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The Woman's Club.
Tlio flrst moetlng of tho Woman's clul)
for tlio scason 1SW3-4 was hclil Tuesday
, nfternoon In tlio vcstry of tlio Unlversnl
Ist churclt, tho new prcsldent, Mrs. Fran
cls G. Flint, prestdinB. FollowliiB tho
prcllmlnnry buslness, n lccturo wns de
Uvorcil by Dr. Rlclmrd Uurton on "Tho
Relntlon of Lltcrnture to Llfe." As il
llterury crltlo, Dr. Durton Is nn author
Ity, nnil hls lccturo wns very helitul. At
tho closo ho Informnlly nnsworcil iiues
tlons nsked by mcmbcrs of tho club ro
Kixnllng books nnd rcndlng. lt wns nn
nouncod by tho currcnt evcnts dcpart-
mont thnt n speclal class wlll bo orBan
Izod for thnt brnnch, If n sutllclent num
ber of nnmcs nrc hnndcd ln. Tho next
meetlng wlll bo on Oct. 27, nnd wlll bo In
olinrge of tho depnrtment of parllmonlary
Tho new yoar book of tho Bellows Fnlls
Woman's club wns Issued thls wcok, nnd
ls u vcry nttructlvo little volumc, bound
ln green, nnd bearlng In gold upon tho
covcr tho club monogram. Tho llrst fcw
piiBcs nrc glvcn to llsts of olllccrs, de
partments nnd commlttecs, datcs of bus
lness mcctlngs. order of buslness, dc
talls In regard to dues, etc. Thcn follows
the cnlendar for thls season. Meetlngs
wlll be hcld tho second and fourth Tues
days In every month from Octobor to
May, lnclustve, nt 3.30 o'clock ln tho vcs
try of tho Unlversallst church. Tho datcs
fur loctures nro ns follows: Oct. 13, Dr.
Hlchard Uurton, "Tho itelatlon of Llt
iratj're to Llfe"; Xov. 10, Mrs. Mnry J.
Lincoln (of cook-book fame), "Ideal
HousekecplnB"; Dec. 8, Mrs. Mnrlo An
tolnottc Summcrs, recltnl from the songs
of Schubert nnd Schumnnn; Jan. 19, pub
11c lccture In the opcra house by Dr.
Thomns E. Green, "Key to tho Twentl
ctli Ccntury": Keb. 2, (gentlemcn's nlght)
Mlss Elslo I. Llvermore, ontcrtalner;
Keb. S, Mlss Helen A. Brooks, "Old
Krcijch and Engllsh Danccs." Illustratod
by piano; Aprll 12, Mlss Helen M. Wlns
lciw, "The Art of Seolng Funny Thlngs."
Tlio meetlngs of tho club, nslde from the
lectures, wlll be In chnrge of the depart
monts of parllmentary law, llteraturo,
cconomlcs nnd current events.
Kollowlng tho calendar In tho year book
comes the constltutlon and by-laws, and
a. Ilst of over 1M mcmbers. The ofllcers
for thls year are: Tresldent, Mrs. Francls
G. Fllnt; vlco prcsldent, Mrs. Edwnrd H,
Campbell: second vlce prcsldent, Mrs.
Wllliam F. Hnzelton; recordlng secre
tnry, Mrs. Wllltam W. Sawycr; corres
pondlng secretary, Mlss Mary A. Head;
troasurer, Mlss M. Josephlno Derby,
Statc Medlcal Socicty In Scsslon.
Tho Oflth annual meetlns of the Ver
mont ritate Medlcal soclety opened hore
yesterday wlth 100 physlclans In nttend
ance, accompanled by 40 ladlcs. Head
quartcrs are at Hotel Windham and tho
meetlnss are held ln Illbernlan hnJI.
