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. .11. ltnh mill Arrest, of ilia
M ' most daring nitemp was made
Sraa & bVnr'd, in north Sec
S&vccn Market and Arch. , It
w the store is closed every evening
!!" 1 jM. but that a young, man
h 6e .!,, nn, it is irtmrdnd
i'.r'.'th dorr. About n fort-
lr' filin nnrttinrs wns. walk-
iBCft t .lho J-- ro!.
I iL.ttltll M I 1 I O
IjU'1-" ,rt M rtnrnmrr In
-mri'i; sviu-- . . .
This old New England festival Ims tigniti nt 0 12 o'clock. Lecture by A. D. Ely, A. 1).
passed by with nlj.ijs joy unit with n its sJ,t,J"i iM.MAi. jHauni.tism."
111 the next day. lie made inquiry
J'"10. " . I .1.... i1, ,lnrr mil lint
IV, wnosaiu uiu.. ... (,
,pj(rc left tbe More. ThisciMU
the facts
, fVCIIfU Cll-"""'"i ----- - -
V. .. i .. nr.. communicated to the no
Bf" .. . ..:!ti..it rrnt.rftlf.tm nf
. '1 V.I"lllllll ..... V. ... W I
I fiiC-t u....l.. ,,.,.1- nil ,-iri.rnMtlnn.
I lb If, III""'" . .
. i r.-i) nhnul the nrcmises
I'cWUf nl enon nscentnined that
iWrnS"" V-. ;ii.,i..0,
-the intention ot a -
1 . i ...M lm nllnmiltcd Oil WedllOS-
one or two of the most trust-
Iol the pOIKl' siauuiini im-iiiosMi-o iii
and watched in breathless sits
Iliulli, I"' , , , ..!..!.,.
tit ill'' approach ui mi.- viutiiiio.
J.juoclork that evening, u light wag-
I mi. up in iroin ui uiu u.iiiiiiuu mi.'
.. '.. . I it .....I int. n. I I..I..I .
t. gilc'liteu Ifii' "t "" i"u'ivuiin.ij
1 ior bv false keys, and
p in uc interior.- "'".he
. 't u" ...rmiiLed them to. nuck un
I a,.icir.l ilrllnrs worth of drv
,bwi they suddenly appeared and
-inland resisted to the utmost of their
but in vain.
....r,-r.mivcyed to tho Mayor soflice.
I'tte yesterday morning examined. In
ilwil.diey wete fully committed
i ml. ... Tti.n..G r.il..
fti.ll nieir ii.uiivo iv ...i.v- ..mi,
:i Hull, and John Iiouptman, nil ro
from New York, and nil of them, ns
ItlKved, old olfenders. They are
-nitn ol "Ciitei'l appearance unci nil
; . .11 .1...., i........
ind wort' 20 III umuin-o, unnri-uiiio
Ihfr crnamenis is jewelry. Immedi-
Merthiir committal, tne olrxers pro-
1. , .1 .
.1 to their r snienre in uie uyper pari
: couutv " here they secured a large
of goods, stolen, it is probable.
. .r sinn.s mi much credit cannot
ti-i'dtothe I'oIicp, for the judicious
11 .1 I
I'.JIul manner in wnicn tuey navu
l,J iIia innttiT tli rati ItQiit. 'J'hnv
F. -- c - ---j
n upon the track of the rogues for
1 . 1 .1 .. 1 ... .1. .
i iir nnt m n id I ou i iu ui i ine nosi
lendjble" course on their part, could
itItotliec.ipiure. rcnnsyivania tunq.
i .
In Ctilrutla. 13 v the arrival nt Uos-
j hate received Calcutta papers to the
i it tii- . i
untie, a ureauiur uisasier occurreu in
i.t ttie capital on mo iin. inopar-
i are as follows.
Iiinithe severe storm on Sunday eve-
Itlie lilitnin struck the Magazine a;
iDutn, exploding siuv barrels of Gun
I. :.,.!:... .1 i
ki. .iiiu laum:: u iiiihu iiaui.iuu uiiu
life. When tholiililiiinn- f.-II on iIil-
fcitie, it took up ihv building from the
Ition to a depth of ten feet. The
I were crushed into koah, and thrown
a quarter of a mile on all four sides,
ousfjin the vicinity snfl'ered very so-
some nnu meir roots (alien oil, anil
h.id their duos and windows shatter.
Bbei'tins ne.ir the snot were overturn.
Ithcir carrtancs broken to pieces. A
lovwith the sentry was. taken up in
about two hunJted feet, and when it
M the man was lifeless. Mr. Sr.nit.
iwrd, while in his nalkec carriage.
ho lliltlllred vards from lln.
his horses 'sinick dead, th coach
as not be hoard nf mill lititivnir
In the act of running awny, was bad-
i-uuii me cueeu bono anil arm.
njliowas in the carriage was not
me lolloiving are the casnalities
Menu as far as we havo been nble to
tm. Nearly all of the men were sen
'iw ill the Magazine and its vicinity.
sHutii uean uy lightning.
n Siug, wounded by lightning on
and right arm. Shark Ilusswii
oanded on tlm right leg by the felling
Uicl.3, hut no bones broken.
