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Fnllod o Do for Miss Mnl)cllo I.
JLnjIonlo Whnfc IVns Accom
iilishcd byLydia E. Piuklinm's
Vegelablo Componnd.
Dkvu Mns. Pi.n-kiiam : I wns in
an nwful stuto for nearly throo yenra
w.' i n coinplication of fcmalo troublcs
whteh threo physicians callctl by tlif
fercut naini's, but tlio palns wcro all
tho saniu. 1 dreaded tbo tlmo of my
MAiini.u: i.. lamoxti:.
monthly periods for it nicant a couplc
of days in bed in nwful ngony. I flnal
ly made up my inind that tbc goit'
doctors werc (jiicssing' ; and licarhf
from difforcnt friends such pood i.
ports of lij (Ua 12. Phikliam's Vog
ctablo Conipouiid, I trk'd tliat. 1
bless the day I did. for it wns tl
dawninfr of a new life for me. I t s,i;
five bottles before I wns cured, bvt
when they wero takcn I was a wrl'
woinan once morc. Your Compound is
certainlv wonderful. Sevcn.l of my
friends have used it since, and nothing
but tho beht do I ever hcar from its
usc." Yours, MAnr.i.LE L. LaMonte.
223 E. 31st SU Chicapo, 111. $5000
forfelt If above testtmonlal hnot genulne.
If Lydla E. Plnklinm's Vckc
table Conipound could curo Miss
iaSIontc wliy not you ? Try it
and see for yourself.
Mrs. Plnkliam adviscs slck wo
men frec. Address, Lyiin, Mass.
JOHN DUNLEAVY, Cuatom Tallor
Cieanalng, repalrlng and presslng don
to order.
Ryther Bulldlng, . Up one Fllgftt
91X0 a Year.
All the Newa of Windham County
fect October U, 130L
Tralns leave Brattleboro, northbound
11 a. m. for statlons to Windsor, Lan-
caster, St. Johnsbury, Newport, Sher-
brooke, Montreal via C. P. Ry., Quebec.
Burlington, St. Albans and Montreal.
2.29 p. m. for Bellows Falls, Windsor,
Lyndonville. St. Albans and Montreal
t. .d White Mountalna.
5.45 p. m. for all statlons to White Rlver
10.09 p. m. for Windsor, Newport, (Sher
brooke and Quebec, Montreal vla. New
port, Vt., St. Albans and Montreal.
Sundays, 10.10 p. m. for Windsor, Bur
lington, St. Albans and Montreal, Sher
brooke and Quebec.
For Northampton, Holyoke and Spring
fleld (5.23 dally), 9.10, 10.15 a. m. 1.45,
3.10 and 4.35 p. m.
4.30 p. m.
Gen'l Passenger and Tlcket Agent
.s.iilf llrn MlvUh.n.
Tralns leave Brattleboro as follows:
5.23 a. ra. dally for Sprlngfleld and New
7.40 a. m. for Mlllers Falls, Palmer and
N'ew London. Connectlng at Mlllers
Falls wlth Fltchburg dlvlslon Boston &
Malne It. 11., at Palmer wlth Boston &
Albany R. R., at Wllllmantlc and at
New London wlth N. Y N. H. & 11.
R. R.
t.V a. m. for Sprlngfleld and New York.
1C.15 a. m. for Mlllers Falls and polnts on
the Fltchburg dlvlslon Boston & Malne
R. R.
2.12 p. m. for Sprlngfleld and New York.
4.35 p. m. for Sprlngfleld and New York.
4 35 p. m. for Mlllers Falls and statloni'
on Fltchburg dlvlslon Boston & Malne
R R., Palmer and New London and
New York vla Norwich Line.
Tralns arrlve at Brattleboro as follows
11.00 a, m. from New York vla Norwich
Une and New London.
11.00 a. m. from Sprlngfleld.
1.00 p. m. trom Boston via Mlllers Falls.
129, 5.45 and 10.09 p. m., from Sprlngfleld
and New York. (10.09 p. m. mns dally).
10 p. m. from New London, connectlng
from Palmer, Mlllers Falls and Inter-
medlate statlons.
Subject to change wlthout notice.
Tralns run weeks days only except other
wlse noted.
E. II. Fltzhugh, Vlce President and Gen
eral Mannger.
B. W CUMMINGS. Q. P A.. St. Albans
Comblning Bees and Poultry.
V recent government bulletln mentloned
the advantage to bo galned by comblning
thc poultry buslness wlth elther dalrying
or market gardcnlng. A wrlter ln Farm
Poultry urges a unlon of poultry ralslng
and bco culture as an ldeal comblnntlori.
Itculers nre no doubt more or less famll
ier ho says, wlth tho Ufe and
haljlts of the hen, so I wlll devote a little
attentlon to tho bees, whlch work for
nothlng and board themselves, and at the
cl-se of tho season dlvldo wlth you thelr
t irnings. Nearly every one who has
e n a small open space has felt at one
tlme or other a longlng for tho pleasant
oi rupatlon of tendlng bees, but most peo
Tl are frlghtened nway from tho under
taklng by the dlfflcultles whlch seem to
prosent themselves. In the flrst place
th v aro puzzled to know how to mnko a
prnppr beglnnlng, and what tho requlre
mrnts really are, for lt goes wlthout say
Ins hat no person wlshes to Invest very
m ifli capltal ln an uncertalnty. A little
Iwklng Into the nuestlon wlll usually dls
cl ipe the fact that some one wlthln a
rnllus nf five or slx mlles of you Is a beo
kr' per of some degree. If thls Is tho
r "e, lt ls well to buy your bees close at
h'lme, even lf they nre common bees, and
in a box hlve. Of course lt Is best to be
K wlth only one colony, whlch ln the
sprlng of the year conslsts of one queen,
a Uxr hundred drones, and from 20,000 to
5"ono workers. Thls wlll keep you fully
oc upled at flrst, and furnlsh you wlth
fx.iorlence which would be costly If ob
tnned on a larger scale.
