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Vermont phœnix. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1834-1955, September 30, 1836, Image 1

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30, 183(5.
r-ublidicd crcry Friday Morning,
I y n.W. NICHOLS fc W. E. HYTHEn.
It,, o. 2 Halt's Iliiildiiig, nearly oppotilo Clmio
I t.,i Tn linitle nilrribor Two Dollar n year,
l...mnmeii tenhc llir-lr paper at Itio office,
' . I- ft. .1 ..,! f
R "5 a near A maimim h" im.-.; i hh-hij
I ..mi will lie made to tlione who pay in ndiancc
I .( ii nut maJe at the expiration nf tlinjcar
1 ... i ...I I.. I .r n Wrt nnnnr 1liniilni.M.l
,,f, Kill I"! II"""" )J
i II (rttarajM arc p.intt except m inn opium oi the
IhlMtcrl. uriicrs iy iii-u ii "i i'u.i-jiuiu ur
witt not reccii
i attention.
Fur the Vermont I'lnrnix.
litre U I clwoio a Brl"c
Uj a grwi icmicirrle of tall trees
jiml-opcn on Ilie eastern iJe,, '.f.iv
So that the rising sun's first beams might shine
I'manr rostinj pla"". anJ eicry hieeio
Wkich uanJcrcd from my natiie lain, rouhl tvae
Tlie grow and wild Hotter on Ilie exile' grntc,
Here n out J I rlioose a grate:
JIttlink I could llul rc!t ln l'co williiii
A wall-Hirroiimlcd city of tlio ilcail j
For 1 fh.ill tfWi to enjoy my last repose
Far from OvWl,'a of nrt gcnllc Nauuc
For a kind pMrss i iliougli I hncil mankind,
Puce could I ncu-r in their duellings find.
Hers would I tliooc a grate!
ffltre, llirn' the spring's sweet season, summer's
.tml jtnib autumn's matron lieauly lice
Will gather iione.Vi ami sncet u.ng-liinli Imilil
litre, ulicre sail winter reigns, the moaning wind
WoulJ rlmnt iny dirge and n.itiucV, while dark
AnJ unsunned snow thall he our pall and shroud.
Ileienould I chouse a grate,
I'pon the lro.nl hruw of some mountain green,
Where, in the war of freedom, thy hold sons,
Vermont' defiance flun to foreign foes,
Aid natiie tjr.innt ; in death, as life,
111 sere my spirit's pra)er to cter he
Oa ground thy fuoutcps lullowcd Liberty!
ITik' following beautiful passage is tn-
b from an adilross delivered by the Hon
wis Cass, before the National Historical
lirty, in the Capitol nt Washington, on
1 30th of Jan. last,
flVe mav leave splendid monarchies of
loiner hemisphere, the decorations with
pa they surround their institutions, re-
po.jt.hat our own political edifice is free
fiany meretricious ornament. But tho
Iciotion of literature belongs to nil nges,
uauons, anu governments. 'Nor am I
persuaded,' said the patriot, first called
ii io amnimsier the present con.-titution.
whose memorv is already sanctified ,v
Iwtues and services, 'nor ttin I less per
W; he said in his first address to Con
es, aner he had entered upon the cxecu
lof his duties, "that von will arreo with
lin opinion, that there is nothing which
teller deserve vour nairnnnrrn tlmn tl.
notion of science and lher;iture. Know-
feu. in every country, the surest basis
uppiness. In one, m which the mens
w government receive thoir imnr..cmn.
Immediately from the sense of th- r.nm.
il'Vi as in ours it io .,.-.,..: i.i.. ...
Wondnrfn mn.. i : .i. .
t leveller of human pretensions. The
"lent, n nch hi.
i.i , t'iuiiumii.i-3 u ion men
imeir actions
How few of the countless throng, who,
ttrirfdav rifil.i.ir ,,,:,?., i t..i ...
I,, I . . ('nut, lUUHL'U UUH M
' Mir fellow men. or whn u...r,. nb.i .
1 tv thctn. nnw .1... r'
..iu w ne rccpnn rnm ti, m,r,
which Ihr,. i: I -.l n . . . V
i ,v '"lu nourisiu'U their
wonies i ininwr nni ,1 . .:n
Simli,.,! i i "iiiiiiii'i, mi ii is
6Biicd in dur K-ness. 'Pi,.,
"Wiser in t in 1.1.1 r l... ..
it.p,. f "iiiieui uuinan worm,
L . 01 common heroes h its beconm
nl cheaper. But we have one
" 'flat can ni... ,i:.. r . ...
,(,,.f Vi . " u" Sl:,r which
rM moral darkness can extintrnish.
"4"ineon. Lrirrl,ir ,i i. ...
