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TK VITE the attention of Merrhant to the under-
X mentioned, and a great variety of other Qoodi,
which they will fell by the package, or repacked, at
Most lixtmonliiiury Low Vrlcos
crockkky AVAKli.
Crates Fleming Blue Ware, diflVrcnt pattern!, very
nanaome ana cnenpi
" light Blue Printed Ware (
" Park do do
Bine Edged do
H Cream Colored do
" YellowStono do
M Fancy colored . do
China Ware.
I Dull. Broad Gold Band Tea Sets and llatei j
" Gold Edge anJ Line do do
" Bronzed Baited 1'igt.re do do
u Blue do Jo do do
White French and Kngliih do do
glass fr.aiiE.
Cak Tumblers, 2000 dot my chtap ;
" DUhca on foot.
" do of! foot,
" Jewelers' Globes,
" Celeries,
11 Jars Glasi Corers;
" do Tin do
" Preien e dithes, all sizes ;
Boxes Solar and Camphlne C!ilmnie,
M Salts, Pressed and Cut ;
M Egp GIbmci,
" Goblet, some very rich Cut;
" Curtain rins,
" Candlesticks.
A Great Variety of Fancy Articles,
ttritnuiiia Ware.
A large assortment, consisting of Coffee and Tea
Poti, Castors, Cups, Mugs, Lamps, &.cn &c,
10,000 Pieces price 5 cents jxr piece and
upwards printed and plain) Blue and Green Cur
tain papers.
Cutlery and Tea Trays,
Of our own Importation, at SO per cent less than
Hardware Importers prices.
Castors, Table, Dessert and Tea Spoons, and
Butter Knlres, at Manufacturers prices.
OFFKR for sate a Urge slock of Ant? and FatS
iomlle Styles Spring Uonnets, consisting in part
as ioiiowh
lOOctiies Florence Bonneti
I'edal "
Fan. Tusc'n
Bird. F.j a "
Am. Stmw
I'mela "
(iencvkis "
Florentine "
Fancy Chip "
30 cases China Petri
Cob tint "
Hlce Pearl "
Milsn "
Bedrord plait"
DuniUble "
Rough Sc It'dj"
Cn. I'atent "
" bplilbtraw
French Lice "
NeapTn do "
all kind mlwi'
ALimilT II. day & yuoTiiun
HAVK received, anil are rcccmng thti day
from New York, a ureal varitty of
Super Silk and Wool II MUCK, Silk and Unen TIS.
SUE, Linen LUSTRES, llrocado Muslins, Dress Silk.,
nlack (lro.de IUuncim. Alio, recfised upward, or
100 different kinds of SIIUVLSt Itroclie. I'rinted
Cashmere, Silk, Phrase, A.C., Arc, together with va
rious other FANCY DHESS GOODSr-msklng-our as
ortment very large, complete and desirable.
urrntti exirenutv tow.
Ma; 8, 1813. GwM
ttjr"Thev arc daily receiving from their manu.
factory additions to the above, and all the new thaprt
am ugia, as aoon aa wey arc introduced into mis
lk. & IL manufacture all llictrgootti., and arc en
aUed to tell
At Ilic Lowest I'osalblc l'rlccs.
They invite the attention of all tmrchacra to
their iilendid Slock, and assure them their Gooda
arc of the latest fashion.
March, 1848. 3ml30
OyOur concerns were the firt, AND ARE
NOW THE ONLY ONES wiling these Gooda
on the modern system of Low Prices, Small Profits,
and Large Salea.
A. J. BROWN &. CO.,
No. 1. Central Block.
And 143 Itlnin. Street,
IVOItCESTEIt, lllnss.
Rtchbnrg, March 25, 1848. 3mla33
rpHK undrri.gncd hare formed a co-partners. lp
X fur the Duruose of carrrlnz on Uie Mercantile
business in all lu various branches, under the firm of
Hare taken the Store No. 4 Qbanite How. where
we are now receiving a
A Inn;c anil Kntlrc New Slock
all bought for Cosh within the last eight days.
To persons acquainted with the times and markets.
It la unnecessary to remind them that the prices of
ou atnus 01 uooas nare very mucn uuen wnnin
the but few months, or since the purchase of other
bills of any amount in this place We propose to
sell at a tmall aiimnc even from prtnmt rest , and
having all Vresli Oooils we feel confident that
we can oflcr bitter tjaryains, Uitfr sitUt, aiul mnch
tjrrater inducements to purchasers than any one else
can in tnis place, at this time.
Our Stock will comprise Dry Goods, Croclcry,
ijroceries, aranwre, urwjt. and Jieamnes,
In all their varieties.
We most respcctfuUr Invite our friend, former
customers, ana ttte public generally, to give us an
early rail, compare prices and judge for themselves.
BratUehoro, April 17.1848. 35
Connecticut Kivcr ICnilroad.
$1005000 WORTH
Ready Made Clothing
Quincy Hall ! !
OKallllndi, a. old Sofm, Mahogany Vhiirt,
Matnmtt. Cuihiona. tic- neatlr. nromntly and
durably repaired. AIo, for aale all alodi of raver
ing tor i:ie aarac. jionutt, iMmatti, rrcncu no.
Furniture Patch, Entxsint IWv, VmA, (the real
Oont'a Hair,) ic ic CMon and Hair Stattrautt,
EiatUr IMi, at ahort notice. Mirror, Mahogany
Itoclinef. Ertention, Nurte anil Parlor Chain, Elnjant
&fat, Ucditeadi, Cane Scat and Cane Hack, and
ll' l' . . 1 I. i w t u.., f.,...
I1WU DVUl v.ii.ir., Hiie IIU IWU Utat
A targe amount or
of evcrv de-criptlon, at Very Iow Irlre.
rr-r;xcnangca mauc ror an kttuu r iMmorr.