Your colony of common bees In a box
e should not cost yoii more than from
V 'o $5. Afterward you can transfer
'ipm into a moveablo frame hlve and ln
troduce an Itallan tiueen. As tho queen
is the mother of all the bees In the hlve,
vou wlll soon have a race of thorough
brcds, It has bcen my experlence nnd
that of beckeepers generally that there
are fewer rlsks and larger proflts In com
rarlson to the amount of capltal Invested
la bee keeplng than In any other busl
ness. It Is a conservatlve estlmate of tho
bN keepers generally, however, that
wh hlve should brlng ln about J5 a year,
ln favorablo seasons conslderable more.
And as each hlve also throws off a swarm
annually, lt ls easy to seo how a llttlo
wnltal Invested In bees wlll grow and
m'Jltlply, besides yleldlng a very fair per
cent. of proflt.
A Weck of Law Sults.
lt scoms to havo becn n good wcek
for tho lawyers, judglng from tho num
bcr of suits that havo bocn brought.
Tho cnso of 13. M. I.oretto vs. Ed
ward Gotilotto, retumnblo on tho 7th;
wns contlnitcdi Duttorfloli) for plnln
tlff, Chnse for dcfondnnt.
Nnpolcon LcGrnnd vs. Loula Boutln
nt Soarsburg, tricd bofore Justico
Danlol lt. Cutlcr on the 7th. Verdlct
for tho plalntlff to recovcr tho sum tho
dcfondnnt ndmltted hc wns owlng.
Ohnse for p.lalntlff, Rnttorflold for dc
fondnnt. Allnn A. Pnlmltcr of Wostorly, It. I.,
vs. H. Lonnox Bray, rcturnnblo on tho
9th wns contimipd untll Mny G. Hut
torduld for tho plalntlff, ChaBO for tho
defondnnt. Actlon on promlssory noto.
Frnncis h. Davls vs. I-oronzo H.
Goro, trlod nt West Dover on the Sth
beforo Justico Warren II. IJoyd. Ver
dlct for plalntlff. Appenled to county
court. Duttcrfleld for plalntlff, Chaso
for the defendnnt.
J. H. Kldder, ndmlnlstrnt'or of tho
cstato of John B. Davls, vs. W. II.
Churchlll, retumnblo nt West Dover
on the 8th. Contlnued tlll tho 10th, at
whlch tlmo lt ls oxpected thcro wlll
bo a trlnl beforo Jury. Wnrrcn n.
Boyd, justico. Biitterfleld for plnlntlff,
Chnse for thc defendnnt.
A. E. Blodgott vs. Peter Itiende, C.
M. Hussell, trustec. Settled nnd patd
in full.
C. D. Spencer vs. Vlctor Hescock,
W. H. Churchlll, trustec. Settled.
Rev. W. A. Estabrook Wlll Go to
Amherst, Mass.
Rev. Wlllinm A. Estabrook has ac
cepted a cnll to the Second Congrega
tional church at Amherst, Mass., nnd
wlll begin his work there June 1. Mr.
Estabrook wns born ln Stratton ln
1863. Ten years later the fnmily
moved to West Dover, where hls
fnther, H. W. Estnbrook, now llves.
When 19 years of ago ho studled for
one term nt Leland & Gray Seminary
at Townshend. He graduated from
the Lebanon, N. H., Hlgh school in
1887, and from the seminary at Tilton,
N. H., ln 1890. Afterwards he took
the three years' course in the Hartford
Theologlcal Seminary. gTnduating in
1893. In August of the same year he
was ordnlned at Wilmington nnd took
the pastornte of the Congrcgntlonnl
church nt thls place nnd nt West
Dover. He has been falthful and zeal
ous in his work and he goes from us
bearing tho undlvlded esteem and re
spqct of all, both thoso who havo nt
tended his church and thoso of other
denomlnatlons. Wo can only wish hlm
the highest success in his new field of
Rushing Work on the Long Railroad
Uivers & Long of Holyoke have
taken the contract to build a trestle
over 200 feet long, where the washout
occurred recently in the Hoosac Tun
nel & Wilmington railroad near Mon
roo Bridge. A large force of xnen are
now rushing the work, and it ls hoped
tralns will be running over the trestle
in less than two weeks. Tho wash
otit was so deep that nnusually long
plles are used ln bulldlng the trestle.
To get from one sidc of tho break to
the other passengors have to cllrab
the mountain sldo to a road, follow
tho road a short dlstanco and then
cllmb down a preclpice. Frelght cars
aro unloaded about three-fourths of a
mlle above Monroc Bridge, and frelght
is carried by teams over tho mountain
road to a short dlstance below the dam,
where It Is loaded Into cars whlch tako
it to Hoosac Tunnel. Much frelght
hns been tnken by teams from Reads
boro to the Tunnel. When the rail
road is completed the work of repalr
lng the dam wlll bcgln. James Itam
ago, the elder, ls now on hls way homo
from Europo.
Rev. W. S. Dunn is attondlng the an
nual conferenco at St. Albans.
R. H. Faulkner saw a black bear
near his house last Sunday mornlng.
Bernard Wilder wlll close hls clerk
shlp wlth C. D. Spencer & Co. nnd
open a fish mnrket ln Bulfum's bulld
lng. Prof. John E. Stetson of Hnnover,
Mass., wlll return to nssumo the
chnrge of tho Hlgh school the comlng
Leonnrd Brown of Jncksonville has
taken the position ln the ofllce of tho
Deerfield River company made vacant
by the removal of Mr. Manter.
Mrs. Norton of North Adams wlll
open her mllllnery store on North
River street and wlll display a full
Une of sensonable goods. Miss Jewell
will also open a store in Barnard's
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Manter left town
on Monday for thelr future homo ln
Texas. During the threo years or so
that they have lived hero they have
gained many friends and wo will re
gret thelr declsTon to move.
J. Udell Batchelder of Stamford,
Kldney Trouble Makes You Mlserable.
Almost everybody who reads the news
papers ls sure to know of the wonderful
cures maae Dy ur.
Kllmer's Swamp-Root,
the great kldney, llver
and bladder remedy.
It isthe great medl
cal triumph of the nine
teenth centliry: dls
covered after years of
selentiflc research by
Dr. Kllmer, the eml
nent kldney and blad
der specialist, and Is
wonderfully successful in promptly curing
lame back, kldney, bladder, urlc acld trou
bles and Brlght's Dlsease, whlch Is the'worst
form of kldney trouble.
