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NO. 52.
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vxJLJjJUJJUliO. KRT.DAV. TTT.nTnArnRTT.T? ok t ohq
Quht 1 Jcrmmit Ylh.rmi:
O q, yv Impnrtnnt commnnda, rendorcd mnrp dls-
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State Progress, Industrial Gfowtil, Deveiopment of Resources. J
A rnarveldliS iecord of expansioh 5h the Greater Vermont. Statistics
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SOX, East Putney. Vt. si-iu
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II cnrsat vour Matlim, all Mod it linnl
wood anil soit wmnl li(f uxwpt tit'iuloi-k.
10 3111(14
WrANTElJ- I vvntit tit irct ln conmiunlcn.
11 tlon wltli U'iy liian. oniai or ihlld
tliat o'ii4 any tvnl wtatu anywlu'ro; noinat.
tCTwhi'tlicr It 19 liout'8. runii. tiinln!r IhmiI,
liack paturu, nnythlnir. S. W. KDCJim'i
Ilrattlfboro, Vt. :Mf
Farm Wanted.
I linvoa party who lin froni to JtlO to
pay lu toward a medliim prktxl farm. If you
wlll cll for that aiiiounf dnwn, lct us hpar
froni you clvlnif de-crlptlon, et KIKIKTT
tVCO., Mruttlotiom, T.
Spsclal Articles by Prominent Vermonters
Mlnoral ReSourcos.
HV liox. c. J. I1EI.L.
State Financos,
Good Roads,
ttallroads, Electrlc Rall'vavs, Electrlc PtaTits, Water 'fowers, Manu
factures, Post Offlce Buslncss, Savlns eanKs, "Rural Freo Dellvery.
Natlonal Banks,
Materlal School Progress,
Growth in Publlc Librariesv
NowspOpcrs and Perlodttals,
iiy iiit. 1'itAXK i.. gki:kxe.
Tlils nuinber Is an lnvaluablo Text Ilook for ltefrcmo in 1(M.
Peut imstpald oy the pubHslicr on it'celpJ of jirku.
Tin: Vkhmoatf.ii isouly ONE DOLLAR n jear. Put-MTltxj nowfor lWM.iiiid recelvo
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CHARLES S. FORBES, Publisher, St. Albans, Vt.
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IJV)llbAI.K HixH: coimI workeranddrUcr.
I-. A. llOXX-.ltI). Dceiilflil Fariu. XXtt
llrattloboii), X'l. 52-tf
TTmiWII XjOXX- fnr.alu: tiiir luilkor. At .lolm
1? llijrtAy farm, XX"ift llrattleboro. K I).
h.MITIt. m f
Jj niust I pold: (.H.i't to Nieiitke. Ad-ilit-sa
Ilux ft4. HiattlelHini, Vt.
T7XOII SAI.E StirM'yor' cotiipMv) In ko"I
: i-ondltlon. C. II. CUOXVr.I.I,. Iliuttk'lxjn),
Vt. :n-tf
17XOU SAI.i:.-Wo havo pleaty or II AIU
MAHT1X, llrattlelM)ro.
ITXOIt SAI.E- (!omI reathcr ld. Hi'lnli.
' inirX pound4. (intl tor plllnw. Innuiiv
ot A.NXA XV. S.XUTII, XVi-st lliaitk-Uirn, VI.
17T()HSAI.E-Oiidiivlnif linr. loi Inieiry.
J slfiKli. oue lltflit lmxfrve Kkl. aml two
liarm-fs. A. J. IIOK'l'ON. t Canal (t. 4-5-tt
IOlt S.VI.IJ Unlted rttatea Separator Xo.
' In tllt fliuw coiidltion. XVIII liOMild at a
ery rcas-onalili! price. Iiiipiiroot MltS. (iEO.
i:. CHOXVKI.I., I.inik-nliuit. HraJtlclHiro. .lltf
FOIt PAI.E-One (f(Miil hoio S ycais olil. 1
hariifsH and I 1isIihm wairou. t'livap Ior
fuli, or wlll cxclianiro all or part for sauol
spriK'O lunilicr. Pni-rty onn lw nunnt IIEltT
AD.XMS'tf, MarllHiroSoutli llrancli.Niiltli New
tane. Vt. .M'I.irs V. FUI.I.KU. MK
YOUNO MEN are wanted at the
to learn ahorthund, typewrltlng and book
keeplnt; for dealrahle posltlona, wlitch may
uo secured by them when competent. 20
Buperlor teachers. Btudents admltted at
any tlme. For catalogue address
CARNELL & HOIT, Albany, N Y.
