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The Baptlst Sunilay school wlll clect
olTlcers ncxt Sundny.
Mlss nist Is vlsltlng Mrs. Arthur Wcll
man; Mrs. D. J. Illtchcock also vlslted
thero lnst wcek.
A number of llshermen have bcen about,
but not many large catches have been re
ported. Mr. Clark caught 60 Saturday.
Annle Osgood Is staylng a few days
wlth Stella Austln and nttendlng school.
Sho wns away at the tlme her fnthcr's
house was quarantlned, and tt has bcen
elght weeks slnce she has been at her
home. She cxpects the ciuarantlne wIU
be ralsed ln a few days, when she wlll
be permlttcd to go homc. Mrs. Osgood
has taken the entlre care of her chll
dren and has not left the part of the
houso where they were slck, but has
cooked her own food and the chlldren's,
and It has been a long and tedlous tlme
for her and she wlll be glad to bo re
lleved from lt.
II. A. Jcfts Is tnklng orders for wall
paper for a New York house.
Arthur Norcross of Dummerston Is
worklng for hls uncle, D. S. Prouty.
CHfford Lazclle has flnlshed work for
D. S. Prouty. He Is now at work for
C. II. Turner.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Bobertfc vlslted hls
brother, C. H. Roberts, ln Searsburg,
Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. Luclntla Ilowe ls vlsltlng her son
and grandson, L. L. Howe and W. D.
Howe. Mrs. Ilowe Is ovcr 90 ycars old,
but Is actlve for one of her ycars.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Davls spent Sunday
wlth Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Burbee ln South
The ladles' ald soclety wlll meot wlth
Mrs. T. F. Bogle next Wednesday nfter
noon. All are tnvlted.
A. Q. Barncs of Vernon has rcnted the
Hosea Mann pastures, and has taken a
drove of cattle to them.
H. D. Pike of White Rlver Junctlon
and slster, Mrs. Nevllle Rlce, vlslted thelr
uncle, T. F. Bogle, last Frlday.
John Sargent of Brattleboro has been
here looklng at hls fences, gettlng them
ready so that stock can be turned out.
Dwlght Kelsey has bought the farm of
the late Frank Wheelock's estate.
Word has been recelved by relatlves
here that Mrs. Mary Eels Sesslons has
broken her hlp by a fall at the home of
her grand-daughter ln Wllllamsburg,
Mass. Mrs. Sesslons ls a slster of the
late Joel Flagg, sr.
A hearlng was held before Justlce
Frank Ward at the hotel Monday, ln the
case agalnst George Warren, arrested
for polsoning four hogs owned by Bert
Whlttemore, for whom he had worked.
Warren pleaded guilty and was taken to
the jall to awatt trlal next fall.
Mr. Derby, who works for George Mll
ler on the J. H. Pratt farm, was thrown
from a loaded cart last week, the wheel
of whlch passed over hls leg below the
knee, crushlng the bones badly. He wlll
be unable to work for several months.
Thls week Mr. Mlller was also Injured by
belng kicked by a horse.
School began ln the Jacobs dlstrlct
Mrs. Smlth returned to Worcester
Leon Thayer of Brockton, Mass., Is
vlsltlng a week wlth hls parents.
Don't forget the May dance to be held
ln Grange hall thls (Frlday) evenlng.
Walter and Leon Thayer caught 56
trout welghlng about elght pounds May 1.
John Davls of Brattleboro tuned the
organ ln the Unlversallst church recently.
There wlll be servlces Sunday, May 11,
ln the Unlversallst church at 2.30, Rev.
R. K. Marvln, pastor.
Mrs. S. M. K. Bullock left Monday for
a vlslt of two weeks ln Sprlngfleld,
Fltchburg and Mlllers Falls.
Mlss Bessle Morse, who has been nt
tendlng school ln West Brattleboro, has
been obllged to glve up her studles thls
term on account of 111 health.
The funeral of Mlss Lucy Barney,
whose death took place Wednesday nlght
ln Vernon, wlll be held at the church ln
thls place Saturday afternoon at 2 p. m.
The ncxt regular meetlng of Broad
Brook Grange wlll be held Wednesday
evenlng, May 14. The lecturer has pre
pared the followlng program: Muslc by
the cholr; recltatton, Carrle Adams; se
lect reading, Mlss Buckman; paper, Ab
ble Jaqueth; muslc by cholr; select read
ing, Roy Ingraham; questlon, "What con
stltutes a good educatlon?"
R. T. Cutting is on the slck list thls
C. B. Clisbee and famlly are spendlng
the wcek at F. A. Rlchmond's.
Davld Worden, who has been slck sev
eral months, does not improve very fast.
Mrs. Jane Fletcher returned Tuesday
to Woburn, Mass., after spendlng the
week wlth her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Warren Wllson.
A. S. Gallup and S. A. Richmond are
at work thls week ralslng the Irqn brldge
at the Burnett place. It went down at
the tlme of the last hlgh water.
Allle Prouty was frlghtfully gored by
a bull Sunday mornlng. He would have
been fatally Injured,, but for the assist
ance of hls son. He had six rlbs broken
and hls bowels were lacerated. He ls
comfortable at thls writlng.
Is There Iron
Groat achievers,
men and women who
bring things to pass,
obstacles or no obsta
cles, have an abun-
dancoof iron in their
blood. They take
the initiativi" tliov
puah ahead, regardleas of obetaclea;
they succeed.
There is no quality of character that
gains more admiration and respect
than that which enables a person to
form a definite purposo and then con
centrate all his energy in executing it.
