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NO.. 1.
I'nblUhed every Friday Morning,
... .,.min1i , W. I.. RYTI1ER.
nY C.'V-'""""" .
v., 2 Hall'. Building, nearly opposite Cliaeo'. jfon, salt, &c. and having on board, in pas
i, II....- I . J ia . ,nn I - l..
omgo iiu. scngcrs nnu crew, I rj or ixu sums, vjii
m. an larmier, uvu jiiiiiiii a tvui , i. mn.nM r .1.. ., r Atmnt M.1 mitu
niic rcccnu u.m .-i- - , ,n lal 44 w jon. 48 ou, a scene occur-
A di.cm.nt from tnc.o pr.ee. . .wcn.y . ... . ff . f
Perilous Encounter with nn Iceberg near
tho Hanks of Newfoundland.
On the 30th June last tho ship Byron leu
Liverpool for Now York, heavily laden with
merciful Providence: while, iho multitude
cried out unhesitatingly, "It is the Lord who
i .i . .. ir. .... .i i. . i.
nntn savcu us ; maims unu pruiscs to ins no
ly name." Then every countenance wns
lighted un with iov : every lieart was full of
gratitude to Uod and lavu 10 one anotner,
tho box which enclosed his head was shat
lereu in a dozen pieces,
Reasons for their sacrificing themselves al
many purposes were formed of rcformn- hardened pla
in future. The next day we saw three gird about hi!
Air bnoaks was unhurt: nnu. so soon ns he th nfsh: .....,.,. ,7.
couiu recover his scattered senses, ho half Mnttv mmntn uAn.in. H.i... n
. - . 1 "Mill 1'VVI'IV "WllUVI IIV lliO
ro$o from the pavement. His face was soon so rcadiy sublIlil t0 tho Smjcc Tho rpn jL.r
iincovercH, but n largo portion of the stone wi ccasc ln wonder, if ever he wondered
ster stuck to his hair, or dan
why so many Hindoo women make a ro-
crtuwill riw "- y "'""'" r; ry. It was thc watch of the first mate, o
.Nl7lTa. S nan of great fidelity but being indisposed
Irl .dKeept J. 0,0 option of,., fc W j . 'jl.i"
. 1 1 i. . :,i i a ii it i ut !' i ft: ti i 11 viiv unu 1.1111111 iiiiuca ocl uii-
s ears. 4 ho unfortunate- wight miary. sncrilico of themselves at tho fune
Vo passed near to one urewn long breath, which afforded htm in- ml nil., nftlinir hn.nnnrl. Rpid
We gazed with tho deepest inter- expressible relief; and while his pallid looks u iuid ln0 fulure relcarii, lvIiich are held out hot-crop, .r serow nuger.
.. u 1111:1 3 t'i
-ill notrccrhcaltcnlion.
, ill Lin,!. ufJUH I'll in 1 111" licaiiv
. nnllfC
mill 011 inoderiite lcrm.
tv nmontr tho passengers, had just given
place to sleep. Ana now all was still, save
the tread of the watch on deck, or tho occa
sional toll of tho bell to warn fishing craft, if
near, of our approach : but wis had more
need to be wnrncd ourselves than to give
warninir to others ,of approaching danger.-
AbOnt 2 o'clock A. ft, a hurried stepnwowe
of ice," said he: "Will you inform tho cap
tain and mate?
. ni inn rrrt-iii iiif'ii in Liiia nu iu
..tmctiiiiLi: ui
I . - mnl llf lilt- Iliiy..11IJL: LHimUMll
..hniPii'i 1111 ci w
' t j . 1 ,:.,rr T lhni who linliytfn
t "those wno iniuK mu&i buu "y
... .!l..l!nn lit llilo It Pit
" i wri is nu aiiuuuuu in ima in
re enviable than tnai 01 mo piaiu mcri
ti .tu fmn fnr wcrv thinir for
!.l. ..inrnn niSl TIU'll Illllli llllUUliililum,M ... - . t l
II 1 1 111 l " O f . . I .1.. It I... wnn liAVII'ri I rt inAI. MIIT
1,;. nmn .ins. and lell to uie guiuuutv un :, , . .1
1 U . ... orrl ill tll.l full
0" b1-' ' ' . ..1 I
r o .nnn Knmnisr. Willi nis own
..j. ihn mrans. bv which he supports
una. t" . '. . 1 1.
11 1 I 1 1 lite r ni 1
r nnoil all wnu anuii aum . t,--
' I . . I . . I. . ..
eniovtlie iruiis 01 ma i'.k., - --v
.ci mnv 1 ease 111111 1
MVtl ---- J .
..A inrl ii Klinnlil hfi reineinbered
,mv mechanic, that the road to preler
. ilirrniiv is onen to everv
tinn in In! 11 n 'I lit next uav
mountains of ice. Wo passed near to one drew a long breath, which aflbrded him in
of them. We prized with tho dcenest inter- expressible relief: nnd while his tin 1 1 i il look;
est 011 the fellow of that which had so great- and glaring eyes told n melancholy talc of
ly endangered our lives. Before thc close bodily exhaustion and mental agony, he
of tho second day a bowsprit was fitted up, solemnly declared that he would not allow
which stood thc trial of winds and wnves another cast to be tnken nf his hum), even if
tho remainder of tho voyage. In nil tins the late.of thc science of Phrenology depen- i, rmir,i ,j5,u.i,y -..Ui,i,,i ..,.,i
oiisincss inc omcers nnu crew snovjcti grcai oeu upon 11, nnu no lias hi horto Kept nis disgraceful, that tho hindoo wife, on the de
sum anu energy. r wuru.-,, mer. journal. mise of Illr husband, chooses death, rather
- I i - lit ! t.i
r 1 1 (ii 11 11 bu uiiauiuuit' u iiiu.
alAW ,V,1M ,1,a ut"lu 'PkA UAU Novel nnd Atroclou. Character. Widowhood is regarded as the createst
A singular occurrence took place in n Durinrrllionwrul movnlcncnnVthu nlnrrtie nossiblo cnlamitv that enn nossiblv befall n
town in n neighboring state, not long since, jn tho north-east of Spain, in tho autumn of woman. The widow is stripped of her or-
From the Snirit of Seventu-Six.