52 Letters from Home.
If you send your friend, who now
lives at a distance, a year's subscrip
tion to The Phccnix for Christmas or
New Year, it will mean to him (or
her) a letter from home every week,
with all the home news that you are
both interested ln, it will be a week
ly reminder of you, and it will cost
you only
$1.50 for the whole year.
IJXOH SAI.E My propt'rty sltuateil in New-
fane, Vt.. iiiiisUtlntt of a two-story himi:
of nlne roonic, and I.. wltli tlirto rooni". a
nlce barn, k'hhI (titnlcn and a tto(Kl wcll of
watcr. Tlds liouse Is wcll adapled for takiiiK
siitntnerorcoiirt boanlem. Fortt'rins call on
or address FIIK1) II. SAHOEXT, Xewtane, Vt.
Pigs and Shotes for Sale.
4Htf HrattlelMiio. Vt.
rjTIO HEXT-llarnatflClarkSt. G.II.SMITII.
a"XO HENTA slx room teneinent. Iniuliu
. of S. XX'. KDUETT & CO. tUtf
TO HENT Two furnlsticd rooms. Tablo
boardcre wanted. JIHS. I.. II. DEAH
IIOItN, 25 XVestern Avenue. 4" tf
TO HENT Tcncment of scvcn rooms, run.
niiiK water ln kltchcn; barn rooni if de
slred. II. UICE, XVet lliattlcboro. 4tf
SpcclaX 2cticcs.
ESTHAY Camo Into my cnclosuro last
Juno, a 2-year-old red hclfer, white slar ln
forchead. Owner plca&o clalm projierty and
pay charges. It. . AKELEV. Gtillloitl. t.
$5.00 for Coupon.
Will pay loOdforioupoii lcttrr (N) In the
ccnter of coupon taken fimn u packnifo
ot Malta Vltiulf rei-elcl by ine on or liefoio
Dce. 21. F. A. UMITII, U5 Chapinan 8t., Green,
tlcld. Mass.
American Fidelity Co.
fSurety Bonds1
Accident Insurance
ntiOAY. Di:ci:.Miti:u lsns.
I'ubllflieil eM-ry Frlday nt Ilraltleboro, Vt..by
. TV'i'.'jV ..''" I'"' er Inadvanifi If not
pald wltbln tliu u-ar js.
Ilattj of uiltvrtlrluu furnnlicd on niipllcr.
tlon. Illrtlis dcallis and inairlaifCK publlslicd
fteo; Obltuary Notircs. raid or Thanka, ete..
..i rcnts pcr Ini'Ii of 12 llncs or k's.
(l.'nterjL'd at the llrattleboro Post OIIIcc as
fccond cIils mall niattcr.)
Mr. Dtdloer'H "'(.Sreulor Vermont" re
prlnted In uiiotbcr column, ls a trlum
Plinnt hope soiik. It H full of encournfre
nieiit for Vcrmontorn cverywhcro. Head
It, and thon rcsolvc that ou wlll be one to
(Hilckcn your step, ln full awlmr wltli the
otlierw, lu the fotwutd movement.
Veimont hns renson to fcel aatlsiled
with the HtntlMllcH fdiowlng tbi.t sho baa
the loHcst duntb nito of nll New Kiib
land statcH. Hoston Globe.
Ilero Is nn opportunlty for tho ncn
demleans to open a dlscusslon on the whys
and whcreforra of the fart. In the con
dltlon duu to climate, to hablt, or to tho
never-say-dle splrlt?