Khan, private, struck by a brick
i'm,anu lost two of his teeth
"ijr. private, itationed near tho
as strticl.- nn tin. 1... . 1. !..!.
I ti ..7 "iiii uv u unci..
j 'wick. A Uardincr wounded on
J m and forehead. A Ghurra.nie
b lightning One Euronean.
". he hospital btoward) wounded
iMiith and nVIrt n m'...- t
( , --o"- ii. auu noises
"We .iri InlJ .1 i II
, aV , wwl lo.UUU liarro s
.ff.iv anous points on tno
N winch you1' nndthnt this largo
teis' ..'Oiling ivtll nftt tin.
r IWCII. !1 m t )... I
nvitl l ' " "nsenuence oi
l. I "ii;iiuooi uoais.
fin ,We1.un'otond1 a source
.at the lino boats were drawn
n , '-mum uven iirnniThi ii.n
i we was nn ,lio.,.:.: . '
i fmii:. 7 "I'wamuu m continue
i "'lies of transnnrintinn 1 IIP tlwi
oquamiiv .ni,.i.. . rvy-
"iceortl,n V , . u reimction
. ."" "llllie. Ul'linm nnm.r.
'lie mi,,. ' lHr w,i, wp
Iv nf,, . u ) oin we ure
e.o( Vlllll!Sll,lll'vholc truth
hit whom jtmny.
J. Y. Ma: Ado.
Utln '''"r'y robbed of 820.000
Ir , :" olpfrcd a reward of
for r "-'.ery of lll0 nj.0t.r or
the 3 1 ,M; 'tly
.. ""II ui uiu
dim. . ,"HJ,u.t L
"I inn rn .!.... ll.
J inn... r.."""n'a'
ck , i, q' 1110 m,,Ucr u"ti' fo
Cl himj lw would ca l at
li, 1 ,lu "'Ijht. after and nav
(It t, 7") jjo restored
?'6plieng nccordinlw
IW h . OV
l! ihn' c ,...a,.co,,l, of nights since,
h200n(. :.U.'.,ai'd wns.lllc SJivc-n
7 f ' jw., VII J,
ff- Y. Juu. Com,
(Question for. discuss oil., t' Was Clharles I.
jyBlly beheaded?"
Juttiecs of the Peace for the loicn of Hum
titcrston. Asa Knight, Asa I,oyden, Sain'l
KnighuAsn Diitlon, Jplii,l' Stenrtfs, David
Bemis, Josiah Tuft, Enos Leonard, Kufus
Moore, Joel Chandler, Thqinns Miller, Sain'l
Miller, John Clark, Joseph Duncan. Com.
IlrlKliton IUurkct--jUoiii1iiy, December C.
(Iti'iuileil fur the I). A(lirrli."cr fi 1'iilrint.)
sorrows too. Ftjonds lonir ubscnt. hiivn
gnin met tinder the parental roof, nnclhcnrtsJ
V ui iiuiviu iviui juy. ami innnKitiiuess, imvo
again beat iii happy unison tho sound of
mirth hn's been head, on nil sides, nml mu
sic nntl dancing lins-evory where abounded
kindrod hearts havo entered together up
on tho untriod state of matrimony, (for it is
a day in which thcro is marrying and giv
ing m, ma triage,) and are now receiving the
cordial' creetinrs and irood wislms. Imtfi nf
those who bear witness to the happiness of ' ,.iAl nmrIct ,,3 lcc(l Cottle, OO.Storcs, 1.320
that state, and thoso who are enjoy ing bliss-1 Ui? r"?" i . i
ful dreams of tho ultimate fruition of their 1 rJi ""tW. C'"";-' ?.m,vanco .WJ cft
nrdent lin..onll li,. !.,. n ! '"? n'" 'erce.veo ...v jnir ipioiotio is,
but yet nut all, for sorrow obtrudes not it
self upon the world. The brido has been
sorrowful; but the world has not seen it in
her reflections that shu was about to leave
the hull of her father, with all its endearing
ties, father, mother, brothers and sisteis, to
trust in a stranger arm and to seek new
friends & confidants, it may bo in a stranger
land, has felt that all is not joy. But there
is a class whose sorrows are nioro grevious
to beborno than hers. In tho innnv fami
lies which have been assembled together,
now very many are
viz: a few extrn nt $G 60 a 6 75; first ijualitv
nt 5 75 a $6 50; second quality nt 85 a 5 7dj
uniu ijmuiiy ni S3 io a 'i in.
Storc--A very few sales, only were effected.
Shccji Prices havo ndvanccd, Lots were
token at 25, 2 75, 2 88, S3 and 3 50.
SieiHc-r-Sales quick at nn odvouce. A lot
sold to peddle at 8 and 9c; nt retail,. 8. and 0
for large, and 9 mid 10c for small.
.UAH It 1 171),
At Wiiitinghnm, Nov. 29, by Rev. Ilmea
V. Ilallou, Mr Elbridfjo Lyman and Miss A I
vira Simondti, both of Dover.