Ilnll . i 3 11 ut Is lilt J ,1111 II
110 'he efluhrend. r.f thm ,1.,.. ' . ...i.i
"u iiivuiieu in poetry:
'"I'wicn it. .narklin, nrlnlj ...... ... ., ...
' n !p? KM thoorn,
Kd,X r"" "'"'her horn;
AwiliVV J' """.'""-'""dcd hl..ir,
t , j in; iiiniUt
afP "'lint ma l' tr. nnr t.:
never be wrested from Her.
s may become lilccs Tadmor. her
Chni3T,Snan!!r P Tyre.
,. ' like Gl boa. nit ; 1l .t,
1 T'U tmy sliM pro,u,,,y
o ib lias C Ven nnr. irmn tX?( ...
has devoted his best (lavs tn thn
llwi.r ' 'air ovo '""1 his own self-
tlon- ...I i .7
"n. Who Rad v aid ln,,rn l,U
iq"Ecu'asol,lllindi -hoglad-
nee of h; uiuy, ivueil lliu
fl i. 1,13 Character Was nr. lnnn-or
" ' COnsn .1. , .
rPiic: n,i .!, "
Hc nn, .1 : Ult:l1 riiiu in years
, -i. Mwurncu us fow lmvu been be-
ticre. m i .... t ii . .
elii.i I . "iiose lounun-
is d . i1!' own hand: here,.,..-
'irom I,:; ' "l"w 1,113 city,
b ii ?T5 an.d selcc.ted ror its
ecent,,;ii .' UKi us "opo that
Nroo; .n"cnrd-a"d his mple
' f,cc,n?S. And
onored B i 1 ue lnJ-worn nnd
P-to this'!,, A.meric?.n youU. shall
"ythcvfi !Hnnd contemplate the fu
H url T l"d.lsons nnd examples for
thv "?.m '0l"dvand emulate.
lSrimaee , " ,7 u ire,caom shall make
M avM. l , ,u,,,uoi Mount Ver-
Prom n London SIngatinc.
In tho west of England, n fewyenrs nirn,
resided nn old gentleman, whose integrity
nnd universal bencvolenco did lionoTTrmif1
man nnturc.
Mr ltobert Allen (that was the name of
una goou mnn; was the descendant of tin;
great Alien ol Somersetshire, so justly cele
brnted by the immorlal nen of ilu- inimi'mt.i..
utithor of Tom Jones, under tho name of
As Mr Robert Allen
tuo of his excellent relation, little more can
be added to his nrnise. Tn ri.l!..i
object of distress within his Teach; to in
struct the ipnornnt. to comfort thn ntnini,..!
to amend the envious, to quirt tho nn"ry
nnd to rectify tho prejudices of his neigh
bors, were' the cinnlovmnnis nf !; Jnmi?.
... , -j - ----- . .u wiHittvivoa
Ho had tho misfortune to lose in his youth
ii very amiable wife and child ; which rn-
iiu Biiauiiiieu wiin uie most e.Nem
pwry )iitience, and Christian resignation
Mrw.rl.to t.lc I .... .Ill
.va..,. li9 ,uii:iiiui ettuie, ne nail nccu
IIIMIIHI.-U u iiiiuu luriuno in lliu iirm,.r min
ri,;i:r.. i. ....... .. . "
i mo nn.-, ii.iviiiir ueen a consir imii in.ir.
chiint at Lisbon ;
Once in every three years, he constantly
visited London, merely on nccount oftrniut.
acting his money matters; otherwise it wns
with great reluctance he left the scenes of
rural quiet lor the hurry nnd noise of th
s the whole business of this e.xcullent
umn wns to do good to every individual, so
1... i.m.1 . : .1 .... r (.r ..
in- iiiiiuu i-ii-rv iui:iueni n s l e emitri niti
by some means, to that laudable purpose,
tic had always taken tin his ubndn ilu
ring his stay in London, tit the house of nn
nonest trauesmnn near Temn e bar. snl..lf
because the man had formerly been a faith
lul servant to his cousin Allen mid fnr n
course of years after had given signal proofs
of his integrity nnd industry in his business.
which was huh oi n Haberdasher. Air Hob-
rt Allen had set him tin in businrs. nnd
hud lurnisheU his house very genteelly; th
nrst Itoor ol winch lie always occupied
when his affairs called him to London.
Mr Lewis (the name of the haberdasher
was about the ago of his worthy friend.
lie had since he last saw him. buried bis
ife, n very notable trooil woman : and for
his sirt.t, if 1 may be nllowed the exnres&inn.
unu ueen married to n young llirt, who had
drawn in the old man by n pretty face, with
out any one good quality either of the head
or heart. She tossed up her nose nt nil Iht
neighbors, and was as proud asauv woman
of quality. . She had wheedled her old man,
ns she called her woithv husband, to ki-i-n
I i i . . . v
uer n one norse cuniso. ana to tnl;e n oi -
ing upon Ilighpme hill, for the quiet und
benefit of the country nir.