A. VAN DOOItN S. 80X8.
nratllelwro,Feh.3,1848. 24
The Froprieton of thil E-ublishracnt have received
Selected from the most celebrated manufactories of
I.urope and America, hare now on hand
Over $100,000 Worth of
Ready Made Clothing!
Manufactured expressly for the Spring Trade
made in the best manner and most Modern
Styles, which will be sold at
Than similar Gooda were ever offered for In thla
STRANGERS vlaltlng Boston, and DEALERS
IN HEAD! MADE uiArriuau, are particular
ly Invited to call, aa their ordera will be filled, how.
ever large, and at the lowest possible price. With
the largest, choicest and cheapest stock in the U.
States, we can say to our patrons,
(TP We are not to be Undersold !
And that guarantied to bo lower than similar ar
ticles can be purchased forehewhere, which enables
the Farmer, Mechanic and Tradesman to make
their selections r ith despatch, and without fear of
In addition to our immense stock of Heady
Made Clothing, we have constantly on hand, a large
assortment of .French, German and English Fabrics,
which wo will
Malic to order,
and our garments warranted to beequalt in every
respect to those emanating from the moit Favorite
Fashionable Houses!
OUR STOCK is too Ianre to particularize, and
the public generally are invited to look through
this Establishment before making their selections,
as every thing pertaining to a UttdUman s artl
robe can be found at
And no article combining durability, style and com
fort for the Artisan or Laborer is omitted.
Dealers from the South and
Will find a large assortment manufactured express
ly for their trade. They are particularly invit
ed to examine this Stock before purchasing.
West Door l South Market Street.
March 16. 3rais3U
PASSENGER TRAINS run everyday, (Sua
dava exccnted.i as follows :
Leave Greenfield for Springfield at 6.20 and 10.45
A. Ai- ana 6 l'. m.
Leave Springfield for Greenfield, at a JO A. M.
and 2 and 8.20. 1. M.
Passengers leaving Greenfield at 6 20 A. M, reach
KprtngneM at 8 A. sln and can proceed directly tc
lloston or Allmnvhvthe trains or the Western Hail
road; or waiting till 10-10 A. Mn can leave fur New
York hr the Hartford road.
The train leaving Greenfield at 10.45 A. M, alio
connecta directly wttn tne j-astern, estern ana
TassenMrs leavini Greenfield at C V. M, can
proceed directly to Icw York city by the night train
and Steamboat.
JlrtumiM, passengers leaving Boston by the D.
and W. R. Road, at 8 A. M, or New York by the
New Haven boat at 7 A. U arrive in Springfield
In season for the 2 1'. M. train for Greenfield, reach
ing the latter place about 4 1'. SI-, where stages are
in readinebs for those wishing to go to DrattlrborD,
or farther nortn.
l'oesengers leaving Boston at 4 1. M., arrive in
Springfield at 8.20 l'..M,niul reach Greenfield at 10
1 M, or stopping over in Springfield, reach Green
field at 10 A. M. next day, in season for the stage
In Ttrnttletiorn.
Passengers by this route between Bratllthoro
and Boston have a less distance of stage travel
than by any other.
Fart hv Fiaoe and RaUraad.
Brattleboro to Springfield, 2pO
" u Boston, 3,50
QT-Tickcts can bo obtained at the stage office in
Uruttleboro. JOSIAII HUNT, Sunt.
Northampton, May 1, 1848. Is6w ostf 37
ROOMS at No. 5, opposite the Stage House, up
afaira, where he Is now closing hitarcounta and
aomc fow thoniand dollars worth of Merchandise,
to enable him to leave the retail trade.
hav9 leased his lormcr store at No. 4.
llrattleboro, April 10, IMS. 12w34
.7 Great Ituuh at
IaOW l'rlcc Store.
TUST RECEIVED from New York, the largest
p ami most splendid stora ol ureu uoois, anawis
and Fancy Goods ever offered in Drattlcboro, and
Uiey wilt also uc sold at sras prtctt.
25 pieces French and Organdie Muslins.
15 " Nice Silk and Wool Tissues & Ranges.
23 " Plain and Plaid Linen Ginghams, sell-
ingfur 12 to 17 eti, aa good aa sold
last season for 23 to 33 cts.
30 u Muslin de Laines, cheaper than cver
12sc. to one shillin? for good stvlcs.
common l'nnt and Patches, for 4 to 5 c.
new stvlcs Dress Print, for 7 to 12 cts.
Dress bilks, new styles.
, and 1 yd. wide lllark Silks, fur
Plain and Plaid White Cambrics and
Maslins, Dishops Lawn, Striped aud Embroidered
window Drapery,
Summer Shawls In great variety, very cheap.
40 dot. Linen H'dkfa still cheaper, 6 to 1 a.
13 bales Sheeting and Shirting 5 to 8 cts.
May 18, 1848. 6w39
A Race for Life.
The (Ires) ahvaja rim before thfwind willi
an advanced tongue tir fork in Iwn receding
flanks, and in a high wind to rapidly do
the dancing, curling, careering flames leap
from point lo point of the dry grass, that it
is tnmeliniea difficult for awifi horsemen to
escape. The night, especially in the night,
is always licnutiful, beyond description.
Dul a Tier a uhile we become (amiliariied
lo it, and look upon it without emotion, aa
all of us learn lo do upon the glorious sun,
the inot splendid object in nature.
At Ihc time I refer to t had been two or
three days' drive to the town ol C ,
with my horse and buggy, and was nu mv
return home. All day I noticed signa i ri) i
calinznrcon me prairie masses ol smoke
in the distance, lynii; like white clouds up
on the horizon, anil a hazy atmosphere
but these cave mo no trouble so lonir
they were far away ; and, busy with mr
own thoughts, for hours I would pay no
attention to them whatever. At length,
From Me fjcingum AtUu.
