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JJJWVll, ,JaBl. ttOTMB
1 ."Vtfwiw, f bi
Your husband will never
again mention "mother's
bread " will use
Cut out this advertisemcnt and mail to
us with natiie of your grocer and we will
setitl you free of chargc cne of our GOI.D
MKDAI, COOK. IJOOKS, containing
1000 carefully prcparcd recipes. If vour
dealcrdoesnot liandleGold Medal Flour,
please mention it in your letter.
Brattleboro, Vt.
Mention this Paper.
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West and
Tuinpa Clgurs
"The" Clgar Emporlum.
Real Estate in Guilford, Vt.
Monday, Aprll 25, 1904, at 1
o'clock p. m.
Furm of late Jnseph l. Houghton, 00 acres,
tlnco mlles Jroiu Brattleboro, on lunln road to
Guilford Contio. Mnlii bulldingswcroburncd,
but wugon houso und siiiull bulldlngs rcmaln.
Hriok yard on tho farm, wltli plcnty of liigh
quality of liay nenrby, aud extenslvo brlek
iiiiiklng bii9lne8"i'iirried on thuro. Kino spring
water plpo t silo of bulldlnns. Krcctlun ot
bulldliiKH wmild raako this extremoly deslrnblo
for Euniiuer lioine. Also 40 ncres of land in
Sluto ltock distriet in Guilford, 15 formcrly
mon-cd, rest eprout land; and tmet of 45 acres,
piisturonnd wooilland, in distriet No. 2. Gull.
ford. on whlcli i vHluuble llmestone ledge.
Will scll tliis propcity Jointly orkeparatcly.
West Brattleboro, Vt.
McCUJUK & MILI.KIt. Auctioneora.
Undertakers and Embalmers.
. . 19 Maln street.
Telephone connectlon day or nlght.
Day call 64-4.
Nisht calls 27-4 and 146-2S.
April 22.
Women's New York
Tailor-made Suits.
With the many addi-
tions in high-grade gar-
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When separate jackets are
wanted we have c o r r e c t
things in several grades,
$8.50 to $15, made from re
liable cloths and perfectly
Carried over from last sea
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coats that were from $8.50
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coats at $10, $12.50 and $15.
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All sizes, 32 to 42 bust, in
the 2-piece house gowns as
previously advertised, at
In 40-inch curtain Swiss,
regular 25c quality, for 19c
Hay and Hey
Are two words which sound mucli tlio sume
st 111 tho mennlng Is mueli dlflerent, for tliero
13 only ono quality of
Hay Seed
for tho farmers to buy and that la tho beat,
for tho beat Is the chcupest nt lmrvest tlme.
Red Top Red Clover
Millet Mammoth Clover
Hungarian Alslke Clover
Tlmothy White Clover
Lawn Grass
Tho best quality wo know of.
37 Elllot St.
and Hide Buyers
Should wrlte to Carroll S. Page, Hyds
Park, Vt., who wlshes to purchase thelr
Hldes, Calfsklns, Sheep Pelts, Tallow and
Bones. He pays spot cash. He pays the
frelghts. He pays full market values. He
wlshes to arrange with some one In every
vlllage, where he has no agent, to sell
Poultry Supplles and to plck up for hlm
Hldes, Calfsklns, Sheep Pelts and Bones.
He furnlshes money with whleh to buy
and he keeps hla agents thoroughly posted
at all tlmea as to market values. Wrlte
hlm for full partlcutars.
C. 3 PAGE, Hyde Park, Vt.
Tuiuwu BoaH wena : me Jabor.'Jj I . can' t
lafford to buytBnyrother"BoapTaftyr'ttil." I
Several Given Terms in the State
Prison at Windsor
Sult from Vernon for Damagcs Resultlng
from a Dog Blte Before Court with
Medlcal Wltnesses.
Kmoty Phcttopliice. by hls next fili'iid,
J. ('. Allen, vs. .1. O. Fnnt. This wmh iiii
nctlon on the euse to recovor for injtiilcs ,
to tho plalnllrt rpsiiltlng from n blte ty
the defpndiilit's dog, Tho plalntllT wns !
i bov 13 yents old nt tho little of tho In- i
jury. Tho oldPiiep In hls bphnlf tended i
10 show that tho dofonilunt had kept u
wutiiulog for sevctnl yents nt hls resl
detieo ln Vernon. Tlie dog uus hmispd
tilghts nnd I li cold wonther In nn outbulld
Ing, nnd rutinltig from thla bulldlng to
the hlghwny ln front of the house wns
11 trnlley wlre suspontlcd 7 or S feet from
tho Ktound to whlt'lt wnn nttiiched a
olinln wltli n nwlvll, thlM elniln bolnt? nt
tnched to n cnllnr on the iIok'h tiock. This
ennliled tlio dofT lo run b.ick nnd forth bo
twcen hls kenncl nnd the end of tho wlre.
icstrnltH'd to certnln llinlts.