It is the wish of the writer of this commu
nication to draw the uttchtion of Physicians
to the use of tho Steam-bath, in tho euro of
some of the most painful and distressinrr
.1: .1... mr. ' j. 1 ii.
uimul'o nun tiiuiLi iiuuiKinu , such as oiuous
cholic, spasms, cramps, &c. This modn
has no connexion with tho Thompsonian
Besides the ner- Pcticc or with lobelia, Cayenne pepper,
lo them, as motives derived from their relig
ion, there are inducements of another kind,
which prouably net on their minds still
more powerfully. Hcligion and custom
I tt.li I Ii tt no nlti.twlul ttf tt V tniicnniliniKiia rift MA I t fin r !.... ? I I . I
o writer or tuts sketch: una the rapid wnu- -: j " - 10,,, u luiciguur, no ua- .uuuuoiy diu miucnu, wim iiitu iH ncui hy iiuiuiuij, 0 kecn . . . sleam t..0 h nn
r . . -i . . . 1. n 1 iiiul un ntiuui utiiuiu iu'iiiu iiiuiiiuuui 11 nv 1 rn nn n .r 1 1 n: a 1 11 r l- nn jirmnninn 11 nn n 1 nnu imr niuri innvpii inn irnm 111 n nnr inrii . . . . . .
pering 01 some creaieu ine suspiciuii u m "u . . . ,-,,-- Ha.triK!ttM r" rolled np to ba placed between th
was not right. Springing Irotn his berth. " " V """ " "u.. Z r nr rB,,c?.q . ' , " . vOWu,u ,,.. 0.....u , .u r. ur .......... u.i nt lhe foot 0CIU bed to form n pi
he asked one of tho men near tho cabin-door, ' " "7: ""La' 'a , " , r . . 1 ,nl 01 " IC"anl' w",c .c?Pn,c,,l "u""y "'w ctl8le- or steam to pass to the patient. The
what was the matter. "We are in the midst ,u .um.vi ui..., . nc nnu ninassett u large propcrtj', visuea tne worsmp. one is exciuueu iroin nn ceremo-
The captain was instantly
or ward to look out. In n
moment tho vessel, going at thc rate of five
Mr. Siwokt. It seems that Mr Snooks un- jovoted city of Barcelona. A letter from nics of joy ; especially that of marriage,
loriunatciy wns me possessor 01 n ucuu ui (ijenee gives the following account or this where her appearance would be considered
unusual uimcnsions nnu peculiar bhiiiic, singular and atrocious character : an evil omen.
1 11 1 .1.1 . . .7 1
wnicn aiiracieu inc nucmiouai nn uiuiviuu- rh; mnn
I'k:- , t- l.: nnn I 1 m nrnhihitinn nf n snrnnrl tnnrrinrrp In.
iu 1 a 1 . . 1 .1 .11 x ilia muiif tviiu, iiuiii jun iuiiu uimc i . : : ' 7 .
. ' w . v ... .. i n i iunn iimi rwirninn itiitrnsiiii in inn mihiv i . . . i...im..bi mini v. i r ... . .1 ...
..nni. cir.inb nQ if nrtninst n snl iil me If. i - - i hrnril. mirlit have bccnlaUeti lor n nam-1 ninuim WIIU Ul UHIUDW
e . " .., . . , , Inf Plirnnnlnpv. This Invnr of remarkable I , .. i .L Infioi- id.. .Unit, nf V,.,-.,i..i, .,,1.1,...!..
n . 1 - . - - - 1 n it ham lutitn nn i i ' i . ii'iinii.u ni fill iri....w. ...i. . u . i . y . uiuituuii iiiiu ,111 v. k.
UVVI. .... ...... vw w. .w , , , ,
was on is and or ice it 1 ted its neau a- , - , . , c ,1 lj arcn, uau occn
hove the water more than one hundred feet; deyelopements gazed at Mr. Snook s head , 8 l0l had
and leaned over, as if ready to fall down up' ' admiration: he longed to touch it. to J,. .h .
on us. The word was given to put up helm have it beneath his hands, nnd in nn evil fc
and back tho sails. As tho sailors were has
tiMiino- to obov the latter order as the tern
hed nasseniiers were rushing on uecK ami
looking up at tho immense, overhanging,
freezing mass, tho ship struck again with
increiiBPcl force. O what a shock I Crash 1
Crash I il seemed as if the masts were fall-
inr one after another on the deck. The SC'
tnxmZTS d maie enierd ;i.im, inui chipping
rye lliein, is fidelity and '8m-"u'J violl.nuy hiB hands together exclaimed, "My
tb.ronstMution.and intelligence enough inwt,ro f,
noiony. 1 nis iocr 01 rcmarKuoiu . 1 .
- j 1 . . . . 1 s . t iiii .1 1
desolated, of late years, thc U'suuion in wnicn sue is neiu uy me people.