To possess and use this quality, it is
necessary to be in a eound mental and
physical condition, to have an abun
dance of iron in the blood, which
gives Btamina, vigor and endurance.
71 ironizes the
ishes, etrength-
ena and eteadies the nerves and
produces the above result. It is
a new and thoroughly scientiflo prep
ar.ition, combining iron with the best
tpnics and nutrienta; is agreeable to
tno taate, acceptable to the stomach
and readily assimilnted, and has the
great advantage of not causing consti
pation nor mjuring the teeth.
Peptlron Is made ln two forms: In a llquld
an nromatlc cordlal ellxlr-at Sl per bottle,
alo ln chocolate-coated pllls at BOc. or Sl per
box. By C. I. HOOD CO.. proprletors, Hood's
Sarsaparillo, Lowell, Mass.. U. S. A.
Selling Agent in Brattloboro:
GEO. E. GREENE, 63 Maln 8t
Ernest Allcn Is teachlng school In
Stratton. N
John Wolcott ls teachlng school ln
John Blacklock has bcen serlously III,
but Is now galnlng.
A. L. Howard drove home 100 head of
cattle to turn out to pasture.
Mrs. G. N. Wyman has returnpd homo
aftcr an absence of a few days.
Prcnchlng may bo cxpected at the Con
gregatlonal church next Sunday.
Wlll Foskett and John Clark drovo
home 90 head of cattle thls week.
Carroll Roblnson went to Brattleboro
Saturday to work In Clark's groccry
Mr. and Mrs. Wllbur Cushman of New
York clty are vlsltlng her parents, Mr,
and Mrs. Ilenry Sage.
Rev. J. F. Blacklock has been called
away on nccount of the death of hls
mothcr. IIc wlll be abscnt two Sundays.
W. L. Barncs was called to Chester
Monday mornlng on account of the 111-
ness of hls wlfe, who ls staylng at Dr.
C. W. Ray's,
By the energy nnd persevernnco of C,
B. Alexander we have dlrcct telcphone
communlcatlon wlth all the New Eng
land states. IIc has put ln six famlly
tclephones In Jamaica, and Is worklng on
the llnc to Wardsboro and South London
John Kellogg nnd wlfe and Albcrt Hll
dreth nnd wlfe of Sprlngfleld, Mass,, and
Mrs. Myrtle Sandcrs of Westfield brought
the body of thelr mothcr, Mrs. Lnurette
lvciiogg, to jamaica Monuay for burlal
The funeral was held ln the Congrega-
tlonal church, Rev. M. F. Hardy of
Townshend omclatlng. Beautlful flowers
were sent by frlends In Brattleboro. Her
loss ls felt In many households outslde the
famlly clrcle, and by the Congregatlonal
church, of whlch she was a mcmber. Out
of town frlends who came to the funeral
were Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Holdcn, and
Mrs. Frank Howard and slster of Brat
tleboro and Mr. and Mrs. WIIlls Taft of
West Townshend.
The W. C. T. U. held thelr annual meet
Ing Wednesday. The sccretary gave a
very Interestlng report, not only of the
year, but a resume for the 18 years slnce
the organlzatlon of the unlon. ln June.
1884. Only two names of those who were
membcrs at that tlme are on the present
roll, Mrs. J. C. Roblnson and Mrs. Lucy
Kellogg, nnd nt no tlme has the mcm
bershlp been as large as now. The trcas-
urer s report was recelved wlth applause.
the recelpts belng $42.20, expendltures
JZ4.B0, witn a casli balance on hnnd $17.00.
The superlntendents reported and a
short program was glven. It wns voted
to take elght coplcs of Home Guards,
Followlng thls was the electlon of ofll
cers and superlntendents, as follows:
Presldent, Mrs. Lucy Kellogg; vlce
presldents, Mlss Cecil Doane, Mlss Maud
Butler; secretary. Mlss Bessle Boynton;
trensurer, .Mrs. J. A. Muzzy; superln
tendents of departmcnls, evnngellstlc and
systematlc glvlng, Mrs. Ellen Amsden;
tlower mlsslon, Mrs. J. Q. Shumwny; non
alcohollc medlcatlon, Mrs. Nettle Torrey;
pcace nnd arbltratlon, Mrs. Charlotto
Seller; prlson and Jall. Mrs. G. N. Wy
man; Sunday school, Mrs. A. L. Alken:
temperance llterature, Mrs. Lucv Kel
logg; mothers meotlngs, Mrs. Ella J.
Roblnson; L. T. L., Mlss Ella WIIlls: so-
clal, Mlss Mabel Sage; delegates to
county conventlon. Mrs. F. C. Brlgham.
Mrs. A. L. Alken, Mrs. F. A. Ballard, Mlss
Cecll Doane, Mlss Mnud Butler; alter-
nates, Mrs. J. F. Blacklock, Mrs. J. B.
Rlckett, Mrs. C. Seller, Mrs. Nettle Tor
rey, Mrs. sophronla Bristol.
Some people guess. The well-lnformed
know. that the best place to buy mllllnery
Is at Mrs. Daggett's, the mllllner's, who
has recelved a fresh supply thls week.
A. F. Prouty Terrlbly Gored by a Bull.
A. F. Prouty was terrlbly injured by a
bull whlch he was leadlng from the sta
ble Sunday. The stnft broke and the anl-
mal chnrged hlm and In a moment more
would have kllled hlm but for hls son,
who rushed lnto the stable and wlth a
stake beat the brute away. Mr. Prouty
had six rlbs broken and the horns of the
bull punctured hls abdomen, so that a
surglcal operatlon was necessary. He
Is now under the care of a tralned nurse.
