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Text of Congressman Hasklns's Blll,
Whlch Calls for an Expendlture Not
to Exceed $75,000.
Tho blll whlch CoiiBi-cssman Hask- 1
lns introduoed ln tho Hotise of Rep
rescntatlves for tho purchase of a slto
nnd tho erertlon of a publlc buildlng
thercon ln llrnttleboro. was lefcrred
to tho commlttee on publlc bnlldings
nnd grounds and ordered to lie printed.
It reads as follows:
A blll for tho putThase of n fdte and
the croction of n publlc bulldlng at
3rnttleboro, Vermont. II? it onnctod
by the Sennte and llonao of Represen
tativos of tho Unlted Statos of Ainoricn
ln Congress Assenibled, That the See
rotary of the Trennury be. nnd 1s here
' by, nuthorizod nnd dirortod to pur
cimso a slto for a suttnble building,
wlth flreproof vanlts thereln. for the
nceommodation of the Unlted Stntes
courts, post olllce. nnd other govern
ment offlces at Brattleboro. Vermont,
and eause stifli building; to bo eroctod
thereon. The plans, spet ifieatkins and
full ostitnatos of said buildlng shall bo
previouBly niade and nppvoved neoord
ing to lnw, and shall not excoed. for
the Mte and bulldlng eoniplete. the
suni of seventy-five thousand dollars:
Provlded, That the slte shall leave the
bulldlng unexpoaed to danger from flre
ln adjacent bulldinga by an open spaco
of not less than fortv feot, ineluding
Btreets and alleys; and no monoy ap
propriated for thls purposo shall be
avallablo untll a valld title to tho sito
for said building shall be vestod ln tho
Unlted States, nor untll tho Stato of
Vermont shall havo ceded to the
Unlted Statos exclusive jurisdietion
over tho same. during tho tlmo the
Unitod Statos shall be or remain tho
owners thereof, for all purposes exeept
the adminlstration of tho criminal laws
of said state and the service of civll
process therein. i
Marion I-awrenee, general secretary,
who attended tho recent State Sun
day school convention ln Vergennes,
wr'ites as follows in The lnternational
Evangel: "We spent the Sunday fol
lowing in Brattleboro, and vislted the
Baptist Sunday school. of whlch Mr
Hawley is superintendent. and wherc
Gen. Estey of the organ company is a
teacher. It was one of the finost
scbools w have evor vislted, and was
remarkablo for the number of young
men present. As a review of the les
sons on Josoph, several numbers from
the oratorio of Josoph were rendorod
to the dellght of all."
James I?. Jones, 7G, Woodstock's old
est buslness man. where ho began his
career in 1847, after a brief rcsldence
in Athol, Mass., and Troy, K. Y.. died
at his home in Woodstock Saturday
raorning. In 1S75 Mr. Jones was
"elected president of the Ottaquechee
savings bank, and was for many years
senior warden of St. James's cluirch.
He w.as a prominent Odd Fellow and
the flrst to liold the offlce of noble
grand ln the first lodge established in
Woodstock. He niarried Miss I.ucy
Fitch Whitnoy, daughter of the late
Samuol Whitney, formorly of Brattle
boro. Mr. Jones Is survived by a
widow, four children, and a sister,
Mrs. George B. Chaplaln of Wood
stock. Ezra C. Wilcox, proprletor of the
New York Bargain store, received
three first, two second, three third and
two special premiums at the Elmira,
(N. Y) poultry show. He oxhibited
Buff Laced and Silver Bearded Polish
blrds. Mr. Wilcox and George C.
Burnham had birds on exhibition at
the Wallingford, (Conn.,) show, yos
terday, and received some good pre
miums. Mr. Wilcox wlll probably
place some of his poultry on exhibi
tion at the Boston show. Green
fleld Recorder.
Dr. D. K. 1'earsons. the Clilcnno phll
nnthrnnlst. has Isaued an ultlnialtnn to the
colleKfs whlch are expvrtliiK to proflt by
his bomity. There are elnht of tbese col
Icrcs nnd $i0n,iini of the doclor's money ls
waitlnsr to be Imnded over to their endovv
ment funds the mlmile tln-v have ralaed
corre.spondlns stitn on their own account.
Not one 'f tlu-m hitd. hnwover. fulfillctl
the cnndltt'in- at t li c- close of last year.
lntiTi-oi in Kuro,t-an capitals and in
Wpliint;ton hns been arouped over pimsi
lile pi,mpicatlon tourliinif the ntttttide of
Gcnjianv ln sindinR wir'Mpr to Ven.-'iie-lan
wMitk to enforce the pavment ii
t'lnim-. Uue to Oerman siibjects, but the
Indicatlonh are that a iwrfed underHtnnd
Ins cxistH between Washington and Iier
lln a to th polley that wlll be iibgervud
l)v Germuny, and there is nothinB ln the
slf.iatlon to (liKflone any Intention on the
part of the fjorman nuthorlticn to take
tte; f that may lead to a ecmtroversy over
the President'B inieriH-etatlon of the Mon
roe dootrine. An offlcial note publtHhed
in H'rlln :ttt eveninir raya the negotia
tions between Oermanv and Venemela
rontlniie, and that the Gerinan mlnlster
is tlll at ("araci. Tlie tone of the CJer
man press in digeuBiiing the question is
Admlr.il Schley had ,i conierenep with
the Prexidetit, at whieh a better tiniler
slandlne ren.irdfns the naval eontroverfi.v
Is belleved to have been reaehed.
Tliose unhappy persons who suffer from
nervoustieas and dysnepsta Rhould use
Carteri Little Nerve Pltls. whlch are
made expressiv for sleenless. nervous.
dyspeml, stifferers Priee 2." cents.
Genuint stampcd C. C. C. Ncver sold In bulk.
Bcwarc of (he dfa'er who trlcs to scll
"somcthing ust as good."
The Phoenlx Dollar Atlas.