Oiilcers and commlttees presented reports,
and obltuaries of James Conland of Brat
tleboro, J. C. ltutherford of Newport
W. H. Vlncent of Shorehnm were read.
ln the nfternoon ileleBntes from the othor
New EnBland states excopt Malne were
rcct Ived, and Dean Hlchmond of Windsor
dcllvcred the vlce prcsldent's nddress.
Several Intercstlng papers were read. The
wlves of local physlclans took tho vlslt
Ing ladle3 on a tally-ho ride to West
minster and 'Wnlpole, and the men went
by trolley to Saxtons Itlver. Dr. E. M.
Pond of Rutland devoted the annual prcs
ldent's address In the evenlng to "Early
Operatlon ln Abdomlnnl Troubles." The
annual banquet was served ln Hotel
Windham nnd C. M. Peck ncted ns nn
nlversary chalrman at the post prandlal
exerclscs. A roceptlon was glven In tho
parlors of the Westminster club ln hon
or of tho vlslting ladles. The vlsltors
went through the papcr mllls thls morn
lng. The regular sesslons wlll contlnue
through forenoon and nfternoon today.
Mrs. George L. Burnslde nnd Mrs. Bar
kcr have Iwcn vlslting ln Boston.
Mlss Kntherlne Dunlevy of Brattle
boro has bcen vlslting ln Bellows Falls
thls week.
D. I'. lllgglns has bcen In Boston tho
past week on buslness for the paper mlll
of Blake & Hlgglns.
Dr. B. S. Elmer, formerly of Morgan
town, W. Vn., has opened a dental of
flco In Hownrd block.
John O. Sprlng expects to snll from
Llverpool on hls return trlp Sunday aftcr
noon, reachlng home in about elght days.
Thls evenlng a lecture wlll bo glven In
tho Baptlst church by Ncllle Burghor of
Mlssourl, natlonal organizer and leeturer
of tho W. C. T. U.
The street commlssloners have com
pleted tho work of laylng tho sewor on
Hyde street, and are now engaged ln top
dressing tho entlre street wlth gravel.
An Itnllan laborer who was kllled on
the rallroad near Westminster Sunday
was burled Monday mornlng from St.
Charles's church, the intermcnt being ln
tho new Koman Cathollc cemetery south
of tlio village.
The freshman clnss of tho Illgh school
has organlzed by chooslng Horaee Hreen
prcsident; Falth Thayer vlce prcsldent;
Helena Mitcholl ,secretury, nnd Margaret
Taylor treasurer.
Ilarry Carson of the Vermont Fnrm
Machlne company was marrled at Green
fleld Monday to Mrs. Hcnrlotta II. All
bee. They wlll befiln housekeeplng on
Tuttle street wlthln a few weeks.
Mrs. Oscnr D. Ollcott, who recently
bought n resldence In Saxtons Itlver, In
tendlng to move there, hns declded to ro
maln ln Bellows Fnlls Instead, retalnlng
Iier home l1th Mrs. H. B. Jackson.
The local foot ball team has dates wlth
Stevens Hlgh school at Clarcmont to
morrow, next Saturdny at Ludlow wlth
Black Itlver Academy and two weeks
from tomorrow wlth tho Sprlngllold Hlgh
Ono hundred and slx excurslonlsts pass
ed through hero Wednesday from polnts
on tho Butland road for Boston, and ln
tho nfternoon the local ticket olllco sold
83 more. Thls ls the annual $3 trlp, and
one nt a stlll lower round trlp rute wlll
come later.
Two drunks tho past week have bcen
nrrested and trled. Thomas Haverty of
Bellows Falls pald hls fine, whllo Henry
Eddy, clalmlng to hall from Brattleboro,
was taken to Newfane yesterday to Jall,
being unablo to pay tho amount assessed
upon hlm.
S. D. McLeod nnd Charlle Wrlght were
ln Suncook Frlday and Saturday, and
whllo there Mr. McLeod made nrrange
ments for the purchase of n hotel busl
ness, which he expects to begln running
Foon. He hopesMie chango wlll bo bcne
flclal to hls health.
