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Democracy is tlio institution of govern
ment by the many, for the common good.-
its energy is derived from tho will of the
people: its object is the welfare of the pto
pie; its strength is in the affections of tho peo
ple; It is the most powerful element of mod
ern civilization: it is tho greatest disbeli
ever made in political science.
I call it a discovery i and designedly. It
was n discovery und not a creation. Bad
laws may bo tho mere conceptions of tho hu
man mind ; cood luws never can bo; for
good ?aws depend on existing relations,
which the wise lawgiver observes and em
bodies in his codo. Our fathers proclaimed
iho principles of democracy; but did not cre
ate them. They wcro coeval with tho first
conceptions of order in the divine mind ; and
are as pervading and as extensive as moral
existence. Like Christianity, nnd like nil
moral principles, they tiro eternal in their
truth and in their obligation.
Tho principles of democracy, embodied in
tho Declaration of Independence, wcro but
tho manifesto of n system which, in iho di
vino mind, was as old as creation. That
manifesto spread through tho world with
tho rapidity of light; in Europe, in South
America, it was the dawn of n new day; the
Mexican waked from his apathy ; the Span
iard emerged from the. bigotry of the Inqui
sition; Franco prepared to escape from the
coils of absolutism. Tho principles of de
mocracy contained in tho Declaration of In
dependence possess vigor to revive tho de
caying energies of nncient states; to enfran
chise tho world; to renew tho youth of the
I know that the enemies of democracy at
tompt to shield themselves from reproach, by
exciting torror against the apprehended tyr
nnny of tho people. But tyranny in a pop
ular governmontisan impossibility; for to a
popular government tyranny would bo self
destruction. Democracy governs by means
of truth, discovered by means of the activity
of tho public mind, and applied by the delib
erate exercise of tho public will ; but tyran
nv checks discussion: it holds back the
litrht: it intercoms truth. A government of
tho people is a government conducted by tho
mind of tho country, freely enlightened nnd
freely exerted. Tyranny cannot reach the
public mind ; and tyranny in a democracy is
therefore an impossibility.
Such are tho great systems which have
divided tho political world. To tho tory,
law is an expression of absolute will; to tho
whig it is tho protection of privilego; to de
mocracy it is a declaration of right. In tho
tory system, tho executive and sovereign nro
ono: in the whirr svstem. tho executive is.
the sovereign, except whero oxprcssly limit
ed : in tho svstem of democracy, the execu
live ia not the sovereign but tho servant of
the people. Tho tory clings to past abuses;
tho whig idolises present possessions: de
mocracy is the party of progress nnd re
form. Tho tory, blaspheming God, pleads
tho mil of heaven as a sanction lor a gov
ernment of force; the whig, forgotting that
Ood is not tho God of tho dead, appeals to
prescription ; democracy lives in the con
sciences of the living. Tho tory demands
an exclusive established church; tho whig
tolorates dissent on conditions; democracy
enfranchises tho human mind. The lory
idolizes power; the whig worships his in
terests: democracy st rucr tries for canal rights.
Tho tory pleads for absolute monarchy; tho
whig for a wealthy aristocracy ; democracy
for tho power of tho people. I ho tory re
gards liberty as a boon ; tho whij; as o for
tunate privilego; democracy claims freedom
as an inalienable right. The tory loves to
see a slave at tho plough ; tho whig prefers
a tenant or a mortgaged farm; democracy
puts tho plough in the hands of tho owner.
The tory tolerates no elective franchise; thu
whig gives a vote to none but men of prop
erty ; democracy respects humanity, and
struggles for universal education and uni
versal suffrage. Tho tory bids the suffering
poor gather the crumbs that fall from his ta
ble; the whig says, 'Bo yo clothed, bo ye
fed,' but allows no obligation; democracy
holds it a duty to sooth the mourner, and to
redeoin the wretched. The tory looks out
for himself, the whig for his clan ; democra
cy takes thought for tho ninny. The tory
ndhcres to tho party of Moloch; the whig
still worships at the shrino of Mammon ; de
mocracy is practical Christianity.
Thus I have endeavored to trace tho prin
ciples of domocracy, embodied by Jefferson
in the Declaration of Independence, to their
origin in human nature und society. It is
not difficult to establish, that they have from
the first been tho principles of New Eng
land; that they ore interwoven with her ear
liest existence; that they formed the vital el
ement of all her institutions; that they con
stituted the germ of political lifo in "every
New England State.