An O'er True Tale.
We learned, yesterday, the particular! of
'scene in real life" thit in romance, equals
the wildest works of fiction confirming the
old saying, that "truth is oftentimes strang
er than ficlou."
We will cite it. as near as we can recol
lect, in Ihc language of our informant, and
vouch Tor its being Hue, every word.
Our narrator says:
In the fall of IB3-, business called me
lo Datavia, in the State of New York. At
the hotel where I took lodgings, I became
acquainted with a young man, a Mr O , a
book binder by trade, and Ins wile. Ins
wife was a beautiful and lovely woman, appa
rently doating on Iter husband, and in re
turn idolized by. him. 1 left Uatavia, but
very often my mind reverted back to the
young couple, whose acquaintance I had
made, and whose prospects bid so fair to se
cure, lliem n long and happy life.
i line rolled on. rwu years niter i was
ler some of those periods of abstraction, 1 in Bitavia I arrived in Columbus, Ohio,
obicrveU with some apprehension that the ; Stepping into a large aud fashionable book-
cuniiagrniiuu was urawing near, auu iiau store, lo purcnase a book to winie away IHC
actually worked around in my rear, until il,etening with, whom should I meet but 0.,
had crossed the path by which I had Irav-' who proved lo be the owner, liishusinc.t
ORANGES anl Lcraoni, Rait'tns, all ktnJi;
Cvrranti, Figs, Dates, Vvnri Citron, Tama
rinds, Alnumds, Brazil jVui. Pea iVuXi, Filberts, Eng
Walnut t. Preserved Ginger, Peacfes, Pears ami
Quince, ZHxtd PuJdts, GerLins, Pepper Sauet. Olivt
Oil, Lemon Syrup, Olives, Gipers, Sardines, Cattup,
Frtnek MuMtant, Am, do., Jtom Hater, Ilty Water
Orange Water, Extract Lemon, Vanilla, PtucM, Ax. i
Sfacearoni. VermectUi. Saao. Tapioca, Arrow if.
Grits Flovr, Split Peas, Lentils, (Jr, fa can be found
riieap at a uramte now.
BECVD, thla week from New York, a largo
stock of Faisii Gaaax sxd llutcai Teas, at
considerable discount from former prices. Fam'uUt
can alwaya be sure of getting good TVas, as they
are warranted to suit or the money will be refund
ed. Also, a large stock of all kinds Lorrtr., Choc,
olate. French do- Cocoa- Shells, llroma. &e.
Wholesale and Retail, by J. Y. FP.0ST.
37 No. 8, oppotitt the Stage How.
just rum.isnci),
Adams's New Arithmetic,
Ilcvised Edition.
THE Publishers give uotice that this valuable
School Book Is now In the market. The work
has undergone a thorough revision. It contains the
characteristics of the former edition, in a greatly
improved form, with such corrections and additions
aa me wants or tne timea uemanu.
Adams's New Arithmetic is almost the only work
on Arithmetic used in extensive sections of New
England. It has been adapted tn the currency of,
and re published, in Canada. It has also been
translated and rc-pubUshcd In Greece. It Is used
In every part of the United Stales; and in the
Slate of New York, Is the Text Hook In ninety
three of the one hundred and fifty-five Academies
which reported to the Kcgents of the University in
1847. Notwithstanding the multiplication of Arith
metics, made up, many of them, of the material of
Adams's New Arithmetic, the work has steadily in-
rrpAil In thft nahltr favor and demand.
Teachers, Superintendents and Committees are
respectfully invited to examine the revised edition,
every facility for which will be furnished by the
iWishers. J. W. PRENTISS 4. CO.
liWli Jcrm, 4V. mi.
DR. FAHWF.LL, Dsxtiit, lince be bgn to
employ Chloroform In bis practice, bai been
literally thronged with palicntj, who are hating
nsciesi ana irouujciomo teem cxirncwu, nu uicir
mouths prepared for the insertion of new and useful
teeth, man of whom would nerer bare had suffi
cient courage to submit to the operation, but for
this safe and effectual means of producing insenii
bilitj to pain. Within the four weeks past, he has
extracted between three and four hundred teeth
where he has used Chloroform. (No extra (barge
for itA uc.)
lr. Farwcll'a Ofl.ce will hereafter be found at
No. 2 Granite lEow, over II. I). It roc Lett's Jewelry
Store, where he attends to Ms profession in erery
Uvpartmcnt or iJcntai surgery, on me most reason
le terms.
lirattleboro, March 10.
rpiIE SUMMER TEHM of this Institution
under the csre of L. V, Want), A. 11., Principal, and
Miss Mama Ward, Teacher of the Ornamental
The perfect order sad great eve displayed la the
management of the school, the sound aud advanced
acnoiarsntp ol trie present students, with the absence
of all useless displsy, cannot fail to ensure the dignity
and reputation of the School. Gentleman withlna to
pursue tne natural ffcirncrs, or u& ior aurincea stand
ceive every advantage.
ing in College, and young Ladies wishing a sura pro
gress in Tainting or other ornamental branches, will re-
The esamination of the present term will commence
upon Monday, 32d Last., to continue- tluae daya. The
Paintings and lleibariume prepared by targo classes,
wtuune unetoricaj ueparonent, examinoq tveunesusy.
will furnish a rich treat to tho lovers of the beautiful
and eloquent. A general attendance of the frlenda of
tne institution is requested
Ssgn'sIlhtr,Miv8, 1(1. 311
TS.Tr. . WARHINOTON ST.. onnosite the
"Old Rnuth.n lloston. onlv manufacturer of
1-tre worka in tne rcw England Dtaics nnving
received a GOLD MEDAL lor best Pyrotechnics
exhibit-) in September. 1847. before a select com
mittee appointed uy tne juassacuuscus cuariuiuio
Mechanics' Association, now offers with confidence
the following articles of bis own manufacture, war
ranted to be equal if not soperior in quality to any
lu loo united states.
