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.From .(he ttnrrliburgh Telegrnpli, Extra Dec. 25.
The deed done Pennsylvania disgraced
Mob. rule Triumphant the Constitution
and Laws trampled under foot by the Sen
ate. Wo 1) nve tho unwelcome news (o com
municnto to our readers, ilml tho Semite
have this dny, tifior a protracted silting re
cognized the Loco oco brunch of the
House of Representatives, known ns the
"Hopkins House," ns.u legally und constitu
tionally organized body, by a volo of 17 to
10. ;
This samo Senate, but n few days since
declared by a solemn resolution, by a vote
af 13 to 21), that this same "Hopkins House"
was ''no House of Representatives legally
sonstituted," and that all their acts were nul
and void.
.- Tlni3,,liiis mob law triumphed. JThus have
the Constitution and the laws, been outraged.
Thus has the State of Pennsylvania been
degraded nnd disgraced by those who were
SWORN to protect her Institutions. Here
"ufter mob-rulti and open revolution will nt
times predominate over law und justice.
The Senators that have recorded their
-solemn votes on both sides of this question
'who, while influenced by u conscientious re
gard for the rights of the people, tim law
nnd the welfare of the country, stood to their
duty nnd their oaths but who havo now
basely bowed to mob-rule proved recreant
to their trust disgrueed their constituents
k'garded the Commonwealth, nnd dishon
ored their country, are JOHN STROHM,
MILLER of the city, M'CONCHEY,
MICH LEU, CASE, and "Old Granny
Upon these men the woeful responsibili
ty rests upon them will full the odium of
nn outraged, instilled and betrayed people!
Their constituents will be overwhelmed
with surprise and indignation at their black
hearted treachery. They will arise ns
one man and denounce tho recreant traitors
to law, to justice, to their own acts, to their
country, and to themselves. Now nnd hence
forth the mark of Cain will be set upon
them, and their names will go down to pos
terity accompanied by infamy.
We have, no lime to spenk of this net of
infamy nnd treachery as it deserves.- 01
the consequences that will follow to the
country; and the vital stab it is to our free
institutions, and to tho causu of civil and
Constitutional liberty. The peoplu under
stand it, and they will speak. The call up
on them to. arouse and assert their betrayed
rights, by such a course of nction as they
will feel bound to pursue, will not be dis
regarded. The general nnd spontaneous
burst of public indignation will make the
traitors tremble worse than the hired bullies
und paid mobs, that havo conquered patriot
ism by terror, nnd recreants by threats.
On the head of Mr. Strohm tho wrath of
betrayed constituents will fall with four
fpld vengeance; foi il is well understood
that he has been tho piincipil agent und
tool of the mObocnts in disgracing tho par
ty that elected him. It is said that he laid
the foundation of the disgraceful result, bv
inducing Messrs. Montelitis, Sturdevantunil
Butler, to go into the Romp House, and
thus present to the Senate u position that
inight.be used as n pretext for the recreants
to join the enemy. It is also that liu has
been in their caucuses nnd otherwise aided
the Loco Focoj to curry out their plans.
The strongest proof of this are his oflicinl
cts, which can neither be palliated nor de
nied. Consistency of the Recheants.
The Whig or Democratic members of the
Senate from the county were admitted, into
that boJy, upon the same return ns were the
county members in the Democratic House
that elected Gen. Cunningham, Speaker
By the 'vote of the traitor Senators on tho
admission of Messrs. II innn nnd Wagner,
they declared that return the one to be re
ceived yet they reject the House of Rep
resentatives organized upon the SAME
because the return is illegal, or the seats of
tho members nre contested I According
to their decision, iho Senate nnd House must
bo organized upon different principles I
What is legal in organizing the Senate is
illegnl in organizing the House I How fast
they havo learned Loco Foco logic and
wisdom sincu they entered their camp I
Vrcck of a French Man of War. By
the British brig Victoin, Capt. Young, tu
rned nt New York from Bermuda, we havo
received papers from that plnce to tho 8th
inst., from which wo learn that the frigate
.Ilermiono, of GO guns, Com. Bazoclie, with
a crew of 550 nien.'froru Havana, bound to
Brest, ran on the rocks oil' thu west end of
this island on Monday evening, 3d Dec and
soon sunk. The officers and crew lunded
tit Ely's hnrbor.on the same evening. Some
of them were provided with" accomodations
on boardnho Royal Oak, lying nt the dock
.yard. Ve eam that several articles of
rigging and somo small stores havo been
saved. Atlas.
A New Nose. We lenrn from the Bos
ton Medical nnd Surgical Journal that Dr. J.
,M. Warren of this city, has again tried his
hand at manufacturing a noso from tho in
'teguments of the forehead with great success.
--The patient, wns u young lady, residing
in Maine, who through thu ignorance of a
.quack doctor, in trying to demolish a pim
ple completely stripped her face of that orna
mental excrescence termed a probosis, Her
vis.sago being thus rendered unseemly, and
disgusting, she applied to Dr. Wnrren for
assistance. Sho bore the rhinoplnstic oper
ation without flinching, which Wns perform
ed on tho i7th ultimo. Every thing has
WnrkpH t.-imtlt lhi null., nn.u Ij-rtil k.r llu
' ' " " ".J, ..... I. UJ.' Ik, If, tilt!
