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Lo s About $25,000 With $8,000 Irv
surance Flre May Have Been Set
by a Tramp.
uwl Mlll." ono of tho oldest pa-
mills In thls iart of Iho country nnil
m thi' prlnclpul buslness plunts ln
i a ), it a mass oC rulns, a nlcturo of
i.i lioii. lt wiis nlmost wholly de
. .1 li llre Sundny mornlns, a!l thut
. , n oi tliu mlll proper bolns a largo
. .ii litmt ntul twlslnd lrou. In its
. unitlon not only hns Cupt. Wm. llob
, ; -uii, Its owner, sustaitit'd a very henvy
1r.--. but tho buslness intercst of the
, ,n hnve rccclved a sevcro blnw, Cnpt.
l: rt.-im foellns thtit bo ls tiot wur
i iii. il in thlnkini; of robulhlliiK, belng
Liwanls of SO years of age. Tho con
, ii,..u nf hla buslness was such that
i HiibortKon would not havo sold
mill for $25,ono. It was Instired for
through H. K. Taylor & Son's
iu y In Urattleboro.
it w.is thouplu nt flrst that spontunc
- i omliiistlon probably was tho causo
n: tlK- llre, but thcre are Indlcntio'us that
,i w.is set by a trntnp. Aliout 1 o'clock
tijnliv morning Josoph Humrlll, nlght
v un in In tlu Stowoll factory,
i . .imh he henrd a nolse In tho upper part
,' thc fartory, but ho was unable to de
..inilne tho source of tho nolse. Later,
wnli j:oing hls rounds on tho thlrd lloor,
i, i s-melled tobacco smoke. and on mnk-
ii. g an inrestlsatlon found a tramp on
t'n lloor smoking. Ile nsked thc tramp
i w hc got in and tho latter replled that
1 came In through one of the ground
f "ir windows. Mr. Ilumrill ordcrod tho
trttnp out of tho bulldlng, but he re
fused to bo until he was threatened with
nrrest. Then lio startcd In tho dlrectlon
nf the Itobertson mlll. Tho mlll had been
h it down to nllow somo repalrs to he
made, there was no flrc under tho boll
ers and all tho rmployes wero away.
About & o'cloek In tho morning Danlel
C'rnwloy, mnrhlnc tender, wbo hns been
employed by Mr. Hobertsqn 23 years,
went to the mlll and ln a few mlnutes
heard n crnokllng sound ovcrhead In
the west end, farthest from the en
trance. On looklng up ho saw flre on
the second lloor and Immedlately gave an
alarm. Then he attempted to got a
stream of wator on to the llre, but the
locntlon was such that he was unable
to do so. The flre Uepartment lald 1100
feet of hose from the water pump ln the
Cole mlll, there belng no steam with
whlch to operato tho steam pump, and by
hnrd work they wero nble to savo the of
fice bulldlng, nlthough lt took flre sev
oral times and on ono sldo was badly
charred. If the olllce bulldlng had burn
ed, the store iiouse, In whlch was ovcr
$jii00 worth of paper, also probably would
have burned. The flre throws about 13
persons out of cmployment.
The mlll was devoted prlnclpally to tho
manufncture of colored paper. Its dally
capaclty was about 4000 pounds of battcn
paper, used for wrapplng up cotton, and
from 2300 to GuOO pounds of tbln tlssuo pa
per. It was enulpped with a DG-lnch
machlne, two englnes and other ma
chlnery. The machlne had slx drlers,
two of whlch were put ln a year ago.
Included ln the property burned was
about $2000 worth of paper ready for shlp
ment, $1000 worth of colnrlng matter, an
ncetylene gas plant put In last wlnter at
a cost of $300, and $2X worth of nearly
new beltlng. The mlll was put ln flrst
class condltlon a year ago at an ex
pense of ff.000. The prospect for busl
ness was unusually good.
The mlll stood ln what 1s called "the
pit," belng down ln the valley east of
the vlllnge, near a huge cllft whlch rlses
to a helght of nearly 100 feet. About 100
years ago a saw mill stood there. Af
terwards Capt. Robcrtson's father made
paper thcre by hand. In 1S2S tho old
mlll was washed away by a freshet. A
new paper mlll was erected whlch was
owned by Kphrlam Holland of AValpole,
N. II. Whcn Capt. Itobertson was 2i)
years old ho leased the mlll and made
straw paper. Afterwards he bought the
mlll and ran lt unlll lt Was worn out,
when ho tore It down and built a new
one. whlch was tho ono burned.
Thero has been somo talk of formlng
a stock company to put up a new mlll
and continue the buslness, but nothing
deflnlte has been declded upon. The slte
and water privllege certalnly is too val
uablo to lay idle. The dam, penstock,
bleach, and probably tho bollers, are not
damaged, and these with the pxcellent
busineys prospect otight to be utlllzed by
all means. Deepest sympathy 1s felt
with Capt. Itobertson in his great loss.
The F. L. Florce estato will bo sold
by auctlon May 23 by W. S. Adams, trus
teo. Tne Uaptlst society ls rehearslng for a
May day festlval to bo glven ln the town
Mrs. Mary Lee and chlldren of Bel
lows Falls are vlsitlng at Mrs. Wllllam
Tho Methodlst church wlll ktvo lce
tri-am and cake durlng the afternoon nnd
evenlng of Memorial day. '
MIss Plerco and Mlss Klnney oponed
thelr schools MonJay. They have been
closed a few days on account of lllness.
Rev. F. I.. Metcalf. the new Methodlst
pastor, was glven a receptlon by his par
ishloners in Drookllne Wodnesday ovon
ing. A. A. Wing of Mechanlcsville, formerly
of Putney, spent the flrst of the week
with hls son, Gcorgo Wlng. returnlng
Dr. Ksmond wlll glve a paper In the
Congregatlonal church Sunday evenlng
on "The opportunlty for a llfo of servlce
in medlclne."
Tho Colo Paper company's mlll was
shut down last Frlday for two we'eks.
Goneral repalrs wlll bo made while tho
mlll Is closed.
The ladles" ald society of the Uaptlst
church wlll meet in the vestry next Wed
nesday. Supper wlll be served from 0
to S, followed by n soclable. The publle
N lnvlted.
R, C. Winchestcr of Holyoko camo tn
Putney Monday on a flshing trlp, ac
rompanled by threo frlends as In former
years maklng thelr hcadiiuarters at Wll
liam Cole's. Mrs. Wlnchester came with
the party for a vlslt at Mr. Colo's.