At (jiiilloril, Nov. 30, by Ruv Asa Ilayncs,
ire overcast with doom. k.lSV,"0.r,l ".'"i'.V "ev Asa Haynes
at tho loss of one of its cherished meml SCTdll. Ms. W W W
kiuiif uj.c nni iiiiiiiiui iv&uvui iiiuny u lillllliy I ' 1 ' . .
nnTnr f T 'T", "m ' ' Mt&. N. Y. Octnlmr 30, Mr Alfred
nainents, tl may be Us br ghes ho will Steams, son of Mr Heuhen Stearns nf llratth
ineetthein no moie on earth. 1 o nil must boto, and formerly a resident of this town,
come the breaking up of these happy meet-; aged 81 yeni.
ings. As time steals on, honored parents , In Cofrain, on Tuesday, of last week, Mr,
ace plucked from life, and hitter are the leurs .Gilbert M. Lyon, son oC Mr. Aaron Lyon,
which affection sheds, when the day returns '. "H'.''1 9,r' . ...
in which children have long been in the ' . cr"1? t'o. suddenly, iSIw
practice of gathering around Them. Broth-' ,l30"' ,0r'"C,l-V f 1 Ul"C-V' k
ers-and skters may meet together under tho i - , , ,,7i ..n
i r .i i.i i i .1 - - - - -
iii i.. i itii.1 uivnciuiiii, utii iiiu i;ui;i iiuiu tuillia i
of those who were wont to grace its head
have been gathered to their fathers, and the
complacent smile which mantled on the
euro worn features of a father, and the aflec
rVtlllS Truss is now gaining the full confi
JL lideui'e of the pnlilii:, although but recent
ly oll'ered for sale. The grand mm of the in-
HAAE been receiving for tho la?.t: t,,vo
weeks, o lnro nnd extenpivq. assort
ment of OpOOJ, both from New York.npd
Boston in nil, GO cases (nt least) of,
Their Stock now comprises almost evdry
thing wanted at n country store. Tho fpl
lowing are a pnrtr.
70 " Cassimeres, Plain, Plui.Is and
75 " Satinetts, Plnin, Iflaid, &, Stripes;
iJ.r) !. Coiitijigs, fioip 50 cts to 0 1-2
dolLnr,8.t)qr,yiirl ;
'J5 ' Silk, silk and' worsted; ccttcn, and
other Yestings;
J 3 Blue, black, Silk Velvet;
G " Congress Cloth, for Wrappers
and Over-Coats ;
700 " Prints nnd Calicos ;
7o " Fig'd and plain Merino nnd Cir
cassians ;
CO " Black and col'd Silks for Dresses;
AH color' J. Alpines; blue, black and green
Cnmblets, foi; Ladies Cloaks; Highland,
fig'd nnd plain Shawls; Merino do; Valen
cia, Silk and Thibet do.; Ladies und Gentle
mens Trimming,? of nil kinds, with n great
variety of new u.nd1 fiishipnablc Ktbbonp.
"Also, a very general assortment of; Crock
ery, Glass and Hard Ware with a full
supply or W. I. GOODS.
11. & T. keep constantly on hand a large
and extensive nssortmeut of
)ooIiiii, Parlour mul Hox
2 0 T 3 3 ;
of the most uppiovcd Kinds and among
them ure the l.iotary, but wo would mention
more particularly the every ttfierc eeletirnjed
('anient Stove, meaning, every where they
have been used.
Their stock comprises a more genernl as
sortment than ever before olfcred, a.rj.d as
Watches audi Jewelry.
HAS just, received from llostqq, a splendid.
. assortment of WATCHES nod JEW
EI,llY',,of the latest Fashions, whjch hq of
fcrxfor sale on the most reasonable tfjrms.
Watches and Clocks carefully repaired' and
warranted. Nov. 21.
Windlinpl,C"unty-s-Snprcrno Court,
In Chancery,. February Tqnt,A. D. 1830.
Mm KliYcll nnd Jjimfj, II, Tjulor, Coin.iinani,
vi, --. t i
Davit! Uakcr nml Mary Ann.Guti'pr, I)cfcii!ant.
TiIIE Complainants appear, by qmueli
..... . I1'0!. their Solicitor, and enter their
III In rilinnr-nr.. 'IM... IKll '.,1.1... . 'll..l
AIIU J, III Dll if 07 (111 Olllll
doctor $iiiih
rrAICES this method to inform his friends
-Mj and natrons, Hint he intends to lenvq the
place in.about three weeks, la.be nbjent 3 or -1
mnnthc nn n tnnrnnir AT... ill
" " 6 1,
IrfflinE subscribers will sell at Auction nt
X their Dwelling House in Marlboro, on
Monday, the 12th day of December next, at
0 o'clock, A. the following property :
20 to 30 heall of Ca.ttle ;
25 or 30 Sheep ; Ilortcs ;
2f to 30 tons of Hay, Iir3t quality t
200 or 300 bushels of Potatoes 1
Cider, Funning Ulcnsils, nnd many
Articles too numerous to mention. '
AaiVjoasNov. 28, 1830.
Stove, Copper, Tin and .Sheet
Uil! In Chancerv.
David linker, on tho 22d day of February, A.
u. loyi, oemg jumiyiiidcbteu to the snul Ura.
Hinj, in uiu snin on ciBiiiecn Hundred ((pilars,,
J nd I
rrillE suhscriber.v have formed a copartner
JL j-Ij ip under the firm of
most univetsal failure :o elfect cure, by the
use ot null s ntut Oilier common Trusses.
