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i-lr business In Bellows Falls and wlll
mive with hls famlly to Stamford. Conn.
The st-re In Farr's blof-k on lloeklngham
street where he has been located for the
past year or two wlll be oceupled by 1".
p. Good a a dlnln? room In connectlon ,
wlth hi v.nrh business that Is belng car-
1 ried on In the adjolnlng room.
W, Tt. BarkT accomnnnled the famlly ,
of Jam" H. Wllllamn to Jamaica I'laln.
in.. euneaHy. wnere ne acieu n
Wllllam A. Hall has Sold Hls Flne Res-
uher at rhe Weddlng of James H. Wll- j Mass., Monday
Dr. E. I'.. Lynch wu In Rutland thlf
MUi lilli. Graily has Uvn at homa Itl
thls wk.
Mr and Mrs. Bassow moved tMfi wk
to Ludlow.
Mlss Johanna U.iktr was In MonUgue,
liams. lr.. who was marrled Wednesday
Idenee to F. G. Fllnt Alden Speare s i place No othem were present from Uel
Sons Wlll EmDlov 100 Hands. . Falls. Vpon thelr return the newly
A numbr of real eatate transactlons of , jn prent nt Holel Windham.
Importanc have taken place the pMl Oori?(, rimtnn Bldwell. who died from
week. Wllllam A Hall has sold hi, flne brl ht atM ,n charlestown. .V. II..
rf eldence on W etmlnter treet Tvhlch he i St 0 Wfj( for m n ft mulc
bullt eight or ten years ago at the cor. t,.cner and a ,,, of p)anos and
ner of Hapood street, to F. O. Fllnt, who ,,e had ved wlth nU, famlly ,
wiu ocoap u u V"" Hinesburg. Itutland. Bellows Falls. Ches-
haa for lotne years llved on South street
aml last sprlng bought a large tract on
the tfrraoes of the Wllllam Orchard
pr'.perty with the expectatlon of erect
InK a home, but now doclflea to buy
Instead. Mr. Hall haa a recldence ln New
ter, Westminster aml Rockingham.
I aurvlved by hls wlfc three daughters i
and flve sona. all of whom are fllung re
sponlbl' positlcns in buslnese or profes
slonal llfe.
York and for two or three yeara has, ""lr"'J " ' ""fj ' 'J...
Thla trftnftflC- ! C1"1 Blllfve uii kib iiaitu-i ictjiics'iii;,
G H. Ryder Is serlously III at hl home
on South Maln street.
Joseph Whalen, who has 1-oen elek a
week. was able to ait up yesterday.
Mn. F. A. Wilder of Athol U vlsltlng
at Mrs. Henry Lano'e.
Ml?- Kva Kllls returned Saturday after
a month vlslt in Wostfleld.
Huward C. Hlce began work Monday at
local edltor of the Reformer.
Mlss Della Conlln of New York ls ln
He town for a stay of a few weeks.
been here only summers
tlon lndlcates that ho now Intends leav-
Inu Bellows Falls permanently.
The J. W. Lockwood proiierty, at the
norner of School and Green streets,
known as the old A?a Wentworth place,
has thls week been bought by U Y. Cllf
ford at about $6000. There had been talk
of Its belng utlllzed by the Odd Fellows
for a subetantlal bullding for lodge
rooms and mereontile purposes. The pur
chaiie by Mr. Cliffoni was understood be
tween them that it was at thelr dlsposal
lf they cared for It, he being a member
cf the order, but there Is some opposltlon
to the movement by Influentlal Odd Fel
lowa and it ls posslble It wlll not be so
ued, but be retained by Mr. Cllfford.
A sale of the old planlng mlll property
of Moses Mlller's on RusfbII street has
b-en made, the purehaeers belng Alden
Speare' Sons company of Boston. Thece
bulldlngs wcre partlally destroyed by fire
two years ago and they have laln in
rulns slnce. It is understood that the
l.urehacers, who are Interested In many
Jamer McNulty of Schenectady, Jf. Y.,
waa a gnest at C. Cook's over Sunday.