As this Indv wns immodernn-lv fmwl if
cards, she had n little kind of rout every
Thursday, in tho apartments of her first
A few days before one of those brilliant
assemblies wus to take place. Mr Lewis re
ceived a letter from his worthy friend and
netuctor, Air Allen, that lie would be in
town the 1 hursday following, and hoped
those apartments he had occupied for tm-n-
years, would be in readiness to receive
'1 he good haberdasher showed his wife
the letter j nnd demonstrated to her the ne
cessity there was of putting ofi' her weekly
meeting; but she cut him short, with say
ing it was absolutely impossible for thut
she had sent her cuids to her company for
two montus tietore, and t lint the parlies were
all made; that she should make no fuss
nbout this old country gentleman, for thut
be must e'n take up his lodging up two pair
of stairs.
Her poor husband sighed in the bitterness
of his henrt, but wns forced to submit for the
sake of domestic quiet.
Mr Allen nrrived nt the house nt the time
he appointed ; nnd ns it happened to be on
the Thursday evening, was surprised on
alighting finm his carriage to see his din
ing room illuminated with u great number
of lights, nnd us he advanced up stairs to
hear n confused number of female voices.
The !m be nln slier (for his wife was too
fine n lndy to nppear on this occasion) nfter
an hundred nwkwnrd npologies, conducted
his worthy guest to the second floor, who
soon retired to bed, but thnt sweet repose
which'he usunlly found after a day spent in
virtuous peace, he wns nnwn stranger to, as
the Indies below did not depart till after mid
night; nnd ho might ns well have expected
to have slept in the tower of Babel, as in
such' a confusion of voices.
They were at length no sooner departed,
than the good man's slumbers werengnin
disturbed, though from n different cause.
It wns now from the room over his head,
that proceeded sounds which prevented his
getting any sleon. Ho heard, though but
indistinctly, the plaintive wuiling of a young
infant, nnd the frequent sobbings of some
As theso melancholy sounds continued
the chief part of the night, his compassion
for tho unhappy sufferers (whoever they
were,) was extremely excited. No mail
surely hnd more of whnt Shukespenro calls
'the milk of human kindness' than Mr Rob
ert Allen ; he therefore felt for every thing
in distress. The pity he now foil wns in
deed heightened, when, by break of day In
distinctly heard the voices of several chil
dren, nnd soon after the tread of many little
feet in tho chamber over his head.
Tho worthy man now arose, finding it
impossible to get any sleep j nnd nfter em
ploying un hour in his devotions and medi
tations, rang for his breakfast; soon after
which, Mrs. Lewis herself mndo her appear
nnce, nnd said she was much afraid ho had
been disturbed by a parcel of squalling brals
who lodged over his apartment.
I Imvo been nv pnm, said tho humane
man, 'for some person who seemed in dis
tress j pray mndnm is there n family 1 I
iiiuiigm i nenrdf,somc little folks.
. .. mmm, mm miiw
Mr. Allen was so extremely affected with
J distress and simplicity of this lovely
) lllttt ho COtlld lint In. In l.i.ri!..
Ifnrs. IK- took the child into his dining
'Um l dini"g
gnrs, for nny thing I know to the contrary noTndTuT 1 (.r twenli'
-surely there never wns a more r S ft unto Z "' PlpC, bat' V'"" ca.ry
n.i.1 r .1.1.. . i .i . !'.UP 10 'us mother. nnd nnt p II l,,.r r..nr:,..
, u, umn io ou seen, man are t he ch b rd nml tl,. t n
Jrcn; & the mother from I,., J" . "i nnd 1 ,nl J'P would see her the next
judge to have been a common strut w Ib.'r ,Z " ,r. 01 l,cr " ,,B couId bu of '
il she is-noi one now. Never did I ee Thn liuiJ , . .
such n figure But my husband is the moihVr 1 y T"'"h ' ntwngctobis
greatest fool in the worTZ o . "1. t "hoso c"rP" 't "..art be imagin-
er have taken them in. I was ti fo ut nte- bj 'rest 7l A? ', a,r AUen' h rt,ircd
ly. at my country lo,biM 2 ' S '0l! that sweet repose which
took the,,, under his Tool' ' 3 Tnn, 10 nUcnd ,hu 'nbcr of the
Ilnve you ever seen this nMr . 7 . i
nnd her little ones? (asked 1 Allen m uncom nionl n felt hiiiwolf
gravely, who was ,f a liulo d!s L d tolJZ "V
wuh wmowori, in.t o above speed', ofhis, iJtXl&, .
InnUlddy) have, vou vistt.dl 1 . "UEX when ho inten.
lion?' " em.iiig oiinneniuaiappedently'r.?
