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From tiik Isthmus. An arrival al New
OrlMM from Chagtc., bring, d.tes of tho! ICth
nit, and sixteen returning Califomians, There
were on the latbmul over 8000 pcnon. wailing
lor vessels to take them to S.n Francisco, with
ad prospect, at to .uccen in going forward.
The vends that had gone up would probably be
prevented from returning on account of the
fit i . ! .i i ...... .1.:...
were not
their money, and had neither tho meanl to go
on or return, Their condition is most pitiable
All Person
TTA VINO un,tlld .eeounl. with the auhacrl
11 her, will confer finr by calling and artllinf .
tlraltleboro, M.y 1, 1819. U. C KALI.
WCrs Hinckley
fTA8 thi. dsy returned, from New York, lot.
jlx. niahed wiin uie
I To Country Merchants !
iu. u uii.TiKAi, si r.tr.r, uvaivn.
OnVt lot tale a New Stock of Primt
ntlRUIt AHERS will find it an object to exam.
. , T. . i I .1 !. -- ... - - lluauimobKa will nun ll an ooicci la rm
ale dcMrtionof thcircrewi, and new.blps - ... .Host ilcirntlaC Styles, JL In. our btrk, Twin the raellhaUneofout firm
ot coming to land to rapidly u wa. ox- '"J and Ow Miklnr deoart P Mfact,nr, and will remain at the
iBlh LM. ''I ! !V'ii:7!;i: ' F.clory, .od lr.on.lly euperlotend the menulae-
ly rf those on the Isthmus lad .pent all "'"g" S ItMSJ 33 Un ' J,i' "P"
" " . -", r. u, ta air who in . s' ."i :.v
' VV ..kT.'iu-- -"!!"U ' NUSNdJlJlu . b.. Ion. bn known In ll.l imrkel. and known
iiie.r , us am '..I k rCT" . '. lo b. eoSl to an. In ...Hi, nd .1.1. . and under
our present arrangement, we .hall continue to give
number or years in manuf.cluring, and in preper
. . . r i I i n it nitlrn.. la.ta. Ac. will rr'ttr U l man, advan
uS v m -V UJ"M',""U UI In mie'n.Vlh. w.nl. of the Inde; ilia god.
rpAlU'.N on one writ of atttrhmcnt, snJ will be
J, ohl at lnl.li Vendue, by consent of the parti.,-on
K h.i li railed the "Oo.uFaitsi." near Green I
Utter tlll.gr, in Guilford, on Nnlur.ty, the I
lUtli tiny of Rluy ucxt,al 10 o'clock iu the
lorcuoon, irons
40 lo SO TONH or IIAV.
CYIIUS CAltPENTEIl, Deputy Sheriff.
Ojllford. April 3U. IMS. 31
Urattleboro, Msj 1, 1849.
ness between the subscribers Is this dsy
circumstances in which danger circumvents them o ssjssm oi aa,t u.j)unoso. ,oorj Jo.iosj TT
40, seqiisarpi. sil 01 p.llpu BNOHUaj'l l
' .ml fmn which there isno cscanc.
Sjirinsfitld HtpuUtcan. I
HrraiKn IIacc Man, of tho California cmi-
irranla. on arririnff at Indcncndcnce. Missouri,
became discouraged with the prospect of getting
1 across the l'l.ini.ar.a are reiurning iss itira
" of many were worn down upon their arrival at
the rendezvous, and the diflicultv of procuring
lorage lor tnem very greau
3"SIr Buchanan, the only survivor of acorn
StnpiS'ft . RCT.l '01 "N
'WOSK35IOia V , , CJ
unn ts. la '-v 'B3A0XO
Ajno saraoyy aojf
Notice! Notice!! Notice!!!
ftp citi til tit ion to Kcuriny goodg tdtptf d to lb
retailing truth, wide ind ol good nuei, th ttock
and work of which can be miW upon.
Our Stock will embrace almoct eier dutrtWe
of Mf it', Wonwn'i, MImpi and Children
Tbick. Cair and Uoii lioou, Bboet ana urorana.
u.iler Uoou. line biipperi. uuikini. unboera.
&c., &e t which we shall oflVr at low prkei, and
we shall endeavor to fife personal attention to
putting them up.
ILT sirrcuanu ouin lor lum are pariicoiarij i
A NV mnnection which niijr lute tvit f ai-Ud
XJL in business veiwcrn ine si
HiaianIatJ bv muluil eonKDL
iv ivftnii
8. M. WAIT.
BKQS leave to Inform the puhlie that the build
ing aha has occupied the last seven months
has been remo.ed one door Weal, and that alia us.
FUST received, a full .Mortmant of New Ooodi, genteel atylea, cooaistjog of
J Including all Linda that are usually kept In a IXOREXCi: BOKNCTS,
country atore, many or mem very in n ana imiv. rnc, Ucea, I'earla, Oene.eM, Cobuiga, Jenn.
and will be sold at axtremely iiricee. JC.1I ,Jn), j,,nC. Bflj, l, Cobure a. Chain llraid.
anu.ee.; i itirii. K.e, Beouoa a xuge, rcasi, uoraeo, kui
GOODS of Hi. most
mllG aobseriber. throueh the disnensation ofi
A. Providence. has buried hiacomDanion.andon I invited to call aod eiamine our pooda.
. -1 ii ru :.: ri - i. - i - i I mnu u t'linn
Store No. 0 Central Street. ) I
factor, at South Wermouth. Cl33
n.s two lime orient, active rins one sn years i
2 Isnds, Milan Edge, Tulip ll'oid, Li
I dren's Klsta Shirred Donneta, &e.
Ladiea' aod Chil
Vholcwtlc mul ICclnil
Millinery Establishment,
fplin suUcriber uouMglreno.
X lire tliat he has removed from
tlie Store orcr C. Towxslet at
Sons, to one door Kortli of the
Vs:ajio?T Hol-se. where rooms
have been fitted riprcsily for hint 'I
iur uio jmrposv oi carrin on .
more extraitve Wholesale V
I would In rite all my patrons, and those In want ol
Millinery Goods, to rail before imrdiiuin clie
where, and examine iny Stock, which has been sc
lectctl with great rare from the Manufacturer! at
the lovttt Cnth prices, and I feel confident that I
can sell as low m an CotnraU.lou House In New
York orlloiton.
Mr Block roniiiU of cry Tarlcty of Foreign
ami Uo to ci tic
t v f r. rt.vt I
piny or seven, wnicu leu new Aors iur an-1 wcoun. .uiiiinim irpainuK x.in.a, u ii
J L i... xfA.:n.n wM.r i.t Mv4wift ttt Now I under the necess.tr nl breaking up kef nine house. I
Orlcani by the iteamcr HeUcU 211a comrtdei of P'nJf " Jf c;;!r,r!" 5e
1 1 - s would therefore eire notice to the public thst he I
--.rTi . t i rn. old tnia sorintr ana ine omer luur ana o wouia i tv-ar.wx-iivv i.ja .u .vira r
1110 ilBW WIICOUI VWiltsmaai. i 1 a- J r ,l,-f- Ihowl 4t JLal WW V aafci
from Iloma, Meaico, , so. winch tlie uid take them Kei, own and bring Ihem
LIL.1L nil II1U auicuiUIVII U n uivs, luviumiii; i a a i. . a 111 .1.. I.r...l i.. I..
