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line nd durable form of raonumeut wlilcli
eould to dovlseil. Of couri, however, the
ciueetiotn of design, cost, eto., are waltem
wlilch It will be the ptovlnoj of a cotiimlltea
to decide at some future day,
sVrel llrulllrtsnru.
Olenwood Classloal semlnnry will IiprIii
Ha Winter term Deo. 10. Pupils aro offered
decided advantage for a term of careful tin.
dy. 1'artlculars In advertisement.
Ilellnn. Fulls.
The village lire departmeut had its first
parade last Friday altemoou.
The case of A. 1 Crossetl t. Dr. While,
for damages on account of collision In the
street, was tried botoro a jury at O.A.llrowu's
tfflce Monday evening, JuBtlce II. 0. Lino
presldiug. The Jury brought in a verdict of
il!0O damages for plaintiff, and defendant ap-
The young ladles of St. Luke's church
are to have a festival next Wednesday even
lug. On Wtdnekday evening of last wetk the
friends of Ut. and Mrs. W. J. Murphy, to
the number of 100, met at their homo, and
lift them $1!!0 as a tokou of esteem. Much
regret is ciprossod at tbelr leaving town.
Ku.t timer.
Nov. A. Ij. Cooper will hold the quarter
ly meeting at tho Methodist church noxt Sun"
day. lie will bo present also and hold meot-
logs every evening until Thursday.
The hlntory of Diimmerslon, both iu pa
per covers and English cloth binding, is now
ready for subscribers, and extra copies are
offered for sale.
The new arithmetics and modern speller
adopted by tho tutbuok committee, can bo
hid of Cheney A Clapp, llrntlle boro, In ex.
change for old books, at about on half tho
n tail price. The time for exchanging is lim
ited to January 1, 188,".
llumiiierstnii lull,
A gospel service In the forenoon and
young people's meeting in the afternoon aro
announced for next Sandiy on Dummerstou
(est) bill.
Green Itlter
The debatiug society will niet at tho
sihoolhouso to morrow evening, (Siturday)
to discuss the question, 'HisolteJ, That
the L-gitlaturu or Vermont ought to enact a
law to force the towns to adopt the towusys
tern of schools."
Tho ladleh' aid society will meet wt.h
Mrs. Uaruard Wilkins next Thursday after.
Uullfunl Centre.
The elimination of teachers will bo held
at town ball on Saturday, Nov. 21), promptly
ut II o'clock.
George T. Weatherhead has deeded the
"l'enniman place" to Derton Clark of Marl
boro, whoso brother Wallace will occupy it.
Mrs. J. Ij. Bullock spent last week with
friends In Massachusetts.
Charles Votter has gone to Greenfield to
work for John Thayer on his milk route.
Bertha Dewolf commenced teaching iu
District 14 on Monday.
A report of the fair held by Broad Brook
grange Oct. ii Is printed on our last pago to-iUv.
The bridge ner Seymour Harris's
ueen rebuilt wltu new timber.
Stone Bros, beat tholr own record last
week by sawing out two sticks of timber,
each ."I feet in length.
The text book committre have issued a
printed report of their do.ugs giving the
names of the various books and the prices
for which they can be procured. 0. II. Loon,
ard of Halifax Centre is authorized to act as
agent for their sale. The hooks are sold at a
slight advance from publishers' prices.
Dr. Canedy of Shelburne Falls lost a
horso by colic while on a visit to a pationt
near tho village a few days ago.
Nov. Mb, mercury 20 below freezing
The L'onard A Bogle apple jilly works
have closed operations.
W. A. Brown is much improving the
building lie lately bougbt of It. Q. Wilcox.
ltev. Mr. Titus of WiWuton preached
at the M. E. Church last Suuday on exchange
with Kit. II. r . Forrest.
The BiptUt Sunday school gave a tern
peranco concert last Sunday evening, undei
the direction of the W. 0. T. U. The church
was filled to overflowing by an appreciative
The Sunbeams mission chela, under 11 o
charge of Mrs. Lucy K 'Hogg, ln-ld their third
annual entertainment ut the town hall last
Tuesday eveblog. The attend iuca was large
and the receipts quite satisfactory.
Henry Bjyuton of Dakota, brother of
onr genial statiou agent aud telegraph operat
or, is now here on a few weeks' visit to f riei.ds.
The universal question hero Just now Is:
"Have you any later reports of how the vote
ol new lorn stands t
L. N. Spragun. agent for the Monument'
al Bronze Co. of Bridgeport, Conn., has some
tine samples of tho company's work in white
bronze, which is claimed by the btst scientific
authority to ba more eudurlnK tutu granite.
while It is cheaper than marble of the same
design ana nulsb ana Is very neautnui in appearance.
Dr. Chas. W. IUy yesterday bought the
late residence of Judge Wheeler in ttita vil
flonth Lossdonilerrr,
Dwiizht Tyler, our venerable town clerk.
who had held that office, for III years, died on
Thursday rooming of last week after a thort
Illness. 1IU clerical work was performed
with the most scrupulous nicety aud correct
nesi. and it is doubtful if any town in the
state can show records so handsomely kept
over so lone a period. Mr. Tyler possessed,
as he deserved, the confidence and respect of
the whole community.
llev. II. 0. Lcavitt of the Baptist church
bas resigned, and Roes to a new courcu at
West llulland.
MlsM Allow nml 1111a Mlr.ll.... I....
turned from their visit in M.,,,1.
-II. V. Bruce of llrnnlten. M V I. I,...
on a visit to his agod mother, who has been
quite ill.
