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wuu. amss. var s.'
iBEFjfE, Brattleboro, Vt.?
Dcrmont l!bccnu
Tlio Mlsses Itiiskcll wlll opeit ilrcssmnklng
roonu Mny 1, nt :t! Elllot St., ocr (llcnsotrs
Btoro. 10-18
Who tuncs your pluiinV ir you wnnt cx.
pert work uml sntlsrucUon Kinunntced, scnd
your order tn F. II. 1A V, 12tey Oignii Co.
Mrs. A. J. Towksbury's sline bnsliiccs wlll 1m
eontliiuod iit !M (liceii stnt't, wheio slie wlll lic
plensod tn tiu't't 11 1 1 old ciiMoniers uml niany
new ones. MeaMiieiiients tnkon aml ilt iriuir
nnteed lor up.to.ihilu sti cot, dios unil cotnlort
shoos. Mlltf. AI.THA .1. llltUCi:,
M It8. MAIIV II. 0011.1).
. Auctlonoers.
F. ". Mt'Clmu uml (lcorge I'. Mlller. iuutlou
cers. Scll nll Mnds of property. fat isfm-t ion
itiiarnnteod. Ollko lu county elcrk's oinco
Ciwliy blook. Ilttitt IcImiki. Vt. Tclepliono
nuniln-T,. lltr
C. M. Park, Tutor.
SCHOOL. Shorthand taught.
Tho banks wlll bo closcd tomorrow,
Saturday, In observanoo of Arbor ilay.
The Hcllof eorps Invltes mombers of
Sedgwick post und thelr wives and friends
to a speclal meotlng to be hold In tirnml
Army linll Tupsday evenlng at 7.30.
"Moro Tlian Quoen" Fiidny nlght
tirovod to bo a Uvn spot. Tlio play, hor-
nlded ns a "magnltleont productloa," wns
not nbove mcdlnciity, aiul wna getierully
A. F. Eoynton, for ?, ycars In tlio shoe
buslness In llruttleboro, sold hls store
thls week to M. Dnit of Worcester, Mnss.,
who ndvertlsos In thls paper a closlng-out
sale of the stock.
Tlio next dance to lo glven by tlio
rtrattleboro lodge Xo. S7S, Xow England
Order of Protoetlon, wlll be liold In Hed
Men's liall Monday uvenlng, Aprll 23.
Muslc by Hlnes and Dttgnn.
Edgett & Co., ronl estato agents, liavo
sold for F. K. lSuffum of East Northfield
lils storo and tenement prnperty In W II
mlngton to l'dwnrd Wheeler of Wllmlng
ton, who buys for an Invcstment.
John Todd wlll nrrlve from St. Law
rcnoo county, N. Y., Monday wlth a car
load of seloeted liorsos for Hcnry It
Hrown's sales department. The lot wlll
includo good drlvors nnd workers.
Chlef-of-Pollce Hall and Shorlff A. W.
J. Wilklns went to Windsor Wednesday
wlth Fred Charron, Henry Tucker and
Tred Mundoll, sentenced to terms In tho
state piison, as reported in the county
court report In thls paper.
At the annual meotlng of the ladles'
Mciety of llie Itaptlst ehurch, the follow
Intr otllcors woro elected: Presldent, Mrs.
J. .1. Kstey; vieo presldent, Mrs. G. H.
L.iwson; seorotary, Mrs. F. L. Smlth;
treasuror, Mlss l.sther X. Thomas; chalr
man foreign missions, Mlss Allce Phtlllps;
chalrman hoinc missions, Mrs. S. Wll-
Threo frolght cars on tlio narrow eaupo
mtxed trsiln, two loaded wlth lurnber and
ono wlth wny fiolKht, left the track north
of Jamaica yesteiday afternoon and went
down an embankment. The place where
tlio accldont happonod was on a curvo.
but fiirthgr than that noither tho track
nor tho cars show any causo for the acci-
llen Willlainson has beon chosen man
PKor of tho independent baso hall toam.
'I ho playors wlll bouln roBular praetlcc
next Monday. fl.imos wlll bo arraiiKcil
iiRnlnst the stroiif-r'st aRKiesatlons.ln New
Hampshiio and Massaohusotls towns.