CoLWebb-a party, are heartily tirou or their ,, f pI , wh, ,h-er Uke either
i about to com tor nee tnannlactuiin
Ciroiuitl KocU Sail
AVehare adopted thrmost approred tnoj Lf the Ued IlonneL
fourcer: but that they are ashamed to cive itl.i h i;tita0.rti anrh Mnan tlollh htndtuinMl (nntvict'rr tup km i. omtTii n wncmv
UI Kf 1U1U bUTcivtiQ iVa vas nuiii.
1 b warded. 1 tiers mtr br written to the aubscri
iSP III IUO WW liowi iiuiu vwitviiihi, di- i D. I CRII AM, IMCOpt TOUM, JUOIU
ONLY Minur.ctuffr of rirs-WotksinlJi New
Knglsnd SUles.-harinr reeelred a GOLD
ME UAL. at tlie late Fair of lite Alassackusetts
ted that the election, to form a pro.Uional Con. VS" '' MeVhanTca' AsiZnr foVX" best
stitution had taken piaco, and that meetings had Drattleboro, Vt., May 7f I84i. -it r.roicchoic, exhibited on lloaton Common ; also
jeet of slavery. There wax a unanimous Itnti- InUSIO,
ment oyaiiuf Mare labor.
having received a Complimentary Certificate fmtn
tue Uity uo.ernment ol isoston, la rriauun to r.z.
IfTlHrl undersigned, Professors of Musie from I bibitioo of 4th ol July last, and the City contract
I nMn. tkivlw numliMi nrih. Clrrtilr. fa I Tnt thm nt.avnt mr. no. nflVr. with eanfid.nee
AnntVALS or Gold Dust. Ship Sophia Li,, i,lian Opera, lloaton, have the honor lo In-1 the following articlea, all of which are warranted
.upciior qu.tiij,
iXhibitioti Piece), viz. :
"Walker arrived at lloaton on Monday, in 64J jbrm the Ladiesand Gentlemen of Brattlf boro and I to be of superior quality.
days from Valparaiso, brie brings from ISO to vicinity, that it ia Uirir intention lo remain nera i I-.xhi
390,000 worth of California gold dust, which is di
nvnail t.w Vaw Vn.t nml llnlllmnM, find... I li
. :.i ; , .. t.'.t.i.. c. i... .., Music, and on the foltowinff instruments, vis. :
from the Sandwich Islands, hittoS w board riann Forte Violin, Flute, Guitar. French Horn,
duiing the summer, for the purpose orgiving nub.
lie Concert., aa well as private levsons in Vocal
310,000 in California gold dust.
Brighton Cattle ItlarUel,
TiunJcy, M(t) 3, 1S49.
At Market 545 Beef Cattle, 18 pairs Working
Oxen, SO Cows and Calves, 550 Sheep, and 5GOO
Beef Cattle We quote a very small number.
TUtra S7; first quality tG,SOa6,75j second do.
16 a $C1S third do. $5,25 a 95,50.
Working Oxen $75, 880, 983, $100 and $110.
uows anu vaives $xz, sxs, ju anu a-au.
ill probably Uke place
Sheep Small lots at 93,50, $45, $4,75. $5, and I milE subscribcra being lery thankful for tho ex
$5,50. One extra lot of 37 sold at $8 cath. JL tensive patronage they have receivcd.do hereby
awinc I a 4e. At retail, a a ej. i announce io uie puouc, (us, ioct wi uuw wum);,
New York Itlnrkrt, Mar 8 Tlie salra I extensive assortment of
of Flour amounted to 4500 barrels, at $4, a $4,87 mn JOTifyfa nf Oooils.
Chinese and Egyptian Pyramids, Palm and Yew
Trees, reruviin, Maltese, and fancy Crosses,
reruvlan Buna, i riaoguisr l ieces n iince work.
Combination Tieccs in Lance, Baxon and Chinese
Hon Fires, decorated with various colors. Vertical
Wheels, Triangles, several macs, unman ijanaies,
with silvered and colored stars, Bengal Lights,
Pieenns. or Line Rockets. Mines, with serpent.
and colored Stars, Torbiltons, China Flyers, Flow
er I'ots, Ac. Itockct ol vsrious sites, with
heading, ol Pl.tn and Colored Dtars, Streamers,
Berpenls ana uoia ruin.
Committees or Citie., Towna,
uala. can be furniabed with I
amount, from 8.10 to 83000. Anr atvle of
Temple or 510111 made to order. Ala,
Small Articles of Fire-works, viz:
Rocketa. Serpenla. Graeaboppere, Bensrolaa. Pin
Wheels. Scroll Wheels. India and Fullins? Crack-
In addition to their present Stock, a new and very ers, Tordoi, Blue Light., Torblllons, Moreena,
I eu., mil ue ioiu, iiiiuiiLOAiiii .ou .. ii u,
.. . mi , ; 'F r :i..l .1.1.
arring, urmiting .no t.c.ins; in iihuimi yt
and now offer the article aa low ea can be purchaa.
ed io any market, aod warrant it equal to any.
Alao, for ealecAni f( CatX,
31100 Una. 1' I Salt; UKX) Bua. nock Salt;
imm " Trlpanlal
300 Sack. Liverpool Tine Salt ;
1UUU uaga alina oall ; Dy
April 30, 1819. (37) Iluavroao, Conn.
"new medicinbsT"
WILLI STON & TYLER have recently re
ceived from New York and Boalon exteoaive
upplie.ol DRUGS AND MEDICINES, which
have been carefully selected with rrtVrenee to their
some very rare styles, among which m.y be found i
10 Caaes Super French Laree,
15 Common do., to Cases Florencca,
11 do. l'carla, 6 Coburgi, 4 Gcncvesc,
4 Jenny Llnd. i Fancy Triangle.,
t Tulip Braid, C Bint's Kyc, 6 Gimp,
Spaniili, Triangle, Mixture, Cordinette,
V.n.Uhj. lt.ir..r.!,. f!i,lnn1. .n Thin.
tlie grrateat facilitiea lor Whitening and Prraaing J and others too numerous lo mention; making the
i.rgrti nasAinincui rirt wuvrcu ,i, m uimr.
B7Ice, lliiings, Flowcrl, Hibbons and Em
broidery, Caps, Head Dresses, te.,tc in abun
dance. DrfM IMaltiiiK nndcr charge, of Miss M
fry 3 lour g Hiimrti and Cram ClMtt iwisfuu.
ly on hand,
IV. It. 1 1. are rrarchascd one of the most ap
proved I'resiing Machinca in the country, and se
curcu tne strvices oi u eprr,riKT j
I am now ready to Bleach and Picas Bonnets and
Hats to order, at short notice.
Brattlcboro, April 15, 1849.
Wt Urattleboro, May 3, 1 849.
Ijr. Xj MlAijLii r A variety of Mourning Bonnets, Csps, Cellars I
TT 1' STAIRS, Is selling otT the balance of hit and Grave Clothea. .
