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CCT Thompson's New
Unexampled Success.
rHISKE this Truss has been introduced,
it is taking tlic place ol nil other, 1 russes
ever invented' rersons who nave ineu inc
most approved kinds heretofore made, will lay
them aside and purchase one of these invalua
ble Trusses.
The following recommendation hn just been rcceiml
fiom Dr. Hull, of Vcrgcnnca.
This Truss, he says, is a great improvement
over anv thins that lias hitherto been invented
in the form of a Truss. The superiority of
the above article tlocs not consist in the case
and safety by which they are worn only, but
by proper adaptation will speedily effect a per
manent cure of the Hernia. Numerous certifi
cates to the above facts might be added, were
it necessary, but a slight examination of these
Trusses will convince any one that the great
desideratum has at length been obtained, and
this formidable disease is no longer a dread.
I think therefore that all afllicted with Hernia
or Rupture, and having a just estimate of the
danger of delaying attention to it, will procure
a Truss immediately and be cured.
Vergcnncs, Oct. 1830.
I hereby certify that on commencing having
this season, I was afllicted with a Hernia, which
became so painful that I was obliged to quit
work. I applied one of Thompson's Patent
Trusses, with which I was enabled to labor
daily., and found no more inconvenience in
wearing it than in wearing ray stockings. In
three weeks I was perfectly cured, laid nsidc
the truss, and haVo nad no recurrence of her
nia since. GEORGE A. HALE.
Bratlleboro, Aug. 1836.
Mr. Thompson, Sir The Trusses bezin to
go well, having sold several. Having myself
tried several trusses ol various Kinds, lound no
relief. But putting one of your on the first of
April last, in four weeks was entirely cured,
and have not had occasion to wear any since ;
and I do not hesitate to say that in my opinion
they will by the blessing ol Uod, cilcct a per
manent cure. Yours in nasi
i. ...
L. M.
Greenfield, Sept. 1830. . 11
JEJ For sale, at wholesale or retail, at the
Store of D. 13. THOMPSON, Brattleboro.
HAVE recently imported, by the Ships
Sheffield, South America, Hibernia( By
ron, and Star, from Liverpool, a variety ol
Hardware ttoods,
which they offer for sale at reasonable prices,
at Wholesale for cash, or approved credit.
Among them are the following.
Hill's, Foster's and real mouse-hole Anvils;
Hill's Scythe maker's Anvils;
Blacksmith's vices, hammers, screw-plates, vfce.
Foster's and Powell's Steel plate Shovels;
Sheet iron kettles, saucepans and coal-hods ;
Japaned ten-brays, low priced;
1 1 Cases Sanderson's superior Cast Steel, in
flat, and round bars, and sheets, great variety
of drafts ;
A large assortment of wood-screws ;
Iron and Brass Wire, of great variety of num
bers; Silver plated and Cast-steel Wire;
Brass and Copper Wire cloth, various fineness ;
Brass wires for 'Fourdrinier' machines for pa
per makers;
Walkdin's Inkpowdcr, and patent Japan Ink,
in Bottles, for Banks.
By the Austrian Brig Prince, Kohary, from
25 tons Zinc in plates, superior quality ;
7000 lbs. Mosselman's sheet Zinc.
By the Brig Gulnare, and ship Alciope, from
St. Petersburgh,
130 packs first quality Russia Sheet Iron,
assorted thickness.
Also, on hand,
75 packs good Russia Steel Iron, of common
quality ;
250 bundles English Steel Iron, assorted ;
500 bundles Brazier's Rods and Iron Hops,
assorted ;
500 boxes Tin'd plates, and Stock for tinners
generally ;
A constant supply of Elliptical Springs, for
Carriage Makers, made ut the State Prison ;
And a constant supply of sheet Brass of all
numbers, direct from the Mills, being the man
ufacturers' agents.
Sept. 12, 1830. 6wl
m Fall Goods.
received from Boston a Inrge and elegant
assortment of seasonable GOODS adapted
to the Full and Winter trade.
20 pieces fine, middling and low priced
BROADCLOTHS, nil colors; Plain, stri
variety of colors; Lavender, Black, Drub
and niixt Ditto ; Striped and Checked Do ;
Stout Double Milled Cloths and Cas
siMEuns for Gents' Over Coats; Elegant
Vestinos; 8 pieces stout drab, blue, brown
for winter Overcoats; 0 pieces Goatshaih
Camblets; G pieces Imitation Ditto.
12 pieces plain and figured G-4 Mkuinos :
20 3-4 ; - Do,
40 " Roll'd Cihcassians, very low;
200 " English, French, and American
Fkints and Calicos;
20 " Enolisii Ginohams;
Ladies Camblets, Brown nnd Black ;
G pieces black, brown, green und Claret
Alamnks; Mekino Shawls; Valencia,
Silk und Thibet Do; A large and elegant
assoitment of black and colored SILKS
Fancy Hdkfs, &c.
A good assortment of Ribbons and Trim
mings of nhnost every variety for Ladies'
and Gentlemen's Clothes.