The principles o( democracy were brought
to our shores by the breezes that wafted the
May Flower across tho Atlantic. The pil
grims did not come for wealth, but for liber
ty; they describe themselves as alike 'remo
ved from gentry and beggary.1 'In our na
tive land,' say they, 'we were accustomed to
no more than a plain country life nnd the
innocent trade of husbandry.' 'We hold
ourselves,' they continue, 'strongly tied to
nil caro of each other's good, and of the
whole.' And when nmid thu storms of win-
tor, the precious bark anchored within the
waters of our bay, all tho emigrants ossein-
Died in convention to institute n government
for themselves ; to frame 'just and equal laws
for the general good.' Then it was that the
precedents of Arnericnn democracy began.
In the cabin of tho May Flower humanity
raised its banner, inscribing on its folds,
Bancroft's Ath of July Oration.
t Mr. Ahei. Williams, of Ashficld, has
invented a machine which ho calls the Po
ta Cl!er' which, in three minutes' time,
a bushel of potatoes, turnip, nppU t, pump
kins, and other fruit, may be cut sufficiently
fine or sheep, cows, and other cuttle. The
price; of (he machine is from 82 to 2 50. It
YSX. t Sr.cn nt 11,0 Cnlll Sll0W' 0ct- l2lh
1830, in tlii town. Wo hope some of our
mechanic will invent n simplo cheap ma-
chine for rasping beets, applicable to family
n wc are satisfied it can bo done.
Northampton Courier.
Lost PiUinmj (Arkansas) 1836.
Mrs. David Ctocketti Dear Madam,
Permit mu to introduce nivself'to voil as One
of the acquaintances of your rhuoh respected
husband, Col. Crockett. With his foto in
the fortress San Antonio, Texas, you are
doubtless long since advised. With sincero
feelings or sympathy, 1 regret nis untimely
lnsa In vnur liimilvnnd self. For ifnmonirsl
Mruiigcrs ha constituted tho mos agreeable
..,.,.,: l.o .InitlitlnM In his beloved
l UlllHllllUII, II, Mwii"..' 1 ' J
wife and children, must have been n favorite
peculiarly prized. In his loss, l recti om
has been'deprivctl of ono of her bravest sons,
in' whoso bosom universal philanthropy
glowed with as genial warmth as ever ani
mated tho heart oi nn American cuizeii.
When ho fell, n soldier died. To bemoan
his fate, is to pay a tribute of grateful res
pect to Nature he seemed to bo her son.
Tho object of this letter is to bug that you
will accept tho watch which accompanies it.
You will doubtless know it when you see
it. And ns it has his name engraved on its-
surface, it will do doubt be tho more accepta
ble to you.
As it wi nrounulv uo urainying to you
to leurn in what wny I beenme possessed of
it, permit me to state, that, last winter (.the
precise date not recollected by me,) Colonel
Crochet, in romnanv with several other gen-
tlemen, passed through Lost Prairie, on Red
Uiver. (whore I live.) Tho company, ex
it little Lie-
I in Co one . who was
"I" v " " . i . ..i
hind, roue up to my nouse aim hski-h u
rnmrnodnlions for the nitrht. Mv family
being so situated from tho indisposition of
mv wire, that 1 couiu not nccominounio wiein,
they got .quarters at ono of my neighbor's
houses. The Colonel visited mo the next
day and spent tho day with me. Ho obser-
veil whilst here, that tus tunas were geiung
short, and ns a means of recruiting them, ho
must soil somethinr. He proposed to me to
exchange watches he prized his nt 30 dol-
. . ... , i i
lurs more thnn mine, wincn sum i pain mm,
und we accordingly exchnnired.
With his open frankness, his natural hon
esty of expression, his perfect wont of con
cealment, I could not but bo cry much
pleased. And with a hope that it might bo
nn accommodation to him, I was gratified
ut tho exchange, as it gave mo a kerpsnko
which would often remind mo of nn honest
man, a good citizen and n pioneer in tho
cause of liberty, amongst his suffering breth
ren in Texas.
His military career was short; but though
I deeply lament his death, I cannot restrain
mv American smilo at the recollection of
tho fact that he died as a United States sol
dier should die, covered with his slain ene
my, nnd eveu in death presenting to them in
his clenched hands, the weapons of their de
struction. We hope that the day is not" far distant,
whon his udonted country will be freed from
a savage oncmy, and afford to yourself and
children a home, rendered in ovory way com-
fortablo, by tho liberal donations of govern
Accept, dear madam, for yourself nnd
family, tho most sincere wishes for your fu
ture happiness, of your most ou t. servant cc
friend, Isaac IN. Jones
From Ihe Huston Mercantile Journal.