U Gooda at Cost,ncxt door south of his old stand. S7Mrs II. avould particularly ssr that alio heal
May S. -wj, i ine grrairat lacililiea lor ntiening anu rrrasing
. I ltoiinvla im ih. linrlv-l nnlu. and i n i 1 1 1 1 -11
f I'M I K aubMriber. lav erected a Mill, and are I p,,i, uianner that can U deaired, and atie bsa I
again einpioyeo ansa aniur,Atii to aujierin
srua ner ureas aisaing, ne wouia also say in.i :
her Shop may be found a few steps from the Sign I
Brsttleboro, Msy I, 1849.
VWOUM) Invite all thoe in want of flood to
if dn examlnattoa of hti tiewanddeilraUc ttotk
of Good adapted t? the
Spring- aud Summer Trade.
It conlit lq part of a general assortment ofl
i n nti, ue iamM, American ana dcoicii uingtisras,
Oingliam Mailias. IJnen lUistres. Lawns, and
MIAIVIS, agooa ranetj aad of aeitrawe
I la IU.
Itoimrl, Bonnet Triinmlngt, Flower and
rcatni. Jiotierr. iMie aim ana uenu.
an J Trombone.
Their '6rt Concert
within a fortnlrhL.
JET Their termi of tnitraetion mi be known
br appijine ai ine tvaier uie ctiaDiwnmcni.
Brattleboro. Ma 0, 181 J. 38
Great attractions
In Old Chesterfield 11
j .ia i. .n... rvwtui Jiuiirir. jmuici t biiv vjjit.
,, a . " AfMVC. VllTHIXVt MUCH KIM ejsin, f. VfA,a;t lasiu ava. t -
l,7,Vd!'c.rPr,.crip.i.n. Wthf.l.y eaec.led at .,...,,
all times, by skillful hands. Pure v!n.e and Lon. OUSTS.' WKA1HNU Al'PAIIUL,
don Portrr conaUuU. on band, for the akk onlr. comnrialnc! the moat desirable colors and stvlcs.
Brsttleboro. Msv 3d. 1849. 371 Hats aud Cans. Boote and Shoes. Ladiea'doJ
- - - - ' I Hlca. and Bro. Sheetings and Drillings, Tickings,
t'crituucryi uuaiiaecai txc. I striped suirling, nailing, fvauuiog, uira.a'ia uro.
I would return my sincere thanks to my friends
and rntrom.r. (or'tlie verv liberal ttatronairo Uiey
have given me for the put rear, and ahull spare no
taint or exnense for a rontinnsnce of the same.
r 30 0L1VEB K1I0ADF.S.
' milE LADIE3 are MrtieulartrJavilrd tocaU unen saow : yovera, uiapcr brain, toium lvarp
r, x. i ., a I AalTa.loa's aw Daco Sro.a,in Hall's Long ana urpcl a arn. Hummer Btunrs, raper Hangings
. Clubs, or Individ- ijoiWllie Mq rrpUmJdng their Toilet, and ei. and Curtain il'aper ol desirable stjles, and very
-.shibitwns or any I t T!. 1.1 -r s!l.r..mM4 w.,.-. n:i- I chcan. toretber with a etneral assortment of
New York and Boston
Spring and Summer Goods,
WE hire Jnt received a very large iMsortmeiit
.r unAnQ .-.1 tnnnn.H.n.l ,ii .nw- .m.I
inoal deuraUt to be found Fn this vicinity, consisting
In part ol
200 Ilcccs rrints ;
noon the moat liberal terms.
for common and fiood hran.U. and SSO a ,62 . '"77 m . riJ. In MJ'&Vii3l "?J..r
rorpnre ucnice. araei aatu, m .. . .1 XTfZ "T i.7 .fi -.u-A
. . . . . r.r . muni rallinta r.fki.11 Itlttflilill. Ift fll 1ml 1M DI lm tl'...t.' CS It...
for white, S3 a 65 for ronnd Northern yellow. Bye pusol getting good Bian.tocall andsee ns
a . ' . 1 L.I..M riWa-r-Vi ainrw a1 ahrna AVl) Fara nn IS anil
la active at 581. Barter 60.' Oats 34 a 30 1,
'Mesa Fork il0,23,rrime 31,3$. Mess Beef til,
60, Prime 7,87. Lard is In fair demand at C a 6r.
Butter 10a 17, Cheese S a 8c, according to quality.
Hops Salts of 40 bales for home use at a 8r.
100 bales Eastern and Western forexport on terms
not reported. Jjunxil of Omiatrte,
I U . J . LX
before purchasing elsewhere. We hare on hand
so i am i laiico,
2000 " Slieetings and Shirlinji,
1000 " Ginirhams. 300 do. Ue Iines.
Also, any quantity of Cambrics, Lace, Shawls,
Bonnet & Bonnet Xiimniluga.
In short, we hare most everything and anything
that can make a prrriyuce anil goatfim show lo I
oreof adcantayi.
Groceries or all kinds kept constantly on
horse s. 1 nave iriea it, anu una inai i prices. Alao au uuas
i niee ervry way, and whiter than any 1 CROCKERY, EARTUEH AND TIS WARE.
lSiU M-U-tf ""- Aiscalargesupplyof
Mr Editor:
For th bene fit of thoM who find It difficult I
to eet good Flour, I would atale that it can bo ob j hand. Flour, Salt. Sugar and Tea of all klnda and I
uiDca i fiioitiE m. i nave ifr uuu tu. pncci. iuw tu tuuui
ii pro rea aa i
hare uaed 1
.11 nn.. J
sail asVlMua. av 111 li awv . w, ivi m m avxa. i. i.i.i -
able. Mr M. tella me he haa made an engagement I fflHIffinGIB E3lI(5WIBS51
to keep It permanently on tile. Jamiut. wtwuw .77 .
n..if.We. M..t ifuri I ttif mvliBniraii and mMlrlri&i nnroofca.
iJHiuttniw, mil v. auiar, i - a a i
I In ahort, we have almost evcrytbing that can be I
Fire-Works for the Fourth of ivfoA&2?2rwnm'm
TAMES O. IIOVEY, 149 Washington Street, I "e have also on hand a quantity of No. Falm
Boston, ryroteebnist tor tlie uity ol uosion,ia jear, whica we wisn to get nniuca into nrsi rsie
fully prepared to furnish Committee, of Citie., I IJau within three montha. ..,,,,,
149 WutUnlm Smtt, DutiM.
Lanouroar, Ilaivard St., Csmbridgeport, Ma...
may, iosj.
W IB . V m -x
w) iv z wash: si
W. I, Goode, Crocker',
Glass and Ilard Ware, Axes, Nails, Glaaa, Oils,
Faints and Dye Stuffs, coarse ami flue Salt.&r., 4.c,
Alo- a lot of Itujrgles, Kourse &. Majous cel
ebrated I'LO WS, and a quantity of good graces;
rn . ii . . I f C. I .
a. he intend, giving p. ticuis, attention ,. thli , ZSXrfM SZZTtoEZZ
'.i rit' f'inl?ir.C.'w. kf.d ' ' f"' a continuance of .he aa.ne!aud alU.ough he Lai
" - I .ai l. ,i urAM .nn I it nrnriMi nn i fnw trl r il.