.first intention, and tho nostrils and wings,
" itnu JJIUIUI9U iu uii im
proving in appearance. Sho is now ip a
fair wny of being soon in a condition to be
returned to her friends. Boston Journal.
From the Montreal Herald.
Yestt'rduv marninn nt ninn ',ln,.l 1,,.
seph Nurcissc Cardinal and Joseph Duqueb
to wero executed in front of thu eW jail ;
but ns it wns not generally supposed that
uur uiiiiu uoveriiuient would huve itiu mor
al couraire to rurrv tint ininp nf llm ". ..i
Martial into execution oguinst any of the
jjumy reneis, mere uere not many specta
tors. Three companies of the Royal nhd
three of the 94th regiments formed inside
the jniUqnaro, supported by n detachment
ofthe Queen's Light Dragoons under Capt.
On Thursday evening, Cardinal ,ns visi
ted bv his wife nnrl livn nf lite r-l.!l.lr..n
l - w ...w . ....... v.l, ..111,
Duquette was visited by his mother, to tuko
a hist farewell on this side the grave. The
interviews were ntTecting in the highest do
gree. nnd disntnved. in mnst fnrril.ln Inn
gunge thnt of tho heart, that sit: carries
with it its own punishment, even in this
world. The Unfortunate prisoners wero at
tended by the clergymen of the seminary,
who administered appropriate religious con
solation to them.
sciiflbld slrongty belied the character of
. , '"""(j UVUHI , vyullllllill 111 par
ticular, showing great emotion, unci trem
bling so violently that we did not expect he
would havo stood the short religious ceie
mony without fainting. Tho provost mar
shal rend tho senlencn of the court, niter
which the hangman pulled the fatal lever,
when tho trap doors gave way, and thu two
rebels were exhibited between earth and
heaven, a spectacle to angels & to men. Car
dinal died utmost instanluneoUsly.struggling
very little, but Duquette, partly owing to his
own nnd partly to the hnnirman's fault, suf
fered very severely and very long. The
noose was loo wide and the wretched crimi
nal having unfortunately given n spring
backwards on the stationary pa rtAiflhe scaf
fold, immediately previous'to the pulling of
the boll, his nerk struck ngainst the front of
thescairbld nnd the knot of the rope slipped
up to his mouth. In this state ho remained
struggling violently for the space of twelve
minutes, when tho hangman put another
noose round his neck, with a longer fall, nf
fixed it to the beam, and cut thu other rope,
when Duquette dropped, nnd in n few min
utes a period was put to his earthly siltTer
Cardinal was a notary public at Chateau
guny, mill u member ofthe House of Assem
bly tn the late Provincial Parliament, Du
quette was his clerk, und might have been
forced by his employer. We have been fre
quently asked when nnd where Lepnilletir
and Dachurrneareto be hanged, but nil thnt
we can say, is that wo understand their
death warrants have benn ilnrui! I.,, q:-
John Colbome. and thnt it is reported thev
win uc nungeii at ueauuarnois.
Fiom the Kingiloh (U. C) Spectator
The Polish officer Von Schoultz, was ex
ecuted on Saturday Inst near Fort Henry.
He said he was ready to meet death, but lie
did not like the mode of execution. Many
of his family had combatti-d against tyranny,
and bled upon the field of bantu in luvor of
the liberties ofPolnnd nnd other parts ofEu
rope. He compluined of being deceived in
tho cause of the Patriots, as tilings were dif
ferent to what had been represented to him.
After the action at the Mill, his party was
blockaded by hind nnd water, by u" large
force, u boat was sent from the Americans to
bring away the officers, but Von Schoultz
would not leave the men behind. When
tho body was taken down it was placed in a
cart, brought tothe Court House, uncover
ed, and put into a deal coffin unstained,
without removing his clothes, nguin put in
to a cart, attended by the Priest, some sold
iers and Mr Risel the Gaoler.
Dorephii8 Abbey the Colonel, nnd Dan
iel George the Paymaster, takm near Pres
colt, were hung on Wednesday nl thu new
dlop, back of the Gaol, Very few persons,
besides the military, attended the execution.
It was thought the execution would be near
the Fort, which perhaps was tint reason so
few persons attended. We nre informed
they evinced great fortitude; as n proof they
were standing on the platform with the great
est firmness, with the caps over their faces
until the Sheriff read both wurrunts, which
were long. They were much affected by
tho cold, und one of them placed his hands
111 his pockets. Many observed it was im
proper 10 e, pose them to tho cold during this
ceremony, nnd thus to interrupt their lust
In Guilford. liv'Pnrii-r fclulnln. H.M. Mr Slcllirn
Ciilarmoiif Uuilfuril, IuMIm l.ivunln Bl.il'e of .llt
imriliUiin, Slim. ,
111 fltini.navUU Vi It.... GIT. I. T T-il
.... , ... ire... aviii, t.uKy uiicnp win,
HiilJ nf tcununl II. Simon, K,i. iigttl 3 jeau nml
Ar hU rrililcnra In Knt.unniro, Mlrlilgun, Nnr. 3d,
Kti kirl niiiimnii, I.ilo r Tumuheml In tllir
Uliilr, njed 75.