C. D. Rawson of Provldence, R. I., was
in town on buslness last week.
F. T. Roblnson of Boston was a guest
at J. W. Melendy's over Sunday.
Edna Johnson has moved lnto one of
the tenements in C. D. Farnum's house.
There was a receptlon at the Methodist
parsonage on Monday evenlng to greet
the new pastor and famlly.
Israel Lampson, one of our aged cltl
zens, dled at hls home in the north part
of the town on Monday after a Ungerlng
illness. The funeral was held at his late
resldence on Wednesday, Rev. Mr.
Billlngs offlclatlng, and the burlal was
at Clarksvllle. He leaves a wlfe and one
son, Henry J., of thls place.
E. M. and C. L. Dexter are here for a
few days.
Rev. J. II. Llngley has taken rooms at
the parsonage.
M. C. Stone and mother have moved
lnto E. M. Stratton's house on Elm street.
Mrs. Augusta Stancllft has been vlslt
lng her brother and slster at W. E.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Taylor and
daughter of Brattleboro vlslted at L. W.
Shepard's last week.
The date of the Sunday school conven
tlon should be the second Wednesday ln
June, lnstead of Wednesday, June 2, as
reported last week.
We regret to learn of the severe Illness
of Frank Bruce in Brattleboro. Hls son,
Frank E. Bruce, was called by telephone
on Wednesday afternoon.
Sam Blckford went Monday to West
Newton, Mass. He erfpects to master the
plumblng and ventllating buslness. He
wlll learn the trade of hls uncle, C. S.
The Decline In Meat Productlon.
The Manufacturers' Record of Balti
more, dlscusslng the present Bltuatlon
wlth regard to the actlon of the beef
trust and the prices of meat, produces a
chapter of interestlng statlsttcs with re
gard to the meat productlon of the past
20 years. These flgures show that while
there was a galn In the number of cat
tle, sheep and hogs between 1880 and
1892 of 40 per cent., there was a decline
between 1892 and 190"0 of nearly 20 per
cent., though durlng the same elght
year perlod the populatlon of the country
had Incrcased ovcr 11,000,000. The Record
says; "It ls a rather startllng sttuatlon
to flnd that, notwlthstandlng the great in
crease In the meat-consumlng capaclty of
the country by vlrtue of the greater pros
perlty In 1900, as compared wlth 1892, the
more general employment of tho people
and the galn In actual populatlon of 11,
fino.OOO, or, say, about 1C per cent., there
was a gradual decline of 27,000,000 head
of meat-produclng anlmals in that period,
or a decrease of nearly 20 per cent, Un
der such condltlons an advance ln prlce
was Inevltable. Followlng thls eltuatlon
there came a decrease last year ln the
corn crop In round flgures of about 1,
000,000,000 bushels, or, roughly speaklng,
B0 per .cent., and the same condltlons
whlch shortened the corn crop reduced
the grass of the West nnd Southwest."
Tho bellef of the Record, based on
these facts, Is that farmers and stock
ralsers are llkely to have things pretty
much thelr own way ln llve stock prices
for s-'veral years to come, whlle the con
suml.ig publlo must meet the sttuatlon
as best It may. The lesson It draws ls
that the farmers of the East ought at
once to turn thelr attentlon to stock
Mrs. Ellza M. Cushlng.
Mrs. Etiza M, Cushlng was releascd
from a'vcry pninful Illness on Frlday of
last wcek. Sho was born Nov. 21, 1817,
the oldcr daughter of Ilollln nnd Zllpha
Tuthlll of Townshend. She hnd a bright
capaclty to learn and wns educnted at
Leland & Gray Semlnnry. After teachlng
severnl years sho was marrled to Baxter
C. Cushlng of Newfane In 187G nnd came
here to llve. Mr. Cushlng's aflllctlon falls
hcavlly tipon hlm, tho more so as he has
recently grcatly mourned over the loss
of hls mothcr. Mrs. Cushlng began to
docllno In health nearly two years ago,
but fought agalnst dlscaso wlth the un
ntnchtng resolutlon whlch marked . her
character. When there wns no longer
hope of recovcry she bore with fortltudo
Increaslng pnln, dlrcctlng the care of her
famlly and herself to the very last. Be
sldes her husband Mrs. Cushlng left a
mother, Mrs. Tuthlll, nnd a slster, Mlss
D. M. Tuthlll, of thls place.
Rev. R. E. Danforth oIHclatcd on Sat
urday at the funeral nt the Cushlng
farm home, speaklng comfortlng thoughts
from tho words, "I have yet many things
to say unto you, but ye cannot hear
them now." Mr. nnd Mrs. C. L. Hes
cock sang "Sometlmc we'll understnnd,"
nnd "Ncarer, my God, to Thee." Sym
pnthy as expressed In beautlful tokens
from greenhouses nnd flelds was in free
evldence nnd recalled Mrs. Cushngi'H
great love for Ilowers. The burlal was
In the famlly lot at Townshend.
Mrs. Fred Smlth has bcen on the slck
llst thls week.
G'. B. Johnson spent last week mostly
ln Bellows Falls and Worcester.
Llsle M. Carpenter Is the present cn
glncer at F. A. Wellman's mlll.
Tho Loyal Temperance Leglon wlll
meet wlth Mlss Benedlct on Saturday at
3 p. m. !
Mrs. M. H. Burdlck of Putney has spent
the pnst week wlth relatlves and old
frlends here.