Comellua Kennedy has moved from Ver
non street to No. 10 South Maln street.
Ronald Osgood of Bolton Is vlsltlng hls
parents, Rev. and Mrs. K. Q. S. O.'good.
l'ark 11. Swlft of Athol was here to nc
company the Knlghts Templar to Clare
mont. Mrs. Helen Plerce went Saturday to
Plymouth, N. 11 , for a stay of a few
when a number of workmen left thelr
work on dlfferent joM tiecause he haH
posted notlces forbiddlng smoklng white
In bulldlngs undcr conxtructlon by hlm.
He remained ttrm. explalnlng the reason
ableness of hls demand. and soon a oart
of the men retumed. and what dld not J weeks
had thelr plares fllled by other.. Mre. Fred Thomas started Saturday
The ladies' olety of Immanuel church for a vlslt In Fltchburg, Worcester and
has arranged for a musical lecture to be i Boston
given m me iiuhf.i nuuee ncsi inuiwjaj jipji. jonn O Connell and daughter o
evtnlng at S o clock, by l. . Uancrott Holyoke snent last week with Mrs. Dan
BslII Bsind.
As Sole New England Agents
We give below the approximate wholesale sales of these
goods for each year.
klnds of business. are to put them In i ing of
of Boston. Hls theme wlll be, " Irlsh
Songs and Song Writers." Mr. Bancroft,
who was formcrly from Montpelier, was
here and gave a lecture on " Scottish i
Songs and Writers " before the Woman's
club last wlnter. Those who heard hlm l
then wlll not lall to be Interested In thls. 1
A very pleasant sllver weddlng annl
versary was observed Saturday evenlng '
at the Basin Farm owned by 11. W. I
; Thompon. Mr. and Mrs. John G. Pat- t
terson who manage the farm. were sur-
prlsed by the comlng In wlthout warn-
Ilrst-claHS condltion, enlarglng them, and
u.e them for a bobbln factory, omploylng
IX) or more mon.
J. J. Fenton has bought the prctty resl
dence of Mrs. Fletcher Carruthcrs, locat
ed at the corner of Hapgood and Atkln
.on streets and wlll occupy it at once as
a rcslderxe. Mrs. Carruthers has rented
the tenement on South street lately occu
pled by Bruce Babcock.
W. J. Corbctt haa sold to Edward
O'Brien hls dwelling on Rlver Ftreet,
North Walpole, and Mr. Corbett wlll
move out of town.
Two Serlous
to Railroad
Two accldents occurred here Saturday
to employes of the Boston & Malne road,
whereby two men each lost'a part of a
foot. Mtehael Keefe. employed on tne
hwltchlng gangs of the road, whlle at
tendlng to his work stepped In front of
inovlng cars. His foot caught bctween
the rails ln a frog and as the traln was
approaching he had Just time to throw
liis body to one slde far enough to leave
only a portlon of the foot across the
track and it was badly mangled. At
atxut the parne hour a man, named Wll
llam Lubert, who was worklng on the
under rasK at North Walpole, jumped
uslde to avold belng struck by
falllng block of granlte, and was only
Injured by one foot belng caught under
lt and crushed, also necssitating amputa
tion of a number of the toes.
large number of nelghbors and
frlend! from here and other places, lt
belng the 26th annlversary of thelr mar
, rlage. Substantlal tokens of regard were
left with the rouple, and a pleasant cven
' lng was passed with a dellghtful program
i of muslc and speaklng. Mr. and Mrs.
' Patterson were formerly residents of
! Holy Cross commandery of Knlghts
j Templar turned out Wednesday wlth
' about (V) men In llne. In attendance upon
! the fourth annual Ikld day at Claremont.
I When the parade was formed here In the
, Square only about half that number of
i swords were present, but the members
from Sprlngfield and Chester swelled the
number. Whcelcr's band atompanlel
! thf-m with 25 plec", and about 10 ladies
, accompanied the Slr Knlghts. The com
mandery had a number of guests so that i
the totul number of tlckets sold here was
H. The speclal traln left at 11.50 and
' retumed about 12.15 that nlght. All re- i
. port an cnjoyable day and e-enlng.