A roport of the flrst part of tho stato
Chrlstlan Endeavor conventlon, held at
Barre last week, wns glven Sunday even
lng at the Congregatlonal church. Tho
remalnder of the report wlll be glven
nt the regular Chrlstlan Endeavor meet
lng next Sunday evenlng.
Two "elghteenth blrthday" pnrtles of a
pleasant uharacter occurred last week
Thursday and Saturday evenlngs. Ono
was thnt of Mlss Maud Petersen and the
other that of Mlss Blancho Woodfall.
Each were attended by a very huppy and
brlght company of young people.
Tho lunch room on tho stalrs whlch has
been run for some years by S. D. Mc
Iod has been sold by hlm to B. M. Walte
of Claremont, who has been in hls em
ploy some tlme. Mr, McLeod has been
very unfortunate the past two years ln
belng n great sufferer from rheumatlsm.
A movement ls on foot for the cstab
llshment of a flrst-class physical culture
club among tho young ladies. The ofll
cers chosen at a prellmlnary meetlng
rocently were Mary Campbell, presldent;
May Keefe, vlco presldent; Allco Busby,
socretary; and May Hennessey, treasurer,
The local branch of the order of Knlghts
of Columbus attended dlvlno worshlp
Sunday at St. Charles church, nt whlch
tlme an approprlate service was carried
out by Father Reynolds and the church
cholr, Tho servlco was ln commemora-
tlon of tho dlscovcry of Amcrlca by Co
lumbus. ' Frcderlck W. Uancroft dld not como to
Bellows Fnlls Wednesdny evetilnB ns ox
pected In hls muslcnl Ibcture uf "Irlsh
Songs nnd Song Wrlters." murh to tho
dlsnppolntment of many who had hoped
to henr II. Tho rcnson for its Indcflnlto
postponomcnt wns "the nbscnce of a num
ber of thoso most lntcrcstcd ln tho mat
tcr, who wcro tnkliiB ln tho unniinl ox
curslon of the FltchburB road to Boston.
C'ontrnctors W. T, Eilwnrds Co. of
Boston hnvo begun tho work of lnyliig
tho new concrelo for tho wnlks nnd road
ways about the passcngcr stntlon. These
contractoi'S hnvo tho eontruct for nll the
work "t tho cliiuiRcs In nnd nbout tho
slution, oxcept to tho trncks, nnd tho con
tract prlco ls undorstood to bo $23,000.
Tlio Rutland road has left the work wlth
tho Boston nnd Mnlne olllrlals nnd lt ls
hclng dono under tholr suporvlslon.
The annual parado of tho llremen last
Frlduy wns not a suncess owlng to tho
hoavy rnln. The parndo nnd rnces wlll
occnr tomorrow Instoad. Tho conccrt
nnd ball last Frlday evonlnB was a sroat
succoss. thero bclng mnny vlslting llre
men present from Kcenc, Sprlnglleld,
Chester, Charlestown nnd other ncar
near-by polnts. Jnmes Farley was lloor
dlrector and tho Knlghts of l'ythlas band
furnlshcd good niuslc.
Tho opcra houso oiigngcmcnt for next
week Is by "Dot Karroll" and her com
pany wlth Iorne Elwyn ns leadlng man.
Monday ovrnlng they wlll glvo "A Nlght
In Chluatnwn" to bo followcd ilurlng tho
week by "Tho Kldnnppers." "The Llofi
nnd the Mouse," "Itcssurrectlon," "Ne
vnda, or the Dcvll's Mlno," "My Lndy
Ncll," "Tho Rcnl Lord Innox" nnd
"Llght on tho Polnt." Saturday nfter
noon matlneo wlll produce "Cindcrclla"
for tho chlldren.
itrs, A. II. Webb, who spoko nt tho
mlsslonary moetlng nt the Methodlst
church Monday evenlng, left Tuesdny
mornlng for n month's trlp through the
South. Slio wlll go llrst to Chuttanoogn,
where she ls a deloBnto to the natlonal
meetlng of tho Woman's Mlsslonary so
cicty of tho Methodlst church. From
there, sho expects to go to Memphls,
Tenn., where she wlll spend some tlme
wlth hcr brothcr, wull known hore, who
Is a routo ngcnt for tho Amcrlcnn Ex
press company.
