perhaps they considered the retaliated in curses. me to exnlam but gave mo no chance. She
ra nrJ a ml n enSo them for le' Irnif. 'Hty Worse ond worse. Hospitality 'i, question settled, as ihev would consent to no On the 19th December, the 16th day since hof d, not be ffended 5 sked no to call ;
tr&VnuJAd; Tl'i0 nn,d ,N-t'Sy anf to other conditions and r'eprded it as impossi- the wreck, the Captain said they ue?e now J asS1-;raSn'tn;dc X7nS "l
treatment- and nUn ilm best Z I'leaso n strnnger to deceive him, even for ble for the father to do as they proposed, such a length ol time without subsistence, vu,lI"cr sue wanteu me to call or not. 1
and Sitccture of farm houses "n nd h" an hour: to nppenr better off in the world, He lifted his cries to God, however, and that it was beyond human nature to endure on saw a lady at her window. I thought
mot onp iroS Tmnlem JnTs of B MinZ rid,ur' n,,d ,nofu comfortable, than they re- they were heard, and friends raised up. who it any longer, and the only question for them vou,( cal . 1 d,d- . 1 'n(lulrd for the la-
husUnrv T nllJ' nre' T,,ey nre secretly tired of home gave him some few hundred dollars, and at to consider was whether one or all should d ond was ,:,formcd that she was not at
thescloois inttcadX -of that plait, quiet, comfortable, beautiful fength made him a loan of what remained, die; his opinion was that one should suffer ll0.m, 1 ent away doubting I met her
jk':u decency, which makes home so dear to a amounting to eighteen hundred, on eondi! foi tho rest, nnd thnt lots should bo drawn aS?"j s''o was offended; called mc tin-
I num hhnr hi rnnrinlin,! inn fA ai. ndnl,
,r Piliiinl,;.!, n..... 1 !...:!.. l.
HOW rend, and ent re y useless In eliildrnn "J ," J '
or the purposes of after life. Why cannot
the pupils in the school, hnve their minds
imbued with what they can nut in practice
I I I ... A " - '
in nuer lire I
Do the common Schools teach tho chil
dren any thins: concorninsr their SOCIAL
RELATIONS? their duties to their neirrh
bors, to their social institutions? Is the na
ture and consiitution of their government
taught? Or, its form of administration?
Arc the children taught of the duties of pub
lic otticcrs I buch ns the duties ot School
Commissioners, Inspectors, nnd Trustees:
the duties: ol county commissioners, (Jol
lectors, Clerks nnd Supervisors: the duties
such women nre sure to be sluts and "on mat it should be paid in two years. If Detwecn the lour boys, as they could not be . " '"i "5-
:. ; ...i. .i;n- l.il,.. ' .. ' . , I :j i . i .i , Ureiico: tllOUfllt me unkind, nnd I hnvn ev.
urunuriion to uie uiuer- m mm iiiuc u iciimiiis unpaiu, mc cnuuren tuusiuereu ao greui u loss io tueir irienas as s ------ .
etween their household are to bo sold to pay it. The poor father is those who had wives and children depend- er since wondered whether she was sorry or
strnnger and their bus- now, with much diffidence, nnd great ern- ing on them. None objected to this except n, ,.f , )iayI things appeared to mo
i: -k-j i . ..... .. A.. -l i. ...i :.j .l. ... doubtful, wonderful, invstenous. What then
U BIIII-3IIUU, UUUUt Ilie uuiimsiuilll, OlUlllllJ 3 CBSO IO II1C PIOUS "- UU VO, H UU U 1 IUU UIH UlfUIIISl II1U imUSIICe . , . . I t 1
)'one side hair flying and benevolent, and asking their aid, that of such a proceeding. O'Brien in particular, '? 11 'hnt causes doubt and mystery to attend
ves fitter for a horse- his children may not again be sold into protested against it; and some muttering "jo ways of men r Is U the want of fact
;d by this was heard amongst the men that led the Int- . ,, . " "T V """."
. informa- terlo apprehend they might proceed in a to ct well in it, we must deal only in matter
him at the more summary way. Friendless and for- of fccU Aorttern Star.
ence they make bi
und the world the
band, And they go slip-shod,
house their caps o
loose and themscl
pond, than a marriage bed, or n dinner tabic, I bondage. If any heart is opened
. , i .M ....... . .. . i . . . : i. i i . . n .1 .... r .
uu, iu iiii-ity lu meir uusuanus. some I oiuit-iiicui iu uo uuviuini? ior nim.