As unnii ns lie Imd heard Ps. o doubt the true cause why widowhood
limt rir.-ttn mil in nntr nt I IS rccarded as worse than death. Hence
hour poor Mr. Snooks consented to bo man- K irnncdia,t.y hastened to it. He used to burning of widows, and the burying
ipul.ited by the devoted follower ol Gall and I .,, . .1 ..v,rr,iin!,r ;,... them alive with tho deceased husband.
Stnirzheim. Mr. Snooks bend was found ... ..... ..., r 1 : .,.i,,: Tho followini? remarks from tho Abbe Du
to bo n remarkable one so much so that hs ds Qt n jwor rjlelhan u,ua j 8Ucn hois, than whom no one has ever enjoyed
desolated countries; but still it seemed inex- oc"" oppominities 01 oecommg ncpuainieu
plicable how a lust of gold could so far o- with the domestic habits or the Hindoos, ex
, ii,n In..,, nf lif., mwllintv ih, nlil hibit tins subject in Us true light. Never do
man. who wns already so rich, should con- we feel more forcibly than when contem
the interest of the science required a cast to
be taken, and fsnooks, who was not aware
ofthe exact nature of thc operation, at length
yielded a reluctant consent to the soucita-
Tho writer was in thc habit of using it, be
fore he ever heard of tho famous (infamous)
JJr. 1 hompson. His method ol preparing
and using the steam-bath is simple. A
quantity of herbs is collected sufficient to fill
n kettle holding a pail-full, taking enre to
select such herbs ns throw ott the most ettew
tial oil, such ns Tansy, Pennyroyal, &c. &c.
The kettle is filled with water and hung o-
ver tho lire to boil ; and a few small stones
are, at the same time, thrown into the fire, to
have ready for using in the kettle afterwords,
kets nro
e sheeis
ace for tho
kettle is
placed on a block or something sufficient (o
raise the edge even with the bedstead. Tho
bed-clothing is made smooth, and thc end of
thc under sheet is brought down behind tho
Kettle so as to prevent the steam from passing
over tho top of the kettle. The steam is in
this manner thrown into thc bed around tho
patient, who must bo carefully attended to.
If the steam is too hot it is easily checked,
and if 100 cold, raise it, by means ofthe hot
stones. The patient will soon feel cased of
his severe pain, his. vomiting (which is gen
erally attendant to the Inst) will cease ho
will now be able t6 swallow and retain li
quids. He must bo supported by frequent
draughts of Gin-sling, than which there is,
in such case, nothing better, although it has
a bad name, 1 he patient may remain in
.... , . ... ! !.-l.l.
An nwlul death appeared now incviiaoiu.
In ihts moment or ceneral lianic, 1110 com-
mnndinrr officer cave orders to 'clear awoy
the boat.' Then, while the knile wns being
applied to thc cordage fastening her along
side the ship, a rusn was n
men and women. That sma
rmttu ft 1 1 nit nr nm nitrnririr m 1111 inn 1 - t 1 1 nnninrv timn ntriiihiiinne 11 inn nirti tnni .. .
mm ii , . . .7, 1 ' : tmualiy exposo nimsell to almost incutaoie i" '""ij " T J 1 this situation (or an hour or two, or three, ac-
I he Phrenologist himself had never been in- dealh Qt;Mtions pul l0 tllis trVcller, were following, that nothing but tho gospel can cordi l0 ,lis strcngth, Bnd the obstinacy of
structed 111 the rather difficult process of ta- MVCf Bn,wered ccnr When he arrived raise the degraded females of India, nnd as- lhe disbeasei nftor w,fich ,ho keU,u and bfan,
king casts; nevertheless, he conceived him- ftt mh n thralro or doalh, hu tvrapped him sign to woman her appropriate place among Kcts may be remored-lho wet clothes pres-
self eqiinl to the task on this occasion, nav . ,f rrnin ,lpnll ,n fnnl lnrr,.j 1:..,.., ...,... intelligent and happy beings. Let thc rea- c,, ,. nj thn nnl;..n, on no ,n ..vri.i ,h
ntr nil men uuit
fln.iv much. then, it behooves thc Amen
1 1 . f uinrlriir flm
n iiiet iitun iu iiit4i . ww,.
(thp tnnnr inn niuii u tun tuinui. n w
1 . r - 4 ..iitn tr runtiiir htm.
nits 11 ti juin, 1 ivuii wi"m -rs
I Ulfll mm vniwii. ..... " 1 1 U tn m h rh l.ninrr till I. I . . : . . . 1
J I mnmnn tlllnfl Willi I II I TI V fir U IV lit I DUIIO. I.... . . . T . 1 wU VIII IHUUlll vuww iu 1 ... . . . .
: T7T r.r.rr, V. lt, mnrv.-l ons iha she did not Cl ut,orc -,P,a5,ur ue ""fu.ou.'u cul nblo utensils, and tore the jewels from the V" 3,1 WJ8",,"BU, . "" case. Out of a great number of cases. I will
'I'll w l A it I . n 1 1 H M ' tuv l.llt 1 . I v . . . 1 .,,,.,,..1 niAni . nl lima 11 mirrnt ! rm I . , . ' 1 t. !iviui ic nn nnnir iirnn I nn n Qfin rinrnc l
. l.rnn Ir 1 mi'M rifiT inllnll II ir rvri V Bllu 1 III IU itiu 1 .. uuuu ui tuv mvm. i,aw. w ....... . . , . a(k 1 vw w w. Hv.v .