The above, together with a great variety
of other goods in this and other departments
of trade, have been purchased at a small
commission above the lowest AUCTION
PACKAGE PRICES, and will bo sold at
corresponding low rates. Purchasers are
invited to call and examine for themselves.
Fayette ville, Oct. 10, I83G, G
Call and Pay.
THE subscriber would inform those who
are indebted to him that he has once in
vited them to pay, and now is obliged to say,
without, immediate attention to it, they wil
find thc.r demands in the hands of an attorney
fur collection. wt n pitmp '
Btattleboro, Oct. 20, 1830, " NE 8
wMo RobcsT
A LJhlE MK ,Qf Dufral nobes-for
S- sale by HALL & TOWNSLEY.
Sheriff's Sale.
I Inn
C.ir.s.imi., ss. B . . ' :tljmell,
recovered at the October Term of the Court of
Common Pleas, within and for the County of
Cheshire aforesaid. A. D. 1830. in favor of
John Duller of Winchester, in Said county, and
against the Hinsdale Bridge and Sixth N. II.
Turnpike Corporation,- for 281,30 damages
and cost, and will be sold at public vendue to
satisfy said Kxecution, on WRn.vr.8nAY, tnc
M.I. fl 1T1 I... I tlt. I
I'tiu uay in wtui-uiuur iiuai, hi i u uiuun. .
M. nt Logan Willard's Tavern in said Win
chester, the Kranchize ol. such corporation,
with all the privilege and immunities of such
corporation, so far" as relates to the right of
demanding nnd receiving toll ot passengers
travelling over their Mndgc and lurnpike lea-
.i:. r-... t-....ll ir. ... lT II...
uiug iruin Druiui'uuiu, v i. iu f r tu avjun, io.
together with the toll, house near the gate of
saiu corporation ill smu v incnvsier, aim nisu
the toll house situated near the bridge in llins
dale, iu said County.
J. L. HUNT, Den. Sh'lf.
Wim-lm.tnr IMm- O 1H3lt. II
rilHE subscriber, as agent for
A Samuel Whitmarsh, offers for
sale the seed ol genuine
raised in France the present year, and selected
especially for Mr. Whitmarsh. It wil be t-old
in ounce papers at five dollars per paper. All
orders, post-paid, directed to the subscriber
TVT..-.I '. .. HI-.. ...ill l, .1.,!.. ll.,..,l.l ,
11 Ul lllllllllUII, tM3t ,I MV U1..J U..1..1.VU BV.
Also expected soon from abroad a quantity of
the Chinese Mulberry Seed of this year's
growth, similar to that imported last Spring
by .Air. hitmarsli, lor which orders may be
gnt"' C. P. HUNTINGTON, Agent.
Northampton, Nov. 17. 11
Jctrett's Improved Vegetable Pills,
Or ft cr ma 11 Specific,
WILL prove a sure remedy for dyspepsia,
milllilii.f il linncnk af I 1 1 fall mr lit.mhii.ti..
J " " ......., ............a..,
heart hlirn. nur fttnmni.li. Inc. nf HitnMitf. fir.
ziticss, weakness ot the limbs, costivencs? and
pues. Among uie many testimonials recently
received of the sulutury eflects of these Pills
the following stronc inwif is submiiled for
examination :
Extract of a letterfrom Rev. .Mason Ivnap-
pen, dated Sudbury, Vt. Sept. 23, 1828,
"Dear Sir It is with no ordinary interest
that I undertake to recommend to the pub
lic the virtues of Jewett's Vegetable Pills
or German Specific, for the cure of indiges
tion, etc. My own case has been one of the
most unconquerable kind, having long set at
defiance medical aid, dieting, exercises and
the fashionable specific, the waters of Sa
ratoga. Being totally prostrate in mind
nnd body, I was induced, almost without
hope, to make use of the above named Pills,
and was surprised to find their powerful
nnd favorable eflects. My distressing symp
toms daily decreased, and I am now almost
entirely cured of a most distressing com
plaint which for seven years had resisted a
great variety of tho most popular remedies.
"Yours respectfully,
"Minister of the Gospel, Sudbury, Vt.
Extract of a letter from n gentleman In
Boston received through the past office, dat
ed Sent. 11. 1828. "Sir. I nm inilnrml In-
feelings of the liveliest gratitude to make
Known to the public tho following cure by
means cf Jewett's Improved Vegetable Pills
or German Specific. My complaint was
the Dyspepsia, attended with a pain in the
side and stomach, loss of appetite, &c. I
applied to several physicians, and used all
the medicine, generally prescribed to per
sons in my situation, but they proved ineffec
tual. At last, by the advice'of a friend who
had been cured in a case similar to mine, I
made trial of the above named Pills, and by
implicitly following the directions, they
gave mc almost instant relief, and by using
two boxes more, they effected a permanent
cure. I am now enjoying excellent health,
ami would heartily recommend to those per
sons laboring under dyspepsia to mnko trial
of the above medicine. '
From Rev. J. D. Drummond.