The proteat of the local board of trade wlth relatlves
against the manner ln whlch the lllson
bullding was belng rebullt at the railroad
station lant week. has resulted ln modlfl
catlons ln the plans of the rsllroads, and
they are doing over some of the work on
the builditig, cuttlng on an addltional
amount and maklng the shape dlfferent
so as to present a less obiectlonable vlew
The loard
lel Long.
Edward Clark, the veteran organ and
plnno dealer. U serlously III wlth a heart
Thomas Cronln retumed to hi home
In Rutland Monday after a vtvit of sev
eral dars In town.
Mlss Annle O'Nell went Monday to the !
Farren hospltal In Montague to study to i
be a trained nurie. '
Mrs. Woodcome returned yesterday to !
West Fltchburg after a week's vlslt wlth j
Mrs. Robert Baker. 1
Harry Slone has returned from hls vhiit j
In New York and resunied work for the 1
S. A. Kmlth company.
Mlss Anna McNulty returned Saturday I
to hcr home In Boston after a week's
vlslt wlth Mrs. C. Cook.
Mrs. Fred Durgin and famlly are rnov
Ing to Leominster. Mass., whcre Mr.
Durgin has employment.
Mrs. M. J. I.irrabee left thls week for
a vlslt of three weeks In Yarmouthvllle
and West Poland, Malne.
Mrs. Fred Tuthlll and daughter, Flora.
who have vlslted ln Dayton, Ohlo, two
months, wlll return today.
fapt. and Mrs. S. E. Howard of West
Newton. Mass., came yesterday to spcnd
a few day? In Brattleboro.
Mlss Anna Golden has flnithed work at
the Brooks House and returned to her
home in Glens Falls, N. Y.
Mrs. Thomas Ryan nad son. Alfred. re
turned Wednesday after a week's vlslt
Our sales for the first year were
Our sales for the second year were
Our sales for the third year were
Our sales for the fourth year were
Our sales for the fifth year were
Our sales for the sixth year were
Today the annual Inspectlon nnd parade
of the flre dcpartment- wlll take place.
Kdlth Damon, who has been spendlng
two weeks ln Rutland, returned home
Saturday afternoon.
Next Tue?day evenlng the Fourth Ver
mont Reglmental assoclation wlll hold It
annual reunlon In Grand Army hall.
Rev. Jay T. Stocking, the new pastor
of the Congregatlonal church, preached
hls first sermon last Sunday to a large
E. G. Osgood, Wllllam D. Huyes and
Mlss Frances Osgood wcre ln Barre thls
week for the annual statc convcntlon of
the Y. I'. S. C. K.
"P as the station ls approached.
mrKU . .. . i
although they have to flght each step
and accept some less than hopeil. The
query Is what the roads would do, or glve
u for dipot facllltiec, If they were left
to themiielves.
In the Imiiortant changes by the Bos
ton & Malne In the yard at North Wal
pole, whlch have been under way all
summer. when the workmen began to ex
cavate neor the north abutment of the
Connecticut Rlver brldge, to put In an
under pass for the hlghway, they found
the whole abutment standlng upon o In
ecure a foundatlon that they were
obllued to take It all out and rebulld,
whlch they are doing at thls tlme. Thls
adds very largely to the Importnnce of
the Job belng done and should serlous
hlgh water occur wlthln a month or so
the reMUlttt could not be otlierwlso than
dlsastrous. The abutment I" being lald
fcolld uon the uiiper slde nll thc way
Thls eveninir the members of the Bon-
heur club wlll celebrate thelr first blrth- i from the end of the brldge to the under-
day annlversary hy a banquct at the
Hotel Windham.
One of our local milllncrs, Mrs. C. H.
Shepardson," has establlshed a branch
ntorc ln Charlestown, In charge of Mlfcs
Jleany of that town.
A game of football Is scheduled to be
played Saturday afternoon betwccn a
local team of Hlgh school boys and the
Academy team of Ludlow.
