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TMHKli .HOTilBltS.
A MT1UC elbow ltana upon roar knee,
Your tired kneff, thathas to much to beir f
A clilU't dear i jm are looking lovlngl;
From underneath i that'll of tangled liftlr
perhaps jou do not heed ttia velvet touch
Of warm, molit Aogera, folding j oura ao tight t
Vou do not prlte IbH blr-aelng'over-mneu,
You almost aro too tired to pray tonight.
Dot It it bleasedness 1 A year ago
I did not ace It aa I do today,
We are ao dull and thankless ; and too alow
To catch the euuahlne till It allpa awajr.
And now It licmi aurpaeatng atrange to me,
That, whtlo 1 worrjlho Udgo of motherhood,
I did not kiss moro oft, and tenderly,
The little child that brought mo ontjr good.
And If, soma night when yon alt down to rest,
You mlii thla elbow from your tired knee;
Thla restless, onrllng head from off your breaaO
Thla lisping tongue that challera conatantly (
If from your own the dimpled handa had ellppcd,
And ne'er would nettle In your ilan again J
If tho white feet Into their grave had trlrpcd,
I could not blame you for your heart-ache then!
Z wonder ao that mothcre ever fret,
At little children clinging to their gown;
Or that tho footprint, vhen the daya aro wet,
Are cTrr black enough mako thctn frown.
If I could find ft little muddy boot,
Or cap, or Jacket, on .uy chamlxT floor J
If 1 could klia ft roay, rcstlers foot,
And hear tta patter In lny home ofceo more;
If I could mend ft broken cart today,
Tomorrow make a kite, to reach the sky
There la no woman lu Ood'a world could ray
Hbe waa more hUsafully content than I.
But ahl the dainty pillow next my own
la never rumpled by a ahlnlng head ;
My alnglng blrdllng from It ncet haa flown J
The Httlo boy I uacd to kite la dead 1
From Tho Aldlue for September.
jiv noris HVisrtLETii.
"It li nil ilono now but tho ribbon. How
do you llko It, Aunt Poppy?" As slio
npoko r.llcn Itaywooil lacltl up Iter liand,
upon wlilcti rested h Inco cap of her own
"Well, It's proper liausutii mid no mis
take. Tim troublo Is It's too linnsum for
an old woman llko me," and Aunt Poppy
shook tier head meditatively.
"Old woman! nonsenjo! don't begin 1
talk of bclnjr old for twenty years to come,"
retorted illlcn, merrily, ;turnlnjr tho cap
round slowly, and adjusting It to her satis
faction. "Now, Aunt l'oppy, I saw some
of thc7prcttlcsl lavender ribbon down to
Mls;fl rove's, yesterday, and I want you
to let mo get It. You lliavo worn wldto so
many years that I am tired of It, and lav
ender would be so pretty on this."
"I am afraid) 'twould make mo look re
dlkllous. People would think I was try
ing to makcjmysclf young again, and, law
me,"how wlddcr.Bakcr'd talk 1"
"Let her talk, 'twou't hurt anybody but
herself," said Ellen j "everybody would
know It was nothing but envy. I'm going
right off now and get llw as to finish the
cap otf today."
"It looks as cf wo wu goln' to havo a
khowcr," said Aunt Poppy, watching some
black clouds which wcro Jrapidlyjrising In
the wot.
"Well, I'll takoan umbrella and wear
my waterproof and then (It may rain and
welcome. I shall havo to borrow your
umbrella, forJi;ieft m I no nt Mr. Illakcley's
tho other day to bo mended ; I'll stop on
tho way and soo If It'a done."
A fow minutes later she madohcrap
pcaranco well wrapped In a waterproof
cloak. "I am all right now, but I can't
And your unibrclla,!AuntPoppy."
"Why ain't ltlu tho rack? I allays keep
It tbero and no whero else."
A thorough search failed to produce tho
missing article however, and Aunt Poppy
said, 'Well, you'll havo to wait till tho rain
Is over. It's going to bo a thunder storm
and a heavy ono too, I guess."
"Oh ! I don't want to givo It up now I'm
ready. I feel Just In tho mood for a walk.
I'll tell you, Aunt Poppy, let me tako tho
old bluo umbrella that's up stairs lu tho
"Now you know you'll bo asbamcd to bo
(.ecn carrying such an old-fahloncd thing
through tho hticets," was tho answer ac
companied by a slight hcxl.ancy which did
not c&capo Ellen's notice, although sho was
nt a lo.s to conjecture tho cause.
"I am not enough of a fine lady for that.
Besides It Is a good, very scnhlblo looking
umbrella If it Is old fashioned. I almost
wonder you never cany it yourself, Aunt
"I haven't carried it for over thirty
years," was tho answer and Aunt Poppy
turned and went up stairs.
Shojsoon relumed, bringing with heran
Immense, bluocotton umbrella with a whlto
border. Tho stick terminated In a curious
ly shaped ornament of black horn In tbo
end of which was sol a disk of mother of
pearl on which was cut lu small, beauti
fully shaped letters the namo "Isaiah
"Why, I'nevcr noticed this namo before;
did tho umbrella belong loGraudpa Dent?"
asked Kllen In surprlso as sho examined
tho letters.
"Yes, I tool: It alter bo died and brought
It over here."
"Who carved IhlsnamoTIt Is done beau
tifully." "A young man by the namo of Muftis
Jackson, who used to llvo hero lu town
when 1 was young. Ho was a master-hand
at such things, llut If you aro goln to get
oir beforo it rains you'll have to hurry."
The clouds.wero Indeed black and threat
ening, and grow momently nioro so. Tho
thunder hadbeguii to mutter at long In
tervals and an ominous silliness pervaded
the air.
"I'm most afraid to havo you go," said
Aunt Poppy, rather uneasily,
"Oh ! there's not tho least danger; If tho
storm Is very bad I'll stay at Miss Grove's
until It Is over. Hbo'll bo glad to havo
mo, for sho was scolding mo tho other day
because, I did not como oflencr."
Ho Ellon started off armed and equipped.
Sho had half a mllo to go boforo reaching
tho.vlllago proper, and tho thunder and
lightning wcro rapidly Increasing ovcry
With glowing cheeks unci sparkllngoycs
sho hurried on. maidenly n drop of rain
fell upon her band and then another. Stop
ping a moment to open tho umbrella, sho
heard hasty steps behind her, and turning,
behold u tall young man, with oyo-glasses,
hurrying towards her.
"Mr. Ilaughton I" sho exclaimed.
"Miss Raymond, havo you room under
that umbrella lor a storm-pursued wight,
who was so foolish as to start out without
any? It certainly looks largo oucugh."
"This Is patriarchal ; greet it with rover
once. You do not often havo a chance to
walk undor umbrellas forty years old."
"U It possible It Issu? I will treat it
with tho greatest respect. It was built ap
parontly on tho principle of tho 'Deacon's
wonderful ono boss shay, that ran u lain
d red years to n day,' It shows no signs
of giving out yet."
"No, and Aunt Poppy thinks every
thing of it. It belougod to hor father."
Iloro tho rain began to fall lu torrents,
lly this time they hud reached Miss Orovo's
door, unci without coromony tboy entered.
The nolso brought out that lady, wuo ex
claimed vivaciously, "Dear mo, you must
bo soaking wet; como tight Into the kltcu
pu and dry yourselves."
"Thank you, Miss drove, I should bo
very happy to do so but I hsvo urgent busl
uoss at tho oflleo which will not wait. Miss
Haymond, If you will lend mo tho Patri
arch I will send Jack back with It Immedi
ately. "Certainly," roplled Ellon, "hut do not
mako Jack como whllo It rains as furious
ly ns It docs now. Thero Is no particular
hurry fori am going toslay hero until tho
Bhowor Is ovor. That Is If Miss (Jrovo
will havo mo."