With feelings of pious gratitude to hcav
en, (whence (lows every good and precious
gift,) I now come forward to unite mine to
the numerous testimonies of those, who have
experienced the happy effects of "Dr. Jew
ett's improved Vegetable Pills." For more
than two years I have sufTered severely from
a disease of tho stomach, owing to a de
rangement of tho digestive organs. And
though I ran the recommended course of
many remedies famed for their relief-giving
virtues, yet all was vain and useless until
nt length through the advice of a friend I
consented to mnke trial of the above named
Pills, the use of which has completely re
established my long wished for health.
3. D. DRUMMOND, Catholic Priest.
Boston, Mass. July 25, 1833.
The fresh and rrenninn Pill mrn fnr oil
by Williston & Co., Brnttleboro.
James Koyes, Putnev.
. Robbins & Wells, Bellows Falls.
Price 50 cents. eoply H
John W. Frost & Co.
HAVE just received an extensive assort
ment of GOODS which added to their
former stock, make as good on assortment of
Dry Goods. Groceries, Crockery and Hard
It are, Medicine. yc. as can be found in the
country, all of which will be old low
Most kinds of Produce taken in exchange,
for which the highest prices will be paid.
II t wiuhicuuiv, 1KUV 4, If 11
T II E subscriber olfers nit his
Real Estate in Townshend, for
Sale, or any part of it, pleasantly
itnnteil In tin Viillev n little smith
of the East Meeting-house, containing two
Farms, a Store. Mechanic Shops, &c. Ac.
For further particulars, inquire of the subscri
Townshend, Nov. 10, 1830. U
Furniture and Chairs.
3 o
o (to
a 5 o
Satin Beaver Bonnets.
T ALL & TOWNSLEY have this day re
J.X ce.ved, 2 cases Black and Drab Satin
fash rl?r,e,Si 4 cases Silk new and
OctobeMS PC85 1CaS'10' wWb M.
- 0
French Accordions.
Gfor Mrtmcnt and of excellent tones,
Sept. 1830. ' a. E. DW1NELL.
ooiij uiiu oiioes.
Cases BOOTS and SHOES, boucht at
, auction at reduced prices for cash just re
ceived for sale very low, by
I-Fayetteville, Oct. 10, 1830. ,mvlln'1'' G
AT the Old Sta.no adjoining the Bridge,
muy be found on hand or ihj(c at short
notice, any article iu the Cabinet FtniNiTtiiii!
Line; also CHAWS of all kinds, from about
$S lo 10 ccnls each. The Shop has been
recently new lilted up and Ibe Machinery en
larged and much improved, which will enable
the subscriber to sell at us low prices as can
be purchased at uuy other place of the same
XX'Chairx nt Wholesale, nnd ltrtnil.
Mtthi:ksi:s for Hammer Beds oa hand of
the firxt quality.
N. U. Wanted immediately, a few thou
sand feet of seasoned Slit work' for Bedsteads.
Bratllcboro, June 10, 1830. tfll
VcgclablcPtilmonnry Balsam.
THIS truly valuable remedy has now been
before the nublic for eizhi vcars. and has
proved itself the most valuable remedy dis
proved itself the most valuable remedy dis
covered for Coughs, Colds, Asthma, or ViAta
ic, ('o)iKUmption, Whooping Cough, and pul
monary aflections of every kind. Its sale is
steadily increasing, nnd the proprietors are
constantly receiving the most favorable ac
counts of its ell'ects. The following new cer
tificates are offered for public examination :
From Dr. Wm. Perry.
I have witnessed the enacts of the Vegeta
ble Pulmonary Balsam, and have no hesitancy
in expressing it ai my belief that it is a safe,
convenient, and very ellicacious medicine.
Respcctfuly vours,
Exeter, N. H.July 17, 1832.
From Dr. Truman AMI.
For the lat five years of my practice I have
had the satisfaction lo witness the beneficial
eflects of the Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam in
many cases of obstinate coush, and other af
fections of the lungs. I would therefore con
fidently recommend its use in all complaints
nf tlir rllpsf rw lininrr r.mml ,T nr., ;itn.!n. .
any other medicine within my knowledge.
ucmpstcr, j. n. jjec. 3, JS33.
From Dr. Thomas Brown.
The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam has been
extensively used in the section of the country
where I reside, for serpr.nl vrart n.n.f nA l.i.
justly ncijuired a high reputation in Consump
tive complaints. So far as my knowledge ex-
:. i .1- ... ,., n
1.-.JU3, ii.u ucici uiiujrjtuijiicii ine reasona
ble expectations of ibose who have used il.
Concord, N. II. May 11, 1833.
From Dr. Samuel Morrill.
To the Proprietors of the Vegetable Pul
monary lialsunu
I am satisfied that thp Virftnliln Pnlmnnnn.
Balsam is n vnlimliln tnnilif-mn It I......
used in this place with complete success in ob-
Ktinntp rntnnlntnfs nf flm tnnn. I ...:.u
- I " . auus, uuvilUtU I 1 1 1
a sever cough, loss nf voice, and the raisin" of
nini.li i.i.i ...i.:. I. I... i : ,..