Dr. Kllmer's Swamp-Root ls not rec
ommendedfor everythlngbut lf you have kld
ney, llver or bladder trouble lt wlll be found
just the remedy you need. lt has been tested
Inso many ways, ln hospltal work, In prlvate
practlce, among the helplesstoopoor topur
chase rellef and has proved so successful In
every case that a speclal arrangement has
been made by whlch all readers of thls paper
who have not already trled It, may have a
sample bottle sent free by mall, also a book
telling more about Swamp-Root and how to
flndout if you have kldney or bladder trouble.
When wrltlng mentlon reading thls generous
offer In thls paper and
send your address toi
Dr. Kllmer 4c Co.,Bine-
hamton, N. Y. The
repular fiftv cent and
Iloma of Bwamp-Root.
dollar slzes are sold by all good drugglsts.
Conn., son of John G. Batchelder of
thls place, hns moved to Dnyton, Ohlo,
whoro ho hns n good nosltlon ln n lnrgo
manufncturlng cstnbllshment as foro-
man. Ho pnld n brlcf vislt to friends
nt thls plnco on routo.
Thomns Snilth of Clnrksburg hns
brought sult nt Greonfleld ngalnst tho
Hoosnc Tunnel nnd Wilmington Rnll
wny company, ln an nctlon of tort, for
$5000. Tho plnlntlff nllegcs Injuries
rccclved whlle ln tho defendnnt's cm
ploy nnd whlle oxerclslng duc caro.
Tho hcavy rnins of Tuosday nlght
nnd Wednesdny rnlsed the strcnms,
nnd wo henr 'that moro damngo ls be
lng wrought nt Monroo Biidge. Tho
log drlvers nre busy nnd thonsniids of
logs nre reachlng Mountain Mills, both
from thc Enst Uranch nnd from tho
West Branch.
Death of Harry Lamb Stedman.
Our fntlrr eommimlty wns sn l y shock
ed nnd firloved at the "pnsslng ut" from
the wny of i-nrtli oC ono of ir young
men llnrry l.nmli Stedmnn hlch oc
curred nt hls fathor's homo lv lly after
10 o'elock on Sumlny cvcnlng. Tho III
ness. thoiigh hrluf, wns very cero from
tho flrst, bolng the result of a r "nblnfttlon
of those drend maladlcs typlild fever
nnd pnoumotiln. In but thc -llh yenr
of hls llfe there secmed mucti of prom
Ise for the future In a llf S" yomiK ns
thls, but a wlser mlnd than " nwn de
rrecd the enrth work to bo dom It wns
the testlmony. however, of th' concourse
of friends nnd of tho bcnin ful floral
trlbutes nt the funernl servt that the
llfe had been one of klml'iness nnd
frlendslilp nnd Hlled witli mu ' that wns
good. Mr. Stedman was a y mg mnn of
sterllng riuallty who wns fnly knnwn
only by the nenr clrclo of fri-nds whos
Intlmacy wns an opportunlty for flndlng
hls lovnblc nnture. Few viung men
there nre who nro as nrfpr' clatlve of
homo wlth nll Its endearment" and tender
affectlons. Benenth the cjuiot reserve
whlch tho cnsunl observer mlght note
there dwelt a noble splrlt nnnlfested In
nll lntcrcourso wlth hls nssodites. The
funernl servlce on WeUnesJ.iy nt the
Unlversallst church was conducted by
Rev. Dwlght A. Ball of Bellows Falls a
former pastor nnd long-tlme frlcnd of
tho fnmily who spnke words "f hope nnd
comfort to tho sorrowlng friends. The
local pastor. Rev. Ellzabolh H. Gold
thwalte, asslsted ln the serviee.
E. II. G.
Miss Bertha Manchester I? vlsltlng In
Merchant C. E. Park Is In Boston thls
week buylng goods.
Miss Annle Johnson vlsltn! Brattleboro
relatlves the past week.
Mrs: D. M. Moore Is Vlsttlrf her daugh
ter, Mrs. Kd R. Wlllard.
Ollve Thayer hns been ven slck, but ls
now somewhat improved.
Mrs. Mnlvlna Bradley of Brattleboro
was a recent vlsltor at Geortre P. Hnll's.
Mrs. Cella Brocklngton o( Brattleboro
Is vlsltlng her sister, Mrp Thomnn A.
Mrs. Berthn Morse, now . f Hnrrisvllle,
N. II., wns a recent vlsit .r wlth Mrs.
Ollver P. Morse.
Miss Mtnnle Moore retur-od Saturday
after n stny of scveral months wlth Deer
field. Mnss., friends.
It Is announced that Miss dertrude Wll
liams, daughter of tho Inte J. Hnstlngs
Wllllams of thls place, wlll he marrled nt
her homo in Malden. Mns . Aprll 21, to
Willlam Ehlredge of New ork clty.
The stendy rnln of Tueftiy nlght nnd
Wednesday rnlsed the strr ims to n hlgh
Pltch . No damage Is r-j'orted except
the cnrrylng nway of n qi.nntlty of logs
that wcro boomed nt the Picklnson plne
Rev. Georgo M. Burdfcki .ittendlng the
session of the Vermont crm'eronce nt St.
Albans, consequently thrr.. wlll bo no
preaehliiR nt the Methndl- church ncxt
Sunday. Sunday school ct 11 o'clock.
Epworth Lengue servlces .n 7 p. m.
Rodney R. Wheelrr. wln has worked
as a rarpenter for sevenil years In dlf
ferent Mnssnchusett elllr wlll spend the
comlng season on hls futh. r s farm, thus
enahllng hls brother. G-..rge Wheeler.
to nttend West Bratt!elxr . ncademy.
Jlrs. Mary L. I.im-oln. ..r.- of our nged
resldents, whllo golng up 'hp steps to n
noighbor's house Inst Sai irday, fell n'nd
struck henvlly on her h 1. severely In
.luring her splne. Her uninddaiiRhter,
.Mrs. Ernest Bemis of Bniilleboro. Is now
cnring for hcr.