Ill liiiiiiiiicrflun, Z-llli nil. Mnrtlia Aim, iluugliter uf
Mr Jniulliiin und Afra Hallv Tlmi
In Clmrle.tnn, S. C Upc. 18, Tlmroni W. OicK
urn ii, mil) roil nl' Thumin Dickinun, ii,n. u( Siirlng
Gold, Mun. used 0. 1 ' k
Ily lh unexprclcd ilmili iif.Mu. Blake, uhlrli won
nnn.iuiK'cit in uur IUT Inrt nvrk, n nnlilcii glimni lm
licni lliruunmcr u luren clrctti nf firiouiU und nc
quitliiliiiicr. A tivliKed Wifi-, ii kind Mnllirr, hii nl-li-'-llmiHlR
Diuiliiei , un rnili'iucd Sllrr,nii Inrnliiatde
l-rifiid la ijiinr. And -l kiln lilt livriu Win-U",
nnd will l.in( lit c, In pulnliiry Inllnrnr nf liur
rlniliicirr, tier lirincinlrr. lu-r exnmiits mi u tier num.
nU. In SI in lllnkc Hire ccnlurril, In an iincnnimun
ilrgrep, Urn (.lirlnllnn uuoi nml giutt: llrr pirlj
vii fin nil mill rlirci fut. Ilcr.lulili ftruii'j niid un
nmi rinz, iiIhiih w, iking tiy liivu. llrr irliliull win
ul'ilie lii'iiil .ind tin-life: h rclljjiini li lite liv nnd in
din liy. In ttit pri.gioM ir die lililll n il i in Joint,
lie fell n crv dct'D inlerrt. und tim tin nrtlTC nrniiin-
(it uf llio chimb ol lu-r Slililcrj llie pium nf litierly,
IndinriiA und lir. Sim Inlmrrd tn pnnniile llie li-iiii-nm
uf llmra wiitiiii Iter intliic:icL; nnd few, if uny,
evrr tuccrpilrd Irilrr limn rlni In nrriiinpliiti llii
otijrt. Ily I tin ucnllrnrn nf tier inunnrrf, the rurrl-in-M
oflirr irinprr, nnd llm lni. Irnre of lirr Imnrl,
lie Ruined u lmna linld on llie uflei liimii or lir-r ac
piKliiluuri': und mint drrptv u tier drpiitluie l.uni-nt-rd
liv nil lm l.iu-iv lu-r. .Miiv her ulltirird hn.lmii.l
Ii nd firmly w. riippii.trd liy itiu Irnllln und prnniiM-a of
inn, iriiKiun, nil ii guiiii-ti llirir Ult'MfPil Irlenil Ihlu
lilt', una aucil lu-r Inr llm purily und lilii uf lie.iirn,
The Hon. Jacob Cassdt, Senator from the
Adams, Cumbeilund nnd Franklin district,
was founil dead in his bed on Wednesday
morning. He retired nt night in good
health and pirits.
Mr Wagner. Senator from Philadelphia
county, sent in his resignation on WVdesday.
Ffom the Ifarrisburg Telegraph Extra.
Mon Utii.Ev Mr Jumes Smith, from the
county ol Philadelphia is now lying at Wil
son's Hotel, dangerously ill from the effects
of an assault nnd battery committed upon
him by n gang of bullies nnd blackguards
I ... I ... I L '.
in. ii mi; uu ijunru-riii uere as wuni'SSes on
the part of Mr Drown of tho county, for n
seat in (he Senate.
Mr Smith wns a member of the House of
Representatives from the county of Phila
del nil ia. last vt-nr. unit iv.ns cnlirui.ii li..r..
us a w ilners in the contested election, by Mr
llaniia. It is said that he possesses impor
tant information relative to the frauds thai
wen committed; hui) ns soon as it was
known on Monday evening thnt he bad ar
rived, a ganrj of the bullies that were fore
most in mobing out the Senste and House
of Represrntaivrs, started in pursuit, nnd
found with him n brother of his in an oyster
cellar, under the public house kept by .Mr
Chase, nt the corner of Walnut und Third
Streets, wherr lhiv rnliwl in t.n.l
, " ' J ixiiwvnuij:
uoun.Mr James Smith kicked him, junijied
upon him nnd beat him until they left him
for dead. Iiis lirnlhi-r linniiumwl
v 1 1 1 u n i iiia
escape from ihrm unobserved, and rallied
help to rescue him, but before they arrived,
he was ivr Uering in his blood, und llie as
sassins had fled.' He was removed to- Mr
Wilson1! in ll stnlH nf inft,.ni1iliit- nml n
...... v, ....... u , v 1 1 1 1 I , hum Ar.
Ruiheiford culled to hisaid ; and his life is.
still despaired of.
Negro Insurrection We copy the foi
lowing from the Nashville Banner of
Saturday, the 8th inst. The Franklin Rec
ord, received Insi night, contains n long ac
count of a concerted plot, entered into by a
large number of negroes of Williamson
and Rutherfurd counties, to murder all the
whites they could on a certain day ond
take possesion of tho countirj, elect o'llicers
to suit themselves, etc etc. One of the black
rascals, a preacher, the property of Mr. Win
L King, of Williamson, passed by the tittle
r J-..-.-,. u... i... 1....1 . i ..
ucnciut. uf mm ii rivai in me per
son of another ramil in Ruthford who has
been electioneering for sherifl'of the county
when the whites should have been exterminated.
Administrator's Sale.i Indies. School.