Tho makc up has not yct bcen fully de
cldod upon, but wlll lnoludo Stolto, March
Kllis, Walte, It. Allen, Kerrlter and
Mlss Sadle Turner, proprietor of Hotel
Brattleboro, savo a uance to her board
ers and friends AV'ednosday ovenlnn About
IS coupk'S were present and all had an en
joyable time. D.inoinj; was In order from
8 to 1. Hlnes and Diiffan furnlshed mu
slc. lco crcam. cako and lemonado wcre
servt-d. Tho dlnliiR hall was lK.-autifully
trimmod wlth palms and cut ilowors.
Miss Turner oxpocts to ro soon to Uan-
gor, Malne, where she wlll have a posltlon
The annual tneetlnt; of tho trustees of
the IirooKs Itoo llbrary was held last evo
ninK. Theso olllceis were elected: Presl
dent, Dr. II. U. Holton; secretaiy, It. U
Chamberlaln; trcasurer, C. A. Mlles; com
mlttee on llbrary rooms. Dr. II. D. Holton
Kittredso Ha.skins and F. K. Uarrows
committeo on llbrarlan, Itov. Patrlek
CimnlnRham, Dr. S. E. T-awton nnd Chas
H. Thompson; commlttee on books, C. A,
Mlles, Hev. II. It. Mlles nnd ltov. 11. K.
Hazel Kllzabcth, one yenr, 11 months
and elKht days, oi ly daushter of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles E. Downer of 0 Cottaso
stroet, dled Tuesday evenlnt? of bronchlal
pneumonla folIowlnR . diphtheria and
bronchltls. Sho had been III about flve
months. Tho funeral was hcld at tho
house at 2 o'clock yosteiday, Tlev. Geo.
H 1-awson, of tho Flrst Ilaptlst ehurch,
olllciatlnff. Tho burlal was In Tiospect
hlll cemetery. Mr. nnd Mrs. Downer
have tho slncoro sympathy of nll thelr
aciiaintanccs in thoir bereaveintnt.
The Woman's club met at tho lirooks
House Wodnesdiy afternoon, tho prorl
dent, Mlss Susan K. Clark, prcsldlnt;.
Tho paper for the afternoon was by Mlss
MaiKUerite K. Tucker, upon "Tho I'ro
Kress of Journallsm from tho Sallliiff
I'acket Porlod to Wlrcless Telegrapliy."
Mlss Tucker sald that the object of Jour
nallsm was the acipilsltlon and dlstrllm
tion of news, and she gave u very Inter
cstliiR nccount of the difterent metbods
cmployed from the foundliiR of the Ponny
Pross in 1S35 to tho present tlme, when
mllllons of papers an dlstrlbuted evcry
lay, and events aro knowu from the four
quarteis of the Rloho nlmost as soon ns
llioy hapiien. She mentloned Jiimes Gor
lon Itonnett us tho leader In all ndvance
ments. Tho olub was cspeclally favored
by tho sliiRliiR of negm melodles by a
iiuaitet conslstliiR of Jlr. ailbert, Mrs.
I'utnam, Mlss Giobb nnd K. C. Adams,
wlth Mlss Stewait nt tho plano.
AlRot Iirson, upholsterer for the S,
A. Smlth company, , nnd Mlss Lllllan
Swanson of West streDt wero marrled in
the Swcdi.sh Consi-eBtttlonal ehurch nt
7.30 o'clock Wednesday ovenlnR, Ilev, O.
F. Kocli, pastor of the ehurch, per
formlns the ceremony. The ehurch was
decoruted haiulsomoly for tho occnslon,
laurels, nalms and Easter lllles belnR
used, Tho brldal party entered the
ehurch as tho brldal march from Lo
liensrln was played by the ehurch or
Banlst. Tho brldo's dress was white crepo
de chlne ovcr white sllk. Sho woro a
vell and carried a shower bouauet of
brlde roses. Tho mald of honor was Miss
Ksther Hwanson, who woro white mouse
llno do soio. The hrldesmnlds wero ilisses
IiiReliorR nnd Kllen LarHon, who also
woro whlto mousellne de solo. Carl An
derson und H. Laison wure the ushera.