Another Gamiilino Scene. A gang of
lilacldetrs, numbering upwards of two htm
dred, were routed from the woods, about a
quaitcr of a mile from tho Uambridgo Col
leges, last evening. It appears that they
commenced operations on Wednesday, Com
mencement day. by erecting tents and pre
paring their gaming tables, and since that
time it has been the resort lor gnmblors, and
the most dissolute and nbandoned. It was
tho intention of the vile horde to remain there
until after the anniversary, the 8th Septein-
oer arm lor tnis purpose nau pienuiniiy
supplfed themselves with beds and bedding.
nnd ntdent spirits of all kinds. Tho land
which thoy occupied is retired from dwel
ling houses, nnd was chosen, tho better to
carry on their unlawful trade; it was leased
to them, ns wo have been informed, by
George Meacham under what pretences
wo know not.
Two gentlemen returning in a chaiso
last Wodnesday night to the city, were at
traded to tho scene by the violent outcries
ol tins gang, and were induced by curiosity
to enter tho field. It was then near mid
night, yet most of tho company were gamb
ling and carousing. In ono tent thero wns
a lone table, around which sat from fifteen
to twenty desperato looking men, nil moro
ut icaa iiiiu.iicmcu, pinning ni juice, iaou
letto und Props; under tho table, and about
the tent, lav dead drunk about as ninnv
more wretches, for men they could not bo
called, and this revolting spectado wns close
ly nemmetl in by hlthy vagabonds and loaf
ers, with hero and there n well-dressed man
who had been decoyed to tho scene of ini
In another tent sat a jrroun of sots: some
overcome by excessive revelling, had half
reouneu tncmseives upon each other, and
upon this body of intemperance, a few flick
ering candles reflected their dim rays, but
wmiuicni to snow tne haggard and pnllid
visages of tho bacchanalians. The other
tents presented a similar scene, but many
were rendered still more revolting, by the
profanity nnd gross obscenity of tho th'rong.
A complaint being made to tho Selectmen,
those gentlemen accompanied bv Nuthan
Fiske, Deputy SheiifT. Frederick Mnnson,
Constable, and J. II. Chamberlain, assisted
by some others, repaired to the spot at dusk
nst evening. Mr. Chnmberluin rend a proc
Inmntion for tho assemblage to disperse, but
without effect. Tho principals nnd ring
endors maddened with liquor, mndo n vio
lent resistance. Tho officers of justice were
restrained, and stoned, nnd sonie who had
volunteered to ussist tho Selectmen, injured.
Four of the gnng wero arrested. Their
names are Joseph Robinson, Moses Ilemen
wny, John A. Nelsdn, and Ezekiel Kings
bury, Robinson whb'nppenrs to huvo been
tho ringleader, was brought boforo two Jus
tices of tho Peace, at the Court lloUso in
East Cambridge, at 11 o'clock this day.fbr
i.? -n i. !i m,i l . I . : i i
iiBSiuiHiut; v teuertcK J.VJUU3UII mu vun&iauie,
and for the unlawful act of rioting and gamb
It appeared in evidence thnt Mr. Black
was ordered to take charge of the gaming
i i
while in tho discharge of! could makenny ; resis ancc. nau . .
tie is now in wiuouim: uuiigv -
trier, and will probably be tried at the next
Ml.1..a find
muii.-., . - - . t , .
his duty, Koulnson camo up io nun wnn
larco piece of joist in his hand,, saying that
.' " I I'. I.!. M- nlt lmrt nnnn ItMlll
tlOAVOUiq Spi)l IMS I, Hll. " ; luuyii ......
It. IJO nltOrWtirtlS mitue scmiai imaoi:a in
him, one or which struck his arm. lie was
seen by other witnesses to throw stones and
missiles. , ,
In this case Robinson wns required to
cive bonds wiih two sureties in tho sum ot
8200 for his appearance nt tho Court ol
Common Pleas, to be holden at Concord,
and for want thereof was committed, ho
wos hextnrraiiined, with tho other two pris
oners, for assaulting Mr. Manson, and for
other notorious conduct. Eighteen witnesses
wero examined, somo or whom saw tho dis
graceful scene which wo have accurately
described. It wns proved that tho officers
once got possession of the implements of ga
ming, &c, and had placed them in a wagon,
and that the wagon was afterwards rescued
from them by the rioters. It was proved
that Robinson was the ringleader, that ho
threw stones at Mr. Manson, and with oth
ers followed him from the field sbmo dis
tance, using violent threats, uiftl thnt Mr.