Ilon. Joel C. Uaker of Rutland wlll be
the Memorial day speaker. On Sunday
Dlfeolves anil swlftly icmovce
etone nnd gravel (red aml white)
from tlie Kldneya aml llladder,
thus tellevlng tlie palnof Kidney
Collo and avolding tlie surBeoiiii
knlfe. Cal-ciira Solvcut prcvcnta
tho forniatlon of urlc acld in tlie
lllood and corrects those coinll
tions of tlie Stomach w lilch nro
duce Oout poisoning aml HUcu
matlsui. Cal-cura bolvent Is
Dr.David Kennedy's
New Eledicine
It expcls gall etones, plvea licalth to tho IJvcr and
curcs bllloua collc and coiitlpatlon. I)r. Davld
Kctnedy euldof lt, "Cal-cura Solvcut U tho outconio
of mj long experlence as a I'liyulelan and Surcon
and I conaliler it thegreatctt acliievcmcnt of my life."
Write to the Cal-cura Company, Ketmedy Itow,
Rondout, N, Y., for tt freo Bauiplo bottle. Largo
bottlfafl.OO. All ilniBgUts.
Itcincmbcr ; Only one Dr. Davld Kenncdy evcr Hvcd
Inltondont.Cltyof Klngton.N.Y., and liomroyou
Ket lils new aml latett tucdlclue, Cal-cura Solvcut,
For the Kidneys,
Liver and Blood.
tnnrnlng ber.ire Memorlnl day thore wlll
be n union servlce ln tho Motbodlst
ehurch. with sertnon bj ltav. Slr. Mot
rnlf. ltew Mr. Ilnyward wlll preach ln
IJnst l'utncx.
Tht-re was no prenchlng servlce In the
Congregationul church Smiday morning,
Hev. Mr. llnywnrd belng one of tho hoso
mon nt tho Ilobcrtson paper mlll flre.
Mr. Hnywaril felt that hls nsslstnnco
at the llre was hls flrst duty, and the
publle heartlly npproves hls course.
Tho llstors havo been In sesslon thls
weok revlolng the grand llst and mnk
ing iho ilnnl footltigs. Thc llst shows a
los due In part to the new law ln regard
to snvlngs lmnk deposlts. Thls law al
lows a person to hnvo In tho savlngs
banks freo fiom laxatlon $.VW moro than
formerly, or $2000.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. S. Ilannum of thls
town and tholr daughtor, Mrs. Oolla
Taylor of SpolTord, X. II., went to Urls
tol. Conn., last wcrk on nccount of tho
denth of Mr. and Mrs. Hannum's grand
daughter, Iho elght-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Clnyton. Tho chlld
dled on Wodnesday nf pnoumonla,
whlcn followed rheutnatlc fover. Sho
was the flfth chlld Mr. and Mrs. Clay
lon hnvo lot by death. Mr. and Mrs.
Ilamuim wlll remnln In Urlstol two weoks
or more.
I llenry Tibbets has bought the Gonrgo
i.imgs piace irom u. i". I'arkor.
Memorlnl exerclscs wlll be held at
lMerce's hall Sunday aftcmoon, May 21.
The ladles' aid society wlll meet with
Mrs. John Austln noxt Tucsday after
noon. Mls rinronce Converso nnd Mlss Ilelon
Kmor.son of Urattleboro spont Sunday at
Charles Converso'K.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. V. Shnw wero cnllcd to
I'ortland, Malno. last wcek to attend
tho funernl of Mr. Shaw's brother,
Ceorge Shaw.
Mrs. John L. I'iko Is serlously 111.
Jesso Wilder has moved to U. C. Bar
low's house on lllversido street.
Mr. and Mrs. Josoph Courtomanche
were In North Adams on TuosJay.
K. J. Uullock was ln town on Wednes
ilay arranglng for an excursion to North
Adams on next Tuesday evcnlng.
J.imes M.cUonaId and famlly movc
from town thls week, Mrs. McDonalJ
and the chlldren golng to Island I'ond
and Mr. McDonald'to Malno.
The organ recltal at tho Unlversallst
chuivh on Tuesday evenlng was well at-
I tended and tho excellent playlng by I.u-
cien llowe of Urattleboro was enjoyed
uy an.
1'orter J. Fltch lett town on Wodnes
day for Illlnols. where ho wlll marry MIss
Mlnnle Hubbard. Mr. and Mrs. Fltch
wlll return In a few wceks and occupy
thelr tenement on Illgh street. Mnny
frlends wlsh them much hapiilness.
Miss B. Ieone Ilussell sang nt Shol
btirno Falls, Mass., on Monday evenlng
ashlsted by MIss Grace Shattuck and C.
L. lirigham, viollns, Warren Hrlgham,
vlolincollo, Miss AUcrta Amstoln, ac
eompanlst and the Arms male quartet.
Major Fred W. Chllds is in town thls
week looking after tho hotcl nnd Memor
ial hall Improvements. He hns placod a
line palnting "Splrlt of Seventy Slx,"
nver the llreplnce In the otllre ronm. The
lawn ln front of the hotel wlll be put ln
llit-class condltlon.
The followlng item has been handed ln
by a parent: "Why should the chlldren
of our vlllngo schools siiffer for want of
bllnds on tho school bullillng? Last wln
ter the gl.irlng Ilght was oxceedlngly un-
nl,in!int .'ttiil t.i1 Kric. n.t.l nmi'
the summer sun will soon rench its stenith ,
helght and there ls no wnv of shuttlng i
out the heat. to say nolhlng of the p,w-
erful llght whlch tloods the school room. 1
Why wns the dlstrict at the exponso to ,
put on bllnds when bulldlng the school-
house, If they were of so little um) tlint
they eould remaln off a good part of the
year? Wo would inquire whose duty lt 1
Is to see that tho scnool bulldlng is made
comtortniue nnd pleasnnt when the sclinol i
Is in sesslon'.'
The annual meeting of the Chrlstlan
F.ndeavor society wlll be held next Tues
day evenlng at G. E. Walker's.
Hev. G. W. Morrow spoke last Sun- I
day of the work of the Antl-Saloon ' IS to 11.
leaguo to an appreclatlvc audlence. I Frank llastings had the tlesh on his
The May meeting of tho W. C. T. U. ' rlght urm between the elbow nnd shnul
wlll bo held ln tho chapcl noxt Thursday i der, badly crushed and lnceruted ut Hulle
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. The toplc will Ac Frost mill Wednesday afternoon by
be temperance trnlnlng for the young 1 gettlng lt caught lu tho wool scourlng
with Mrs. A. A. Wyman as leader. ' machlne.