Tho brlde nnd brldegroom wero tendered
a receptlon In the vestry from 8 to 10
o'clock refreshmentH belnR served. They
wlll llve wlth Mrs. Lnrson's parents, Mr,
nnd Mrs. Androw Swanson, on West
street, where they wlll be nt homo nfter
May 1. Mr. I-arson Is a son of Mr, and
Mrs. Joseph Larson, who live in Sweden.
A Brattleboro Woman Asks
"Havo you u lloor palut tlmtwlM hiat two
weoks '" Vos, wo Imve Dovoo's ; It has u boau.
tlful b1os9 und wlll last two years if properly
appllod. K01IUIN8 & COWLE9.
All dlsorders caused by a billous state
of the system cnn bo cured by using Car
ter's Little Liver rills. No pain, grlp
Ine or dlacomfort attendlns thelr use.
Try them.
I H.,T.,...,w..wf -".;v
ltov. Ij. M. Konestoti of West Urattle-
born wlll bo tho Momotlnl dny orator in
Urnttleboro thls yoor.
The trustees of tho Flist Ilaptlst oliutcli
luiM1 ro-otiRURed A. I..' Maynaid, dlroclor,
nnd a chorus cholr, who resumod thelr
servlco last Sundaj.
Tho nunual Ior drlvu of tho Connecticut
Vnllcy lumbcr company, whlch wlll bo
stnrted soon from tlio headwnters of
tho Connecticut, ls estlmaled to coutnln
4j,000,000 feel, whlch Is somowhat larRor
than In recont yoars.
Iloniy K. Huirpss of liennlnKtou has
sold the stallion, GeoiRe St. Clalr, S.lnVi,
to C. tl. llarrlnRton of Grand Ititiilds.
Mlch.. for $000. Tho homo was shlppcd
to Mli'hlKan last week. Chailos Mlner
formerly ov, ned tho anlmnl.
A palr of handsomo youiiR Morgan gold
InRS, bay. wero shlppod l'rlday from I-yn-donvlllo
to I'red W. Putnam. Mr. Put
liam boiiRht them l.ist autuinn lu tho
liorthcrn pait of the state nnd had them
kept lu Lyndonville throiiRli tho wlntor.
The Vermont Conslstory. S. 1. It. S.,
Vnlley of llurlliigton. has Issucd a hiind
some moinorlnl of Dr. Dan Poaslco Web
stor, who was a tneinbcr of tho conslstory.
Tho iirlnled trlbuto Is sunounded wlth a
piirplo boidor, and in one corner Is tho
ptitpte hndRo of mouriiliiR.
A Vlavl leotlll-p. lllustiated, wlll b nlv
pti, to ladles only, on Thtlisday, Apill
2., nt 7.30 p. m., at Gihiikp hall, by FianU
V. Coiidon, mannRpr of tho Vlavl pom
pany. Thls leotuio wlll lio upon mnt-
teis lH'italnliiR to tlie physloal welfarp
of uonipn. Thoie wlll bo no olmiRo for
Alonzo T. Stowe of West llrattlphoro
and Mrs. AURiistn A. Moi-so of Guilford
street woro marrled Satuiday ovoliliig nt
tho homo of Mrs. Morso's son, I"rank
Morso, on Guilford street. Itov. H. Q. S,
OsRi.od, of the t'nltnrlan ohurch, iioffoini
cd the ceiemony. Mr. and Mis. Stow
wont nt once to Mr. Stowe's hoinp, tho
old Stowe homostoad, wholo they beRan
kepphiR house. Alr. Stowe Is u slater by
trade. ,
Tho Iteod house on Green street, fa
mlll.irly known us tho Iloed "castlo," and
tho small house iloxt west of It hnvp been
bought by Harry L. lCmerson. Mr. Emer
son wlll tear them down nnd orect on the
slte a handsomo resldence for lils own
occupancy. Tho sale was made throiiRli
A. V. May's tenl estato iiReney. Tho ltoed
house was bullt upwards of GO years ago
by the lato Jiimes Iteod. It was one of the
landmarks of tho town.