It wns lilx cuolotn, nn nliown by nevcr
:il wlltn'sses, to bnrk furlously on tho np-
ptiurh of n tcnm nnd rush to the end of
llio iroucy ul'xi 10 iiu1 iiiKHwny, iiim nnir
slandlnn up nnd hls forwnrd p.irtn belnt;
thrown Into the nlr whon he renehed the
end of the wlre. The doK wiih usually
conlltied to the ttolley, but on n few oe
cuslons wns ut lnrKe.
On Auk. 30, 1U02, plntntllT rode on lila
wheel to rcar plazzn of Kroat liouse. The
ilotf, then lylim on the plazza, untled,
sprnnK up und blt the boy severeiy on the
bntk of the lei? ns he spnniK off hls wheel.
Ur. N'ewton of Northfield wns called to
diesa the wound, and nttended the boy
nhotit n month nt that tlme nnd nfter
waul tte.'ited hlm for eozoma, from whlcli
the boy Is sufferlnK nt the present tlme.
The doctor te.Htllled that ln hls oplnlon the
eczema resulted Indlreetly from the blte
of the doR.
The testimony on the part of the de
fendnnt tended to Bhow that the doi? In
questlon wns known ns n Chesapeake Hay
Wnter doB, boucht by hlm as a watch
dog, he h.ivliiK previously bad mucli trou
ble with ehlcken thleves and trespassers
on hls premlses. The dos was klnd nnd
Kentle, so far ns had ever come to hls
knowleilRe, nnd hail never shown nn In
cllnation to be imly. He hnd never blt
ten nnyone but this liy, nnd the blte was
owlnR to the boy's carelessness ln rldlnR
on hls wheel to wlthln slx Inches of
where the dou lay qulctly on the i?round
nnd then JumplnB off the wheel upon the
doK's tnll. The defendant had Uiken
special Interest In the boy nfter the blte,
nnd nfter recovery had taken the boy In
to hls honie, boardlnK nnd clothltiK hlm
and sendlnR hlm to sehool for a tlme.
Di'fendnnt'H evldence furtber tended to
show that the boy's lnjurles were not ns
severe as elalmed. that the boy was seen
rldlnR lils wheel and pushlne a baby car
llasr ln two or throc days nfter tho blte.
The boy also stuck a nnll In hls foot about
that tlme. the Injury n-celved therefrom
belnt; moro serlmis thnn the blte of the
do. The dffi'iulant produeed Doctors
I'ratt nnd Aldrleh of Hr,ittlelM)ro. who
stated that they had recently t'Mimlned
the boy nnd in thelr oplnlon It was not
poslhle that the cezema from whlcli the
boy wns now sufferliiR could have bcen
produeed by the doR blte.
An lnterestlne cross exnmlnatlon fol low
ell, In whleh the doctors stati-d that the
dos blte mlKht have produeed condltlons
whUli nilKht later have eaus.-d the dlsense.
Tlie defendant produeed n reeelpt sIkiiciI
by the boy"s fnther by whleh, for n con
slderatlon of $10 ln eash and J2I ln rent
due the defendant by the fnther, this
sult, nlso nnother himiKht by the fathcr,
was to be illscontlnueil. The receliit wns
dated Jnn. 31, l'.iC3, n short tlme after the
hrlnclnu of this sult. It was also shown
that F. Akley was nppolnted Kuardlan
of the boy Auk. J3. 1903, and that he ratl
rcd the seltlement made between the de
fendant and the boy's fnther.
Tne Jury found. In nnswer to tho spe
cial questlons pfojioseil by the court:
1st. That before the plalntlff was blt
ten tho defendant had seen or he.ird
euoimli coneernlnt; the iIor to convineo
u man of ordlnnry prudenee of the iIor's
Inellnation to commlt the class of lnjurles
here complalned of.
2nd. That the plalntlff sulTered dam
aKes ln the sum ot 225.
3nl. That this suit and the clalm for
ilnir.nKes lnvolved thereln wius not settled
In Rood falth by tho defendant with the
plalntlft's father.
A. K. Schwenk, J. K. Hatchelder nnd
A. C. Spencer for the plalntlff; Martln
and Glbson for the defendant.