...uv.. uiuvu, .. iiii.ii imu ucviuiiMy resisien
many approved prescriptions. After using the
uaisam one wsek. tne patient's voice returned,
and he was enabled to speak audibly. This
case occurred some time since, and the man is
now engaged not ouly in active but in labori
ous business.
Respectfully yours, &c.
SAMItP.f. MnniMr r
Concord, N. II. Jan. 30, 1832.
From Mr. Samuel Everett.
In Ortnhpr lfi'ID I .na n,,.t...i ...:.i
. , w...., a ..mo HllilVKlU iiu a
cough accompanied with a severe pain in the
iilf nmt-rlilTtf.nltt. nl1 t , .
...... ...,..v,,, , .Mi.iiuiny. i tesurieu to
rurcrai remeuies, out without ellect. In Jan.
1831. I wnn nttrniliifl w n sliful .i. I
- - .. wniai.i 11IJ o, 1.1,111, .iiitl
subsequenlly received the advice of several
others, but the disease steadily increased, the
cough was incessant, attended with a bloo1y
offensive expectoration ; my flesh was wasted,
my feet swollen, and my strength extremely
reduced. In Anril mv .mo cnmn.l ,. ...)..
hopeless. I was told by my physicians that
medicine could be of no further service to me,
and it was not expected by any of my friends
that I could survive a month. In this situation
my daughter procured a bottle of the Vegetable
Pulmunarv U.iU.im rwhK oi, i
highly recommended for similar complaints)
and prevailed on me to make trial of it. Its
use was attended with the most unexpected
and happy results. It gave me immediate re
lief, and one bottle effected a cure. I have
since becn'free from pain in the-side, and cough,
except the case of common colds.
Boston, March 1, 1832.
Each genuine bottle is inclosed in n M
wrapper, on which is a yellow label signed
Sampson Iteul. "
. ......umny jjumam nas oeen the
cause lof attempts . to introduce spurious articles,
which, bv nan n v nec.:.. .1... , ', '
. ' ' u"iiiih mc mime oi lie
cenu ne. nrn pn nnlnio.i r. i . ,"c
,i i t- ". iu uiiaiciui mm ucccivc
lie public. Among these mixtures are the
"American Pnlm. ......... n.i ..it ; .
- "". j uuis.iiii," -vegetab e
Pulmonary Balsam Syrup," "Pulmonary Ba -smn,
' and others. Purchasers should inu?re
lui iiiu niuK article by its whole name TUP
V EG E T A B L K p (J LM ON aTi Y I) A LS A M
't ' marks and Ibe !
rune of the cekulne.
Each bottle i and seal is stamped Veoetadlk
PuLxtoNAitv Balsam. For sale by
Williston & Co., Brattleboro.
James Keycs, Putney.
. rn Bobbins & Wells, Bellows Falls.
Price 50 cents. copiy n
XjmlicH JPlush Mats
"DOll sale cheap by
m , A- K- DWINELL,
Nov. 17, 1830.
Cane Scat OhairN,
CONSTANTLY kept and for sale at tho
V lowest factory prices, by the hundred,
dozen, or single sets, various patterns.
Fall and Winter Goods.
15. W. PROUTY & CO.
HAVE tnken the Store, heretofore occu
pied by Win. P. Cune, und have re
ceived a general assortment of
Fashionable Goods,
adapted to the present and coming season,
which they ofTcr for sale on tho most rea
sonable terms. Among tch'tch are the Jot
loicing, piz:
Black, blue, brown, oilve, """""Oj rVcn
and invisible green BROADCLOTHS ; lav
ender, drab, black, printed, and English p aid
Cussimercs, plain, ribbed, and 7.ehrai plaid
Buckskins; mixed and printed Satinctlsj
brown and drab Petershams i drab, green, and
dahlia Lion Skins: super. Mohair Coaling, a
fashionable article for over coals j German,
English, nnd imitation Camblets ; black, bro.
cloret, and green Ladies' Silk and Worsted
Camblets; English, German, and French 0-4
Mcrinocs, some very fine ; 0-1 fig'd Merinoes,
of various colors; 3 -1 do blk. bro, and green
Alepines, some very fine; blk Gro de Swiss,
plain nnd Ii'd Gro de Nap Silks; blk, blue
blk, and col'd Silk Velvets ; blk, blue and col'd
Tabby do; English, French and Am. Prints ;
dark, fancy and mourning Ginghams ; Furni
tures; plain, checked, corded, and fig'd while
Cambrics; cambric, book, Swiss nnd mull
Muslins; Bishop Lawns; bobinctt Lace; a
great variety of edgings and inscrlings: white,
bl&ck and green Blond Gauze and blk Lace
Veils, some very rich; Irish Linens; Linen
Cambrics and Lawns; Linen Hdkfn.5 Misses'
do. do.; Linen Damasks', while and brown
linen Table Covers, from 4- to 8-1 r Crash
and Diapers ; blk and col'd worsted, plain rib
Invalid, Rend 1 1
One disease hast thou only, an IMPUIlITY
OP Till: I1IAJOI), which by impeding
the circulation, brings on Injlumution. or
dtrangnncitl in the organ or part where
such impurity of the blood settles.