Among old rosldents who called ! Geo. A., K. C. O. C, and Geo. E. Itob
on frlends last week were Mrs. Charles 1 erlson went to Putney, Vt.. Monday to
Warren of Keene, Mrs. L. H. Eastman i
of Alken, S. C, and W. G. Stovens, who !
has spent tho wlnter ln a hotel ln Flor-
Ida. I
... r.,ID rAM cTATr
uiomus miucrs nouse anu lour oarns ,
ln Panton were burned Monday ufter
noon, with several head of llvo stock and
valuablo personal property. Mr. Butler
carrled $j3T3 insurance ln the Vermont
Mutual company.
E. II. Shattuck, 17, proprietor of the
Hotel Shattuck ln Burlington, committed
sulcldo Tuesday nlght, shootlng hlmsolf
In thu mouth with a rovolver. Hls wlfe
found his body In hls room about 8
o clock. No cause for hls act Is known.
Mlnnle Taylor, 10, daughter of llenry
Tayloi. livlng ainlle south of HutlanJ,
was burned to denlh Monday. She and
a you. ger s.sier wero 1011 nione. hne i j.-0bi-unry roturued to her home In Ar
attempted to start a flre ln he stoye so llngtol)i -, Tuesday. She was accom-
as iu prepare some IOou, anu ner ciotnes
i wo eninu crmoni ireignt irains
colllded ln Milton earlv Thui.dav mnrn-l
Ing. Fireman A. I.. llanney was kllled
and four other tnilntnen were Injured.
The nccldent wns duo to forgetfulness
of orders. Itanney was 2i5 years old. Ho
leaves a wlfe anu two little chlldren
The Vermont Commnndery, Mllltary
Order of ho I.oyal Legion, e ected these
nlllnncc nt n n nno I ninnHniT linl,1 ln
! 1,lcrs tat ",e ?nnual mcotlns 1,oId
er, G. G. Benedlct of Burlington; senlor
i vlce commander. Iledlleld, Proctor of
1 Proctor; junlor vlco commander, Admlral
I C. E. Clark, United States navy; re-
corder, II. O. Wheclcr of Burlington;
reglstrar, G. D. Willlams of Burlington;
treasurer, G. S. Blodgott of Burlington
chnncello'r. C. E. Beach of Burlington;
chaplnin, Rev. E. M. Huynes of Rutland;
i council, Josinh Grout of Derby, A. D.
Brown of Montpelier, D. K. Andross of
I Brndford, I.. C. Lenvcns of Richford, J.
F, llookor of Brattleboro. The electlon
was followed by a banquct nt tho Vnn
Ness house.
G. F. Swlft's Maxlms.
The lato G. F. Swift, the blg meat
paoker of Chlcago, was fond of a few
sententlous saylngs whlch summed up
his buslness philosophy. Most success
ful men, wiio have made tholr own ca
rcers, generally have ln thelr mlnds say
lngs llke Mr. Swift's. The lato M. De
Blowltz, the celebrated Journnllst nnd
correspondent of the I-ondon Tlmos. wns
fond of polntlng out thnt a man's suc
cess n lifo depends upon hls wlllingnoss
to "take tho trouble"; or", ns others have
said, to tako palns. Somo of Mr. Swift's
muxims. not nll of them, are worth not
Ing: Ever.v tlmo a mnn loses hls temper ho
loses hls head, and when ho loscs hls
head he loses several chances.
Next tn knowlng your own buslness,
lt'3 a mlghty good thlng to know as
much about your nelghbor's us posslblc,
speclally If he ls ln tho samo line.
The licher a man gets, tho more care
ful he should bo to kcep hls head lovel,
The best a man ever dld shouldn't be
hls standard for tho rest of hls llfe.
You ean never make a biu success
worklng for anybody else.
K. I. l.iuham of H.istmi was with hls
laniliy heie over Sunday.
I'.ev. II. Gertrudo Itosco.- rocently vlg
ited lu-r patflits In Unllold.
Mr. C. V. Snfford Ims beon on the
slck llst the pust two wockB.
I'ie.1 l'olley is ttorklng ln tho lllldroth
pilntlng olllce In Urnttleboro.
George llritton Is In Cheslerlleld cnrlng
for hls umle, Mr. llubbard, who ls 111.
Goorge Menil of Sprlngfleld, Mass., vls
lted his bruthuV, A. W. Mend, over Sun-
.MIss liossle MuIIpu hns been 111 nnd
under a physlcinn's care for several
Mlss Cnroline II. llowe pavo readlngs
In South Drerrield, llntlleld nnd Uoston
W. W. Klng hns chnrgp of tho fln
Ishlng department nt the llrlghtwood
paper mlll.
Mrs. J. A. Courrler has returned home
nftpr n vlsit of sevural woeks ln North
Andover, Mass.
Mrs. V. Adntns of Brattleboro was tho
guest of her daughter, Mrs. J. W. Jef
tords,' last week.
The lllnsdale brass Unnd wlll furulsh
the Instrumontnl inuslc for the Memor
l.il dny exerclsos.
Mrs. Courrler of North Andover, Mnss.,
is the guest of her son and wlfe. .Mr. nnd
Mrs. J. A. Courrler.'
Mr. Pavlson, the new superlntondent
of tho llalle t Frost wooleii faetory, ar
rlve.l ln town Snturday.
1). W. Wntson of ltensselner, N. V.,
oame Tuesdi-y for n few days' vlsit at
the Congregatlonal parsonnge.
Mr. atnl Mrs. llenry Holtnu nnd dnugh
ter of Turncrs Falls spent Sundny with
Mr. nnd Mrs. llerbert llubbard.
One of tho Polnmlers employed ln the
de hotine of thu II.iIIp & Fiost mlll had
hW hands badly burned Tuesday.
I'reslding Klder llltehcock wlll uouducl,
the flrst qunrterly conference nt tho Cal
vary Methodlst church thls ovenlng.
lJeacon S. K. Hlldrpth returned .Sunday
afternoon from a few days' vlsit In
Keene, Bellows Falls and Brattleboro.
The Chrlstlan En.lenvor society held
a pleasant soelal In the Congregatlonnl
vestry utter the meeting Tuesday even
lng. Will WhltaUer, who has been taklng
a course at a Sprlngllelil. Mass., buslness
college. has Hnished It nnd Is at hls home
13. A. U'orden is making extenslve re
palrs on the bulldlngs at Hlverslde nnd
when coinpleted all the bulldlngs wlll be
Wllllam Dempsey of Hnlyoke nnd Ml
ehael Di'inpsey of New York have beon
maklng a few days' vlslt at thelr old
home here.
D. J. Pureell went to Uoston Monday
where he hns secured a place as second
elerk ln P.ilno's pharmcy, corner of
Brookline and Tremont streeta.