A SiirliiRllold Itepubllcan news Itcm
says: "The New IiiKland mlnltiR eoinpiny
will set up a smeltliiR pl.mt nt the cop-
per mlno lu Charlemont as soon ns the
lunnel, whlch has 23 or 30 feet furthor to
KO, Is flnlshpd. The tunnel wlll bo 10
feet In leiiRth. The shaft has roaclipd a
depth of 100 feet nnd wlll be lowered 70
moro to meet tho tunnel, tho woik belnR
dono from below, The company Is tak
lng out oro that rIvps Rood rpsults when
nssayed." Thls Is tho company for whlch
D. T. Perry Is nt work dlgRhiR tho tun
A. X. Johnson's sugar house In West
lirattleboro was burned Jlonday nlght
wlth 10 b.irrels of sap, a storo tub. pvaiKir-
ntor, tools, ctc. Tho loss was about J20H
on whlch there was no Insurance. What
caused tho llro Is not known. Xo wooil
was put In the nrch after 6 o'clock, and at
S o'clock everythliiR was all rlRht. In
tho mornliiR nll that wuw left was smoul-
derhiR rulns. Tho bulldliiR stood In n
liollow about -10 rods from the house
After the llre there was a good run of
sap, whlch wns takeu care of by one
of .Mr. Johnson s nolRhbors.
A receptlon to ltov. und Mrs. F. W.
Lewis was tendered by the ladles of the
Methodist ehurch Monday ovpiiIi'r to ox-
riess thelr satlsfactlon becniiM of tlu
leturn of Uev. nnd Mrs. Lewis to llrnt
leboro for thelr thlid oar. There was n
laiRo attendanco nnd tho receptlon wns
very pleasant nnd cordlal. A short mu
slcal procram x.-as rendered. conslstlriK of
u duet by Mlss Lewis nnd Mr. Itobeits
nnd solos by Mlss Matthews aml MIm
LeltsliiRcr, Mrs. IllRley Ih-ing tho acoom
panist. Itefreshmeiits of cnke nnd oolfoi
were served. licv. Mr. Iowls wlll nt
tend tho Rpiieral confeipnep at l.os
AiiKeles duiliiR Mny, hls pulpit belng sup
plled duiine that month.
James Perloy KliiRfloy, 27, who has
been employod by Llverymnn II. It.
lhown the past threo yoars, dled at the
Amerleati House shortly boforo noon
Tuesday, Ho had beon III wlth Kilp, fol
lowpd by .icute menlnRltls. He wns liorn
in New Haven, thls state, and wns a
son of Ellhu nnd Mnrtha Kltigsloy. H
foie tomliiR to Brattleboro he was em-
liloyed by LiverMiian H. K. lllood in put
ney. II- is survivcil by lils pnrents and
four lirotliers, Joyce, CT.ueiice, Hnrley
and Wllbiir, und two slsters. Ida and
Myrtle. all of Xow Haven. The lnnly was
tnken to Xew Haven Tuesday nlRht. ae
compauied by two of the brotliers. Tlu
funcial wns held ycsterday.
The sult of tho Caseln Company of
Amcrie.i aRainst CushiiiR Adams, A. D.
Charles and the Aldeu Spearo's Sons'
rompany, whlch has been on trlal In I!os
ton tho past two weeks, wlll consume
abnut a month longor. V. C. Fltts of
Prattleboro, ono of the nttomeys for the
plalutlff, camo bnme from Boston Sat
uiday, returnliiR Tuesday. At the close
of the flrst two weoks of tho trlal Cush
iiiR Adams, who was the ilrst witness,
had not concluded hls testlmony. Adams
ond Charles formerly wero employod by
the Caseln company In Bellows Falls. It
is alleKed that they consplred wlth tho
Spearo's Sons' company to dpfraud tho
plaintlff and that they stolo certaln ree
Ipos from tho plaintlff and dellveiod them
to tlio defendant nnd then entered tho
defcndant's employ, and that ns ,a rosult
of such eonsplrucy tho plalutlff's busl
ness has been damnged In excess of $100,
000. Arthur H. Barker of thls clty was nr
ralgned at a speclal sesslon of tho pollee
court held for thls purposo Frlday pvo
nlng, says tho Keene, X, 11., Sentlnel,
belns chnrRed wlth an nttempt to run
down Mrs. Frank Powers of Brattleboro,
who had como here In tho Intcrest of the
humano society. Ho was llned $10 nnd
tosts whlch he pald. On Frlday mornliiR
Mrs. Powers, nccompanled by Olllcer
Tolman, stnrtod out in n team to West
Keene to look Into some coniplalnts that
anlmals wero being abused. On the road
they came upon Harker drivlng hls team,
and Mrs. Powers allRhted and went to
the hcads of Barker's anlmals to look them
ovor. Uarker resented thls and nttenipt
od to start hls horses nnd run Mrs. Pow
ers down. Just nt thls moment Otllcer
Tolman Jumped from hls wiiroii nnd pull
ed Barker's horses away from Mrs. Pow
ers, but as ho dld so Barker hlt hlm sover
nl tlmes over tho head wlth hls whip.