"You know I shall bo delighted," an
swerod that lady, and so with morry thanks
Mr. Ilaughton ventured out again, and El
lon followed Miss Grovo Into tho kitchen.
Miss Cirovo was tho milliner of tho place;
n brisk, bustling old tnald, who, with her
widowed sister kept houso In tbo lltllo cot
tago where they wero born and bred. Tho
front room was the show room, and hero
was displayed tho modest stock of flowers
and ribbons, bats and bonnets.
Miss Grovo and Ellen sat In tho kitchen
chatting, wlion Mrs. Stack, tho sister bo
foro mentioned, who was nurso by profes
slon, entered tho room bonneted and cloak
eel. "How It docs rain, to bo Riire, and tho
cars lcavo In half nn hour, so I shall bo
obliged to go If I get wet to the skin. I
only hopo It will bold up a lltllo by tho
Umo I am icady to start. Is tho tea Kettle
boiling, Ascnutli? I want n cup of lea bo
foio I go."
"Hero It Is, all leady to pour out. It's a
dreadful bad Umo In gn, but I s'poso It
wouldn't do to wait till to-morrow."
"Massa on mo, no. Mrs. Squlro Dun
Man down toPodgcrsvUlohashad a stroke,
and tho Squlro sent right off for me. I
must start If I havo to go through tiro and
water lo git there. And there'll bo a purtv
considerable deal of water If It don't bold
up. Hallo I who's that T" ta a violent
knock sounded at tbo door.
"Only Mr. Haughlon's boy with Miss
Itaymond's umbrella," said Miss Grove,
returning to tho kitchen. "Now If you
want to look at that lavender ribbon, El
len, wo'll go Into tho shop."
Whllo they wero deep iln tbo discussion
of tho different shades, Mrs. Stack put her
head In nt tho door and said, "Well, good
bye. I'm olT. It don't rain as hard as it
did, but I'll tako tho old umbrella." These
partings were so frequont that tho sisters
had long slnco ceased lo tako sontlmenlal
farewells of each uther, so Miss Grovo on
ly looked up and said, "Good-bye, como
back os soon as you can." A moment lat
er tho front door slammed, and Mrs. Slack's
tall flguro marched down tho street, and
over her head was spread Aunt Poppy's
After a whllo tho rain ccaod falling, tho
clouds gradually dispersed, and the sun
shone out dazzllngly brigld. Then, resist
ing Miss Grove's pressing Invitation to
stay to lea, Ellen roso logo.
"Why, whero Is my umbrella?" shosald
lu surprise, as sho found It was not In tho
"Isn't It thero? I put lllln the hat rack."
Miss Grovo looked somewhat dismayed as
sho found tho umbrella really gone. "Ilct
scy must havo taken It by mistake, bIio's
dreadful short-sighted. Never mind, she'll
bring It back all right If she don't forglt
atal lcavo It In tho cars, sho's so absent
minded." Which, It must bo conceded,
was rather doubtful consolation.
Dy a strango coincidence Mr. Ilaughton
bad dispatched bis urgent business, and
when Ellen left Mr. lllakley's shop ho was
Just leaving his ofilec, which, by tho by,
was exactly opposite. But such coincid
ences aro not unusual among lovers, so wo
shall not stop to accompany thctn homo as
they walk entirely too slow to suit our
Ideas. Aunt Poppy's sorrow at tho loss of
tho umbrella was genuine and Inconsola
ble. "Betsey Stack will lcavo It In tho
ears, I know sho will; sho never remem
bers anything but her nursing."
"Why aro you so much attached to (hat
uinbrolla, Aunt l'oppy ?" asked Ellen, to
divert her thoughts somewhat. But she
was surprised at tho vivid Hush that dyed
tho wiiuklcd cheek, and at tbn abrupt
manner with which her aunt parrlod tho
subject. Meanwhile the thing sho feared
lad como to pass; Uetscy Slack did forget
and lcavo tho umbrella In tho ear. It was
not until somo time after tho train started
that sho discovered her mistake. "Bles,s
mo I" sho exclaimed, "If I havon't brought
Mits Poppy's umbrella Instead of mine.
Now I s'pose she'll fret llkn anything till
sho gits It back again. I'll send It tho fust
chanco I have."
Altera ride of an hour Mrs. Slack reach
ed her destination. Peering through tho
carwlndiwsho saw Squire Dustan's car
riage waiting at tho station. Gathering up
her bundlos sho quickly mado her way lo
tho platform, and in n moment moro was
on the road to tho Squire's, leaving Aunt
Poppy's umbrella quietly reposing on tho
floor of tho car. It so happened that It was
tho "through" car, as Mrs. Stack denom
inated It, and therefore wcntqullo through
to tho terminus of tho road. That night
Aunt Poppy's umbrella spent In W ,
ono hundred miles from home.
As Mrs. Stack was eating supper sho
suddenly sot down her lea-cup with an ex
clamation of dismay.
"Whal'slho mailer? burnt your mouth?"
queried tho Squlro.
"Hcro'sa pretty kottloof lish. I brought
Miss Poppy's umbrella with mo by mis
take, and then I eomooff and forgot lt,and
thoro 'tis in the cars now I s'pose, cf bouio
body ain't stolo It. Now how'm I to git it
back agin I should llko lo know."
"I'll telegraph lo havo It sent back again
to-morrow morning." Accordingly tho
telegram was sent ; but no answer was re
ceived until tho next noon, when word
camo that no such umbrella had been seen
and no truces of It could;bo found. Mean
time, what had become of It?
Upon tho arrival of tho train lu W ,
tho passengers wero Immediately assailed
by a clamorous crowd of uowsboys hold
ing out "latest 'dlshuni." Among tho
number was ono lltllo urchin, who, by dint
of pertinacity, succeeded in disposing of
bis papers llrst. After carefully counting
his gains, ho proceeded to relievo his mind
by various antics, dialling his less success
ful comrades In cholco street language.
Tiring of that, bo cnlorcd tho vacant cars
and amused himself by thrusting his head
out of tho open windows, Jumping over
tho seals, and so forth. Suddenly bo camo
upon Aunt Poppy's umbrella, Ignoiulnl-
ously reposing upon tho Hour.
"My oyo I 'cro's a go. 'Ow aro you, old
follow 1 You'd do for a circus tent ;" thus
apostrophizing It, ho drow It forth and dra,
gcd It alter him to tho door.
"'Ere's Itanium's tent; bo's been and
gono and forgot 11. 'Commodato a thous
and pcoplo without crowdln'. Walk In la
dles and gentlemen j only twonly-tlvo
cents; children half pilce."
Just at this moment, a porlly gentleman,
with a round florid face, and whlto curling
whiskers, camo out from tho baggage room
near by, and bis attention was nrrcstod by
tho sight of a small boy undor n largo um
brella, looking for all tbo world llko a mus
qulto uudcr wash tub.
"Hallo I" said ho, "bow much that looks
llko Nuntonso! Tho Ideal Nearly for
ty years ago." Novoilholess ho walked up
lo the small buy and said authoritatively,
"Hero my boy, bow camo you by that um
brella?" "I found II ! tho car," replied Ihoyoung
Blor, rather Impressed by tho ttraugcr's
manner and by tho heavy- seal dangling
from Ills fob.
"Lot mo bco II," said tho old gentleman,
taking It and oxatntnlng tho handle.
"'Pun my soul It Is the very aamo one.
Look hero my boy, this umbroatla belongs
to a friend of mine, and I am going to
tako It lo tbo owner. Hero's something lo
compousile." So saying ho droppod flfly
conts Into tho grimy paw, and rolling tho
timbiella up tightly, marched oir with It.
"You're gatuo old cove, you aro ; wish
I could And an umbrella every day, If ov
crybody'cl pay mo for It," was tho young
man's response Tho ttoxl afternoon our
portly gentleman, with umbrella still In
hand, walked Into (ho telegraph oflleo lo
Bond a message. Tho operator lonuod cu
riously at tho umbrella, and thou said,
"Excuso tnc, sir, but Is thero n namo
carved on tho end of that handle ?"