A class for vocal lnstrucllon has been
formed In town by E. II. Mlller of Dum
merston, the well-known sololst. The
tlrst lnstructlon wlll bo glven today.
John lloullh.-' nr.d Mlss Johanna Leen
were marrled at St. Charles church Tues
day mornlng. Mlss Mnry Leen, nlece of
the brlde wns brhlesmald, and John Moore
wns best man. After the ceromony a
weddlng bronkfast was served at Mr.
Iloullhan's home, 7 Centro street, nnd a
large receptlon wns glven In the evenlng.
Mnll Carrler Wlllls A. Brown moved'
yesterday to the house whlch he has been
buildlng thls summer. A Waldo Cool
IdBe has bcen substitutlng for hlm whll
he was movlng.
The Fourth Vermont Rofitmcnt had Its
annual rounlon ln Grand Army hall Tues
day afternoon wlth alxiut M mctnbets of
tho old organlzntlon present. The meet
lng was ono of rcnl lnterest throughout.
The Woman's Rellef corps served sup
per ln the ImiKpiet hall. The assocla
tlon clected as olllccrs for the ensulng
year Captaln Alken of Hartland, presl
dent; Henry W. Hutchlns of Bellows
Falls, vlce presldent; T. T. Farrell of
Waterbury, socretary and treasurer; and
11. W. Spafford of Rutland wns chosen
chalrman of the exocutlve commlttoe.
Compnny F of that reglmcnt was rop-n-sented
by the largest numbcr of any
company nnd electod olllcers. llorace
Roberts of Putney was choopn prcsldent,
nnil Col. H. E. Taylor of Brattleboro secretary.
Kd and Patscy llnrtz are ln Bo"ston.
W. W. Cory hns bogun to reeolve hls
wlnter stock of Melgh".
Mr. nnd Mrs. Georgo Balley and moth
cr are ln Boston thls week.
Patrlck Hartz hns been to Pittslleld,
Mass., rocently on a buslness trlp.
Bernlco Blake and Mrs. J. Bean held
thelr mllllnery oponlng l.ist Frhlay.
Mr. nnd Mrs. E. Djtcher have return
ed home attor vlslting in the north.
Frcd Slmonds moved to hls new house
and store ln Gngevllle last Saturday.
Baxter Walker attended the Knlghts
Templar moetlng In Claremont last wivk.
Mlss Nellle Stoarns has gone to Atkln
son, N. H., to toach ln the Hlgh school
Tho ladles of the Congregatlonal church
hold n food sale ln thelr vestry last Snt
.urday afternoon. They netted a large
Mrs. Incz Metcalf ls carlng for Mrs. II.
M. Bemls, who Is reportcd lietter.
Mrs. Frank Davls wlll ontertaln thp la
dles' benevolent soclety next Wednesday
Mrs. A. A. Wyman went tho flrst of
tho week to Woodstock to attend the
stato conventlon of the W. C. T. U.
A party of men from Massachusetts are
expected next Monday at F. A. Smlth's
to spend two weeks fox huntlng.
Llborty Hnrwoid, who has been ln poor
health somo tlme, Is now 'conllned to hls
room, and hls condltlon cnuses hls famlly
much nnxloty.
Teachpr "Johnny, you may dcflnp the
flrst person." Johnny "Adam." Town
and Country.
The Testimony of Brattleboro Peo
ple Stands the Test.
Tho test of tlme ls what tells the tale.