Tho ofllcer worked back to tho wagon nnd
pulled Barker from It and ho waa flnally
put Into Tolman's team nnd brought to
tho stntlon to nwnlt trlal. Both men
wero moro or less brulsed In tho scuillle.
Mrs. Betsey Tyler Weatherhead, 82,
wldow of Orrln Weatherhead. illoil m
nbout 3.43 o'clock Tuesday mornlng nt
the home of her daughter, Mrs. Julla
Cooley, on Blrgo street. Sho had been
111 about four weeks wlth grlp and pneu
monla, complleated by a heart trouhle.
Sho was born In Vernon March 13, 1822,
nnd wns n duughter of Jesso ond Allco
Tyler. At tho ago of 19 sho was marrled
lo Orrin Weatherhead of Guilford nnd
went to that town to llve. Mr. Weather
head dled 24 yoars ngo. For the past
neven yenrs Mrs. Weatherhead had llved
wlth Mrs. Cooley, four years In. Guilford
and thrce yenrs In Brattleboro. She is
survived by one brother, Jesso Tyler, of
Towa, ono slstcr, Mrs. Mandnna Scott
of Brattleboro, and soven chlldren, Henry
Weatherhead, Mrs. Sarnh Tyler. Mrs. Julla
Cooley nnd Edgar O. Weatherhead of
Brattleboro, Kllen, wlfo of Thomns Han
non of Bennington, Jesse Weatherhead
of Guilford nnd Fred S. Weatherhead of
Sprlngfield, thls state. Funeral servlces
wero held nt tho house nt 2 o'clock yes
tcrdny, ltov. H. n. Mlles ofllclatlng. The
burlal was In Guilford. Mrs. Weather
head was a home lovlng woman, who
dovoted her llfo to hor homo and chlld
len, and sho wan belovod by her acqualn
tances for her many vlrtues nnd her ster
llng womanly clmracterlstlcs,
ruiunu nuun ncnil'maTii hor.. T
afford to bvy anyrother'BoapTa'f
K. 11. Mlller wlll slim nt thp Chnrnl
I'nlrn rehenrsal next Wednesilny evon
Ing. n. . lAiiiieis, nRoni ior ine I'lovniont
Llfo Trust connpuny, 1ms n dosk in
f. tl 1. ....... ...it I.. r I... t ,
v. u. mnuun iMuee lu ryauj' oiock.
iiioKiinm cnnpipr, (jruor or I'.astorn
fim, iioio u siiuoa convocation i uesuay
eveiiing. Two cnndldatos woro Inlttntod.
SedRwlck Woman s HoPef corps has
icceptod an lnvltallou to tnept wlth tho
rotps nt Xorthllold at n rogular niecllnt?
F. H. Holmaii of Spofford, who dtovo
a team botween llrnltlehoro und Spof
ford lake last siiminer to onfry dnlly and
Suuday pnpors nnd iiiuil, wlll start n
laiRpr tonm thls yonr ubollt the 20th of
Clilof-of-Pollce Hall wpiH to ltutland
Sunday nmht wlth .Edwuid l-ombaid und
Lewis O'Marii, lloboos, who woro seii
toncod Satuiday by Justlco Xewton to .10
days lu the houso of coriectlon for vu
Riiiney. Crosby St Adnni havo eiiRiiRed F. II.
Chester of Boston us maniiRor of tlio
BrooUs llouse, boRlnuliiR May 1. when
.MnniiRor II. W. Kddy's loslRiiatlon wlll
tuke efiVet. Mi. Chpstef ls ,i hotel man
of ttlde oMierlence.