"Yos, Iarah Bent. What Is It?",
"Why, you see, sir, wo received n tolo
gram yesterday, staling that an umbrella
answering to that description bad bcou loft
In tho cars, and directing that It should bo
sent back to Podgcrsvlllo this morning.
But they wero unable lo And It, and wo
telegraphed this noon to that effect."
"I roicucd It last night fioni tho hands of
it dlrly lltllo newsboy, and am going to re
turn It myself. It belongs to an old friend
of mine. What was tho telegram signed?"
"John Duustau, sir."
"Jack nunstanl Is it posslblo?.'hat
llinodoes tho train reach Podgcrsvlllo?"
"At llvo o'clock. It starts In fifteen min
utes." "So Jack Dunstanllvosln Podgorsvlllc,"
soliloquized Iho gentleman, pacing bacx
and forth on tho platform, "Itaro fun wo
used to havo In thoso days. I romombor
bearing that ho married Lucy Whllo after
I left. Tho courso of his truo lovo ran
smooth enough at all ovcnls. Pretty girl,
Lucy was, but sho couldn't hold u candle
to Harriet Bent. How could sho throw
herself away on Zoke Poppy.
All tho rest of tho afternoon our gentle
man was plunged In n revcrlo so profound
that he paid no attention to anything around
him until tho conductor shouted Podgcrs
vlllo. Then bo roso hastily and gathered
up his traps, not forgetting the umbrella.
Inquiring of tho station master tho way o
John Bunstan's, bo was Informed thai tho
Squlro was at tho store opposite. "That's
his wagon standing out at tho door."
Our travolcr marched across tho road ; as
ho did so n man camo out and began lo un
hitch tho horse.
"Well, Jack! how do you do?" Tho
Squire, with puzzled expression, gazed at
tho man who thus addressed him ; sudden
ly his faco lliihted up. "Itulo Jackson, It
never can bo you, after nil these years I Old
fellow, how aro yon? Hullo! bow camo
you by Harriet Poppy's umbrella?"
"If It hadn't been for this umbrella I
should not havo been beie." So Inn few
woids our ii nl. new n friend, whom wo
mu'tcall Mr. Jaekson, rejoined, "Well,
its curious how tilings do canto about.
Wldder Slack, you remember her, sho
used (o bo Beisey Grove, brought Iho um
brella from homo by mistake, and forgot
and left it Iti tho cuts. She's worrjed a Right
about It. My wife Is sick nnd Iletpy has
como lo fako caro of her. Sho's a capital
nurse. Now como homo wll'i mo and
spend tho night. 1'nis.iiiy my wlfo can't
sco you, but llctsey'll make you comforta
ble, and wo'll lalk or old times."
"I should llko to but I want to gel to
Bentonvlllo tonight. It's only a two hours'
drive and It will bo bright moonlight. I'll
sco you again, I hope, beforo long. Will
you direct mo to tho stable?"
"I'll go with you, Us only right round
tho corner. I'm sorry you I'tol In Kiich a
hurry. My! won't Betsey Slack open hor
eyes? Iteniombcr that sleighing party,
Itufe, Just before you left Bentonvlllo?"
"Uunicinbcr It! Guess I do; 'Iwns tho
causo of my going away. Zcko l'oppy
mado all tho trouble; and then to think
sho married hlni alter all."
"Zuko was u sly fellow. 1 guess sho re
pented enough lo pay. Well, he's been
dead and gono thoso fifteen year". And
bow nbout you?"
"I am a widower; all my children nnr
rled oil' but one. I havo mado money, and
honestly, loo. My sou will succeed me In
business, and I shall llo olf and rest after a
whllo. I am going to sco Harriet Bent,
and If sho's of thosamo mind as I, wo shall
be married beforo win tor."
"Thu samo old slxpcnco, Itufe," laughed
tho Squire. "Woll, good-bye, and good
luck to you, old fellow."
Willi hearty hand-shakings, tho old com
rados parted, and tho Squlro turned homo
full of tbo news.
"Burns Jackson! You don't say so?
Well, If I alnt beat. Who'd ever havo
thought It? I guess 'Iwas not a mlstako
artcrall, my taking that umbrella," ejacu
lated Mrs. Stack, when sho was Informed
of tho foregoing facts.
Mean whllo Mr. Jackson was driving over
tho old road, which lrcarly forty years bc
rbro bad been bo familiar. Now It was all
changed, although ho could discern liero
andthoioan old way mark.
"Tho years havo not left tbo country un
changed any moro than Iho city, and yet I
believe I hair expected lo tee It Just Iho
samo as It used to be," ho thought. "I
havo changed too, I supposo; sho won't
know me. She'll havo changed as much
as I havo perhaps ; grown old and mount
ed caps and spectacles. Jupiter! think or
Harriet Bent In caps ; such beautirul brown
curls as sho used to have."
That evening Aunt Poppy and Ellen sat
working together, wbon Mr. Ilaughton
camo In, as ho was rather In Iho habit of
doing, to maken call.
"Havo you finished tho cap yet, Miss
Kllen?" bo Inquired as a pan no occurred
In tho conversation.
"Yes, and I want you to sco If It Is not
pretty; It is right in Iho next room," so
Ellen brought tho dainty head-dress out
for Inspection,
"Now, Aunt Poppy, you must try It on
and let Mr. Haughlon scoirit Is not bo
"Nonsense," said Aunt Poppy, "I'm too
old lo mako n fool of myself."
Nevertheless Ellen bad her own way,
and toally Aunt Poppy had not looked so
well for a groat while.
"Yuu sou sho lias taken a prejudice to
thlsjcap, beenuso but for It I should not
havo lost her umbrella."
"Lost hor umbrella I How was that?
Didn't Jack carry It back lo Miss Urovo's?"
"Oh yes, but Mrs. Stack carried It oil' to
Podgcrsvlllo with her, and kIio In bo absent
minded that Aunt l'oppy thinks sho'll for
get and lcavo It Komewhere."
"I'm suro or It, and I wouldn't lost It
for anything," rejoined Aunt Poppy.
"Well, I thought yuu would worry nbout
It, and sol hiought;it home," said a voice
nt tho door, and thero stood n stout geutlo
inau Hllh a tlorld race and whlto whlkcrx.
Aunt l'oppy started up with bewildered
lace, forgetful or cap and umbrella.
"Burns Jackson;" sho gasped, holding
out hor hands.
"Yin, Harriet; bettor lain (ban uoer,
isn't it?" and before she know what ho
was nbout, bo had given her u sounding
"Oil I" sho exclaimed looking nbout her,
but Mr, Ilaughton and Ellen had unac
countably disappeared. Ail hour or two
later when they returned with flushed and
happy faces, Mr. Jackson Bald to Ellen,
"Como here, my dear, and kiss your uuelo
that Is to be."
"Will you also shako hands with your
nephew that Is lo bo?" akcd Mr. Ilaugh
ton, laughing.
"Willi all my hoar!," was tho rejoinder.
"Oh! Aunt Popry, I ant so glad," ox-
clalmod romantic Ellen,
"WIddcr Baker will call mo i fool," said
Aunt Poppy, fiilully.
"Supposo she dons; sho'd follow your
example If sho had n chanco, 1 don't
doubt," replied Mr. Ja"'. son sluutly.
"Inow this ought lo bo your favorlto cap,
for If I hadn't Insisted on that lavender
ribbon all this would never hao como
about," Bild Ellon triumph uitly.
Ami leaning against llio wall, nono llio
worso for Its travels, strnd Iho prosaic me
dium of this happiness, Aunt Poppy's um
brella. Providence 1'ic.u.