Tlie Plioemx gives Its unquallfied on
dorsement to its 'Dollar Atlas of the
World," advertlsed ln this paper. It Is
the bost plec of book-maklng of Its klnd
that we have evcr seen, and will be
prlzed by any person who owns a copy,
because of 11s completcness and Its con
venlent slze. And It is, withal, an attrac
tive looking book to He on one's uesk
or table,
Brattleboro Young People Marrled In
Guilford Wednesday Noon Wlll
Keep House on Grove Street.
Cliffnrd Abbott Baker and Miss Car-
rie Idella Huntley. Brattleboro young
poople whoso honios nro In Guilford,
wero marrled nt the home of tho
brlde's paronts. Mr. and Mrs. t-ymnn
Huntley of Guilford nt noon Wednes
day Itov. F. E. Marble, Ph. D pastor
of tho First Baptist churrh of Brat
tleboro, porformlng the ceremony.
About 75 guests wero presont. in-
rludlng peoplo from Bellows lniis.
Brattleboro. Bernardston. Northfield.
Gieenfleld and other plaees. The
houso was derornted handgomely wlth
overgreon. flr balsam and rarnatlons.
Tho ring servlre was uaed.
Miss I.. Belle Tennoy of Brnttlo
bOro plnyod the bridal march from
I-ohengrln nnd during Its renditlon
tlie bridal pnrty approacbed the min
Ister in the following order: Abbott
Richmond, nephew of the bride
groom. boaring the rlng: the brldes
niald, Miss Evn Mnidon Baker, sister
of the brldegroom. who Is omployod
In Clapp & .lones's bookstore. nnd the
best man. Frank N. hvinnn of Green
ftrld: the brido and the lirldegrooin.
The music oontinued softly during tlie
ceremony. The bride wore a travel
lng suit of brown. wlth hnt to match,
and carriod white camntions. The
bridsmnld cnrried pink camations.
After the service a rocoptlon wns
given to rolatives. rofroshments being
servod by Catoror A. E. Miller of Brat
tleboro. Mr. and Mrs. Baker loft for a vlsit
in New York eity, Albnny and other
plncos ln New York. On their return
to Brattleboro they will begin house
keeplng at 15 Grove street nnd will be
at home after Fob. 15. They received
a large and valuable assortment of
gifts, Ineluding silver, china. llnon,
cut glass. monoy. plctures. a dining
room sot. chnirs. dishes. etc.
Mr. Baker llved in Guilford untll
nbout two years ago. when he went to
Greenfield to work for the New York
I.ife Insurance company. Ho came to
Brattleboro in Decembor to solicit for
the local ofllce of the company, of
which Mal. F. W. Chllds is cashior.
Mrs. Baker llved in Brattleboro untll
about 12 years ago. when she went to
Guilford. She gratlunted from tho
Brattleboro Higli school ln 1S!H and
for nearly 11 years has been cashior
in F. K. Bnrrows'a ilry goods store.
Both are estlmable younK peo))lo nnd
havo the bost wlshes of the Brattle
boro community.
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
The Y. M. C. A. 4 o'clock meeting
next Sunday wlll be comblned wlth
the union mectlng to bo addressed by
Hev. E. E. Davldson, the evangellst.
A siiecial meeting for young mon
will be held in the Congrogational
chapel this. Friday. evenlng at It
o'clock, following the regular meeting
to bo held there.
Eight new meinbers woro votod ln
at the monthly meeting of the assoei
ation Monday evening. . A voto of
thanks was oxtended to the children
of Peter Cooper, for furnlshing tho as
sociation wlth a biography of Pctor
Cooper. the founder of Cooper Union
in New York clty. and also to Mrs.
Delia Wilder for tho gift of $500 re
corded clsewhere.
A gift of $300 has been made to the
association to apply on the fund for a
bulldlng. The donor is Mrs. Delia
Wilder, who is greatly Intorested in
the work of the association and in the
plans for eventually establishing a por
manent home for the association. She
specifles that the $500 shall not be
avallable unless the buildlng is orert
ed withln IS years. Tho buildlng
fund was flrst started in 1SS7. when
S. W. Edgett made a contrlbution of
$5. Miss Susan Salisbury gave tho
association $100 for this purpose, and
the buildlng fund amounted to $107 be
fore Mrs. Wlldor's gift wns announced.
Mrs. Wilder's generosity calls the at
tontion of Brattleboro poople to the
dosirability of giving to the fund now,
to advance still farther the interest in
this desirable iiroject.
The Remodeled Postoffice.
Tho town of Brattlel)oro, through its
seloetmon, who rocently leasod to the
government the quarters occuplod by
tho local postoffice for an addltlonal
torm of flve years, practically has
fulfillod the torms of its contraet. re
tiuiring certaln nlterations and ad
ditions. and Brattleboro now has ono
of the bost appointed and enuipped
postofnces of its size in the country.
Viewed from tho outside, the. most
notable chango bas been mnde by
moving the stamp. money order and
registry departnu'nt sovoral feot
farther out toward tho eentre of the
corrldor and roplacing the old busl
ness window wlth an Iron grllle such
as is Boon in banklng houses nnd many
other places whore large amounts of
money are handled. Another grille
six feet higli separates the cash de
partment from tlie mail department,
excluding from the cash department
all exeept thoso who handle funds.
Three sets of oak drawcrs havo been
provlded. one each for the assistant
postmaster and two clorks. so that
the cash transnctions of each may be
kopt entirely Independent of the
otliors. ln the uppor part of the for
mer hallway leading from the post
niaster's private ofllce to the maln
corridor has been fltted up n room for
the storage of documonts. In tho
mail department the cases and othor
paraphernalla have beon roarrangod
to better suit the convonienco of tho
pmployes. The walla tbroiiRljout
havo been tlnted a harmonious shade
of green and the eherry wood-work
has been reftnished And varntshed. A
"wing-room," to use the vernacular
of the depaitment has beon fltted up
ln th,- basement of the bulldlng, light
ert by olertrieity and furnlshed wlth
arm tbalrs and reading mattor, whero
the carriers may spond thoir tlmo. if
(lesired, while off duty during tlie day.