The Illnh srhonl phoitis wlll sIiir for
thelr frienils Monday evenlnff, Aprll 25, in
the IiIrIi sehool ronm at 7.80 o'clock. Xo
ailmUslon wlll bo ehniRed, nnd nll who nro
Intpiostpd In the woik nro ooidlally lu-
vitpd to bp present.
Tho Continl Vetmont olllclnl locomotlve
"St. Uiwienoe" nnd tho olllcltil rur
"Mnnslleld bioiiglit some of the nill-
load olllelals to Brattleboro Wedliewday
inoininit Arter inspeetliiR tho narrow
gaiiR" lo.id tlio ollldnls went to Xew Lon-
ilon, letuinlnn yosteiday und sollig to
St. Albans.
It ls pri.buble that tho Flrst Infantry.
Vermoiit Xntionnl Gunid, wlll tnlio p.ut
In tho eastorn miinoeuvers of tho I'nlted
Statos army to be held ut Manassas, Va.,
next AiiRilst. Coriospondoncc wlth thls
ond in vlew Is now In piorioss iK'twoeu
loRlmental hoadiiuartois and tho wur do
partment of tho I'nlted Statos.
Gtiy Ktoi-kwoll and Frank l'rescott have
fliiished woik for the street ralhoad com
puny to tnko other posltlons. In conse
(lueiieo tlio woik whlch wns dono by four
Rnnus ls now dono by threo. cnch riiiir
worklng longor than heretofore. Frank
WrlRht Is sparo motorman and E. M.
GoodenoiiRh sparo conductor.
Tho Mmr.iy club of tho I'nlversallst
chureh wlll Rlvo Sninantha Allen nt the
Court of Faino," Thursday evenliiR. May
E. at tho Audltoi lum. Tlio east wlll In
cludo nbout 40 of tlu youiiR peoplo of
lirattleboro uml the onlertalnment will
bo undor tl.o dlrectlon of MIhs Ilarriot
llarris, who will como l.ore next week
to boRin rehoar.ils.
lClRht lnelios of snow fell botween 0
o'clock Frlday nlRht und S.itunlay
noon. It inplted rupldly nnd nparly nll
of It hnd dlsappoarcil from tho streots by
.Mondav. I-or twii or threo days tho snow
fnll rhvo a deehled Impetus to tho tlow
of sap, maklng u matorlal lncronse in
the stiRnr output. Severnl fanners who
had Ratheivd thelr buckets put them out
nRain after llie storm.
After tho rogular nieotlnR of Protective
GraiiRo Wodnosday oveninR. tho proRmm
was In elmrRo of Mrs. Luey SniRcnt. who
presentid tht "GraiiRo Famlly Album."
Tho picturos woio very llfe-llke, and tho
descrlptlon glven by "Aunt Jerusha" was
InterestliiR and amusliig. Mr. Wllson
nnd Mrs. Kuowltoii sang. Tlio proRiom
was followed b.v n d.ineo, In whlch old
nnd youiiR pai tlclpated.
-Mrs. Fredeilck Worden of West Hali
fax, on.- of the l-st known woinpn of that
town, dled (Mlnesilay of ooiiRestlon of
tho Iuiirs. Sho was tho inotlior of Mrs.
W. (i. iioMiwell of llr.ittloboro uml .Mis
Krod Bull.nd of St. Alb.ins. fonnerly of
Uiallleboio. Mis. Itorkwe n,s rnlloil
to West Halifax Sunday on nccount of
l.or mother's ilhioss. Mr. nnd Mrs. Bulhird
cuino to Brattleboio yosteiday aml wont
at onco to West Hnlifax.