'fT!. I? u"; ,iC ". deen Ilad this taken place, our command- ""engage. . said ,0 havo haslenedtho effects oftho pesti- wuh marKs 01 , me pro oun .e 8 called, in haste, to. visit u sick man, (who
1 : t. -. . i,.. .l,, .n inrr ol irer must have snarcauie same iuiu, .77 -' . "1 . mm iu K..v.. r,. t....i...i ...i.- l 1 - .. ...j .w..u..
X Ll I! II U Ull 13 IUU QL1UII. IIIV UIIIVI vw a . . . " I I .I'll 1 1 II IIIIII.II'tT .11111 I rJUUlUU 11 1 k II IV. I.I . 7 .7 . . . 1 . ...... 1 1. Im inln,. U 1IUI U'.UU IIU.lHIIIIIi I . II lull IIIIU klllUIUbVU 1... .. .. ... n I I J l" .knnl J 1 1 n. J I. .....
i. . ' . . . . i r. r-nm i .(.im in rrnin nniisp.ssiaii ill nui i . . . ... i iiiu vnuuia ,,iujw v,.. UUU .....w ...... , ...... . , .. i ui i..,.4ww. . vi.. Uw w. , .
. ." . l r. .;H...i r .m itrnll' nP ll .1Vn lllfl UllSflU I . .. ...1 1 UIJIIU Illlll III HV, lll.HU.nii; .. .m - I . . . . .. i 1 VJI 11 U V. .... Him
tnce tne srreatesi iriuiiinns ui uiamram . . . . , 1 sniimiitnu n s cranium to lue uispusui ui inci i . i i.t I. ...... ,i,;i, m. .till I iiiiu nisi in nvr urins, iiuiii iiiu iciiuiuiia, uu i i ii u,,.,, u,n a
.. . .i i i.: ... hi., rrnivii ih.it nau poi into ner iruiu ucaiiuu- .. .,, viimnu iu.. - :-i . n. .. r...L. :
...nr..: ,t.. r .1.:. :.., .in, f v. . . . ' . rr ..
ing frequently received veioai nsirucuon urtfd hi, ,mnds wUh black leather gloves,
from those who had conducted that opera- , f , , , t, u lard.
lion. He was. told to mix the plaster to the (J -nsl infccon nnd provided with n
rnnsitinpv nf erenm. and then to annlv It I ... ...l- i. 1...1 ; I 1. .1 .1
nm" ner nionr- . . j . , , isuck. which uau an .run iiouk 01 nm i-uu,
made to her by with an unsparing hand to the head and lace, ho ,hc . fccto ,0MM hero be
.. . J I I....11... niiifinu lvirv in fliff..r,.nl rli.l ... , 1 '
mil boat was in it " V"-" "! .vt, - possesscil himscll ol whaicvcr lie lonnu, sci
1 recnons across inccruniiiiu, which uuiiii; iiui-1 .
. I . . T
der listen to the wild and savage lamenta
tions of a Hindoo woman at the death of her
husband, and then tell me il there be no
need of remedy.
"When the husband dies first, just before
his parting breath, tho wife flies to her toilet
and for the last time in her life adotns her-
patient :
cold ; and if cold weather, additional blan
kets should be used. In an hour or two
the patient will nsk to be helped up, when
thc discharge from his bowels will be copi
ous and Ircc. 1 have been in the hubit ol
using the steam bath more than forty years,
and never failed of making a cure, in asinglo
n 1.1 !, tnrprl t he boat 011(1 SlOOU in iter 1111 iibuiu.u , , ...1 j ..;:.. ,i..lUJ r r'V. . . . . 7 .
lma. iiuiv auuu uuuiu ,uu ih.ii.ii , 1 1 mo ninaier was 1 ni..u u, otuniii u .I1.J ... hi .l.ill lnnll iviih irnnminm imiiuiiiutmn ui im
eld in the vain contest, but for the aid of out every one at llio point 0. mo ru. i.-eiuliusiostie follower of Gull laid it "V,.r ,n vZ.A llh. n,lm!.l cnef. attempt to take
c former? His enemies, however, thotich Then was a scene ol terror I in irpni 01 me . f CQV. a ' - f"'C J.. r body. She will not y
lie,Uru not in union, for whensoever he cabin the W faliHL portion .being applied to the waited for tho signal for hing but force and a
..Mnn h!. '.i.i iVlif. l. n.m....l nn. cv some clapping their hands, nnu liter- ..r,.,li.im.slv ns ,M-a" Ulrnint. so ns to nr
1 , i 1 .... , 1 .11. 1 1 n rr , i. n mnci .1 linn 1 1 1 ii f r siirii-'ha. i.u,.ii.(u i .. . ...i ., .1 i i i in. nnti's n mi' iii&irrK in nu luiu a u:- i .. ,i... . ij..