Manson escaped by tithing reluge m the
hotis? ofn black man named Sylvester.
From the testimony ol Mr. 1-isUo the
Sheriff; it appeared that Robinson, who ap
peared to bid defionce to llie laws, pursucu
liim some distance along tho road, with a
bludgeon in his hand, threatening him in
these words,"stop you rascal, you arc the
man I want, you rascal," at the same titno
flanrishini? the Uudceon nnd using the
" -..i.l T ..
most extravagant auu violent language.
Theothor prisoners were fully identified as
heins concerned in the riot, but the cuse had
not been disposed of when, our pnpur went
to press.
If thero had been a sufficient force, all
tho leaders of this disgraceful sceno might
have been secured, together with tho eviden
ces of their trado.
been ro-
Human Ferocity. Wo copy the sub
joined narrative from the Is. 1. Evening
Post, which announces that it has
ceived from crediblo authority :
A nnrlv of Creek Indians, consistin-: oft
Ieven warriors, and about the sumo num
ber of women mid children, attempted. j
short time since, to pass the Georgia fronti
er, with a view of joining tho hostile Semi-
nolcs. The" wcro pursued and intercepted
by a parly of Georgians from Leo county,
who oltncUed them nnd Killed nearly an tne
.... . 1. 1.. i
men. When," wns percctvnti mat uotn oe
fenco nnd escape were hopeless, two Indian
girls, about sixteen or seventeen years ofage,
who are described as being or an interesting
appearance, rushcu townrusan oniccr oi mo
party, ond laid each a hand on nis arm in
token of requiring his protection. Tho offi
cer understood tho sign, which is a common
ono among the aborigines, and assured them
that lie would answer Tor their salety. i wo
of tho Indian warriors having escaped, and
tho oflictir being obliged to go in pursuit of
them, ho left his prisoners to tho care of a
man named JenKins. uuring nis nosencc
this wretch took tho two girls, tied them to
gether by thu hair of their heads, nnd delib
erately beat out their brains, while they beg
ged in vain for mercy in their imperfect En
glish. In the course of tho samo affair, Jenkins
attempted to butcher one of the Indian child
ren, about seven or eight years of age, with
a knife. Tho child sprang to tho arms of
another of tho party, who interfered to ssre
it, and only prevented the ruffian from exe
cuting his purpose by putting his rifle to his
breast and threalning to shoot him if he per
sisted. We nro happy to learn that no oth
er individual of the party was in any man
ner concerned in these atrocities. If the
laws have tho samo force in that part of
Georgia which they ought to have ovary
where, Jenkins will bo tried and executed
for the murder.
We learn from Captain Robinson, of tho
steamboat General, Gratiot, that a schooner
of about thirty tons burden, without colors
or name, and containing n crew or twenty
three pe A, armed with ptstols dirks and
muskets, was taken In the St. Clair luvur,
on Saturday night, August 20, under strong
suspicion of piratical intentions. Suspicion
was first excited when she nrrived nt Hur
son's Island, where they landed and stole
three head of cuttle belonging to Mr. Wur
son. Whilo engaged in this act. one of the
crew, who had previously meditated an es
cape, left his companions, and communica
ted to tho people ashore tho fact that the
cuttto hud been stolen by tho crew, nnd nlso
matlu affidavit of such other Tacts ns justi
fied an immediate and energetic movement
bnthe part of Mr. J. K. Smith, the Collec
Ur fS...n,n"ilii. Sherilfof St. Clnir, nnd
other citizens, to nrrest the vessel before sho
entered Lake Huron, whither sno was
bound, . -
Wdnn itir. Sipnmhnnt Gen. Gratiot arrived
nt the village ofjPrtlmrr. on Saturday about
sundown. Mr. Chamberlin. tho Sheriff, and
nJ.nni nn r.iiixens- embarked, and directed
Cnpt, Robinson to proceed immediately in
pursuit of the vessel. Tho urauoi proceeu
cd us directed, nnd w hen about six miles be
ihn inntltfl n f Hlnck River, about 10 o
dock ot night, tho vessel was discovered
under foil sail. On coming up with her,
Capt. Robinson hailed her in tho usual man
ner, but no satisfactory response being made,
they were ordered by the Sheriff to come n
longside, which wns done with reluctance.