'I visit hor, sir, no indeed: I commence wttM os Py a little smil-
tlintlielindnnonrorl '.00 m.uchl 1 tll suppose, nl
i . i "s " iiiucii suiierinrr. ihn oni i
uimi oi sucn exo ted mer t without Imriinr, i . . l ,. """u 11101 neav
her delicacy. A nd X? ' ? " . ' V"1 ,'"5 t,OU er: lyhos? 5 fcst care is distressed
on him as on angel sen f w tn hen w. . t r "'noct'"Cc' c"In,,c ' this amazing dis
WW rf I'lf,,, XX "f SSThuHS tin' SZ&'JkSi
Alter passing nn hour m nn adjacent cof- "nltcd world shall ever part us more" Ho
lee-house, in looking over the papers or the I1' k'ed and wept over the children, and
lay, he hastened back to his own room, and .mediately ordered large ond elegant Jodr.
having locked up the manuscripts inn draw- ,ngs 10 got ready for their reception in
er, instantly went up to the wretched family. pll Mn : thoy ere all conveyed there as
"Hete mndam, (said the good man ns he son ns possible ; and whero we will leavo
entered the npaitment) is the purchase of ,0.Jna' refined happiness, which only
your book, (putting twenty guineas in her mm,is Mi0 "r- Allen's can experience.
Th),a'!.,Jn1 PC ,he SU'n " cor,,?nl " "cnd. "'o moral of this little story
..naginod, was nil j6y and thankfulness on Every man it is tru'e, Tn relieving n distVc7
tne occniij.n. I sed nlni.r-t tn-it- . i. ....
cess, fTvas ItlSt bernro
. , i 7, jw mi.lm, LUJIolU'
no acquaintance with lodtrers in mv third
.ln, Ao . I....:.... ' . "
I . !....."" . 'Y"7LTra 10 ?p?,wl ,n s tof'cribt. the scene of misery
we M nrr l L " I.;' 1 ':. P'lU'd ils T'' Mchcd motlfer s
house, but as ;7 2: ... . . Sr"?.?.'!" dond infat,l v"'n'.V fan
maid P..UV informs thi, . ? "i" ,w" "h-!'! '. not gone foreV
somn days without a morsJ of Lrt'nd.1
i ... ...
- j ui milljjl l , itllirOV
on tnel'
Mrs. Pntty, who then entered the room,
was nsKcti ity Her misttess, if she hud seen
the woman up stairs lately 1
iNottii indeed, madam I I th lt:k hpr rnrr
ged silk gown plainly shows wliut she has
DUt'ecerymau -mav. itf Mm!-'.lr,n..,-:i.i
that exrtuisite sntifefartlnn lii,.l. fl.i.'.
omighOW I could nrnn.rn ..lli: !f.,il;n; i.r.i V . 'iii iJivur
J is impossible ibr ony pen but Field- PV for .he coffin of my
i . , - -
; , , , j ----- . -...v... w. ..m..u.,.
i.i..ii luuioiiiHi i nao it little miniature Mellow creatures.
piiiureoi my excellent mother, set round
unn (iiamonas. which I have carefully pre
-..im .,a iHu n-ry jasi resource in my ex
t renin need. 1 cannot trouble vm. nnnir
ry mark of the most bitter ditress.
Tho poor woman wns surprised nt
appearance of n stran-'Cr. and loobinrr ,,
with her face covered' with tears, nnd will."
. f i ? ... .
uii .ur oi tiigniiy winch ajipenrcd in tin
niiusi oi tins seine ol wretchedness, she nt
.si. . . -
been, nnd what she is: I see her I nnt 1 ''"'P1"" 'p rise; but Mr. Allen prevented
. 1 tlfll I..W. - I . . I 1 - I .
truly. I stands upon my own character u"-b'"'S not to uo utsturrjea by hi
she may be n street walker for u hot presence.
She wns going on. but Mr Allen, shocked . . nw! n?"j"0. your little boy yesterday
nttlir. inl,iii.,r....... r 1....1. .i .- . ..... ""u by lum I louiid that "
her maid, signified he wus?oin' to ho lmv ' nm,glad. sir. (interrupting him) of an
on which they left him. ' opportunity ot returning you the bank-bill
Any one might have thourht indeed il,i PwVtlu c""(l- " is unbrok
Mrs. Patty, by her dress, had been o.,n nf en. . . ".ss,lr?. i'(,u )ut CIl"no1 aecepl of that
that unhappy class which her rigid virtue
made her so cautious of avoiding : fnr lmr
dress, winch wns it tawtliy g.iuze cap, with
ttie u''lic',.u.u l" "ever be in my power to repay.
her ' tUn' " ', lr,u' l""'t,r l',u ,l!,r' na"' of pov
itl. c,ty m,t indeed. Sir, I neither can, nor will
washed ribbands, with n .'lir'ty linen -own H l"? tgm offerin- tlie bill) on any
i rmvn 1 hrnii.r . il. ., l...l.. .1 :., ..... .iioiuituiioii.
l.ri.nlll ri.(niiltnnnit t,.. t. ........ ......