Stntenccs were Imposed Monday nnd
Tuesdny as follows: Fred Charron, for
nttemptltiR to brenk Jall, not less than
4Hs ior more than 5 years in stnto prison,
and for nssaultlnB OHlcer Worden of Ilrat
tleboro, not less than 2M nor more than
3 years In the house of correctlon; Henry
Tucker, for burKlary, not less thnn 2H
nor more than 3 years ln stnte prison;
(jabrlel Jones of Newfane, for bun;lary.
not less than 2 years nor more than 3
years In tho house of correctlon; Fred
C. Mundell of IloektnKham. for larceny,
not less than 2 years nor more than
iVi years ln state prison; GeorKe Hoom
of brattleboro, for larceny, to pay a flne
of 50 nnd costs.
Ar the Statements of Brattleboro Clt
zens Not More Rellable Than Thot of
Utter Strangers?
Thla Is a vltal questlon.
It Is frnUBht with Interest to Brattle
boro. It permtts of only one anawer.
It cannot be evaded or lenored.
A Brattleboro cltlzen speaks here.
Speaks for the welfare of Brattleboro.
A cltlzen's statement ia rellable.
An utter strnnger'a doubtful.
Ilome proof la tho beat proof.
Charles Allalr, retlred, llvlng ln Vernon,
lower end, says; "When I went to Geo.
E. Greene'B drug store and asked hlm If
he knew of anythlng to cure backache he
handed mo out a box of Doan'a Kldney
Pllls. I posltlvely asserted I was nearly
dead with paln through my kldneys nnd
lolna. I was subject to attaeka for yeara,
somo of them so bad I was if not con
flncd to bed, at least to tho house for daya
at a tlme, Latterly the achlng was al
most contlnunl and tliere waa added to it
trouble with kldney secretlons, undoubt
ed proof that my kldneys were ln a very
dlsturbed conditlon, tlesplte the fact that
I doctored and used moro than ono medl
clne. Now, I cannot posltlvely say that
Doan's Kldney Pllls have radlcally cured
me, but of this I am certaln, the treat
ment has brought lnflnlto bencflt and if
recurrencea take place I now know what
to uso to check them."
For salo by all dealers. Price BO cents
per box. Foster-Milburn Co., N, Y solo
agenta for the Untted Stntes.
Remcmber the name Doan'a and take
no sb3tltuto.
Sold ln Brattleboro by Geo. B. Greene,
, ujjMinbiuu, oprung'i
LOSS $5000 TO $6000
Fire Broke Out in Donnell &
Davis's Millinery Store
Started In tfie Basement Near a Hot
Water rieatcr and the Chlmney Flve
Llnes of Hose In Use.
A llro whleh threntened lo ncqillre su
lloua propottlons stnrled In the basement
of Donnell & Davis's millinery store In
I'nloii biilldlng on Maln street nbout 1.30
o'clock Wedtiesdny nfternooti, but by the
prompt nnd elllclent servlre of tlie llro
depnittnent the llames were eoiillned to
the lmsemont und to a small seetlon of
the tnilllnery store, iilthmigh tliere wns
henvy loss, entiRcd prlnclpally by smoke
nnd wnter. The totnl loss will bu be
tween $:.000 nnd fi000. Mlss Mary Don
nell nnd Mrs. St. V. IMgett, owners of
the mlllltier. stoie, sustnltied the henv
lest loss. Only nbout three wceks ngo
they Inerensed thelr stoek materlally for
tho ppriim' trade. At that tlme they put
on extra Insuraiice of J1000, inakliit?' thelr
totnl llisurance J1200, of whleh $700 was
on iixtures. Thelr loss will exeeed thelr
'.surnnce, ns thelr stock wns prnctlcnlly
luined, the goods not burncd belng elther
soaked with water or spolled by dlity
black smoke. The biilldini;, owned by tho
U'yman and Ilerrlek cstales, wns dam
nged to the nmount of perhaps $300. Bolto
Mar.elnl, the Itnllan shoemaker Inst stock
Milued nt $150, ju whleh tliere wns no In
F.urnnce. l.nrgu quantltles of smoke es
caped into llio basements of Greene's
drug store on tlie north nnd Hollender &
Veaw'a b.ikery on the south. No dam
age was done In the drug store, but tliere
inay bo loss In tho bakory, where tliere
was $160 worth of llour nnd nbout $300
worth of lard. The lard probably Is not
dnmaged, but the llour may prove to be.
The lnsurance on the millinery gooda nnd
the bulldlng were In the C. F. It. Jenne
nnd Taylor & Son agencles.