Edgar H. Tuthlll nnil Horace Wood
hnvo gone to Sprlngfli-M. Mnss.. wlth
fnnr teams nnd hnvo s. -urod work for
the season nt good pri.i for a large
Sprlngfleld contrnctor. Jlr. Tuthlll wlll
have fharge of tho work as superlntend
ent. I.uclen D. Steilmnu or Worcester. Ar
thur Staples of GreenfliUI. Mr. nnd Mrs.
Newton Staples , Mr. nr.l Mrs. Herbert
CSparks and II. C. Spnrks, Jr.. of Brat
tleboro, Mrs. M. C. Ball and Mrsv D. A.
Ball of Bellows Falls. nd other friends
from out of town were here Wednesday
to nttend tho funernl of Harry L. Sted
man. Mrs. Allco A. Morse and Mrs. Willlam
A. Brooks havo rentea thelr place ln
thls vlllagp, long known ns tho Ephriam
Morse homestead, to Si.lney nnd George
Hescock, subject to irlvllege of sale
when opportunlty offers It Is a matter
or general regret thnit Mrs. Morse wlll
soon leave Wllllamsvll!. to make her
home In tho house whlch sho owns ln
Brattleboro vlllage.
Tho llsters are taklng 'ho llsts.
The schools In town ill begln Monday,
the 21st inst.
W. E. Clnrk Is rtndy for buslness nt"
the L. B. Hnll store.
J. N. Plumb, who h.-w been slck some
tlme, Is slowly recoverlng.
L. W. Sumner ls r.palrlng hls steam
mlll, whlch was badl damaged by the
hlgh water.
John II. Hosley. C7. who died at hls
home at S0 Florlda street ln Sprlngfleld,
Mass., Frlday, was .orn ln thls town
July 23, 1831, the yoiJ-Kest of tho soven
chlldren of Stephen Sl 'losley. He went
to Chlcopco nt an ent v ngo and was nt
ono tlmo employed j tho Wason Man
ufncturlng company.. Ho was ln the
nrmory ln Springflel'a several years. but
tho past 25 years hndbeen in tho Smlth
& Wesson flrearms rariory. He was an
expcrt fller." He marred Miss Ilelen N.
Klmball of Gardneip, t'c. 14, 1S50. They
had two chlldren, bjotlnf whom are dead.
Mr. Hosley Is surVlv, by hls wlfo and
threo brothers, Jtjmesof Chicopee. Jud
son of Arlington and larshall of Sprlng
fleld. ,
Road Commlssbner Proctor.
From tbo nuiand News.
Rond ConAmissi'ner Fletcher D.
Proctor seerms to o golng down tho
plko in prtty satlfactory fashlon in
tho gubernatorlnL aco wlth General
John G. McCullourh of Bennington.
Hls friepids confldotly expect that ho
wiu wi,n oui. uytuo way Isn't it a
prettygood evldero of Mr. Proctor's
intoreAt in Verraon.lthat, although tho
execiitivo head of tte largost marble
busliess ln tho wojld, ho ls hlghway
V " j ........ w "-CJVU.Yil, y
There ls no oneaAlda In the line of
inediclnes that glvs Jo large a return for
tho money ns a god porous strcngthen
Ing plaster. such Carter'a Smart Weed
and Belladonna Dckache Plastera.
Many Morc Like It In Brattleboro
Tho followlng caso Is but ono of many
slmllar occurrlng dally ln Brattleboro.
It Is an easy matter to vcrlfy lts correct
ncss. Surely you cnnnot nsk for a bet
tcr proof than such concluslve ovldenco.
Mr. Ij. M. Stlckney, of 20 Chestnut
street, Estoyvlllc, employed nt tho Estey
Orgnn company, says: "My kldnoys gnvo
mo conslderable troublo for n few years
wlth a constnnt dull nchlug In tho small
of my bnck. As a rulo It bothercd mo
moro after my days work. If I sat stlll
for any longth of tlmo a stlteh cnight
me In the lolns. If I caught cold lt nl
ways settled In my bnck and mndo It
lame and soro for days. I also had kld
ney weaknoss. whlch made It very in
convenlent nt tlmcs nnd cspeclnlly an
noylng at nlght. I usfd consldcrnblo
medlclne but got llttlo or no beneflt.
Doan's Kldney Pllls brought much longed
for rellef. They hclpcd me In every wny
nnd dld more good thnn anythlng else I
ever took."
For salo by all dcalers. Prlco 50 ccnts.
Pos-Mlln Co Buffalo, N. Y., sole
agents for the Unlted States.
Remember tho name Doan's nnd tako
no substltute.
Sold by Geo. E. Greene, G3 Maln strett.
Brattleboro, Vt.
Mrs. Hownrd and Miss Mlnnle Tyler
are guests of Mrs. G. H. Walker.
Charlle Bundy of Alstead, N. H.. ls
vlsltlng hls sister, Mrs. Robert Mlller.
Mtna Tnrtlin Wrlc.hf lina hAnn nnn.K
lng her Easter vacation with her pa-
Rollln Rlce of Rotterdnm Junctlon
vlslted his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Rlce brlefly tho flrst of the
B. F. Atcherson will soon remodcl
hls tcncment house. When completed
lt wlll bo avollablo for four famllles.
Tcnements seem to be in demand
nround town thls spring.
All of the household effects of the
late Rev. A. B. Dascomb wlll bo sold
by auctlon today (Frlday) at 2 o'clock
p. m. nt the old Dicklnson homestead.
D. L. Snow is the auctloneer.
Grace Webstcr nnd Charlle Chase of
Somcrvllle, Mass., aro seriously 111
wlth diphtherla. They aro grandchil
dren of Charles Chase, nnd generally
spend the summers ln town.
A party of friends surprised Mr. and
Mrs. George C. Wrlght last Snturdny
evenlng, nnd asslsted them ln cele
bratlng thelr 19th weddlng nnniver
sary vco' pleasnntly. Llght refresh
ments were sorved.
Mrs. C. W. Darling mado a vlsit to
tho Homes Frlday, tho 4th, returnlng
to Keene the followlng afternoon. Mrs.
tioo. H. Wnlker. Mrs. F. H. Howard
and Miss Mlnnle Tyler wero vlsltors
at tho Homes Tuosday.