5' J v.... nn iiifiii-uiiiiiiu, I . ii , u. .
UM. l. I i.'.'i - . r i Continued She bnrstnm- ntn ii.r.l iL,...
in iiiu yuuu iiiiin unu got riu oi these i i -n ...m
nn wretches, he stood like life inimi- " , V". V1.0 11 support for my little
table figure of Garrick, in kin" Lear for . 11 ' '1 'or lht',r ,llslriss "'one that
some moments nghast; and ike that eood "'"i" '"cy are crying n-
old king, could not help exebtiminrr. Lun" ,,,e ,0.r "l s to your bounty
Arn lhrf untnrn T D air, 1 must iiiiist on returnintr iu"
Ms tlirre my muse in nature fur ,url, hanl l.rnn. t lr. A Hell, who was astonished nt the..
"C.'ood heavens!" (continued heV'bv nbiitl no'J'e sentiments, with such a picture of real
method can I relieve, these poor wretches? ,,,strt'fsTo" n'l sitks, most vehemently insist-
I I.rve days without brend. nnd 1 have fnred P'" f,n acceptance of what he called a
sumpniotisly every day I must thinL-nf
someway of relieving the distress of thrsuti- .. ', fi'l' (sa"1 ll0) for'llp sufTcringsof these
nanny womnii wit unit u-nnn. U..r ""e ones, i nave ueen m ysel la parent."
ii.' . - .iiii-i tl, , , ,
cacv. She may be. poss b v. a nersnn nf luaui, most ticepiy ntiecled with
family, nnd reduced from nflli...nr,. m ... your sorrows: my tears you see. will How
ie with the miseries of poverty : somwhimr n" olu man s tenia nut what ol that!
ust be done, nnd soon." " they nre tears of sincerity. Once more, let
Whilst the heait of this benevolent man
was overllowni!' with humanity.
nvc lum un opportunity of fccehur tho whole
.' ti e i itr. '
uuserauie laniiiy, which Had so much engn
ged his pity.
tin wiisjiim going to n coiie-uouse, when , ?; , V
on the stnir ci.se he met tho little melnncho- tu.I;'.an.V Vcsg.1'.. ,"" 10 s,t ,loun-
mo beg your ncceptnnce, of whut you stand
in sucn extreme need ol.
His persimsions however, were in vain
and the poor woman continued inflexible in
her relusnl or his geneious ofler. Shone
kiiow ledged in the warmest terms her grati
ygroupe; the lust object that presented it-
sell, was n most amiable young woman, in
very ordinary apnnrel, pale and emaciated
On her Innguid cheek u tear was stealiiiL'
down, whilst her eyes were cast on it little
miserable babe seemingly almost expiring,
which sueneiu in nernrms, nnu winch she
beheld with unutterable woe. A little nrnt-
ling girl of three years old was bunging on
her apron; and two line boys of four and
live, brought tip the rear; one with a pilch.
The little children now withered round
his knees, whom he kissed by turns, took
iiiem m ms turns, and treated them with
cakes and sweet-incnts which ho had bro't
in his pocket for that purpose. He felt him-
self uncommonly affected, whilst tho little
innocents, who were now playing nround
him in the highest spirits (for with children
oi that age;
The tenr'd furgnt at foon n filed !
and were asking him many little miestions
r . .l .1 . -I f. 1 . 1 I . r i . .. ....
r oi water, nio otner wiin a small ioal ol w ttn tuo ueauniut simplicitv ol their ear v
bread. years.
Mr. Allen, who ever looked on misciy "Tell mo mndnm (said Mr. Allen, winimr
...... 1. . I. .1 . .. .1 . I, , . I . .. . . .... I Jl il . . .... V
wiin ii Kinu oi sne.reu nny, stoou oncu, and uie tears which nowed down Ins uiicd cheek)
?. i i i ... i i ....... . ... . . '
gave mis poor woman, w nn ner nine rag- wuai i can uo to serve you. llnvo you unv
ged retinue, tho wall to pass by with us parents anyltiendto whom I shall apply
much deference nnd respect ns if she had for your relief?"
beep the first duchess in tho land. "I have none, she replied, (weenincr no
fine gown or petticoat, which so much parent no friends I I nm tt strumier in this
itttrorts'the civility of the world, and has u hind! helpless! and have no one to apply
.i. - .i . .!.- i:..r r ........ . . .