ieng n oi uays, out me aeeus accompiisu- '"s -i-r- o r- possible. I he nose, ine eyes, mo ears, unu ... - - , . . i i i uu l" tuipav. um,
in U3 cours,.. we are the natriarchs the distinctly couiu ue i.euru, a v.u...u , . , - covcr(i wilh n came gino nuings ior u n u rcun. unu powercdi sl,c ,usl be
rst demonstration of
I had gotten from tho mes-
... . .... . . . . I Ii ...n onniirrli to nene I . . ' . . , I I...I n I r. nnnnnH nn ln hnrrwl Irnio. n 1 . 1 1 . :r i. 1 Al
. . . . I . . I unno Snini mora col eel-1 r- J . .... ., I .nn.t n. . fmi, nflit uluin Im u-ns ilHeelPd I r" ... .:i.: 1 1 ..:!, 1.. J. '
lan uitu a boy. 1'itching n tent, raising " " ' ..:: , intr ten or fifteen pounds. The iveatner oc- - ?" v.. " .7 ; ".Y" 01 reason, smuing ner ouuU, wuivimjr, .- not having been nblo to ailord him any
1. i I . I I I 1 .H ..i.ri. flr.lfi.lllfT Illl.int'IVL'S lllCl.ill 111 IU I . - . I .. f . I I u.. i in 11,1 VtTV 11 11 III XIU lllll II T 11 IlilllUIlL l IU T... .n .... k. . in mnri il a nlll iril'llll, e.L.l.. ..." . i . .,
a tar o loose stones, neru nc sneen. unu ', "' .b . ,..nrm. i . nnn icaiioii 01 com ninsier ui - mc vu ii m nii!i s""'b tr h.n nrnnnuncM ie cnsn incutau o.
boring with the handplough; these were resist tho cold, 11 . pcrcnance mv -" fi nr0liuCtd a Vensatiou rather ngreeable was quno oe. nous. xih.imhb.hw-- ora other proofs otthe sincerity o her sor- ,md leful, c nali(.llt t0 die, ln less than eig
e badges or slavery to Time; and through vivc on the wrecK. u ners wt , ,hanotbt.rwisu. But such wns tho nature young rrencn m , """''''u row. She is compelled to act in this man- h the patient was so well as to tn
e Ion- veais spent in his vassallage. space something to which they could lash lu.ni- ma,cria that it soon became heated. ?- Bnicelona. on account of Ins ntgr l ner, WCre it only in dissimulation, and to n0Uriai,menV in lt.ss ,han twelve hours
i ' . '1 I I rn D.mnnrt (if It llTll) n IIIO WIlllT. I .. . . i I . .1 I I 1 1 lift 1 1 til I Ifl.-II 1113 Wilt" ItllU UVU BUI13. UNU I . n l i-i n in onnlnrmilir I - . , .
the human family into a corner of his Here you might sec one with a J' Jc with, or immersed in. a dark, noisomis, and wns himself struggling copious discharge from his bowels, whic
1 8 n rend nnims irivintr n n i in tiniiiniii i oiuiiu - i - . . onf nrntinrr n tnnsn neru. i u nuu iu iiiu un i i r- i - . mivui ihuuiuiii, i iw iiuri tint nnd rnri. nnrinrr nis nine
hese were th AiCvr nfSnturn. whn ntu his with air; tnero nnouicr, paiu unu uB.T( , - . . . slunlio he found no lillle ?a youns !". y u.., "Alter exlubiling wese lirsi eviuenecs 01 nnH .iSrnriK ilndnred himself a sound a
!IJ i-. . . . . II iTc llinri nnv linnU ( A U UILTL-I - - , . , . I IlimSPlI lO HIS I.imilV. MO Was UUrUUri'ULIA.nn:. ivnio im niw neenminrr n mnro - .i is. r
i in rpn ki tun r.i ivmnia m tim ii i uui i ajih-.w..j - i.ii,iittt m iirnfii 111 n rr nv i ii i in buiiits in i i----- j- - uirsiiaii . oiiu LL.ts iiit "iiui tw m n w. w . mni, i nw in n n ic vpi nni-p mr n
" w - 1 . r e..!!.,!. i ncnflir I Ml .-.- p. a , . . , -r Im nnnlrfmnn I 'mil I i - " I. .t I .l.l ....... J ' - -
nil: man rose un anainst his ivrants another one stanuing . ... r". ,nannoemcnt iu ntroducing tho quills into " l"""f vV..j . - composed appearance, approacnes me oouy . ...I0.v T, is no extraordinary cu
ime and Smce. He tamed the horse, built saying. 'It is no use to do any tiling, uo - . .V,o was near ns menu in nnninoimng ofhor husband. Addressing it in a style , h0 htxd B jrrcat number of a simi
.' . . .. . . .. . ,i;..i , a ... ... cinL iiirr iini.ir i criL'.l u I .... i ... rnnm iipnrinrr inn unor oncneo. nu iiusi-1 .1 1 l ,u ;.;. nr .... oll..nt!ni : . . . . ..
fiiK. rm t. i ini'ii nm m oil nmi n I lint luuak-uiu. - - o' . ., i i'hii siin! mil irom nu coiniHunii-iiuuii . o :., . . 11111111.1 utiunu ..it ..... u. i.inrt ni pnrps iinrintr mv nraencu.
.' . . . . '. . . 1 1 a l,:i,l rnnninir In n brave sail- .. . . 1. 1 1 . .1... I unK hnrk in thn nnttent : sees the VI mill SlaU li... . I. uWI,., k..i ilmn lurcnbun mnt Vt m.. .
... . .. 1 1 ,irr.n't ..ni, nvi m i f ivnu liii; iuuu 1 . . . . :. 1. 1.:.... r 1 ma irmtin in 1110 11c1.11. ruauua uu 111111. avivc 1 im... ....ii hnmi 1 1 nnn hni hnn unci i,.it 1 -. . . .