Upon inquiry it was found that she had no
papers. Process was then issued upon tliem
by tho Sheriff, and thoy wero towed into
Black River, where they were hold in cus
tody tonwnitan examination, which wns to
take place on the 22d ult.
Whatovct may have been tho occupation
or design of these men, it is certain that their
appearance anil mat oi uicir vessel, noa
such us to cirato mistrust in tho minds of
those who met them. The schooner bore
no name, was painted black, with a red
streak jutt above, the wnter line, and appear
ed to he well built for sailing, and apparent
ly nn old vessel. Tho crew were generally
armed, nnd the officers wore blue coats, in
uniform, with American buttons, but other
wise British trimmings, ond nil omnmcnted
with huge mustachios. They were com
manded by one whom they called Gen. Dix
on. Detroit Advertiser.
t rr.mT.TS TTtf MEXICO.
X A A. - ' -- 7 . ,
By tho arrival from Vera crnz oi sour.
Caleb Goodwin, wc lenrn (says tho N. JToiIt
Courier and Etlqulrer) thnt n balllo was
fought-on Ihe 13th of July last, nt Lth n,
Mexico, between the government troops, UUO
men, and three pieces of artillery, coinmnn'
ded by Gen. Cnnulizao, nnd tho i-eiierai
,.nnn. rounliiiinnUis fiOO men. cominand-
v-' ' i.,..,i i,ir
iir limi. a nvac o: tne ucuuu mown ......
on hour ; tho revolutionists wero completely
routed, and their desttuction great, Gen. A
nvada (or As.ivntlo) taken prisoner, with
threo other field officers, who wcro shot the
next mornine in the public squaro. 1 ho
L,u r ilm fJnierninont troous comparative-
Iv Sinn II. Our informant, who wns chief of
Artillery in the Federal troops, says that
the interior of Mexico is in a very agitated
stnte. ond that n irreat deal of difficulty will
nnsuo to the Central Government, owing to
tho revolutionary movements.
Tho Mexican squadron wero nt era
Cruz on tho 9th August, getting ready for
Bris Tama and schr. liravo
a cruise.
So far as wc hayo heard, the )!!,
were opened on Tucsdav.
and the voto is probublv ilm .... .'H
1 ... a - I n . . r - UiV
- - jiiaiijr YtJfi
The votes for Senators are go diviu
u 1iHir-.Mll. (mm nnr nriu.i . . ut
to form a regular list or coractoan.,.!?
to tho result. Wo shall nu
next bo able to give the returns enmd,
For member of Congress ia this
returns, as far an recpiv1. .i... ..
' 'I u't u
nblc to tho election of Mr Hall.
From Iho Itlcbioonil (V,) Courier
Freshet. There has been a great fresh
et in James river. After a steady rain of
one day, on Saturday morning last, the cit
izens of Richmond observed, with great sur
prise, that tho river was rising. It contin
ued to riso till evening, when it attained n
greater height than has been known before
since Aneust. 1814. Much damage was
done. Thirty feet of the Railroad embank-i ; isn
From the Charleston Courier, Aug. 28.
From Florida Direct. Thusch. Geo,
& Mary, Capt. Willcy, arrived at this jiorl
Saturday nftcrnoon. We are indebted to
Capt. W. for tho following information, ob
ininnd hv him from the Express Ridor, who
arrived at Black Creek 22d inst. A dc-
inMinipnt nf 1 10 men. under command of
Maj. Pierce, having information that the In
dians were in their vicinity, went in pursuit
of them ; on arriving at Gen. Clinch's plan
tation they found 300 Indians, with about
100 horses hobbled, and 300 head of cattle;
the Indians were immediately attacked and j
repulsed, aftera battle ofonc hour, the whites
having ono killed, owing to his horse taking
fright nnd running in tho midit of the Indi
ans, und 1G wounded. Tho Indian loss
was 10 left dead on the field, their wounded
ihoy carried off'. The Indians retreated to a
hammock ns usual; thoy immediately rallied
and pursued the whites to within it miles of
Micnnopy whun they left.
Thu Express Rider stales that Lieut. Her
bert had again distinguished himself, and
thnt Maj. P. was making preparation to at
tack them on tho following day.