The President ncrepted the reslnnatlons
of Secretary Gage nnd Postmaster Gen-
1 rrni Hmitn.
! Klbridse S. Ilrooks. 5E. wldely known as
a writer and n hlstorlan. dled nt Somer
villo. Mass.. Monday. Mr. Drooks was
tho ntithor of nearly soventy books.
Tho Milton, N. II.. loather board mllls
were burnud early Wednesday, causlnB a
loss between $55,000 and tOO.OfiO. Ono man
was badly burned. The Jiro started from
an overheated pulley. As the result 75
men are thrown out of cmployment.
Growlng Audlences and Increasing
Interest In the Meetlngs In Charge
of Rcv. E. E. Davldson.
Tln. xneolid Week of tlie tinloll pvnll-
Bellstlp scrvlres rondnrteil by Itev. H. H.
Uavldxon ltas hroiiRht out mtiph InrRrr
ntidlent'ei". and shown a tleepeiied Impres
nloti. The Metbodlst churrh was lllled
Sunday Mflernoon nt the ynunR peoile'R
mn-ts meetltiK, nnd the nervlt'e wns nnp
of mttrked ImpresHlvenefts. TIip slnRltiR
lioth thpti nnd Sunday cvenltm wns w
splrlted as to reenible thnt of tho Rreal
stitnmer nssemblles nt NorthlUlil. The
ColiBreKntltmal rhtirrh wns crowded Sttn
djiv eveninit, when Mr. nnvldsnn prenrh
ed upott the text. "Whnt shall II prollt n
man If he gnlti the whnle worlrt and los
bls own soul7" IIp spoke wpon the In
rnlcnlablp valtte (r n hitmnn sonl. Ill.us
trntlnR thls by tlie Rrent aphleventents
ln knowledne of srlentlsts llke Anssli!
nnd Unnn. Whose Intellertunl netlillre
nients of a f w deeadeF are nnly stiRtfS
tlve of Jbe knowledge to whlch n soul iiin
attnln throiiBh the npes of eternitv.
ndlsott's tho isatid patetits are marvelmis
for the work of one life tltne. but th"
tell little cr the wnnders thnt ean be a -romplislted
ln the nrse of the a(re
So every human soul has, bv vlrtue of
Its d( ;ithles nature. capnfltl. s leond
meastiremint. When n man saerlflres
thep nnd 1oph bls "oiil. or n the tnore
correi t re.nlln t-her It. "lose tiltnM-ll.
lil loss Is Ineah'tilnblt Notblim miii exen
In a sinnll wny eotnpeiisnti f"r it
Mr. l.ivldon llltistrati il tln w.tv In
whii-h tneii rttn b.'ineex of lnslpc thetn
selves. bv supposlnK n ill.iniond hunti-r
on the tmnue home flnni Afrle.i. where
at the end of lent eiir-) he had fonnd
n dlatnfind of sneh worth tb.tt mlv a
soverelKti or a Itotbielilld conlcl btiv It
He ImaBlned hiin sbowltiR bls treastire
to the rn; tnln "f the ve.-l. nnd phii
tloned bv hlm to be rarefnl of II. and
keep it out or slcht. The owner. how
ever. showed It to the passeitRers nnd.
disreRardlnn tbelr rnutlon. to the rrew.
nnd when some of thr latter nsUed hlm
If he nppreriated Its value. said he dld.
but It was bls own nnd he rould rlsk it
If be wanted to. He continued to handle
It enrelessly, untll with n lurcli of the
shlp It Bllpped from his hnnd and went
overbonrd. Sucli a man would seem Im
posslblv foollsh: but Is less sn than a
man who tnkes rbances of loslnp hlmself.
Speakinp of sln," the evBtiRellst snld
"There is one tblnR in the worhl worse
than hell. That Is sln. whlrh makes bell.
Hell ls fnund In the conseiiuenres whlch
sln brltiRS."
At the close of paoh meetlnR Mr. Ilavld
snn Invltes forward tboe who wlsh to
bepln Chrlstlan llfe. They have a talk
wlth hlm and wlth the pastors present.
and tbelr names are plven to the pastor
of whatever chureh the wlsh to attend
People are roniltiR into thls Imiulrers'
clnss every nifiht.
Tbe evenlnR meetinRs will be shiftert to
the Hnptist chureh next .eek The nf
ternoon servlee wlll rontlti e to be held
in the MethodW! eluireb
The Ster of a Kast V.mng Man" wlll
1h KanReli!.t Daiili-on' toplc thls. Fri
day. entiiR at 7"" at tbe OonRregatlonal
ibureh Y"tinR men are espectalb In
vlted Kvir ! ii( welcome
IlepinnltiR Sunday. Jan. 11. there wlll
be evanRellstle servlceg dally exeept
Saturda. in the Methodlst chureh nt I
p. m and In the Flrst Hnptist chun h
Sunday at 7 p. m and week das at T :!'
p. m.
Chrlstlan Selenee service in Market
block Sunday at 11 n. m.. s ibj. et "I.lfe '
Sunday school 11 a. m., Wednesday 7.3"
p. m. Reading room open Tuedav.
Thursday and Saturday ftom u to 5 p tn.
free to all.
Flrst Haptlst ehureh. F. K Marble.
mlnlster. MornltiR worsbip n.3u a. m.,
wlth sermon by tbe pastor. Ulble seho.il
at noon. Union evanRellstlc service nt
7 p. m. Mr. Davldson wlll preach. All
seats free. IlrinR your frlends.
Advcnt Chrlstinn chureh. Tlie order of
Sunday servlces has been chanRed. as
follows: PrcachlnR 10.15 a. m. and 7 p.
m ; Sunday school at 12 m.; l.oyal Work
ers' nieetinR nt C p. m. Sunday. Jan 12.
bnth f the evenlnR servlces wlll be
omltteo on account of the union meetltiRS
now beiiiR held nt the street. All are
cordlnlly lnvtetl to these .servlces.
Centre ConRreRational ehureh, Itev. II.