Mis. Andrews of Chlcopee Falls, Mass.,
formerly Miss Stella Sponcer of thls
town. Is being trouted for a lung trouble
in n sanltarlum ln Butlnnd, Mnss.
J. A. Stnnton, who hns been at the
Mann phnrmncy nearly a year, has glv
en up hls pnsltion there nn.l tnken one
in the Ilolden drug store in Brattleboro.
Mrs. M. S. I-each went to Shelburne
Falls, Mass., Frlday to vlsit her brother,
C. P. Hnll, and to meet her daughter,
Mrs. Itoblnson, returning home Satur
day atlerrfoon.
Mrs. K. U Itoblnson and chlld of St.
Ioui.s, Mo., came Saturday to spen.l tho
sumnier with her pnrents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
I M. S l.ench. Mr. Itoblnson wlll Joln hls
, famlly here later.
The mombers of the Womon's ltellef
UM? ""i m iuesuu
''venlng wlll be tho only meeting bofore
Momorlal day servlces, and it Is Import-
ant ,nat n11 b 1'resent.
C. 1. Savage went to Wardslwro, Vt.,
Satuiduy. His niother, Mrs. Hurrlet S.iv-
age, who has been at Chas. Newcomb's
In that town sever.il weeks, roturnod
to Hlnsdalo with hlm Monday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. II. Brittou will sell
thelr hous-ehold goo.ls nt auetlon Sat
urday atternoon ut 2 o'clock, and will
go to Sprlnglleld, Mass., whero Mr. Brlt
lon wlll wurk In a cigar factory.
The HiiiMlale and the BraltlelHiro Y.
M. C. A. b.iteball teams crosscd bats at
Hlvefldo Park Saturday afternoon.
Thomps-on and Butler dld good battery
work for the locals.
1 ho vlsltors won
vlew the ruins and otTer thelr sympathy ,
to thelr cousln, Capt. Wm. Bolertson, !
whose paper mill wns destroyed by flro
Sunday morning.
An nontlon s.ile of thp hnllsoliold irnods '
of thcvlate Mrs. llalelgh took place on
tlle premlses Saturday afternoon. Tho
houe was not sold as tlie helrs would
not put it up for .ile unless somo one
would start lt at $1200.
I Mrs. F. 15. Bean nnd Mlss Llzzlo S. Sar-
gont tepresented the lllnsdale W. C. T.
L. at the Choshlro county convention
held at Richmond Frlday. Mrs. Iteed
read an orlglnal paper on "What would
license meun to our town?"
Mrs. C. A. Heod, wlfe of the Methodlst
pastor, who has been ongaged In the work
ln other placos, will form a I.oyal Tem
perance Leglon here soon. Tho movo
menl will bo entlroly undenomlnatlonal
1 nn.i nll phllilren wlll l. wolcomo
; Mlss Stolla ........ ,,.,. ,m8 beull .,.,.
her slster, Mrs. Frank Dlckorman, slnce
ed , . JlrS- Dlt.Uo,njan and chlld,
who Intond to be absent sever.il weeks.
Tnt,re ., 1)c. u meonB of tho j.ino
.... ... .!- .
Grovo cemetery assoclatlon ln tho so
lectmon'B room lu the town bulldlng nt
4 ().c,ock tomorrow afternoon. to elect
, olllccr!j and tr.uisact any other busl-
ness that may como beforo tho meeting.
The base ball associatlon held a meet-
,B for le ,mrl,ose ot organiza
(, . evonmB'. x. A. BU)uell Wl
itlou Mou-
, mauager aml Frank Young asslslant
mauager. At somo subseiuont meeting
tho men will beselected to play and u
captaln olecled.
Chester Thomas ot the north part of
thc town, who rocently underwont an
operatlon for appendicitis, wns glven a
llft ln his farm work Saturday, when hls
1 "elghbors turned out to glve a helping
hand. A largo fovce of men and teams
put ln a good day s work.
Tlie llconso quostion wus tho subjoct
undor conslderatlon by the local clorgy
men Sunday morning. Largo congroga
tions llstoned to earnest and forclble
pleas for no llcenso, yet the subjoct was
handleiMn as kiiully a mannor ns lts na
ture and condltlons would permlt.
A pecullar colncldonce was tho calling
of j.x ladles, euch ovor 70 years of age,
on Mrs. l.aura Jeffords ono day last
weok. Thls was not an Invltatlon party,
and no ono know of the Iutentions of
uny other. The youngest lndy prosent
was 71 years of ngo and the oldest was
Mr. nnd Mrs. llenry Brltton went Sun
day afternoon to Millers Falls whero
they will both be employed In tho now
paper mlll recontly erected nt that placo.
.Mr. Brltton has tho posltlon of head
shlpplng clerk. Mr. Brltton has beon em
ployed In the Brlghtwood paper mlll al
most contlnuously slnce a boy, and Mrs,
Brltton slnce her mnriiaee, whlch took
placo soveral years ago.
Tho votlng on tho license quostion be
gan Immedlately after tho openlng of the
polls nt 9 o'clock Tuesday morning. Hlns
dalo voted for llcenso by a majority of
102. The voto was nn unusually lurge
one, showing the Intorest taken iu tho
mnltpr. I.lcpnsp or no license had been
the (Uestion inost under dlsrusslon for
tlie pnst few dnys, nnd teams and men
were busy all day Tuesday brlngln ln
tlie Ilctnse votcis. whlle tlie no-llconse
men dld much Ips systematlc work. Tho
result of the bnllot was yes 221, no Ut.
The llreinen have been llghtlng foreat
llre thls week. Chlef Buckloy with n
deligntlon were up to the Mlno moun
taln llro Wednesday where thero wns
danfier oT J. B. Tnylor's houso balng'
burned. More thnn 6"0 ncres linve beon
liurneil ovor, elncp thls tlro stnrted sev
eral dnys ago. Asslslant Kngliieer Fletch
er, with 12 men. was ilghtliiB tho Bear
hlll llre Tuesday, and wns at the samo
plnce with sevon men Wednosdny. Thls
llre, whlch Is suppoetl to have caught
from n saw dust plle, hng burned over
a large area and tho loss connot be os
tlmuted at thls llnie.
The Irflgh Morrlson Stock company,
whlch wlll play a throe-nlghts engage
ment In lllnsdale. heglnnlng Monday
ovenlng, May ls, ls llkoly tho Inrgest nnd
bost known ropertolre company that lins
apponred In thls town. The company
ilnyed two week" iiro in MniH'hester,
thls slnte, and holds the record for thp
largest buslness ever dono In thnt olty
by a llke company. Tho openlng nttrnc
tion will be Kdwln Ardon's "Kngle's
Nest," a story of the Slerra mountalns
and for whlch the cominny carrles mc
lal scenery nnd cffeets, ueed In tho orlg
Innl priidiii tlon of the play by Mr. Arden.