.i A' . i t. r i m i.
uraiiienoru, iw. fm.., . . ,,;,,, xhe
motto b, MJur dfolut, quick aurs, ami small jtvtlt.
..A ,i.. iu:, r.,.i,r..kni Anv number of rood uraidcrsto mate fo. anu
arenowrrparedtomaaur.elureuorderallkludi 3 Leaf into good llats.
of CABINET WOIUL cyAtao, most kinds of Farmers' Produce in
Old Furniture aad. Chair, repaired at abort ne- SmSTim. " 37
iter, anu ii rtuoDiuiit nrtu. ah JuoiDnHuuiiTi
atlendvd to.
EtUtetf, Soape, Creatnt Fpniih Uilr Luitrala,
Ac., Lc'. AIiobr,U3HES. Enjliih and
American, of all kin!.
Can a 1m find very many new aod useful articlea,
fTMir. subacribera having leawd the Steam Shop
I. I
su -r. tvn iuit uiivtmun limn ta -1...J I ITM1E cubteribera have thU dar formed a copart
aa cheap aad as welt aa caa ba don. elsewhere. JL ncrship In buslneaa under the firm of Joilljl &
m n usiisiKiaJf) I VetrttitirVir WM. II.JIINKK. I
Brsttleboro, Msy 1,1849.
Planing, Tonguelnff and Grooving-
TI IV ism. ISifl.
"ONES & ESTKIIBltOOK are now rccci.lng 20 l'icecs Fancy CasHmcrcs, latest styles -,
at their new and splendid Silk, Satin, nd Marseilles Vcstiugs, a larg
Lndick' anil arntlcnicn's (saloon,
4-4 r.nrn.h: IsfwVa
4 4 Frrmh, tvty arurulU
M. do Lainca and Cashmeres ;
Twrns aud Muslins
Satin Stripe!
Kuisa Bobcs (coLflirl:
ilia a 7MIKS, an wiuius ; urrsi uo.
Olovca & Hosier)'. A very Urge assort
ment In this line.
Web Lacea,a!l widths; Dotted Swiss Muslin;
11.1.1 Swiss Muslin In patterns :
llald and Strii Cambric Muslins;
Cord Skirts, Black. Silk lilglnga.l-lncn end Cot.
ton do.
White Damask Covers, e-4, 7-4, 8-4 -,
Brown linen " C-4,7-4.8-4;
Irish IJnen, linen Slieetings, Diapers,
Huckaback Toweling, Crash, Whitney Blankets,
Counterpanes, Moreen, icn Ac, &C.
sitmmeii STurrs.
50 Ficees Denims, 23 pieces Cottonadcs,
I'lsid and Striped Iincu Drills,
French " " Bro. linens.
Broadcloths, Casslmeres aud
ioriecca Broadcloths, Genu in, Trench and Eng
lish, all shades
large assort.
APRZIs 16, 1029.
jvnir sprlSg goods.
WOULD respectfully lafuroi his friends arul the
rml.lic ccncrallr. that he luu taken the Store
In Willlamirille formerly occupied by him, and
lurcnascu me enure oioca. Ol uoous oi iv.ji.
VlLliixs. and has iuat received from Boston a
large assortment of
sjroavyy cciDcoE)Se3a
which, in oddidon to the former Stock, makes his
assortment full and complete. Hie publie are In
vited lo call ana examine uoous ami prices ociore
purchasing, assured that every thing will be offered -at
the lowest prices.
l lie Block consists lu part oi me luirawrag:
JOrcsH Gooifs.
n,n TV 1 .-.1 c,M,.1, C.ira.
hama, linen Gingliams, l'rlnlfd Lawns, Baragrs,
uinguam Aiusuns.
Cashmere, Embroidered Thibet, Brocha,
Stradella, Barege, Black Bilk and Delaine.
Bonnet. Florence. Cliina l'earl. Cobura-.
and French Lace.
Bound Itihbons, Flowers and Wreaths.
Black, Blue and Brown German and American
Broadcloths, Casslmeres, Satinets and Tweeds ;
Brawn Linens, Vcstlngs, Black and Fancy Silk
Cravats, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Farasols,
Black and White Bilk Gloves,
light and Dark Kid do.,
lisle Thread and Cotton do..
Bleached and Brown linen Table Cloths,
Crash, Diaper, Bleached Sheetings,
Plain and Checked White Cambrics,
Book Maslin, Lace Edgings, Curtain Maalins,
Cnrtaia Fringes, Lancaster Quilts.
' S000 Yds. Brown Sheetinirs. Drilling. Ticking,
Battlner. Cotton Yarn. Knittins Cotton. Tide Cot
ton, Zephyr Worsted, Perforated Paper.
40 do. Children's do. do, 3 Cases Hals and Caps,
Taper Hangings. Looking Glasses, Hardware,
Crotkery and Glass Ware,
XV. I. CooiIh nncl Groccriea,
Oil and Faints, Kails and Glass, Mackerel, Salmon,
Salmon Trout, Codfish, Halibut, Hoes, Shovels,
Manure Forka, Hour, Halt, e, are.
The follow'ng are a few of the Cash priceat
600 Yds. of Lancaster and Scotch Ginghams for
12) cents per yard;
600 Yds. good Trims for dresses for 61 els. yer yd.;
L30I " " for 3 cts. per yard
tw Heavy ouccung. iur i.xm.
S Chests Youn i lljson Tea at 40 cents per lb,
warrauted good;
loo Bags Ground Hock Ball for31 cts. per bag;
100 UuslicU prime T. I. Salt for C2J cts. per bushel
t Wnntcd la Exchruage for Goods,
Butt., Grain. Wool, mod Socks. Shlnt-les. Palm
Leaf Hats, Strainer Cloth, Cash, and gobd Credit.
' W , WIM.UM9
Willlamivllie, April 16,1849! w33
Ladles and Gentlemen Attend!
a MIR subscriber is opening a shop on Main straet,
. one door South or G. II. SjiusncBT'a Uook-
atnKE, wberc be will pay particular attention so
He has ma.le arrangemauts with a fashionable
House in i'hiUdelphla to receive constantly from
tbem the latest styles of
above named, and will Cut, or Trad the system fo
any one who may desire, and will furnish Faltema
uud Uule.
Tho Ladies are respectfully invited to call and
examiue the same.
Tlie subscriber wilt also pay particular attention
tojpttlng every varioty of Gentlemen's Ap
imrel in the latest
ff. Y. i rlULADKLrlll.V FASHIONS,
and give Instructions in any of the various systems
N , r.. .-.! .f . tHn n .r.n
W IU USC, wiu i(U mwwuiw fc"- . j
fully pre
exhibitioas of Fire-Works for the "Gtoaioua Chesterfield, May 7th, I34J.