CiT" rimplca and brown apota on Tie, face, Krup-
tlona, lllotchea, Rrofuloua Dbc&ara, olid all aorra
arlalug from Impure hbod, aro curid by Dr. rlerco'a
(loldeu Medical Dlecorrry. COO
Mrnt..r SOLVtn. The great aecr-1 'f tho wonder
ful aucccaa of Vroctlsr. It atrikea at tha roct of dla
caao br purifying tho blood, restortur the liver and
kllneya to healthy action, Invigorating the nervoua
VVulrli Jo, 4l:il.-bcarltig Trade Mark "Ed
win Hollo, Marlon, N. J., manufactured
by United Btatea Watch Co., (Oiler, Walea h Co.,)
haa been carried by me four month,; lla total va
riation from mean time being eighteen rcconde.
TnoMie E. MlSKR, Pier No. 5, Ella&b'atiport, X. J.
Hollonuy'K 1M1U. In all crowded cltlea, Ma
laria and foga are breathed over and over aglln, till
tho atrongeat langa are Incapable of producing pure
blood, henco the alugglahneaa of mlod and body, the
wearlneaa and Irritability of many perroua durlug thla
aeaion of the year. Theae medlcluea neutralize thcao
lmpurltlf a, and giro rigor to the head, heart and
atomach. 23 centa per box or pot. ISA
Caution. Tardea purchaalng ''Vlinr'i BractaLTT
iron DrarEfau" expecting to find It a beverage con
taining alcohol, like the vile "Bittera adicrtteed,
(which only aggravate the diacaao, and bring on oth
era) will be disappointed. It la ft Medicine carefully
compounded on acienllfio principle, taken In tea-
apoonful doaea, and haa proved to be the only Cure
for the diacaao ever brought forward. Tor Bale by all
druggleta. 8m2i
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when all other remedlea have failed. You may con
fidently rely upon the Caatorta In Stomarh Ache, Con
atlpatlon. FUtultncy, Croup, Worme, Plica or deranged
Liver. It oontalna neither Mlnerala, Morphine, Opium
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the food of children and prevent them from crying.
A 35 cent bottle will do the work for a family and aave
many doctora'bUla. 433
PEnaosAl. We wero pleaaed to recrli e a call, dnr
Ing the pant week, from Dn. ATFn'rf traveller, who
a) lu our town devoting hla time and attention to
the preparatlouaof the Krcat medicine loan. Thla call
haa becomo ft pleaaalit annual lo ua from the able aud
reliable bualncsa character of the accoinpllabed gentle
man whom thla firm b-iid out to trautact their buel,
neM. Xo houao :ia !ttt r known i r valued by the
preaa for lla pri'mpti c.a In aettlcmeiil than the well
established and ;pular 3. C. Aim fit Co., Lowell,
Mas , whis! medicine hive become a household
nre)'e,lty, aud won tho confidence and praise of all.
Oar own acijualntince with the in has evtel,ded over ft
e-rloa uf yeara, and we have Imarlibly fouLd tleui,
thi-lr tnivtllera and Ihllr innllcliirr, worthy cf tl.o
commcuduttons they tverj where ricrbc.
.1 Nuel I'iillliig- Out. -It U In.:-.-.1 a raj fall
logout when, aft r )eura of tho closest Intimacy, tho
hair parte comretny with the head, rortunately the
lamentable separation may bo ea-il) prc entrd and the
twain more cloudy united than ever by a timely and
systematic uso of Los'd Katiiahios', tV most potent
invlgorant of tho h&lr and promoter of lta growth and
beauty known to modern pharmacy. It completely
obviates the dry aud parched condition of the roota cf
the balr, which is prcll mluary to lla coming out, by
supplying the pree Iso degree of moisture requisite to
its preservation In ft healthy state. It la the enly true
dlhsolveut and cvtporantof dandruff and other Im
puritlea of the ecjlp, whoae la itijurlima to tho hatr.
Aba bcautlllcrof the he-ad tho KalLftlrcn has not'iual.
It not only Increase the quantity of the hair, but Im
proves Its quality liumedhtely, litipsrlUg ft lustroce
appearance aud ellkw toxturo wLie-h t.r e xrrrdlngly
TuiiOr.n and Tin: Nr.v. What IsStow
att, or Belmont, or Iho marquis of West
minster, to Ptolemy Pliilaeleiphus, or
Egypt, who amassed a lltllo property of
$350,000,000? And which of our extrava
gant young ladles In theso boasted times
over gavo her lever, as Cleopatra did, a
pearl dlssohcd in vinegar (or undissolved),
worth flOO.OOO? 'Jhen there was Paulina,
ono or the Ion lu Hume, who used lo wear
jewels, when shoieturucd her visits, worth
SSOO.OOO. Well, they boast of M r. Slcwai t's
"marble palace" on Ihlily-fouith slrcctai.d
Filth avenue. Wo do not supposo this
house, which is about tho best they have in
New York, cost more than half a million
dollars. Cicero, who was a poor mall, gavo
? 150,000 fur his house, and C'lodlus paid
(050,000 for ids establishment on the Pala
tine, whllo Muisala gavo t2,000,000 for tho
houso at Autlum. Seneca, who was just a
plain philosopher llko Mr. (ireeley, was
worth 5120,000,000. Tiberius left a proporly
or nearly $120,000,000. Why, they lalk
about a man's falling In New York for a
million, ns If it was a big thing. Cwsar,
bolorn ho eutcroel uny olllco when lie was
a young gentleman In private life owed
01-1,000,000, and iio purchased tho friend
ship ol Quuisor lor $2,500,000. Mark Auto
np uwou fl, -100,000 on tno Ides ol March,
and ho paid it bclorotho Kalends ol March.
This was nothing; ho squandered $720,000,
000 of tho publlu money Mujor llodgo's
defalcation being for tho contemptible sum
of M7000. And theso fellows lived well.
Esopus, who was n play-actor, paid $100,
000 lor u sluglo dish. Caligula spout J100,
000 on a supper. Their wines wcro often
kept lor two agos, and somo ol thciii woro
sold for (20 an ounce. Dishes were mado
of gold and silver set with pieciuus stone.
Tbo beds of Heliogabaltis wet oof solid sil
ver, his tublo and platos woro or pure gold,
aud his mattresses, covered with carpets uf
cloth uf gold, woro Htuffed with down from
under tho wing of tho partrielge. It look
t-SO.OOO n year to keep up Iho dignity or a
Unman senator, and ouiu of them spent
?1,000,000 n year. Cicero and Ponipoy
"droppod In" ono (lay on Ijiieallus nobody
at homo but tho family and lliat lamlly
dinner cost f 1000. But wo talk of popula
tion. Wo boast uf Ijundon and New York.
Homo hud a population or between Ihreo
and four millions. Tho wouelcu theatre uf
fcScurtirus contained B0,000toii(s; thocobi
ouui, built or stone, woubl seat 2',000 innro.
Tho Chens maxlinus (think of It, old John
Robinson II would bold :f5,0iHl spectators.
Thero wcio in Iho city 0000 public baths,
thoso of Diocletian alono accominoii.itlin;
S000 bathers. Even in tho sixth century
altor Homo hail been sacked anil plundeiuel
by tho Goths and Vandals, Zaeliariah, u
tiavelor, assorts that thcio woro list spacious
streets, Ml gulden slalueaortho goels, 40,007
palaces, ia,0."2 fountains, 3785 brunzo stat
ues of thu emperors and generals, 22 groat
horses lu bronze, two colossi, two unlral
columns, 31 thealios, 11 amphitheatres,
0028 baths, 2S00 shops or perfumes, 2001
prisons. As u set-olf to Mr. Spruguo's
"monumental tombstone," wo may mere
ly mention tho mausoleum uf Augustus,
in tho northern part uf tho Campus Marti
us, consisting ol a largo tumulus or earth
rulfcod on a lofly b.iaeineut of whilu marblo,
and covered on the summit with ever
greens, as in tbo inaiineror u banging gar
den, tlui wholo surmounted by a binuzu
flguro or Augustus. At tho entrance wero
two Egyptian obelisks, lllty leel high, anil
all ii round was an extensive grove, divided
inlo walks anil terraces. liiehmowi J'n
quirer. Tho victims ol tho Persian famine uro
reckoned at 1,000,000.