iiini-ii nii:iiuT iiiiiuencii over uie minus oi iur renri. iw ish x unew where to dis-
most people than is imagined, had n very pose of this manuscript (rrnchiiir her hand
contrary effect on this good man; ns the to a bundle of papers which lay on naold
.... I . .. . . r . I ill I. ... f. f l . I . r . .
very sunuuy gniuienis oi tueso poor people uroiieu cuair uy ner siue.j II 1 could lind a
claimed his respect, instead of contempt ; for bookseller to purchase this liulo work, 1
lie plainly saw the remains ol better dnvs. should then have tho means of procuring
nnd could not help rellecting what that dis- ureiui lor nicse poor babes. 1 have ollered
tress must be which brought ihem to this ex- it to one or two of that profession, but have
treme o( wretchedness. His aged eyes fell met with inconceivable diilienlties in the dis
the sacred drops of pity: and durintr a short posal of it, as one bookseller told me. he nev.
wnlk, ho wus wholly ubsorbed in various Ur published n woik without n name and
schemes of providing for the opecdy relief another
of tho poor sufferers. Ho once thought of "Pray, (interrupted Mr. Allen,) when did
enclosing u bank-bill and sending it by the yon write it? Is it a novel? I Imvo no
i i w " . I t . . i it
nennvnost: but as hu t hen know not her greui opinion oi modern novels.
name, that scheme ho could not pursue till "It is not n novel, sir it is a miscellano-
t,.. ...n.l.. I...... .I:VAA, t . I.... I miH Pnl lni-1 inn tin. .1..... nr.. tin. eC .v... ....t.
llll I1II1UI- IIIIJUI.V IUV IU UlllUl IU IICI j Ulll I " J uui lllJ HIV HUl Ul .1, IW1"
the secret hiiiitl ol Providence soon pointed Chance brought the work to iny hnnds
out o surer way : lor as Air. A en was re- ey" ery outi Occident, as i was one dav
turning to his uparlmeiit that very day, he rumaging an old worm-eaten chest, I saw in
mei in ino pnssngo nio eldest nitio boy, rag- uui iuiuei oi my wreicneu apartment a largo
ged nsn coll, but the ory perfection itself of biiudlo of papers, but so defaced by mildew
beauty and innocence. He held in one and damps, that I could hardly make outthe
nanu nn oiu silver spoon, in tho other a bird commits,
cage, in which was a most beautiful Virgin- "I have however, with much difficulty,
in nightingale, evoiy evening, when my children wore n-
"Whero my pretty boy," (said the com- sleep, set about transcribing the woik ; nsu
passionate man) are you going?" thought occurred to me that it might per-
"Oh, sir, (replied" tho sweet fellow, with hnps, bo some liulo advantage to me, in my
the cheerful innocence of enguging nge) I extreme distress; butulus! after ull the in-
must help my poormnintrinii l can; 1 know eremuiu pains i imvo taken, i cannot get a
my way into the next street, nml I nm going purchaser for it."
to carrv this encro to the bird slion. This "If you will entrust mo with it. madam.
bird sings sweetly: what n pily to sell him I (sa,'d Mr- Allen,) I will endeavor to dispose
But. ncrhnns. I sha iret n itt o money for oi u ior you. A woman is olten imposed on
tins spoon, il not lor the bird ; we have noth- m wicso matters."
nig oise len, now in pun wuh, nnu poor ' i'"i uiiniii iiiniiuiuiiy jiui mu .nun
Fannv is iustdvinir: what can wo do sir. "script into Mr. Allen's hands.
for a little money? for when she dies, my "Depend madam, on my utmost zeal to
mother says she must have a little coffin, serve you, (said he ) I will return in a very
Whut is a co in snon nine."
From tlio .cw York Journal of Co.iimrrrn.
Pnicn of BitcAii Srurrs. We would
treme need. 1 cannot trouble vou anain . ji F , U."I:A" STUFrs. Wo would
vM-th my affairs, o.hcrwi voul, bef of ,rnsn"iC.ilefS,T ,fmt'rru'Jt ,he. ,,nWraent f
your service to dispose of these d nmond" t i f frWar.d ,0 ,ho nl uinl-'r
w hid. an. around this little picture:" n iUmo f .Sc,!7.!l1 starvation. But lest
l insist, inadnm. cried thu Pfldtl mnti flint
f :, . 3 '
"" exectito this commission myself.
W here is the picture?"
The unhappy woman then opened n small
casket, w hich was by her, nnd sighing bit
terly, took out u small picture, and presented
ii iu u. , 2VIIUII.
"Orncions Jieavcyfexcliiimed he, start
mg bacli) what do I sPu?
dearest wife I
my beau I it
the imaueof mv
:iy long lost Louisa I O
IS it is Lollis:! RMl- rt.ni-
...;.l... I i.:. -
uuiii, uuiv nils came in your possession.