FoVBTir to any amoont from SoO to g-ojuu.
rin: Auoot.tlona. Clutw. or Indivmoala, wltn wuuuiuuii aiuu
Mr II. received a Gold Medal (or tlia beat Pyro-
Dr. ILXllliltS,
. . -nl J "Bjr T,: 1 at West Hover, the largest ana test assortment oi
FatCnt Jrlaning JtnLaCninC.I GOODS ever otrcrcd forsaleln thb place, which
itmIiVii. Thota whu lmv Qooit furCull.l fnM.
h.... . Ill at I ta . f li.wi a. Mlt . I r a ..1.A.H M.a tnHH
j ni ut-wuiii ui mui Juis.iiue-a uviiij aauaVtaia
en ofl'er "orrul iuJwrinettn to the puhlie.
Jk'l tlajlalaa 4J UV4laJI
2C, 1649. 3ft
mcnt. ... . . ; His shoo will bo opened permanently about the
Tattuns' Tkimuixos m enaiess variety. i Bpi, of jt.yBB,n then a port of the time only.
COTTON GOODS. i cyl'mcta rIrou-,butioiiiri,and work lobe
10 Bales lust opened, consisting of MemmacK, pauljor taiiamrta.
narv L.
0U UnjUtlulMdMti
and Rights to m. tl. Mme.
i i. Su. UwU
. Tho JSacliltur
plane 6,000 feet of boarda to any uniform thickness I far and near, will find ll for their interest to call on I
in one hourf producing a better finished surface I us before purchasing elsewhere, as we are holding
lUieminiKii,ui f. ... I A IsALYTJUAlj 1 llX01VlAn,irOm tne City Ol I I UCatCli nBllCS, aSHZOrS ia. OCIastJTn,! IMS ll ll pilHWB ia nwn vj , vum bw wi uujaianvin luuuHiucaH i um ,p,wu.m..
ICT or speeincation oi artreiea ks sua au,.r- T ; nace u T.aoi.r'a I r ,. . , . ' -... known, not excepting tne nanu piane, anu is pecu- ivesi uover, aiay i, i. owoi i Apnl
-i itS JrJjfl XiuZlTJ? s& nwsiBmmffli.
awattwi. WtoJWAS StSfiSnSS: uteWffl vbhiost daciikrkiax callmy.
"SRhb village, at the Vennct Hc, MJ 5, h, the Lunpt Urer( Kidner. aod Spleen Ifewbj, gj V8? TLZVnui C ' ' tVl"S U , JSS? f
InGuiUbrd, Annt TJ, by llv. U. Prtdt. Mr John Tj.f-rwto lodiTlduals reitoi Hwm Hit or J. I
J .... nn UL.. I. Mm Srniii N. KurnftL - . . . " . . . . t. .
i . .7.'. ","vl,v " v i noanceu "iiopeieu dt Biicnuing pothoku, vu i
Bciiiom, o( til kiodf, of the oat qwdaw that cm 1
snr i.uiiian). i .r iii..ii. uafRMH r ih .
. , , -, a , , n f t, IVI.r. All UDiei UO BKU W Hiuil4w n iu"; v. sue WPilUwOUI UIW OCHNII, IIUIWD IsVKs aWfctCt
aliunfcsltal& Analytical pracVlce. Dr. T.wlUconUnue his vUiU JmTlJw,,, Nail, Tapir, and IloeUlip.i!ng
kk AViriuf ir allntervalsof from four to six weeks. Scissor.) Horticultural Sheer.) and all kind, of
Grolt to MUs ifcthiab' Kieh! Alao) April '24, b, thi ID- Advice In all cases gratuitous. Seiner, and Shear., and Cutlery orev.ry dcecrlp.
f.c.i.i tr.i, An Worcester, to Miss Harriet lfareli 21. 1.49. tlon. Foraale.atwholessIeandretsil.br
cheerful! reiponded to hr addruitag the ubicrljtrc now prepared lo uVe Pldurci, in group-or
her (poit pald)t Boi too, Mao. I itogle, on large or finall ihted Hatei and with the I
Uae or tne aDOre mninff uvuiac iumj uc i use oi weir new. ipienaKi, ana rercnujr imported
In Ibis town, May I, Mr Jonaa Rice, aged 81.
KhIvcs and Forlxs, Sic.
m r tiOZEn Knlrcs and Forks. Uutcber ana
J Shoe Knives, Ten and Pocket Kuives,
Sthi,ra Kriinn. KhHD BD.arS. linUS SVCIUCS. r.H-
amelcd Kettles and Sauce Fans, Furnaces, Flat 1
sale l
142 HasAiaolois Strut, IJctlm.
in operation by calling on the Patentee.
1 7 jnsDlMI V.WOOD11D11Y.
1,37 Jlordcr Strtrt, East Onto, Mass.
Ill uiaa ivn a, -s -I " . " : , r - - ,. , I UllfJlKU venuvjn asa. unu
In Dover, M.y 1, Frederick, eldeat aon of Mr Alpha . &ulr Jtai u iu,f jed, for aa
R,ther,.ged l8. . low by WILL18T0N t TYLER.
At Bellow.' Falla. Apnl 19, Mia. Betwy Weir, for.
merif of walpole, agea i e-
In WindaorjApru SI, Mr. Charlotte Wale. Telle.,
May 10, 1849.
Carriage Articles.
TTir.T.TPTIC and Ki.ln SiirlnL-.. Dasher Irons, l'a-
XLI tent LeathcrIallcableCastinga,CarrIage Bolts,
In orange, Apm i, di v1' " VT ' Braaa and I'latcd uanua ana uimps, lacxs, isms
atf&H,,&,1J March , Mr. '10. W W1LHSTOK TYLER.
Anne McMulan, at the great age of l years. j r r
.ur. l..n 1-eoo.amoUon. Mra Maa- UIICUWllC.il. V. UI.ISI.IIU m'aussa .
dana M. Chaae, iifo of Mr Wdliam Chaw, aad eldeat . ISO, 1M bbla. and half bbls. "Extra Railroad,
danenler oi r Lemuei n. -, XX and b or B otner oranua, inciuoms; -uw",
And thua has paaaed away from ja, d olher f,Yoriu brands fre.h ground Floor thi.
lif. id usefulneu, on; . wu " ke"Jg " ,d ,nd r ,, ,ow, hiht Io.d or ngl.
smaai. . v-y - .v.- -. , tj.. barrel, at the Sign of us jsim, or
ano auocHou.-u .,.. . I u In. 18411.
.i.vpr anil dauEllter. a eioccm 'rivuwu - , j
woman eatcernM or . ar- . a---
woman c u i . , ... - ,
.. I, lui iicknea. with treat cheerfulaeaa, and
looked forward to the end of her earthly life with a BUSHELS clear Seed Barley at
Christian faitii and nope, aa iu., -- l as.
-ZSZZSZ. . Heinle of Cbriat. and in the hour of
Sealh, lUustrated the value and power of that faith
which looka Uyond the present to the-future : and I the
invisible. Her death la a aev.re affliction to bar too.
Ur. h.r departure a great loss to her fnenda. Mjr It
be the meina of fitUng them for that heaven lo which
ker immortal ! baa tak.n lie flight.