Vegetable Universal PHIh,
HAVE n specific action on thin impurity,
which they soon remove, instantly re
lieving, and soon restoring to health: ix thous
and persons can be referred lo in New "i oik,
that these pills have cured of various diseases,
among which are Dyspepsia or Indigestion,
Kerrous complaints, Ulcers (some 30 years
standing,) Consumption, Rheumatism Stone
and Gratcl, Dropsy, Asthma, Pitts, I-utula,
Loss of Appetite, Languor. Wormn of nil
kinds, Deep sealed pains, Tremor, Palpita
tion of the Hrart, Palsies, Dcsjxmdency,
want of linergy, Headache, Costiceness,
Frightful Dreams, Fever and Ague, and
Deafness. In nil cases they will be found a
safe and simple remedy, yet all powerful for
the removal of diseases, whether chronic or
recent, infectious or otherwise; and what
makes them particularly adapted to this coun
try, is, that there is not the slightest liability
to cold when taking them indeed the system
is absolutely less susceptible of cold when un
der their influence than at any other time ;
therefore, in this climate, they are invaluable.
Neither do they require a change of diet, or
care of any kind. In England, these pills
have been the only medicine of many families
for periods of ID to 00 years, and have always
proVed effectual in restoring health whenever
an aberration from it has occurred.
In many cases where the dtcadful ravages
nf ulceration had laid bare ligament and bone,
and where to nil appearance, no human means
could save lite, have patients, by using these
bed Silk, white Mohair and merino and grey pi been restored to health, the ucvouringdis
lumbs wool Hose: Misses crev lambs wool do; , ...ice has been comnletelv eradicated. In con
lambs wool, and white and col'd half Hose ; j sequence of the pleasantness of their opera
worst'd Shirts und Drawers; woollen Cravats; j tion, and the dose not generally being required
red and black merino Shawls, from 0-1 lo 8-1 ; to be more than four or fire pills, (merely kcep
Hi?bland nlaid Shawls from -I to 8-1 ; Valen-1 Iht ;n view the ilrain unon the humorO tliev
cia and Thibet do.; 8-1 Printed Highland nrc fast superseding every other preparation o'f
-the refercn-
Shawl, a rich and fashionable article ; merino, professed similar import.
Thibet, mid fancy Silk Ildkfs; Pongee and Thc following cases aregiven-t!
Hag silk Hdkfs; gent, andladies Silk Cravats; arc aM in , . ci.. nf New York.
a creat variety ot tamboured mid trench rml.,;nt Km-rtunllu Cured. Sir.
wrought muslin Collars; Friets and Ctiils;!oul of rL3IH.cl ,0 vou fo your excellent Pills,
- I I." I.. . .. 1. 1. ..... lr il linihin lur nml .
""ut" ".-".-. . " . - and especially the well-being ol my lellow
Woollen Gloyes ; ladies beaver, kid, , fu 1 ; lined, crcatures j se'j you ,,is shoit account of my
a!u! w,'l,"?f,tul bJk s,lk nn,d T d,l,',c !"c &lorcs ' 1 case. I have had, for two years past, a severe
plain, I alfeia, fancy and check'd bonnet, cap j pain j,, , ri , sid0i whicf, was pr0nounccd a
and belt ribbons; check'd silk, velvet, corded 1 Liver colll,ajt by two respectable physicians
wcltinL", black satinelt and alenriaVestincs: I r .1.;, . u..A n,.....,i!,,;nnc 1 ..0.1 m
wi.iie, yellow, erecu, scanei anu oansoury , avai . si(lc ,Ccominc worse, I was advis
ery two hours, until the pain Irom my side was
' . 11 uf"""',""" """! " -ru,v ' ed to make trial of your Vegetable uutve
nm horse uiaiikcis; orown ano mea. riicciiiiff8 , pjjj which , a,,j soon founj rclit.f, I
and ah.rimgs; white and col'd reuse n ad-: nfler , ,ad bt.cn miu ,hem six Wtfek. 1
uiiiff ; uaumg ; yo ton 1 arn ; icn s ana noys as if one of ,.. 0d aIIack8 was eom on.
iiick moo i s ami anoes ; j omens iiiick sole ,hcn consuu.J you as yoll niay r.mcmber, a
U..U.... ..U ". you ordered me to bed, and lake lour pills
lisscs leather bhocs; removed, and I believe it was very proper ad
ptjSilWond lur Hals ;iv;ce ror rouj scarcely breathe, or bear In
.ttli, IMF nr.. I SI1nllnt.1l I ' . . '
move my body, such was my extreme nam.-
After the first dose of your pills, my side pain
ed mc more severely ; 1 then took seven pills,
and Gaiter Boots; Misses
Children's do ; Tell, na
hair, seal, musk-rat, martin, fur, and Shetland
seal Caps ; spotted, grey, black, brown. Fur
tapes; .Mulls; Hons ot dillerent qualities;
i. ...!. t, , -
iu iuuis uranureth's I'ii .