WILL belaid ot Public; Veiiduo oif the
lath tiny of January next, tit the now
dtvclline house pf Lymnn llolilen In 'Jafnulcn,
iiet'Ait.M on wliich the said Uoluen now
hvesi situated in ihesuulherly part orJnmaiua,
containing Two IIunduku' AonES or Land,
ami uie most pait ol it under good improve
ment wiiu n swelling uoue ami until
thereon, and is well calculated for a DAIRY
FARM, nnd U thesnine farm formerly owned
by Knnrh Cook, late of Duiiinicrston,deceaiieil
Snid rarm ii well wooded, watered, nnd fenc
ed with wall with three young fit i illy orch
ards thereon, together wilh'the farming Tool,
dnr.ving utensils, and other ni tides ton numer
ous to mention. And nUo Ten COWS, and
almost Twenty Tons of Hay, in the Harn on
the premises, which will positively bo sold
unless previminly dmpOFcd of.
. Jcralo to commence at 0 o'clock, A. M.
. . .. WW., COOK, Administrator.
Ucc.31, I833. , 18
rffIIE second; term' of Miss Kimball's
r Jb" YnimgLndlesSchiK)l, willconiiueure on
MONDA V, January 7th. Terms as usunl."
UratllcjKirn, E. VilliiKC, Dec. 25. 17
f5l mi'se, ftraclcclt V CoV.
THE American First Class Honk, Poter's
nin.liiu ni i icaaer, AUU'iivi Aliercninitnc,
Combo on Health nnd Mental Uducation,
I rnct of Aincriran Ullilminil Assorinlinn. Nn.
133; The Worship ofthe Father, a .service of
urnniiiue nuu joy, w ur. uiianniiig.
Jan. 1, 1839. is
Cabinet Furniture,
c rutins ft FEATrisns.
HAVING bought out S. W. Spooner and
taken posstsiiun ofthe shop, the sub
scriber gives Ihirt notice that the lie is now
making and will keep constantly on hand a
nfsuch a nualitv and price, as will give satis
faction to PurrnaserH. Genllinirn and Lnilii-s
in tim vinuity arc invited to call, one door
south ofWm. Hyde's Hat Slinp, where they
will find prices ns low nit nt any other place,
mm nil unirrs niteinlcu lo personally, andcxC
CUted PKOMrTLY. -' "
IJrnltUhoro. Jan. 1st, 18S0. til 3
a r.ifinb''s nnniinii.t1. i.t-.i.i.n
M '----.l ntr, uuailli IIIC'll'll tl
nml hrown Collar. Laces, Glovrs. Fur
wccK i ic3t oiiK ami utngiiam lilki, Uinbrc!-
tn tvtlti mnni' nlliitr C!,.Aa n it., f
Gimn1 Line, Junt rcceivi-tl anil will he rtU l(iv.
I r t a 111 II mi a n k n .
"re. Ji. uiiiuc. 6t UlUlvliSSUiN.
FUR CAPS a cnoil assortment, just in,
and will be sold cheap, lo close off, at
D"- 31. I). & D'S.
IJLJL the firmer stock of Birge & Dickinson,
. a variety of Hardwnrc. making the Stock vcrv
j complete, and f n sale cheap,
ct ttie store ol U.S. U.
J nnd a General Ilnuie Furnishinrr Haid
wnre Gowl-i. cn In Im.l tict ui ili'm.i Qin.u
(of lilKCE & nickMNsnv.
Capture of a Slaver. Tho ship Nnrra
gariset arrived n't, Ney Orleans, spolo on
the 5th ins. on the bunks, q Spanish brig
ofAvar, which jreporled that she Imd enptur
ed nnd carried into Nassau, N, P., a! Porlu
ffueso i 'slaver, (Under American colors), with
'J)0 slavjss on board, '
Execution of Mr Woodruff. Tho Mon
treal Herald of tho 24th inst. contains the
following inteligenco:
Mania WoodrtitT, one of the American
brigands taken tit Windmill Point, was
hanged nt Kingston on Wednesday morn
ing Ust. Ho was it nutivu of Sulimi, Onon-
daira County. N. Y. nnd hehl lilt fiililnlmn
of Militia Colonel anil Deputy Sheriff. He
.1 1. 1 i . .
uieu n vainone, lo wtiicn religious person
tion he was recently converted, W-irrants
for the execution of Sylvanus Swete and Jo
el Peeler, two other of the bri-iands, had
been received bv the RhrirTnr tim t;cr;..t
-J w. ..... UIU'IIVI,
und they were lo be hanged this morning.
From the Indiana Democrat, Dec. 5.
Ronnp.nv or Tint Jlin 'PI,.. i,!i i
Oen. Win. C. Kee.n, Into Postmaster nil
Printers' Retrent. Biviizeiliiml
ling a letter directed lo his Post-Office, and
Bieniing uie contents, came on for trial nt
the United Stntes Circuit Court hist week.
Tile ill re. after n slmn .nn.nU,! . ..
1 .-J ' , WOM..IU.IUII, i v-iii, - ,
ed n verdict ol mii t.. ti. i -.
. . e ...j, iiw auu iur
ihi? defendant moved, the court for anew!
inai, wincn, niter nrgumeiit, was con
tinued over until the neat Term of this
Court, under advisement. The prisoner it)
niv; uii. hi nine who luuiiiiiiieu to mo custo
dy of tho Marshal, '
Death from Fear, A young man nt Bif
(ulo, in last stage of consumption, during, the
recent destructive fire, was so horrified by
the noise of the roaring flames, thrpugh the
wall ofthe house in which ho lay, that he
died from pure terror,
Galena, Nov, 31.