, iu nam o line, tie u scovereu .. -. . .,. 11 nc ill 11 muuu " tuiiiinouu " . . , ,. , , 1 ., - . Y . , 1 irinHsor, jiuu. 1, .uuv.
mechanical powers, and overcame the wailing and lamentation .from the. 00 sMlma of poor Mr. Snooks were him and throws him .0 itha ground after a m0 al ,his nl lnely age? Had 1 not al-
Utsnce of matter; he traced out the prin- higher and higher. 1 hen. as if to close the . j, cornf()rtL.d ,lineIr how- hnrd struggle, iu which the old wretch wnys for ,hcc the fondness of a faithM wife? Poverly U n0 disgrace Not many days
pies of philosonhv. and laid the realms of painful scene, the ship struck again on her . flcclion that they would be showed much more strength than could Wn3 not altcr,tive to household affairs? since, we rambled a short distance from tho
. ; .... 'pi,,, cimi-u ipvi.riii.raieo iiku iii.in- . .' . .. ... 1.:. r..i: ... u.. 1 nnvt? neen exnecieu. -air. cneu iihj wiciuh, i m. nh Mmn mhnm 1 hnrn hrnnrrriti . ik ..1. ...iiLn m.mri .n
-v uiiuci 11 lumc, j5 111a tiuwura inuii'ua- ... . .1 1 ..., 1 ui onui i uuiuiiuu. " .D- -j 1 ,. , . , . 1 .,..,i.. .,,, 1 1 -'J. ... .' ... . 1 - . -
his years declined, and Time was again der, making every jo.ni 01 u.e -; in somo d,grui! imagined, they cannot bu de- "numg n. .sen u. Ulc wiint will become ot tnem, nnu vvi.o t0VVlli bolh for exercise and to breathe a pu-
master: but his energies are refreshed. s coming npan. iiopo nun.... .; '-". scribed, when ,e earned that tho ignorant win nu. k i ...... . , will protect mem now inou nri ueau. rer air ,nlin can be tound ammst a dense
bsTilan'!. awake in H s strength: he has nil hearts were dismayed ; the despamng crv Lt had suffered tho plaster to remain on done?" "But ho was so .11 "And hoac nol neatly serve up thy r.cc? Did not I population. We saw by the wayside, a-
.J. . T . ? J . - niwl I if most calm brncetl V. . . i 1 r I ....I - . : I hinira whlCll VOU had a reaUV StO CIl ! "1 in nrrtvlAn thnn rrnnil pntmrr? f:.A l: n.tK, nL.d c v nr nnhr
i m i. .. cn nnrr niiuirn iih murium ni ui' ' a- . tf iiiuiuiu nivoii iu inviuv w -n-iiiiiiit iiri-iiiii. ritiiiEiiuiiii mJuukiA wiviki
n fli'trirr miin
im uiihk auuu
her nway irom tr.ui..' r . ei.nr, i, :.,,,, nri,;a n nnd T !
leld, however, to any ,,-, : n,,,.,;,,., ,i. (.,nm.l.nili Pmm
ppears to make violent thc fnm;y x t.orned iml the patient had
lerSClf from tllCir TO- . r-o - m ,! in nrnnl nnin nnd ni?.
ipitate herself again up- , ' lrom fievere ntlack of tLc biH0US chol-
finding hersel over- oHended. also, with severe spasms, and
contented with roll- nimn., .nR,nn. vnm:,;n(T t-j hnd l.en
.....WW. .w..v w .....0.
urcatiicu u into mo nostrils 01 a ...w.. , . , . . .n nn ,..
. . .. ... .. f.; .i.-. .i... ...i.t i lmiaht every body was dead : trivc mo my uri,, ,i;,i 1 1 ,,niiniw.7 And ivhn hence- ij ..rrnr,.ri in Tsbinrr i.nrKnr.
...flu ,, l.l 1, 11 111., KirillirX I I1UI I HIT MUblOa bllU U I- O . rf w .. - I , , IIU, um A h-H'M 1 1 i " , Villi IS U Ui UUwIlY M.JKMUm .m w.ni.l. v.. un.
.IUV I. n ll - 3" I I ,.i" . I .-11 I. . II llV.ii I . . ... . a n r , .L .1. J ' - - ,
i. oni..d i..in Hti;.e.tl Mr. Snooks at- "I": i win mane yui. a nu . ........ . fort h wil take care ol me aucn pameiic r His clothes were neat nnd clean, but
:onld not articu- uaru iu unci ..iu jum iwuu-n.u...v b,v , appeals ns these sue utters in n
m?' ow the giant fiend works, hark aecK m s. enev tuinpleU ,? Speal; but he couiu no i a nicu- ; r,"r-. -77 f " v wm. - - ' " r" Palcnc(i S
.r ,avt' Ul. . , ,i. Jn ,n,; il,., iih.hoom was broken nnd " y ...... . ... .1 :.,. f edies ntrninst the planuo: I will give you as ...... ,u rnnn m lur rrriof. which then ,nn..n, n n,nmnt m lnnl- nt nnd nd-
n. and ho will overcome space Days thrown over the bows into the vessel. I he rf . , dislnncu many sequins as you can carry ! "And brcn,.3 forth in violent screams, and with m-ire ,llQ apparent contentment nnd industry
. . .. OVLr.ComcSnnC!-1r-:L...nnd .hrn-k carried nway the bowsprit, ,ll0."",nutr , , . were you to offer mo two arrabos ?" "You ...,. of blasnhem es nirainst tho cods, nf ,hn li.tln 'fellow, and whi e so stODninrr. a
, r 7" v J'ia. unu .iiiiu n.Hiuuu hi , .1... ,;.l...r n. rlo then rcsorieu 10 lresmne, unu iimuu 1 .ii i....... , 11 :,i ,i. ,ni.rAr. nmi ro. . 1 j-'.i 1 ft,.. .ti.-L.ic ii.:.. .:.i.ll ...