Thrce glrls unlted wlth the Congrega
tlonal church by professlon on Sunday
and one man by letter.
The Loyal Temperance Leglon, whlch
met nt Mlss Benedlct's on Saturday, re
celved the soclal cntertalnment of lce
cream and cake.
Reorganlzatlon of the Congregatlonal
Sunday school was postponed last Sun
day untll the followlng week on account
of n funeral servlce.
Mrs. Arthur Farnham, who spent Aprll
at the Mary Fletcher lioypltal In Burling
ton, has returned home wlthout the
nccesslty of submltting nt the tlme to
any surglcal operalon.
Tho temperance concert of the last
Sunday evenlng meetlng ln Aprll and the
Sunday evenlng meetlng of tho present
week, conducted by the Chrlstlan En
deavor soclety were- Interestlng servlces.
In the matcrial furnlshed ln last wvek's
obituary nottce of S. C. Stevens there
was an accidental omlsslon of the name
of Nelson Smlth of Brookline, a grand
son of Mrs. Stevens, whom Mr. Stevens
brought up as a son.
The prospect of establlshtng a Grange
In town ls sald to bo encouraglng. If
not practlcable Just yet to have an Au
dubon soclety let us hope that Its prin
clples may be comblned' In the nature
llfe of the llrst mentioned organlzatlon
when that ls assured.
Mr. and Mrs. Edwnrd Ormsbee of
Chlcago spent part of Tuesday at W. B.
I'ark's. Mr. Ormsbee ls a son of the
late Oscar Ormsbee, brother of Mrs.
Kezlali Park, and ls one of the lcgntees
of hls aunt, Mrs. Currler of New York,
who left most of her estate to two col
leges of New England. i
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Eddy. who left
last week to vlslt thelr daughtei, Mrs.
Charles Grout of West Townshend, wlll
spend several weeks wlth thelr son,
Hermon, In Stratton, and vlslt other chil
dren In tho enjoyment of a well-earned
rest durlng the summer, In whlch the
good wlshes of thelr frlends here wlll
follow them.
Resldent mlnlsters nppear drnwn to
Newfane. Besldes Rev. F. M. Wls
wall, who was recelved lnto the Congre
gatlonal church on Sunday by letter,
Rev. Mr. Bartlett, a former Methodist
pastor ln Wardsboro, wlll llve here for
the present at least, hls household goods
havlng been nlready moved to one of the
Eames tenements.
Dnndellons for greens on the hlstorlc
19th of Aprll, closely followed by gnr
den rhubarb, and many trees in full leaf
thls week, tell what the sprlng has
already vouchsafed to us ln splte of so
much cloudy and cool weather, and no
matter If some do prophesy a frost to
nlp later developments In the bud, for
thls week's glory ls ours.
The Daughters of Vermont ln Boston, j
sald to stand hlgh in the club llfe of the
clty, gathered 200 strong at the Ven
dome on the occaslon of thelr lnst annual
meetlng and among the offlcers elected
for the year are two formerly from
thls county, Mrs. Albert W. Pratt, re
cordlng sccretary, stlll of Newfane in the
summer, and Mrs. Jennie D. Vance (Sax
tons Rlver), treaeurer.
At the W. C. T. U. meetlng Wednesday
the topic of scientlflc temperance ln
structlon ln the schools wns brought out
in an interestlng program. Three new
members were reported, making a total
membershlp of over 40. Resolutlons were
passed ln memory of the late Mrs. Lucy
C. Cushlng, who was a valuable member
at the age of 92, and a ploneer ln the
temperance agitation of more than 70
years ago, and also for the late Mrs. Ger
trude Benedlct, who was for several
years the treasurer of the local unlon
and a most loyal member.
- inanns we wisn to express greater. The orlgln of the flre ls un
our heartfelt thanks to nll our frlends known.
and nelghbors for thelr klndly help and I
sympathlzlng mlnlstrntlon durlng the
sicKness of our loved one, and In the suc
ceedlng sorrowful days of our aflllctlon
Baxter C. Cushlng.
Mrs. Z. A. Tuthlll.
Della M. Tuthlll.
Newfane, May 6, 1902.
Senator McLnurln has tssued an ad
dress to tho people of South Carollnn, In
whlch he arralgns Tlllman's dlctator
shlp, and announces hls Intentlon to
Ignore the Democratlc prlmary In his
candldncy, clatmlng that that system had
been prostltuted and perverted from Its
proper uses lnto a machlne to carry out
the wishcs of the dlctator.
Our Locomotlves the Best.
Tlio ten new locomotlves recently sent to
France, to bo used on one of thelr lnrgest rnll.
roadi. have lieon found very putlsfnctory, and
ns thls number ls only tho llrst glilpment of nn
ordei' for flfty of them, It fliows thnt tlio for
clgn pcoplo are bcglnnlug to npprecliito tlio
valuo of Aincrlcan products. There fs another
Amcrlcnn product tlint has lecomo very promi
nent durinir the past 50 yenrs, nnd thnt is Hos.
tettcr's Stomach Dltteis.tIiostBndarr medleine
for stomach, Hver nnd bowcl complalnts.
Many people who hnvo cxperimcntod for yenrs
wlthunknnwn remcdleswltlinut flndlng rellcf,
hnvo been brought bnck to health by ttsusc,
Then thl? Is sm-elv the moiflnlnn fn. -mt t
tno llvcr and kl.lneye, und cnro dyspopsia, In-
dlgestlon, coustipntloii, flat ulency, and mnlaria
lever nnd nguo. Wo urtro you to try It, Tlio
genuino hns our Privnto Statnp ovcr tlio neek
of the bottlo.