Brndo of major Benernl hns held inoro
Importnnt commnnda, rendored mnre (IIh
IIiigulHhcd servlco or domonstrntcd to n
hlgher (k-Kroo tho possesslon of the (pial
ItleH whlcli nt u man to rrnder valu
nblo aorvlcp to the eountry na n major
Benontl. llo polnta out that IiIkIi rank
comoM to nuiny of the oltlcors when thelr
cnrepfH nre ubout to closo, and that tho
nrmy nepds a proportion of Its ofllcera
sulocted from mpn ln tho prlmo of llfo,
with carpets to make, wltli nmbltlon. en-
ersy. InltlnlUe, and whoso fiprvlce wlll
Death of the Commander of the Elghth
Vermont Reolment In the Clvll War.
Gen. Stpphen Thnmna, 94, ono of Ver
mont Krnnd old mpn, dlatltiBUlshed
nllko In plvll and mllltnry llfc, dled Frl
day nt hlM home In Montpelier. Threo
weeka bcforo ho fell nnd Blnco then had
rnllpd Riadually. II0 nttpndpd tho re
Unlon of the 8th Vermont IteRlmental ns
sorlatlon, of whlcli ho wna prcsldont, in
Octobcr, nnd was bIvoii an ovatlon by
tb( tliembpra rif Itlu t..
bo Iour cnnUKli to nialntnln contlnultl- of Thomns w.im born In Ilcthcl. l)'pn. fi. lsni!
pollcy nnd Hustalncd effort ln worklng out IIls Bmndfnther wns of Itovolutlonary
Ideaw whlch rediilro tlmo for their nc- 'tock nn1 h,s tntUpT dlp1 "ervlce In tho
compllahment. "I'revloua rank." contln- 1S12,whlll! Stcphon was four ycara
,,,. . , , " ' conun- old. Gen. Thomns was cnsnficd In wool-
ucs the sccretary, "Is of little conae- cn mnnufncturlnu In Hartland In hls
(uence, provlded tho servlce ahall havo early manhood, but moved frorn thcre to
bpFii long cnoUKh to furnlah the requl- Vfe.Ht PnMe0' whcro ho was a lcudlnB
site expcrlpnco and make tho demon- , , ,' , , , , . JVi.,.nl u,at
Htrntln.i nf m ,own ln tho leBlalatures of 1838, 1839. 1845,
" ."I!? ? P ,u e,Prt"'"- Th0 suo- 1800 nnd 1861. nnd nt the speclal
rctnrj as he thlnks both conslderatlons sesalon ln Aprll of 1801. nlthouBh a Uem
unlto In tho casp of Gen. Wood, and con- "crat, he aroae to nmend the blll, to ralse
cludes by s.iylns that Gen. Wood'a rcc- ' hnlt a ,nllllon dollars for war expensea, to
old and tho viea of publlc pollcy led Jjlon doIlar-"ni1 "niendment pro-I-roaldent
McKlnley to appolnt him brlB. I Gen! Thomas was state aenator from
ndlcr Boncrul, nnd that tho present nom- Oralifio county In 1848 and 1849, and was
Inatlon Is ln tho regular order of senlorlty. Heutenant-Bovernor In 1867 and 1868.
tho commltteo on mllltary affalra stnnds . , "Vt reelsler or Pro
elght to two
In favor of Gen. VX'ood's
Gcographlcal dlatlnctlons In state mat-
lers nre mytha: If a mountaln atands bo-
bato for tho dlstrict of Bradford and Judgo
oi prouaic ior tnal dlatrlct ln 1847,
1848 nnd 1S49.
Gen. Thomas was made coloncl of the
8th Vermont rpgiment In 1861. In Fcbru
ary 1865 ho wns eommlssloncd a brlgadler
gencral and aerved os such till the closo
Jamcs McCllnnls Is not n IiIkIi sound
Ing, euphonlous name, but It la tho.pat
ronmlc of a gpnulno hcro, whose latent
nualltles weie rcvpaled wlien hla liour
of trlal camc .McGlnnif Is tho englneer
ut the top of tho Jlt. Jcssup coal ahaft
near Bcranton, Ia. The alr tank in the
enRlne room, supplyliiR ventllntlou to
the mlnc, nxplodcd Sunday, hurllng Mc
Glnnis ngalnat the wall and fllllng tho
room with dcbrla. C'ut, brulaed, stun- '
ihmI, with an nrm broken, McQlnnla re
membeicd that with tho nlr aupply oul
olt the damp would klll the mlnprs ue
lowi nnd that no lnic but ho Umvt liow
to run tho iulBlne. He dragBed hlmaelf
to tho nlffnal box nnd gave the warnlng,
thcll spiit the car helow to brlng up tho
men. Throe tlinos tho car wenl down and
up, brliiBing to the Huiface 4t men who
would have peilshcd but for McGlnnls's
thnughtfulnvvs and iiitvp. When all wcro
in Hafely McGlnnla awooned. The nium
ory has Ik'oii cmbulined in vcise of innny
u man wlio on a b.ittlolleld was not a
truer hcro llian thla humble englneer
In a I'ennayh'anla inlii-j.