The Nnncy Morse fnrm will be sold
by publlc auctlon on April 29 at 2
o'clock p. m. ln front of the town
ball. Thls is ono of the few farms
In town that has a valuable tlmbcr
lot of old growth tipon Jt.
Charles E. Blshop, superlntendent
of tho Kurn-Hnttln Homes, went to
West Brattleboro Saturday nfternoon,
returnlng Monday noon. During hls
absonce ho was the gpest of the Rev.
I.uther M. Keneston, who had nr
ranged for hlm to speak In tho Inter
ests of the Homes on Sunday mornlng
at the Congregatlonal church. In tho
evenlng questlons wero brought to the
meetlng relative to the Homes.
Willlam A. Wilrox went with hls fam
lly last Frlday to Feodlng IHUs, Mnss.,
where he hns employment.
Mr nnd Mrs. Arlliur W. Gorham have
been nt Mrs. J. Gorham's. They wlll go
soon to Dedhnm, Mns1.. where Mr. Gor
ham wlll have chnrge of a dalry fnrm
which fnrnishes mllk for the Boston mnr
ket. A. F. Smalley hns moved from the
Rumrill place. He Is golng to live In the
Brooks house for n few weeks whllo IJ. E.
Wellman Is repalrlng the dwelllng he ex
pect s to occtipy ns soon ns the work ls
sulllclently ndvanced.
The schools wlll open on Monday. Miss
C. Belle Ranney Is the tencher in No. 7:
Miss Stelln nunhnm In No. 2; Freil E.
Gilbert of Brattleboro In No. 3. There
nre some new ptiplls to come In. but nll
the schools wlll bo small.
Letters from Charles G'. Mlller state
that he ls stlll ln Knnsns Clty awaltlng
the recovery of Charles Iloughton beforo
golng on to Callfornln. In the Intcrvnl
he has spent n few days wlth hls ajint.
Mrs. Julla A. Trowhrldge, In Glnsgow.
Mo. Mr. Iloughton has becn very III
wlth measles, nnd hls recovery Is not
A few of our sugar mnkers havo con
tlnued thelr work thls week. By tnpplng
trees not heretofore used they havo se
cured some good runs nnd made a very
fair iiuallty of syrup. As beforo stated,
the amount mado here Is not abovo the
average of good seasons. There seems
to bo a call for nll thnt Is made, at good
Dlfferent Ways of Restlng.
How dlfferently men nnd women ln
dulge themselves In what ls called n rest
lng spelll "I guess 111 stt down nnd
mend these stocklngs nnd rcst awhlle,"
but her husbnnd throws hlmsclf upon tho
easy loungo or slts bnck ln hls nrm chalr,
wlth hnnds nt rest nnd feet placed hori
zontnlly upon nnother chnlrt Tho result
ls that his wholo body galns full beneflt
of tho hour he allows hlmself from work,
and the wlfo only recelves that lndlrect
hclp whlch comes from the ohango of oc
cupatlon. A physlclan would tell her thnt
taklng n ten mlnutes' rest ln a horlzontnl
position, ns a chango from standlng or
slttlng nt work, would provo moro benefl
clal to her than any of her makeshlft at
Busy women have a hablt of keeplng
on thelr feet just as long as they can In
splto of backachcs and warnlng pnlns.
As they say, "I used to thlnk I must do
thus and' go, but I havo grown wlser nnd
Ienrned to sllght thlngs." The flrst years
of housekeeplng aro truly the hardest, for
untrled and unfamlllar cares aro almost
dally thrust upon the mother and home
makcr. Leslle's Weekly.
No Gloss Carrlage Palnt Made
Wlll wear as long aa Devoe's. No others
nre as heavy bodted, because Devoe's
welgh 3 to 8 ounces moro- to tho plnt.
Sold by Robblris & Cowlea.
Paln from lndtgestlon. dyspepsla, and
too hearty eatlng, ls relleved at once by
taklng One of Carter'a Little Pllls Imme
dlately after dinner. Don't forget thls.
An Interestlng Chapter on the Anthro
pold Apes and Thelr Ways.
The lnrgost nnd best known of thn an.
thro)old apes Is tho ornng-utan, whlch Is
common ln iiomeo, rnrer.ln Sumatra, and
lacklng ln Javn nnd the rest nf tho Mnlnv
nrchlpelnRo. Moro wldely dlslrlbuted, but
less well known, Is the smnller npe, tho
glbbon, (or forest-goer) whlch Is present
in ns many ns elght dllTcrent varletles,
nnd Is nlso found on the Aslnn tnnltilnmt.
Thoso two aro tho only representntlves of
tho Aslnn nnthropolds, whlle the Afrlcnn
nre ropresontod by tho gorllln nnd thc
smnller chlmpnnzco. As la well known
theso tnllloss nnthropolds nre dlstlngulMh
ed nniong nll llvlng vertobrates for bolng
iiuiiiiiiiH umi nro nenrest to manklnd In
the sum of thelr clinrneterlsllos
lndeed, thnt thoro can be no doubt of thelr
i'iomo roiniionsiiip wlth us.
All tho vnrletles of clbbon
gulshod by tho extrnordlnnry length of
uirir nrms ln rompnrlson wlth thelr short
logs nnd by nlilllty In consoUence to
'llmb swlftly nnd spring from treo to troe
In long jumps. All linve loud voloes nnd
some of them slng n whole octnvo of tlie
chromntlc sonle, Just llke a muslenl bov.
The nsh-grny glbbon. or louclseiis, Is
found only In Javn. The nntlves enll hlm
Oa, after the clmrncterlstk' sound he Is
atit to utter. cnlllng tho sound several
tlmes ln siioresslnn. Stnndlng up. tho llt
tlo crenture ls scnrcely moro than three
feet hlgh. Hnlr 0f thnt Is made up of tho
body. tho nlher Imlf of the slender logs.
Muoh lnngor nro tho front logs or nrms.