John K. Fisher, one of ntip IimI Anil tnrttt
enterprising young men, started last week for
Ktnsas, whero he Int-n Is to loaate, having a
brother aud other relatives there. m
The fall term of Inland and fltnv Hand.
nary In tl is village cloed whu a public exhl.
bltion on Friday evening, Nov. 8th, and ex
amlnatlons on Monday and Tuesday of the
(resent a oek. The exhlhlt'on consisted of
reading, declamation, composition, music, a
charade and an operotta. All tho parts were
well sustained, showlna uood drill hnlh in
voice and manner, and were cordially receive d
by a largo aud onnreciitive andlenm. Th
entire day of Mouday was dsvotod to a wr t-
ten examination of most of the classes. On
Tuesday the classes in ulgebra, arithmetlo,
rhetoric, physiology aud civil Rorerumeut
wero subji-cted to an oral oxamitiaton In urea
once of a oorumlttee selected for tho purpose,
and a large number of visitors, citizens of
this and le'ghboring villages. Tho pupl'a
showed good acquirement Iu tho branches of
stuuy pursued, and tho examination aa a
whole drew forth commendation, uiinn lis
close, from n largfl number of gentlemen,
who made short addresses at tho call of the
principal. The term has hi on a prosperous
ono upwards of sixty pupils haviug linen pr.
rolled, and the make up of tho school a fa.
vorabls one. the pupils nivinir llinnm.lv. .
faithfully to their duties ratuer tbau to fun or
mischief, as is too often the case In many
large schools. Theschnolis to continue nndr
tho same teachers, F. B. SDiuldlnc. A. II .
Principal, Miss llattie K. Oolburn. Preoeti.
tress, and Mrs. James Stoddard, teacher of
niuslo. Tho w'nterterui oi ens Dae. 3.
Appended is tho report of tho examlulnc
committee, which speaks for Itself t
T Ihf Tntit" UUii'tand limy .V-mzurif
The uuJcrslrfued hivinif been nutlQed nf our in.
polntmeot to the work of maklog examination of top
school under jour rnsnsRerneut respectfully report
that weatteud-iltheexamlnttinuexercllfson ruesday
Nov. 11. We carefully noted the brmcbes studied,
the pr wrpflt for the term, the manner of Instruction
aud drill, aud the arqulrtncnt nisile by the different
classes. We were specially pleated with the substan
tial character of the. pupils, work! Its rreedom from
mere ornament or display, and the thoughtful ele
uiput of the ausw.-rs given to Incidental quesllous as
they aroae thus shotting general arqualntaure with
me range or study pursued. Iu our Judgement tae
school Is uudtr eicelleot Instruction and a verv com.
mendable work has bepn done during tho past term.
no are pieaspu lo learn mat lue great body or the pu
pill have trlpd hard to make a good nse of their priv
ileges, and the burdpu of government bas fallen very
llabtly upon the teachers or mn voursehos. We
congratulate the tillage of Towusliend,.attd alanthe
beluhboriug tomis, upou haviug so pood a school, to.
cated at thia central polut, cay of access aud frre
from the temptatloua attending larger schools, or such
as are located in largprplacea. In saylugtuetptbinga
we uo not mean 10 imply that we couM not bare
found some things to criticise, had we ao chosen, but
that we honestly spprove tho term's work and. with.
out further specification, repo.t to you our cordial
U. tl. llAKKIt, !- Com.
-Horbert Slmp-on carries the mail from
here to Grafton; Chas. C Simpson drives the
stage from Urafton to Bellows Falls.
-The Willard citato was Bold at auction on
Wednesday, Henry Twitched being the pur-
-The recent changes in the northern mail
is very unsatisfactory both to the people of
Townsbend and Grafton, and vther changes
win probably be made very soon.
An InterestinK meetini; of tho IV. 0. T.
U. was held Wednesday afternoou. Nearly
ell tho members were present.
Miss Grscio Plumb, whoe sudden death
occurred at her borne in Halifax this week.
a momber of Sirs. Kenyon's select school,
which she had attended for the past two
terms. She was possessed of lias scholarly
ability, which, together with ladylike conduct
and engaging manners, had won the love of
both teacher aud pupils.
lVraa Townshrnil.
Mr. and Mrs. N. Pomroy aro vtVitlnB
friends in New Hampshire.
Chas. Burroughs has cone lo r.ofl Id.
Miss , teaming, and John Wood to Brtttlu.
boro in the fame business.
The entertalumeut on Tuesday evening
was b success.
Lyceum again In two weeks.
C. P. Barrett will take in poultry for
Tluukagiviug on Wednesday afternoooit and
InurMtsy morning Nov. l'.na uud 2l):b.
Good proa for nice stuff, and no other want
ed. x.
Mr. Isaltl W. .Tohnsnn. whose death oeeurred on
thu 11th lust., was horu in Veruou In 1SU. II. s
faiher and mother were representatives of two of
the uldeai families Iu bnvn. At the age of is he
went to Massaehusetts, where lie spent some four
ye.irs. lie there met his wife, Miss rijphli Ann
ltrlzzs. of Little t'nmnton. It. I., whom he married
in New Bedford, and brought to Vernon to live on
the farm whero tiielr after life was spent. Pos
set, -d of rare lmlustry and prudence, he soon
came to own iht- Mrui und soon aeipilretl a compe
tence much hetond the average. He had three
children Mrs, L K. Dttfs of Vernon, .M s. el lin-tu
uarrenof llalirax,aud T. W. Johnsoi of Vernon,
with whom ho lived. All these children and his
wife mrvlve him. Mr. .lohnsou was a man of rare
genuineness of ch.uac'er, hating all shams and
professions. He prucili'ed greut plainness of lie.
fug, his ample geueichlty being bestowed entirety
on oi her people. Pour )e.trs ago last June he was
stricken with paralysis, the ahrK le.ivlng htm
nearly helpless and speeetllefs. lln the Clh lnt.,
he had another shock and tils death occurred as
already Mated. Ills funeial took place at the
house on 'Ihursday, l.'ev. A. II. Truax ottlcutlug,
and a Ijrjre uumber of tow nanien alteu.llug.
The citizens' club held a business meeting at
the vestry Saturday evenla.
School In District No. 3 begins next Monday.
Tho oM seals aud desk hate be.-u taken out aud
wooden ones put Iu.
Next Sunday at 2:30 p. M. IUv. E. W.
Whitney will preach in the ITuiversalist church.
Eldsr C. II. Fletcher of North Nswport,
N. II , will preach in the chapel next Sunday
at 10;30 a. m. and ItSO p. it
Tho members of tho Baptist society will
hold a fair and literary entertainment at i
Wilder it Kidder's hall Wednesday evening.