.. i i.. .i i .!-.. l r . .
suuuKL-r hiiuchs ui me uour. iiuiuuu uu uuiuiueu rcspcciinir mm at the
Oh, but if you ask a man to dinner with Anti-slavery Office, in this city, or by ad
you, you must give him something better dressing a line to tho writer of this. Rev. to terrify tho boy into acquiescence, nnd heal
than pork and beanr. vnartes fitch s Ath of July Address, in Pine
Not if I eat pork and beans myself.
t..i i.-Mt , ir.,.i...i
street Church, Boston.
lorn as he wns, they were well calculated
to acquiescence, nnd ho ni Romancetaf Real Life. A Grand Gulf
length submitted. Mulvillo now prepared (Miss.) papor tells the story of Mr Frank
some sticks of different lengths for the lols. Williams of New York. In 1809, he was
A bandage was tied over O linen's eves, nineteen nnd a sailor, nt the houso of a
of Sherifls. Path masters ? Is there anv
thine taught of the duties of Referees-o'f L00?'n? "! ,ne, P". 01 11 ma"' cx P Z ,
T,irno r .l.n ue.. , i .9 h ,i. " B 18 esiecmea oy uie womnn nt mo ncaa oi """ i wu.ii mu
o .T"i" . ' J . 7.7 e . i r r the table. eopy. it is an admirable
ZoVZl'XT Th. higher she esteems him. commend Uo,he perusal of
pen to the children, and, ihey must one day " " "."0h "Srd. ihnoUst tha, I
nn mem. snouiu not me peop es sc 100 s, T-. .. ',, ml , , , . ln.,. i ii .:, r i ,u
then, teach some or all of thJse imnortan . ctly tlto reverse. The husband will "s ? c,,,l"do"'
Let him. He's a fool. If he exnects tobel A Miser's Prayer. Amonrrst mnnv land ho knelt down rcstinu his faco on AIul-l wealthy and beneficent friend in Chatham
treated at my own house, bv mv own wife, curious papers found nfter the decease of ville s knees. The latter had the sticks in street, when tho habitation took fire. Bv
belter than l myself am. Sir, I can tell, by J0,m "nr"i rnemner oi me mitish I'arlia- nis nana, aim was to hold them nn one by some mischance the child of his friend, then
. .1 ""i . . .. . J I U.l .1 . I 1! ...I i . . ' n i r ...
iui ii.ibiuicy, mere was one, in nis one ucninnmng wuosc 101 u was. u urien years 01 age, was lorgoiien in an upper
in... I i I. .-I. .1. . lll . . . T. I ... I, . .. . . I.. .1 .1 7 fl
luuowing is was iu euii out a name anu wnnicver person Sluryi stairs wero in names, flir
satire, and we he named for tho shortest slick was to die. Williams flew to her rescue, caucht tho
certain persons, Mul ville i held up the first stick nnd demand- child, nnd let himself down by a lightning
ca wno u was ior i i ne answer wns 'for ou, anu niigntcu nnuu mo snouts ol the now
have nine little Johnv Shechnn.' and the Int wns In id consreimted thousands. The child's fuiher
and likewise aside. The next stick was held up, and the took the young sailor into his countinrr
f i i i ... . ... 1 1 i - . . i ., i , .
duties? Should not the children learn some- worse on , ami n mere ue nny particular, i m u tuiciy iiuiuuuolu uu estate in ice- ueiimnu wns repeateu, -on wnom is mis lot "ousu , jiusuou uecame uie nenucieri.; in
thino-nfthn mnrnenlniis rnlnlinnc. ilini. ivill ucur "'eiiu WHO comes OI10I1 SOmeOOOy w""l"vi ' mu uuuuiy ui nascx j i oescccn o mil I uanens reply was, 'On mySCII,' 'Otv yuuro mu Jiuilliur III uusiness 01 U10
sustmn to these free '? wnom ,he famili' nr. um,er ereat obliga- thee to preserve the counties of Middlesex upon which Mulvillo said, that was tho death father ; und next, the partner for lifo of the
of society, and to the prosperity of their fel
low citizens ? However wise n government
may be, its blessings depend in a great men
sure upon the fidelity and intelligence of
those who ndminister it. But is there ns
i. .-i i .1.- i n j
iiiuuii curu Milieu iu uuva mc iuivb wun uu- r,i,, ...u., n i r ',
ministered, ns there is Io make good laws ? ft TK V"'1 Wg, r"'0 nnd.easy
a A r. . . ifa . . .i Make your friends eat nudd in its nnd o-nnso.
""""" WUIUIIIUII OUI1UUIB OUtll IUUI HIUV . f,i . ...... nirn nm .nli... St-. .M-1 1..