The Vormonter (CharlL's S. Forbcs, pub-ll.-lipr,
St. AINms) has never done a more
cotiitinMidablo woik thau ln Its Jrtnuary
mmihrr, wlilch is a aymposlum on
"(Ircater Vcrmon'." Josepli A. DeUocr's
eomprchenKlve frelVPi-al nrtlcle ls the main
fcatuio, but a wklo range Is covercd In
tho apprial artleles, lnclinjHng "Mlnoral
Uesourccs," by Statk- GeoloAfst Goorso, II.
IVikins; "Ktatr Financos," by State
Treasuivr .lolin I.. Hacon; "Matlonal
llanks," by Nutlonal Dank lCxamlnor
Frunk 1. Fish; "NcwspapiT nnd l'uriod-
lcals," b Col. F. 1.. Gfpene; "Matorlnl !
Kchool l'rosicas," by tato Supirlnteml-
ent of Kducation V. ".. Uanger; "I'ubllc
Uhrarlcs." by 1'ivf. S. V. Uindon;
"The ABiicullural lndustry," by tVeu- !
lary of State Itoard of Agilculture C J.
Ikll; Go.hI lto.uls," by State Hlghway ,
(.'ommlsslonipr J. O. Sanfonl, and artieks
by ICdllor v"". H. Forbcs on transportatlon, j
olcctric plants nnd iniscoliKneous Indus- j
tilc. The Vermontor for January ought
lo lio at haiul In every Xninlly ln the
(-....., y. .l ,l, .:... "no ncrv
ui,t. iim.Ii i,u nitlll. LTtlHS r .1,- rl..(l Ttf-- ,- .
Boodnm,.,ta"Aa SSSuST" nX!er ! wrncheate,'TonenV,'1,T,as
ago noT polntAof Z ao men "sho U eousp.cuous galiantry and for
be Hioscn for thnlr tn thl 1ii7 leadlng hls brlgnde on a charfie on hls
corpoiatlons look for the best men nnd do
not oftcn nsk about thelr polltlcs or thelr
resldence. Thls la purp. ordlnnry, publlc,
slxteen-ounce bualness, practlcally self
evldent to all. From Mr. DoDopr's ar
ticlo on "A Gro.iter Vermont."
After all has heen sald, and after we
nf tho nnwNpaper ernft, havo firod nll
Mf lililillUnltlon of Jokes rtlld Rrlnds,
before leadlng thls chnrge that General
Thomas sald to hls men: "Boys, lf any of
y6u nre in the hablt of praylng, pray now
and pray nulck and pray hard. Remom
ber old Vermont nnd Ethan Allcn nnd wo
wlll drivo these fellows to hcll where they
In l&tiS Gen. TliomaS was nppolnted
penslon agent nnd at that time moved to
Montpelier. He was for som'o yclrs pres
Ident nnd manngcr of tho Uhltcd Stntes
hcre la tha only true solutioil of our Ver- I ii1,01.1, ma,lnBcr or tno Uhltcd Stntes
r rt,.rti .I.. i -i , , , .. Clothea company of Montpelier. Hls w fe,
mont Mount, lit rule problom. It Is the who wa9 Ann i0,lbody of Headlng. dled
soiuuon wmen npprovea Itseir to every i In 1877. After retlrlng from nctive llfe he
son of Vermont when he Blvea prejudlco . was cnred for by Mrs. Amanda Newcomb,
and piTcedent the go-by nnd takes coun- I hls daughter. Sho dled auddenly about a
se. of hls j,w common-senso. It ls the tSgJZ
solutlon whlch John H. HaBg. a loyal nt WashinBton. Since Mrs. Newcomb's
son of our own county of Windham, nbly , death Dr. nnd Mrs. Charlcs Newcomb, the
mntntnlned In a ploneer argument on thls , formor a Brandchlld, havts tenderly
subject ln a macazlne nrtlclo prlnted in ""'"" iasi aaj-s ui me om veieran.