The Americati, '('rn has been iuiuvoiit to
nitl'KCTio.N by subtU'jtinij a awe philosophic
...i .1 .. ..
tionate look of n tender mother, as they saw ' , " or, ' , , "mW .,rL'
, ,, ., . . r . . upon the Ilirnin, m whatever, position the
arouml them the promising fruits of their w!C!(rt.r , ,.1C0 ,,iJ1M.jr. tu object tw
caro awl toil, arc essentia i Is w Inch cauu.ot Hi:K., .vrrAixrn. The great etror regarding the
well be spared, and their absence will throw itait or allium has been the cause of the al-
n gloom o.ver many u 1 lianiisgivmg day.
Aiishtta j(cegrj.A.
l-cmaie rmpasior-a lougA we.-. or a- , nm n,!lniri:,y jmikiil forin nnj colls'Iruc.
bout n month past, a wojuutu called Sarah 1 ,ion so ,,,. . J,.1SC and s,r(.ty 0f iiwenrer
Ann ! osier, npparently over thirty years of js piudied, together with the great ultimate ob
lige, nas excited u good aeat ot sympatny ; feet, a rnnn ct cum.. Tbou nlllicted with
and interest in this city, ns u deaf tnute. i Hernia will 'do well to make a trial of this
She is supposed to have nrrived in the Prov j Truss, ns the patient's chance of being cured i
idenco enrs on tho U.'ith of Oct. was sup-! lessened, the longer a ease is protracted, and
i.lied with a slate and pencil, and readily i casualties may gie.uiy increase t .e danger.
wrote as her history.that she had lived many
years in Sugar Loaf Township, Ponnsylvnt
urn that the poor master ol that town bail
paid her expenses to Boston, ou her renre
seiitution that she had a mother here, aud 1 Dec. 1S30
that besides being deaf aud duinl she was
subject to fits. Some benevolent individuals
took her in, and supplied her with several
dollars worth of necessary clothing. Her
mother was advertised lor, hut did not ap
pear. A Delink wasiobtained for her to'tro
ise ol Industry, but sho expres-, siiunieu in uiepiensani vinage oi urauviiie, i.
repugnance to associating with j Y- ALohis Brick Furnace, Oil Mill and Lot,
most of the goods have been purchased n iu"' wiI.' carry on the above mentioned bnsi
miction nnd Ipw prices, they ar.e vpVU'd to ! '' J," iNo- ' V',c) Uo . "'altleboro. And
ofler then; whoLale ..jijetai. at pru-cs! "lu1
Be particular to imiuirc for the American
rruss, JaquithN Patent,
(eur silent OraUlvVoro, by
JUII; l5VUNiA.H cc Vo.
to the I louse
Ileal Estate for Sale.
Till', subscriber wishing to re-
!.'. ii. r... i i.:-
lUtt't 1UI IJI UdUK
OH I'MIOUHK and Buildings
sed great repugnance
situated n liulf a mile fitm s;iid village on what
,7.. ol, ,.,! .,,t,,c 'Situated n null a mill
IIUII1JI-I ou y llili aitu iuj oi.ii i i.o, ' . , , , ,., .. ,
uml coald earn her living. Applicntton ,.,,. . . , ,..,. . iL. '
was then made ot the Agency for "the pre- - ,lllel iine ,ulJ Klttlct. Timber lots with an exl
vention of pauperism, and Mie wns direct- j cellent water privilege Tot any kind of machine
eil ton place where she wns employed in ry operations, with a House and Lut, situated
sewing, one was tounu cnpnuio, tan was nooui ten unu-s can oi ergennes, on wuai is
troublesome from bad temper and (its, nnd called New Haven River, in Bristol. Yt. All
discharged from employment in n few days, I r any part or said properly is ottered on a lib
ber employer suspecting she was un jm. ernl credit for at least oae half of the puichase
' . ,, m;.....i , ...... I money. For fur her particulars reference be-
postor. ext sho was obliged to go to , , -() Tiln0 Adki, , Wcst Brattle-
ihn Ilnncunf I iiilnstrv. u- inns s in wns nnii-t , r .. . :n.
- "V .. ' : , uiiro. anu io me snoscriutr iivm- m uruuvuiu
A Great Barsrain,
FOR SALH. that noted and val
uable Farm, known by the name of
the Gov. II DMT Fahm lying near ihc
centre of the town of Y'ernon, on the
easterly nnd westerly hide of the County Road
leadiii'.' from BraitleliorotoNorthfield, contain-
of he inrousms tl o1"' about 21i0 acres of Land, about 100 acres
of her parox s. s b lit fwM h ;lrc fifSl ra,e Mcadow Lalld ,03e,icr
,-us kindly taken up, carried wji a ,WM.Mory Dwelling House, two
Barns, and Out Buildings necessary lor ibeac
couiuiodation jofsaid Farm.
For further particulars enquire of Samukl
Claiik, Hekkv Ci.aiik, or Ciiaiiles H. Cu.ne.
Bruttlebnro, Dec. 7, 1830. M
and industrious at first, but soon discovered
an ill temper, nnd annoyed her fellow in
motes with her epileptic yaroiiims. Not
liking hor quarters nt South Boston, she Inst
week askeu her discharge, writing on her
slate that she wished to return to the South,
nnd that she could find means to do so.