Exhibition Pieces viz I
Chinese and Egyptian Pyramids I
Palm and Yea 7Vces ;
Peruvian, Maltese and Fancy Crosses ;
Illuminated Stars and Diamonds i
Peruvian Suns i
Triangular Pieces in Lance Work;
rmhinatlon Pieces In Lance I Saxons and Chi
nese Sun Fires, decorated with various colors ;
Vertical Wheels, Triangles, several sixes ; Ro
man Candles, silvered and colored Stars j Bengal
Lights i Pigeona or line Rockets, Mines, with Ser
pents and colored Stars j Torblllons, China Flyers,
Flower Pots, 4c
ROCKETS of various sizes, with headings of
whlto and colored Stars, Streamlets, Serpents and
Gold Rain. , , , ., ,,
Committees of Cities, Towns, Clubs or Individ
uals, can bo furnished with Exhibitions or any am i
from $50 to $2000. Any style or Temple or Motto
nuulo to order. , n
a , .nB,ll ml,!,, nf Fir Worka via t Rock
ets, Serpents, Grasshoppers, Ilengolaa, Tin and
docs, Bine Lights, Torblllons, Maroons, ic, will bo
sold Wholesale and Retail, upon the most liberal
Vox sale to the trade.lOOO boxes India Crackers
ouu.uuu ruinng sjrac&era, extra qnniuy.
Orders addressed to JAMES G, HOVEY, 149
Washington St. Laboratory, Harvard St., Cam
bridgeport, Mass, U39
Dr. A. . I'lITKAJI,
Surgeon Dentist,
GRATEFULLY acknowledges his obligations'
to the public for its former sery liberal and
constantly increasing patronage, and is happy to in
form his friend, and patrons that he has now per
manently located himself In the village of Brattle
boro, where he will lie happy at all times to wait
on all who may desire his services.
Artificial teeth, from one to a full set, Inserted In
a superior and substantial manner, either with or
without artificial gums, secured by atmospheric
pressure or spiral sprinc. as the ease may rconire.
Jtvui nueu wiui gum uruuiuii,MM tuMic.
the progress of decay, and render tnem serviceable.
Particular attention paid to regulating childrena'
teeth, so as to correct all irrermlaritica of position.
DyOak Tooth Wash.Tooth Powdcrs,Vnd Tooth
Brushes constantly on band.
f. IS. sjt. 1 ctkau administers tuo
for extracting Teeth without pain.
Dr. J. L. Dickerman, Dr. W. II. Rockwell,
" F.J.Higginson, " T. B. Kittredge,
R. Wesselhaft, " W. Arras.
rry Office over the Fott Office.
Brattleboro, Dee. SO, 1847. 18
aAIIE subscriber would give notice that he has a
full set of Screws and Rolls, and is lire pared to
raise up and more buildings at short notice, aud at
reasonable prices.
Brattlaboro, March 8, 1848. 29
eled ; that all bchiml me was fast becoming
a smoking sea of fire, and for the first lime
Ihc thought of ilangcr, that I might be over
taken, nr possibly surrounded, occurred to
My horse was a powerful one, but not
scry fleet, nor yet fresh; but witlout the
loss of moment 1 applied Ihc wkip, and
quitting my direct route, bore to the left be
cause that placed ins mora squarely before
my enemy. Soon the tongue of fire, the
advance guard of my terrible foe, became
distinctly visible on my righl, at about, two
miles distance, as near as I could judge,
stretching on with a speed that was really
frightful, I knew the struggle was lo bo
with that, and pushing my horse to the ut
most, kept my eye fited upon it, like the
wily rncer, intent on measuring the potter
of his antagonist before the final effort.
For a few minutes Ilia result was in doubt,
but no! long. Sinews of flesh uere no
milch for the wing of the wind which bore
on that fleet and terrific column of fire.
And I became satisfied thai it was outstrip
ping me, and almost with a feeling of in
difference; for I thought for the moment,
that my last hope was gone, and was brac
ing tny heart and nerres for the final event
of life. It was now twilight, and as the day
departed, and the shadows of night fell
round, the cordon of fire seemed to magni
fy its splendors and its terrors, and like a
vast serpent, lo extend itself behind and on
both sides, and to he closing up Its folds to
encircle me. I was no strsnger on that
part of Ills prairie; its general localities,
though one portion ia very!rnuch like anoth
er, were familiar to me; and in recalling
them to mind, I recollected a little rugged
mound or hill, some twenty or thirty feci in
height, and was satisfied that I was no great
distance from it. With my hopes revived
a little, I taxed my siiiht to the utmost on
every swell of ground that I passed, and at
icngtii aetecteu tne taint outline oi tne em
inence in advance Dut the fire was mak
ing for it too, and the subtle leaping tongue
on my right hand, now quite ahead of me,
already seemed almost between us, and pre
pared with a single leap lo cross my path
tnd secure its victim. Still with my al
most exhausted horse. I pressed on, with au
energy and despair so mighty as almost of
themselves to ureck the powers ot lite. I
have not recovered from the effects of thai
mental struggle to Ihisday but as you no
doubt conclude, the mound saved me. In
the race for life, I was obliged, as it Mere
to place myself side by side, with that giant
and awful sword of flame, and for the last
hslf mile, the contest was doubtful, hope
less and dreadful. Ilut God netted my
horse with an unnatural strength, as it
seemed to me, and guarded his footsteps so
that every effort told ; and at last I dashed
upon the bare of the mound where there was
no fit substance for the devouring element
tn follow, and was safe. The flames suepl
by with a (lull, heavy roar, and a hot,
sweltering, suffocating breath, burning with
an intensity and grandeur which realized to
the imagination my ideas of the final catas
trophe of nature, encircled and passed the
little eminence on which I stood, and
stretched olTin tno long lines as far as the
eve could reach. I fell upon my knees; and
since that terrible night I trust I have been
a more thoughtful and thankful man.