5 month, entirely succeed,',! 1 5''V!
- -- .. j iiiuuinrr.
Mr Oeorge Gerow, of 371 p. ,
been cured of Deafness of iL "'K
will 1 theses-ilk Dr. B. ?.
Mr Williams. ofGrrn..,. .
r.iro.l f il. . . ""fU.lll.l..
. uuiaiv v-uiii 111 mi v
sav. 1 lint vhripriri it ,,
win noi nave
Fever and Ammi
..l., iiiiinyiu
disorder have been curwl r.
..... ""PI TIfc.
. . m.vu iiirpii?
IhrPC tlUSPft! hut Tp Tl. -1 . "oww
neck i les; uog anu lur uoi ars; uunaio Bkins, anj con,ioueu- takillg ,icm ;D these dosl.s un:
&o., together with a general assortment of , haJ lakcn tlirtt..four piSl when 1 felt a
HARD- WARE, CROCKER Y, and sudden sharp pain, similar to a bullet passing
GLASS WARE; W. I. GOODS and , through my side, and shortly afterwards I part
GROCERIES, Liqwtrs excepted. "'1 wi,n wat appeared 10 be a tleshy or cartil
All which will be sold on .he .1,0,1 reasonable ' S?, J rT'i
terms' for cash or in exchange for all kinds of TI. nl nut J t ? t ni V V
Farmers Produce, Flannels, Frockings, Socks, !'de hcll,,I",v wf' ndJ a'" ,P rcl;
Slocking Van., 7 and 11 Siraw llrald anJl & .aJdI' nu W'i of the best
cord, ccc. &c or' ihort approved credit. ',ca L'N a",d fccl fS',h a man, as I can
B?attleboro, Oct. 27, 830. 8 ' "ow r,n,h,e a,,d 'r'alk. ai wc" ,os eTtT- ou
' nro nf litinrfv in mfnr tn nit I ntti cir ttnir
Westminster District, ss.
13 u it remembered, that at a l'robato Court
very truly, and irreatlv oblitred.
IIenj. Evans, 172 Broom-st., N. Y.
Dysentery and Deafness Cured. Aug.
liAlil..n n r.....n.t,..n.i :.. ..:.i ,1:...:... 2, ioJO. hir, allow me to express my erate-
..w. uv.it lUilttOIIHIU III O.IIU lll3ili.l. U 1 f , , ,. f , , r. 1 I
the lth dnv of ?em V I") ift'ii.- ul feelings for the benefit I have experienced
V-T inv " 1 . P V c ' Ai our Vegetable Universal Pills, in the cure
Tl'ON application of Squire Glraron, of Deafness, which 1 have been subject to
rVr. t0r. " , L.Sta.lC f J0SIAI1 nearly thirty years. I have frequently been
GLEASON, decftiscd it is decreed, that j under eminent artists in London, who have
unless the creditors to said eMate shall on or invaribly syringed mct and who have all said
before the 12th day of September next e.x-1 'bat no other mode ol treatment would be of
dibit their demands agoinst said estate, to MV'cc. The latter part of May 1 again lost
the said executor for settlement, the same bo !"' hca,nS with continual unplcasaut noises
forever barred; and the said creditors be in- n "' ,,ead- 11 was with d.lhculty I could
three weeks successively in the Vermont j thinking that was the only remedy ; you reW
I'lutnix, printed at Bratllcboro, the first pub-1 ed to operate, but told me a box or two of your
licntion to bo within 150 days from the date. I pills would I lave thc desired effect, unit I uns
und nlso by posting the substance of this de- induced to try them, especially when I found
creo in four public places, to wit : nt the Inn l"at many persons had been cured of the same
of Zadoc Sawyer, in Townshend : nt the Inn coll'Plaint. I have taken two boxes which cost
of Ira P. Howard, in Wardsboro; at the Inn
of N. A. Shumwny, nnd at the Store of L.
Mcrrificld, in Jamaica, as soon as may be.
A trtiu Copy of record,
Attest, D. L. PUTNAM. P. Reg.
Iron, Steel, IVails, c. &c.
TTALL & TOWNSLEY have just re
ceived a large and general assorlmei : of
Iron, Steel, and Nails of all kinds and sizet.
November 2, g
1 nnfl Barrels of Cider in t
,Vr V change for Goods, for
which a lair price will be given
oy li. ll. A1KKUELL.
Guilford Centre, Oct. 20
A ..Persons lni'ebted to the Estate of
d jtun ais isYNUE, late of Guilford,
deceased, whose Notes and Acconnls have be
come due, by making immediate payment will
prevent cost.
n ;e , JSL,IIU FIELD, Administrator.
Guilford, Nov. 2, 1S30. u
rt n. Sets ' I00 lct Knivcs anl Ii,orks : 100
Tea l ravs; Snuffers, Trayn. B.usbes, Tea
Pots. Be HOWS. Sail Irnne fin. I,nn. sJ
...U I.WII.-,, I.1IUUI1.