Mr. Ilollliigswort, tho new superin
tendent of Mt. Vernon, has reduced tlioox
ponses or Iho placo from 12,000 to K-i
thus making In self-sustaining.
Hair Vigor,
For rostoring to Gray Hair its
natural Vitality and Color.
A dressing
which is nt
onco agreeable,
licnltlty, n n tl
cITcctunl f o r
preserving tlio
hair. It soon
restores faded
or gray hair
to its original
color, with the
nlns.i nnd freshness of vouth. Thin
imir is thickened, falling hair checked,
nnd baldness often, though not always,
cured by its use. Nothing can rcstoro
tho hair whero tho follicles nro de
stroyed, or tho glands atrophied and
decayed; but such ns remain can ho
saved by this application, and stimu
lated into activity, so that a now
growth of hair is produced. Instead
of fouling tho hair with a pasty sedi
ment, it will keep it clean and vigorous.
Its occasional uso will provent tho hair
from turning gray or falling olT, nnd
consequently prevent baldness. Tho
restoration of vitality it gives to tho
scalp arrests and prevents tho forma
tion of dandruff, which is often so un
cleanly nnd olTensivo. Frco from thoso
deleterious substances which mako
somo preparations dangerous and inju
rious to tho hair, tho Vigor can only
benefit but not harm it If wanted
merely for a IIAIH DRESSING,
nothing elso can bo found so desirable.
Containing neither oil nor dye, it docs
not soil whito cambric, aud yet lasts
long on tho hair, giving it a rich, glossy
lustre, and a grateful perfume.
Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer fit Co.,
Practical anil Analytical ClietulaU,
Is widely known
ns ono of tho most
cflcctual remedies
ever discovered for
cleansing tho sys
tem and purifying
tho blood. It has
stood tho test of
years, with a con
stantly growing rep
utation, based on its
intrinsic virtues, nnd sustained by its re
markable cures. So mild as to bo safo and
beneficial to children, nnd yet so searching
as to cllecttially purgo out tho great cor
ruptions of thu blood, such as the scrofulous
and syphilitic contamination. Impurities,
or lib-can's that have lurked in the system
for years, soon ) ield to this powerful anti
dote, and disappear. Hence its wonderful
cures, many of nhicli aro publicly known,
of Scral'iilit, anil all scrofulous diseases,
Ulcers, Irruption", and eruptive dis
orders of the skin, Tumors, lllotcltcs,
Hulls Pimple's, Pustules, Sores, St.
Anthony's Fire, Itose or Eryslpc
lus, Tetter, Salt Jtlieiim, Scald
Head, ItiiiLrweutii, and internal Ul
cerations of the Uterus, Sloinacli,
and Jjtvcr. It al.-o cures other com
plaints, to which it would not seem especi
ally adapted, such. as Dropsy, Dyspep
sia, Vlts, Xeuriiltfin, Heart Disease,
Female) Weakness, Debility, and
Lcttcorrliuea, when they aro manifcstaJ
tions of tho scrofulous ioisons.
It is an excellent restorer of health and
strength in tho Spring. Ily renewing tho
appetite anil vigor of tho digcrtho organs,
it dissipates the depression and listless lan
guor ol tho season. K en where no disorder
appears, pcoplo feci better, anil livo longer,
for clean'ing the blood. Tho system moves
on with renewed igor and a i"iew leaso of
rr.nr.inrD it r
Dr. J. C. AYER k CO., Lowell, Mass.,
rrnrttcat ant I Analytical Chemist,
-a rwv-
Eyery Man bis own Physician.
rpHE Immense demand for TTOLLOTVAVS
X VlhUi and OINTMENT ha tempUd
unprincipled parties to counterfeit thew t1u
ftbUmtxlicinet. In order to protect the public and ounelTti,
wa haTe lamed a new Trade Mark," coniiat
Injrofan Kprpttan circle of a eerpcnt,with
tho letter II in thu eontre. Krery box of gon
uine UoLLOWAT'a I'ilui and Oimtkest wjll
bare thts trado mark on it j nono are genulno
)8 Maiden Lano, New York
Established 1840.
Brattloboro, Vt.
nnAUTirui, vox humana themolo
Wonderful Vox Jubilanto,
nerkOM.nr.sta riccuin ro id obiguul wito tui
1 lirgt TirW j of Btantifal SljIn.iiipW la all iNjaireuili ill
tiitu. fVid lor Illiitnt.l Cibl.rt.
CSTEvanr Inatrumant Fully Warranted.
Blank Books
V H If S
amnmntas or mt
In from Ono to Twonty Mlnutoi.
after readlnjr th.n frlrrrt.Armtnt need anr ono
Tlio Only Jaiu llcmctlv
thkt lmlantlf atop the moot cicrilclatluc; i-nlni, allat (
lnflammtitioni, and curra Conrfntlotn, WbMhrr cf tiii
Luof I, Htomach, lJowtla, or dlLcr eland or orcau. I
Ola applrMltlOTi,
rirt matter Itow Tkilfiit or etcnicUIInji the i-stin lli
lllIKCMATIU, Itcd ridden. Infirm, Cripplcl, Nuvo
ftcuralgiC, or prvitrtted with dUe&M mar ufJtr,
reiXelKKtlDN fK Tlir, I.t'Sj
PAI.I'ITATIllN eif THE Ilh'All,"
iiTSTcmca, ciioui', jjIpiitiikhia.
cnu cnil.1.3, AtiuK (jiiiu.H.'
'Ilia application ef tha lErndv ltr-HcT to ttia r-art fr
piruwb.ra Ua r-aln or tlllllcufljr cxlata will ailoril txt
and comfort.
Twenty dropalnMlra tumMfr tit wat r will In a f.'
moment ftirs C KAMI'S, M'ARMlt, HeiUIl tvtllAe It
IlYSi.NTF.ltV, COLte', W1S.D IN THE UuntL'
Travelers aiiotilil alwara carry ataltlaef Ilrtlnu) ' i
Urndy Itrllrf with them. A fowdropslii water i I
Irevcnt sickness etr liOlns from clianafi vt water. 1L h
ettcr ttiaa French Ilrandy or Hitters ua a stljiuU .1.
rrrrn ami Aiitrr. efe.i rnr tineeit. ti
rot (.remedial necnt In thlnwnrlj lint will cim
& id Affile, m a nil finer
idAa-tie.A! jftil ether Ml'ailoiii, llllloui, B. u.-t 1
i'll.LS) so eg'iliK ns I'.AIIWAYS UK AUK ltLi.iL. .
Fifty tcata er IMtlu. b hl ty Druggbtii.
Evory Day nn Incroaso In Ftosh
and Weight Is Soon and Folf.
TNT cnramunlcfttei through Hit IMuod, Sweat, Ufttn
lid other fluid i and juices vt tli ayitem tha vigor of life,
fur It repair tha wastes cf tho tody with new and loumt
iimterlaj, Scrofula, PtjjIiIIU, Consumption, (ilandular
illHc&ne, Ulcera In tho Throat, Mouth, lumorn, lS'oioi la
t ie oiandj and other tarts f f the iyitfrn. Bore Eyes,
Mramoui lttacharjcea fmm tha Kara, ami tha worn
f.rms of 6k tn dlseuei, Eiuptlon, fever Borea, SinlJ
Head, Itlnx Worm, Kftlt Itheuni, Eryilpelaa, Aene.blatt
StMits. Wormfl In tbo Hcih, Tumors, Cancers In tho
Homl, and all weakening and painful discharges. Night
Sweats, IfOM of fSierni, and all waxtesof tha fife rrlncl
ple, ure within tfujcuratlrt rangn of this wonder of Mod
ern Chemistry, and a few flays use will prove to any
person tiling It for cither of these forma of dlseaio its
potent power to euro them'.