Brad. Jcn'n,
0 S05
92 87
32 32
83 107
CI 151
101 105
47 5G
170 D5
120 11C
CG 4i
72 59
70 90
131 187
73 153
40 78
226 241
28 12
23 23
03 17
302 soa
152 maj.
77 212
27 84
1C 90
83 193
129 391
ISO 225
65 190
59 253
ii ...
11. ' -
196 ij
More Lynching. Tho Helena (Arkan
sas) Journal, gives tho following, account of
a horrible ntrocity commuted at that place:
We are informed by several gentlemen from
Columbia, Chicot county, that on Monday
evening after tho election closed n man by
the name of Bunch, wns taken and hunir by
.the citizens of that plncc. Thccatisc which
led to the mlliction ol such summary pun
ishment, wo are informed, wns owing to un
lawful conduct of Bunch. He claimed tho
right to vote, which was refused him by the
judges, owing to his being a colored man.
Bunch took umbrage at this rejection, and
resoited to violent measures. During the
affray, Dr. Webb, n highly rcspertabjo citi
zen, was stabbed severul times, nnd the
wounds supposed to bo mortal.. This so in
censed tho citizens, thnt Bunch wns'tnkcn up
and hung. Wo forbent to mako any com
ments, as tho wholo affair will no doubt be
fully and fairly investigated.
ment, a couple of miles beyond 1 aylorsville,
wns swept awny. and two mails from the
north thus far missed. Ground Squirrel
Bridge, on the South Anna, that had with
stood the floods of thirty years on that easi
ly excited river, was carried away. So al
so was Beuverdatn bridge, on Beavcrdnm
Crerk, in Goochland, a newly erected and
solid structure. The canal was broken in
two places on Dr. Trent's farm, in Gooch
Innd, by the mere immenso fall of rain.
The tobacco on James river, nnd on the wo
ter courses generally, has been swept fore
and nft, just ready, too, for the- knife. The
corn, it is hoped, has escaped with less inju
ry, as to bo materially injured, the water
must havo reached the ear. The Whig
states that "this is tho fourth distinct freshet
in James river since tho 28th May last. Il
looks ns if the river gods were resolved up
on destroying cultivation, and re-establishing
their sylvan reign. Wo hnte never known
in thirty years, a riso in tho river so totally
unexpected. A sprinc fresh nnd a fall fresh.
'all in tho snmo'year, we believe unknown
to cxperionco or tradition. In the great
fresh of 1772, it was slightly cloudy in this
part of Virginia for three days, hut not rain
enough tc wet a man in his shirtsleeves.
Wind at the southeast, as, unless it be, there
is never a great fresh."
Terrific Hurricane at Woodstock, N.J.
We have received intelligence from Wood
stock (New Brunswick) that that place wns
visited on the 20th inst. with ono of the most
ureutirul hurricanes that has, perhaps ever
Lcen known in this country; indeed, no de
scription can give an idea ol it. It commen
ced about Eiishu Cunhila's plncc, and took
rnthur nn ea&terly course it increased in ex
tent, avoiding the Woodstock corner, and
came but to the river about Mr. Benrdsley's
whero it did considerable damage and from
thence it increased to the greatest violence,
destroying every thing beforo it. Hail
stones! wiihout any exaggeration, tho size
orpatridgc eggs, driving in all the windows
that wero in the least exposed, and cutting
down thu grass nnd grain as if a scytha had
been used takinir trees, bams, fences. &c.
in its course, and it is supposed that nothing I Rcadsboio, W. Stafford; Woodford, S.!u
but tho chimnies prevented the houses from ia" democrats.
Every thing
Bennington Co.-
Lemuel WhitntT(A
E. Howe Jr. jj
Joseph Dudcu ft
S. Newell b
Alex. Campbt! ft
Timothv Goodi!t ii
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Bcnningtna, S.DtiJ
is luid waste on I nrinW Co. Andover, J. B. Mcj
More Munnuua. Tho Raleirh Rcrris.
ter of August furnishes tho following rec-J
( f .1... . .!.. J
v... ui uuu ui mu iiiwcM aiiuuitiug tnuruers ev
er perpetrated in that place,- The murder
er tho Register says, was dornnged. His
namo was James Terry, a 'shoemaker by
trado, formerly of very industrious and so
ber habits, but for some limo back"subjcct to
fits of excessive intoxication, murdered his
wife at mid-dny, in n most brutal mauiici.
She was sitting in a room with an infant in
her arms, in tho presence of her husband,
sister nnd niece, when thif former suddenly
rose up, seized the corner post of tho bed
stead and gave her a most violent blow.