Urass Kettles. I.nmns. Cnn.ll...:..u n '
. , ( ,11 un niiiiis
nun prices, with n most
- . ' ' " J III I III-
', Hardware I urnishing Goods can be
.1 1
had for good ray. verv low. nt
Giiilley's lills.
G RIDLEY'S celebrated Vegetable Bilious
Pills. Price 50 cents a box.
Tooth Ache Paste.
EDINBURGH Tooth Aciii: Pa8Tb, highly
esteemed for cure of Tooth Ache. 60 cents
per box. For sale by
The best Stock
tTATCIIES, Clocks, Jeweliy, Gold, Sil
,, o .ver 1 latl;a anJ Rritannia Goods Vio
lin strings, Perfumery, fine Pen Knives, Scis
sors, &c. &c. ever received in this state, is now
lor sale by '
N, B. All kinds of Watch and Clock work
and Jobs done in our l.n...io.. ,..n
no;: r
mo 50 cenls, and 1 11m haunv to sav am com
picteiy cured. 1 he dose 1 took was two or
three at night, and twice during the time, I
took five. They never inconvenienced mo in
the least, and were remarkably easy in their
operation. 1 certainly can recommend tliem
to any one laboiing utider thc same unpleasant
Permit me likewise to say, my eldest daugh
ter had a dreadful Uiarrhaa or D vspnlorv nn
her, which in two or three days reduced her
irame, anu i thought would have sent her to
the crave. I immediately annlieil in vim in
know if the Vegetable Universal Pills would
have the same bcuelicial eflect on her as they
had on myself; you told me lo persevere, autl
they would make a cure ; 1 had confidence in
them, and am happy 10 say by her taking from
lour to eight pills every night, the dreadful dis
ease left her in about a week. She i nnur
well, and getting up her strength very fast.
She took no other medicine whatever; she con
tinues occasionally one or twp pills at night,,
My family had used the Hygean Medicine for
uiwurus ot twelve months, and tound they
could not leave them ofl", as Costivencss and
Piles were sure lo follow. Thank God, your
pills leave no enemies behind them. I have
no hesitation in saying, your Vegetable Uni
versal Pills nro the safest and the best medicine
mysell or lamily ever took. Make what use
you think proper of this communication, nnd
you are at liberty to refer any one to me, and I
think I am only doing myduty in thanking you,
uirougn uivine mercy, lor (lie benelil received
1 am, sir, yours very truly.
Jas. Lancc,250 Eightecnth-st. nearBroadway.
A Running Ulcer of three years, entirely
removed with eight boxes of Hrandreth's
Pills. Edward Browne, son of Mr. James
Browne, St. James-st., Ulster County, Upper
Kingston, for three years had a Running Ulcer
tn I. : i.: ...I.!l. ..,.1 It. . o -
11 ma inn, hiiicii ouiigeu mm to be carried
about ; the doctors were in daily attendance,
and the best advice was had from New Yoik.
All did not relieve the poor child, who was not
expected to recover. Brandrcth's Pills were
commenced with four months ago, and a de
cided change waa effected before ike third box
was finished, and now having taken eight box
es, he is quite well.
VMfnesa and Pains in the Head Cured.
allowed Dr. B. to mention, that for four years
lie had been afllicted with deafness in the left
ear, all around which wm nnitn i.-.r.i ...
scarcely a day passed without violent pains
VI, i" c.on'"Vual rlnSinS 01 S'nging noise 111 his
nead, that for these symptoms he made trial
01 many medicines, but gamed uo relief until
nr..;i,i ink
nuniinrr nn ihn 1. ... tr
., .... -"iiiiir an rti...
.. .Z . mime Whfll 1
livery individua eo ... "".
tuu a iiia iiin nn, 1.
III IJillioilS Henilnrh lint.
. . .."""'I "IHIOtlJJV
wu s ever, ana alt .mmaMs, 1
PVPrP,l in lt.i. m.... !!X,1n-
. . "l "I. 11. ri,U.
. . ,'T" ,k.
v.....MIMI 11 III Ultrl 11.
lhiiri-itt:ilp... "'"Pki
Citnr.rrs. Sdvuml
. .... vasvs 0
iuucu m , iiiu cure is ru
in the medicine is used. r
m van a. an. . , ... a . . .a.. m
luiiiuL-is nu nare nppn
nn. ItrnnL v., nr,l.i- .1: '
" " " -. . ... j v, ,iim ui;t;asp.
Inflammntom Ilhmmni:... n; .
uiiu nuzauein streets, lor fourth.-.
i-uiui;iuiui3 torments rmm .v..
v..uiiii.iiiiia, wury meuicine knim.
iiiiu iiui 11:111 lrritii inn .l..