You mentioned just now a mother -Oh,
lill M.rnl.l.,.,1. I.P....C I l .-r I I I I '
uL U. i 1.7 lnJ. V 10 n"U ,n' Rive new confidence
I ,,:-':" y , .' uu" "wry grave Let
in iiu-.. imsaiii: irom ijisuoil.
their dreams should be too suddenly broken
iv n must i-mII .I...;. ....
. " "iii-iiiiuii to tuo incts con
tained in the last news from Europe respect
ing the prices of breadstuff's there. Wo
nappen to know of an operation nt Liverpool
by which fifty thousand bushels of wheat
nre to be immediately. nforwarded to this
country, and by the prices which are pub
lished, there is liulo doubt that much larger
supplies will be soon forthcoming; for tho
long continuance of high prices, the success
ful issue of the recent importations, and tho
fact, well ascertained, thnt nnr fl nmnctir.
supplies arc lnadtqimte to our wants, will
lulu re
in luture onrrntinns
. ... . ..... . . . -.
i ub si-u m wuai prices we can be supplied
"Prn, I ;.i .. ,i,m , ,,lIur'5 e price ol bread is n .out 1
- uiii vuu v i uprr imrfi i - i i
the amiable vountr wo,'n ) ' A Ins ii.-it ..,. " tendon 3 cents lb. We found
the place ol my birth 1 and at th
three years, I was, with my dear
on.,,.. iiiinu un uie toasi oi opam. ane
that was a shilling loaf in Now York yesterday to
llinXr lVeh 2-'bS ? 7- Which is ,,Par G ccls lb
monar. i jle nnce of u.j)rnt jn j,.irja js ,2 cvms
bushel, and the price of flour is 6i a ba
In London flour is 88 a barrel. In
...... -r . I. . . ... . .
r? .. . i:.i , ,, Hu"a '"- 'ieuiterraneannnd o t in Unit r
i iiiiiiv : u in vn i sav f IJIl.te rnr I. . rr . . . .
whet-be .piick-mform me. nd. wbol KJ. ,, p Thenr!cD.r ' f" e,her
was your maiden name ?" If A" I o 'm,, t X 1 " h"i
"Allen, sir."
"Oh my child! my child! cried tho en
raptured father it is. it must buso"-
clasping her in his arms in un ncronvof inv
I " . o J J
unu Mutiucr.
HfS happy daughter, for' so Indeed sb..
was. hung on his n-ck in speechless tratis 7 1, , ?
...l.:i.. .!. .... i-.i- .. . I - "J Ul
,.u.. ...mi- icsmuc lamer continued !.,. ,.w.n,-..-i i i. -...- . .' ,
Say n,y child-how hast thou been pre- ; ' 7 " ."Tse'
-. f . -- - ui- uuiy on iiour
at Naples is 2s lOd sterling a bushel, or G7
cents, From any one of these nines fmioi.i
might be obtained at 33 cents nor b:. rrnl nn
flour, and 12 1-2 cents per bushel nn l,nt
or about half the rale charged on transporta
tion of tho sam articles from Rocliotr nn
one-fourth of what is charged from Ohio.
corn have lately
Served I IJ sorrel ii-nnrli'r.u-nrL inrr Un
providence! The dreadful tidings o my 'Z Jr el When "e 'nrnd on '' a'.25 cents
shipwrecked Louisa, and my little daughter ra nLi i 'll,a,,'.,!!7'-forc.C7n '"'Ported
un infant in Capt. Osmnnd's ship on he ,"d 1?" ,Ncw Yorl:
.re..... 1 . . . J l'""1".1, it 12 J 10 135 CtS. II bushel, al Cinrnp. nn.M
i-ousi oi oiiiiiii, is nn uuuouuted lactll is
it not?"
and from a hundred other places at the same!
"Yes. my dearest father, (answered his Zn"d wit a duty nnd rn?l ""t. ,
lowest child, look at these letters of my S'ad t".' S.Tp!
rn.Tct: ,na csu,"o.n yoursell and Asia nflbfd s(ores of brca . stl r
to her, after your departure from Lisbon
The servant w ho attended me from infhn
I . ur . i .., . J
u,.U5e uie was savca win. mine, care- possible nuant tv. rn.,1.1 .,i.. :,";: " :
I I ""-j jn uta in
isbon. inexhaustible, so that tho supplies for this
inlancy, country, if they should run to the highest
fully preserved these letters and this casket
Anne Williams was her name: she was
my nurse maid, and you must well remem
ber her."
"I do I do cried the nmazed father
Good heaven, when did she die?"
a very slight degree. Free trade will sup
ply nil our wants, and the cost, with a lib
eral mercantile profit, will not carry price3
above 150 cents for wheat, 100 cents for rye
and Indian corn, SO cents for oats per bushel.
nnd &7 fill fnr fir,.,- ...... I c 1 .. ..