Nov. 10, after which an oystor euptior will
be servod. The prooeeda will bo usee! for re.
pairing the church.
The marrlag of Willie Bsssett and Celia
Bruce took place at Mrs. F. J. Swift's last
Bunday morning. They starts d for Dakota
Territory the next morning. They havo the
best wishes of all.
Herbert Miller has gone lo Brooklyn,
N. Y., lo work for EI. Barnard.
Frank Titus has gone to New York for a
fow weeks.
Mrs. S. B. Birnatel's d..ightcr from Ne
braska Is visiting here for a fow weeks,
Flora Harris his gone to BprlngSeld,
Mass., to loarn tho milliner's business.
J. It. Kidder and 0. 1). Ltwton have
sold their Ilallo-vs (arm to J. II. Corbott.
Prioe, $2001).
Another town tn"eting Is called for Nov.
18 to see If the town will vote to rescind its
vote to bond for a railroad,
Mr, A. A. Ilarrluglon becamo so Insano
that they had to take him to the asylum nt
Brattlehoro this woek.
We are all very glad In .see Mr. llj.ua
Mann, jr., out again.
Mrs. L. P. Stanley has gone to New
York for the winter. Miss Liwtou has re
turned to New Yotk.
The skating rink (P. G. Wilder pronrlo
tor) Is nearly completed and will be ready to
bo used early next week.
The pri-nary department of tho village
school with Miss Virginia Forrest as teacher,
closed o very successful lerm last Friday.
The 0. W. H-nry troupo wltU ihi aid of
the enrn-t band, presented "Dtrkuess and
Diyliftbt" to a crowded house both Wsdutts.
tlay and Thuradey oveulngt of this week.
The proceeds are for tho henetlt of the band.
The sociable on Tuesday nvening at the
Methodist yestry was rpilte u success, and a
bout $ 2(1 were taken, Tim two hedipillts by
vote' wero awarded to Mrs. John Moore aud
X-'. II. Hovey.
Methodist quarterly meeting next Sunday
P. M llev. A, 1,. ()op..r the presiding elder
is txpectetl to be present.
Oar vlllige school closed last Friday
rim DiiMoaiiA Tiovnu:iin rwx
On Tuesday a cemetery association was
formed at tho vestry. Extensive improve,
ments oa the grounds are being made, tie
stone wall on the east Bids has been moved
to the south side enclosing the addition of
one fourth acre. A picket fenoe Is to be
built where the wall was removed, llev, E.
S. Morse is soliciting funds. All who con
tribute may feel assured that the money will
bo judiciously expended.
And now arisetb one versed in natural
history who darea afllrm.tbat It is contrary to
the ncture of tbe pantber to go tnrougn wa
ter and sup on mink. Knowledge la power
beyond doubt, though trying to the news
monser wbo would have an euiertaintng eto
rv. What are facts in natural history com
pared with a thrilling tale of a supposed pan.
tber. that tripled-named animal whose soubri
queta of "wildcat" and "catamount" bave bo
often struck terror to the timid or youthful
heart ? There has always been a periodical
return of the cleatninp: wild eyes, "tho balls
of fire," and it is about the year to bear about
them again. Don't lot the exottements of this
election season beguile us from a proper re
spect for the old legonds.
The executive committee of the library
association at their meeting on Wednesday
decided to call in the books and olnse the li
brary, which has been moved to Mrs. M. E.
Wiuslow's until "account of stock" can be
taken, and necessary repairs made on the
Tho W. 0. T. U. voted at the last meet
Ing to accept tho Invitatiou of Townsheud
Union, to attend th-ir meeting next Wednes
day and dine with them.
Miss A. E. Higglnshascommcnoed school
in District No. S. Marshall Howe will teach
in South Windham.
Mrs. S. W. Uiohardson of Brattleboro is
teaching a class iu Kensington painting at
Mrs. Newton's thia week, and willbeinTowns.
bend week after next, N
According to reports from two or three
correspondents a rowdy crowd hung St, Johu
In effigy on the common last Saturday night,
but their performance was one which no re
epectable Hepublloan assisted in or approved
of. ed. rucENi.x.
llsv. Mr. Dugan will give his lecture,
"from Home to Jerusalem," next Tuesday
evening, Nor, 18, In the Congregational
Bit. E. W. Whltuoy gave the fourth leo.
tare of tbe oourse last Tuesday evening. His
themo was "An Aim iu Lifo,"ond the lecture
was addressed moro especi tlly to the young
people. He elucidated his subject by first
enumerating some of tho unprofitable aims in
starting out in life, and then what oonstitutea
a successful and high attainment in a busi
ness, as well as In a moral, literary and scien
ttfio pursuit. His lecture was highly enter
tainlng, and was appreciated as an able dis
course, ltev. Wm. 11. Dugan will give the
next lectnre next Tuesday in the Oongrega.
tional church. Subjsot, "From Homo to Jerusalem,"
Tbe friends of Mr, and Mrs. Kimball
Chase helped them to celebrate their silver
wedding in a very pltasaut way on Monday
evening. Handsome presents of silver and
china ware were received.
Wealtnliaaier West.
Tbe fifth incendiary fire in this vicinity
occurred on Thursday of last week. Tho vic
tim was Georgo 0. Harlow, whoso barns were
burned a short time ago. This time a clean
sweep was male of his buildings, including
house, horse barn, corn barn and Bhed. The
fire was discovered about lh-'IO iu the fore
noon, and was undoubtedly set in tbe hay
mow in tho horse barn. The contents of the
house wero favsd. Tne loss Is shout $2.",00.
Inburcd in the Union Mutual of Montpelitr.
In Vernon, Nov. II, Isaiah w. Johnson, 10.
In Houth Londonderry, Nov. 0, Dwlght Tyler, 79.
In Wrat Ilslirat, Nov. 10, Oracle A., daughter of
ltollls and l.ydla Plumb, 19.
Iu Hello s rails, Nov C, Mary, wife of Daniel Klnl
ry, 17.
In Kern, N. It., Nov. 4, Jason Trench, 69, s native
rf Ilrattleborn,
Hood's Baraaparilla.actlni; through tbe blood, reach
es every part of the ajiltui, and lu thia way positive
ly cures catarrh.