Tho oa Is about llko n slx-yonr-old chlld.
but In proportlon his hend Is much smnll
or. lilsflgtire slendorer. hls legs shortor.nnd
hls arms much longor. Most of hls body
Is rovoreil wlth llght gray, somewhat
woolly, soft ftir. On tho brenHt tho hnlr
Is thlnner; the bare parts, cars. palms of
the hands. nnd solos of tho feet, nre In
color blncklMi. whlle the llttlo roundlsh
fnce Is sooty black; a white beard whlch
frames It glves n very slngulnr appear
nnce. The Irls of the eye is llght brown.
The face of the oa Is much more humnn
thnn thnt of tho ornng, because the lower
Jaw protrudes less; the fnclal nnglo Is over
C0 degrees. Tho face of the Oa remlnds
one of a bank dlrector gone to smash. who
was a prey to bltter sorrows nnd was
hroodlng wlth wrlnklcd brow over thc re
sults of thc crnsh.
The oa walks uprlght on hls feet. and
stretches out hls nrms on each slde to
preserve hls balance; the long hands
hanglng from the wrist. Whlle running
qulckly he never touched the earth with
hls hands, as tho orang-utnn and chlm
panze'e often do; he never crawlod on nll
fours. But hls great art was sccn In
cllmblng. Wlth the utmost sureness, by
menns of hls powerful. long arms, he
shot hlmsclf from one tree to another at
a great dlstance. One hnnd or one foot
was cnough to support hlm, hend down
ward or In movement. The most Intrlcnte
evolutlons were performed ns lf no mus
cular exertlon wns required. In the sun
shlne he would lle on hls back wlth one
nrm under hls hend, Just llke a tired ped
estrlan. At nlght he slept ln n crouchlng attltudc
In n box, the knees drawn up nnd the
long arms restlng on them. the chln sunk
on hls brenst. Some Mnlay women who
worked In the cardon had mndo hlm n .i
Jncket, whlch he cvldently thought becom-
ing. ror ne MKeil .to put It on, button It up,
nnd look It over, whlle he wns very hufly
If It wns tnken pff. A little Mnlay glrl
was hls frlend nlso. If nny one came up
nnd took the little girl by the hnnd, tho
oa was angry. but If she was led away he
trled to blte. Anger in such clrcum
statices or when some tltbit wns wlthheld
from hlm wns expressed by n shnrply ut
tered nnd repeated "Hooee-hooee.hooee."
qulckly pronounced. Thls sound was
very dlfferent from the usual oa-oa-oa.
whlch he varled by tone and shnrpness so
ns to express dlfferent emotlons. A thlrd
sound, a loud ycll, was glven when the oa
was suddenly put to frlght. He uttered
It. for lnstnnce. when Prof. Haeckel pre
tended to throw hlm Into tho rlvulet.
"I henrd thls cry once." ho saj-s, "at
the wnterfnlls of TJIburrtim. when wntch
Ing n number of glbbons In the tops of
hlgh trees. They w-re mnklng such In
credlbly long Jumps from treo to treo nt
the tlme thnt they really seomed,to be
flylng through the alr. A few moments
later. when they were out of slght. I
henrd a wretcheil yelllng, exnctly ns If a
little dog wero bolng beaten. Perhaps nn
oa mother was merely chastlslng her
nnughty chlld but perhnps one of tho
luckless crenturos had been selzed by n
pnnther. or by the sly mtlo wlldcnt. (Fells
mlnutn.) whloh Is not uncommon In the
primevnl forosts of Javn. nnd is nn ndcpt
nt cllmblng nnd Jumplng nmong tho
Glbbons have few words In thelr speech.
but make up by expresslve changes In
tnne nnd by gestures. Thev drlnk llko
humnn belngs nnd nro enslly tnught to uso
Knire nml fork In eatlng. They show pnr
tlculnr dlsguest nt splders. sconilons. and
ernbs: they ent cookod blrds. but nrefor
frults. pnrtlcularly the strong-smelllng but
oencious-tnstlng ilurian. Most Malnys rp
pnrd ornng-utnns nnd glbbons ns descend
ed from manklnd; they tell n story of n
boy nnd glrl who were )ost In tho wlhls.
took to tho trees, mnrrled..nnd were the
nrogenltors of the nnthropold apes. Their
Idea Is almost ns fnlso ns tho vulgnr opln
lon In tho westorn lnnds thnt Darwln sup
posed mnnklnd to desccnd from monkeys
llko those now llvlng.
No Safe Is Burglar-Proof Now.
Tho trensury depnrtmcnt wlll buy no
more of the oxpenslve safes that for
years have been supposed to be of suffl
cient strength to reslst the selentiflc
burglar. It wlll In the future ndopt n
system of nutomatlc electrlc bells, and
redouble tho safegunrds that canbeprovl
ded by prlvntowatchmen. ono keeplng check
on ho other. All thls Is because there Is
no longer n burglnr-proof safe. An In
ventlon by Jullus E. Hnschke, a Chlcago
electrlclan, wlll ennble tho man npplylng
it to cut through the hardest steel plnte
as a boy wlth n knlfo would cut n cheose.
Armor plnte, such as ls used on the Unl
ted Stntes battleshlps, can be perfornted
ns nn nuger would blto Its way through
a plnnk of northern plne. Tho flrst publlc
exhlbltlon of thls Invention was mado not
long ngo In Mllwnukee. An enormous
boller foundntlon was to be removed from
the bnsement of a bulldlng. It was Im
posslble to get thls grent mass of metnl
out nf the bulldlng ns It lay wlthout tear
Ing down n portlon of the wnlls, And It
was seemlngly Impossible to cut the
plate Into pleces. Some ono mentloned
the new process of cuttlng stcel llke soft
butter, nnd the Inventor wns lnvlted to go
to Mllwnukee and mako a test. Tho In
ventor ensconsed hlmself In n little steel
house, placed two pnlrs of bluo spectacles
on hls eyes, rfnd nfter connectlng hls cnr
bon polnt wlth an electrlcnl current,
touched tho steel plnte. Spectators saw
a brllllant flamo shoot up. It was a whito
llght, produclng extreme heat, and near
ly bllnded thc onlookers. Tho operntor
was well protectod, nnd dld the work
wlth npparently little dlscomfort. At the
rnta of a foot In flve mlnutes, cuttlng or
burnlng n wldo spaco In tho plate, tho
carbon polnt wlth its wonderful powcr
worked nlong, nnd In a short tlme tho
enormous mass of steel had been reduced
to frngment8 that could bo easlly handled.