1S:iO, nnd whose doctrino wlll
w hcnever wo havo pas-ed tho peanut stnge
of our Vermont polltlcs especlally In
tho selectlon of our govornors. Mcan-
tlmo, nll honor to Mr. DetJoer for haviiiR
Goods Valued at $3000 Taken from Dank
rupt Stock.
Arthur P. McCnrty and Jamcs D. Me-
Carty Xvero arrested at Burlington Mon-
packed the whole (lUeRtlon Into a nut- dny by Deimty Marshal Chapman of Kut-
Fiedcrlf Hpho Coudtrl, 71. who dled
from a hcart alfectlon ln Washington
Sundny, had a greater international rep
utatinn, probably, than any other lawyer
In Amorlca. Hls fnther was an olllcer In
thf guard of honor wltli tho llrat Na
poleon, and came to thls eountry after nn
adventerous p.irit'r. The son graduatcd
from Columbln with tho highest honors,
nt tho ago of IS, havlng ii.ild hls collego
expenses by newspaper woik and trans
lations, ns he spoke French nnd Spanish
tlupntly. Ho mado a phenomeual success
as n Jury advocate, and was alsn in great
deinand us a platfonn speaker. Ho dld
excellent servlce as a delegate to two ln
lei natlonal coiiBiesses of the law of na
tlons, and made a masterly presentatlon
of the case of the Unlted States before
the forelgn commlttee ln l'arls ln the
Hehilng scii controveisy. He was a mem
ber of riesident Cloveland's Venezuelnn
conimlHslon. Hls servlces nbroad re
celved the commendntlon of many gov
crnmcnts, nnd ho recelved tho cross of
the legion of honor from Franco and Italy.
Smallpux Epldemlc Undcr Control.
The mcmbet-s of the stato boiard of
hoalth. Dr. C. S. Caverly, of Itutland,
Dr. H. D. Holton, of Brattleboro, nnd
Dr. T. H. Stlles, of St. Johnsbury, held
a meetlng nt tho Van Ness Housp, Bur
UnKton, Monday evenlng. They trans
aeted ponslderahlo routlne business and
also Inspected the state laboratory Qf hy
jrlenp. They flnil the wnrk at that In
siltutlnn to be IncreaslnB rapldly, Xovem
bcr belng by fnr the blggest month in
pnlnt of cxamlnatlons made. Dprcmber
has also becn n very busy month thus
far nnd the Indlcatlons are that It wlll be
a thlrd larger than nny provlous month.
The pmallpox altuntinn throughout the
stato was dlscussed. Hlght new cases
have broken out In Addison county with
in the last week, but It Is thought they
were all the result of exposuro from the
cases developed at Thanksglvlng tlme.
The sltuation Is consldered under con
trol. The sltuatlon at Alburg ls consld
ered more serlous because the (Uiarantlne
has not been strictly observod. Benning
ton nnd Windham countles have had no
new cases rccently and the dlscaso ls
consldered under control there.
lami on warrants Issued by Dlstrict At
j torney Martln charglng them with so
cretlng goods from tho stock of cloth-
Ing owned by A. F. McCarty after ho
had been petltloncd Into bankruptcy.
They were arralgncd beforo Commls
sloner GeorBe E. Johnson nnd ball was
llxed at J600 ln each case, tho amount
promptly belng furnlshed by A. F. Mc
Cnrty. J. D. McCarty sald he could not
secure ball and was taken to Jall. He re
malned theru only n short tlme when
he secured a bondsman. Tho caaes wlll
be trled at the Fcbrunry term of Unlted
States couit to bo held In Burlington. The
nnest grew out of the bankruptcy pro
rccdlngs agalnst A. F. McCarty. After
the stock had been lnventoried It was
dlscovered by E. C. Mowcr, trustce, that
n largc nmount of goods had been ab
stracted slnce the llrm wns declarcd
bankrupt. The goods, valued nt about
$3W0 were found nt a farm house In Col
chester and were taken Into custody nnd
nre now stnred ln Burlington. They wlll
later be sold for the benellt of the crcd-Itors.