The tlre was dlscovered by Mlss Kllz
abetli Newcomb, one of Donnell & Davis's
mllllners. Hhu was golng past n stalrwny
Uadlng to tlie basement, when she saw a
retlection us of n gas Jet. She started
down stalrs thlnklng to turn off the gas,
but on openlng the door nt tho foot of the
stalrs was drlven back by smoke. Then
she made another attempt to get Into
the basement to see If anythlnii could bn
done to put out the fire. but tho llre nnd
smoke drove her back. burnlng her face
fllghtly nnd slnglng her halr. Mrs. ICd
gett nlso trleil to get Into the basement,
but wlthout suecess, nnd her halr waH
badly slnged. An alarm then wns glvcn
from box 32 at the steamer house and n
crowd qulckly gathered. The cmployea
In tho store, 12 ln all, went out qulckly,
tnklng tho books from the safe, and the
door was shut to prevent n draft.
The fire department was on hand na
soon ns posslble, the flrst nppar.itus to
nrrhe belng th" ehemlcal englne. C. It.
Crosby und others went Into the basement
from the street entrance with hand ex
tingulshera, oxprrleneln; mueh dltlleulty
because of the dense smoke. but the tlre
had progressed too far to be put out by
the extlngulshers. The ehemlcal englne
then wns used. but wlthout materlally
ihnnglng the situatlon. Mennwhlle hose
wngons had arrlved and steamers Nos. 3
nnd i had been statloned nt the Maln
street reseivolr. Fie llnes of hose were
lald. three belne tnlteti Into the basement
by the front enirnnee nnd two belng car
ried through Hollender & Yeaw's stoie
nnd put through rear wlndows.
For half nn hour smoke rolled out ln
l.irge volume and also f 111 d the tnilllnery
store. At last a tnngue of llame was
seen In the store, maklng It necessary to
open the store door, nnd two llnes of hoe
was carried Into the store, one from the
front nnd one from the renr. A few mln
utes later, nt nbout 2.10 o'clock tho reenll
wns sounded. nnnnouiiclng th.it tho Hre
wns under control. Ity another half hour
the wnter in tl.' eellar hnd run off nnd
the smoke l.ugelv h.ul dls.ippeaied. so an
Imestlgatlon could be made.
The rear end of the b.isi ment wns ued
by Donnell & Davls ns a stortroom. The
front end was oecupied by the shoeinaker.
Helween the two nioini was a room con
taining n hot water heator. from whleh
a stoveplpe ran across the room Into n
chlmney. In the room wns more or less
Inllammable materlal. The llio started
In this middle room. but whether lt
caught around the chlmney or tho beater
Is not known.
Donnell & Davls have lonsed tho va
cnnt store In Kettlng bulldlng nnd will
iH-gln buslness tliere with an entlrely new
stiK'k tomorrow. I-nter they will have a
llre salc.
George A. Martln, Edltor New England
A man of wonderful- Intellectual at
talnments, who was an authorlty on ng
rlculturnl nnd llve stock subjects, passed
away ln the death of George A. Martln,
73, edltor of the New Kngland Farmer,
which took place Frlday nlght at the
American House nfter nn illness of two
weeks. He was flrst nttacked with grlp,
but the causo of death was aathma, Tho
body was taken on Monday to Sllver
Creek, near Fredonla, N. Y., where Mr.
Mnrtln's stster llves. He la nlso
survtvinl by a brother, whoso home
ls In Mlchigan. Mr. Martln had burled
n wife and two chlldron.
Mr. Martln was born in Ltvlngston
county. New York, and in hls boyhood
had only the ndvantagea of n common
school educatlon. He began work ns an
apprentlce ln a printlng otlice nt an early
age, and when a young man went to Uos
ton, where he reported the llvo stock
markets for the dally papera. In hls
early twentles he waa edltor of tho Rut
land Herald. He went from Rutland to
Duffalo, where he waa connected with tho
dally newspapera for ten yeara, belng
at ono tlmo comrnerclal edltor of the
Kxpresa and later clty edltor of tho
Courler. One of hls nssoclates on the
Kxpresa was Mark Twaln.
Ho foutided nnd publlshed tho I.lve
Stock Journal, the flrst paper devoted ex
eluaively to llve stock lnterests ln this
country. It was nfterwards consolldated
with the Natlonal Llve Stock Journal of
Chicago. Mr. Martln waa connected for
n long tlme with tho Americnn Agrlcul
turist in New York ln an edltorlal capac
Ity, nnd for a short tlme waa crltlcal
edltor of tho Century Magazlne, mnnu
Fcrlpta nnd other matter belng submltted
to hlm for lnapection.
Secretary of Agriculturo Rusk ap
polnted hlm edltor of tho publlcatlons of
the bureau of anlmal lndustry, and ho
was employed ln thla work in Washington
several years. Ho camo to Brattleboro
last year, and had slnco devoted hla
tlmo largely to the New Kngland Farmer.