Chas. Gooduow has dug a well at the
centre of the town, and found water at tho
depth of 11 feet, which be thinks will bo du
rable. A man named IlObley, who has been
stopping at Mrs. II. O. Gillett's for seme
weeks past, left for parts unknown on the ill
Inst, taking with him a suit of clothes belong
ing lo Herbert Gillett. A si arch for him bas
so far provtd unsuccessful.
A violent wind did considerable' damage
to fruit aud forest trees here on tbe nth Inst.,
and took off part of the roof of Luther Farus.
worth's barn.
Batcheldir Bros, bave bteu threshing in
L. F. Paimh is ret airing his buildings.
Lester Corse aud George Chase have a
winter's jib iu Wiuhall, cutting logs.
Somewhere In Gporgla there la a church which la
called "The Bister's Church;" all the metnticrs are
women. The chief work of their missionary aociely
la tn send Pr, bull's Cough Syrup to tbe Indians, who
suffer largely with cougba sod colda.
Mrs. Abbia Kendall has closed her house
aud will spend the winter with her son in
L. B. Chapman, who has been sick with
pneumonia for several weeks, is slowly recov
ering. Mr, and Mrs. Collin Like, wbo have
been visiting at Iter. Mr. Holbrook's, are to
leave Dext week for their new home in Texas.
The Congregational society has bougbt
two new stoves for warming tho church.
Tbe band of Hillside Workers held a fair
at tbe town hall on Fridav evoning of last
week. Tbe exercises consisted of rocitatlous
aud songs by the members of tbe band, fol
lowed by supper aud the sale of fancy arti
cles made during tbe summer.
The Brattleboro Democrats c Je-bra'.ed
Mr. Cleveland's alleged election on Wedues.
day evening, iu epitoof the advice of tbe
older aud wiser htads of the party to wait
for the clll.-ial declaration before indulging
in a pubiio demonstration.
Tak u for just what it was, the show com
pared well with Ihesizi of tho Democratic
party iu Brattleboro, Compared with what
its projectors claimed for it through their
posters beforehand, it was a fizzle. There
were 200 torches in hue ut thu start,
and not far Irom 280 men and btiys iu the
ranks. Of these from lot) to 200 were citizens
of voting age.
Tho procession, which started at 7 o'clock
sharp, was led by the First lteginieut baud,
with J, W. Burnap as marehat. Then fol
lowed two two horso carriages with a very
limited number of the aged Di-mocracy iu
them. Behind these was a carriage coutaiu
ing "The Busted Side Show" lis occupants
pereonaticg tbe widow Butler aud other de
feated candidates. Thou followed a squad
of yuung men wearibg plug bats with wide
red bands. There wtro two drum corps, a
"kazoo band" of 2-i members, ii limited uum
ber of tbe "Mugwump" brethren, and a small
delegatiouof Bslra Loukwoods. The colored
Democracy bad a cartiige of their own, aud
Wilmot'a Chesterfield ox and a very dilapidat
ed old horse, hitched tandem, drew a wagou
in which two young Democrats wire vigor
ously washing the bloody shirt. Tho arrang
meut was for an Irishman to elress as a wo
man aud appear yoked to the Wiluiot ox,
hut when tbe ox cauiu to time tbe Irishtuau
backed out, aud so cur htUe campalgu is.
sue of "a woman bitched to an oi" failed of
an Illustration. In a wagon covered with a
big transparency a cracked bell "ruug out the
old ring Bnd rung iu a new one" or words
to that effect.
Numerous transparaucies were carried, with
cartoons aud mottoes of all sorts, amoug
thsni the immortal "You told the truth once,
Mr. Blaine will never be President of the
United Slates Vermont Phuiuix, March 21,
1881"; "For sale: Oae stray luifer, an
empty yoke, a plow in the furrow since the
people spoke" ; "Old Slippery Bin, you're
dead as a hen"; "The Plumed Knight knocked
out of sight"; "Mugwuroplsm" aud soon
to the end of tbe chapter.
lhe procession took the usual route up
Main street, through Walnut, Tyler, etc.,
around tbe common, through Chase, Oak and
Grove, up High, around Forest Square, down
Green, across tbrougb Esteyville, IbetiLe to
Cemetery bill and back to place of stalling,
marching aud couutermarubiug through
Main street at the finish. The time occupied
iu the march was 'ii hours.
Tho residences of most Democrats on tbe
line of march were haudsumly illuminated,
though many refused to illuminate because
they objected to holding tho demonstration
until a final declaration of the result of the
election bad been made. One of tbe best
displays was at the Itetunuer ofll-Je and Ty
ler block. G. A. Bliss, U. W. Frluk and
Elwards ,t L Ills bad dlqilays in the bus'nsss
part of Main street. Henry C. Willard, G.
A. Hoyden and Willis Bemis on Walnut
street made a good Bhow. Mrs. Warder's
grounds were baudsomely illuminated and
abundant fireworks were set off as the pro
oession passed.
On Grove and Main streets, on Forest
square, especially at Gen. E Crowell'e, on
Graen street, notably at W. II, Cailds's, on
Elliot street, and ou C-metery bill at C. II
Davenport's and D P. Cobb's, as also at otb
er points, much paius was taken with decora
tions and Illuminations.
The finest and by all means the most lively
demonstration of the evening took place on
Forest square near Mr. Crowell's and in his
honor, apparently, as tbe leader of tbe Brat
tleboro independents. Itl tbe rear of tbe
procession was an express wagon with a head
light in front, containing a large store of
rockets, romau caudles and other fireworks,
which G. L. Clary and D. E. Taeker set off
along tho route. Opposite Mr. Crowell's a
big rocket was lighted in bis honor. The
rocket "tizz-d." but refused to mount into
tbe upper regions. The fire from it set other
rockets on fire, and in a great deal less time
than it takes to tell it tbreo large boxes of
fireworks were on fire, including 300 rockets
aud ISO romau candles. The display which
followed was a lively one, as we have inti
mated, and Ibsre was some lively getting out
of tbe way of It. Clary, Tasker aud their
driver bad barely time to escape the coulla
gration, aud as it was tbe two former were
burned ou their right hands. They sought
the services of an "independent" surgeon,
gtad to have escaped so well, aud the "fire
works wagon" was left out over the rest of
the line of mareh.