She made an effort to fly, But ho pursued,
and repeating his blows finished his bloody
work. He then ultcmpted to overtako the
other females, who immediately fled on wit
nessing his murderous designs, but fortunate
ly they eluded his grasn, or we might hnvo
to nuu to mu ntimuer oi ins victims, l orry
was arrested on tho spot.
Tho Regislor of the samo dato announces
tho nrrest of Levi Millur, ono of tho two
men who murdered John Whittaker a year
since. Intimation was n foW days since io
ceived by ono of tho public officers, that ho
was concealed in the house ofn female rein
tive in the suburbs of tho city. Ho immedi
ately repaired, with his assistants, to the
house, rushed up stairs, discovered tho ob
ject of his search and secured him beforo ho
ExTrt aoudinauy Afi'aih. The New
York Times publishes tho following state
ment: A young lady, . elegantly dressed, and
wearing several articles of rich juwolrywus
observed on Thursday morning by Mr. Rig
ger, gardener, (whoso premises are situated
between 3d avenue and Kipp's Bav.) Iviiier
a'senseless in ono of his cornfields. Ho imme
diately went to tho Alms-house, nnd gave no
tier? of tho affair to Mr. Slovens, when that
gentleman and a physician promptly repair
ed to tho spot and found n fino looking ur.
apparently about 20, nearly in tho agonies of
,lp!ilti 'Phil Onrlnmnnrliulrwl llitil cli.. lnwl
death. The Doctorconcludcd that she had
been taking poison. Tho stomach pump
was placed in requisition, and other imtne
dinto measures used, happily with the best
effect, and sho is now out of danger.
This young lady is daughter of a most
respectable citizen, residing in tho Bowery.
She was to havo been married on Thursday
evening. Her lover nnd intended husband
is a fino young man, und it was supposed,
(and thero is no reason yet to believe other
wise) thnt tho affection was reciprocal. She
left home on Wednesday ovejiing. Search
wns innde in every direction for her, but in
vain. The bridal hour came. It was a sad
ono for tho inmates of that house. The
bridegroom and tlio friends were there, bin
tears ond lamentations absorbed the place
Of the anticipated joy. In the midst of tho
mourninr. the young lady was brought to
the door in a light Wagoh, sho having told
her nnme. Tho scone may bo imagined.
1 hero is a mystory over tho nfl'uir and n so
cret h that young heart known but to God
and herself. The forlunnto discovery of her
by Mr. R. only prevented her from perish
ing, which sho must hn.'vo dono in n short
umo, and tho cold and narrow coffin
tomb proving her bridul bwl.
ver from Mr. Bcardslcv's to 1I",'.I"0". J- vvoodbury; Jhert, r.te
Judge's where it crossed j t
jtrnvi'il lUpssrs vvnlunri.in ' .... '
the side of the river
his brother tl.o
.1 I 1 11 111. I .
mo river nnu uestroyru Messrs. voiverim s j fence all whigs.
iiiiu itiiuitiii a i n ma, tin uuicrs iii uiiu iieigii-i
borhood had rushed on to the woods the) State Electio.vs. The vrhigptjtab
appearance ol every thing is represented ns . been amueinj; their readers with koJi
ihh hi- u iiium ui:in.oiui(i uupuiiiiacc. 1 1 ...
rpi i i...., -! b"-"
j hi- uiuat j-iuiiiiaiiit; nuiia ivi-iv iuum'u mr
of oats, grain, potatoes &c. where not a bush
el of cither will be reaped, and thu same ef
fects of the storm may be seen for many miles
nround. Fredericktoirn Gazette.
Corroboration of Maria Monk. Wu have
received somo interesting particulars con
cerning tho examination in New York, by
a competent committee, of a young woman
who recent escaped from the Hotel Dieti
Nunnery in Montreal, which wo aro told,
not only serves to corroborate tho dinclosures
ofMuria Monk, but exhibits a much worse
state of things in that establishment than had
been beforo mndc public. We are further
assured that the testimony ol this witness
will remove all reasonable doubt of the truth
of the Disclosures heretofore made, and that
it will he laid before thu public without any
unreasonable delay.
The witness (Frances Patrick) is a native
of Vermont, and is now 2G years of age,
having been twenty-three years un inmato
of tho nunnery. She came to Now York
under tho protection of a respectablo gentle
man of Rome, in that State. Tho publica
tion of tho examiner will be anxiously look
ed for. Newark Daily Advertiser.