Whlle ln Wahlngton he complled tho flrst
llvo stock recorda for tho department of
ugrlculture, nnd theao tables are now
used ns nn authorlty by llvo stock men
nnd ngrlculturlsts throughout tho country.
Ho nlso nrranged somo ot tho flrst cattlo
record books for use. Ho had wrltten
soveral books on ngrlculturnl nnd llvo
atoek aubjecta, and they were extcnalvely
clrculated In this country nnd somo of
them had been reproduced abroad.
In splte of hls actlve work for many
years, Mr. Martln found tlme to study
closoly on a great varlety of subjects,
and he hnd becomo an nccompllshed lln
gulst, spenking French, German, Itnllan
nnd other languagea. Probably no man
haa ever llved ln Brattleboro who waa so
well Infornied on a wlde range of sub
jects oa Mr, Martln. Ho had llved qulet
ly during hla resldence here, and only the
few peoplo who know hlm Intlmntcly had
an nppreclatlon of hls remarkablo ac
compllahments. Sallors noto the tlghtenlng of tho cord
ago on shlps o's a slgn of romlng raln.
.DlaeflholimaJ been 4 farlaiBhtedS.tmr ,1
Questlon of Organlzlng a Looal League
Dlscussed Independent Team Is Be
Ing' Formed,
A meetlng of thnso Interesled In llie
queslloii "Whnt shnll Ilruttleboro have
for bnso b.ill Iho comlng season?" was
held In tho Y. M. C. A. parlors Tuesdny
evcnlng, nnd w.is nttended by tho larg
est tiumber that bns been liresent nt n
meetlng of that klnd In recont yeura In
llmllleboio. Tliere wns n lot of henlth
ful dlKcusslon of base b.ill mntlers, but
so far as the maln object of the meetlng
wns coneerned little progress wns made.
'Jeorgo 1. Dutilnm wns elecled clinlr
tnnn of the meetlng nnd Walter A. Gll
bett seetetaty. The chalrman cullcd on
l'rlnclpal . II. K. Whltnker to stnto the
paitlrulnr objeet of the meetlng, nfter
whleh the moellng wns opened for gen
crnl dlscusslon.
The flrt Informntlon broilglit out wns
tho fnet that somo of tho besl known
players In the locnl lengue last season,
lncludlng Matcli, TueKer, Walte, Iwiuls
llllls nnd others, were nssoelntlng them
selves logother ns nn Indepoiideiil tentn
for tho purpose of playitig out-of-town
tenms on thelr own responslHllty, Inde
pendent of the Brattleboro Athletle usso
clntlon. At llrst this wns considered ns
datnaglng to tlie prospects of formlng n
locnl league, bu't the fnet nfterwnnls wns
brolight out that tho Cheshlre county
tcnms, sueh ns inlght be expcctl to
come to Ilruttleboro to plny nn Independ
ent tenm, bad formed n lengue, nnd It was
polnteil out llint the number of npon dnles
with tenms who mlght come to Brattle
boro probably would be small. lt was
learnod nlso from tho lesxees of the Is
land that thelr louse would explre In June,
so tlint nt present no arrnngement could
bo inndo for tho use of tho Island beyond
thnt tlme, nnd thnt from now unlll then
no oiganlz.itlon or team would bo glven
cxcluslvc control of tho base ball Ileld.
It wns liitlniated that If u local league
wns formed the hlgh school, Y. M. C. A.,
Company I, Modern Woodmon nnd jmjs
slbly the Cnthollc Fnlon mlght make nn
cffort to organize teama. IVom that
polnt dlscusslon turned on the queatlon
of whether tho nthlctle nssocintlon ought
to furnlsh playera with Ineldentnl arti
elea of equlpment nslde from suits nnd
na to whether llie nssocintlon ought to
Insure the players against nccldent or
dlsablllty. It was shown that the present
constltutlon nnd by-lawa of the aasocl
.vtlon tnnde no provlslon for that, nnd
that lt Knfl contrary to tho usual custom
In nmntcur nthletlc nssoclatlons to re
munerate players for doctors' bllls, loss
of tlme, etc. It was declded flnally to let
tho exeeutive committee of the athletle
assnclatlon determlne what could be done
relatlve to organlzlng the local league nnd
rsk tho vorlous organlzatlons wlio can
furnlsh a team to report to tlie exeeutive
Llquor Llcenses Granted.