Godey's Lady's Hock;
fXT" Ten or twelve yeara since, Mr B. K.
Palmer, of Meredith, N, II. caught his leg
in a bark mill, and so dreadfully was it
mangled, that amputation became necessary.
A poor boy, he supported himself as he could
and prompted by his own wants, turned his
attention to the invention of an artificial leg
which would answer his purpose better than
any in use. His success exceeded all ex
pectation, those usinff the article not only
walking with comfort, but with such ease
and naturalness that llieir condition would
hardly be suspected. He lias been offered
975,000 for his patent fur the United Slates
Event 'in Prussia.
The Derby Journal, published at Binghamp
ton, Ct, has an interesting letter from a gentle
man who was' ,in Berlin during the late revolu
tionary struggle, the greater part of which wc
copy :
Bsnux, March 19, 1848.
How shall I describe lo you-lhc events which
have just taken place the scenes of which I
was a witness? Ilia past night has been one- of
tho most appalling I hat e ever pissed through,
and may 1 necr know such another.
During the whole night has been heard the
firing and cannonading of 30,000 troops, upon
an alniot defenceless people. What slaughter,
what carnage have tho past twelve hours wit
nessed I The rattle of musketry, the thunder
of cannon, the veils of an infuriated ticoplcthu
trampling of soldiers and horses, the clash of
anna, tho clatter of tiles and chimneys thrown
upon the heads of the soldiers, tho lurid light of
fires burning up barrack! and buildings in vari
ous jwrtions of tho city, have all joined in pro-
uucui an vueci iw tcrrntu iu ira ucswiuvu.
For Uio last five dava the city has been very
unquiet, and fur the last fourteen have the
troops taen almost continually under arms, and
I tiresumc that for the last sixty hours, not a sol
dier has had any more sleep than could be got
rcstinr on his arms in tne streets.
Tho disnuict now nrcvailinz throughout Ku-
rope hail operated here as elsewhere, and been
the cause of the suspension of the workaoftnany
manufactories, lu:., tho workmen of which were
constantly out of employ. A meeting of the
people took place on the csening of llonday,
the 13 Ui, Tor the pnrpose ol ailopting an audrcai
tntha Kintr. iikiii? for tho reforms alrcadr grant
ed to many of the Stales of Germany. While
quietly assembled they were commanded by the
military to disnerse. and after leaving the tilace
of meeting the crowd was charged upon by tho
cavalry, and many wcro wounded and some kill
ed, un J ucsiay tne same scenes were repeat
ed: tho unarmed oeonle were charged upon re
peatedly by the soldiers, and for no other reason
than because they co.Iccted in the atreots in
crowds, regarding curiously tho military, which
in strong lorce was posteu at an tne principal
ilents here had narrow escapes. Some, especial-
lr. who were returning from our Minister a, one
of whom had his scalp lorn fron his head by a
sabns cut: and one or two others cot in a very
dangerous proximity to sabres, as the cut hat of
one, and bloody coat oi anotner vesuncu. a ucir
only ofTenco was passing, on their way home,
through the crowd, which was charged upon
i -i .1 .a - ,., r -,
wunc uii'j were iu UIU v. It.
On i etlnestlav evening crowds of people,
nrincinallr of the lower classes, surrounded tho
palace. The addresses to the King had produc
ed no result. A citizen made a speech to the
ieople, exhorting them logo home and be peace
able. "Wcaro peaceable," replied they, "but
we have no work we have no bread, and why
should we go home to starve ?" Two Regiments
of Cavalry suddenly ch-xrged into the square
where this dense mass of people was assembled.
The scene was a dreadful one ; the people were
penned up were without arms, and indeed at
tempted no defence, but were pursued and cut
down by the dragoons, with a savage ferocity
and relentleasnesa. This charge waa followed by
a volley of inuiketrv from some comoaniea of in
fantry, and the number of killed and wounded
mast hare been considerable.
Thursday was an exciting day. The streets
were filled with military, and the people assem
bled in crowds shops were closed, and procla
mations from tho President of Police were post
ed up, forbidding more than twenty persons to
assemble together, and saying that any crowd
not dispersing upon the beat of a drum or blast
of a trumpet, would bo fired upon; directing all
pood citizens to keep in their houses, and all
doors to be closed and locked by eight o'clock.
Un one occasion tne ouiccr at tne v atcn-nouse
was prosperous, and his wife never loxikcd
more lotcly, or himself more happy. As
nis prospects bngiiteneu, tie seemcu to took
upon his chosen companion willi even mora
idolatry alas f that one so lovely, should be
so unworthy an angel In look upon, a fiend
lo know, I bid adieu lo go, but as I left
him, I thought to myself, surely, if there he
a happy man on earth, it is he. Ilut no
man knoweth what a day may bring forth.
A year subsequent lo the period last
mentioned, on a bright and beautiful morn
ins. I met at the post office in Cincinnati
my old friend O. lie seemed slightly chang
ed. Upon enquiry as lo his health and his
prospects, he informed me that he had failed
in business, and that his baggage was at the
Ilroadway House, pawned for his lodging.