In golug down Green street the hold-back
strap of ono of the two-horse carriagta broke,
letting the pole into Ihs box of J. A, Taylor's
$200 buggy, which be had loaned for Mar
shal Burnap to rido in, and buggy aud Mar
shal were tumbled over into the gutter and
the buggy badly demolished, leaving the Mar
shal to tluish the march on foot.
Barring these incidents, which were uot
down on tin program, tho line of match was
successfully covered and lbs occasion was a
At D. P. Cobb'riamilu n fresbiut uts wero
served. Good order, buhrlety aud decomm
prevailed throughout I bo ovauiug.
Main street present d an appearance ou
tbe return of tbe proosssiou whioh did not
indicato a great degree of enthusiasm orsym.
patby on the part of our business men. We
can assure our Ddmocratia friends that had
their demonstration beeti delayed until It was
definitely settled that Cleveland is elected
many ltspublicat,s would bave taken oocasion
lo show their go id will, and to give an earn
est of tbelr Kood wUhes for the suco-s of
the new Prtsidebt's adtulnisiration, regardless
of parthan lines.
To-Morrow Morning,
Ctiso I'J-lncli coiiiliinntion Worsted
Dress Hoods, choice now slylcs,
25c a yd.
11 will lio quick work io sell Ihein.
Lot (! lircss (jootls. 50c yd.
Is much below cost of innnuructiiro.
Lot ol' our regular 58c 27-lnch
Dress Flannels
Can never bo duplicated at that
Lot While lllnnkcts, $1.00 pair,
another lot $1.25 pair, and an ex
tra bargain at
$5 pair.
Sovcral extraordinary bargains
in Cloak Iioom to bo shown ilrst
time to-morrow.
Fow Flush Haciiucsand Circulars
just opened nt nttractivo price. Ex
tra value- lu popular priced New
markets and Kaglans.
1 piece Cheney llros. regular
$2.00 grado heavy all silk Jllia
ilaine for
$1,50 yd.
Now lot Fur Trimmings
More new Skirls. 'J dozen more
or tho $1.00 and $1.15 Nightgowns,
.same as last lot.
Few cholco now patterns infan
cy Flnids nt
$1.00a$1.20 yd.
Lot best Dress Frlnts,good styles
5c yd.
(ilcnwooil Classical Seminary,
TUp WJotfr tprm of luelfe wreki bgini WmIqm
cUy. Dee. 10, IHdi. CUmm will be formed lo cacti dc
partment to nwt tbe wuU of ill. There Ii do bet
ter ttrra for stud; durlug tbe jttr ftal tbe bent ftclll
tics will be glveu. A rew TUnn wltl be la re tdloe
for tb'iRo In MuMc. Ilinl, or rooms for self board'
lug, can tie obtatot-d at low rates. Tbe railroads bave
ery tludljr uraottd siudenta' rates to pupils attend
log here. Vot other tuTormatiou addns.
II. U.tSlIAVr, Trio.
W. Hraltleboro, Vt., Not. 12, 1881.
WE, tbft undertttfinfd. w.mIi to lufurtu tbe
people of Ilratilebnro tbat tbe young roau from
Kl Durnmeretou, peddling Jelly.lt NOT stlllng John
Taft k Oo.'s Mrani Kraiora(ed Jelly. Those wiiblDg
onr Jlly sbonld be sure tbe label read. John Taft h
Co 'Bhteira Kvsporated Hweet Cider Jelly. KespecU
W, DuniiuersloD Vt.
New Dental Office.
AIiYIN KN'AFl', M. I)., I). D.S.,
bees lc re to announce tn tbe cltlxens of Brattleboro
and vicinity tbat be bas yieldtd to tbe solicitation of
bis many frfeudi aud fitted up rooms wltb tbe best
modern lustrntntots and appiUncet for tbe practice
of Deutlstry.
Dr. Knapp uradnit'-d with highest honor from tbe
Dental department vt tbe University if Michigan and
tbe Ft. Wijne College of .Medicine, aud bas bad many
years experience with the best Dentists lo the Sttt,
as well as Id bis own prltate practice.
Dr. Knapp makes a ppeclalty of siting tbe natural
tettb, ! only the beet materials for fllliDi, aud
Huarantees all operations first-lass. Artificial teeth
supplied, from oue to au entire set. Atirtbrtlci 1
rolniitered when required.
ltest references furiitsutd.
Give Mm a rail aud be
OIHce in Hooker's lUock, opp. the
Hrooks House,
Brattleboro, Vermont.
Will be sold at public auction at tbe-dwelline house
of Timothy M. Adams io Marlboro, Vt., on Tuesday,
Dec. 3. lb-t, at 10 o'clock &. M the following describ
ed property: Tbe Mill and Farm known aa the Adams
Mill aod Farm, sllujtrd alc.ut 8 miles from the eatt
vilkite of lirAttleborn, The Mill and Uulldlopa on
tbe Farm are lu good repairt and alwaya water to run
the Mill. Also about HS screa of laod, known as tbe
O ranker lot, situated about one-balf mile from Marl
boro centre, nearly tbe whole heavily wooded wltb
Hemlock, Spruce and II r J-wood timber ; pair Oxen,
weight over 41) -0 pound r, pair 4 year-old b leers, 2 pair
3year-oU Steers, 30 good coarse wool Hheep, Ox-cart,
Iron axletree, beav-y Truck wagon, twobore wagon,
3 two-horse trsverae Hled, 100 cords slab wood, 1
Dow Harrow, 1 Mowing Machines, Flows, and many
other articles uot men turned,
S. N, Ilrsntck, ALct'r.
Marlboro, Vt., Nov. 12, 46-49
Fine Confectionery.
fine ctior'or.vrE creasis. elisor dates.
UIZLSOKH. JAP 1,00118.
c.t sc., &c.
lutchelder's "moat excellent old-fashioned Moras
ses Can Dr. always reliable.
llctall Dealers, Give Us a Call!