Those unhappy persons who suffer from
nervousness and dyspepsla should use
Carter's Little Nerve Pllls, whlch are
made expressly for sleepless, nfrvous,
dyspeptio Bufferera. Prlce 25 centi.
For Over 8lxty Years,
Mrs. Wlnslnw's 8nnthlnirHrriini.no ..i
for ovcr UO nf tnrT.l.r.
thelr clilldren'wlilloteetliinK with pcrfect suc
A .8? '1C!. "IS. .''f?""e'18 ''?.rn's.
sllays all paln, cures wlnd colle. nnd is tlio best
reinody for dlarrhocn. It wlll reliovo tho ppor
Biaio in uior) Jur(. 01 llio worju
uuuiH u uoiriu. iiq Htim rn nair
low'sSoothlngSyrup," andtal.
m veuiy.nve
V t.-s. Wins.X over
f Per kinL perlod.
Tho Baptlst church Is belng palntcd.
Remember the shoe soclal thls evenlng.
There were many flshermen In town last
Fred Chamberlaln wns In town lnst
Mlss Mnry Ware Is vlsltlng her cousln,
George Ware.
Mlss Emma Walsh has gone to Bos
ton for a vlslt.
Mrs. W. it, Mlles spent last week In
Windham vlsltlng.
Enrl Davls lg teachlng tho vlllngc
school ln Newfane.
Mlss Ellen Wnre of Sprlngfleld, Mass.,
spent InBt week at homc.
Clirford Holbrook was one of tho flsh
ermen In town last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Glles liavo recently vls
lted at Mr. Waterhouse's.
Walter Mngoon vlslted hls slster, Clara,
at Mlss Flctchcr's last week.
Mlss Etta Gage of Fltchburg, Mass.,
hns come to tench ln tho Flshcr dlstrlct.
Mlss Cora Mason has gone to Bernards
ton, Mass., for a wcek to do dressmaklng.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Shermnn Wlllnrd spent
Sunday ln town wlth Mrs. Alba Wlllnrd.
Chuuncey Gnlo vlslted In town over
Sundny. Hls mother returned wlth hlm.
R. D. Phllllps Is holplng Melvln Pratt
palnt the Congregatlonal church at New
fane. J. W. Ingalls of Sterllng, Mass., Is
making n short vlslt wlth relatlves In
Mrs. Clara Blnnchard of Blnghamton,
N. Y Is vlsltlng her mother, Mrs. Cella
Leon BMp of Londonderry has taken
n lumbcr Job and moved lnto Mr.
Fnrmer's house.
J. C. Taft's new house has been plas
tcred, C. Stewart of Brattleboro dolng the
work last week.
E. C. Wcstphal and son, Howard, of
Provldence, R. I., vlslted last week at
S. E. Macdonald's.
Frank Joncs and famlly have moved
here from Putney. They are llvlng wlth
hls father, Emory Jones.
E. B. Batcheldcr hns let out hls cul
tlvated land to Walter Eddy. He wlll
cut the grass on tho farm.
Mr. Cushman of New York clty has
been In town wlth hls nutomoblle, a re
cent purchnse In Sprlngfleld, Mass.
Guy Dutton, who sprnlned an ankle and
has been at home several weeks, re
turned Monday to hls work ln tho mlll
at Brookline.
Mrs. Sarah Wllson Is havlng some work
done to the Inslde of her house by pa
perlng, also Mrs. Greenwood nnd Mrs.
Dale, Mr. Balley dolng the work.
Two jolned the Baptlst church by let
ter lnst Sunday. One letter was from the
Baptlst church In West Bratleboro, and
the other from the church ln Brookline.
Rev. Mr. Holdcn, who was expected last
Sundny to preach In the Baptlst church,
through some mlstake dld not ome, but
he Is expected to be here next Sunday.
Mr. Holdcn wlll come as a candldate.
There was a double weddlng Aprll 30
at the parsonage In Newfane, the partles,
wlth one exceptlon, belonglng to thls
town. Martln l'erry was marrled to Mlss
Lottle Dlnsmore nnd Ernest Blodgctt of
Dummerston to Mrs. Incz Swnn. Con
grntulatlons are extended.
W'o see from the papers that Old Home
Week Is belng tnlked up In placcs In our
own and other states. Don"t let us be be
hlnd In thls town, for we know people
from awny looklng forwnrd to revlsltlng
their old homes and nattve town. Don't
let them be dlsappolnted ln the non-ob-servance
of the week.
The body of Mrs. Baxter Cushlng was
brought here for burlal In the fnmlly lot.
Mrs. Cushlng wns n nntlve of thls town,
where she spent her younger days, nnd
where she was hlghly estecmed. She
had been for many years a member of the
Baptlst church here. Much sympathy Is
felt for her husband In hls bereavement.
Rev. Lawrence Greenwood, the evnn
gellst, ls expected here Saturday. He
wlll hold meetlngs here for n week. Mr.
Greenwood ls a flne slnger and hns been
named for thls reason the stnglng cvan
gcllst. He wlll come from the clty of
Manchester, where he hns been holdlng
meetlngs a number of weeks wlth good
Mlss Mabel Martln, who has so re
cently returned from the Conservatory of
Muslc In Boston, where sho hns been
studylng some tlme, and where she went
to flt herself to tench muslc in the pub
11c schools, has n class ln our vlllage
school, whlch Is giving the scholars a
flne opportunlty to lenrn to slng. Mlss
Martln has taken a posltlon as dlrector of
muslc ln the Baptlst church, where she
wlll slng on Sunday.