It. Mlles, pastor. MornlnR service nt
10.S0. prenchliiR by the pastor The ses
sinn of tlie Sunday school at 11.15 wlll be
addressed by Itev. K. H. Davldson. The
Chrlstlan Kndeavor soclety wlll merRe
tbelr service In the union youtiR people's
meetlnR held in tlie Methodlst chureh at
4 p m. I'nlon pospel service ln the Hai
tlt chureh at 7 p. m.. condm-ted by Mr.
The W. C. T. U. wlll meet In the Y. M.
C. A. parlor Welnesday next. Jan 15,
with a motbers" meetlnR A eordlnl lnv
latlon !s extended to all interested ln
motbers' work.
The W. C. T. V. met Wednesdav after
noon nnd (illed a Rood-slzed box with
Rroceties of all klnds, a supply of cloth
inR and other necessarles for the ltescue
home ln IturllnRtnn, Vt.
The meetlnR of tlie Alliance study class
wlll lie held at the Ilrooks lloune reeep
tlon room Monday evenlnR, Jan. in, at
7.30. Subjeet, 'Grent Thoughts or
Isrnel." Memlsrs nnd frlends are cor
dlnlly invlted.
He Was Wlth Roosevelt.
tFrom the St. Ixiuis Dispatch
'I was wlth Hoosevelt." said the tatter
rd traveler as be applledit the back door
for n hand-out.
MrB. Meddergrnss Immedlately roI lnisy.
Vlslons of Snn Jew-an blll and the later
clorles of the White House were conjured
np before her uusoplilHticated vision nt
tbe mcntlon of the name of the Strenuoua
"Is It posslble!" tUo exc'.almed in a Gus
WeinlierR tone.
"Ves. madam, I had that honor," re
plled the t. t.
"Well. thls alr indeed a plensure." ald
Mrs. MedderRrnss, as she cut off a few
slices of bread, extra thlck. "IIovv'll you
hav' yer egRS? Turned over? I.et me
help you to some of this cold ehlcken. I
wlsht Josh nn' tlie boys wns hore.
Mlrandy plt thls (tentleman a stuffed
chalr out o' the pollar. Sugar in yer
coffy? Must be a powerful flne man. thnt
Mr. nusefelt. The pres-e-ilent, too thlnk
o' thnt: Sally, fnn tho tlles offen this
ren'l'man vvhllo he eats. Help yerself to
the ham. Them rouRh rlders was Rroat
llghters. l.lck thelr vvelght In wlidcats.
So vou seen Teddy?"
"Yes, madam, I was wlth Hoospvelt "
"Itlsht with hlm at tho battlo of San
.Tpvv-an hlll'"
"Oh, no not there."
"Where, then?"
"Why." said the tattered traveler, as he
ertged safely towurds tbe door, "1 was on
the same slde o' the street wid '1m ono
dav ln Washington w'en he was 'slatnnt
secretary o' do navy."
Kdward F. Smltli. colored, of Charler
mmt, was formally nrralgned at Green
tleld Wednesday on the charge of "ns
saulling. beatlng nnd kllling" Ilenry N.
Warner on Dee. 28. He pleaded not Ruil
ty. He wns held in JSono Imil for a t'ur
thcr henrinp on Jan. 17. He ImB Becured
Mrs. Kllen Cook, wire of Lafnyotte
Cook. died Saturdny nornlnR at her home
In Greenfield. She wns born In Chester,
Vt., and her marrled llfe wns pnssed nt
Wnlpolo, N. JI rsellows B'alls, Vt nnd
Greenfield. She leaves, bosldc her bus
band, two daughtors.
Servant "Please, ma'am, I'd llko to
Rlve you a week's notlce," Mistress
"Why, Mary, thls ls a surprise! Do you
hope to better yourself?" Servant
(blushlng.) "Well, not exactly that,
ma'am. I'm golng to get marrled."
Death of Almon B. Glhbs.
A'.mon Brtice Glliba, "2, the woll
known carpentor, who last work wns
tho orectlon of the Emerson buildlng
on Flat stroet. died at his home nt 27
Green street nbout 10 o'clock Tuosday
night of tuborculosls, He had boon
in lll hcalth nbout two years nnd had
been sorioiisly lll nbout n year. After
pravor at tho house the fnnernl ser
vice was held ln the Methodlst
chureh nt 1 o'clock today. Itev. 11. F.
l.owe, pastor. ofllclatlng. Sedgwlck
post. G. A. H nttondod In n body.
Tlie body wns placed ln tho vault In
Prospect Hlll cometory. tlie membors
of th" Grnnd Army conducting the
Borvico. Mr. Gibbs wns born in
Dummerston Sopt. 27. 1S2!. nnd wns
tho oldest of 10 children of l.arkln E.
nnd l.nurn W. Wollmnn Glbbs. He
came to Brattleboro when he was 24
vea"-s old. but afterwards W"nt tn
ritchbure. Mnss.. wherc he pot
sev n y ars In tlie rnilnmd n p.ur
shop. Tlie next three jears he -t t-t
in tlie Wtst, returnlng to Bratf' ',
22 M'ai. ago. He mnrried I.m 1.
Binnham of Mar'boro Aug. 2.'!
v h' ni vlves wlth one dnuKhte' Mi
Fltua I.. Holmes of 27 Green st-i-ot
He nlM leaves two grandchilliep
h-nbe' 1, nnd Perlev E. Holme' . iui'
b'flher. W. S. Gibbs of Eathampion .
Mass.. and ono sister. Mrs. Geotg,
Cook of Ciaremont, N. H. Mr. Gibh
was it prominent meinber of th
Mcthodi-t (htirch ln Brattleboro nnd
fnrmrrly in Fltchburg. and wns super
intendent of the Sundny school ln
Fltchburg four years. He was a
memlier of Sedgwlck post G. A. H.
He enlisted In company F. 1st Ver
motlt envalry. ln 18f,l, and served
three yp-nrs and two innnths. He was
promoted from corimral to sergoant
for bravery. belng tho only man to
carrv the flag through Bank's rotrent
in the Shennndoah Valley.