If the patient, dully becoming reduced ty tha wastes
and decomposition that Is continually progressing, sue
cecdsln arresting theso wastes, and ret airs the mime wll'i
new material made from healthy Wood olid tMi tho
tJAKSAPAMLLIAN will and docs secure.
JVot only does tho Bamafirillux IttsotTKMT cs '
all known remedial agents In tha cure of Chronic, Per-
luus. Constitutional and Mtln diseases ( lut It U tin
positlva curs for
Kidney k. IS I adder Complain'
I rlnary, and womft aiseaiwa, uravei. Ulabeten, Unit
hloppaia of Water, Incnntlnenca of Urine, Ilrlihfi IJ1
case. Albuminuria, and In all cases where there are Lrli
dust deposits, or the water Is thick, cloudy, ntlied wit
nibstances like the white of an cer, or threads like wh.t
silk, or thero Is a morbid, dark, bilious appearance, on I
wniifl Done-ousi oerxwiia, tvmi wuen .nero a pnciin
burning sensation when passing water, snd pain lis
bmoll of the Hack and oIodji tho Lolus, Trkcc, (I jxj,
WORMS. 'Tho only known and euro Itemeily
fjr Wvrmt 1'in, Tape, ttc.
Tumor or 12 Ycare' Growth
Cured by Radway's Resolvent.
rilf tsir, Mtss.. Jaly 18, IKJ.
ta. RtTiwaTt 1 fcivskid Ovarlaii Tomor In Ihaovsrlas sn I
bowtlt. All lha Inctirs m1I " lhrt srss ntp for It." I trWJ
very thing thsl ni i-crnmmrndtr but noihlsg hslpsd ns. I
n onr Kssolvcnt, snd IhnaRbt I would try It ( tint ks4 bo hlta
In II, twrsiiis I hid mffured fr twelro ymrt. I took tlx boltlM
of ths KaMnlront, snd oii bfx of Itsiwsj's nils, sad two but
tlM of your RmJ fUlLrf t soi ihtr Is not a sir of tomor ta b
imi or felt, snd I fVl bttUr, intsrlcr, so el btjpUt than I hsro
fur twslro ywrs. Tho wont lamor wu In to lft tW of lb
LowtU,cf tho rroln. I wrlu Ibis ta yen for Um Uattt W
C Ultra. 09 cut 1 ulllid) It If TOM ebon.
perfirtty Ustelcs eicantly coated with sweet ruin,
purge, rrgulite, pur.fy, eleanv, an I strengthen, ltal
way's IUVa, forth' euro cf all disorders of the Stomach,
ilrcr, llowcls. Kidneys. llladJer, Nerroua Diseases,
(etdache, Constipation, CoGtlreness, Indigestion.
Dyine.'SU, TUlIoumiciis. Ildlous Fever, Inflamrnutlort of
the bowels, I'llesind all lierangementsoftlit Internal VU
rent. VarratitedtocCcctapositlTecure. Iurely Vcgeta
Lie, containing no mercury, indents, or deleterious dmg,
CZf Ubserve the following symptoms rcsultlujc frum
Disorders of the Ulgestlre Orgaiu t
ConitlMtfttfl, Inward VHn, Tnn of Ino Cl-wt In ths
Acidity of Iho lomah, aua. Ilfartbnra, Pltftut of land,
Fultneu eiWtlitt In iho btomsch, Sour Eromtlorit, Slaklngor
I luiicring st tho Pit "I" ths flofnarh, Swlmmlst of tbs HoJ,
llurrld sod Dirndl i llriathiti(, FlutMrlng st tbollcart. ChoklBai
or 6slfocllag ttaraialloni wban In a Lying Posturs, Ulsitwu o(
Miloa, lJuUcf Wobs beforo tbo Sight, Isrtr snd Dull l'an In
tbo ll4, DtlleloDcy of rrrtftralion, YtllownoM of lb bkU
and Efts, Pain In lb fiido, Ibetl, UniU, u4 stiddB Ftiuhos of
llttt. Burning ta tbo Floth,
.A few doses or RADWAY'S TILLS will freo tha sys
tim from all tha attore nnmed dhirdcri. l'rlcc, 35 ceuta
per hot, SOU) MY DltU(iilSTS.
READ "FALSE AN It 1KUK." Send one letter
ttaniploHADWAY dt i'O , No, 81 MMti Ijine, Kcw
iurk 1 11 form at Ion worth t' ' 1 ' v. 1 1 bu scut you.
This Is an ngo of inquiry anil people aro
beginning to rcaliio tho magnUuJo of tho
evil caused hy tho uso of Injurious compounds
Cor tho hair, which nro prepared and forced
Into market, by men vtlxo aro not practical
bhysiclans, ana nhomay not bo aware of tho
Injury they are producing. Theso prepara
tions have been analyzed by competent chem
ists, and ehoTrn to contain poisonous sub
Stances, causing KcrTousness, headache, l'ar
klysis, and often fatal results.
In contrast viiU such injurious articles, tro
tall attention to tho Hair Restorer prepared
by Dr. K. Greene, Superintendent of tho llos
lon Medical Institute, who has been a suc
cessful physician In Boston for moro than a
tjuarter of a century. Dr. Orceno uses Veg
etable Kcmcdlcs only, and can assure tho pub
lic that this Hair Restorer will do all that Is
claimed for It, without a possibility of injury.
"I Kavt titled a tampU cf Vr. Greene' Hair
Restorer, and Jind that no poitonou metalt or
(njuriout matteri eiist in it.
C. T. JACKSOX, Slate Anayer."
Tho uso of this Hair Restorer for twenty
five years has tested Its superiority as a dress
ing, and Its power to preserro tho hair and
Scalp In a healthy condition. It removes
dandruff, prevents tho hair from falling off,
preserves its natural color, restores it when
prematurely gray, renders It soft and glossy,
promotes its healthy growth, and is tho best
dressing ever discovered. Svhilo other prep
arations aro sold at almost any price, Dr.
Greene's Hair Restorer has sustained Its good
qualities. Its price, and Its reputation, it is
prepared by Dr. It. Greene at tho Medical In
stitute, 31 Temple Place, Boston, nnd sold at
SI per bottle, or 6li for $5, or sent by ex
press to any part of tho country, l'amphlct
sent free. Address Dr. 11. Greene, 31 Tem
ple I'lace, Boston, Macs.
No. 34 Temple Place,
D.J1. IlfSSELL, IWt.
Surt. rbralelAD,
Ofilc. Uours, 0 to X
Tho object In establishing this Institution
Was to attain tho greatest perfection in ths
preparation, practico and uso of Vegetablo
Itcmcdlcs, and lo sccuro permanent placo
whero Families, Invollds, or any person could
obtain tho best medical advice, and such rem
edies as each might require, without the uso
of poisonous drugs. '
Dr. Greeno has been Physician of tho Instl
tuto since its foundation, now more than
twenty-Svo years. Few men havo had so
largo experience In tho treatment of chronlo
diseases. Dr. Oreeno Is In his fifty-fifth year
and has devoted his llfo to this branch of hi
profession, nnd his success, wo believe is with
out parallel. .... ,
Among tho diseases to which ho gives es
pecial attention may bo noticed Cancer, Scrof
ula, Catarrh, Bronchitis, Consumption, Heart
Disease, Neuralgia, Asthma, hervousnesa,
Rheumatism, Paralysis, Spinal Diseases, Dys
pepsia, Liver Complaint, I'emalo Complaints,
Faint Stomach, Erysipelas, Whlto Swelling,
Salt Rheum, Canker, Deafness, Kidney Dis
eases, Seminal Weakness, ic.