In Weat Brattleboro, March , Pea. INathaalel
Samaceaf and . , , ,., . ... ,0. ,
ul"J"2 rSSSS Army r.ieot
Kvcral time, for ahort periods, and
'Avat l42WAEHmCT0N SI
Hog Collars, Muzxlcs aud
A H extenaivc aaaortment of these articles for
XX aale, at wbolessle and retail, by
SlAlliin illlAUIUUU,
142 H'olAuijton Street, Ijaston.
Marlboro, M.
In rrobata Court. April 10. 1849.
A N Instrument purnortiar ton e the last Will
I and Te.lameot ol BILLY JOHNSON, late or
Whitio.ham, in aaid diatrict, deeeaKd, ia preaenU
cd for Probate by llaaaau Joit.aoa,therein nam-
1 PEDDLER'S WAGON, in good tunning utor notiry all person, lutereated that thia Court
order, by TOWNSLEY &. "O.NS. V-M ltw proute of .aid instrumental
May 10, iota. the session tnereor lo Ue boiden at UUild inn) in
sv uiningion, in .aiu uiauict, on ine lass a nursuay
Sceil Barley.
are now prepared to take I'leturca cinal to any ia. I
ken at any other estabUabmcnt In the United Slates, I
.liavinir had lonir exnerience in the biulness. ther I
cannot fail of giving perfect representations of the I
I original, in poiui oi ugui, auiuia bhu mur
Pictures uken In cloud r as well as in fair weath-
Ier, with the use of their new "CaitEna," which re- j
quires a thorough knowledge of the difference In I
Isiwn ircvmu io
Likenesses taken of sick or deceased persons. I
milE new season Tea. having recently arrived, iwrajtv uaguerrcoiype ana raintea aim atures,
.1.. .... .flVtM, . mml nitnnrtunltv O IUI I -'"i, ...m.ik-, -w.w ......... ,
" '". m.,n.w.' C-Trrwa TruMHxiU and tatitucitoA vnrranttit
CHINA TEA COIIirANls 'ji,. inhabitanta ol Brattleboro and vicinity are
198 Washington Street, Boston. There jon cau , K,1ctfuiiy invited to their rooms and.ee
procure a bundle of specimens recently taken.
S lbs. King YongOlong for JP0 ALSO
I - S jS Ilvaon for 5 keep consundy on hand an .ortmtn, of
10 " frcab burnt anif ground Coffee for lX -. -ne micais, - auapicu io uie ua-
Either of the branch Store, will .upply the ..me, guerrianj whW, we will ,cU "
... is Ilranrh at 78 Hanoter Street, or tho one at purchased elsewhere. J. II. SI EAll,
.it ... nH,h -.t r.!iin Ktmii. near the I . j.b.MAiia.
UniM slaTe. Hotel. v w Brattleboro, April 23.
This Company is connected vriih no lew YorK nncmavi nv
House. Iiha.no Airent in Braltlcboro, Kcene, or JjJS BCISTOlVIEiV.
i. y. i ....ii: i ,inM 1842. and I a uiivL'ipipM'iMnn.i..nr..l.iuMi...l.
the consumer can direct an order to tlie Umpaiiy, I A. been obtained to warrant the enterprise, the
enclosing money, by the l'ost Office ) addreu THE I undersigned are happy to announce that the first I
CHINA TEA COMPANY, 198 Wi.itlMTo. Uumber 0r o,, new weekly Irench paper, 'Lb
Stbxet, Boston. omis4r BoitohiesT will be Issued Sitnrday, May 9.
ctuuscripiion lists are uuw openea as itccu s aiu-
slc Store, Tlcknor & Co.'s, K. D. Cotton's, 13 Tre-
HyrORE those wyfowfnceii 8-4 Brown and of this order
1IA While I able uiaper., warranwu sua
May 10, 1843.
i ........... ......... i i-
part or wrucn wa. spom ,4kn iZ muj In I T '- utifcaii ,i.aiiicivs,oi iti.iT.i-
iccupled about three Tear.. If TO. h. ttle4 1 lj . , cei,ed ilItei ,,Bm Ohio, Tor .ale
p.llm,MeM,wh.m hebved till " ifj J T A. DUNKLEE.
moved to BratUeboro. in reinau, n-'r "" . , n..,,l.l.,n Ma. O 184!). 3w38
Htna .r Mim.a. auu newaacuu " - i J i i
i . . i
iiv nn fr-r- frtf-.i od tfff low montiunr. ana at tlie uianicnot oiiU'e.iap iiaira.i
jy A creout wiiainK iu iumiiiw niikviucih
"''."J Puhliablngaeopyof the record VenVl.sn l7J. French Yell.w.l'uttr, VICTOR BAILLEUL. '
r urounu unrome xeuowio tiatw, .
previoua so aaiu lime or ncanng. flrn Oround Permanent Oreen. Lilhrage, aVe. ilUllCC
,, i iinr nnnntr Sand Paper, Shellac, llo rmi.
Attest, l.UQLUR00KfR3r, . . f
jiavesuBian v,-.. -.-":'.-.. -h. .
totbaam office In the Church in BratUeboro, soon
to ibVaaine office In the Church in BratUeboro, soon j.aTja,v. w y.u......, M w a
IrKSal here. II. eve, maUWaed the . a torn.u orthe l.te.t J 0",'l''1 "JlhVflm iS.7.SJ; Kft Cigar.' Ji
Vluref.meek.eiempUrfteontort J AU, .(, broad brimmed Hata, and "J ' i at peraon.l property from the eatate (j ylri
IpgilS JX5k'&. n DVliKLn vK'l. ordered th.t ..id petitioner no.
Ihrlborv. it.
In Frohata Conrt. Uav 8. 1849.
nOMESAiuiaa Diciaaaoa. Widow ofAHTI-
J MA8 D1CKERSON, late of Duuimeraton,
Hand Paner. Shellac. Rose Pink, Chalk, llosin, rrMira tertblea that I hare from this date riven
a mv son. r.u ir. uuLLiaa. nia nine to net nun
contract for himself) therefore I shall claim none
TN addit'on to their already mammoth troupe of
A inciinioi uuu jiuiiuais, mc a iupiicioi. oucr,
the pre!ent season, a series of novel and magnificent
r.ntenaitiments, lar surpassing auvtiung eirr pre
sented to the American Fubli.-. ilio leading new
features of this cxtcudre Company consist of a
Jtnajr Lind aod Komco.aud
Ten Egyptian. Camels,
whose petformancca haTe been tho Trcndrr and dc
light of ttutuandf lu Great llri'.ala and un thtj
Contiocut of Kurone. Also. In tfic performances
of the beautiful and hlghl? trod Daacing Honci,
. may ny nuu isuccpuaiii(
imported at an enormous expeuso from Francon'k,
mm, ana a Diaa or
20 Llltnutlnu PoulCfK.
IwJuJIds tl elctnUl Fightlajj 1'ouifi, Dtir
11 u bile and Tom SrBiwo j U-c CoiuieTwIn 1'onici,
Daiiox and rrTMU : the Fairy Vonj Cixu'ekil
uit Ana tao TrstUnjj 1'ooy, UiaCK uiauoxd.