"A new broom sweeps clcan," but wlll it
wear wcll ls what Intcrests most. The
publlc soon flnd out when mlsrepresen
tntlons nro made, and merlt nlono wlll
stand the test of tlmo.
Brattleboro peoplo nppreclate merlt,
nnd mnny months ngo local cltlzens pub
Hcally endorsed Doan's Kldney Pllls; they
do so stlll. Would a citizen mako tho
stntement which follows unlcss con
vlnced thnt tho nrtlclo was Just as rep
resented? A curo that lasts ls the kind
that every suffer from kldney Hls is
looklng for,
George H. Newton, teamster for S, A.
Smlth & Co., Hvlng nt 9 Flat street, snys;
"I cannot ndd nnythlng to my orlgtnal
statement nbout Doan's Kldney Pllls
llrst publlcly expressed over flvo years
ago when I procured the remedy nt Geo.
E. Grecne's drug store and took n courso
of the treatment. I um only too pleased
to endorse the preparatlon if lt wlll be
the menas of Inducing other suffercrs
from kldney complaint or backateho to
uso lt. From my experienco as well
from obscrvatlon no one need to be the
least dublous about tho rcsults obtained
from the uso of Doan's Kldney Pllls.
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents
per box.
per box. Foster-Mllburn Co., Buffalo,
N, T sole agents for the Unlted States.
take no substltute,
Sold ln Brattleboro by Geo, E, Qreene,
Get the "Right" Furs
at the "Right" Price
at the "Right" House.
Mrs. H. S. Cady Is In Boston for two
Helen Kllllngbeck ls in St. Johnsbury
for a fcw weeks.
G. H. Wnlker returned the flrst of the
week from hls Boston trlp.
H. A. Tenney and MKs Tenney are
spondlng tho week ln Boston.
The Fortnlghtly club wlll mcet wlth
Mlss S. E. HIUs, hostess, Oct. 1D.
Mlss Mnry WllllamH of Cambridge,
Mass., ls tho guest of Mlss S. E. Hllls.
A large mimbei of our tounspeople went
to Boston Wednesday on the exourslon.
Madam Wllllams Is serlously 111, and her
daughter, Mrs. Oweus. of St. Johnsbury.
Is here to holp ln carlng for her.
An Itallan was kllled Instuntly last
Saturday near Grout's crosslng when nt
tomptlng to cross tho track In front of
tho north-bound express.
A party of ladlcs met nt tho homp of
Miss Susanna I.pnch Tuesday from 3 to
5 o'clock to help make the Gsth mllestone
of Ilfo's journey n pleasant ono for Mlss
Iveach. The gathcrlng wns a cpmplote
surprise, belng very well mnnaged by her
ndopted daughter, Mrs. .Myron Blanchurd,
nnd not untll the urrlval of Mrs. Judd,
who had been ns nsslstant teachpr wlth
Miss Leach 31 years ago at Northampton,
Mass., dld lt dawn upon her that a sur
prise had been arranged. A schoolmate
of over 40 years ago whoin Mlss Leach had
not met durlng the Interval. was present.
At 5 o'clock the ladlcs were Invited to
tho dinlng room, whero Miss lAach pro
slded in a hospitnble manner. Tho large
blrthdny cnke in the centre of the tablo
was admlred as well ns upproclated by
all, ltemembrancos of llowers nnd smnll
glfts were presented to help brighton n
shut-ln llfe, Mlss Leneh havlng met wlth
nn accldent slx years ago whlch conflnes
her to tho house a largo part of tho tlme.
Judge Crosscup Is a llne speclmen of
a sturdy uprlght judge. He ism Unlted
States clrcult Judge with a salnry of
$6,000. The Northern Securities compnny
wnnts hls as counsel In the suits brought
agnlnst It by the government nnd hns
offered hlm a salnry onld to bo $100,000 n
year to become Its counsel. He refused
to reslgn hls posltlon to accept the offcr,
He has made some strong declsions
agalnst corporatlons but belleves ln com
blnatlons of capltal, properly regulated
and supervlsed. He ronslders the publio
servlco beyond n mere matter of money
and wlll stlck to the bence. Montpelier
Fur Scarfs.