Pents are n iw ou sale at Mann's phar-mncy.
Mls. F. O. JlaxtlPl.l and diiuu.iter. Mar
Jorle, were In IIoloke lnst e,k.
Fre.l M. I'l.itt. who l trnviling for n
New York box mai hlne tirm, wlll soon
make a Journey to Culw nnil Porto Itlro.
Jliss Annle T. KHiglas ls rt verlng
from n d.ingerous llln.ss with pneumonla.
Miss M. J. Uiimvlllp. a graduate nurse
from Keene, N carlng for her. Her
brother. Mtchnel. nnd slster. Mrs. John
Broilerle, of Plttsfielil. have been spend
Ing thc iast week here.
From nnw nntll the lnst Week of Au
gut . houm wlll ronstlmtp a woek's
work In the box fartory. with tho snme
pay as for ffi bours. Thls ls one of the
mnny f the New Kngland Box com
panies to glve the employes n hnlf holl
day Satuidny nfternnon durlng the sum
iiiit senson.
The adj urned meeting of the Vnlta
rlan pnrisli will 1 held In the vestry of
tho church next Monday evenlng.
Northfield Setnlnary observed blrd day
on Wednesdny and most of tho glrls
spent thls most dellghtful sprlng day ln
the open alr.
The lecture commlttee are complPtlng
arrangoments for n concert to lw glven
sonie tlmo tlurlng the last week of thls
month. Accurate information will be
given lator.
The reslgnntlon of Hev. George F. Pl
per as pastor of thp L'nltarlan church
was read at the morning sprvlce
Sunday, to take efTeot Oetober 1. Mr. Pl
per hns been at Northfield 10 years. nnd
both he and Mrs. Plper are respected by
everyone In town, regardless of thelr
rellglous bellef, and who wlll be sorry
to hnvo them lenve.
C. H. Webstor w.is called to Newton
rocently to nttend the funernl of hls
mother's slster, Mrs. KllzJihoth Botume.
She was vlsitlng her slster, Mrs. War.l In
Orange nnd wns to have vlsited In North
field thls week. She was taken III Sun
day nlght nnd dled very suihlenly. Sho
wns a natlvo of Northfield and Wns a
frequent guest of her slstpr. the late
Mrs. I.. S. Webstor and famlly. She Is
survivpd by one son and two dnughtprs.
The house known as Welrs cottnge on
Ulghland avenue nicuple.1 by Frnnk
Heahl and famlly w.is entereil last Sun
dny nlght nnd nbnut STo tnken from Mr.
Henld's jiocket liook whlch was In hls
trousers pocket lylng on the tloor In
hls slooplng room. ln the morning lt
was notlced that two windows were
oponed in an ndjolnlng room. one a little
way and nnother wide open. no ono of
the famlly hnving any knowledge of
openlng them. I-ater the monoy was tnls
se.l and no clue has lieen ohtained of
the burglnr. On tho same nlght nnother
house In the vlllnge was entered nnd
food taken.
The Hellef Corps gave a supper nt the
Sons of VeteranB hall on Wednesday
evenlng whlch was known as the foast
of the seven tnbles. Small tnbles deco
rated ln dlfferent colors were nrrnnged
across thu hall ou whioh were placed
tho different courses to be served nnd
ln tho centre of the hall wns a rnund
tablo contalulng frult. thl lielng dcco
rated In red. white and bluo. At tho
opiM)lte slilo of the hall was a long
table for the seatlng of the vlsltors.
Kach ono ordered n supper from tho
snmll tnbles to sult hls wants. The Idon
was unkiue and wns well carrlod out and
tho patronago wns very satlsfactory.
Vernon (Irnnge will hold a regular
meeting on Saturday evenlng.
The ladles' eircle will meet next Wed
nesday afternoon nt thelr room.
P.ev. It. K. Marvin will preach ln Fnlon
church next Sundny nt 2.i o'clock.
Addleon Aldrich of Boston vlslte.1 hls
rousln. Miss Zelln Johnson, on Sunday.
Klder Mcl.ucns, stnte ovangellst of Ver
mont, will pretieh in the chnpel next
Sundny at 11 a. m.
Mr. and Mrs. Wllllam Henrd of New
port. N. II., vlsited relatlves here n few
days, roturnlng lnst Tuesday.
Mlss Hattlo I.eo. who has been spend
Ing tho wlnter with her nieee, Mrs.
Forbes. nt Canton, N. Y., came on Tues
day. Mrs. Forbes ncoompnnylng her. She
will remaln with her slster, Mrs. A. Whtt
hed, whllo in town.
The Gulf Stronm off Cape Florlda Is
two lumdred fnthoms deop. Near Hat
teras the depth is but half as great, tho
stronm appeaiing to havo run uphlll with
an nscont of ton Inches to the mlle.
The Boston Transcript has flgured out
that lt costs $200,000,000 annually to maln
taln tho various Protostant church or
gnnlzatlons of tho United States. Of
thls, In rotind number, $23,000,000 ls used
by tho Methodlst north and south; $17,- ,
ikvi.ooo by Presbyterlans, $15,000,000 by
Eplscopallans, $11,000,000 by Baptlsts and
$10,000,000 by Congregatlonallsts. The
churchos expcnd $73,000,000 ln benevo- i
lence. i
To Cure a Cold In One Day.
Take Laxatlve Bromo Qulnlne Tablets.
All drugglsts refund tho money If It falls
to cure. E. V. Grove's slgnature ls on
each box, 25c.
For Over Slxty Years.
Mrs. Yviiiilow's Soothhig Synip hns lieen
used for oer iHI years by uillllous of niothors
for thelr childrcii whllo tcothing with peiiect
success. It t-nothes tho chlld, sottens tlie
giirn. nlluys all paln. eui-es wind cohi', nnd N
tlio IhM reuiedy lor dlm liioen. lt will lelievc
tho poor little sulleror linnieillniely. Sold by
ull dniifgMs in every piut of tlio woiid
Twenty-tlvo cents a bottle. Ho sure to nsk for
"Mrs. Wiihlow'a Soothlng Syiup,"aud tuko no
other kiml.
"What Is the prlce of Dobblns Electrlc
"Slx cents a bar, full slze, reduced from
"Why that's the prlce of common
brown soap. Send me a box. I can't
afford to buy any other soap after thls."
A man's wlfe should always be the
samo, especlally to her husband, but If
she ls weak and nervous, and uses Car
ter's Iron Pllls. she cannot be. for they
make her "feel llke a dlfferent person, '
so they all say, and thelr husbands say
so tool
Hoplng Always for the Letter Whlch
Never Comes.