Tho only man who sald a word whlle
the henrlng before the board of llcense
commlssloners was ln progress Saturday
nlght wns F. W. Putnam. chalrman of
the board. About 15 people were In the
room, whlle half a dozen or more stood
outslde the door, but none of them n-sked
questlons or mnde objeetlons. At 8
o'clock Chalrman Putnam arose and read
the llst of appllcatlona and then took
ench appllcntlon slngly und asked If nny
one had any objeetlons to make. Re
celvlng no response Mr. Putnam nn
nounced that In half an hour the board
would return to tho selectmen's room
nnd give thelr declslon. Then be nd
Journed the meetlng. The nppllcants
nnd the klnd of llcenses npplled for were
as follows: F. H. Holdon, tlfth class. or
drugglst lleense; (1. K. Greene, tlfth class.
or drugglst llcense: t K. Gniffam. sec
ond clnss. or iMittle llcense; C. F. Thom
ns. second class. or bottle lleense: P. 1..
Shea, llrst clasi, to sell by the glass, nnd
sceonil class. All the npplleatlons were
for renewnls. with the exceptlon of thnt
of Mr. Shea, who nsked for a socond class
llcense in ndilition to hls tlrst-class ll
cense. The conunlsslonera returnod ns
nnnounced nnd stnled that they hnd
susponded declslon on Mr. Shea's nppli
catlon for n seeond class llcense nnd had
grnnted all the other applieatlons. The
toason for suspendlng declslon wltli re
speet to Mr. Shon's appllcation for n ll
censo of the s"Cond rl.iss was that the
cornmlssloners can grnnt but soven ll
censes in nddltlon to the flfth class
llcenses that four nppllentlnns are yet
to be declded upon, nnd that to grant Mr.
Phen's npplicntlon would forestall action
on one of those four. The old llcenses
held by Mr. Holden. Mr. Greene. Mr. Graf
fam nnd Mr. Thomns explrod Sutulay
nlght. but ns tho new llcenses were grant
ed Saturday nlght they were able to
make legal sales Monday mornlng. The
henrlng on the nppllcntlons of George H.
Danyew and C. C. Turner for flrst and
second class llcenses ench to sell nt the
Americnn House nnd Brattleboro House
rospectlvely will be held on Saturday
nlght of next week.
Kllsnbeth made a vlvld plcture as she
tan down the path between two stralght
rows of young orchnrd trees to tho
spring In tho south meadow, swlnglng a
large wooden pall In elther hand. The
noon sun made her brown halr bronze
and brought out the deep flush of excite
ment ln her fnce. She was slnglng
broken blts of the only gay song her
Puritan eara had ever heard. Yct It la
safe to say that Kllaabeth'a heart waa
tho only llght ono in the vlllage of New
lchawannock, thla 12th of September, In
tho year of our I-ord slxteen hundred
and soventy-Ilve. Tliere hnd been ru
mora of an uprlslng umong the Cnnlbaa
and Sokosla tribes and even of nttacka
upon rlaces so near aa Falmouth and
In fnet, that very mornlng Captaln
Wlncoln, with the flghtlng men of New
lehawnnnock, had atarted forth to carry
ald down the Presumpscot. Captaln
Wlncoln waa tho Mlles Standlsh of Maine,
trmty, brnve, valnglorlous, and wont to
requlre falth In hls vnlor, and to exact
confldenco ln hls oplnlons. So it Is small
wonder that hls partlng words satisfled
Ullsabeth that there was no great danger;
for the glrl had never known anythjng of
which she wns nfraid.
"An' forsooth," ho crled, "what ls it
but a forest tlre and tho words of a ly
lng redskln who thought by them to get
a supper nn" a drlnk form Purchaa" Well?
And Kllsabeth, who had been sorry to
se her father and, truth to tell, mueh
more sorry to see her second cousin, Hn
drach Wakeley, go huntlng Indlans, felt
nilghtlly relleved.
"They will likely enough come to no
harm," she reasoned, "nn' If Hadrach
pleasea the captaln, perhaps he'll come
baek lleutennnt In placo of poor Jacob,
whom tho log crushed last winter."
So tho gay little mald set her palla
where the clear water from the spring
could fllter Into them nnd amlled hap
plly at the famlllar landscape. To tho
south of the blg meadow lay tho corn
llelds. The stalks, swaylng heavily be
neath loada of fllled out eara, parted
enough to show hundreda of fat, yellow
pumpklns. Below the cornflelds sloped
a hlll, and enclrcllng tho hlll were tho
houses of Nowichawannock, John To
sler, Ellsabeth'a father, had bullt hls
house upon the very aummlt of tho hlll,
nnd had fortlfled it strongly, that it
mlght servo as a fort If tho French or
Indlans ever came down upon them from
Canada, Yct, up to this tlme, these set
tlors In tho south-estorn part of Malno
had felt little fear of tho Indlans, elther
of the near or of tho moro barbarous
northern tribes.