The matter was rcported to bankers of
Chlcago and Mllwnukee, nnd they Inves
tlgated the matter carefully.
Expcrts who mado an Investlgatlon at
thelr rtouest reported that no safo was
securo agalnst tho nttack of thls now
Invention. Tho apparntus Is simple. A
carbon of clcctrode Is attached to a wood
en hnndlo by menns of a metal clamp.
To thls clamp a wlro Is fastencd, the
other belng connected wlth tho object -to
be operated upon. If a safe, the second
wlre ls attached to the hlnge or lock, as
the fancy of tho operator dlctates. Tho
eyes and face of tho workman are pro
tected agalnst tho glare and tho heat by
a box of alumlnum or sheet-lron. The
carbon polnt Is thrust through a hole In
ono slde of thls box. The necessary volt
ago can bo obtalned from the wlres In
almost any modern bulldlng.
The Scotland-Missouri Mining Company
Authorized Capltal, only $500,000. Par Value, $1.00 per Share.
A Llmltcd Numbor of nr p 1 r 1
Shares Now Offcrcd at 00 U61IIS tdCll.
Thls Compnny Is oporatlng on 326 ncros of land In Southwest Mlssourl, In
tho very hcart of the colcbratcd zlnc and load mlnoral bolt.
Tho Now York Trlbune says: "Mlnlng
imys best." Over one thousnnd mllllons of
dollnrs woro tuken out or tho mlncs of the
t'nltod Stntes last year. Thc mlnes of the
t'nlted Stntes have contrlhuted nhout onc
thlrd of Its wealth. Mlnlng for lend nnd
zlnc ls nmongthe most profltnblo in the
country, conclderlng the smnll nmount of
cnpltallzntlon ro(iilred. $IC),(X)0 Invested
ln zlnc propertles. ns n rule wlll show
Inrger rosults thnn mllllons Invested In
eoppor nnd gold propertles. Whllo other
metals havo been decllnlng or nt a stand
stlll, zlnc has been stendily ndvnnclng;
slnce tho flrst of thls yenr It han advanced
about $10 por on, nnd blds fnlr to go
much hlghor. The grent Cyanldo mllls In
tho gold flolds of South Afrlca nro begln
nlng to cnll for our zlnc, whlch wlll mean
nearly 30.000 tons por annum. Many of
the hlstorlc zlnc mlnos of Wnles nnd Hel
glum hnvo become oxhnusted or llooded.
The ilemand for zlnc In Europo Is con
stnntly lncrenslng. Tho world looks to
day to the Southwest Mlssourl dlstrlct to
supply lts growlng demand for zlnc. In
offerlng the shares of thls company for
publlc subscrlptlon nt Kc.. speclal atten
lon is called to Its large holdlngs nnd lts
smnll capltallzatlon. Ilnd It becn In
tended for anythlng but a legitlmato bus
lness onterprlso, It would hnvo bcen cap
Itnllzed much hlghcr. Tho managemcnt
of thls company reallze how dlfllcult lt is
to Intercst the publlc Just now, In vlew of
thc fact that thoro aro so many com
panles offerlng thelr shares at all klnds of
prlces, wlth all klnds of lnducements.
Tho two followlng letters nre submlt
ted nn further evldenco of the honcst pur
poscs of thls company and Its large hold
lngs. (Copy.)
"Mnrch 2S, 1902.
"Offlce of the S. M. M. Co.,
43 Mllk St., Boston, Mass.
"Mr. L. P. Cunnlngham, Jopltn, Mo!
"My Denr Slr Knowlng that you are
very fnmlltar wlth the property thls com
pany Is now opcratlng upon In Section
Slx, Scotlnnd, Jaspcr County, MlRsourl,
and, bollcvlng, as I do, that you are
thoroughly convcrsant wlth our opcra
tlons slnce last May, I beg to ask of
you a Ictter settlng forth, as far as you
can conslstently, your knowledge of the
propertles and what we are dolng there. J
I am led to do thls for the reason that so
many people question the genulneness of
propositlons of thls klnd when offored to
them ln the form of stock companles, nnd
it Is hnrdly to be wondered nt, conslder- '
lng the great number of unprofltable com
panles that have been offered to the peo
ple In the past. Thls company ls thor
oughly In earnest In regnrd to Its property
ln Southwest Mlssourl, and all con
nected wlth It flrmly belleve It Is des
tlned to soon be nmong the lendlng pro
ducors. Thanklng you In nntlclnntlon
of your letter.whlch I feel reasonably sure
wlll bo cntlrely satlsfnctory, I rcmaln,
"Yours very truly, '
"(Slgned) B. A. ATKINSON.
"March 31, 1902.
"Ofllco of L. P. Cunnlngham,
"Fourth Street Bulldlng,
"Joplln. Mo.
"B. A. Atklnson,
"Treasurer of tho Scotland, Mlssourl
Mlnlng Company.
"Boston, Mnss.
"Denr Slr In answer to yours of the
2Sth, I take pleasure In saylng that I
am very famlllar wlth the land whlch
your Company holds nt Scottand, South
west Mlssourl. about 32S ncros. It is
located In tho vory hcart of the celebratcd
mlnoral belt. There are rlchly produclng
mlnes nll around It. some of them nulte
nenr bolng record hrenkers. Thls land was
mlned a few years ngo for shallow lead.
Shallow lead (near the surface) has, in
Address the Treasurer, B. A. ATKINSON,
To whom aill drafte. eliocks nnil money onlers should be made paynblc.
Fnc-shnlle of thc cover of The Vermont I'hienlx
Dollar Atlas of tho World.
Features of The Phcenix
Bestdcs the usual maps of projectlon,
showlng the Eastern and Western con-
tlnents, Northern and Southern hemls
pheres, map of North Amerlca, and man
of the Unlted States, It contalns lndlvid-
ual maps of every state and terrltory of
the Unlon, of the Domlnlon of Canada.
of Mexlco, of all the South American
countrles, and of every country and state
of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, of
cuba, I'orto Rlco and the Phlllpplnes. and
of all the lslands of the sea.