Dr. Oreene's Medical l'amphlct, descrlp
llvo of diseases and theirpropertrcatmcnt, will
Lo sent fret to Invalids.
Address, 11. OllBKNE, M. I).,
31 Templo Place, Boston., Mass.
CASH l'Ain "
emit 110 UOK STREET, D0BT0N, MASa
tsmcsxx, rtoiriD, on sahisuik.
Messrs. Giles Buoa.
I lako plwxsuro in Bavins that tho "Wa
or you, lioiiiL' Ko. 21,707, "F.iyctto Stmt
Now Jersey," mado tiy tho United Statea
has Kiveu Dt-rfect satisfaction, its total variation from
mean tinio eiuco regulated being scarcely perceptible.
Gov. of Iowa,
Meet Lists famliM tho trulo m application, Incloatn; limine,, card. Tor aalo bj tho trade Eanaraar.
jVhIc your Jowolor to ho tlio 3LAJlIO?T
JIBWAUB of uorthUis imitation) uith uliiehthe country it flooded. Toatoidimpo
lition.sca that tlte vordt MARIOS', If. J., ore) engraved on tho plati oter tht ilain-Spnnj
Varrct. Alt othtrs arc tpurioui.
whoihooms united States Watch Co.
03 and 85 Stato Street, Chicago, I1L Ko. 13 Maiden lane, Hew York.
All grades ol' tho nbovo lVntchcs nro lor salo by 0. S. PEHHY,
illlll.l 1.W.1LJ.JJ.TJ
VJnet;r Illttrm are tiftt a vil Fancy nrlnk,
mydc of I'ljur Hum, U'Iiiey, 1'roof Spirits and Kefuse
Liquors, doctored, ipiced, and sneetcned to please tli
taste, cj!IJ "Tonics," AppetiieM," "Restorers,"
fitc that lead tins tippler on ti tlrunketiness and ruin, 1
but .ire a true Medicine made from the native roots
and lierbsofl'.-Iiforni.i, free fioni all Alcoholic Stimulants.
They are the Great lllood 1'untler and a Life-giving
Principle, a Perfect Kenovator and Invigorator of the
System, carrymj otT all poisonout matter and restoring
the blood to a healthy cond lion, enriching it, refreslunc
and invigorating botfi mtnd and body. They are eay
of adinitiiitratlnn, prompt in the r action, certain in their
rem))!. and reliable in all forms of disease.
No I'eraou enn Inke t lioe Itlttrm accord
ing tn directum, and rcmiln long unwell, providtd
their buna ars not destroyed by mineral poNon or other 1
me in, ami tae vital organs watted be)ond the (oint
of repair.
Ijlf pla or Iiiilltrritloit. Headjclie, Pain
in the Shoulder, Couch, TighineM of lite Client, Dm
sin. Sfnr V. ttfiv u cf the Stomich, Had TaMe
in th: Muiii, IU s A'tuks, P.dpitaiicn tf the
IK in, lufl.inimiiioi.fif the Lunp. Tain in the regions ol
th- K ilnfs. nnd ,i hi ndred r-lber pa'nful smp'oms
ar- ill i T3prnih's of I))spep.ia. In these complaints
it has no cipia', and one bottle u ! rove a better gu ir
ant.'O of it merits thin a lengthy advertisement,
I-'nr l'Vimilo Ctinipliilutit til )oung or old,
married or single, at the dann of womanhood, or the
turn of life, these Tonic Cillers display to decided an
influence that a marked improvement is toon percep
tible. For Iiiflnmtiintory nml Chronic Illicit
mat lam and Gout, Dyspepsia or Indigestion, IIilioui,
Kemittent and Intermittent Fever fiseae$ of the
lllood. Liver, Kidneys and Iliad .er, these Hitters have
beet most mccesfal. Sucli Diseases are caused by
Vitiated lllood, nti cli is generally produced by derange
raent of the Digestive Organ
Tlirv arc a aleitlIo l'urRsit Ive n well
n Tonic poseising alsn the pecnhir merit of aeting
as a powerful a pent nt relieving Congestion or In flam,
mation cf the Liver and Visceral Organs, and in Uiliom
For SUIm Dlsrnsee, Hruptions, Teller, Salt
llheum, Illoicttes, Spots, Pimples, Pustules, Iluils, Car
Ininctet, Umg-worm, Scald-Ilead, Sore Eyes, try
sipetas, Itch, Scurfi, Disculorationsofthe Skin, Humors
and Diseases of the Skin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally dug up and carried out of the system in a
short lime by the ue of these Hitters. One bottle in
such cases will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effects.
Clemite tlio Vltlntrtl II I nol whenever you
find lis impurili'-s bursting through the tlin in pimples,
Eruptions, or Sore; cleanse it when yon find it ob
strncted and sluggish in the veins f clcanie it when it is
fouti your feelings will I ell jon when. Keep the blood
pure, and the liealili of the system will follow.
Grateful lliuiienml proclaim Vinbgak Hit
trs the most wonderful Invlgorant tint ever sustained
the sinking sttem.
11 n, Tape, nml oilier AVorius. lurking in
the system of so many thousand, are effectually de
siroyed and removed. Says a distinguished physiol
egiitt There is scarcely an individual ujxm the face of the
earth whose Ldy iseiempt from the pretence of worms.
It it not uimii the healthy elements of the body that
norms eiist, but upon the diseased humors and slimy
deposits that breed these living monsters of disease.
No system of Medicine, no vermifuges, no anthelmm
nic will free the system fromwcrmi like these Pit
Mecli mi lent Dlsentce. Tersons engaged in
Paints and Minerals, such as Plumbers, Type-setter.
Uold-beatert, and Miners, as they advance inhfe, will
be subject to paralysis of the ltowelt. To guard against
this take x dose r Walkkr's Vinegar Uittkis once
or twice a week, as a Preventive.
Ullloue Uemltteiiti mitl Intermittent
Peverii which are to prevalent in the valleys of our
great rivers throughout the United Slates, especially
those of the Mitsmippi, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, Ten
nessee, Cumberland, Arkansas, Red, Colorado, ltratos,
Kio Grand, Peart, Alabama, Mobile, Savannah, Koan
oke, James, and many others, with their vast tnbuia
ries, througliout our entire country during the Summer
and Autumn, and remarkably to during seasons i4
unusual heat aud dryness, at e invariably accompanied
by estensive derangements of the stomach and liver, and
mher abdominal viscera. There are always more or lets
obstruction of the liver, a weaknets and irritable state
of the stomach, and great torpor of the bowels, being
clogged up wilh vitiated accumulations. In their treat
me nt, a purgative, eaerting a powerful influence upon
these various orgint, it essentially necessary. There it
no cathartic for the purpose equil lo D. J, walkik s
Vinegar Ilirrms they will speedily remove the
dark colored viscid matter wiili which the bowelt re
loaded, at the tame tune stimulating the secretions ol
the liver, and generally restoring the healthy functions
"iSliKV.?!? Kin. H.II. WW. S..ll7..
Ulcers, Erysiilas, Swelled Neck, Coiter, Scrofulous
Inflammatlon Indolent Inflammation, Mercurial Af
fections, Old Sores, Eruptions; of the Skin, Sore Lvet,
(tcetc. In these, as fit all other conttitutional Dis
eases, Walkii! Vinior Uittrrs have shown their
great curative powert ia the taost obstinate and Inttact
blr,VV1kerCiitirrnU Vhiefis.rllHterii
act on alt these cases iu a similar manner, lly purifying
the lllood they remove the cause, and by resolving away
the effect t of the inflammation (the tubercular deposits)
the affected parts receive health, and a permanent cure
The properties of Dr. Walk f n't Vinroak
IIittiis are Apencnt. Diaphoretic and Carminative,
Nutritious, Laiative, Diuretic, Sedative, Couotcrlrri
Cii.tnrihr A1lrtiva. nl AnlLHihous.