Eliftabeth waa nroused from her droam
lnga by the sound of wnter drlpplng over
tho sldea of her palla upon tho stones of
tho shnllow basin. Sho stooped to llft
the palla. Aa she stralghtened up, her nt
tentlon waa drawn toward the cattle In
tho ndjolnlng paature. They wero crowd
Ing togother, nnd starlng at tho fcnco
which separated tho meadow and tho paa
ituro from tho cornfleld. "Old Whltefaco
ls telllng them how good gTeen corn la,"
sho thoueht, Then sho notlced moro
carofully tho attitudea of the cowa. They
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were standlng stlfilly, with tnils stretched
stralght out nnd hends ralsed.
A swlft intultlon camo to Kllsabeth.
She knew, ns deflnltoly ns though she
could see the skulklng forms, that tliere
wero Indlans hldlng In the cornfleld.
Nevertheless, she poured a little of the
wnter from the palls, that she mlght not
splll nny on her dress, and went slowly
up the path with her burdcn, wlthout a
change of color or a tremor of a musele.
Captaln Wlncoln used to say he would
wllllngly give half of hls army of 16 men
for one man wltn the ncrve of Kllsabeth
Btfore two hours had pasaed Kllsabeth
had warned every famlly In tho vlllage.
Whlte-faced women, carrylng curlous,
clumsy wenpons in one arm and slecp
lng bablca in the other. n few tottoring
old men, nnd frlghtcned chlldren came
sllently through the woodj on the north
slde of the hlll, up to "Tosler'a fort."
Kllsabeth let them ln through a little se
cret entrance nt the north slde of the
house. A slmple cuplxard ln the wnll
hnd nn openlng Into a tunnel which end
ed, after a wlndlng Journey of some 10
or 12 feet, ln n tangle of wlld blackberrj'
vlnes. Nobody In Newichawannock had
known of the exlstence of thla entrance
before this day.
The big south door wns already bar
red and chalned. Kllsabeth aet the wom
en nt work closing the henvy shutters of
the windows nnd fastenlng them with
the Iron b.irs her grandfather had brought
from Kngland. She had not dared close
the shutters before the women nrrlved
lest the Indlans observe llie nct nnd know
they were dincovprcd.
ln each slde of the tipper part of the
house were two windows, mere loopholes.
kllsabeth selected seven women who
swincd less nervous thnn tho others nnd
stntloned one of them. with a rllle at
each window, save the one whleh eom
manded n vlow of the cornfleld. This she
took herself. Asldp from the contlnunl
strnngo behnvlour of the cnttle, nothlng
wns to be seen all the nfternnnn.
The women nccepted Ellsabeth'a com
mand meekly. Those statloned upon the
I rojectlng portlon, bullt nfter the man
ner of the c-arly fort-llke houses, kept
watch llke tmlned soldlers. The women
bolow got some supper nnd nte lt ns
Klis.ibeth ordererl, though with sueh
trembllng nnd qunklng the Mlstresi Tro-
Sior'S Rlindoil llnr r.enK--l rtn nn.li..
proportlon of tho savory pnrridge. The
iim men. now ever, sat reneillously ln a
cornvr nnd refuswl to ont. Thpy had ex
rected to nssume commnnd.
i:ilsabelli's aunt, who kept tho house,
cllmbpd up the steps to the glrl, nnd car
ried her some porridge. She was a frall,
nervous woman. whose abhorence of dlrt
wns only equalled by her dread of sav
nges. Slu had sat for the last hour In
the chlmney corner, slghlng over her
rulned floor nnd wringing her long hands
untll they were sore nnd red. Now she
watched Klisatvth drlnk the porridge,
wonderlngly. Ellsnbeth made a wn' faco
as she handed back the bowl.
There was sugar In the porridge nnd
Ellsabeth dld not llke sweetened things
The trembllng aunt went down the steps
to the lower part comforted. She felt
that there could be but little danger else
Ellsabeth would not mlnd so small n
thlng ns sugar.
At dusk, shadowy forms came ereep
Ing up over tho south meadow. At the
??,me ,,lm.e "ames st't "t from Phlllpa
Mlll, half a mile down the rlver. Tho
savagea came on boldly. They knew
there wrta not a flghtlng man left in the
vlllage. They dld not know that the
plucklest glrl ln tho Mnlne wooda wna
made ready to outflght them.