I had the baggage removed to my residence
in Cincinnati, and his wife became an in
mate of mv family, whilst her husband went
to Louisville to encage in business.
During O.'s absence in Louisville, I no
ticed a dirk complrxioned, gay young man,
frequently call lor his wile. Une day, the
two droro out together, and not relum
ing, I began to suspect all was not right, I
immediately wrote lo 0. at Louisville, in
forming him of the slate of affairs. He
came, thunder-struck and frantic with des
pair. He pursued the party lo Columbus,
where they satisfied mm inst notniug unrop
er had taken place, and his wife promised
to co-lo Louisville if he would return there
and send her sixty dollars. Q. returned In
Louisville, remitted the money, and receiveil
in return, a letter from his wife, informing
him that lie could never see her again that
she loved another man I
O. bowed to his fat with heroic fortitude
and manly stoicism, spparently. But his
spirit was crushed : I saw him in Louisville
a tew months alter: his head was periecti
nrer. hi countenance marked and haggartl
The joyous dream of life- had fled, the gorge
ous glory nt morn become the murky uarn-
ncsj ol midnight, roor man t my very soul
erew sick as I gazed on his shattered frame
and haggtrd countenance, and read on it the i jj out the crowd to disperse, and while
uarK ano-tiesoiatory uespair tnnt uruuucu,
Trimses, AlKloiisiiml Support
ers aud Shoulder Urncca.
PHELPS' Single, Double, Umbilical and Child
ren's Trusses. Also. Phelps' Abdominal Sun-
porters and Dr. Fitilie'a and Phelps' Shoulder
Braces all tho best instruments of the kind now
In use. For sale cheap by It. SPALD1NO.
Bratdeboro, Feb. 11th, 1848. S6
rrtO sell a variety of Publications, on which
JL good profit can be made on a small Investment
of capital. A person can be referred to In this
town, wiio lias cleared over 93uu in a year, at simi
tar business.
C7-A11 letters rst Paid, will receive prompt at
tention. Q. II. SALISBURY,
Brattleboro, Feb. !, 1843. 27
where once had gleamed so brightly the sun 1
shine of hope and happiness. .
In the mean time, Mrs G. had married I
her guilty piramour, who, for improper con
duct on her part had sought and obtained a
divorce. She was now an outcast upon
the world, but being an attractive woman,
she soon inveigled into her traces an inexpe
rienced young man, who married tier, lie,
too, for just cause, obtained a divorce.
Mrs G, or now Mrs M., was again married
to an old man, a Mr L., but not until she
had made him setlle a large property on her
first. He soon died in a mysterious man
ner every body believed lie had been poi
soned' by his wicked wife.
The next I heard of her, she was married
to a Mr S .of New York, asprightly, talent
ed young man, belonging to ono of the first
lailllliuv 111 lliai ui.il. n. ,,t.nu
lecturer, and in company with his wife.
spent several weeks in this city (Lexington),
about two years ago, wiiere ne lectured to
crowded houses. Here, she was noted for
her beauty and angelic appearance. About
a year after they were in Lexington, ti
dings came of a dreadful murder in New
Jersey. S. had killed his beautiful yet
wicked wife, and thus ended the dark ca
reer uf a woman whoso graces aud accom
plishments should have made the circle in
1 ,r , , I !-!.. . ..:.!. !. I
wnicn sne moveu, urigiit wuu toy. msicau
of dark with woe. S. is now sn inmate of
the New York Lunatic Asylum.
I saw G, al Louisville a few daya since.
His head, s few years ago, dark as Ihe ra.
vens' wing, is now while os the driven
snow. His countenance once so bright and
happy is now furrowed with care. Silent
and rloomy he never speaks, except when
on a bacchanalian revel and then he raves
o'er the blasted prospects of an auspicious
rouih. aud the wickedness of a fallen wife.
Without ono ray of hope to cheer his deso-
I . i . nn,lU)-B in lift, ha ramva alinnt me).
only, which lie decline.-, and is engaged in , 6f,mff that most fearful of ell spectacles,
vanau., una. tntt htc
securing patents in
and on the continent of Europe. Wu mi
derBland Mr 1'. lias one applicant u day
upon an average, and that his charge is
carted man I
turn a penny from the Mexican War some Ha wos successful, and in a short time am
of Ihe mutilated officer! already applying to .a large property, and' built the cclebrateJ
his skill for Vtt(.-Na,ua Gazette. U-n a. f
THE subscriber has on hand, and will aell cheap
for cash, Fowling Pieces, double and single
barrels; Cane Guns, Allen's six barrel and common
Pocket Pistols, Fonder, Shot ami Caps, Powder
Flasks, Shot Pouches and Bitts, Gun Locks, &c
t-Repairing done on reasonable terms.
rX7Opposlto tho PUccnlx House, Brattleboro, Yt
March, le. 3m30
Fkeaks or Fortius:. Some twenty-five
aicrngc, aim iiibi ... vm..." j years ago, Mr Ilotr, ot erv iorx, loramcuceu
Like some others, he is like!) to business in that city by opening an eating-house.
nimn i.i.n. Aim in a lew Year? I1U WVUU1V
bankrupt, and the hotel passed into other hands.
Not discouraged, Mr Holt commenced business
aain, wh9re he first ttlrtcd, In an eating-house.
By untiring industry ne again acquirvu
.,...1,1, ii,nr,ii fir ViMnw his former resources.
Recently, a relative in England died, leaving
i.;m !, will BS00.O00. so that he la now richer
than before. H la said, that he intends to pur-
cliaso his former hotel, and once more display
Ihe old aign.
Tup. Smiles of Inmnts. Infants only
a month old are often seen to smile in their
sleep. Dr. Beatlie says, "I have heard good
women remark, that the innocent babe is
then favored with some glorious lision.