Land Sales. We mentioned Inn week,
thai the land sales nl Milwaukie had been
postponed. It appears that (lie President
caused n notice to ihnt effect to be published
in n Chicago paper," nnd, probably, sent
other notices, bv mail, to tho land officers ut
Milwaukie, No such notice, however, wns
reeeivi-il by them ; und that in the newspaper
not being deemed of sufficient authority to
govt-rn thorn, they proceeded with the sales.
The sales nl Quincy have closed. The
Whig says that "the sales through tho week
have nvernp-d ench dny 88000. ond on
Wednesday thru nirinnrilnd in i Ctinnn
j j tw'iuuoiviuuif,
I ho whole amount received within the three
ium wtei(s, inducing monev paid on pre
emptions, will not fall far 'short of 890,-
AC nono of- tho sales has there been nnv
flicnntlinn .lintim l.I.I ! . .1 B
.w.i .i,vu iu uni uyiniibi me seiners
Brighton Jtlnrkct Monday Bcc. 31. 1838.
tllriKirlnl r.ir lh Dull.. A.I. ....... : . -
i ' - v ...... in. ri l uinui.j
All llii-hii'ine urio rcMiiteil la.t ek. Alwut UO
Href Cnllleuninilil
fltlCES Beef Cattle l.tt week nrlrrj fur
inurt nf the qiuliilri were mil .niinuili'il, Wb iiiium
rr.il ..if., is - ' ' T'n'"f a 7 00;
'Sheep Dull. Wo nnlirr llie tule of loll at 2 0.
2 7B. 2KB. anil ...lcni uiew.
- . 1 " " , w 1.1,11 , W VJ.
Swine N,i ,H Hmo,0.l iu ptdillr, nml ilirrn.nn-IM-arvil
ii, t, no di-nmnd Tur luu. A few n rro iHnilid
ut Iruia U Iu o.
, usTTiPrTRr55
Remaining in tho VoU Ollice at Guilford, Vt.
uniiuury jhi, I03U
I rtomnimni. In ll.. II...,
avwa..i.iti ill iil. IWI
Vi tn.,
j Allen Henry
' Ariiira mussa
; nutleifield Cyrus Dr
Ilriirtt Michael
Ul'inis Jane
D'.-niis Jus.'ph
I Uriggs Warren
I nemiett Samuel
j lirown Mary
j Ilnrrctt S. Laura
I Cobb Hnnnnh,
Cuniiniufrs Drtscy
iCobleigh Willard
: Croueh Olivo
. Davis R. Elijah
'. Dickinson Mr
Emmons A. Elira
; Ensterbnxik Elizabeth
Evans Quattuj
' F"owler Lewis
i Fay C. Henry
Fowler Electa
. Gunn Windsor
, Gay G. Mrs
( Green Geo.
Johnson S.Lurcr.a
Keep UcLsey
Kiiowlton Maria
Happm. V. Charles
Haul S. Chailes
Hnrtoti Jonathan
Hnuler S. Nuncy
Ilai.t Mntia
Hunt Alonzo
Hubbard C. W. 2
Ollire at Bralllebsrn,
. 1, USD.
Henderson Hannah
Lord Nelion
Miller CnU-b
Mann O. F. .
Moiey IUuben
Mnrin Mr
Mixer Lyman
Mann Sarah
Miller P. Samuel
. Morse John
May Amos
' Payne Charles
Phelps Jason
, Putnam Josiah 2
I Packer Zylnhia
Plunimer Vm.
! Richmond John
Ripley H. D.
Rorkey I). Martha
Ileeil Hul.lah 2
Hmve I. Elihu
Strickland I). Samuel
Scitl Eliynbeth
Son Eli. obelh
Sargeaut Margaret
Slreeter James
Street.'r Levi
Squirts Leonard
Saliihiiry Luciuda
Weld Laac.
WiHulu'iinl .!.
' Wilder Sunan
NVillianu FJa
Wood Jnlii-7.
Wheeler J. E.
Wells Zunaj.
JJislrtcl of Murlboro, si.
iniinnuu,.;.. ...1 I. f
Bennett d
Clnrk Lydia L,
Ellhigwood Hannah
Forrest Alma
Fr7ele John
Grout Joseph 3
Hurt! Pnrm.niia
Pratt Chester
Pratt Ephraim
Stebhins Abncr
Wells Isanc
TILLS made from the exlract of that es-J-
teemed vegetnblo Tapmtb, jirepared ac
cording to the London Phnniacoi'ajln. and ap
proved by the Royal Society of Physicians,
For sale, hy thu subscriber.
Drattlrboro, Dec, 1838.
Yankee Farmer,
News Letter.
Office, Ko. 04, A'orJA Market ,
Suigcon SPcniiut,
V. .1 I- ft...V.
v.n ,mii.,v trr us'nilenifll l urniueonru
anil vicinity, nun iieslinll leave luvn iur n lew
nonllij. nti'ini lln 7lli nf .tfinimrir ni-i:'.
T EFT ttm residence of the pubscrilicr Nov.