Hb Is a poor olil fellow, very poor, very
feelile, with. shnklng bend and trembllng
hands; hls back ls Ijent and hls skelelun
frnme Is percheil upon two long tliln
legs llke those of n stoik. A few locks
of white halr strnggle from under the old
brown felt hut, whlch has been
scorched by the sun of mnny u summer
and wnslied by the rnjn of many a win
'ler. Ile uuist fa iiuite sn, but iione of us
know hls real age. When 1 wns a little
boy, he seemed alreudy an aged man.
Hls forehead ls bnld and hls little oyes
bllnk under thelr red llds; hls face ls
very pale, but hls look Is gentle, his smlle
sad. Often as he goes along, he talks
to hlmsolf, and hls long sharp uhln wngs
ln n oomlenl mnnner between tho polnts
of hls hlgh collnr. llo Is very nent, nl
ways cleanshaved. uud hls elothes,
though very coarse, worn theadbaro and
shlny nt knees and ellwus, and patched
iu many a place, are withottt staln, or
trace of anciant dust.
He is tho postman of a little vlllngo
high up in the Vosges, a vlllage of so
little Importanee that the government
bas not deigned to supply lt with a unl
formed olllclnl postman, and so old
Frnnz goes down evety day to the near
est town to fetch the mail. The way Is
long slx miles at leasl to go, as mnny
to leturn. wlthout taklng Into account the
many (btu.irs he must uuike to dellver
letti ts at outl.lng dialets and farms scat
tered along the shb-s nf the valley. Hnp
plly hls lond is a very light one; one does
not read much iu thuse parts, and the
postbag whUii the old man brtugs back
In the evening, Is generally nearly tlat,
For parcels iranz nses a riueer son of cur
whlch he hns eontrlved out of u plank
fastened on a couple of wheels, and to
whlch he hns attached a long linndlo.
Thls he pushes along with one hand,
while ho supports himself on a henvy
stnlf held ln the other.
For 30 vears the old man has earned
his bread in thls mnnner; summer and
wltitrr he comes and. goes. puuctual as
tho suu, passlng nt the same hours be
foro the same houses; be Is a pernmbu
latlng clock. But I can seo thut lately
ho Is aglng rapldly; every ilay ho seems
a little older; hls step heavlcr and slow
or; his stlck Is wearing out at tho polnt,
and yesterday, for the llrst tlme, I snw
hlm stop nnd rest at the top of a sloep
hlll. Thu road hu follows ls a long,
windlng one, between two barrlers of
pasturo lamls and the wauderlng of a
mountain stream. He illtrlhutes hls
letters, reoelvlng ln excbnnge. now a
smllo, or a happy "Thank you, Franz."
soint'tlmes a scowi or ftltempered word.
as If he were responslble for the news be
brlngs. be it good or lmd. l"p here. fur
from the movement of cltlw, a letter Is
almosl an event; ona opens It on the
spot, on tho door-step, ln the street. as
If one felt the ileslre to have a witnes
of one's Joy or sorrow. Moreover, Fninz
sees every day the drlver of the mnll
catt and the pot-ol!lce clerk: he knows
what Is golng on in the world; he can
glve good ndvice. Besldes all this, he
will take b.ick the answer. when he de
scends tomorrow morning. Can it be
mirprtslng that be knows everybody's
buslness, the love nffalrs of the mlller's
pretty daughter, the dlttlcultles of the
fnrtner to whom the slght of stamped
liaper Is becomlng too fnmlllar. But old
Franz ls dlcreet, tnciturn by nnture. he
never nllows hlm-elf to be drawn Into
gossip, and he is a match for the most
Inuuisltlve womnn in the vlllnge.
(Jt only one thlng will the old mnn
spenk freely; of the son who hns gone to
AmerUn. nnd who promlsed Vb writo as
soon as he reached the other slde of tho
ocean. But the news dld not come. and
the mail, whlch hns brotmht so many
letters for others, hns brought none for
hiiii. Every morning when he goes to
the town. ho hopes to flnd tho letter
waitlng for hlm. hope lends streilgth to
hls old llmbs; he hnstens his step. hls
eyes ghsten. nnd as lie nenrs the post
otlice. his heart beglns to beat more
qulckly. Sometlmes ho stops, over
come by emotion; "If It should not le
there:-' But tt cnnnot fail; so many
long months havo passed, It has had
pli-nt of tlme to nrrlve. and reassured.
almost Joyfully he enters the little low
room. where tho clerk. Milml a wooden
rall. Is mnklng out hls nccounts to the
nci oinpanlment of the tlcklng of a tele
graph. "Good morning. Fntber Franz! Here
is vour packet. look lt over."
The old mnn. pnler than uunl, puts
his stick in a corner. With trembling
hands he takes from hl lsicket n elum
sv pnir of steel spectneles and tlxes them
with dllllculty upon hls thln nose. The
sorting beglns, but hls llngers tremblo
vlolently only the letters, nn otllclal
doi-uinent for tho school mnster and a
fewnewspnpers One after another he
reads the uddresses, slowiy. to be qulto
sure, and becauso hls eyes nre not very
good. now. There ls the last lt is not
for hlm. lmposslble! He cnnnot hnvo
read lt rlght. hls glasses are dlm. nnd
tlie room whlch faces the north. Is rath
er dnrk. Taklng out a large c'neck
handkerchlef, ho carofully pollshes hls
glases and then rocommcnces hls Inspec
tlon. turnlng over each letter thls tlme,
as the poor mnn turns over the last coln
in hls pocket, bofore partlng with It.
Aguin nothing! Perhaps It has sllpped
into n newspaper, thnt hnppons some
tlmes; so he turns over the newspapers
carefully. liftlng tho hand. peering be
tween the folds. It ls not thore, lt Is
certaln. Mournfully, with n henvy slgh,
he puts hls spectneles Into his pocket,
the letters Into tho bag, takes up his
"Well. Frnnz. hnve you got lt thls
tlme?" nsks the clerk.
"Alas! no. but I dld expeot It. Jie must
hnve nilssed the mail. It will como to
morrow." Why the Leaves Trembled.