Dut that a babo should have visions or
dt earns, before it has ideas, can hardly be
imagined. This is probably the elTect, not
or thought, but or some bodily feeling, or
merely of some transient contraction or ex
pansion ol the muscles. Certain it is, that
no smiles are moro captivatinc. And Pro
vidence no doubt intended them- as a sort of
silent language to engage our love ; even os,
by its cries, Ihe infant is enabled' to awaken
our pity, and command ous protection."
A naner savs. "we nraise men for fight
ing, ic punish children for doing the same."
A larnn raolo was captured week before last, in
Warwick township, Berks county, Pa. A small
boy went after the cows in tho evening, and was
attacked by tho bird in a furious manner. After
havin" battled with it unsuccessfully for tome
lime, Tie was relieved by a dog, which carno to
lis rescue Between tbo boy and the dog, the
eagle had to surrender, and was taken home In
triumph, with tho old of some of the neighbors.
i.engtn irwa up iv vs ;,., v v..
they were doing so, gave the order to fire, and
several respectable citixens were shot in the
street, beside some in the windows of tho shops.
Among the dead was a girl of 17. The Burgh
ers and citizens demanded arms, and said they
would be responsible for tho peace of the city if i
tno miutary were not sent a ay. i neir request
was refused. On Friday ramc the news of the
Revolution in Vienna, and the dismissal of Met
tcrnich. A deputation of 17 persons also came
from the Rhine provinces, demanding, rather
than asking, from the King the dismissal of Min
isters, and tbo reforms already mentioned as be
ing granted in mrny of the States. They had
that evening an audience with the King.
The cititens formed themselves to tho number
fit was said) of 10.000. ioincd by many of the
students, into a police for the preservation of
order. Tho soldiers were partially rctnotcd
from the squarca and streets, and tho city waa
quiet, ilut tne cairn was oniy mat prcccuing a (
tempest, xne aeicgauon trora toe luuno rov
incea pressed their demands, and told the King
that unless they were granted by 4 o'clock, ho
had no longer any possessions on tho lUiine.
The citizens who had been acting as police, as
sembled with others of the people, by thousands,
tiulsed threo times. Tho firine- waa inecasani "
and terrific during tho night; at 7 came an ofn-
vvr uuuvr luj muuuir, wiui m paper 1Q uis band,
which he read to the crowd which gathered
around him. It was an address from the King
to his "dear and faithful Berliners," as he called
them, begging themto be quiet, saying the dis
turbances had all arisen from a misunderstand
ing, which he explained.
Soon I heard another proclamation promising
to send the military away and givo arms to tho
people j and soon another proclaiming his change
of Ministers.
The city now teemed nuict. and I took a walk
through the principal points of attack. The.
sccno is not to bo described. Hero wcro sol
diers, bloody and smoke begrimed, completely
exhausted, lying on tho ground haggard and
care-worn pools of blood, dead horsea, demol
ished houses and barricades, wcro everywhere
to bo seen. Litters carrying away the dead and
wounded were continually passing by; some
jwople were busily at work erecting barricadcr,
with every possible variety of weapons. Armo
ries and grain stores had been broken open, and
their contents distributed among the people;
soma oil casks that had sen ed for barricades had
been famously tarved by bullets and crane shot.
and the women and children were scooping it
.i . .. T i.. . . ' " 1
up nuui iuu uuuer.- A .an in uuu jnaco vigu-
tcen dead bodies, some of them horribly cut and
Towards noon the Military commenced leav
ing tho streets the people had gained the day.
At noon tbo Arsenal ti as opened and arms were
given to the citizens. The changing of the sol
diers at tho palace of the King and Prince of
Prussia, forDarghcrguards,"was a most inspir
iting sight tho people cheered by thousands aa
the lit cried vassals of Royalty were exchangg.
for plain citizens. In one of the rooms of tho
palace were laid out the dead bodies for recog
nition ; another room wu converted into a hos
pital. In a neighboring church I saw twenty
two dead bodies stretched out under the altar.
Monday, 20th. The city is now in its usual
state of quietness and nothing gives evidence of
the terrible scenea of ycaterday and the day- be
fore, except that the people are busy in some
streets removing the remnants of barricades,
tec, and that some houses are destroyed, others
injured, and at least half the windows in the
city demolished, and the paving and nagging
stones are uprooted in all directions.
Last night every window in this great city
was illuminated, except those of the Palace,
which, with not a single window lighted in its
whole extent, exhibited a most gloomy and re
markable appearance. It was typical of the
times the abodes of royalty shrouded in dark
ness, and those of the people glittering with,
light. Throughout the city the most extravagant
manifestations of joy celebrated the dawn of
freedom. Cheering, shouting, firing, music, and
singing of patriotic, lively airs ; but all was
peaceful ; the new lords committed no depreda
tions. A single citizen, with a musket, had no
difficulty in any place to keep order. "I beg
you, gentlemen, to do so and so," and the crowd,
cheering, would instantly follow directions.
It is said that COO soldiers, and C4 officers
have been killed and wounded; 48 of the ofS
cers hare died, and many of the wounded In the
hospitals and elsewhere, are in a most desperate
condition. At almost every corner are recepta
cles for aid for the wounded and bereaved fami
lies, and many of them containing quantities of
money are left unguarded.
I saw to-day a picture of the Prince of Prus
sia posted on a wall with the inscription "Kve
ry good citizen spit on this I" He was a special
mark for tho citizens, and it is said bis clothes
were three times touched with bullets.