Each of these maps ls given a page by
ttself, showlng, for every state or coun
try, the contour nnd boundaries, capltal
and prlnclpal cltles and towns, rlvers,
mountatns, and other physlcal features.
Faclng each of theso maps, all of them
beautlfully colored, Is a page of text
describlng the state or country ln full,
wlth complete facts and statlstlcs. The
subjects covered are:
Hlstory. Area, Physlcal Features,
Cllmate, Statlstlcs of Agrlculture,
This is in every respect the most complete, convenient. and desirable atlas
for ready reference that we have ever
and held in the hand for consultation,
that it does not encumber the table or
It ls a book whlch we are glad to have go out with
The Phcenix name and Imprlnt.
SfllH fnr Qfl PPnts a rnnu over Thc I'ha-nix countcr,
OUIU IUI 3U d COpy or ecnt bylmall 011 recclpt of $1.00.
The Vermont Phcenix,
almost every casoOn thls dlstrlct) resulted
In very rlth deposlts of zlnc nnd lead nt
greater depth, and thls has becn proven
by your drlil records. To my porsonnl
knowledge, you hnvo- been prospcetlng
nnd developlng by drllllng and slnklng
shafts 011 thls property slnco last May.
Your drllllngs to provo up tlie ground,
up to thls tlme, nmount to over 3500 feet.
You hnve your shafts under way; tho
deepost one over 100 feet. You havo on
hand n largo nmount of mlnlng supplles
nnd appllnnces, ln tho wny of holsts,
tools, tubs, cars, Implcments, stcol. ctc,
nlso horses, wngons, stoel cnslng, ctc,
nnd n lnrgo tractlon englne drllllng ma
chlne. You hnvo bulldlngs on tho prop
erty; the oftlce nnd storchousc bulldlng
whlch you constrticted nenr shaft No. 1
was n vory necessary and uscful ndjunct.
You have opened up roads to the nmount
of nlKtut flve mlles. so thnt nll parts of
the property are easy of ncccss. Your
reports show n splendld nmilltv of oro In
n majorlty of the locatlons ilrllled. It is
the general oplnlon of tho dlstrlct that
thls property ls dcstlned In the near fu
ture to be nmong the rlchest producers
In thc dlstrlct. Your very large tract of
land wlll enablo your company, when It
onco gets lts property opened up, to
earn very large dlvldends.' It seems to
be the general oplnlon of those who nro
famlllar wlth tho ground and who havo
secn the nsnhnltum tnken from (ho vn.
rlous holcs In the large north and south
valley that at the proper depth a tfool of
oll wlll be opened up. You havo to tho
northwest In thls same range, at Chanute,
about flfty mlles dlstant, rlch produclng
oll flelds, nnd at Iola, a little north of
Chanute, celebrated oll and gas flelds,
where a large zlnc smclter Is located;
whlle to the southenst, at less dlstance,
In Bnrry County,. you have the Ozark Oll
company, whlch is maklng a m'agnlflcent
showlng. Your property ls located In
this range about half-way between them,
two rlch oll nnd gas flelds, and it Is my
oplnlon that you have a perfect rlght to
belleve that at a proper depth, ln your
blg north nnd south valley, you wlll strlko
a pool of oll; thls, In nddltlon to the rlch
mineral deposlts of zlnc nnd lead, wlll
make a wonderfully productlve property,
from whlch large dlvldends can bo carned.
"Yours truly.
(Slgned) L. P. CUNNINGHAM."
For the Informatlon of the publlc tho
followlng concernlng L. P. Cunnlngham
and hls holdlngs, Is given.
(Joplln Globc, Dec. 15, 1901.)
"A short tlme ago L. P. Cunnlngham,
who owns the ground on whlch the clty
of Chltwood Is located, gnve notice to a
number of resldents that they would
have to vacate the ground, owlng to tho
fact that it was needed for mlnlng pur
poses. Some of Chltwood's best buslness
houses nre located on tho ground, and
wlll be compelled to move, and thls wlll
bo the means of moving an entlre town."
It has often been sald that the zlno
mlnes In Mlssourl nro not lastlng. In
connection wlth thls wc wlll say that,
as a rule, they are as permancnt as any
mlnes we know of. We havo beforo us
a statement made by the President of tho
Center Creek Mlnes at Webb Clty, Mls
sourl (about flve mlles northwest of thls
company's property). Thelr tract em
braces 10) acres. They have been mln
lng for a number of yenrs on less than 40
ncres of land. Thls land has produced In
lead 21.9S1.010 pounds, In zlnc 320,518,460
pounds; totnl value of whlch Is nearly slx
mllllons of dollars, and the property Is
stlll produclng, and regularly heads tho
llst In thls dlstrlct. The above Is a pret
ty good showlng for ono company to
mako from W acres of ground, and In
connection wlth thls statement It should
bo remembered that THE SCOTLAND
acres, 40 acres of whlch havo leen exten
siveiy ilrllled for provlng up the ground.
Dollar Atlas
A Handy Volume
for the
Desk, Home,
or Study Table.
Every Detail Complete
Dollar Atlas of the World.
Ilortlculture, Llve Stock and Dalry
ing, Flsherles, Manufncturlng, Mlner
als, Populatlon, Prlnclpal Cltles, Rall
ways, Educatlon, Dates of Electlons,
wlth other Polltlcal Facts, Legal Holi
days, and essentlal features or provls
lons of State Laws.
Thls atlas has been prepared In tho
most accurate, rellable, and palnstaklng
way In every respect. It supplles Just the
Informatlon whlch every person wlshes
to have In hls everyday reading.
By means of lt. for Ulustratlon, the
course of events In the Phlllpplnes, ln
Cuba, and ln South Afrlca can bo
readlly followed.
All Informatlon Is up to date. The flg
ures of t)ie Unlted States census of 1900
are given In convenlent tables.
The Blze of the book Is 6 lnches by V.i
Inches. It ls a flne spccimen of good
prlntlng nnd llthographlng. It ls hand
somely bound ln red buckram, wlth
tliumlnated cover.
seen. It can be taken up instantly
and when laid down its size is such
$1.50 a year
3 months' ttlal, 35c.

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