Savages are supposed to have keener
oenses, especlnll a keener senso of
sight. thnn eivilized rnces. The nuthor
ot "Idle Days in Patagonla," doos not
accept thls iheory: Ile belloves that sav
ages hnvo no keener sensos, but that they
pay more attentlon to what comes with
in the range of thelr perceptlon. As nn
Instnnce ot qulck response to lmpresslon,
he tells the kollowing story:
On .Mareh 21. a company of hunters
wero cumplng beslde a grove of wlllows
In Patagonla. About 3 o'clock thnt ove
nlng, whlle they wero.seuted around tho
flre, roastins thelr ostricli meat. Sosa
huddenly sprnng to hls feet und held
hls open hand hlgh above hls head for
somo momi'iits,
"Thero Is not a breath of wind blow
lng,"he exclalmed, "yet tho leaves of tho
trees nre trembling! What can thls por-
Tho others stnred at the trees, but
could see no motlon, and they bogan to
laugh at hlm. Presently he sat down
ogaln, ren.arking that the trembling had
ceased. but durlng the rest of the ovo
nlng he was very much dlsturbed iu hls
mlnd. He remarked repeatedly that such
n thlng had never happened In his cx
perlenco before; for, ho said, he could
feel a breath of wind beforo the leaves
felt It, and thoro hnd been no wind.
He feared that It was a warnlng of
somo dlsnster nbout to ovcrtako thel.'
The dlsaster was not for them. On
thnt evoning occurred tho earthquako
whlch destroyed the dlstant clty of Men
dosa and crushed twelvo thousand poopl
to death beneath tho rulns. That tho
subterranean wavo oxtended east of tho
Plata and southwnrd Into Patagonla wns
afterward known; for ln the cltlcs of
Rosarlo and Buenos Ayres clocks stop
ped and n sllght shock was also exper
lenced In tho Carmen on the RIo Nogro.
"Jnne, do you belieye tn prodestlna
tlon?" "No sah, I Jon't b'llevo In nono
o' dem now fangled breakfuss foods, no
sah." tCleveland Plain Dealer.
Control of Our Thoughts.
ln the lnnnajtincnt of tharacter and
the right otdiTliiR of llfe scatcely nny
one fnctor ls more Important thnn tho
rilri ctlon of our tlioughts into the chan-
nels whlch glve peace, hnppiness nnd
cotnfoti tn ourilv, nnd whlch ut the
sume tltn,' eontrlbutf to our mental nnd
lnornl gi.iwih. Yet the subject recelveH
little attentlon. Hnppiness und tne truo
success, liv whlch ls ine.tnt n ueful llfe
lu whlch one hns the satlsfactlon of
knowiiiR that the llft work ha. been
well done in as to be tiselul to si lf nnd
sin 1,-ty depends Um many thlngs. Tho
pnysical lounilHtion plays a large part;
the rlght chooslng of an occupatlon or
frlen.ls Is hlgbly Important; tlie clfts
of fortune and mnny other iIiIiiki over
whlch n pei-Min does not always hnve
control, or, at liest. only partlnl control,
contrlbtite to the grand result; but a
veiy large part of the guldance nnd for-
matlon of ehariitter cnn be nnd "can
only be accompllshed by tho Indlvldunl
uimseir acting ln compl.te Isolation
upon his own nnture and In the chamber
of hls own mlnd."
Tho dlsclpllno of tho mlnd; the strength-
enlng ot tlie will and Incllnutlon. so ns to
avold foollsh, trhial. vicious. incolierent
nnd dlsturblng or demorallzlng thoughts;
ino nanisnment or usoless worry and the
power to dwell on tho brlirht sido of llfe
rnlber thnn on the dark nnd morbld as
pect of thlngs. all dopend In somo degre
upon tne itnii viiiuui nnd hls resolutlon,
howevtr wenk It may be. Bnd health.
eil lortune. enviroiiment and many cir-
cumstances nre Inlluentlal ln maklng one
man moio Initnble, cnptious, meluncholy
or pesslmtstlc thnn another, but each
person has some control over hls
thoughts nnd can cultlvnteand strengthen
tne power of lurnlng resolutely from the
depresslng nnd dwclllnc on the attrnctive
nnd hopeful.
How important thls power. und how
great the need of lncreaslng It Is, may
bo percelved If It bo conslJered that the
control over thought Is perhaps the
greatost factor over whlch the indlvldunl
has domlnation, not nlono ln maklng
hlmseir huppv. hut In maklng hlm a con
trlbutor to the hnppiness of others. lt
Is withln tho range of ordlnary obser
vation to see two men who nre' equHlly
blessed in health. strength. intelllgeuce
nnd tlie fundnmentuls of character. and
ei ono is wretched nnd a burdon to
hls coinpiinlons. whlle the other Is a bles
Ing to his famlly and frlends and at
the same tlme gets real satlsfactlon from
llfe aml Its dutles. And yet tne only
dlfference lietween the two Is tho power
one hns over hls thoughts. whlch is tho
result of resolutlon ndhered to steadlly
and constantly until a hnblt ls formed
that changes hls character and hls lnflu
ence tqion others for the better.
Thls power to dlsmlss tho unnleasant.
the eil as;ect of llfe, the communing
with the hlgh. helpful thoughts; the
establlshment of mentiil self-restraln nnd
self-guld.inco in medltatlon. Is a very
dlflerent thlng from the hubit of constant
self-analysis and introspectlon whlch Is
the mark of morbld. self-consclous. sub-
Jtctlve personnhty. lt should be the oim
to avold too much self-examlnatlon and
to strlvo to look at the brlght and hope
ful slde of nll thlngs. So vltnl ls this
dlsposltlon to shun the dark aspects of
existonce, nnd of tne ordlnary concerns
ot lifo tnat a moral phllosopher has said
wisely that the happlness of man depends
less on "the nmount of plensurable or
painful thlngs thnt are encountered thnn
upon the turn of thought whlch dwells
upon one or the other".
Good naturo depends upon the polnt
of view of tho Indhidual. The amlable
man sees the merlts und not the defects
of hls companlons nnd frlends; the dls
contented see only the hardshlp of thelr
lot; the bad tompered man dwells on the
unavoldable. the Irritatlng thlngs, the dls
agreable features of llfe. whlle the good
nniured man overlooks or dismlsses from
hls mlnd and dwells on the brlght, pleas
nnt nnd attraellvc slde of ever thlng.