Mrs. S. E, Mncdonald, an experlenced
dressmnkcr, wlll be ready for business
any tlme nfter thls date.
Perry's Steam Mlll on Fire.
B. L. Perry's steam mlll was dlscoverpd
to be on flre soon nfter 6 o'clock Frlday,
May 2. A bucket brlgade was soon
formed and everythlng posslble was done
to save the mlll. The englne room was
saved. The englne and boiler are all
rlght. The englne room wns taken
down to prevent further damnge. Two
blg saws, some small saws, a lot of
beltlng, oll and tools were saved. Mr.
Perry estlmates hls loss at 500, wlth no
Insurance. N. D. Allen also lost about
1100 on logs nnd lumber In and around
tne mlll. The mornlng wns stlll, other-
' wise the
unmnirf. mlirht hnvo h..n
Leon Parsons returned to rtrnttlnVmrn
May 3.
N. D. Allen has gone to Holyoke on
. buslness.
I Mlss Mattle Baybrooks has gone back
to Vernon.
I" Mr. and Mrs. Jnmes Lackey have re
turned from a trlp to Manchester.
Alva R. Styles has moved from tho C.
II. Grout place to the old Ball house.
Irene N, Allen has flnlshed work at E.
A. Eddy's and Is nt work at W. H.
Stlles's ln West Wardsboro.
How Northfield Went Llcense.
The selectmen of Northfield have grant
ed a llquor llcense to Frank B. Wood &
Co. of the Loveland House. The com
pany consists of J. E. Coleman, who has
run the barber shop there for two years.
The only other place for whlch formal
petttlon for a llcense was mado was
Stlmpson's Inn. It appeared that Stlmp
son's Inn was wlthln 400 feet of the prem
Ises of school house. It is not wlthln
400 feet of the buildlng itself, but the
selectmen belleved that the law would
affect the grantlng of a llcense to n place
wlthln 400 feet of the premises of a school,
Tho grantlng of a llquor llcense ln
Northfield, the home of the Moodys and
noted over the country as a centre of
influences whlch have always been op-
,n,osed t the idca of llcenslng the sale of
"a ULen cornmenteu upon very
wldely. Northfield no llcense people say
nmi nicic wiii ue a oig no vote next year,
At the Mnrch meetlng things went nlong
very quletly untll about 20 mlnutes be
fore the polls closed, when a pnrty of
about 30 men appeared, supposedly ad
vocates of llcense, nnd east thelr votes, at
a tlmo of day when It was too late to
rally the partlsans of no llcense. Green
fleld Gazette.
The rush of Immtgrants to New York
whlch has slgnallzed the flrst four mnnili.
Qf the year reached a cllmax the wp.u
endlniT SntUrdnv nlfrht riti.-tF.rr
tlmo 25,120 Immlgrants were brought
to the clty from varlous Euronean norts
The total number of Immlgrants arrlv
lng for tho four months ending Aprll 30
was 178,804, an excess of more than 30,000
any previous year for the same
Rev. E. II. Bartlett has moved lnto Mrs.
Farnum's house for n short tlme.
John Mnrtln nnd Henry Gllfcnther hnvo
gone to Peru to work for Nobte Rawson.
Work on the crenmery bulldlng.ls under
wny ntid wc hope to see It completcd
Our vlllage school began Monday wlth
Mlss Lucy Illtchcock of Leicester, Vt.,
as tcacher.
Mlss Nettle Blshop of Brattleboro has
bcen In town looklng nfter her place nnd
household goods.
Rev. Mr. Brown nnd wlfe, who have
been hero tho past two weeks, began
housekvcping Monday.
Mnlrolm Knnpp, who has been spendlng
the pnst few weeks wlth hls mother, has
returned to New York.
There wlll be an old-fashloned pound
pnrty at the parsonnge Tuesday evenlng
of next week. Come one, come all, and
don't forget to brlng your pound, or your
pounds, If you wlsh.
Mrs. Harrls nnd Mrs. Joncs vlslted nt
D. C. Dextcr's Frlday.
Lou Putnam Is making ns rapld Im
provement ns could be cxpected from her
severe Illness.
I Mrs. Ellls Wilder, who has bcen In III
health some tlme. haB not been ns well
slnce movlng last week.
F. L. Ellls, who Is foreman for the
Unlted Lumber company of Sprlngfleld,
went to Peru Monday to begln bulldlng
a mlll on the tlmbcr lot whlch tho com
pany has bought there.
S. G. Estnbrook of Gardncr, Mass., has
been here several dnys making repalrs
1 on hls shop and movlng hls household
goods from the house which he sold last
year to F. E. Brlgham. Mrs. Estabrook
Jolned hlm ln cnlllng on frlends on Mon
Raymond G. Rlce Is a mcmber of Com
pany C, 13th reglment, N, G. S. N. Y.
Mrs. Addle Rlce wlll spend a few weeks
ln West Wardsboro before taklng her
1 summer case nt Sarnnnc Lake,
i In the denth of Mrs. E. A. Plcrce
j another of the aged members of the
church has passed away. She began to
fall last August, and nlthough she kept
up mostly for two months she wns n
great sufferer nnd flnally had to glve up
. hard work, growlng gradually worse un
tll the end, whlch came pencefully last
I Monday evenlng. She hnd been a mcm
' ber of the Baptlst church here and In
I other placcs slnce her 17th year and wlll
be greatly mlssed In the church nnd
prnyer meetlngs. whlch she loved to at
tend. She had been an cnrnest member
or tne v. c T. u. slnce Its organlzatlon
In 18S6. nnd wns nlways Intercsted In tem
perance nnd mlsslonary work. She wns
nnxlous for the end to come that she
mlght meet her Savlour and be at rest.