And now Prussia is free, and Germany is free,
and one grand confederacy is to be formed,
which shall bear the name Germany, and be a
name implying something more than the indefi
nite sense in which it is now used. Prussia will
be at the head of any motcment made toward
farther reform. The King having been forced
into concession, will hate now to grant all the
people ask. And knowing he mnst be thorn of
all his honor, he will be scry glad if the sem
blance of it is left to him with the tide of King.
Henceforth no other than Constitutional mon
archy will botoleratcd in Germany, and perhaps
not even this. The character of tho people,
however, demands, I think, something beside as
liberal a Government as our own. They seem
to require something between them and duty to
look up to, and do reverence to. I think, there
fore, the King will remain such, but ob, how
shorn of all tn.it raado him so powerful 1 Like
the glow-worm, ho may thine, but be harmless.
The Old Woman's Race with a Loco
motive. In a cottage not very far from the
well known village of Ecclefecuan, which can
boast of more bridges than even the metropolis
itself, there resides a gudo wife who is now in
her 92d or 93d year, and is able, notwithstand
ing, to read without the aid of spectacles, and to
use her legs with moro vigor than many of her
juniors by a couple score ot years. From her
cottage the commands a view of the Galcdoniau
railway for nearly five miles, and often amuses
i..H.irM, .i.tn ...t h ;
demanding arms, and the sending away of the !pcculating on tho unco cliangcs which have tak
soldiert. l'oclamaUons from tho King promis-' cn pie ,fco tto j., of h girlhood. While
ing .u vuu,uu ..v. u .-i-" aiscussing tneso matters tne otner day, sne maao
a bet of a crown piece, with her ton, that the
would start from her house, which is three quar
ters of a milo from the line of railway, as soon
as tho mail train came in sight, and reach an ac
commodation bridge which it crosses, before the
train carne. Tho projiosal agreed to, the kilted,
up her petticoats as soon as the locomotiroshow
ed its fiery nose, and away the ran, three
fourths of a mile against four and three Quarters:
I but for the one a very elderly pair of.legs, for
more than the velocity of the race-horse. For
once, however, even steam was too slow, and,
with wind in very fair order, the monarenarian
gained tho bridge, ran below and back again,
ere the ponderous train whizzed above the arch.
During her race, tho met a young female ac
quaintance, who wished to speak with her. "I
bae nae time the noo eh, eh I'm runnin a
race wi' the train, ye see eh, eh, unless eh,
eh, ye keep up wi' me." This her friond at
tempted to do, but soou found that th had bel
lows to mend, and was forced to give in. The
winner went homo triumphantly, pocketed tho
stakea with great gusto, and was so little tho
worse for her exertions that she ofTered to run
the same distance against her son, who, after tho
specimen he had just had of his mother's power s
in the racing line, very prudently declined the
proposal. There is evidently no great need of
sanitary reform among the braes of Annandale.
ScofcA paper.
Dough-faces. Mr Root, of Ohio, in a re
cent speech in the House of Representatives,
"Now, sir, I can respect a man who was born,
and educated, and resides In the midst of slave
ry, though he bo in favor of extending that in
stitution into our newly acquired territory; and
when he chums that it is tho right of tho slave
holders to carry and hold their slaves there,
though I differ with him in opinion, I can be
lievo him sincere and honest But for a man
born, educated and residing in a free State, and
professing anti-slavery tentuncnts, to chop about
on the eve of election, and pander to the slave
power in tho miserable bopo of political advance
ment, is to deserve tho namo by which ho should
ever after be known, doughface. Judas Iscariot
was a gentleman compared, with inch a man, bo
cause, when he had reflected on tho enormity of
his crime, ho had tho grace to go out and hang
lo grant freedom of tho press, had been posted
up, and theso tho people were hooting at arid
tearing down. Tho Helegntion received an an
swer from tho King, saying the Diet should meet
on tho 2d of April with powers to decide on tho
great questions of tho day, and granting imme
diate and full freedom of Ihe press. Ho ad
dressed the crowds from tho balcony of tho pal
nee, calling them hia dear and faithful citizens,
and telling them what ho had done for them.
They made an immenso tumult. Some said they
were cheering, and tome that they were hooting.
The King motioned with his band toward tho
crowd, and suddenly there was a discharge of
This tpark lighted tho flame, and from the
discharge of those muskets, which the King af
firms in his proclamations to have been accident
al, may the terriblo events of the following night
be ascribed. The news of another attack bv
the troops upon tho people spread like wild
fire. Tho streets were filled, and barricades
were everywhere formed as if by magie. Regi
ment after regiment como pouring into Ihe
Platz in quick time, and regiments of horse at
full gallop, with the artillery. It was fearful
atrrttK fi oon nr 7.000 soldiers assembled, wait
ing but for the word to commence tho work of
. ., -,. i j .1., I:-.. VBnttnn
ueam. x rw.wui.uoii. uw. uo kug .
freedom, and aaylng ho desired the reforms de
manded, and the Diet should act upon them on
ihs 5d of April, and showing that he had yield
ed everything but the people cried out it was
too late, that they had been betrayed, and nil
assurances about a misunderstanding were Hoot
ed at. The whole city was soon a scene of the
utmost excitement.
Tho first attack of Importance wu made un
der my window, Tho people drove off some of
the cavalry, throwing glass bottles to prevent
their working effectually, and awaited behind
their barricades tho approach of tho infantry.
Their barricades were, however, toon carried
away, and then there was some hard fighting be
tween the soldiers and tho people. Some sol
diers were ordered to shoot at every window
from which a missile was thrown; they had
hardly left the ranks before paving stones and
tiles rained down upon them, ami somo shots
wem fired from the windows. I saw two men
who were running from the soldiers shot down
most wantonly. The fight was smartly sustain
ed. I aaw from an immense barricade columns
of infantry, a battalion (800 men) at a time, rc-

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