Silk Worms havo had nn unexumpled
bad summer. Tho amount of wet and cold
weather has been very prejudicial to their
prosperity. They need dry air and a worm
temperature, nnd consequently thoso who
have fed worms this season havo been obli
ged to take every precaution to prevent their
dying. Still more tlutn ordinary numbers
havo in this way been killed, and tho coc
oons are unusually defective Great num
bers, wo hove noticed, in cocoonerits, have,
begun winding, nnd aAor enclosing them
selves but slightly with floss silk, have sus
pended operations and died. Tho cold has
a very pernicious effect. We have noticed
tho Worms at various times this summer,
when iho thermometer wns slightly depress
ed in the morning, lying in a perfect state
of stupor, apparently dead. A change in
tlio atmosphere of but few degrees had iho
effect to rouso some of them up, and then
they would move quick and cat voraciously.
Thero is much both' curious and interesting
to bo found out by attentively noticing the
habits and transformations o'f this mysteri
ous little Worm. Northampton Cour.
Palm Leaf Brooms, nro becoming an
extensive article or mntHimcture. Thq high
pricu of broom brush, and consequently corn
brooms, has set the ingenious ones contri
ving a little, nnd they havo got up n nico ar
ticle, made from tho palm leaf. They sell
from n shilling to twenty-fivo cents, nnd aro
said to bo a good article. Threo loads from
iSow Hampshire for New York, passed
through this town tho other day. Tho old
adage is doubly true, that "necessity is tho
mother of inventioni" Ibid,. '
victories" obtained by th-ir fi$i
Indiana, Missouri, Alabama and Mbsnt
Whethcr these triumphs are sboatal fa
in sincerity, or merely for effect, is wtosp
the truth, where we can, and honestly
to the elections which have recently U
in the slates above named believing u
unofficial newspaper accounts.
ill mi in., mriirrw ni imr mil I'lmiiiu. uw
ing the political opinions or each mrel
llie legislature, as lollows:
Senate Van Buren 50; IlarrisonJI;
ful 3. House of Jtep. Van Iluren 50;
son 41: Antimason 1: doubtful S.
Tim nmn..nl -i.r..lr ht I hl IfTt
havo n irrcater number of members in is
gislaturc this year than any year prcrtfs
t Missouri. A n abstract of Ihe officii!
give tho Van Buren candidates th w
Goerrnor L. W. Hoggs (majority)
Lt. Gov. Cannon " 53
Ilnrfii. nrw1 MMU. .i.nWltV) '
Jiiauama. i ne jlontcromerv ,iu"-:
the 20th Aug. gives a complete listof
to both hrmiriiea nft!ii Legislature,
ble renrcscntinrr the nnlitical classificiM
each. The result is stated to oe m
A 1 t r -XXTX 1 f ,l.a Srtll
it-ii mm iu into niemuers ui "Jn,
i an xiurcn nnn rt!i ivntin mcmutiov. -
of Representatives. Vao llurea maj!
joint ballot, 10.
1. HFin lllllMnnlinn ,nn hun riMHTQ IB
rrnnllAmn.. P 1 .- 1. -..!! ! PfllH. l
minister is shortly to be sent to wis-
ivsiuruuurnipiomaiic relations, uuu.-
; .i ... .. i. ..hi..
,...u mu iuiiiiui mm Kiuu n,-cmi
always to subsist between the two i
Great Performance. The PhH
tinnnl Hn-.n!.., r C.. mS '
new locomotive enrrino 'Ueorse n "?
built by William Norm ol Has eiwv-
nnlnmliln IHII Iln.rl .lrn.tr nvpt itlt V.
m . . . . j-.... ha
i uesuay last, n tram ot tweoiy-iu"'
cars wciahinur 123 tons, wemht ol V"
. 1. .. .. . . . ... i -.inrr.
iivi hir ti.n n;.A.n r.r u.n rnmi n mo
made over tho same, stands unequal'""'
-- . . . :.;!,
ill 4 rniintn. nr.,1 in T?.wrlnn,. MK I1K
Biuuiiuion mo numerous steep ui"-
rppt curves on said road."
payer that it would rain incessantly
.1 . - .... ri.ia n
cing July 25th, has been so lar iu
It lino tin ti- A tin mil. 1wm lnInl1U,"
nu.j ujf J 4.UJ 1 ..III j UVVII jw v
eighteen days.

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