Among the 1'crforn.ert are Mr It. HANDS end
hi Children Ja tlielrelegaat Ormnastlo Feats: Mr
W. STOUT, the great Two uM Four Horse Jlfder i
MABTElt UAUlilCC HANDS, tho Juvcnito
quDstrion AVonder, ta various acti of Kqultationj
MR II aARUNKIstha celebrated Drumatio K
questrianf MASTElt JESSE BANDS, the lofant
ucit.Ua; MOK&AYMAlLIuhii ABtoni.hlng
Itarrel I'erfunuancci ; MU KUGGLES, the l'opu-
laivBTist lTninrvut naval lWnrmArnn ll.n Vlvlnir P.anle
Ji ..r- . . . A . V " .T l 1 DUimon, jumavciKi, wuuiiiU
uiu.iUi,iiitj unrirai caL-ontortioniyt j pteurs M$ clover Becd. Floor, &c.
all varments to Til when made un by
1 ..irlencwl vrorkmen, and stat athenriss. And cua-
toroeravtliodonotlikellie UJOl' r jioutuaa
will be accommodated to ANY oi l Li Itiat may
auit their toate.
Although hi. chief dcaign is to open a
he will still continue lo make up at much work as
possible withoot Interfering with his main purpose
a. above stated.
no trusts tuar ine iiucrat patronage nenaa receiv
ed for the last fire years in his business may be a
sufficient pledge for Its coutinuauce, and.nould
such be the race, Ac also will soon come ont with a
.M SC1T. E. 11 Alt 1.
p-Brattleboro, April S3. twit
APRIL 24, 1819.
L rTAVjB the pleasure of saying to their customer.
I I nnd the'nublie srenerallv. that thev have iusl
Irccjved one of tlie largest assortment of GOODU
ever offered In WilliamiviUe.
I rencli, English and American mnti from 3 toll 4
1 cu. pec vd, cmbracini; every vari.tr of .trie.
1 50 rieccs Gingham, of all grades aod styles, from
8 to 25 cts. oer vd.
j 2 l'iccca Corded, Wrought, and Figured Uuslinsi ,
mi id.ni, uu.ureciu; souk a muwjr ucn Miia .
verv choice na.tcms.
Camclcon Silks, beautiful patterns, very cheap.
A prr.it variety, from S3 cts. to $ 1 5, among which
are Silk, lirocha. Cashmere, Thibet, Siradilla,
Crape, Ottoman, Uarage, De Lalne.
100 Jtomtcts,
From 42ctLto fl.00. Florence. China Fearl.
I Tulip Mixtures, French Lace, IlullanJ, Missea'do.
lutioona, h reams, x lowers.
I'lvo Case. Men', nnd Dors' Hats nnd Caps.
Woolen Goods.
French. German and American Broadcloths.
Casiimcrea, Batluets, Tweeds, &e,
uVlarge assortment of SuiMiacr Stuffs for
Men's wear.
. sou ram iauics- enoe.
3 cases Men . cair Iloots.
Domestic aooslef
at leu prices than ever offered before. 1000 yds.
yard wide heavy Bheetlng at CJ cts.) Drilling.,
Tickings, lulling, ivauuing.
XV. I. Goods tV drocerlrai,
A larze assortment. Good Younc Ilvson Tea
for 37) els.; very extra do. for 60 cu.
Vrucxcry aoa uinss unie, x nper suuieiux. ns
8 cu. per Uo)l, Taper Curtains, Loukbfg tJ lasses,
Oils and l'ainU.IIwd Ware and Nails..
100 Bushels T, I. Ball at OJJ cts. per iltunel J
10 " Cattle do.;
ino Han Ground Rotk Salt t
Salmon, Mackerel, Codflah, Halibut, Herds Grass
DriUleboro, M.y 2, 11143.
At lie At EUs 2Vee.
luatrree ved. VJ ol, oi incru
37 of hU earnings, nor pay any debts of his contract.
. lug alter Hill uaie. ir.L.iuiv av vui.i.ii-
tluilford, April 9,1819.
.i lU be ld verr low. I ViB rcccivcu, a larga invoice oi ntacx, iiiue,
."'"i .... .... .
iuat Kbleaecd."
ta Putney. April , Capt Joha B. Pierce, aged fiO
yra. o mos. anu io nj -Trie
circumatancea connected
truly anlictlng. on uie uu, i
from a horae, which fractured
al Japan, lied and Carmine, lu gallon, quart, pint,
. ...f , n ,on ..mi ivnereupon la ia oraereu inai .aiu petitioner no i - - . .. .. - -.
ive.1 4ir.tueooro, .y ... sow. lnleIteu tllil ,hi, Coot, wiI1 de.
a riisscis hiiu csssi'i''
r Wind. .I.I...A0.. Ih.bcat now in I tlcboro llookaiore.
:tedwim una oeaiu wero yjuT in perfect oraer or excuangeu ior .row, i,ald diaUict, on the 2d day or June nest, oj puu-l J uae, for .ale at me lowja. ...... ... ii.y iMv,
- -s i ----- i ar u. juuuiuiKt'iiHsia'M i wrrii lucceuirciT in uiu termnm t lurnii. uriuuru i ai ----
1NO. LACV, UO WENS, and a host of olher l'cr-
formers, all of Uio most approved talent la their
various feats.
This Mammoth Corps will enter town on the
Mornlui: of Inhibition, at 11 o'clock, nrccrded bv
the Sacred Egyptian Dragon Clarict Jsis und
Osiris, drawn by 10 Egflitla CukuIs, containing
the tUi Band attached to the Company. Next In
order win be tne iu kii wr, to which win uo
at ns""" '-""","",1 . week, .uccessiveiy
,. 4"rixe Jlatr war, nam Mrca,oign y .". attaia
J K ...t .enA. tniur UTtfin ike frOOt lobe of the
The I same da,, ttbtjt plecca of fractured bono were re-A'-'TTj
. 7k!T ,lil. lulatance rendered,
l,v Uiataklllful .id well known opentor, Dr. Twitchcll, Scurf and restore
.V l' w ii an. ttiMAMrallon. wLicnwaaeal
dnredwlthwoiid'erful fortitude, the patleat .ank rsp- COAT-BIAKEHS,.TIIIS WAY !
try lllch'. Hair Wash, to cleanse the head of
t le lia r.
Phanh. nriuted t
uramcDoro, previous io aaia tune oi Hearing
A true conr of Becord.
AtttJ, F. U0EDR00K, Rtgt.
A'cui Dr Sw' lw' toJ BkM1
Owe, wain returned, lo the great Joy of bis lUinl y. XltTtW l CU, lte eiperienccu ...ru. -
whea be inquired how lie waa Injured; and nelpg tow, I y mala, lu commence iu.ii.iui
1. .ffV.nl l.im m.t .ll.f Ital It .11 e,l- I .1.... til. I. In U.rn th. trade. ThOBO wllO Sl
dent that ,the relief waa only umnorsiy. Peith, the ,J before Ihst lime, either at my shop or house,
Irreaiatible conquerorclalmcd him aa hi. lawful ylcuni. f" '., .i,. it,- Ust eneoui.gement by the ub-
" la the midst oflife we are la Uio midai i of deatn." -V" E, HAliT,
llow tnvtenoue tnaa one aw uiuvu uutv.ra, ,uii vi I
life, uut useful, ahould have been .cut .down . ,.,.,. ,!. ,y .1,
iukicniy anu unipwi"j f
nelgttbor a roemiaer of octet
r. wu one w mai
District at Wutmixsttr. as.