fnef career, what the longest lived of his head nnu cut-wate . .uug ....... - . fi vvhic,rwoud mve excited " ." " " Vu"- nlJZZ. d , ,n hh w" "" "u " . . " V , n MPe ",UI , n?" ,HT. """"'I " "u"tL
UL'Pnnnro 1 1 1 r n n. nmssi m uu ko. .mv 1 , , r 1 ..!--; 1 1 - 1 1 uu nwiuwn .ihIw..v.....0, uu luuv. ti in w t -
q-.;. w, uuuiuctuu iuu iuw yv 1 iu u v I . 1.. 1. . 1. 1 ... 1 1 ..Hid iiivi. 1 10 aumirauon 01 a r rciicuuuiii, nn huhhk . . iAmn,t..ti:nno hiVh thnv .. t ...Air,:nf
n Kh 1. i c .nn a s nr uu i d uun mv '! r : . . i . r i 1. 1 i. ...... i . . w hiiwih. t r .- rf u j, iiui invw - " " f-
1 i.iuauiu n.liosopi.y u. miiiu" . . , Y . ... .1 .mirU I ,1, in re IC . llUSlllinpeu, 110 kick u.iu unwy ,,,,, mn,lrnfpa seized tllO bOdV 0 tie 1 ,,,.. kmn iniw .1. ... :. rt ...: .1.. i:,,l r..lln.
(i crunv. . . -i i.-i .. niirmnnn ' 11 uv nu iiilii? 1 " ' t . . . i.t 1 . ri 1 . 1 11 1 1 " - r . . tivviaiu iivui hvw....- - 1 iiiu iiiui 11 iiikf 11 si. wi mviui; .T
. is,i,ta 1S, uiU, , suuiiuiiii; .nui. ,i, -..Snr t lunsnir. IIS arms UUOlll llltu " iiiiniiiu. u.iv m. . 1 ,. . rni tp. and had It llinST nt lhe 3I, .,iin. in nnnilrnn 1 n ior bus- .1... V, I,., nf mn
u snnr. hn.. .. i. i;r.. . m wns iiniiiiuiv.il. ..vv. ..... . . r ..... in..i i n " ' . .... r .1 - 1 ... uuiuiik w ... ...... . , ---
.. . ' 'lI'Kini-n 1111. I 'I . 1 - .,..... r llm oliin must hnvi- nO DUrpOSe. il aeeil.a ilO I. m ' . Irnrnnr nf Tiflfromin Street. TIlCV OISO SCnt 1.n.l : innnnnr I ior ivpnr ed UnffS .. ln,l..,. f.i.l n nnnr,.r nonrl nh.
pvann ,1. .: . . 11 1 . .1 ri nuiri ntt'ni' u ft Kin i ui vii ... , , . 1.11 r i:r. iwwt...-. w. . . ... i uuiiu mmm m.. - - - 0 wiiii iiuui Liuiiiut wmv v "
. . " mv- ii . I 1-1 1 , r :r.rnt lur I llrt rit'ON I UUUIU IU Vtl mvmi I ntHtnra In I nil linilRfl in WHIC II I1U I1UU II VL'U. I In.ntj. nllnnl hnr I 111) mpnnft ni milt 1 4...l ..,.lli Ul on i. Ui. tflinf
u.i truriu, ;o uu, iur yuuu ui o- f , , M . ;mmi,( ., t8 ,aea UUSIICU oninommu ui mi. ouuum, . n,,lrpf n thuv found there 10 D6 SO (I. 1.: U,An;,i!nn0 miMn nrl .Wftx inns, j Jnin.,c iint.n,,! nn
iiii iii 11 minimiin ni .u iniiii uni nniiii i iiil'iiii: uuihihh i ! ... . .i....n. in hnni. iincnrnnrri . . - i o . . i "
., "-.m-iihiiih; ui VWIO tUUIH liui iiu.v -a , 7. . . a I !,!.. m il.n ninct jw. htlt 11 WnS lOO UrUUUIUI IU UlUI. uu ..wuh f.,Ln Iinr,(lfi nri , nfliir. I .. .1 I .,11 In clnrn It K I f il 1IT.M. V. l.o.,l.
in ur u: -.i . rr i .3 1 i v 111 irnnr tr.'i vi? inc iuuu iw hiw .."" . .11 . iiwi 1- - - iiiu liuuiiliii,u hui wuvhmi.i - 1 1 1 1 1 j iiilii u v.uuiniiiuiivv mih. uvuvuv
m uuiiuui wiuir am 10 uucci. . ..0 a . nni mnkinL' mti iiosi uncunmv uunua, ri n .. i t r i i:i ir
incr with water,
Sinoulaii Pacit i Natiihai. TTistory. But the sails bci
ie Alleghany Republican relntes that a- up, she turned
,...;.i..i Hu. lnnl .mine if on nu
ulvo months Sinn. Mr. .In in Jones, re- BWincwu tuui, iii.". v
n:.i ' ------- . .. 1 -..-.,1 ,,,,.,,,,,.. 1, pi. thnilfil US SOina iru
. " uiiiivi nun ui 111111 tuiiuiv, un . nv.,.i 'v
oinnr nil... m.:.J ....i ..cinKiu, Lmwr Jo. did no iniury. Iml vistant I
n ad n ninr, 1. ' i:..i.. r. ,l..Sn.i r nnd hone. I he carpenter reported cottl
which were intended fur moans, ho groped
Rats and Baa Constrictor. Many of tho
When vou hear a lady in convcrsa- inhabitants at Para are said to keep boa-
" if . 1 ih Ml 1 . 1 - r.. - IU M..no.k A flit.