JLJ 24, 1339, a man by thu name of Henry
Cressy. As the subscriber does mil consider
himself hound lo support said Cressy except
nt hi own table, Therefore alL persons are
forbid harboring or trujting said Cre.siy on my
Chesterfield, N. II. Dec. 20, 1833. 17
ooIlIi2ssIOlTEns, notice.
THE time heretofore limited for the allow
ance of claims against the Estateof
late of Braltlcioro, deceased, havitifi been, bv
the Probate Court, extended liinetv ilnvs from
the niurth day or Nov. instant, ' We hereby
rrtvt itntiri- Hint 1.0 itiilf l.i.l.l n..1
... - - , ... ...i, .,.it, iiui iiiini nLiMiiiii
for the lienrinir of said claims, nt the OIRi;e of
, 111 Fal" "'mi'eiiro, on llie last nton-
day of January nest, from 0 o'clock, A. M.
till 4 oV..ck P. M.
ASA KEYES, ( Cdm'rf.
I5raltlelmrot Nov. 10, 1833. 17
ALL pers.ins wishiim to purchase Tickets
to c.rn-s the First West River UrMge the
vear ensiiinir, are riNpie.ited to call at the Toll
House ofnai.l Diidire, on MONDAY, (he 7lh
day iifJanuiiry next, where the sub-crib t will
attend lo the selling of tho same, as no tickets
will be given nul after that time.
JJy order ofthe Di-ectnrs.
Drattleboro, Dec. 20, 13S8. IC
TO RENT S Rooms, very convenient
lor n Family, with water coining into the
department. Rent, hie.
Drattleboro, Dec. 18, 1338. ic
C.'otlics Cicaiasins & Wyeing-.
rjpHE subscriber would Inform tho Ladies
JL and Gentlemen ol BratllelMiro and vi
rinitv, that he lias made prepnralions for
DRESSING and CLEANSING all kinds of
apd ako for DYEING all kinds of colors, and
lor having and selling SECOND HAND
Shnv.iHgantl Hair Dressing,
done iu the In-st and most Fashionable Stvle
Also Mnkinir nnd Repairinn; HAIR WO UK
WANTED a rvvnnnii.ii.rii.,:. ...ii..i.i..
for making Curls. '
Drattleboro, Dec. 19, 1833. 16
January l, B8SO,
CLOSES, as hy aureementj the present
foiiu of connexion in business, bel ween us.
ALL business .transacted previous to the
above date, we are desirous ol CLOSING
The mercantile aius'mcss,
as heretofore done at this Store, will be con
tinued, promptly, under new arrangements.
Drattleboro, Dec. 24, 1PS3.
Valuable School Koolis.'
THE "Franklin Series" U now well known,
nnd extensively ued, III believed thews
books will receive the approval of a w, wjj
candidly examine them. The Series coiwists
ol the
1 hes? books have been ciiticaly examined
bv our most Mil,. 'I'..n,.l.urc .,.) . i- .
. . . .. -.Hkmi. unit lllllSl tll.S.
irllthi.il liti.tn... J....T .
............ ,v, nun nip irilI10IIIICeil, in
their adaption to the wants nfConunon Schools.
lor ivllii-ll ill, ,17 nr iln.il.ln.l.. .1 : I '
.' """"""iijf umiitiiru, as
,,- hi, ,31. vaiunom ijooks nub.islicu iu
the Umli-il SmiN. v
Says the Ilinrham Gazelle, in reviewing
tnrte boots: "I have how before me iheoiiin-
lonsoi liventy-six enlichlencd judces of the
siinjeci, wno give it ns their decided b.-lief that
llii.ji. III...!.,. ...Ill I... ,1... ..... m .
...vv "vna uni uc iur --ineansni eueciiiij; the
T10 obviate the inconvenieiuu. wl.l. l. ',:.'.i.i tlw .U,,"ka w'" he 'be "meansof efTec.1
JL -arhe from tho Staled Coutts or ho h , 'i'I'-V clianges in the byMe.n r early
Probate Districts of this County Indue held on "'"""V"- cei l.ficnles are doiu Presi
the same dny, it has been thought advisnhle to ,le"l'', 1Pwfi'ss"''. Tutors, Instructors, &c. of
cnange the nines Tor holding the Stated Courts nu ucnoin'"'on ttirougliout the
for the Marlboro District, as follows, to wit: ' i u x.
At Chase's, Bratiieborq, on the last Thurs- r "'-' hy ,nt P'hshers, Phelps
days of Jnnunry, Apiil, July ,,nd October. Pe,l' Gl1cV',,fil'ld' Masa- ko, by Joseph
WURtont lost ThuHaVs of StcA
i vuiu.iry, may, querist nml Nnvrni mr. """"""i '"a-
At Atwood's, Fayettcville, last Thursdays
or.March, June and September.
n ..ii n DANA HYDE, Judpe
Drattleboro, Jon. 2, 1839. 13
ir-JProgrcssicc Exercises in
RYrS,?-0": Doubly ExnT: by James
IL.'?$n 1 "ncpal f Fellenbcie Acad-
vioy. 1 ms is n new work, rfeu mimi r..r 1.,
Common 1 Schonlsand Acndemies.and is llioiicht
til hf n llHI-illi.il iin.,... rru
r .1 ! "vnrciu. x ue 111 inclines
of the science are explained nnd illustrated iu
r., ,ooy vcry '"' ' natural, and ucid manner, so
C I . IIOSSON. rt. er. that they will be readily comprehended by nny
Market street, Boston. I)0ssefsmg an ordinary degree of intelligence;
MRU i. paMiMied iveklv. !.n.",.r,K.e,,.,e,U .n,ul "la,.U'r Slluli that
A rresh supply of l.'ftrdcchio Coratlvo'
PILIjSj or . Vcgctalilc1 iJnivcr-
nsnl Medicine of Paritv,
madh tir urt. tenor, at tits estaemsumkh?.