Her departure so soon nfter that of her
grnnd-daiiKhter, Amy Perry, makes n
double sorrow, and thero are many who
sympathlze wlth the berenved ones.
Nnthan Covey vlslted in town lnst week.
Vere Eddy ls vlsltlng hls brother, G. E.
John O. White is very 111 wlth pneu
monln. Mlss Mary Harrls Is spendlng several
dnys ln Chester.
H. E. Wood has recently complcted hls
new storehouse.
Tlmothy Goddard of Ohlo called on
frlends In town Monday.
Jullan Harrls returned to his home In
Greenfleld, Mnss., Monday.
Mrs. Myrn Vaughan of Woodstock came
Monday to spend the summer wlth her
daughter, Mrs. A. A. Goodell.
Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Axtell are spend
lng several days In town, vlsltlng thelr
daughter, Mrs. George Carleton.
Mrs. George Hnrrlngton Is In Chester
helplng care for her grand-daughter,
Beatrlce Lawrence. who ls sick wlth scar
lct fever.
E. L. Ilurbec Is spendlng the week In
Sprlngfleld, Mass.
Frank Davls nnd wlfe of West Dover
were nt E. L. Burbee's last week.
E. H. Motiltrop nnd Leon Torrey of
West Dummerston were ln town Satur
day. J. B. Fountnlne has bought thnt part
of the Lanphear farm lylng In Wind
ham. The Goodell mlll wlll start up In n few
days. There are about 400,000 feet In tho
The Burbee mlll shut down lnst
Thursday, havlng completcd tho sca
son's sawlng.
Mrs. W. S. Mnultrop has spent two
weeks wlth her son, E. H. Moultrop, ln
West Dummerston.
F. C. Bee of Keene, N, II., hns been
In town two weeks. He ls movlng hls
household goods to Keene.
Wllmlngton Man Robbed.
Cyrus Mecho, a lumberman who hns
worked in Wilmington or vlclntly more
or less of the tlme durlng tho past nlne
years, pnrted with Jlll of hard-earned
money recently, the result of hls work on
...c Biuiiib iub urives or tne ueerneld
Rlver company. Mecho recelved hls pay
of the company Tuesday, but, accordlng
to hls story, declded not to go off ln
company wlth the other log drlvcrs, for
the reason that he wns afrald of falllng
lnto temptatlon, gettlng full. and "blow
lng In" all of hls money. So he declded
to stay In Wilmington for a few days
untll hls compnnlons hnd tlme to get
scattered. the supposltlon belng that
there Would be no temptatlon ln Wil
mington nnd thnt even lf he dld get in
toxlcated he would not run the rlsk of
loslng hls cnpltnl as he would In the
clty, Mecho nccordlngly made hls head
quarters wlth Noe Dupius. He hung hls
cont up in the kltchen wlth Jlll tucked
away ln nn old tobacco bag. Just before
retlrlng he felt In the pocket and the
money was mlsslng. He says he Is sure
that the money was ln the coat when it
was hung up. as durlng the evenlng he
had occaslon to take out n small blll
whlch was put bnck in the roll ngaln wlth
the others.
Clarence, 10, son of W. D. Goss of
Lyndonville, commltted sulclde Monday
by shootlng through the head wlth a
rl He. whlch he dlscharged by placlng a
stlck on the trlgger. He was subject to
flts and was despondent.
Ralnandiwtit WtsvN 1
(itti the dunp, w
do not brek. V " A N I
ndcut. Th kVi, nL.
htrnc eot JJsHvtL .
cnlykep, BnA JVM
wtr't twlce TTjfl li. Irft
longhy th jhSI ' T2X&L Ji
uieofEurck 0L VV'
Slin'dard 011 Jf tyj
Fall From a
Horso Rosults
Whilo Mr. L. J. Davis, of Maiiisteo,
Mich., wtts ritling his horso near tho
rnilroad, tho onimal was frightcued nt a
passing train nnd Iwcamo aumaungeablo
Tho horso pluuged and,' nlthough Mr.
Davis is n good ridor, thomoveniGiit was
so qulck aud unexpcctcd that bo was
thrown from his saddlo and struck tho
pavcmcnt with his head and shouldcrs.
IIo wnj plokod np unconscious and it
was nt flrst thought his ncck had bcen
broken; bnt an cxnmination rovealed
that this was not tho caso. When ho
cnmo to hisscnseshe was found partially
In telling tho story, Mr. Davis said to
tho reporter of the Mauistco Tinics: "It
wns thrco days and nights nfter tho nc
cident beforo I camo to know nnyono,
and th(iu I found my left sido wns pnr
alyzcd. I could uot movo ovcu n fluger
or too on my left side aud my left oyc
was nlTected. A doctor treatcd mo for
threo months nfter I wns burt but I got
no better. Aftcr thls had gono ou for a
couplo of years I naw an account in n
paper of how a man was curcd of creep
ing paralysis by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pnlo Pcoplo, nnd I thought per
baps they would holp mo. And thoy
did. I began to got better immediately
aud kept taking them till I was curcd.
I am doing my work now without diffl
culty and rccommend Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Palo Peoplo to evcry one whom
I henr complaiu."