m the public at large. t on whoso tones resctnblothoshrieuiiig 01 a snaKCsm ineir uuui .ur.u
mine p.iu.H. ui .u.0. . i,i . Utmv nn- thn rats. In tho waro-houso bo-
his martyr to science reached 1110 ironMuUg,),nlJ-l,Uw.u. .u, ....... -r I r;"-o " Hmi,. lho Amer!can Con-
c,rn I. fr ni.. . the I'hreno offist. on 11 sneis asnrow. ur 11 ner vu euouinma .. -, -
luiw --- - - ----- - -I... ... 1 ..! 1 f - 1
. This created 110 panic X ' i. ,iim..l.v mwrirds the finiTHinoN of a Woman. Her voice
n?rrn. i!! ie r!,Pm n door, being i,,, by an lnstinclive feel- and carriage may servo as an index to the
ui. . . . . . ' . ; . 1. f... ji.i.iimiIiii n.nl nnisislnnru I nnnH
j-.'i.iij, ...a Ulllll, twia IIUI 11 imi u".
'I3ed nt (inrllnir. I..... ...l.t.t. I.n.l fnr vnilin
-- "....iii; u Ubll I . IU I1IUII I...M IV. iii"
iuoi vuiinii.ucu various uepreuununa hi
- "visiiuuriioou, nnu unieu mo sow, uuu
n supposed, entirely destroyed her prog-
nu ITUUIll. IllS riMHmilHIIL'U 1113 OIVU
. uiu stock of his neighbor, and had
Wrlv forrrnlipn dio Inco .ulinn n fmv dnvs
n-n.l.. . .....
ui wa3 ,n company wnn ins oun m
n in.,..- 1 . . .1
."i ui Buurcn 01 a siray cow, uu oun
en,'y came in contact with madam Bruin,
u nm h.i ! ...t..i.. r :i.. r ...i...i.
- .... ,vs. liiya, iuu wuuiu luii.i.y u. mv.
. - - muuihuu us ULT UWH. IVir. J.Jllva m,
Uson were successful in securincr all but
n? of tho Hulo wanderers, despite tho threat-
,u6 auuuaes assumed by their now louno
anM and would have succeeded in captur-
Plhnl .1 . 1 I ... .......
."1 . V 1 "u B1,u 1101 mauo u imtiy iwiitui
. I. .. ..ni Kntlii.mn 1 1 nni lll
Z&'x&zr assr tttqf Krrc
&m wmm mmm msm
The pump was rigged and worked. It was lustily for a ma let or a top maul and a chisel. " "J lBTo( wa saw it. it was partly coiled round a cross-
a moment of painfuUspcnsc, until the pump But Mr. Snooks was too in.pnt ie nt to get whee over Jevcnnt, u are a. WJ f fc whch ,,ad bcen
exils K&Sfe SSlitKi'tf
iiasisss p-swts a&A-jf - L
'PI.. Tli.irnrH n Rrilisll
!. il ctnnil firm.
in 1 dnftf nn tlio decn. and nccttlinrlv grateful
m us. soon appeared. We found ourselves
going on our way, alive und with every rea
innnnln rnnfidenCO of future life.
Wo stood nmnzed at our deliverance.-
nn .,1 .ny,,ln nmnnn us were constrain-
J.HC IWV tiiivi." D -7 - - , . I I
".... .!, ..,.! wnarollinn n tho sea. house; out wi.no groping nis vy u..- r - "r 'VI- :7. ".. n.n,,,j
lliuov m . ...,. I , nn CI mnr in Hnr tnPSS. hO UnWOH lV 01 VOUr OSieOHl UUU l-uilliuvi.vw, " .r.. .. ; . i i.i. .r
Uay light, eycrueiisiH.. "';Tn"7& ."Y P ,7lo a But trivo' me V voice that is clear, full, soft, cruiser, captured another s aver op ine y
,,i - t i , . :,.! ir i,n o fnmn n who nosses- June lie rorincucsu uriK mn"
lumHr.id nnd ftiitv-nirrht slaves on board.
1 1 S 1.' I U I IJCLLU 1 1 1. 1, u III i-1 " i...w ......... . . ' CI
M.y . - .1 , .
""""" i -7. OV'",' ' ...... j.-.L- i ..I,., n.io. Pn.il iririt sprr.ntv.l ireo Slaves,
I'he bhock wns so great inaiivpieu 10 nw ivhvih -..
have no father my mother is poor, with
four smaller children than I am, & not nbjo
to givo mo better clothes. I work in tho fac
tory most of the time, but tho water is low,
ana I have pot work lo day, so I nm pick
ing barberries for my mother to buy me a
now jacket with.," "A tear coursed down
tho check oftho lady, who was not an inat
tentive spectator to the scene. "George, my
son," said she, "is it kind in you thus to ad
dress this poor boy, who is not, as yon are,
blest with an indulgent father to provido
him with food and clothes f ilia Kino
hearted woman had touched a tender chord,
for Georgo whs not destitute of tenderpess
and manly feolings. He burst into tears
and entreated his mother to give tho poor
boy somo of his clothes. Tlio barberries
were immediately purchased ofthe litllo fel
low, for which ho received enough to buy
him a jacket and trojvsers. Nor did tho
kind-hearted mothor of Georgo, confine her
liberality to the boy wjth his barberries.-T-The
poor boy's mother has. since shq red ,lib,
erally of her munificence, which she evjr
receives with the utmost gratitude.
" h in ner mouth
d to attribute our preservation to u uinu unu: hvi vj

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