Verdlct Is That Mrs. Rogers Murdered
Her Husband Perham, Accompllce,
Gullty in Second Dearee.
Tho Jury before whom Mnry A. Itog
era hml 1,po on trlal for threo woeka on
r , m"r,""rl 1'T husband ro-
i.n.Vcr,V.rt of ,mlr''o'- In tho flrst de
iinm i . ' """"'"KH"' county court at
r S?0lt' J,UPHt,a-; Th verdlct car
ries tho denth penalty, whlch probably
wlll be pronounced before the court od
JournB for the present term. Tho ver
dlct was niinouiioed at tho opcnlnir of
nTgh ' UMrsJUI;V hnvIV aU
wl Sa.l'S I',0"-.. U.10 verdlct
whltcncss. She trnmi,ln,i
that sho sunnnr.p.1 t,;" iV" ..... ,y
PnIflWin'i ""'J1 1,',y preat cffort that sl0
?,l!r i.r , " r.'ih her "nndkerchlef and
....... nuuuuit; vioientiy. sho was
ed awny u momcnt later to her cell ln
mo v,C. n J,aM' M, 1S ,exPctel t"at somo
f , " "aile by tho defendanfs
counsel looklng to n new trlal.
If tho death penalty Is carried out. it
wlll bo tho flrst executlon In tho stato
f!n?so, at 1. Svlvester Bell of Fairfax,
ln 1891, for the murder of hls wlfo. Tho
crlmo with whlch Mrs. Ilogers wns
chargpd wns tho murder of her husband.
Mnrcus II ltogers. by givlng him chloro
forrn. n is alleged that sho mct Kogers,
with whom she had not been llvlng on
pretcnse of erfectlng a reconclliatlon, and.
asslsted bv Irf'nn T'nfl,... T.
and gavo him chloroform. The body was
then thrown Into the Wollamoosac rlver.
ior nnoiner man and a deslre to
Bet her btinhntiiVa IKa
whlch to bcgln housekecping, was tho
alleged motlve.
Tho case of Leon Perham, tho confessed
nccompllco of Mrs. ltogers, was called
Tucsday afternoon nnd he entered a
plon of gullty of murder in the second de
gree. The nlpn. wn nnnnntaA b 'p..
- - "wv...,,,. iuc uiinu
ogalnat Stella Bates, charged with com
pllclty with Mrs. r.ogers and Perham,
was nol prossed and she was rcleased
from custody.
$150,000 Dub Vermont from the Unlted
Before Congress ndjourned Senator Proc
tor pressed through tho Senate a bill to
ndjust tho mutual clalms bctwecn tho Unl
ted Mntcs and the state of Vermont.
Hls blll waa promptly reported out of tho
eorumittee on clalms, by Senator Warren
of Wyomlng, the chalrman, and lts pas-
saBo in tne benate was then nn easy
mattcr. Now the members. both of whom
are In Washington during holldays, are
prepanng to take the clalm up on tho
Housc slde. They wlll push it as vlg
orously oc posslble and hope to get it
enncted Into law.
It wlll be remembered that the deflciency
bill, approved July 1, 1902, contnined nn
appropriation of $280,453.56 in favor of
Vermont to pay the clalm of that state,
under the nct of July 27, 1861, for in
terest pald on lts war bonds. Of that ap
propriation there hns been pald only
$123,000. The balanco of $155,453.56 Sec
retary Shaw has withheld because of a
clalm of the Unlted States agalnst Ver
mont for npproximately $150,000 arlslng
out of tho sale by the state of certaln or
dnance nnd ordnanco stores, furnlshed
by the Unlted States near the close of
tho clvll war for armlng an oxtraordi
nary milltla force of Vermont for tho
defense of tho frontler. In offset thercto
the utnte clalms reimbursement for about
. tho saino suni of clothing, blankets and
I other quartermasters' stores purchased
by the stato for that mllltary force, whlch
I It clalms tho Unlted States ought to
have furnlshed and in fact agreed to fur-nish.