Black French Coney Boa, Qgo
Totnl lcugtli .V) liulic. 7 tnlK UWU
Blk. Electric Seal Boa, $1 Ak
U-ngth. ln.. S bruli tHlls. y l T U
Genuine Brown Marten, $3 QR
U-ngtli M Inelios. ti tulls Tu,uu
China Bear Boa, $JQ Qft
U-ngth. M liichc. cholie. yJJJ
Hudson B.Sable Opos'm, $A QR
Lcnirth Tll ln., 4 little, eliolcc. T1,uu
Isabella Opossum, $.A Oft
.'l ln.. 11 tulls, extni tliie. y-r. w KJ
Brown Marten Opossum, $5 Qg
LeiKftllltt lllcllP. KoX tllll?. y
Black China Bear, $fi fifi
UmiiMIi. Iinelie. yJ.JJ
Sable Marten Opossum, JsR Qg
lAMigth 7S ln.. 8 tnil". iluikf. y J.
Isabella. Opossum,
l.i'liirtli, Iiu'hes, ii h'nv
Wm. A. Wllcox has leen eiiKagod by
Mr. C.impbell and ls expertlng to move
Into the house usuahy occupled by Mr.
Cnnipboll's help.
.Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Hnrlow are taklng
advantnge of tho excurslon to Boston by
spondlng sevoral days vMtlng Mr.
Harlow's brothor and In seelng tho slghts
of tho clty.
F. G. Ciimplioll hns Just been puttlng a
llno growth of ensllage com Into hls silo.
lt grew upon hls blll fnrm nnd had not
been toucliPd by frost, as the com upon
tho low grounds had been.
Mlss Estelln Goodell went n week ago
to Brooklyn, tho lnst of our teachers to
onter upon her sonson's work. She has n
llno posltlon ln a prlvate school, teaieh
lng drawlug, nattire study, etc.
Rov. Mr. Goodhuo has leon buslly oc
cupled of lato ln hls romoval to Brattlo
Ixiro. Tho famlly went from tho parson
age on Wednesday. Tho tcams of Ira G.
Mlller and G. M. Gould have been en
gaged ln cartlng tho housohold furnllure.
golng through to tho residonco on Hlgh
land Htroet.
Tho desk of the Congregatlonal church
has been occupled by Rev. C. E. Hnyward
of Putney for two Sundays. The Sun
day school moots nt 1.15 nnd tlio servlco
Is at 2 p. m. How long thls wlll von
tlnue Is not known. Sovernl clergymen
have made appllcatlon to lo hcard ns
candldates for the vacancy.
Mlss Mlnnle Sickmnn, clty mlsslonary In
New York, Is spendlng her vncatlon wlth
hcr frlend, Mrs. Mnry L. Hnrlow, She
gave an Intcrcstlng nccount of her work
at the ladles' mlsslonary meetlng last
week. That meetlng was conducted by
Mrs. Hnrlow nnd Mrs. Coddlng. The nt
tendanco wns less than usual, however,
Thoso jiresent enjoyed tho aecount vcry
A handsomo testlmonlnl, In tho glvlng
of whlch tho peoplo of the pnrlsh unlver
sally Jolned, wns presented to the retlr
lng pastor nnd hls wlfo upon thelr re
moval, They wlsh to express thelr np
preclatlon of lt In lts splrlt and for Its
value, and they trust that tho whole
people, who have shown so much klnd
ness, may bo nbundantly rewarded wlth
all material and splrltual blesslng,
If you aro tlred of tnklng the large,
old-fashloncd, griplng pllls, try Carter's
Little Liver Pllls and take some comfort,
A man can't stand overythlng. One plll
a dose, Try them,
Fur Neckwear.