Tlio Aperient and mild Laiative properties ol
Dr. WALKaa'a Vinrgasi Hitters are the best safe
guara in an cases oi eruptions ana mangnani levers,
their balumic. healing, and soothing properties protect
the humors of the fauces Their Sedative properties
allay pain in the nervous lyitem. stomach, and bowels,
either from inflammation, wind, colic, cramps, etc
Their Counter-irritant iulluence etteudt throughout
the sytlem. Their Diuretic properties act on the Kid
neys, correcting and regulating the flow of urine. '1 heir
Anti'IIdious properties stimulate the liver, in the tecrc
tioii of bite, and its discharges through the biliary duns,
and are superior to all remedial agents, for the cure ol
llihout Fever, Fever and Ague, etc
fortify the body hrhIusI ilUra.ee tv puri
fyioff all its fluids with Vinigar I1ittbi. No eni.
dcmic can lake hold of a system thus (ore armed. 1 he
liver, the stomach, the bowelt, the kidneys, and the
nerves are rendered diseaseproof by this great luvig
Dlrerlloni. Take of the Hitters on gome to bed
at night from a half to one and one-half wine-glass full
Eat good nourishing food, such as beef steak, mutton
chop, venison, roan beef, and vegetable, and lake
out-door curate. They are composed of purely regit
able Ingredients, and contain no spirit
Druggists and Gen. Agtt Saa Francisco, CaL.
and cor. of Washington and Charlton St., New Vorlu
duuseiis on rnoiiiD,
Dos Moinrs, July Ul, 1870.
& Co., Chicngn, III.
' "Watch I boTicht
i Stratton. Marion.
. St.itea Wattth fo..
Extracts of Hoota nnd herbs -which almost
tn variably euro tho following complaints:
Tivppta, Heart Barn, Liver Complaint,
and Load of Appetlto cured by taking a fow
J.nslnde, Low Spirits and linking ficn
sullon cured at once.
XntpttotiM. IMmples, Blotches, nnd nil Im
purities of tho blood, bursting tlirousli tlio
kin or othenvlno, cured readily by follow
ins tlio directions on tho botUu.
Kidney, Bladder nnd Urinary Ieranpro
mcnt Invariably cured. Ono botllo will con
vince tbo moat ukcpticnl.
Worms expelled from tho svstcm -without
tho leant tlilllculty. 1'utlouts suircrln
from this prevalent dlcn&o will tsco a mark
cd chanco for tho bdtcrin their condition
lifter taking ono battle. Worm difllcnltlc
r.to more prevalent than Is generally ui-poir-d
In tho young, and thev will Und tiia
(Junker Ulttets a sum remedy.
VTrotn Mfllculllcs, Neuralgia, &,,
ppccllly rellcetl.
Ji?tetmattM, STrellcd Joint t nnd nit ,;cro
fular AflUctlona lcmovctl or preatly re
lieved by tills lttvaluablo medicine.
HroneJi tttn. Catarrh, ConiNlons, and Hy
sterics cuicd or much relieved,
mflleitlt Jtreathhtff, Tain In Iho Lnnr,
bldo und Client almost Invariably cun-il ly
taking a fuw bottles of tho Quaker IHUcr..
All JilfiieuU Female PcrnnpementB, (at
mo it Invariably caused by a lolatlon of iho
organlo laws,) so prevalent to tho American
ladles ield 1 end lly to this invaluablo njcdi
clno the Quaker illttcrs.
All Impurities of the Blood find dtsea4
incident to tho snmo always cored by tho
Uunkcr Bitters, if token according to tlio
The Aqctt find in tho Quaker Bitters Just
Iho article they stand in need of in their de
clining years. It quickens tho blood and
cheers the mind, anil paves tho passage
down the piano inclined.
Sold by all Druggist) and Dealers In Medicine,
ritorini:xcE, xt. i.
For asle Wholesale k HeUll by CLARK Si WILL AUD,
Agr-cts for Ilrattleboro and vcinlly, iiuift
ScionUfic and Popdar Modical Work3
Manhood, Womanhood, &
Nervous Diseases,
rciiuanED nr the
No. 4 Bulflnch St., Boston,
Oppotlt 1tever Iluuae.)
Mt&tcal knowltdg for tryfrody. Two Million
Cojies Sold.
A nook for Ihery Mun.
Tim SCIkNCK OK Lint. OU SKI.l'.l'llt.i:RVATlON.
A I(xlial Treat 1 on the Caure and Cre cf tuusrsn
Yniurr, gfEkyaTouatui, Buiixal M'ttittata, Inro
TD.CT, rRiMiriaaPiiaaai-xJUs.NtaTwi'ltisppuistciL
Dsbiutt, Hipocnospua, und all other dUs arltlnf
from theLaaoaser Yocni, oarnt 1.piscctiom oa Kx
csssasof mature yur, This U I nll a book for e?ery
nun l'Ath edition, luocli colartfed, illustrated) bouthl Ut
Uautlul i'reuck clotn. I'rb-e only 1.1.0.
A llonk for Ilierr Woman,
11 Kit DISKi&KSi or, Worn s Teatrco or ruTitouxiiciUT
Aso l'lriioLootcaUT, la health and disetuc, from IkriKcr
TOOlp Aoe, Mlthelirot lLLtTtTatTiTeK.oairto4. 300
121 bound in 1 autiful r reurh cloth, l'rkt Sj.00,
A lluk fur KverjlMHly,
The Institute hat just published a nw bock, treatlnc
fxeluxlttly tf NKIUOUi AND MLNTAL DldKAbr.
1W i p, cloth, l'rlce $1.00, or all three Ux-kt tut uu
rec ipt cf d, poeue
These are, beyond all cotnjwrlwn, the most eitraor
dlnary works on rhysioloffv erer pubtUhed. There la
nothlug vhatef er that theMiRaisn or Slfitl, cf ICitusr
fitx, can either require or vlsh to know, but what U fully
explained, an 1 mtny matters tf the tuost lniporuut aud
lutrmtliif character are Introduced to which uo allusion
even run w found In any ether wrks In ourlaiifur.ee.
All the New Discorcmts of the auther, whOM t'lnirlt-nee
is such as probably ueeer befure full to t'ie lot i f any tuan,
are elrrn In full, ciwUlly these vl.iu f U Sjruiatorr.
lutti, lr.;xrtenry, btcrltlty or Uarriiuncss. a person
should ! without tb valualile tmcks, Ttie iresi
throughout the country, the clercy, and the melkid f.wult
pviwrully highly eitUthcwextrsATdinary uid useful works.
The int futldl ui may read them.
rrUiitprlxvik t"t.t by mall, ttpall, on receipt of prloi-
H. 11, The author cf tho at -nnied medlol w rks U
tK- CVi TP. tuultinit PhyttcU'iKr the 1'UAIkiDV MKUU Ab
lNSmiTi:, In Inch ttnidlnir 1 tho Mi11cnl laculty of
thlt country, who hits sucee-t.fully treated Uiouunds of ttie
human fiuuly Rfalcted wlUi the nutWUes treated uionln
theee books, and (Irct hla whule attention to his patients
and to thuse w ho may call upon hint for adrlce. The (rood
secret of his success Is Lis vtJt knowledge ef the causes of
these ailments &ud his ipoedily rctnvloK them from the
Dr. W, It. PA UK Kit, Member of Iho lloyal CUVgeot
eurffKHJ, ltndou, Ute Medical Inspector Oonenl, U. B. A.,
lloourmry Member of the Amerkru Medical faculty, and
AulsUut t'hysklaii ef the Institute, may also be ewtfulud
on all disease rtulrtnx skill and ctperlence, te whura all
corrvsMn.leiMM thtMild be ndJrvssod, or Uthe rCAUOUY
MtUICAL INta tlL'TE, No. 4 Vulanch Bt , Uoetoo, Mas.
aUriOaUiu lacaacr A cwiu uuvr.

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