.. r ,i i um ui mu oaiuu uiuiu. mil so it ever is ue I .viuiu iu mu mcimiiiu oiuuu. vv
. 1 b J, ' ,.V uhvnvs treat them worst who treat us host 00 u 80 1 have insured it: and ns thou hast then took off his jacket, and after tellintr the fact, ascertained that tho vital snnrlf vn nnt
mem i aiu wo tniunir nroner care oi tne ...... -n i .... .. . i-.j.i .t.. .i. . i . ... .i ... . , . :r r ,f . . , . . i .' ; . .. ..w.
r- j.r r - m . -. . n
luuuuuiiuii ui our civil sup
not the most of our efforts,
iviiiiuu, uui ibuuiui; uuu uur seriiiiuv con- . .i . . ...
cerninir who shall make and administer the ' " u ..,igm quarrel wun
- . . . i iiit (inn
the same
. . i siiiit'ririui ii in nn nnn rin ir Hiiiinrn rnua inn i ui in nci a. ii mi run irn nil mu
for common schools on tile, dutiesof Pub c h."r";V.;v,7r":.. . " v " :;".r:." . :"r r
officers, 'nhd' the children in very .ehnnl lTV.-rX5lZV'n?? ul ,,,,e V"5 ?" ""u ' '. n mey inuy uiieuu to my wi nu use, i s pru
should read it t uruiiswicK, oy oraers iroru iniere&i nna never cheat mo oul of my prop
J".i"ll I yf nf tlln tl To nf n nlmaiNinri nf Ii
whs - 1. - J " .V . . . I , , iV . t w itu I1M UI llj lit V s3 V lit II VII I IIU
free, and easy I Codfish and potatoes I 1,1011 un pleased I Oh Lord, enable the bank Oaptain directed tho cook, Uorman, to do it, town of St. Chnmand, in Cantnl; who was
iu uuawer an meir Uilis ana make an mv oui uorman strenuously reiusea: Deintr how- sunnnsei m hnve d ..d thn nv ..efhr.. il.
,i..t.. i . i .i j ..i .. . i -r.i - ' "
ut-uiuro gooa men. Uivo u prosperous voy- ever inreatenea wun aeatn it ho continued nssistanls fancied that the body was still
- oDsunaic, no ai lasi consented. O'Brien warm, and oven that it moved. It was. iii
. i . i . . i . 1 i i . .... .i. . .. . ..
I iii.ui,h . mum ..a inuu imat " - j..w.v., mu UIIUI senium II1U I 1UUI. il&LCriUIUCU UIUI IUU 1
ncrstrtictiire? Are a mnn vvl" Uorrow money of his best friend, 'MU mm me days ol me wicked aro bul crew, ii any oi mem ever reached home, to extinct; nnd tho room was about to bo
s our taUiinf? our ta P0 tho rnsca' that put him in jail and hort, I trust in thee thoi; will not forget toll his poor mother what had happened to cleared, when tho sister and servant of tho
iL,..l. i.,rr then let his friend whistlo for tho money, or thy promise, as I Imvo purchased nn estate him, bared his right arm. The cook cut doctor were both struck dead by lihtninti
l Our Scrutiny COn- ,i , .., , ," .r in n.i...r:., ...l.ri. ....'ii : it, dio nnm. iii..t. ..... u ...i.;.. !: I 1 .. o",,,,bi
nun, nr." iii, vuiuu win uu.unuu uu ' 1 1 . hv,um viiu u oiuuii unite, out comu i wiiicu iiijureu ooverni oiuer persons present,
aws. when we should exert our enemies in . o,,uu,"JLE'."0U. 'enu you any more, ior- jhuuiuiu yuuug uiu, 0., ....fa ..u u uiuuuj mu uoy ntmscii m- uuu oet uiu io ine upper part ol tho house.
nrenarinir even citizen for tho duties which ,no samo PHoe. . .77" xveeP "7 lrientis trom sinking, lemptea to open no vein at the bend ol tno The names were soon extinguished. Tho
await him I There should
lerty.niglit or day."
no cook ho failed in bring- shock also destroyed the feeble hopethnt had
rnnltitn I li on in irlM'l'lllv I linnn niilapln in n.l f ' l . . .
.,.., - "'" viHwmuiiitu ui ii-stunug me pu'sicinn s
er to put him out of pain J wife-, and on the following day three corpses
ID tho throat. At this U were carried to thn enmetnrir inmaA nf
I W ...W.VUV. M. VII.)
by bleedinir him
Brien.for the first time looked terrified, and
Galignanps (Parts) Xisicnpr,

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