Wholesale & Retail Doalors,
Wliy Hlati ltlilia'1 Murrj Mini.
"Yes, I lire pleasantly toough wltU my busbaud,"
slie aatj, Mtmt I beller. I ahoulJ havt married Augua
tus, If all tbe. (tlrla hadn't made, fun of liim, and aald
ue'd be bald aa a pumpklu In year or two," Young
men, take arnlng, and nee Parker's Hair Ilataam.
Uleansra tbe acalp, restores color, reinorca dandruff,
M'onld most cordially Invito tho
Lndies oi'Ilrattlclioro and vicinity
io can ui iioom i, urosnr iuock,
nml examine nor now stock ot
Sho has a Now York Milliner and
is eonllilent sho shall bo nblo to
plcnso nil who will patronize her.
Hnvlmr purchased tho stock nml
Drug business of Dr. E. H. WES
TON, formerly Dr. J. W. OHEUU,
I would sny to tho people of Drat
tlchoro nml vicinity that I am pre
wired lo furnish THE I'UHEST OF
Having lind 15 yenrs' experience
in tho retail drug business, includ
ing two years In tho cltv. I feel
confident thai I enn supply you with
relinblo preparations.
Any physlclnn's or family pro
scriptions you should sco 111 to fa
vor mo with will rocclvo my prompt
nml careful attention.
Honing to receive n slinro ol your
patronage, I nm very truly yours,
And everything usually kept in a
nrst-cinss urug store.
STATK OF VUItMOX T, Marlboro 88.
Tbo Probate Court for aatd Dtatrlct.
Tn all persons Interested In tbe Estate of JOSH
UA IIAltltlS, late of Ilallfai, In aald District, de-
ceaseu, ureeung.
You are hereby notified tbat Naney Ifarrla and Joab-
ua A, Harris, Etfutora of tbe last will of aald deceae
ed. bave presented to tbla Court a petition nrSTtna for
hceuse to sell tbe wbnlb of tbo real eatate of aald de
ceased ; and baa also Bird wbat purporta to be tbe con
seot of all tbe drrlsees and legatees realdinir in
tills stateto such sale, and tbat tbla court will decide
opon sam peiiuon ai toe aeaaion tuereor to be beld at
tbe Trobile Ornce In Brattleboro, to aald Dietrlct. on
tbe last 8aturday of November, A, It. lbVU, wbeu and
where you may appear aud be beard lu tbe premlaea
11 sou st-e cause,
48 E.W. STODDARD, IteRlster.
Klrctlon of Misprffiia Ctiurt Juilg-ra,
The Vermont Ij-ginUture iu Joint msetnbly
to da; re-i Itxlid ttrn oM bonrJ ut j'jilgea wi:b
tbo eioeptiou of Judge HadSxliI, who lie.
cliUMl to serve longer Hon. W. U. Walker
of Ludlow, was elected iu Judge Iledfleld'e
iilaoo. Tbe rote for Chief JuhIIou K'jvco
stood ICO to 8U
President and Mm.
bury college celebrated
last week.
Hamlin o( Middle,
tbelr silver uodJiufi
I o Wilmington, Nov. 9, by 8. T. Pavennort, Eaq.,
Wm. N. llaasell aud Cells K. Bruce, both of W,
Iu Wilmington, Nov. 10, by llev. II. It. Titus, Frod
0. Willard of Wllmiogtou aud Itosa Uobcrts of goiner-
In Saitona River, Nov. 8, bv Iter, neo, F. Chsplo,
gerrel Allen and Mrs. Addie M. Mardtu, both of Lou.
d.ioderry, .
Iu NorthOeld, Mass., Nor. tl, Mr. Coleman or North
Urookneld and Fanny, daughter of Geo. J. Uaeou.
In Hartford, Ct., Oct.91, by Rev, ll.S.l'ardlngton,
CS.Ciieottjuffl.il, Ct aud Eiln M, Brooks of
lloudtllle, Vt.
STATE Of VliltMONT, Marlboro 8S
Tbe l'robate Court for aatd Dlalrlct.
To all persona Interested In tbe estate of JOSEPH
1 uuh.u, late oi iiaiiraz, m aaia aietrlcl, aeceaaed
Tou are hereby notified that tbia Court wllldctda
upon me auowsnce oi me account oi a, a, HUT.
TERFIELD, Administrator upou aald Eatate,
and decree dialrlbutlon thereof to thi
peraoua entitled, at tbe aeaaion thereof to be beld at
the Probate office io Brattleboro on tbe laat Saturday
of November, 1 88-1, v, hen and where you may appear
anil o ueara in sue premiaes, ii you seecsuse,
48 li. W. STODDARD, Renlster.
Drug Store,
19 Main St., opp. High.
KKjIEMUEK, I will uot ho un
tiiblish my trade.
Card from Dr. Weston.
To the VtiiU llrattttboro :
II it tot? ooM my Dm a bailneii od all Prricrtptionft
to 1. 11. THOIIN, 1 would moit cheerfully rwomroffid
btm to ray fiiruJi tud former patroni, tod from my
ftcqiulntaore with tiloi I ffl mrp tbit toy wbo ruty
gi.e min iDPtr jwtrooige wm nm tbeirorum a
preicrlptlODi carcfally iod accurately prepared.
Of Brattleboro and
Vicinity !
We would say to our friends that
we are still in the field, with a lar
ger assortment of
Than ever before. It is unneces
sary to enumerate, as you all know
that we always intend to keep
And employ the best Milliners. We
flatter ourselves that we can please
our customers every time I
As this winter finishes THIRTY
YEARS that we have been in Brat
tleboro, we desire to express our
appreciation of all your kindness
and patronage, and hope still to
deserve your confidence.
With many thanks, very truly
Mrs. T. AVERY.
Broken Sizes in All Grades for Less than Cost!
The Genuine "EIGHMIE" Dress Shirt.
Also, a Full Line of GLOVES and HALF-HOSE and all
Clothing Made to Order!
Which we will Make to Order at Short Notice!
Jo. 3 Granite Block, Brattleboro, Vt.
We have a full Assortment Men's Overcoats, Ul
sters and Reefers from $3.50, 5.00 and
6.50 up.