Tho Hon. the l-robate Court for the district of j W(lt Bntihlioro, May 1, 1849,
l'uftiey, in said dbirici, ti
flAlllS llora. wt. raised in Or.
. .ugc WU., ,, u, ,ll. .uu
Mtibereolor, dark bay ,blaek
flawing mane and tail, mane
four Icet iu leneih tnovemenU
elegant, and .urpa.eed by nunc. III. age i. 13
year, the bth d.y uf June neit, and weigh. IPSO
nave ocen cuiuownsol , . . t in i. l li.. .,A h. ih. llJlm,h. and second de.
ttmta win urn (ttTt; it-it itut monifi. Anauirr couiujuuiv r-. - i . . . . . . . , t I ...n .1 -r. Ait
hL.hVuu..n ul,tlwn. Su moreeVcWlj-ulh. Sk-o -Goodh.'. new bulldinf, oppo.it. u,y WU Wood aiorg.n. Irom '' "' !r. ?Zl,rl .l
i nTCr. l.mVn,M b. Li. corooan on, now lu fee- cmtln. ro.n. la Inereaae fae itiea lor manulaclur. I ue aoov. sioree aioou iu ui. viciunj - ..... .-. -..,. 1M UMi
rr . . - i . . - ' . .... i. ,.a l .nn ..ri i,i..infti, i. not ini.nor in .nv oiu.r nora. 1 10 lue samu j." . . . . , . . .
ue uaiin andnia uuiv.iwoo; "".ZT'?J leg "".menu Irom wnai i "- ' rAiti. M 15,1 The annllcatlon of saio omin airaior ior u ;r
,,3.....S3.r . V'" r.' n. Tu;.d.;; ., wm Urn V.Ti; , Yiii.;i Hi i of dividend among ; ine wr. o ,
Ma. I. at the Methodist Chorch.bvJ. Hemp. tvh (irn.ud Flour. Thuisdavs Tat Tarjrarfa. Townshend 1 Fiia.v. all i-eascd stand, for Hearing nuu u....Vu .
l.illi tlie M.thodiat Clerevman of Puuuy kiodly -1 rr,P, Vt.n pva-ii v-tvr PIT. Alan, for uie. Dummer.lon Centre I Salord.v. at T. C. Lord'., llmo and place. .,., ,nnii)n n.
..-f aSAWYBIU .,!,.,. Anril 8X1819. f
teneraweroi. .iwnu", -4 I--"-", 'I i al... n, luin 331 Urattleboro. niav IU. ICI'J. i
n...,u i..fl&i infii.uAnnu iii.iciunnL , ..... - , . v , ....
WIIEHEAS Joux B.MiuJin, AdmlnUtrotor
oraald estate, rroposes to render final ac
count ohU Tm.Vtlon,'.,.d lo present hi. ac-
ten In aalil dUtrict, Qtt iicuuujia"jt
m, "eMtare you are hereby no.Uied to appear
before mU court at said time and place, and ofdect
AE80 Hair Bye. All of which will be sold I t,in,,1K1 tlie 4"in Elephants, followed hy tho Mag.
at very low prices, wholesale and retail, al the Drat. I'niflcent Stud of Horses, and all the numerous cost
ly and liigtily onunicuted vehicles belonging to
the Comnanv. Tho Beam Ifuliaira Carriaas. draun
by 20 Lillij'uliaK VuVa driven tu hand, nil) bring
up the rear of tho whole Procession, the tout en
saiaUs of which surpasses any thing which language
can describe.
Master of the Arena, CupL J, A. Pecarop. E-
3ueatrlan Director, Mr W. Hlout. Treasurer, Mr
. W. .Foiliav. Clowns. Pcntland & Avmar. both
distinguished nloro all "others in the country for
their wit and Jovla lty, and unsurpassed by auj iq
lbs world for their genuine and unexceptionable
OAfa BEAUTIFUL variegated Dahlia Bulb.,
verv choice and earlv. for sale at about
nan tne pnee mai nicy noum cuai ,u i,uu.
I'rck CroiiHil Flour.
fOr the above Goods, &000 lbs. good Butter, for
which the highest price will beglven. Also, Grain
of all Huds, Maple Bugar, Wool atid Domcstle
woolens, i.umoer,-Dirminer a.ioau
rrr- All who are buvlnir Good, are respectfully
Invited lo examine for themselves.
aiiL,i.ci( ea wAitu.
Wllllemsvllle, April t, 1M9. w3
r ii. & w, ii. ksteh-
ktl . BROOK have thi. day
Sy IVVbll.llf aVIUlUUU u mm
S)furmcr Btock -of Flowi, a
"Urcfl aiiortrntDt of Rue
flea, Noario a filawaa, aua rroaty oc iean'
Iotti and Cultlraton. Aua, D. Xam & Co.'
liow, lrhlch nukei their Stack as Urge ai can t
fouatl tn Windham County.
A II nar.L f,a.n IJt
at.pi It Z3U1, tOfJ. "
-ti AA BBLS. Ilowland & Bills', Just received
X U U for "le cheap bv rcr'TliIa Immense and trulr rosgnllicent Estab- .,77. ".a.? m.l. .
May 2. u. iiauo, ur prai... n.hmen, w.n be opened at Brattleboro, on Monday, . H jli w "
" -rrT 1 ' . . ' llav 91.1. fur one davonlv. J-.-iompm3 , .... i. s.m. 11.1.1.
Ken I Ela(c in Hiiisilalc.
fTIOil Bal.,a valuable lot of Land, ad.
Jl loinina- the Farm of Ot-irrn Ad-
aua, eontaining about ou aerea ot
Timber Land, 60 acre, ol P.iture
aud TiUsee, and 10 acre, of Meadow
band, on Connecticut river,
lnd. nn f.
For lrrma,apply lo the subscriber, al Urattleboro,
April IO, 1849. 37 JANE M. HUNT,
WANTED One or two barrels of Oin Sear.
Apply al thi. office. Msy a
May Slst, for one day only.
l'riceof admission, 21 cents without distinction
of age. Door, open at ll and C). Performance.
commence at x ana 7 i. u,
flMIl! snhacrlber. have on hand a ti eat atsort-
JL ment of Dm W. Liiti'. Improved Plow., so
famous tn Franklin County,ror sale at the Foundry
lu israitieuoro, anu at tneir 4 low factory in ur
aim. Mass. DAN W. LANE A CO.
April 19, lH. 5w35
Tons 1, a "and '3 Mackerel, In bbls, i Uds,
I uois, ana lutu , ,
Ton. 1 nnd 3 Salmon, In tierces, bbla., Jbld.,
bbls.andKllts , . I
. a- r, i e., stwnrd Fun. ic-
which they propose to atll, (aol nl cost,) but for
very small profit. ,,,.'
Uraiueooro, 4ii. .p...v
Potash. '.
JUST i-ccilied for sale by
J -i , ... i ' I - ,

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