You ought to see our line of Fur Neck
wear and Muffs. It is complete, from
the Boas to retail at 98c up to the choic
Alaskan Fox sets to retail at $54.
Genuine Blk. Marten,
Ia'IikiIi N) Inuhcs HtuIK
Isabella Fox,
Vcry long extni cholie.
Alaskan Sable
l.xtni hen y
Alaskan Sabl
e Fox,
Vcry long eliolco fur
Black French
W ln.. llucd wlth blk.
Black Electric Seal,
W 111., fur llned uml trm'il. 0 tl..
Black China
ijMiirtli W ln..
Black Marten,
(itMiiilno. length M) ln.,
Isabella Fox,
Kull nnil ory ihoUe,
Alaskan Sabl
e Fox,
Extni llne.
Black French Coney, - - 98c
Black Electric Seal, extra fine, - $3.50
Sable Opossum, choice, - - $4.98
Isabella Opossum, very fine, - - $4.98
Sable Opossum, flat muff, - - $6.50
Isabella Fox, large round muff, - $10.
Alaskan Sable Fox, flat muff, - - $15.
Children's sets, from $1 to $3.50.
in Furs
MAN N, Brattleboro, Vt.
Mr. and Mrs. George II. Barber are In
A. L. Chllds has returned from hls vlsit
to Boston.
The youngcst son of Henry E. Boyd is
sorlously 111.
Mrs. Sally Goodnow is vlslting at George
F. Roborts's.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Hatch have re
turned from Boston.
Mlss Graco Waro, who has bcen crlt
lcnlly III, ls Improvlng.
Rev. Mr. Rlogel Is galnlng and Is nble
to wnlk wlthout crutchcs.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Fortst II. Barbor are ln
New York for a week or more.
Dalsy Robblns, who has been nbsent for
pevcrnl weeks ln New York stnte, hns re
turned home.
Tho marrlago engagoment of Mlss EIIz
nlxth llaker of Boston nnd Guy O. Howo
Is ntmounccxl.
Rev. Mr. Mltchell rccelved n short vlslt
from a number of hls relatlves, who came
from Lyuu on the Boston & Mnlno ex
curslon on Saturday.
Tho Whlst club was cnlertalncd by O.
R. Buell and Mlss I-oone Russell on
Thursday evenlng nt bank hall. Thls
evenlng (Thursday) Mlsses Ellen nnd
Cntherine Wnro wlll entertnln tho club
at the hall.
Orrln R. Buell hns gono to New York
to conslder ncceptlng the posltlon of
managor of the Astor Tannpry company
unhalrlng doiurtnient, whlch has been
offorcd hlm. lt was held by the lato
Percy Comstoek.
A. P. Chllds of Bennington was in town
thls week. He has hardly reeovered from
tho severe nccldent received a few weVks
ngo In Halifax. Mrs. Chllds is very ill
at a hospltal ln New York.
About 50 persons came from .Boston on
the excurslon nnd took dlnner nt tlio ho
tel, returning on the nfternoon traln.
Mlss Falth W. Kldder, who Is attendlng
the Now England Conservntory nt Bos
ton, took ndvantage of the excurslon nnd
Bpent Sunday wlth her parents,
"What Is your ldea of experience?"
askcd the very young man. "Experience,"
replled the sage from Sagevllle, "is tho
result of wantlng everything you can't
get nnd gctting everything you don't
want." Chlcago Daily News,
Promptness of service,
reliability of quality, low
ness of price, mark all
our transactions.
Coney, $2.98
fur trM,
$9fi nfl
Mrs. George Lawrence has returned
from Westmoreland.
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. M. Sparks and son
hnvo recently vlslted tho Stowe famlly.
Mr. and Mrs. Smlth of Amherst, Mass.,
aro vlslting thplr daughter, Mrs. B. W.