The U. B. Ellls company of Northfield
has been Incorporatcd with a capltal of
$400,000. The incorporators are K. B.
ICIlis. A. M Denney. and Irvlng Ellls of
Northfield, Goldwln Stnrrctt of New
York, and Itoger Sherman of Chicago.
Thls is the llrm whlcli has tho contract
to furnish between $1,000,000 nnd $2,000,
000 worth of gtanlte for the new rall
road statlon at WashinBton.
Gov. McCullough has appolnted J. M.
Fowler of Manchester to succeed Thomns
M. Deal of St. Albans as .trustee of tho
stato Industrial school, Mr. Deal havlng
reslgned. Mr. Fowler is tho present rcp
resentntlve from the tovvn of Manchester.
Mrs. Charles Laramle, an attractlvo
young widow, nttcmptcd to commlt sul
clde Thursday nlght at tho home of her
father-ln-law ln Barre, who had objectcd
to tho presenee of a caller. She seized
a plnt of camphor. drank a largo part
of it, and nftervvard drank from a bottle
of lodlnc. She recelved prompt medical
nttention, and may recover.
Robbery Frustrated at Burlington.
A bold nttempt at hlghway robbery was
frustrated at Burlington late Monday
evening ln the northern part of the clty.
Samuel Levln, the proprlotor of a shpe
store on Mnln street, was on hls way
home shortly beforo 11 o'clock and had
Jpst turned Into Hyde street when he was
set upon by two men. One of the men
grasped Mr. Levln by tho back of the
neck and nttempted to choke him. After
a short struggle the would-be robber was
shaken off, when hls companion struck
Levln over the head with a stick which
he carried. Mr. Levln then cried for
help when the robbers fled. After an ex
nmlnatlon Mr. Levln found that the rob
bers had secured nono of hls cnsh. A
long dcep gnsh was lnflicted upon his
head and he was roughly handled during
the scrlmmage.
Probably there is a Gcorge Washing
ton Agulnaldo down in Colombia who
wlll soon mouopollze tho pralses of Sen
ator Hoar and hls Democratlc coadju
tors who are denounelng tho udmlnis
tratlon's Panama pollcy. Tho Now York
Post's news pages und edltorlal columns
aro hardly ln ngreement thls week. That
paper publlshes a lotter from lts speclal
correspondent ln Panama whlch fully
justlfles tho revolutlontsts und our
prompt recognltlon of the new republlc.
It descrlbcs the Colomblan oQlcials as
a set of hlghwaymen and brlgands, and
the Bogota govcrnment as a "govern
ment of graft." Blackmall wns openly
lcvied on rlch and poor nllke. Tho Colom
blan governor, at Panama, often invlted
bankcrs und business men to his palaco
and then Imprisoned them until they "vol
unturllly" subscribed whatever amount ho
choso to demaud. Tho hdmes of othcrs
would be surrounded by soldleis, untll
the loans ealled for woro pald, together
with tho expense of malntalning tho
tioops. Such prnctlces wero carried on
systomntlcally with all the effrontery of
a Turklsh or Bulgariun brigand.
Secretury Hool's testlmony before the
Sonate commltteo on mllltary nrfalrs,
alioned that Gen. Loonard Wood, ln
hls acts ln Havana, whlch wero criti
clsed, slmply carried out the orders of
tho war department, and the sccretary
has now supplcmcnted thls with nn open
letter to Senator Proctor, ncting chalr
man of the commlttee. After a revlow
of Gen, Wood's cateer In-whlch he shows
that the trlbutes of tho Hpantsh war com
manders Influenced Prcsldent McKlnley
In nnmlng the Rough Itlder as a brig
ndlcr genernl, tho secretary says that no
olllcer of the American army below the
is the
Most Important
No one can tell good baking powder from bad merely
by the appearance;
The price is some guide, but not an infallible one;
Some cheap brands may raise the dough, yet contain
unwholesome ingreaients.
There is one safe, sure way, i. e., to follow the
recommendations of the

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