Ul f wmcn auorueu no re
mftrithfi IA-A lfpinUnll.t. IT ..
rvcuursc iot ana now although ten 25er
man, swelling cniireir ponp.arJ nj
finrl nnnnfilu r.t.k- ...I. t .
t 1.. ... 11 . .
iii-fiv u'n 1 nrtn n .nHi 1
;) l una j nig srociiHB
A. mmuirlMi-u fhu in i..
: . . ""utuvu oiinub
inio mis counirv as a iiatKm3
, , . . ' "'HVtai
who nave i.iKcn I throu hit r..
uae receivca equal hn(ht with bicutl
said ol Kheiimntism it ,,.ii, ...c.
these distressing complaints.
:;.. r... i , r n , ..
.""""iiui m
ccneraltv he snliiripnt tn i..
either outward or inward Piles, if tain;
es ui nix or cigni t ills.
N'. It. l)rrH o.n ,.r..
- -' " w-.ii ...in iu rinw
wno have been ctm-i mn (..ji.. i
ten or twelve years.
II flPfll .1 . . . ,
W......W... .wuiii; UI1UII, a IK
c r. r n ln.tV tl.n.. n:ll. T I
( ...v .u. a. (tviruiiu
.: I. . r. .1 . , a .
suit, inier uiree uosessi.ciartei!vch
fourteen inche in length anl twM
.1 1 1 ? ..
....a asiv ll l.t.1 1L1.1I a 11 CI I. .Qfl D3I 1-
l l T-v n . e . .
iuivi-u ui. i. iu rcier auy onetofitt.
More than four hundred similar uie
auove can oe now rcicrretl to br Ur.K
P.rnlo will (lnA n.....l.t.1. n.H. 1
medicine for their cliililren ; ihir,rw
jinn, anu a cuiiu a inontn Oid curbtt
benchcial results.
Cholera Morbus. Cramps, CWial
tery, looseness, or I)iarrkaa.vt&tt
cured by this inestimable mcdinitil'
sists nature to eOectuallr throw tlia
ing humor, yhoever takes thto il
ished that medicine is not ill huh;.
will soon li trbl un iht. couulenintritfi!
who make trial of them. I
r. r.i.m.iMi.r ioo n.a;.iAn tiMfl
.... ...U1.,11111IU3, IU. .JIl.lVU
riirnn ni fi arniiiatir tfnncmiviii. n n'
cholera, with only 20 ufihese pills,
of Sept. 1S35. The above genilfiain
denly seized in the middle "of Ibei
.....i . , .. 11. u
wnii vicKness anu rureiu!;.
dreih's Pills in the house, and i
commenced with them, and in 11
twenty pills, which had the effect J
the cramp aud spasm, as wen asm
he awoke the disease was goce. Hit
hi business on the following dir. I1'
iicman nas Known tne nieuiw'-
IValia, UIIU IUIIS1UCI3 11 111 1 aiw""
reference to be made to htm.
For the convenience of the polfc
dreth has established the followm?"?
... . i. .r.i.w i-
ciiizrns as agents lor uie iic'
valuable medicine.
i rice, an cems per ooj, '
A bllllEa V. A All.la.a.E.1., ....ww.." i
II r l)rn,tr.,ll.'c n,,..r-i1 AwnllforS
a. a . . I
nis genuine vcgeiaoie emit. ,,
Counties of Hampden, Hanir'l5,'
lin, Mass.; Windham, and WieW
Cheshire, nnd Sullivan. N. HiBP
rn ..!. . ' ;iJi n
luiiuwing persons are nm'""" i
sole agents for the sale of thePiWttD
sneclive places :
Vermont lirallleboro. ir:
Bellows Fnlls. M. S. Uucklsni.
I. W. Hubbard : Hartland, Un
ton: Woodstock. Charles
Pomfrel, Snow & Chamtcriai"
ter. I Iniurood & Henry isnnwi-
Smith &, Co. ; Stockbridge,
Hoc hestor. Uaxlir & SK1P"SI. I
1 1' i i ii run ii r uuva i .1.
oharon, JJuxter & uan., ,
Hnrtnn ChU C.n Hnrtford,JI,P
C ! I: .1.1 C . 1 I trO0r .
Edmunds: Wethersfield, Coy l'
Nku-.TI . nsiiiii v-Walpol'.?
Charlestown, I. F. Wellnrtec l
r!,lf..... O . TTnilv. 1, .
vjauuiiirv wivtviio, v...v
Lempster, Thornton & siaor ,
Laws & Iladley; Newport, h.
I . rrnr Irn
Ilownrd; Meriden, Levi Brj
Flat, I3reck& Powers, Chf
idrrn &. Amidnn ! 1 1 indsdnle, r n
Massachusetts Greenuv
Northfield. B. U. Murdotk; W
Christopher aarkej Amncu
Aunins: anringiieiti, w.
October, 1830.
Furniture and '
n ... imflCs HA
iui;uffiic Jim i
URNITURE from the
, n. (tint cm. 1 IT I IB 1I0SVU .
at the Boston prices. L.a'i"
. .win'
FEA TRIMS of cverr -l
11 EDS ; MA TTUr&
1. a 1... nil lin".
Furniture. S.
Brattleboro, June 23, JW

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