THE cood iffi'Cts nnd universal' curative
P.OWER nl L'Medecino Curative, in
now ai knowlet ged by the candid and intelligent
pait nf the cjuitnuiiity of every dcxciiptiuii.
Iu truth, llieic litis been such a universal -prnvnl
und such n multitude uf pacts, speaking
and proving nf its vast suiiciioiity over evei'y
other meiliciue, it would lie utieily hnpos.-iibfe
10 mve puuucuituii tii.liiciiiniin.t.dl runny linn
jlie..' pnges, Expcih'nce and public opiuiuti Is
uiiL-.tli.A' 11 i truth ; anil tlwie can bo no aW
peal it is noWer that reidsls nil opposition.
Experienci. ptiC? nublic. opinion sny.that L'ME
DEC1NE LUll.TlV E possesses this vn. t
powerit is a oi.iJfT, :hat without envy loi.k
down upon tin1 most ceft'hrnted Meiliciuen,
fioin ils elevated hiighlh. Ol Ibis important
fact, more than twentV thousand penjdu
fromva:ious pnrts of t lie United Slates of
America as well ns Europe, can testify. Tii
Umphaiil bos been .L'Meileciue Curative, iu
every instance, when a thornu;h trial has been
had. It ha! suj mounted obstacles in disease,
when other medicines sank powerless; m,d Ir'riu
health and Htienrjih are the happy lesuu ,
Where n td'urit time previous disease, hicki ninn,
debility ami constant pain and sullWing, umdo
death apparent.
The following extracts are from nmon'g the
many grnfelul Ocknowledgmetils of lho.se who
have received the dlcssikg of Health, bv its
Sir: The powerful yet gentle Medicine I
had of yon, is working wond-rs in this viiinilv.
Applications for it nre incrcniug, and have,
been made- in various places iu thi ciiuutv.
Five young lailies'nud M-veral gentlemen, have
been entirely cured from a consumption, ami
confirmed in health by llie use of the tiirdti-iun'
I scl.l them there is 110 mistake.' Physicintu
that had pronounced Ihem iiicurnhle, me nmuf g
the first lo acknowledge their surprise, m.il
have bought oflln; medicine. J. Willuk.
Washington County, N. A'.
Komi D,.vid MrCn-gory , Ci y nfN. Yuri. , On 1 , SZS,
Sir; My wife has been consideted of a con
sumptive hnbit for iwo yeriis; Iat winter hIui
had a sudden and severe attack uf pain in bur
siJe, wld dUtTetscd Inr breaili. 1 imninitatelr
called one r.f our best physicians, who tltendi'd
can fnlly upon her. The Doctor as well j.
mvL!f- finnllv (lisnnlrtiirr nl lu.r nvm-pn.
cliidcd thai "she could not continue but'n'oboit
nine, wneu proviueniinuy j liearil ol tile tccn
dtrfitl rurrx nl r."Mii1ii-ini riimil,.. r .......
completely fiilhters, but by the stiong solici
tation nf fi iimt.s kIih tiui it fiA iIim lj, i
... ... - - ..... ..-u.. ...t .. , U.- . .1 VS..' I V,
nrenrdinn In illrprlinn. in n..!, .1..I.I :,.....!
. i -... ... ..i.ii.i.ii ma
es, il alluded relief her Hjclile wns noon
icnvnmi, nun niic cum in nen gracuaity to gaia
strength until her health was Gnallv nnd cum
pletrly restored; she has nt t been better fur
mnnv vrnrs. n M,.r"! '
.. . . I'lVUULUUHI.
Sir: f wish ypu to send me n $50,P0 park-aiiL-
nf r.Mi.ilHi'!n. Pnmiii'. 1!II : ! .1 i
n- ........ A Ml.. -II I r UKCllU
ol every thing here. It has been used with
tl1 Mnthllrr ci!irnaj hnm nn.n. l.!l.l.u. J
John D. Cl-Anir, Arguile,- N. Y.
Sir: Mv ilii(rl,t.r tvnu i.'mpit illicit .(..I t'll..
ed net able to do much wnik, luit has been
restored to fine health and strength by the u.-u
in La-.tieuemne curative t His. Ii. Ur.ow:-.
A man In itn. iillni.,i r.c t)....l i .
VM AJIUIliril'IIU, .(1U
can lie retreil.to, has been entiielV enrrd r.f
, : m "" u Mciiecine Uuraliva
Pills with the Cancer Powder, that had eat
away a large pniliou ofthe flesh nf his leg near
the nrtk e to the bone, fur two inches iu cir
cumference. The cbove article is Tor sale bv G. W. EM
ERSON. Of rtrntllnhnrr. V.
-- - - . - .... iim.lii.l UlCUl
for the United Stales of America, and iiol,o
B5 , ii. " Cl'"lalt"!- '"e witlnu si"ualut
of G, . Emerson, to each article.
tar LE HOT,
Proprietor De La Medecine CurMive.