Youths' Overcoats in all grades and qualities,
from a cheap, warm, every-day Garment to
the best silk lined.
Boys' and Children's Plain and Fancy Goods
from $1.7b up.
I IU !
Horse Clothing of nil kinds and qualities. X. li s., Chnm
nions, Kerseys, Bakers, Snxonys, etc.
All Goods miu-ked in plain figures and prices guaranteed right.
One of the Best Farms in Brat
tleboro for Sale.
Situated About two tMlet weit of Weit Tillage, con
UiDtfig ibout 250 acre of excellent Und; About CO
acre of mowing and Ullage; about 10 acre la griaa
from which 60 tons of bay and roweo u taken
thia tear, usually 70 toni of first quality U secured;
about 50 acrei of wood aod timber, eaaj of accetf.con
slating to part of 1000 thrifty sugar msplea; tbe 1
balance paaturage, wuica is enclosed whu iton wan.
also tbe mowing and tillage lauds, which are In a
high state of rultlTstloo. Tbe farm will summer and
winter 23 cows aod a pair of horses. The Lolldinga
are located uear the center of wowing and tillage
land and con si at of a fsrm bouse, 30x48 feet, and ell,
18x40, barn 40x64, and ample sheds, corn barn ami
carriage bouse attached, also Ice bouse and milk
room, also a commodious sap house Id augarorchsrd.
All the bulldlDKSluiiood repair makioe It a Terr de-
alrable, pleasant place to live, enjoy life aod make
For a Fino or a Cheap
ffatel HMparte,
07 Hooker's Mock, t
Market Reports.
NEW YORK, Not. 11. Flour Superfine Western
nd State. 2.7Sa3.10! extra do.. 3.60a5.40 : natentMtn.
nenotaAiOaSSC. Wheat No, 2 wintered 0.83; No,l,
white, 0.83. Rye, OOaCS c. Uirley, 0.75. Corn,
No.2, &3a33Vc: So. 2 white, 01i60c. Oats No. ?,
32a32': do, wbite, 3ii3JX. butter firm. Mate,
yiaai; nenera, cueeHe -state, bus.
CHICAQO. NOT. It. Wheat No. 2 Chlratro anrlntr.
7lX72c. Corn, 43a3Vc Oats, 25'c Ilye, 50i00e.
liar ley, oic.
ST. LODIS, Not. 11. Wheat No. 2 red fall. 73V7.
Cora,00i32. Oats,0JA2f). Uye?;. Barley, 60j75.
JVevr York Atocb and Money nurket.
NEW TORE, Not. 11. Government Bonds
U. 8.3s 1001-2
do. 4 l-2a coupon ,..,113 3-4
do.4s 121 5 8
It os I on Wool n tarbrt.
BOSTON. Not. 4. There bas been a quiet buflneea
In wool this week sales amounting to 1,500,009 lb, of
all kinds. Ohio and Pennsylvania, 32a33 for X, XX
andaboTe,3ta33. Michigan, 2330. Flue delaine, 33a
342. ; No. 1 combing, 33437. Called woolr, 25a30j for
common and good supers ; 33a35 for choice eastern.
ITaierfown Union r.lr Hiock Tfarket.
TDC8DiT.Nor.il, 1S8I.
Market Beef Choice, J00 ODaOO 03 ; extra. 8.00a9.50 ,
flrat quality, 700750; second quality, SOOaOiO : thtl d
quality, 4 00a4 50.
N. B. Choice Includes nothing but stall-fed 1100
to 1400 lb. bullocks. Extra and brat quality include
the beat fat oxen. Second and third quality Include
oxen and two and three year old steers,
Store Cattle Working oxen, per pair, from 100 to
225. M.lch Cows and Calves, 20, 3da48. Fancy cowr,
50a80. Yearlings, 10a20; 2 years ol J, 14a30; 3 years
old, 24a42.
Swine Western fat, live, at S)a5 3-4 c a lb. North
ern dressed bogs, 6c.
Sheep and I,amba In lots, $2 21, 3 0)i4 OJ each;
extra, 5Wa5 60; or from 2 to M2o per lb.
VealCklres, Wittfc per lb.
Country Hides 0X7c per lb.; Country Talluw,3 1.2
a4c. TelU 50 1 90c each. Calf bklni, IOjIIc per lb.
Koston 3IiarbrC Xotf.
From tbe Journal's City Article, Utb.
For a week or two tittle has been done to dairy pro
duct, but trade Is now starting up. Best creameries
are selllog at to to 31 cents In large lot and at 33 to 26
cents tn a jcbblng way. Fancy dairy butter runs up
pretty close to creamery, but for tiiOet ot tbe late
made dairy receipts It Is hard to pet over 25 cts , and
summer-made lots run below 20c. Tbe trade aro
working almost altogether on tbe high grades, and de
fective lots are not wanted at any pricr.
The altuatlon on cheese Is about tbe same ason but
ter. Fint-claaa stock la doing pretty well, but second
and third grade a are little called for. boa all sales of
finest September make are made at 13c. ; good August
make commands ll)tf to 12c
Domestic beans are In fair demand with prices
steady. Extra Vermont pea beans command $2.10;
choice mediums, ft. 75 to 11.85 ; Improved yellow eyee,
12 35 to tl 40.
Tbe potato marlet Is active, and from 25 to 30 car
loads are distributed la this market every day, some
to be shipped south but moat to be couauuied In this
vicinity. Beat grades, 55c. ; other grades, 60c.
There continues to be a large movement lo apples,
and receipts and exports are running abend of pre
vious yeirs. Choice Baldwins aud greenings, band
picked, packed tight and put up lu f ulUUed barrels,
command $i.5J to $1.62 per barrel, and choice Uuu
bardtous go up to $2. Some fancy varieties com
mand $3 to $3.60. Tne exports from here laat wetk
were 14,000 barrels, which gUe a total of 105,000 bar
rels alnce the first of September, against 6 00 barrels
for the tame time last yeir and 63,800 barrels lu 1862.
Tbe total shipment for the season from New York,
Montreal and Boston, up to last week, Mas 231,400 tar
rels. Advices received from abroad last week Indicat
ed a slight margin of profit, but later returns are not
so favorable,
St. Albana Hotter Ularket.