Ellsabeth walted untll the dark swarm
of savnges were within n few rodea of the
acmth alde of tho house. Then she flred
Her flrst shot hit the foremost. her sec
ond the hlndmost. Indlan. The redskins
drew back. spread out. and began to en
clrcle the house. Ellsabeth had lnstructed
the others what to do In sueh a case.
Each woman, watchlng from her loop
hole, flred nt the flrst grovellng shadow
ahe saw. The women below handed up
loaded musketa nnd riries aa fast as they
couldt tho women nbove flred contlnually.
The houso wns stifllng with smoke and
nrirJiU,r- oJ1!? women but Ellsabeth
,rr?- ,Sh had more falth hr wlts
than ln her plety.
After some time, nobody could tell Just
how long. tho Indlana retreated to the
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ahelter of the barn. The besleged women.
who, at flrst, had been nervou and
frlghtcned. were now calm and hopeful
They were beglnnlng to see tho reaulta of
Ellsabeth'a manngement. By comparlng
observatlona they Judged that at the be
glnnlng of the flght there could not have
been more than fifty aavagea. There
wero many less now.
An hour passed In qulet. After some
tlme, however, a dark mass appeareil to
be moving up from the barn. It proved
to be a cart, loaded with brush and tlm
ber. A short dlstance away, the Indlans.
who were pushlng It from behlnd aot It
nflro; then came ahovlng lt on with hor
rld screeches. A turn In the path, how
ever oxposed those behlnd the cart to
the flrlng from the two south windows
In the confuslon, the cart was upset
Tlie savagea, maddened at this destru'"
tlon of thelr plans. aelzed the blazlng
tlmbers and ruahed at the door with
them. Once under the shelter of the
overhanglng cornlce, they wpre safe from
the shota from above. The thundering
1 loa from atout cudgels and aharp hateh
cta began to tell, even upon the stauneh
door. It stralned nt tho hlnges and one
of tho bara was already bendlng. It was
plainly about to give way. Kllsab 'th
rushed to the door and threw hersejf
against it with all her mlght. Yet she
knew how powerless would be the rom
blned exertlons df every human being in
the houe against the fnrce wlthout
"Run," she crled, "to the tunnel. CIms
the sllde after you and stay In the tun
nel tlll you hear nn uproar In the hoj
Then run to Bender's cave and don't stnp
to breathe until you. get there."
The flrst bar fell from the door Just as
tho last form went through the opemng
In the wall. Kllsalieth stopped pressing
against the remnlning bar when sho siw
the white panel ngain ln its place. b.side
the slmilar ones with which the room was
celled. A second later the door fell in
Ellsabeth stood, deflantly, to me. t the
Inrushlng horde. The Indlans bound her
hand and foot, tossed her one slde. and
proceeded to senreh the house Thelr
nmazement nt finding the liouse err.pty
wns sweet to Ellsabeth. She sat ind
laughed. wlld hystericnl neals whleh
ochoed above tho clamor of the plqnderlng
Indhins. Ellsabeth used to say, ln after
I llfe, that that llt of Insane laughter was
the only thlng of which she was really
. ashamcd. Nevertheless. that veri- laugh
ter saved her llfe. The savnges Ilstened
to It fearfully. They retlred to the far
I thest corner of the room and talked to
j gether In low tones. Ellsabeth under
i stood enough to know thnt they thought
i her a witch. They thought that she
alone had ralned down upon them that
volley of shot which had wellnlgh drlven
them back In hopelesa defeat. The Idea
j was so amusing to her stralned senslbll
j ltles that she burst Into another fit of
snrin uiscordant laughter. That settled
the matter. The Indlans departed down
through the cornfielda, as they had come,
leavlng, aa propltlatory ofterlng, two chll
dren whom they had taken captive at
The next day. at noon. Captaln Wln
coln came b,ack, bolllng with rage be
cause the Indlans had not done as he
had predlcted they would do. Ho had
left two men atretched upon the mead
ow before Saco and had saved but a
mlserable handful of women and chll
dren. "An' forsooth, Ellsabeth." he crled,
when he heard the story of her generol
ship "you have done moro with your
f white-handed women and babes
than I with my army of slxteen men."
And Ellsabeth. slnce Hardrach Wake
ly agreed with the Captaln. was well con
tent. (New England Magazlne.
The moon and the weathcr
May change together;
But change of tho moon
Doea not change the weather.
If we'd no moon at all,
And that may seem stnuige.
We atlll have the weather
That'a subject to change.
tthen you seo the ground covered with
splder webs which are wet with dew and
inero la no dew on tho ground. it ia a
slgn of raln before nlght, for the splders
nre puttlng up umbrellaa; but others say
when the spldern put out thelr sunshadea
It will bo n hot day.
..Cre m Hoxesy IQc. and 25c.

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