For sale also hy Wheehclc Keith, JacksaK, A.
Y.; Messrs. Baker Merriftcld, Fayeltevilte,
r ?-rU cney,Jamaica,Vl ; Met'srt.
LaitJIe. Jones, Duver, Vt.; Messrs. H,.
V,: Qaodnow, ll'httinsham, Vt.; R m ItaiU,
Hmsdale, N. II ; Harden Ford, Chciletfittd.
N. II.; Ira P. Haywood, IFardsbnrti, Vt.t
Jesse Cone, Marlboro, Vt.; 8. F. Thompson.
Fownshend, Ft.; and Elihu Ilatfodniji Ghitl
opee lulls, Mass.; Eieneter Manly, Dvr.
inerston, Ft.; Win, Harris, Windham,
J. C. Stone 5- Co. Green River. Vt. J
ITi.for, WillmitiKton, Vt.; J. W. 7iit.ee,
Marlboro, Vt.; Wm. S. Warner, Jarkson,
N. Y.; Lyman Broughton, Harford, N. Y.t
John D. Clarh, ArSullc, N.'Y.
Applicable to our constitutions, and compete t
to cure every cuinbleWlh.ease, may hu
' found in the
American College of Health. Princli al Olfico
in the" New England Stales for the sale oftlm
obuve valuable i'ills, No. 103 Tremunt Muet
For particulars of the exlraorrfinoi-y rmehetj
ofthe Indian Purgative Pills, see un u.lmlise
ment in another patfof ibis paper.
BtnoE, Bracket & Co., Bratlleboro, Vt.
General Agents Ihr Windham Count v.
' Nathaniel Cheney, Jr. West Tc'wnshend.
Peyton Chandler, Putney.
Went worth, Bingham & Co.. DeMows Falls.
Aiialin Birc.hard, Fayeitevide,
Henry Goodnoiy, Whiting hnm. '
Waters -Gilct, Jfemlkboro,'
K" ,K. Henry, IlahTax.
J. & J. Newel, . Wardsboro.
;- i upiiiru mv llie Coillrihiiiitin.. a i " V. . ' J"'n",n juihhis ami
ol llie irt 11 frjcu Mural wrlieiy nmr t.i-i.ii...,i c .academies, it rsa soexui-eiliiKrlt m..un,in i
my. ' for self-instruction. Ii -h: iZS i. V''
i .1 i
- ' "r MiMjwlriicHqn. It has beJn introdired
tlf-lc-a v."lii; i...ii7 . 'mre, f originnl ar. , into Uie Uigh bclioo l..r Boys nt Notthatnn-
J,lllli"" rl h'mw, furnl.'ldnj Ih.lrucii.,., ton. by ord?r of the S,dml til " u,. " ' ',H
Z' 1 Y"'-' '." n'-'!-H.i..llil.8,,i.,i,le. ,ied in,.tl.rrE,.1, ". w" u,m- 18
for ilia I,,.? i.J,VVS,'rHMr 0..ae0, l"V School (
in ii r-":' "iiiiviiiz ii, ruiiMii ,. liimi y DHiu-r. T '. '" "4lifuniea MCCOUMant
,,.,2-i,,1!f.. Tful ?.- -,i... iiya-SJTir Wnl U Coflin'H system of Book Ke
nuuVi, i 1 'r,V 'n ',l,i,'"i"i dinvc-r e iiro op, i consider t a va uahle nriMlue.iicn i. i
wonMnne,' ,ii ,hT.'diltriV.,h-u ' I anr Wlfm J I,nve ever nin)IK '
Any oiis nlinnin five -,m. .nl,.,,:),... ..i.ni.. Jt. ll''r Hale by the nuhli-dinrs. UXiA. i.
irtrtnll n i.....R.O.I m" ' . . 'J --rv" -
aisq oy Joseph
d .l,rH"r, ,he ,",y' 'lm" ",0 py nS5i prso'f' Greenfitfld. 'Mnss.
me rruni... .7 - V-. r"'" 'l
ihH vnlu no. ; v..acacrff in .,... r--.
ir m. u!.i.t..t .. ... . . J.,,iyL',!'I'o Pf evervf descr nt nn
UuZvir f"rm" Vr SfWW Si 80(1 f-Saleatlliw
Deci 1838;
piici, at B. & D'S.
A ,In.siruct?.r "CPVr'"?!""4' mnv ba ohtnlt!-
XjA. Pit. if Atintir-alinfi I.U ..n.l.. .V. ' . f
. il u h,n 11 ,'.'".'"C ""M". IIIUllllO
at this 0IIce. Dec. 19. Id3ft
is o ' rir.w.
-w wr
I HEREBY give public notice, that' I hav
Riven my son, Emout Lewis, (a minor)
hii tune; .therefore I claim not hU eat iZ
norpay any debts f his contracting albr ihU
Drattleboro, Dec. 8,1838. 1
T1.! rcn".i'. Seco"1 Mediea' Society.
, Will hold their annual meeting on Wut
MJSDAY the ninth day or January ncl. Kf
punctnalatienllanceof (he Members jrji-(,ueVi
the sVcief n?SS im'laitw T'll'como biftn.
n v . CHAS- CLARKE, RV Ser'fv.
December H. 1838. '
L,LT f "i
Dec, 8;
AVh pruttlclqrq icA 'crr,

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