St, A lb a hi, Not. 11,
General price 5a28j, per lb.; selections 2SaS0c.
ST ATI: OF VEIIMOXT, Westminster 83.
The rrobatd Court for aald District.
jo an persona interested in me f.siaie or cLsYIKA
WHITE, late of Jamaica, In said dlatrlct.deceased,
You are hereby notified that tbla Court wilt decide
upon the allowance of tbe account of WM, II AST
INQi, Kxccutor upon aald estate, and decree dis
tribution thereof to the persons entitled, at tbe session
thereof to be beld st tbe Probate Office In Towosbend
on the 9th day of December, A, D. 1884, when and
where you may be btard lu the premises. It jou see
cause. 40 O.B. KDDV, Register.
NOTICE. Came Into my pasture on Put
ney wet bill about the middle of September a
small, red, young cow. Slid cow now at my barn.
Newfane, Nov. 13, '84. gj; H.S.KENNY.
rilO LET In tbe bouse corner of Bo. Main
X and Pine streets, a tenement of five rooms on
Apply to DR. B LAKES LEE on the
the upper floor.
money. All wbo are in pursuit or a good atocit and
rain farm, well watered and fenced, with an excel
ent sugsr sod apple orchard, and In a good neighbor
hood, easy of acces, will find It for their Interest to
look at tbla farm before purchasing. For further par
ticulars, apply to tbe subscriber cr the owner on the
P. S. Part of purchaae money can lie on farm If
E. B. CAMPBELL, Real Estate Ag't.
Brattleboro, Vt., Oct. 1, 1884. 40-47
noBfiiiiosEnr notice.
Tbe undersigned, having been appointed by the
Honorable Trobate Court for tbe District of Marlboro
Commissioners to receive, examine and adjust all
claims and demands of all persons against tbe es
tate of Ednln Putnam, late of Brattleboro. In said
district, deceased, and all claims exhibited in offset
thereto, hereby give notice tbst we will meet for the
purpose aforesaid, at W, 8, Newton's office on tbe flrtt
Monday of December aod last Monday of
April next, from 3 o'clock until 4 o'clock p. w,,
each of said daya, and that atx mouths from tbe 5th
day of November,1884,ls tbe time limited by said court
for sals) creditora to present tbelrclalma to us for ex
amination and allowance.
Dated at Uratt It boro, tbla 13th day of NovemberSt.
WM. 8. NEWTOS, commlaalonera
48 S. N. DERRICK, f K"n'Q".
pOsnniHHiovEita1 notice.
The undersigned, having been appointed by tbb
Hon. Probate Court for tbe District of Marlboro,
commissioners torecclve.eiamlne and adjuat all claims
anddemaudaofalluersonssgalnat the eatate cf Uenry
H. Hovt, late of Newfane, In aald district, d?
ceasedtSDd all claims exhibited In offset tbereto.hereby
give notice tbat we will meet for tbe purpose aforesaid
at the late residence of said deceased.on tbe 1st Satur
day of December aud 1st Saturday of March next.from
Hill 4 o'clock. p. u. on each of said dayr, and tbat atx
months from tbe llthdsy uf November, A. D, 1884,
is the time limited by said Court for said credit
ors to present theirclalms to us for examination and
Dated at Newfane, tbla 12th day of November, 1881.
"?. I Comml-slo-srs.
Ub&K&'UUSUJ, i '
WANTED. A few mora Boarder and
Lodgers can be accommodated bj me at tbe
Ilratllebora llouss. 27lf W. II. MOODY.
Our complete stock of Fall and
muter HOSIERY und GfXO VKS
is now open, und includes many
choice and desirable goods.
large line and good value In every
We have secured the sale of one
of the best lines of Ladles' WHITE
market, made entirely on lock
stitch machines, and would solicit
an examination.
Grass Seeds,
ritEsii mon ciiioago,
Including Herds Oraas, Red Top, Red and White
Clover, Orchard Qrass, Uuugarlab aud MUlett.
The best Taint la tbe rasrktt.
Ilralsltioro Prlcv. Current,
Apples, bbl 1 00 a 1 60 Hides, lb 5
Potatoes, bu, 45 a 0 Calfskins y
Beans aooaaso Pork, dressed 7 a 7V,'
Datter, lb 25 s 30 Ueef San
Cbeese 13 a 15 Mutton, live welgbt 3 at
Eggs, dot S3 Lamb, 4 a 0
Maple sugar, tub 9 a 12 Veal, 11 & a 0
do, cake, Halt Turkejs, dressed 17 a 20
Chickens 13 a 18
Apples, bbl 1 51 a 1 00 Teas Japan, lb 2 a 60
Potatoes, new,bu HO a 05 Oolong 10 a 75
m a luuuu UTSun so a ou
H 1 15 liolled Oil, gsl IS
35 llsw do. C5
40 a 70 KeroaoDt 15 a 25
OalOO Turpentine C5
7a9 Ilaj, ton 20 00 a 25 00
12 a 17 Wood 4 50 8 00
60 Flour, bbl 5 CO a 7 75
135 lire meal 3 00
Cotton Seed meat 1 60
75 Bran 1 00 a 1 10
1 00 Prorender, 1 5
15 Mlddunes 1 20 1 35
130 Orabam meal, per lb 4
2 60 llsrlej 1 00
Duller, lb
Errs, dot
Molassea, gal
SuRsr, refined
do. maple
tsall, x I, lu
Lime, bbl
" Northern
Meal, per hundred,
Wo linro nn oxlrn bargain iu
sneked FINE MIDDLINGS to ottor
for ii low days. Wo consider this
tlio clipnpest feed wo liuvo ai tho
price no uro selling for.
A larco lot of sucked WINTKlt
WHEAT -MIAN duo tho last of.
this month ; and as thoro is moro
than wo can store, wo will contract
to deliver on arrival nt extremely
low prices.
delivered to any und, of tho village.
Itemcmhor that wo keep nil
crndos of FL0UK, and you snvo
25c a barrel by getting your flour
hero for cash.
Hear Hrpot II. II, Crossing-.

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