Shu was discharged on Friday, walked off
with great speed and apparent good health,
and took the road to Providence. When
about four miles from the city, she was at
lacked with one
road side, and wus
into the nearest house carefully nursed, mid
received medical aid, 1 lie benevolent in
tho neighborhood were called upon, and
contributed libeially for her benefit, aud n
purse was making unto defray hor expens
es home to Pennsylvania. She had now
thrown away her slate, and used her tongue
freely. Ono lady, however, doubled Tier
statements, made enquiries in the city, and
wus soon satisfied that this person was tho
same who for a mouth past, had passed as
deaf and dumb. Two of tho managers of
tho House of Industry were requested to
visit her tit lloxbury, and found her reclin
ing on a sofa, surrounded with every comfort
thai sympathy could afford ; nnd it was vi'ith
difficulty that the good people could bo nur
suaded that she was nn impostor, anu all
her fits a pretence tQ qbtaiq iflqnuy ffjr tra
veiling csp.cnscs. Boston Merc, Jour,
A distressing case caujo updor pur police
on Tuesday, A goujjeinnn passing in tho
upper part of the city was accosted by two
little girls, who begged of him for charity.
"You can't want any thing my liltlp girls,"
he replied, "you ar.u tp.o comfortably ilres
sed.' "Oh, no, sir," they answered, '-'jt U
for our poor mother, coma with us and we
will show you." Tho gentleman prompted
by a humane feeling highly honornblb to
hjij heart, fqllpwod the little girls jnto a cel
lar, whore he found their mother, a respect
ublo wpi.nan, with six ypijnger children in
tho utmost distress, having been .totally des
tilutuof food nnd fuel for more than twenty
four hou)s. The poor woman was from
, in this state and wus induced to
coipe hero by the persuasion of her husband,
who proves'tqW ft drunken, worthless fel
Ipjv. JJe had aban.done-d her, nnd sho had
in vain sought for employment to obtain a
livelihood. There was no ono in these hard
times could scarcely afford to hire iplp P.r
bestow alms. The gentleman immediufely
provided tho fumilv with money, und made
arrangements to nave n comfortable- room
hired "for them at his own expense.
iY, Y, Star.
Comers, on nait of said premises.
Grni.ville, Nov. 10, 1830, eop3wl l
Ti hfijr
l! 11 ifcnB
THE subscriber offers for sale
his FARM, on which lienow lives,
iu Jamaica, containing Sr.vti.NTY
At'iui.s of i;ood land. Said Farm
lies on the load leading from Townshend to
Manchester, about 2 1-2 miles fiom Towns
hend West Village.
Also One other Farm one mile north, con
taining Oni: Uu.ndiiiu) Amies;. Those yyishijig
to purchase will do well Jo pall' rind c'xanjine
said Farms before purchasing elsewhere.
Jamaica, Dec. 0th,' f30. 11
THE Proprietors of the Hinsdnlo Bridge
and 5jxjh New Hampshire Turnpike
Corporation, iire hereby noli lied that their nn
nuul mpeting for the choice of Ollicersfor the
year ensuing, will he holden nt the Inn of Col.
i'aul 'Chase, in Brallleboro, on MONDAY,
the 2d duy of January next, at two o'clock, l
M. ' Also to transact any other business which
may legally come before the meeting.
By order of the Directors,
HENRY CLARK, Proprietors' Clerk.
Brattleboro, Dec. 8, 1830. Jl
c ust ihii Ij o tis.
ONE or two hundred thousand feet of Ash,
Oak, Birch, Beech, Maple and Hemlock,
can be Manufactured at the Sienin Saw Mill
into boards, scantlings or nlank, ul moderate
terms. Also, fair prices will he given for mcr:
chnnthbliiHeui'loefc'LosB, deliveied at the m'jll
or lumber yard, Dn. JOHN WILSON.
Brallleboro, Dcc.S, JS30. ' 11
mO HIRE, a man for one year,
JL of Dr. Rockwell nt the Insane Asylum,
either of the Trustees ol the Institution.
or ot
Dec. 8,
' tCD. B. THOMPSON has just received
from Boston a further supply of II A H Dr
that cannot fail to s.itisfv customers.
Shipping Furs und all kinds of Produce
lakeot and liberal prices given.
Brattleboro, -c. H
Halifax High School.
nn HE next Term of the Halifax HIGH
JL SCHOOL, will commence on Mox
uav, the 12ih ikiy pf December ucxt, under the
continued superintendence of V. G. Bnowx,
Tuition iu all Branches v3,00
Board can be had nt a less price than at any
other School.
SAM'L F1SK, Ja. Trustee.