Mr. Davis is a marino engincer on the
tug Stevens aud, nlthough theoccident
took ploco cleven ycars ago, he has not
had a toucb of tbo complaint sinco his
niorvclous care by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Pnlo People.
It ls a roosonable claim that if Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pnle Pcoplo will
cnre severo cases of this nnture they will
readily accoinplish as good resufts in
lesser nfllictions of ths nerves. That
this is so is substantiatcd by stntemeuta
from thousands of pooplo who havo been
cured by them. They are a positive
spociflc for all diseases arising from a
dernnged nervous system or poor WockI.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People
are sold by all dcalcrs or will bo sent
postpaid on reocipt of price, flfty cents a
box; six boies for two dollars aud fiftv
cents, by addressing Dr. Williams Medl
ciuo Company, Scbenectady, N. Y.
Blck ndcha and rclieTs all tho tronblos lnel
dent to buioua atate of tbe ayitem. auch as
Clzztoesa, Kauaea, Drowauiea, PUtraia after
eating, Paln ln tbe BiJo, 4c Whllo tbelrmost
rcmarkable sacceas has been shown ln carlng
IleadKho. yet Carter's Ltttlo Llver riUa aro
equally Talnablo ln Conatlpatlon. curtnganj pre
Tentlng thla annojinR compUlnt.'whlle they alio
corrcctaUdlaorderaof tbeatomacbtlmulatetha
llrer and regulato tbo bowels. renlf they only
Aebo tbey ironld bo abaoe t prlcelesa to tboas who
nffer f rom thla dlatreaalng complaint; but form
cately thelrEoodneaadoes notendhere,and thcna
who once try them wlll flnd theae little pllla Talu
bleinaomany waya that they will not be wtr
Uogtodo without them. Bnt after alUlckbe4
Is the bane of to many llres that here ls where
wemake our great bout. Our pUlacurelt whlle
othera do not.
Cartera Little LlTer Pllla aro very mall and
Teryeaaytotake. Oneor two pllla make a doae.
They are trlctly vegetable and do not grlpe oi
puK but by thelr gentle actlon pleaae all who
oaetham. Inrlaliat2ScenU; flre for $1. Sold
by draggiata everywhero, or sent by tnalL
UOo.9. UFriw,
The Greatest Bargaln
ever offered In Brattleboro
No. K with six grlddles. dock osh grate. ash
piin.nlcklo tnwel rod. knobs and name plate
wlth heuvy buse. for
Thls Is n dandy Itango nnd a Dargalij. Tbo
same ratigo with rescrvolr for
Call nnd peo it beforo purchasing clscwhere.
The Brattleboro Blue Store,
58 Maln street.
Some People Want the Earth.
All I want Is a little off the top,
You can have the rest.
Qulck enles nnd Binull proflts on all klnds
Ilinbed Wlrc. l'oultry Nettlnir, ltooflnir
Pnper, Zlnc. Pnlnt.. OI), White I.ead, ctc.
nEAiiv-MAin: on make to ohiikh.
If you wunt a boo1 Washlii( Jlachlne,
Wrlntter, Wash Ilonrd, Ironlntr Iloard, or
neneh, I hnvo tliem. Also a good lluo of
Tolcphono 33-12. 40 Elllot St.
8ells Everythlng
F. J. BAILEY & CO., Ryther Bulldlno
Evans's Hair Restorep.
VE that irray hnir ls thooldman's
We are continually bringing out
new ideas in Trimmed Millinery.
If you wish to select a hat or
bonnet already trimmed, visit
our show rooms before purchas
ing. Children's Trimmed Dress
Hats from 75c. to $5.00.
Do not fail to see our attrac
tive showing of Round Hats,
Turbans, Toques, Continentals,
Colonials, Roll-brim Sailors,
Flats, etc.
New things
in Neck Wear.
Another lot of silk and chiffon
We scll the Karpen Guaranteed Couch,
thc only perfect couch made. Wo
should bc pleased to have you call and
let us cxplaln its mcrits.
Tbe Kre-.itest Invcntlon ln cbalrs ls tho
Swing Rocker.
Comfort nnd durabillty comblned.
Have you feen nnd tried them? They
cost a trltle more, but.
We bnve received another lot of Vapor
lzol Wool Mattresses.
A New Idea
Boys' Shoes
called the
These shoes are made from one
piece of strong leather, with only
one short seam.
The makers claim that they will
outwear two pairs of any other
Sizcs9 to 12, $1.15.
Slzes 121-2 to2, $1.25.
Sizes 21-2 to 51-2, $1.50.
Near the Brldge.
Fresh from
W. N. Dunklee's,
We are now the exclusive ngents.
Pure Leaf Lard
"NOHTH STAll" brand.
Is tho best to bo had.
Elllot Street.
If you wlll 1ust lonlc Intn n'ur south
wlndow you wlll see the best 10c nssort
ment of Decorated Ware ever shown In
Brattleboro. Theao aro bargains that
you may never havo a chnnce to get
ngaln. You had better securo what you
want of them at once, as wo wlll not
have any moro of thls. The assortment
consists of Oatmeals. Berry dlshes,
Bone Plates, Tea Plates, Bowls, and
Cup and Snucers,
Brattleboro. Greenfleld.
E. R. LYNCH, M. D. ,
Office and Hospital
39 Elllot St., Brattleboro, Vt
Hours untll 0 a. m; 1 to 3, and 7 to 10 p. m.
Surgery and Diseases of Women
and Chlldren a Speclalty.
Telephono, 233.
All tho Newa of Windham County
11X0 a Yaar.

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