Sousa's Bar.d Wednesday Afternoon,
Jan. 15.
John Philip Sousa nnd his military
band make thoir third appearance ln
Brattleboro at tho Auditorlum Wfdnes
day afternoon, Jan. 15. This an
nouncemont ls good news for all music
lovers. and will be onough in Itsolf to
fill the house. Wo are assured that
thls magnlflcent organlzatlon was
never in better form thnn now. With
ln the past season Its fnmous lender
haa scored one of his greatest trl
umphs ln tlie phenomenal suecess of
bls tour of Grent Brltaln. Not only
was this Kuropean appearance a tri
utnpli for Mr. Sousa. lmt also for
Ameriean music. Muslcal Englaud.
where the military band has reaehed
its irrentest s-tnsje of exeellenee, wtO
cnmeil Sousn with open arms. and
promptlv- gnve lestimony to its hlgh
Bppret iation t.f hla nbllities as com
pu i i' u tondtutor and as orgnnizer.
In London his receptlon wns eordlal
in the eytreme, the critics enthusinstic
in their pralse, and the publlc more
than genenv.is in thelr patronage.
Th" l.ondon Tinxos. "the Thnnderer."
lielt ved of all EnclishniHn. in th" flrst
tietiee of a military bnnd concert that
had ever apieared in Its coltimns. pnld
nn unreserved tribute to the Atuerican
musicians. saying thnt the perform
ance eould only bo wrltten tlown as a
great suecess, not only in the wonder
fnl proflciency nttninod by Mr. Sousa's
performers. but in the public roc
ognition. for "the audlence wns enor
mous and very onthusiastic." "The
concert," the Times added, "taken as
a whole. proved an admirnble nnd
most surprlsing lesson in the posslbili
ties of a wlnd band when iibly trnin
ed." In all tho leading citles of tho
British Islands tho band's appearance
proved oqual to a sensatlon.
Hastings-Lynde Weddlng at West
A very pretty wedding took place
Wednesday, Jan. S, nt the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Francls Lynde in West
Brattleboro, when their daughter.
Ethel Marie. was unlted in mnrrlago
to Newton Morasone Hastings of Guil
ford. Tlie ceremony was performed
by Ilev. U H. Morse of Hnle. Tho
liride was attired in a wluo-colored
dress wlth yoke nnd sleevos of white
satin and lnce. wlth appllnue trim
mlngs. She also carriod a bouquet of
cnrnations and wore orange blossoms.
The bride wns attended by Miss
ChrisBy Betterley and the groom by
Arthnr Lynde of Boston. brother of
the bride. Mr. nnd Mrs. Hastings
were the reclpionts of mnny presonts.
conslsting of solid silver, cut class,
silvor tea service, carvlng set, eliinn.
raoney in gold. and many other Ubeftil
articlos. Mr. and Mrs. Hastings wlll
live nt the home of the brido. Many
frlends join in a wish for a long lifo
of happinoss for Mr. and Mrs. Hast
ings. The Uses of Adversity.
In a volume. "The Furnlturo of Our
Forefathers," published by Doubleday,
Page & Co is given an cxtract from a
lettor by Gov. Winthrop, of Massa
chusotts written ln 1C30 which shows
what a serious mnttor the love of pret
tv things was in thoso days. Win
throp savs: "A godly woman of the
chureh of Boston, dwelling some timo
ln l.ondon, brought with her n pnreol
of very flne llnon of groat valuo. whlch
sho set her heart too much upon, and
had been nt charge to have it nll new
ly washed and curiously folded and
pressod, and so loft it in press in hor
parlor over night. Sho had a negro
mald who went into her room very
latc, and lot fall somo snuff of tho
candle upon the linen, so as by morn
Ing all the llnon was burned to tin
der, nnd the boards untlernenth, and
somo stools nnd n part of tho walnscot
burned, nnd never percolvod by any
ln the houso, though somo lodged in
the chnmber overhead and no ceillng
between. But it ploased God that
the loss of this linen dld hor much
good. both in taklng off her honrt from
worldly comforts, and In proparlng hor
for n far grentor aflliction by tho tin
tlraely death of her htiBband.who was
slaln not long nfter nt Isle of Prov
idenco." Rev. F. U Goodspeod, pastor of the
Flrst Congregatlonal chureh. received
a dospatch from Clevoland, 0 Friday
cnlling hlm to Calvary Presbytorlan
chureh nt a salary of $0000 a year, his
house ront and movlng expensos. and
two months' vactttlon annually. Rov.
Mr. Goodspeod will go to Clevoland in
a few days to look tho fleld over. Mr.
Goodspeed is one of the most glfted
voung preachers In Now England.
He was born in Washington county,
Vt., and received his preparatory edu
catioa there. He was a pastor in
Amherst, Mass., before golng to his
present charge ln Springfleld, Mass.
Long Nights of Torture Changed to
Swee! Restfulness by Dr. Greene's
Nervura Blood and Nerve Remedjf,
A thousand years tlll mnrnlncl
hr bnur tho nlelit tlracs away lmt
won't como. What is tho mal
attor? You
socm cnlm
onough on ro
tirltig. You
are dead tired
nml worn out,
' but you cau't
s sleep.
f- Dr.tireenp's
and n e r v o
rctneily i tlie
obi" 1 u t e I y
ortam help
f..r vmii Youi
ner . - ,irc dit
or d Youi
werks too
i . : v You
, : conipoo
r- !f to liiin-
bcr be. me ynu
lanmtie or worryiiis.
miit stoti tlus at onco atnl
Dr (.reene's creat medicine will
euablc you to de so.
Mn. OiilvMiii Kisnn, 95-1 Iteese Avenuo,
Litn.i, Olue. kays.