Halifax, Nov. 21, 1830. 12
fcroiEH, Sueet Iiio.v, itc. ic. Their woik
lawful monny oftlio Uqifcil Statf-s of America,'
specified in three, promissory, 'uotr-s, benring'
date the samu day and yenr last aforesaid, for
the sum of nix hundred, dollnrs ench, with law
ful interest for tho same and in order to se
cure the payment of tho said sunt of money,
specified iu the said three pronissory notes,
according to tho tenor thereof, to tho said Orn
uirs; he the said Dvil Baker, an tjip day ond
year Inst aforesaid, for anil.' in, consideration of
the sum of eighteen hundred dollars, so duo
npd oweing from the said David Baker to the.
said Orators as aforesaid, and also of one dollar
to them in hand paid, by his cerlaiu Indenture,
or Deed of bargain and sale, signed with life
hand and scaled with his seal, and acknowledg
ed and recorded in due fortr). of, Itpy, tJie date
whereof is the snipe, twenty secoijjl "day nf
February last aforesaid did grant, bargain,
sell, alien, relen.se, convey and confirm unto the
said Orators the fidlowhig, de-scribed! laud nnd
real estate, situate, lying in Guilford, in tho.
County of Windham and Stnte of Vermont,
being all that certain piece of land or farm,
with the huililinrra thnrrvin. nml lininir lln.
13 shares of Vallarous Baker, Lucy Gould, filvira
naococK anu me said uavid Uaker, as heirs at
law in the estate of Peter Baker, late of Guil
ford nforesaid, decea5ed? and of J,ovina Baker,
also deceased, and which, taken, together, nro.
Ixiunded ns follows, to wit, Southerly by tha.
State line of Massachusetts, Northerly by tho!
land set off to Lorin and Miraiidn Baker,
Easterly by land now or late of Luther' Shiil
tuck and Roger Aldrich, YestLrly by hind"
nnw or late, of Amos Ilurrnnglis n'nd Jnbir.
Denisou, and containing, about one hundred,
and filly acres, be the eamo more, or less. To
hrtyc and to hold the said grunted and btirgiiin
ed premises, with the jirivileges and appurle
lYinceSj to tlie said Orulnrs, their heirs nml nn-"
sifrns.forcver, to their own proper use, henefit
and behoof, with n proviso or condition thereto
annexed, that if the said David Baker, his ex-
L-Liiiuis, iuiiiiiiusirniors or assigns, siiouiu well
nod truly pay to the said Orators, their heih,
and materials will be of the best possible nun!-1 executors, administrators or assings the said'
itv will be promptly executed and delivered. , KUi"V. of money mentioned nnd specified in the
. i !, i. . i r . , ... . . . I..r..r. . t,..:i... j . i, : .
nuu win ne soki ai ns tow prices as can ocany
whore obliqued. Their nss.oitmeni of Stoves
will include all the IP" approved varieties
and unions
in Fl'NMTl'Vi: mi CJtAHlS
at the lowest Bostou Prices, (Ao istah'J .')
at the Sign of the
(Opposite Chase's Stage House.)
A 1.80,
Brallleboro, Dec. 1, 1S30. tf 13
e rest tlie u-onicai. the HoT.nv.
and Unovcn'H
said before decribu'l three nromissorv notes.
nccordinir to the tenor of tha ss.inc. bv the time
therein said and limited for tlm payment th'ere-
ofj (whiph' is now, long since
past) then the
null and void
I...1.M'.. said deed of-convevance to be
vi.. . . .i..n,.,i, u..vi VJIIVII.il n t l,V-llll,l.v . , . r I 1 .
many other patterns of Box and Paw.ocii ! li",'.1 J'W c"-'ct' "thcnvise to be and rcniain in
Stoves, ' 'I "dl force and virtue to convey the premise
J. tt. ESTERBROOK I niuiramu, im 111 una uy urn sain occtl 13 nut
W II ESTERBROOK custody of said Orotors will appear, ke. ' And
Brallleboro, Nov. 30, 1S3C. 13 t'" .s?i(' Orators further show that the said
.LSiiviu ijtincr uniu, in wii, mi iiu' uin nnv oi
r eoruary, t. u. ioja, ninne. uno executed a
The Franklin Scries of Stand
ard School Hook.
pretended conveyance of the said premises to,
one Mnrv Ann Gotier of the Citv. of- Neiv-
York, for and in the alledged considejatton 'of-
r 11IIIS celebrated series of School Books.
X consisting of Ihc FItANIil.lN I' RIM-1 oirrin 1,11ml
'I, the IMI'ltOVED llKADKll, the! know'tilmil and recnrdeil in due form nf l.iu-
':Ni:ilAL CLASS UQOfy, and tc.BO-l,n,l tho s,aid 0'rn.tors furlher show, that the
UM Mi't yAVJl ,s now admitted by i said sum of eicht.een hundrcit dolfars specified
: most able Teachers, after full experience in tlm nfiiri's.liil nmmaunr nnli-s miMiti.ir.i-,1 in
F-nllE "Fixed Times nnd Places" for hold
JL iii" Probate Courts in the District of
Marlboro, the vear ensuins. are ns follows:
l)ccrn.licr,ljl U'stlnrtilny, llig;in Inn, Fujetfetillo.
Junuiiry, Ml vcuatilny, lliair'i inn, iiraiiiciiurn.
Kiliruiy, lat Vcdiu-ftluv, lliilillo' InnU'iluiinston
tiirrti, l.il Wulcuilay, Bigjiiii' Inn, t'uiciiciillu.
Apiil, In.t W'cilncula) , Chime's Inn, llmlilclioru.
Mny, Wi'iliicJuy, Itiilillo'i Inn, Wilmlnglnn.