Mr, and Mrs. Joseph Vieu of Montpelier
have been vlsltlng in town thls week,
Mr. Vieu was formerly promlnently iden- ,
tlflcd wlth the musical Interests of our j
vlllage. I
Krknds here wlll be Interested to lcarn
of the blrth In West Brattleboro thls ,
week of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs.
Charles R. Dunklee. Mrs. Dunklee was i
known here aa Annie Johnson. j
Those In attendance upon the state ;
federatlon of woman's clubs 'at St. Johns-
bury thls week have been Mrs. F. G.
Fllnt, Mrs. Edward Arms and Mrs. S. M.
Folsom, who representcd the local or-ganlzatlon.
The first mcc-tlng of the Woman's club
pass, requlrlng a large outlay of cxpense,
but making a laMlng and very credltnble
htructure, if they succed In gettlng it In
before the water troubles them.
I On Frlday, Oct. 10, the scholars of the
town schools wlll liave prlze speaklng at
! the TJniversallst cliunah ln thls vlllage.
i The first arrangemcnts have leen
I changed.
Wlnter Apple Talk Nut Crop Very
Light This Year Eggs Llkely to
Bring 40 Cents by Chrlstmas,
! The yleld of wlnter applcs thls year ls
small, and the prlce wlll lf nlgh. Jut
l what the prevalllng prlce wlll bo cannot
be told yet, but lt is llkely to be around
12. Thc amount of cxiort bulness done
liy growers ln thls scctlon of the state
wlll have some bearlng on the prlce for
wlll be held next Thursday afternoon at ' home consumptlon. At present. In vlew
3.!!0 In thc vestry of the Univcrsallst i of the heavy losses sustalned on liist
church. After .he business meetlng
Rlchard Burton wlll dcllver an address,
" The Relatlon of Uterature to Llfe."
Next week Thursday and Frlday the
Vermont State Medlcal soclety wlll be In
sesslon here, it belng thelr 15th annual
conventlon. The meetings are to be held
ln the hall of the Anclent Order of Hlber
nlans. Dr. S. H. McCollcster. one of the flrst
pastors of the Unlversallst church in thls
plHce, wlll preach next Sunday and Sun
day evenlng he wlll glve a lecture ln the
church upon some interestlng incldents
of hls many travels, lncludlng a descrlp
tlon of Martlnlque and Mount Pelec.
A scarlct banncr bearlng a golden star
has been presented to the graded schools
here, and lt ls to bo held for one month
by the school havlng the largest per cent.
of attendance for the precedlng month.
All grndes are open to" the competltlon
for the banncr.
Among those from here who have been
In attendance thls week upon the meet
ings of the unlon conference of Congre
gatlonal churchcs In Ludlow were Rev.
Jay T. Stocking, Demcons H. C. Johnson
nnd C. W. Osgood, Mrs. C. W, Osgood,
Mrs, P. Rlcker, Mrs. I,. S. Hayes and
Mlss Hayes.
Mlss Mabel Murphy, who has been vls
Itlng here, returned to hcr home ln Sandy
Hlll, N, Y Monday. Her brother, who
was formerly well known here ns the
superlntcndcnt of the Internntlonal Paper
company's mllls, Is now locatcd In New
Brunswick, where he has just started
Home extenslve pulp mllls, whlch he has
had undcr constructlon for the past
H. M. Amldon has gtven up the Jew-
Makes You
A Hear iyA
years crop, Indicatlons are that the
bulk of the npples grown in and around
Brattleboro wlll be sold at home. The
nut crop also Is very llght, latc frosts
havlng nlppcd the buds ln, the sprlng. A
few chostnuts are ln the market at 20
cents a quart. Eggs have gone up to 00
cents thls week. It would not be sur
prlslng lf they brought over 40 cents at
holiday tlme. They have been hlgh all
through the season and as a result only
a few eggs are left In cold storage.
Potatoes V)
Cheese 12
Butter, (pound) ngr..