"My nerv oii ystem wascntirely shattcred,
tlu iierves con'trel!in(; the lieart becamo
woak, and the lieart s artion irregulnr, vvliirli
was a source of grent alarm to me. 1 was
unablo to sleep, digcstlon was intcrfered
with, and gcnorally Hpeaklng, 1 considercd
mv tiine sliort for this cartb. I becauio dls
co'uraifed and gave up the thought of ever
bolng a well man ngain.
To-day I am a well man in every icnso
of the wor.l, and nll through tlie use of
Dr. Greene's Norvura blood and nervo rem
edy. of which I nm proud to speak and give
x lieiping tiatiu to suuering iiuinaiiu
My henlth is my greatest bl-ssing. and
vrords Xall to cipress tlie grauiuue l teei ior
Dr. Grecne and his wonderful remedy."
Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve rem
edy has curod thouiands of tlieso troubles.
It always cures dlsordered nervcs, and it
alvvays cnriches the blood. Glorious hcalth
coines through it tothe weak and despairing.
Splendid appetite and full vigoraro promptly
re'tored bv it. Hegin using it. to-day and
find out what health means. Free medical
counsel is givcn by Dr. Grecno at 34 Temple
Place, Boston, Mass. Call or write.
The lce houses are being fllled.
George Oraves ls linproving. G. W.
Kentfleld is able to be out doors.
Merton Wlieeler's ankle Is better
nnd he is able to attend to his farm
w ork.
C'hilstinf Murdock returned to her
- hool tlutli s nt Great Barrlngton
A wedtlitiu' took place at Rcv. H. A.
Nicliols's Tuesdav. when Miss Hattie
B. Whab r, I.et aine the vvif(- of Thomns
H. Sulliu n Both were from North
Allie Tamtor. a fortner resideut here.
wbo is well known in Brattleboro, wns
marrled Dec. "1 ln Charlemout. Ho
began the New Year by breaking out
wlth ihe measles.
Seventeen wore present nt the
prayer meeting held at the home of
Mrs. Betsey Allbee Tuesday evening.
Another meeting will be held Friday
evening at the home of Deacon R. C.
C. S. Chase and George Putnam
were in Wilmington Friday. tho former
as couitBel for the defendant in the
cnse of Cratts vs. LoTtay. The jury
disagreod and nnother trlal wlll be
held next month.
About 00 attendod the chlcken-pie
supper Thursday night and $13 was
reallzed. The new furnaeo givos ox
cellent sntisfaction. About H o'clock.
aftor the supper tablos were cleared.
the company went into the chureh to
enjoy a flne llterary nnd musical pro
gram. at the close of which Hon. A.
A. Butterfield made a few remnrks.
Stella nnd Mnrcia Butterfield of Ver
mont Aeademy and Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred
Chnse of Nebraska were nmong the
Twenty relntives and frlends dlned
nnd spent Sundny nfternoon with Mr.
and Mrs. Abraham Chase. The otca
sion was Mr. Chnse's S2d birthday an
nivorsnry. The fnmily numbers 23.
but one son and wife from Randolph.
Mass.. and slx grantlchildren were un
ablo to be present. but the son was
remembered by a lotter received thnt
day. Four genoratlous wore present.
Mrs. Chase was Sl years old In No
vember. and April 23d will be the 5Sth
anniversary of their marriage. Only
two denths have occurred in tho fam
ily. that of a son at the ago of four
years nnd of a grundilaughter at the
age of 12.
The post olllce has lieen moved to the
new buildlng on Chureh street erected for
the purpose. The offlce wlll lie open Sun
j day one hour at noon and from fi to 7
Sheriff Kldder has ndvertised a larpe
stock of cattle. shecp, horses. etc. to be
sold Jan. 22. Wbetber It ls clatmed that
, tbe stock IwlonRg to lsrael Ilall or others
j we are unnble to stnte at thls wrltinR.
The sale wlll take place on the premises
occupled by Clarn I. llnll. f
j A very lnterestinR meetlnR was held
' nt Odd Fellows' bulldlnR last Saturday
. evenlnR. A publlc Installatlon of ofllcers
was followed by a supper furnlshed by
, the Ilebekahs, and elo(uent remarks
from members from Vermont, Mnssachu
setts and Nebraska. The symphony or
chestra furnlshed music.
, The President's Strength of Character.
From tbe Florlda Tlmes-I'nlon.
President Hoosevelt hns not been ln the
exeoitive chalr loiiR. but he has occupled
i It Ioiir enough to show that he hns Idens
of bls own and the strength of character
l to earry them out. No President, snvc
Jackson and Clevoland, has shovvn the
self-rellanee and strength of purpose that
he Is sliowing. Ile has bls own convlc
tlons nnd ls llving up to them regardleas
of what others thlnk. His declsion to con
sult Democrntic Senators and Reprosen
tativps as to appotntments shows a de-
tt rmlnntion to havo flt men ln ofllce not
mert'ly party workers. A man of Presl
; dent Roosevelt's Independence may dls
please all of the peoplo poriie of
I the time. and may dlaplease some
I of the people all of of the tlme,
but he Ib apt on retlrlng from olllce to
leave tho feoling general tn the popular
miiul that he has been stralghtforward
, and sincere, nnd that in wolghiiiR the
good of his adminlstration ngninst the bad
tho good prcpondernted.
I Tl o Rutland County ARrieultural socle
. tv has held its nnimnl menttnf niA.ta,i
olllcers and tnkon steps toward havliiB
tho stato fair hold in Rutland next full.
Tho postponed nnnual meetlnR of the
Vermont Stato ARrieultural soclety wlll
be held ln Rutland Jan. 2S.
On Good Authority. "So you'ro eolng
to leavo thls studlo?" "Leave7 No; who
told you that?" "Tour landlord."
Great January Sale.
We Have Made the Cut Into Prices
Sharp and Deep,
Because we have many cases of new goods waiting
to be opened, and we cannot waste much time over
marked-down goods.
Dress Goods.
We have a few remaining pieces
of Wool Dress Goods which we are
determined to clean up, and our
prices are governed accordingly.
Shirt Waists.
$3.25 and $3 Waists, $2.48
$2.50 and $2.25 Waists, $1.98
1.98 and $1.75 Waists, $i-59
Odd lots of Waists at $1.48, 98c
and 48c.