The power of controllng thoughts
varles gre.uly In dlfferent persons, but
it Is a power that can bo Inoreased by
offorl. ,is the morbld tralts of mlnd aro
oonilrmed by yleldlng to that trend of
thought. Tho chlef alm should be to
tnvignrute the mlnd and keep It constant
ly fresh. strong. honlthy and brlght;
nnd ln attalnlng thls end no better ndvice
has been glven thnn was offered by
Sydney Smlth ln hls ndmlrable lectures
on tho mornl philosophy ln tho enrly part
of the last century:
"The tlrst thlng to be done ln conduct
Ing the understnndlng Is preclsely the
samo ns In conductlng the body to glve
It regular and coplous supplles of food,
to prevent that atrophy and marasmus
of mlnd whlch comes of glvlng lt no new
lile.is. It Is a mlstake equally fatal to
the memory, the Imnglnatlon. the powers
of reasonlng, nnd to every other faculty
of the mlnd, to think too early that wo
can live upon our stock of understandlng
that lt is tlme to leave oft buslness, and
make use of the ncquisltlons we hnve al
ready made. wlthout troubllng ourselves
nny further to nfld to them. Imnglnatlon
of all sorts. though orlginally doalt out
with very dlfferent degrees of profuslon
to dlfferent men. Is capable of a great
Improvement from habit. A great part
of Iniuglnation depends on nssoclatlon,
and tlle power of assoolatlon always In
creases with practlco, men acquire extra
ordlnary power over particular classos of
Ideas. and nre supplled with coplousness
of materlals for thelr collectlon. to
whlch lnexperlenced nnd unpractlced
mlnds cnn never nttnln."
An Example for Office Boys.
"Be good to the olllce boy," ls a moral
tauglu by the career of Wllllam Aldon
Smlth. He had saved a little money nnd
wanted a place to study Blackstone.
Thls wns in 1S79. llo thought flrst of
Chlcngo, nnd even went so far as to go
to that clty and npply for a place as
oftiee boy in the firm ot Walker & Dex
ter. But lt was ln the summer, and the
heads were all out of town, and he end
ed by returnlng to Grand Raplds. Jlere
he selccted tho tlrm of Burch & Mont
gomery. He had suggested thls beforo,
but they had not needed hlm;, he was
this tlmo confronted by a closed olllce
and a card tacked on the door saylng
thoy were out ot town and would not be
back for several weeks. But thls dld
not daunt Smlfh, who Ilnally looked up
Mr. Plerce, tho owner of tho bulldlng
nnd a man of somo promlnenco In the
town. He told Plerco what ho wanted.
and tlnally persuaded hlm to glvo hlm a
pass-key to the olllce. And so It hap
pened, when Judge Burch returned he
found hls otllccs swept and garnlshed,
antl n brlsk young clerk dlllgently read
ing at ono of tho desks. To tho ln
qulrlea of tho Judgo the young fellow re
plled that ho had come to stay;
thnt he was tho olllce boy at noth
ing a week. All ho wanted, he said,
was a chance to make hlmsolf useful,
nnd Incldentally to read a little law,
Thlngs looked so clenn and tho young
man was so respectfully determlned to
reinaln that Judge Burch good naturedly
In seven years Smlth was a member
of tho flrm. In seven years more he
was part owner ln tho prlnclpal news
paper ln tho place, and proprietor of a
branch rallroad. In another seven
years ho had added two moro rallroads
to hls assets, and was In Congress.
Meantlme tho whecl of fortune has been
turnlng; Montgomery ls on tho bench of
tho Mlchlgan Supremo Court; Judgo
Burch, through tho Intluence of,hls for
mer olllce boy, had been appolnted as
slstant to tho United States nttorney
general, and resldes ln Washington;
whllo Plerce, who had met with financlal
reverses, was rewarded for the pass-key
whlch ho had glven Smlth by an appolnt
ment as asslstant sergcant-at-arms of
tho United States Iiouse of Representa
tlvea. A man's wlfe should always ba the
same, especlally to her husband, but if
she ls weak and nervous, and uses Car
tcr's lron Pllls, she cannot be, for they
make her "feel llke a dlfferent person,"
so they all say, and thelr husbands say
so too!
If Vou
are the proprietor of a hotel or
boarding-house, your chlef in
terest is to .
Fill your rooms
There is a latger field for
guests in Brooklyn-New York
than inany other city in America.
Right in the heart of that city the
Brooklyn Daily Eagle
maintains two large
Information Bureaus
that distribute litefature and give
free advice regarding hotels, etc.
An ad. in the
" Eagle"
in connection with this free
Bureau service will result in
filling your house.
Send at once for rates.
THE TYl'EWltrrnil OF
Easy Action,
Perfect Alignment,
Beautiful Work,
Always in Order.
Boston Branch, 26 Milk St.
Strlng Beans
Bananas Lemons
Oranges Pine Apples
We have a full stock of the above
whlch we guarantee to be of the best
Elliot St.
On thejpremises of the late Elijah Spencer,
Williams street (Centerville), near
Larkin's Mill, Brattleboro,
Saturday, May 23, at ioo'clocka. m.
We otrer for sale the followlng property :
couistiug of
Household Goods.
Two Kltchon Hangis. l,arlorStoc. Kitchen
Kurniture, I'arlor and Clianiber Furulture,
I'icturcs, etc.
Two Scat Carringe. Expross Wagon, Lumlier
Wngon, liuggy, tlclgh, Work lliirnes.
Farmlng Tools.
Ono Hurrow, I'eed Cutter. Cultivator, Vlows,
Corn Shellcr, Hakcs, Saws. Cliulns, (lrindtone,
imd a largo Iwt of tools. Ilny, Gniln and Corn
FcKldor. ttlllens. 5 Conls Moro M'ood.
Terin nt snle.
C. P. Rn.)X, Auctioneor.
Wear Clean Clothes
My uictliod of eteain clenmng clothlng is the
let, Iwcausu ull spots nro lvuioved and will
not return. All gnrniontj piessed ln the
ln't uiauucr.
3 Elm Street tf
Brattleboro Steam Dye Works,
on every lawn aro a
"Joy forever."
Forsaleby GEO. D. ODELL,
21 Central St., Brattleboro.
Selln Everythlng
F. J. BAILEY & CO., Ryther Bulldlno.
We have New Machinery, New Stock,
New Ideas, New Methods for making
Perfect Printing Rubber Stamps
ALL KI.N'DSof Sllrcrwai-o roplnted In flrst.
cluss mnnner. Wiirriinted thrco platcs.
Kuires, lron handles, II & for slx; forks, lron
haudlos, Sl forsix; tublcspoons, tlM for II; tcu.
spoons. 7")0 for slx. Other goods at eqiiiilly
low nitcs. n WILLIAM DAY..
Shop ut Cciitrorillo factory. la
WILL IIU AT thor Windluun County
V Houso lu Newfane. Vt., Tuesday Muy-'i!,
1UM, nt 11) o'clock, to receh o bids for rcmoviliK
tlio Krunlto ccll lrnm tho Jal 1 lu said Nowfnno.
Also to ivcoiro hlds fortliesnlo of tho ginnlte.
Nowfauo, Vt., Jfay 8, 1OTI.
FHANK WOHDEN l Asslstant
FHEI) 11. 1'IEH UudKes

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