June, List iVci!m-clny, lliggini Inn, Knjcuci illc.
Jnly, lal WoilncfiLy, Clic Inn, llraiilcborn.
Angii.t, lutt Vdncibiy, Itiilillo' lmi( WiIin.initon.
Sept. lait yeilnd.iy,'llig"in' Inn, I'nycttftillr.
Dclulwr. I.ut Vilne.dnv. CJufe' Inn, fil'.itllilxirii.
Ku,tiiilK;r,j.t V'ciliicjilay, ltiilillo't Inn, Wilniinglon
Dummerston, Dec. 1, 1830.
Marlboro District ss, At the I'robate Court
boidpn at Wilmington in and said district,
on the last Wednesday ot November, A. O
1830 Present. Hon. Asa Knc'hl, Jndaei
COME Asa Pnttpp nnd Sleplien Dutton,
Administrators of tho Estate of ASA
BUTTON. late of Dumnierstpn in said
district, deceased, and fio their administra
lion account : Whereupon it is ordered, that
(he satqe he heard and examined before sajd
court, at the session thereof to be holden nt
Fuyetteville iu said district, on the last Wed
nesdav of December next; And for the pur
pose of notifying nil concerned of tho time
and place Of hearni", said administrators are
directed to publish a copy ol tho record of
this on or three wee is success uuv. in me
Vorrnont Phojnix, ns soon ns may bo.
A true copy ofjexori,
A. ICEYES, Rcg'r.
Dhlrict of Marlboro, ss.
To the Heirs, or their Guardians, of the -'s-tale
of JOS1AU AI.LCN, late of Uhit
inglmm, in said dfstrict, deceased, and to
fill coucentetl in saia t.staie :
APPLICATION having been mndo by
Charles "Vynrren, Admjuis"rnor oli
said estate, for license to sell so mpch of the
Real Estute nt public auction or private sale
ns win ou suuicieni to pity wie ueuis ui siiiu
deceased : You nro hereby notified that a
hearing will bo had jn the premises at .t))a
i'robato Court to Uo Holden ou tlie last vycu.
nesday p December, A. D. J83C, at tho Ini
of Edson Uiggins, in New Frntc jn said
district. And unless bonds bo given vjjJi
sufficient sureties for the payment said
debts within suph time us thu court shall
then and there' d'rect,. licenso and uuthority
will bo given the said administrator to sell
sp much of tho tearestao pf said dpceased
as tho personal estute iusufficteDt is pijy,
And it Appearing (pjn part of said estato
cunpot bo sold wjthoiit injury to thoso infer;
ested in tho' remainder, nil concerned are
notifieil to appear at tho jirpp ar).d place
aforesaid, to shoiy ctiuso why the vyjiolo of
said estate should not be sold.
Given under my hand'nt Wilmington in
said district, this 3()th day of Nov. A. U 1830.
jjy order of the Judge,
U A, KEVES, llegistcr.
r.ll, the IM'lorKtt
U Kb Ell Ah
the most, able Teachers, after full experience in the aforesaid promissory notes mentioned iu
in me use 01 mem, nun in poini 01 nuapianon ; the said proviso ol the Mortgage deed ftyire
to the wants of common Schools, for bringing, said, was not paid to said Orators or to any
forward the scholar, and imputing to him an other person on their account, according to tha.
enily and correct knowledge o( ie English said proviso in said di-ed contained, ot the tinio.
Jangungc, nro not uxoeodod by nnyic( of School . thorein mentioned, or nt" any other time but
Books published in the Unityd. Elates. I that U10 said suiri of- eighteen hundred dollars
The Popular Reader is designed fo.r a. Read- is nowdua nnd' oweing to said Orators, to
ing Book lor the use of tlm highest classes in gethcr with the interest on tlie same, &c. that
Schools and Academies throughout : the fJniied Uhe csate and interest in the said inoiia'jcd
States, und is highly recommended auiung ! preiniscs is now become absolute in saul Ora
othcrs, by the Presidents of Dartmouth and tors nnd their heirs. That the said David
Bowdoin Colleges the School Committee of I Baker and Mary Ann Gotier, though request
Northampton Rev. Mr. Davis, Principal of ed, refuse to pay the said sum of eightem hun
the Westfield Academy the New England dred dollars nnd the interest thereon due, or to.
Magazine Ryv. Mr. Hull, Principal of the give up the possession of said premises to thu
Teacher's Seminary at Andover,nnd various said Orators. That the said David Baker mid
others. . . . Mary Ann Cotier well knowt that die said
jij'Thesc valuable Books may be had of , prcinises arc a slender aud scanty security for
J. STEEN, Brattleboro. and of the Publisher, the principal and interest now due to tho Ora-.
A.PHELPS, Greenfield, ou very liberal terms. loH thereon. That the Orators hoped that
December 1, 1830. Iwl3 the said Baker nnd Gotier would have coui-
plied with the reasonable request of tlm (ini-
MILLINEHY& DItJESS MAKING, tors as injustice and equity thev ought to have.
L,a. done. that the Ucleiidauts, and others un
known to the urators, pretend and give out c;
speeches, that the said Baker did not owu'u
Orators the sum of $1800, no.r execute, the
said rnortgngc deed to the Qrators for securing
the payment thereof, with interest as aforesaid.