Silk Waists at prices which will
save you money.
E .
A 25-Cent Advance In Flour Reduc
tlon in Granulatcd Sugar Large
Supply of Oranges from Now On.
Thoro havo beon few changes In the
local market prices the past week.
As Toretold last week. the price of
flour was advancod 25 cents on all
srades Tuesday. and there will be
another advance of 25 cents if wheat
ooitinues to ro up. Granulated
stifrnr dropped half a cent a pound
also on Tuosday. Dealers havo cut
two cents off tho price paid for ogps j
in order to prevent their accumula- j
tlon. Callfornia navel oranRes. of the ,
size which retail at 25 cents for two I
dozons. have come into the market
this week. From now on there will
bo a lnrge supply of oranpes and the
quallty will improvc conslderably dur
inp; tho comlng month.
Apples, - - -Potatoos.
Cheese, ....
Butter, lb., - - -
Mapn Sugar, - -Maple
Syrup, gal.,
Calfskins, eacn,
Hides, ....
Pork, llve, - - -Beef,
drossed, - -
Chlckens, dressed,
Fowls, dressed,
- 2.50 a 3.00
- - '- - 90
- - - - 12
- - - 2 25
- - 22 a 25
- - - - 30
.... 12
- 85 a 1 00 !
- 30 a 1 00
- - . . G
- - -
- - 05 a 7
- - 4 a 5
- - 12 a 14
.... 12
Apples, 2.75 a 3.50
Potatoos, pk., 2S
Butter, 25 a 28
Cheese, ig
Ebrs. 25 a 35
Lobsters, lb., 25
Oysters, 40
Molasses, gal., - - - - 40 a tiO
Maple Syrup, - 1 00 a 1 15
Sugnr, rofinod, 5U.
Sugar. Maplo, - - - - 1C a 20
Salt, T. I., bu.. 55
Flour. roller process, bbl., 4 25 a 4 75
Flour. patont. 5 25
Oats, bu., C0 a 05
Corn. 75 a SO
Corn. Xorthorn, .... S0 a 85
Moal. cwt., l.CO a 1.C5
Tea, Japan. lb.,. - - - 35 a 70
Tea, Oolong, 40 a SO
Tea. Young Hyson, - - 40 a 80
Bolled oil, gal., 7S
Raw oil, 75
Kerosone, 12 a 15
Hay, loose, ton, - - - - 1C a $18
Hay, baled, 19 a 21
Wood. cord, - - - 5 00 a 7 00
Coal, ton, c.75 a 7.25
Mlxod Feod, 1.40 n 1.50
Cottonsood Meal, l.CO
Hran, 1.40 a 1.50
Llnseod Oil Meal, - - - 1.50 a 1.55
Provonder, 1.70
Middlings, 1.40 a LG0
Rye Meal, lb.. 03
Corrocted Jan. 10.
Andrew Jackson as a Soldier.
Of all the careers in our army there
is no parallel to thnt of Jackson. Ho
treated his mllitia with the utmost
harshness, but they worshipped hlm
and rendored such service for hlm as
no othor general ever got out of them.
Ile was the terror of his superlors in
Washington, his only idea of discipline
being the enforcement of his own wlll
against thoso above hlm ns well as
those under hlm; but ho had such a
hold on tho people by reason of his
strmgth of sharacter, his integrity,
and his great deeds, that no one dared
to call hlm to account for any of his
acts. His flghting was always against
Indians, exeept ln his one brief cam
paign at Now Orleans; the theatre of
thls campalgn was a six-milo plot,
where there was no opportunlty for
sinitegy or grand tactics, or the exor
clse of any of tho qunllties of general
shlp oxcopt one; he selected and
fortlfiod a posltion about a thousand
yards long, ono flanlc on tho river and
tho othor on a swamp, and the onemy
dushed hlmself to pieces against it.
But his enemy was the best regular
troops in Europe, who had defeated
the plans of Napoleon in Spain. Jack
son crushed them, and this one fact
blots out all of his mistakes and leaves
hlm unperlshable fame as a great sol
dior. Scribner's Magazine.
Maison Francaise of Vermont Aeademy
Itcopens Junuiiry 8, lio;. Clnss und irlvato
lcssons. rronch ls the luniruiiKo of tlio fnmily.
Address. itov. h. C. ltuux, or JIus. L. C. ltoux.
Saxtons llivor, Vt. 1 3
Annual Clearance Sale in
Wash Dress Goods, Linens,
Fancy Christmas Goods, Gloves,
Infants Wear, Knit Goods and Un
derwear. 32.98 bus the best Storm Skirt
shown at the price.
89c buys the best fancy trim
med 18 inch flounce Wrapper
Job in Laces, 10, 12 1-2 and 15c
values at 5c per yard.
Every day brings fresh bargains.
32cgnl Itottccs.
OTATi: or VKUMONT. Marlloro. SS.
O Ily tho I'rolintc ( ourt for sdd llii-trict.
To all iH-ixnis iutctostod in tlie cstotc of
Adclln S. litnini Intc of Ilnittleburn.decctL.ed,
Wlierens. Willnrcl liurrum has prt"'nted to
thlji-onrt nn litruuictii ptirimrtiiip tn liethe
la"t will of Niid deceiiHl. for pmWitc: You
nre herelij nntilk-d thnt this eourt will declde
uku tlie pndmte nf void intruiutnt nt the
M'ion thertKir tn 1k- held iit the l'rolmte (if
tlce In IlmttleUiro. in Miid ditrict. nn the'itli
day nt .hiniiar.v A. II. l'.'t. when and where
jnu ma.v apiear and eontet the Mitue. if vou
e cau?e.
i'-i .. r. snnvr..K. ltetrit ev
CTATi: or VEUMONT. MarllM.ni. fS.
O H.v the 1'mliate fourt tr anl I)itriet.
To nll itii Interc-tod in the e-tate of
HLIVKIt 1'. MlJItSE. lute of Nevvlane 111 said
distriet. GnH-tmi.'.