EggH 27
Maple Sugar 14S17
Maple Syrup (gallon) S3O1.00
Hldes 4Q5
Calfsklns, (each) C0S1.00
Beef, (dresscd) 5 7
Pork (dressed) GQ7
Vcal (llve) 685H
Chlckens, (sprlng) 1401C
Fowls (dressed) 12S14
Potatoes (pcck) 17
Cheese 16
Butter 20fi2i
Eggs SO
Lobstcrs (pound) 23
Sugar, (refined) C
Sugar, (Maple) 18S22
Salt, T. I., (bushel) K
Flour, (rolled process, bbl.)..,. 4.00S5.00
In Richford, Canada.
Mm Walter I. Kldder went to New
York Wednesday after spendlng slx we-k
' wlth her mother. Jlrs. Sarah Kldder.
! F. J Balley. the real estate ngent, I
conflned to his home on Green strn-t
wlth an acute attack of kldney dl'ease
! .Mr. Jerry Duggan nnd chlldren re
I turned Monday to thelr home in Ntw
vlslt ln town.
Mr. and Mrs. John Brosnan returned
Wednesday to thelr home ln Waverlv. N
Y., after a vlslt of ten days wlth relatlves
In town.
Arthur Woodwnrd of Indon, EngJ.md.
who was here wlth hls cousln, Dr. J L
Rnthliono, two months. wpnt to Montre.it
lat week.
Mlss Margaret Burnham. who has spent
the summer In Ellot. Malne. ls vlsltlng
In town before returnlng to New York
for thc wlnter.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Auatin returned to
New York Monday after a two weeks
vlslt wlth Mr. Austln's mother, Mn.
Maurlce Austln.
Mrs. George I. RI-hop of Sprlngtield.
Mass.. who came here laat week to at
tend the funernl of her aunt, Mrs. Sab
rlna Miller, returneil Frlday.
The marrlage of George Adams and
Mlss Margaret C. Averill wlll take plaie
In the Congregatlonal church next Wed
nerdav evenlng at 7:30 o'clock.
Milton P, Goodner of Pierre, S. D.. son
of Col. and Mrs. I. W. Goodner, Is vlslt
lng his. uncle, F. E. Perry, and at the
Perry farm in West Brattleboro
Mrs. Clarence Thomas, who spent two
week wlth her husband, the superlnten
dent of the work on the new brldge. re
turned Saturday to Morrisville, this state.
Frnnk Iirackett and famlly, who were
here for the fair, returned Frlday to
Nashua. They spent peveral days wlth
Mrs. C. J. Cook nnd made the trlp both
ways by automoblle.
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hooker bcgnn
housekteplng thls week ln the Hradlcy
cottage im North street. The Wesel
hoefts, who occupled the cottage dur
Ing thc summer. returned to Boston Mon
d.iy. Mr. nnd Mrs. John Healey Chlld, who
sjient the sjmmer at Mr. Thurbcr's Maple
F.irm and Mrs. F. 11. Farr's, went to
Boston thls mornlng. Mr. Chlld Is n spe
clal correspondent of tho lyndon Tlmes
and New York Trlbune.
Mlss Mary Brown recelved a telegram
yesterday from her nephew, Wlllle
Brown, who has i-erved the last three
years In the Unltcd Stntes army ln the
I'hlllpplnes, statlng thnt he had nrrlved
ln Boston and would come to Brattleboro
after a vlslt in New York.
'Mrs. A. J. Mnxham has sold her house
on East Pleasant street to Geo. II. Good
rlch of Mount Holly; consldoratlon, $2150.
Mr. and Mrs. Mnxhnm wlll contlnue to
occupy the upper tenement of the house.
Ludlow Trlbune.
Col. and Mrs. Kittredge Hnsklns went
yesterday to Rutland, Col. Hasklns to
atteml n meetlng of the Vermont Olllcers'
Reunlon soclety, and Mrs. Hasklns on
business connocted wlth the annual meet
lng of the Vermont Soclety of Colonlnl
Dames. whlch wlll be held ln Rutland
next Tuesday.
Flour (patent)
Corn (northern)
Meal (cwt)
Tca, (Japan, lg.)
Tea, (Oolong)
Tea, (Young Hyson)
Bollcd OI1, (gallon)..