The Orotors charge that tho defendants knew,
as the truth is, that the said sum of $1800,'
specified in the said three promissory notes,
wns justly due from the said David Baker or
the said Mary Ann Gotier, to tins Orators
nnd that said deed executed as aforesaid, was.,
executed by tho said Baker to the Orators ns
aforesaid, to secure tho payment of the paid'
sum of money ns aforesaid, aod upon no other.
1.M mm.., t 't ri..
jusiuuiiiuti. a nui iiiu nmu sum 111 i-igiiieun
!SS II. ADAMS would inform the
dies ol lnyclcyille and vicinity, that
she has taken the room at Dr. Olds' formerly
occupied by Jacob Du'nlilee,'Jr. where she will
attend to MiLlineuv nnd Dhess M.Ki(Viii all
its branches, and solicits a share of public
Fnj ttteville, Nov. 22, 1S3G..
Commissioner' iYoticc.
7"E the subscribers being appointed by the
' Honorable Probate Court for the district
of Westminster Commissioners to receive,
examine, nnd adjust all claims and demands
of all persons nguinst the Estate of
qte of Louisville, Kentucky, deceased, repre
sented insolvent, and also njj clujms and de
mands in oltset thereto; and six months iroin
the twenty-sixth of October, 1830, being al
lowed by said court for that purpose, we do
therefore hereby give notice that we will attend
to the business of our said appointment, at the
dwelling house of Dan Kendall in Jamaica, on
the liiht Monday of January and llie first Mon
day of February next, from one to six o'clock,
l . on eacn oi pain unys.
' : " DAN KENDALL, 1 r ,
Jamaica, Nov. 22, 1330. ' 13
HEREAS AnioAi.u, my wife, has left
iiiv house and deserted from me ntrainst
my wiH, nud refuses to return to me though
often requested : Thercfoie nil persons will
lake notice t int ihcv nrc forbidden to harbor,
board, or tr.ust my said wife Abigail, while
she continues in tier present sintc oi desertion.
My houte being the propr home for her and
her child, I shall pay nothing for the support
ol them any where else.
Brattleboro. Dec. 1. 1S30. 13
CAME into the enclosure of the
subscriber 7 Slieepi' Tlie owner
is, requested to pay charges and
take them away. ' "
Brattleboro, Nov. 22, J836. 12
Annrciitipcs Wanted.
WANTED, at the Piuntino Business, 2
active, intclligen' Jnds about'ip years of i
age. uoou encouragement win ue givse
such at
of more than
DEBTS due thc.spbscriber of
one venr'a stabdinSi can bo
month without - cost.''
'n.... i. N. IJ. 'WILLISTON
r t" - " ;' j
consideration. I lint the said sum ol
hundred dollars with tlie interest thereon has'
never been paid to Hie Orators, which tlus De
fendants well' know, &c. All which 'ucts and
doings of the Defendants nro enntrnry to equity
nnd good conscience, and tend to the injury of
tlio Orators. The Orators, in their Bill, pray
that the Defendants mny answer the preiuke
and that tho Defendants may bo depie'e'l to
pay and satisfy to tho Orators tljo aforesaid'
sum of 1800, tho interest thereon nnd postSj
by a short day to be appointed by the Court ,
pnd iu default thereof, that tho Defendants, and
all nerson's chiimincr under them, may be fore-
c osed of and from all equity of redemption, or
cinim in and to tho said mortgaged piemiset
nnd every part thereof; and that the Orators
be decreed to hold the snmp freed (mil dUpharg
ed of all equity or benefit of redemption Stc,
nnd that tho Orators 'may have such other diut
further relief as is suited to tho equity of- thejr
case and (o the Court may seem meet.
Ami it npiieyritig to the Court, that tho said
Mary Ann Gotjer, one of ho defendants pain
ed n the said bill, resides without (his $UUe,
and is not within the reach of the process 'of.
this Court: It is ordered by the Court, that tho.
substance and objects of tho said bill bo pub-"-lislicd
in tho "Vermont Pheeuix," a newspaper
printed at' Brattleboro in this Gouujy, Jlireo
xyee.lfs sucpcssively, 'tlio last publication to" bo
qt least six weeks before the next term of this
court, to be holden nt New Fane oforesoid, on
the third Tuesday next after the fourth Tues
day of January next, and that, upon each pub
lication, with this order, tho said Mary Ann
Gotier then and, there, oppyar in said Court,
to bo holden' as aforesaid, oa a Court of Ghrm
pery, jo answer to the, said bill, or JhVmatleru'
therein contained, as ngaiijst Jljo said Mury
Ann Gotier. will be taken' ns confessed hv lnr.
rihil tnich decree br decrees will ho' mailt! in t)u(
premises as to the Court shall appear right and'
just. By order of Court. 4
" .a nil nciT irr'inrmnH .1
o jiwtu juaili miiiijCiU, oierK.
Request all persons indebUid to them for,
newspapers, advertising or job work, whoso.
accounts uavo become due. to mako immediate
p.id this payment. Tlie ncpounti, for (jio ""present, wjl?
uo tound at the oihco oi the Vermont I'huitux.
Iljul may soon bo transferred to other hands?

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