Vtm are herehy iMitilloil that tliWenun will
deeide uiiii the allovvance nf the neccmnt nf
(ien. II. Wilhaif, adminiMratnr iim the e
tnte nf tlliver I'. Moie late of Newfane in
wud ditriet. deivned. nnd doeree tli-trilmtlnn
therenf tn the i.'rxiii. entitled theretn. at ihe
M'v.iiiii therenl tn Ih; lield at the I'rnbate Olllee
ln HrattlelMiru. in siid dMriet. on the th
dnj nf .laiiuar.v A. 1). l!c. when nnd where
you tuny tie heitrd in the preinlses if you
- A. F.SCHWKXK. HeiMcr.
STATK OF Vi:itM(lXT. MarllKiro. SS.
Ily the I'rohatc t'ourt lor Snld Distriet.
Toall K?n-on interted in the e-tate of
FltAXCIf. S. IllCIvi-OItn late of .Newfane, de-'
i-eail. Gn-etitur.
Wherea-. J. H. Merrifleld has nnented to
thU eourt an itKtrumetit iiuriortins to Ik- the
lat will of Nitd deee.iMNl. for in-oliate: You
are liereby notilied that tlil eourt will decide
uMin the pmbate of said intruincnt at the
m.'sIoii thertnif to lie held nt the l'robate Of
llce in lirattletioro, in said distriet, 011 the -ith
day of .lanuary A. I). 1UK. when and where
ynu may iipeiir and contest the same, if vou
see cnti.
- A. F. SCHWKXK, Hcgisler.
O lly the l'roliate rmrt tor Said Distriet.
To all jier-otii lntenteil In the estnte of
JAXF. D. SIIKLDOX late of llrnttleboro. de
''V'1' Greetlnir.
vvlieixsis. A. II. Clapp has presented to this
eourt nn nntrument liurpnrtliu. to be the last
wlll of said deceaed. for probate: You are
liereby netitied that thi eourt will decide up
on the probate of said lustruinent at the se
sion thereof to ln- held at the Probate Olllce in
IlrattlelKiro. in snld di-trict. nn the :11th duy of
.lanuary A. I). lmt.'. uhen and where vou may
apHar nnd contest the same, if vou see cau-e.
:M A. F. SCH ffCXK, lleirister.
Ily the l'robate t'ourt for Sanl Distriet.
Io all iersnns interested in the t-tate of
AII1GAIL IIIGGI.N. late ot Newfane 111 suid
dMriet. tireetuiK.
ou mv herehy notilied that this eourt will
decide uiim the allowati-e of the nccnunt ol
.inhn M. Kenney e.vecutnr uimn the e-tate
nf Abiirail Iliirtriiis. late nf Newtane m said di
trlet. leceaod, and deerce ditriliutlon then
of to the ierMin entitled theioto. attlieso
sion thereof to l held at the l'robate Olllce 111
IlmttlelHiiii, in siinl distriet. on the S."ith dav
of .lanuary A. D. lWf. when and where vou
iim.v lie heanl iu the rrc.-nises. if vju sc au-e.
a-4 A. 1'. St'IIWENK. ltei.'iter.
UTATi: OF NOAH .1. 11AI.L.
The undersiirned havlnir been nppninteil bv
the Hon. l'roliate Court for the Distriet of
MarllMii-n Coninii-joiiers, to reeeive. examine
and adjust all clann nnd ilemands of all por
miiis airamst thetMnteof Nnah .1. Iliill late of
Ilalilux insaid ditru t.deien-ed.iind allelainis
exlubited 111 nllset theix'to. hercbj Kivenotlcc
that we will meet lor the purpose nforesald,
at his late l-esideiu-e iu Halifax 011 the lt-th day
ot Januarv and 17th day or May next, from
one n'cloek untll fniir o'clock 1 M., each of
said ihijs, ium! that six mnntlis from the (ith
day or Decemlior. A. 1). 1WII. is the time limited
by snid (ourt for said ereditors to pix-sent
their elaiins to u for exauimation nnd allow.
Dijtitl iit Halifax this 3ttli dayof Decemlior
' M ' C. H. 1VA1TE I n
(i. V. W)ItI)E. 1 Conimlsnioners.
O ln I'rnbate Court for said Distriet.
To all jiersons Inteivstiil ln the estato of
AUOI.D W. WHITTAKEU, of Dover. iii s4iid
Distriet, Greetlnir-wMVt1M17;i.'s',J-r'
W'ittaker. puaiilian of Hardld
ili ) ihl,,1,'n W) "dnor. of Dover, in snid Dls-rriZ-
I'i1." histitlon in thls Court settinp
fort li that his said ward is the ovnier of eertam
.'m!'!!.1'".'0! p lu"! !" I'ovcr. to wlt: One
undivuk'd half ol the furm known as the
vventwortli ilarns Farm. and that it will !
eonduclve tn tho inteitjsts of his said ward tn
sell the whole nf his interest in said real estaie
lor the purpo-et f puttini? the prtKfeils thereof
nt Interest or dherwlse investlnK the Kime.
and pr.iyiiin f ir licetiso to soll the same.
W heieu.on it ,9 oiilei-ed that the saint I
lionrd nt a sesslon of thls Cmrt to lie held .it
tho l'robate Olhee iu llrnttleboro 011 the SMIi
,,!:';. 'i,t: .''inuiiry. 1WB, when and where vou
maj be hOiinl in the premises, if v ou see caii-e.
A. F. SCH WKNK. UetrMer.
Special Notice.
All Gas and Electrlc Light Dills
for 1901 are now due, and must be
paid on presentatlon or at our of
fice on or before January 15th.
For Quick Sale.
rr,LUKIN0 J'AllM in Guilford, containinif
JL -MO aeres of land, splendid set of bulldlntfu
the laiKl is in hlKh stato of cultlvation, num
mcraiid wlntorauhead of eattlo. For prlco
jind pnrtlculara writo or call on GDNN & CO

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