Raw Ol!
Kerosene 14015
Hay, (baled) 18(820
Wood, (cord) 17
Mlxed Feed 1.2031.30
Bran 1.151.30
Ltnseed OU Meal 1.60Q1.55
Provender , 1.40
Mlddllngs : 1.15S1.50
Rye Meal, (pound) 3
Cotton Seed Meal ., 1,45
Gluten Meal 1.40
Corrected Oct, S,
A Suggestlon " Yes," sald Mlss How
ells, after her solo, " I Intend to go
nbroad to flnlsh my musical educatlon."
" Huh!" snorted Mlss Growells, " why
not nnish lt rlght now and savo the ex
pense?" Phlladelphla Press,
"The world has nlways been dlvlded
Into claoes; those who have savcd and
those who have spent the thrlfty and
tho extravagant. The bullding of nll the
housts, the mllls, the brldges and the
shlps, and the nccompllshment of all
other great works whlch have rendered
man clvlllzcd nnd hnppy, has been done
by the savers, the thrlfty; and those who
huvo wasted thelr resources have always
bcon thelr slaves. It hns been thc law
of nature and of Provldence that thls
should be so; and I were an lmposter lf I
promlsed nny class that they should ad
vance thcmelves If they were improvl
dent. thoughtless nnd Idle." Rlchard
The indications are that our sales this year will pass the
half million mark.
To increase our sales from $5,000 to $500,000 in seven
years on one brand of rubber footwear, in the New England
States alone, seems to us the best argument we could offer
that "BALL BAND" goods and 'BALL BAND" prices are
all right.
1 'BALL BAND" AU-Knit Boots, Leggins and'Overs,
Rubber Boots and Arctics SELL WELL because they are
weU made, are perfect fitting and always give satisfaction
to the wearer.
They are known and worn by lumbermen, fanners,
stockmen and all out-door workers aU over the country.
Their reputation has been made upon honesty in ma
terials and methods of making.
j The "BALL-BAND" trade mark is a guarantee of superior quality.
Refuse imitations. To distinguish the genuine, look for
the RED BALL in the trademark found in a prominent part
of boot or shoe.
Sold everywhere. Ask your dealer for them.
A large stock always carried at our retail store.
Send a postal asking for a descriptive catalogue.
Sble Wholesale Agents for New England.
Dlamonds In Alaska.
Wlille many propectors have been conflnlng
thelr teurch cliletly for gold uud copperdo
poslts In Alaska, utliers liave bccn cearchlng
for dlamonds, and ln reccnt icports they havo
been successful iu llndliig a lew vulimble eec.
mcns.Tlicio aro muny otlier (ersons who havo
been hearchlng for ycare for bomethlng far
more prccious than gold or dlamonds and that
ucultti. They havo trled thls medlclno nnd
that one In a valn liopo of tlndlng It. wlthout
success. They should try llostettcr's Btomach
Ilittcrs lciiu?e It Is tho most Bucccsstul hcnltli
raaker In tho world, and U luicked by a record
of tlf ty years of ciircs. It wlll posltlvely curo
Indlgestlon, dyspepsm, constlpatlon, ncrvous
ness, liieomulu und iimlarlu, fever and aguo
Try It.
To Cure a Cold tn One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Qulnlne Tablets.
AU drugglsts refund the money tt tt falls
to cure, B. W. Grovo's slgnature Is on
each box. 2Sc,
Poe and the South.
In hls artlcle on "The South In Ameri
can Letters," In Harper's Magazlne for
October, Professor Woodbury of Colum
bla ndv'ances the new theory that Kdgar
Allen Poe's llfe In tho South In slavery
tlmes ls responslble for the cruelty nnd
gruesomeness In hls stories:
" Is not ' Tho House of Ushcr ' a South
ern tnlo at tho core, however theatrlcally
developed?" askes Professor Woodbury.