"About six years since; nnd it was from despondhig cheJ ip 'for no o io who 1 i.
her I often heard (as it was our almost con- ,i.,e.,;.. r...i'.... : "
stunt subject) the sad catastrophe of my dear 1837. "
iiuuii-i o ui-uiu, unu iiiiu mr. itooert Allen, -
my father, had lived somewhere in the West n . v
of Knrrlnnil l j-"""". uere never lias
oi ingiauu. been a tune within our r..mi.ml,p!.n,... ...i
"But say, my child," said tins fond parent, ,,e demand for labor throughout the country
who.nsbliukespensaysofoldlnng Cy,.,. was so great ns nt present; and, of consJ
beline, on discovering Imogeno to bo his m.,.nrn ii.Fn n.'
iln.nrl.ti.r ,,Y " "a " W UCn IIIO
uatlgllier, nnce of n .nr wn n Tl, .1 i
MVa. wild In hi. beholding." ' "e" , b " , 1 "c """'"
6 I is not connned to nnv nm. rlnc r ,. ri,.
"Say. mV Plinnv. W-hnt mnlnnrlinli- nr-! I irtor, t.,1. n.i.,nil. A .1 r
- j . --j - - -j' -.....-..w.j ","-" "u lu ti-ry -mas, larmeis in
dents have reduced thee to this distress? e nded. A ibnnnli thniinn.) nr .
Oh 1 to find theo and to find theo thus so urtizans are imported every year from for
firm in virtue, is too much for mvold heart ehrn countries, tbm- ..-p...t. I,... n An
to bear Who did you marry ? Oh, tell the bucket, nnd the demand goes on, unabu
mc nil. I ted and iiicrensiiirr.'
"A ship, Sir, that wns crointr from Spain 1 Wo conv thu nbm-n fmm ib. m v r
to Jamaica, carried us with Ctipt. Osmond, nal of Commerce. In reading it our mind
no was mppny nreserveu; to niai island, is naturally led to tho inauirv ns to the rea-
I..U i ll f I.'. I P il . . - . : "
lint worthy man left me to the caro of his
sister, who was settled there; and with that
good woman 1 lived to tho age of seventeen,
when a nephew of hers soon after married
me, and with whom I lived long enough to
be the mother of these little thinns vou now
see around me. We wrote to you, my dear
sir, oud sent the letter under cover to a
friend of my husband's in London, to for
ward it to you, but receiving no answer, we
concluded vou were no more. Air. Ashley
mv husband was no economist: hn ilieil
suddenly, and left mo greatly involved. To
satisfy all his creditors, I reduced myself to
great straits. A lndy who was coming to
England, kindly offered to bear my expen
ses, and promised to use her utmost endeav
ors to lindyou, il living, nnd otherwise pro
vide for me. Alas I this dear friend died
tho week nfter ou'r arrival in London, of the
small pox; which futal distemper I likewise
caught, and all my little ones. This was a
great and unexpected expense to me, nnd it
was still increased, ns I wus soon after do-
ivered of tins poor babe, now dead. These
events following so fast for nlas I my poor
husband had not been dead six months; al
together, 1 say, were too much for my spirits
to sustain, and I sunk into a low fever in
which I languished several weeks, I was
now reduced to want evon tho common ne
cessaries of life; indeed my ensu was truly
lamentable nlonol no money I in a strange
"V, cease, my dearest cniia, l cannot bear
son for this increnso in the demnn.l fnr In.
bor, ns well as for the product of tho hus
bandman. While every thing is on tho
rise, nnd the sales of public lands are great
ly beyond any former period, wo find that
tho grain crops nre decreasing, and the pro
ducts of the herdsman are almost beyond
tho reach of the poor mnn.
Thc mil rests in tho spirit of speculotibn
which is abroad in the country, of travers
ing tho land with iron nnd covering it with
steam engines. While this mania lasts, wo
need not expect that tho body politic will" as
sume a healthy tone. 'Carrying coal to
Newcastle,' was once thought to be tho se
verest sntiro upon foolish speculation, but
when tho half starved population of Europo
can send wheat to this continent, with u
profit, that should supply tho world with
provisions, what are wo to think of the fo v
of our citizens. Let those who have lands
cultivate them, for sooner or Intor tho splen
did bubble will burst, and leave our country
prostrate, with ruin and starvation reigning
throughout tho land. Washing Ionian.
A , ,1... .
jii.m iimu was saying in company,
that he never had seen an ear of mn n his
life. A young lady then present whoso
name was Miss Rye, said, ut tho same time
showing ono of her cars : "Hero is an ear
of Rye, which if you please, you may be
hold. 1 Tho, gentleman immediately caught
hold of her ear, und gavo it a pinch. "Nay,
madam," said he, "you have a wry face, too."

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