The Duncnn famlly, who have occupled
the Butterfleld homo slnce Sept. 1, wlll
roturn to thelr home In Boston thls week.'
Mrs. Tre.ulwoll and daughter, Hazel,
who spent tho summer hero, returned to
thelr homo ln Boston several weeks ago.
Mrs. Chase, who vlslted here, accompa
nled them.
At the W. C. T. U. meetlng last week
Mrs. W. E. L. Walker and N. V. Adams
wero elected delegates to tho state W. C.
i T. U. conventlon, whlch is being held ln
Woodstock "thls week.
The Northfield Slato companv Is n new
corporntlon wlth a capltal stock of $150,
I 000. George C. Sanborn of Northfield is
presldent, Jnmes H. Edgorton of North
, fleld vlce presldent, nnd the other incor
porators and dlrectors nro H. W. Vnll of
I Randolph, C. D. Slayton, George H. Rich
mond, F. M. Cnrpenter and F, W. Dutton
of Northfield nnd C. W. Scarff of Bur
lington. Letter to G. B. Harwood.
Dear Slr: Let's have a little prlvate
talk by ourselves on buslness; nobody
elso, please, read.
You want to know how to do n cheap
Job of pnlntlng, nnd have it look good.
Here It Is: Tho cheapest thlng thero ls In
the way of a good-looking Job say noth
Ing nbout lts being good is Dovoe; tho
regular thlng In Devoe.
Tho reason is; Devoo goes further than
anything elso. Lead-and-oll is good
looking; don't go so far nnd costs more.
The other pnlnts are more or less short
In one 'way or another; don't go so far
and costs moro than Devoe,
Devoe osts least of all; you don't
mlnd Its lastlng longer, do you? We.
can't help lt; n paint that goes further
lasts longer; we can't help lt.
Yours truly,
P. S. Robbins & Cowles sell our palnt.
"Has Halrovervlch always shown n
talent for musio?" "Ycs; even as a chlld
he crled every tlme hls halr waa cut,"
Potatoes Marked Up Thls Week
Eggs Have Advanced Three Cents
Supply of Grapes Dlmlnlshlng.
Trade is qulet thls week, with ir.v.s
strengthening. Potatoes have been ni.irk
ed up 10 cents a bushel. Tho farni' rs
hnvo been keoplng them In blns part ' '
get better prlces nnd partly becausc iftv
aro busy wlth fall work. The advar c is
likely to put n larger supply on the ' ir
ket. Eggs hnvo taken another Jumi' lt
takes 33 conts now to get a dozt f
them. Tho supply of grapes Is dimi'. - -lng
Cheese i:
Butter, (pound) lSu.;
Slaple Sugar 14 i'"
Maple Syrup (gallon) 65il"
Hldes 4u"'
Calfsklns, (each) SOii 1 '
Beef, (dressed) 5 ji
Pork (dressed) C iT
Veal (llve) 5" 2
Chlckens (sprlng) V. '
Fowls (dressed) 1'
Potntocs ,
Potntoes (peck)
Cheeso 1
Butter 2"'i-'
Lobsters (pound) 2
Sugnr, (reflned)
Sugar, (Maple) lSy.-'
Salt. T. I.. (bushel)
Flour, (rolled process, bbl.),,.. 4.K05
Flour (patent) J6.K'
Corn , 65070
Corn (northern) 75'tiW
Meal (cwt) 1 -
Tca, (Japan, lg.) 35fi
Tea, (Oolong) 40S'
Tea, (Young Hyson) 4W)Si'
Raw Oll 60
Karosene 14(715
Hay, (baled) lSflli
Wood. (cord) 7
JUxed Feed 1.2001.30
Bran 1.1501.30
Llnseed Oll Meal 1.5001.63
Provcnder 1.40
Mlddllngs 1.1501.60
Ryo Meal, (pound) 3
Cotton Seed Meal 1.45
Gluten Meal 1.40

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