" Poe Is the only poet t far as I know,
who Is on tho record as the defendcr of
human slavery. It must not bo forgotten
that he grow up ln a slave-holdlnc state,
Thero are traces of cruelty ln Poe, of pa
tlence wlth cruelty, easy to flnd. Tho
' Dlack Cat ' could not have been wrltten
cxcept by a man who knew cruelty well
and was hardened to lt. 'The Plt and the
Pcndulum ' belongs In the same class
It Is not any one of these ltems, but the
mass of them, that counts, The morbld,
melancholy, dark, gruesome, terrible, In
Poe seem to me to be related to hls cn
vlronmont; these thlngs sympnthlze wlth
the South, tn all lands, wlth Italy and
Spaln; as the Spanlard ls plaln ln Cer
vantes, It may well seem that the South-
ern ls manlfcst In the temper of Poe's
Imaglnatlon, chnracterlzatlon, tncldent,
ntmosphere, and landscape. Hls tendency
toward musical effects Is nlso to tho
)olnt. So I.anler trled to obtnln such ef
fects from landscape, trees and tho
marsh; though Poe Is frco from Lanler's
emotlonal. phases In whlch he seems liko
Ixlon embraclng the cloud,
" Such, ln brlef, are some nf tho rea
soiis that may lead one to seo In Poe a
great expresslon of the Southern temper
ament In letters. He, ccrtalnly, Is the
lone star of tho South, and yet It may
eventually prove that the song of
' Dlxle ' ls the most Immortal contrlbu
tlon that the old South gavo to tho na
tloual Uterature."
For Over 8lxty Yeare,
Wlnslow's 8oothlng 8yrup hus Ix.'en
used for over 00 years by mllllons of mothcrs
loruicircniiuren wnue tcctmng wlth perfect
success. It sootlics the chlld, softcn tho gums.
allavs all imln. curcs wind collo and is tho best
rcmedy for dlarrlioea. It wlll relleve tho poor
little sufferer lmmedlutely. Sold by all drug.
lstslnevcry part of tho world. Twonty.fivo
cents it bottle. llo suro and usk for "Mrs. Wlns.
lows Soothlng Syrup," and take no utlier klnd.
Proverbs Up to Date.
L. de V. Matthewman ln Everybody's
Magazlne for October.)
It takes a blg man to eat crow grace
fully. Modesty Is not easlly shocked at pru
dery. The more knowlng a man ls, tho less
ho knows.
A woman's traln of thought is often on
her dress.
Sometlmes a comedlan's dlvorco Is hls
flrst serlous part.
Marrlnge ls seldom a fallure when Cupld
furnlshes the capltal.
Mnrrylng for money Is more a matter
of dollars than of sense.
Many a woman employs a prlvate do
tectlve when sho looks In her mlrror.
It Is not consldered to a man's credlt
to merit success lf he doesn't obtaln It.
The hcathen in hls bllndness uses a
club; the clvllized Chrlstlan a repeatlng
Wo shouldn't mlnd woman havlng the
last word lf she'd only get to lt sooner.
Evolutlon of the Apple.
Apples are new ln the economv f
world's use nnd taste. At the bei,.'
of the last century few varletles wr
known, and we can go back ln hlst r
a tlme when all npples were little - r
nnd puckery crab apples and no' .iS
clse. The crab apple was and ls .'. ts
wildness nothlng but a rosebush. Awi''
back tn tlme the wlld rose, with its rto'
blossoms that turn to little red b '
apple llavorcd, and the thorny ctaJ 1 -1
the same grandmother.
Advertlsed Letters.
Men-C, 13. Bradbury, L. W. Busl". C
S. DeWolf, Frank Doollttle, Hr"rv
Clark, II. W. Clark, O. D. Cummines
Wm. F. Clarke, MaJ. Ira II. Bvans. H
B. Fleld 2. N. J. Fowler. Dr. Wm. A
Klsher, jr.. E. C. Gulld, Edward J
Llnes, James E. Keefe.
Women-Mrs. L. C. Allen, Mrs. M
Blgelow. Mlss Nelllo Bnrrett, M s
Carrle E, Farrar, Mrs. Annle Herz
Mrs. Knlght, Mrs. A. I Thompson.

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