The S.'ilh annlversary of the Imleppiid
ent Oider of Odd 1'ellows will ,e .oi vd
by Wanli.stlciuet IixIro und Dni-ils lle-
bekah lodge. On Sunday the meml-ors
of tho two lodgos wlll meet In thelr hall
nt 10 o'clock to atleml servlco In tl.o 'on
KieRntional ehurch. On Wedntsday tve
iilng tho membois of iho lodRes wlll liold
an onteitalnment In thelr hall nt S
o'clock, to whioh the meinbers ,if thelr
fnmlUcs und thelr friends nro liiltod. A
speclal invitatlon is ,'.toii .cil lo ic.'iih-H
Jd,l Fclliiws and 1 ') knl,s who ch not
'lelonR to tho loeal lodnes. A brlif ad
dioss will li; m.ole by James F. HiKl'or.
nnd theio will lo muslo by Leltslnger's
c'chestrn. tbe Urattloboio mule iiii.tt
li d othris, aftei whMi f-o is wlll
be -i rveil.
Tho Itepubllcan e.iucus to eloet deh
Katos to tho dlstrlnt and state conven
tlons brought nn attendanee of only nbout
10 votot-s to Fosllval hnll Satunlay oven
lliR. Tho Rntheilng wns callisl to oidei
by C. H. Thompson. ohalrmap of tho IIp
publlcan town committeo. Georgo W.
Ploreo wns elected chalrman. James Flsk
Hooker submltted a llst of dPleRntes as
follows: James L. Martln. II. D. Holton,
S. E. Lawton, Wanen Wulker, It. C. Ba
con. E. W. Gibson. C. II. Thomiison. W.
II. Coiser, C. O. ltohblns. On mntlon of
Dr. 11. D. Holton these deleKiites woro
instructed to uso all houornblo lni'.ins to
securo the electlon of Jnmos F. Hooker
ns dolcRutc from tho seeond congresslonal
dlstrlct of Vermont to the Itepubllcan
natlonal conventlon, to bo held in Chle
ago In June. Some of the delegatos wero
unable to attend tho conventlon, nnd
thoso who ropresented Brattleboro were
C. H. Thonipson, H.-C. Bacon. W. 11.
Corser, L. D. Taylor, K. W. Ollnon, J. L,
Itoess, F. H. Iloward, W. L. Wulkpr nml
C. I. Knapp.
TIip annual conclavo of Bpauseant
Commandeiy, Knlghts Templar, was held
Wednesday evenlng, when theso ollleers
wero electeil or appolnlod: Emlnent Com
mander, Frank B. Putnain; Renorallsslnio,
James Ti. Itandolli cnptaln Roneral, Clar
enco F. R. Jenne; prelate. Edward T.
Matblson: senlor walden, Wlllls D. Qll
son; Junlor wnrden, Arthur P. Slmonds;
treasuror, Wllllam C. Horton; recordcr,
Frank W. Xlchols; standard benrer, Leon
K. Hall; nsslstant standard benrer, Ovando
K. Uandnll; sword bearer, Goorge M.
Clay; warder, Major C. Houghton: 3d
guard, Edwln H. Putnam; asslstnnt 3d
guard, Herbert E. Taylor; 2d guaid, Col
llns L. Plper; asslstant 2d guard, Albert
W. Crouch; 1st Riiaril, Do Weese P. Do
Wltt; nsslstant 1st guard, Charles A.
Mcltao; armorer, Wllllam IS. Vlnton; sen
tlnel, J. Albert Taylor: organlst, Harry
C. Hodgklns; trustoo, Wllllam 11. Vlnton;
represontatlvo for Putney, Wllllam Uob
ertson; i(epresentativo for Wilmington,
Joseph 11. Gouldlng; represontatlvo for
Hinsdale, Edwin C. Hobertson.
Tho nddress of ltov. Henry Goodhuo
beroro the W. C. T. V. Thursday after
poon was of a prnctlcal nature, Ho
tompared the tempernnco condltlons from
1S20 to tho present tlme, referrlng to tho
genernl uso at that early dato of clder
and clder brandy. Even tho cffects of
rretiuent Imbthlngs of tho mlnlsters In
thelr pastornl calls wero humorously
touohed upon. He malntiflnad that there
had been il steady and marked growth of
sentlment ngalnst that form of soclal cus-
tom to tho present tlme. Mr. Goodhun's
father was n state seuator In 1S52 and a
meinber of the Jolnt commlttee, who ro
ported tho prohlbitory lnw passed that
year by tho Vermont leglslature, and
wiuch rcmnlned on tho stntuto books
until tho present llcense law was passed,
wnn vanous nmonumonts. nll looklng to
the better onforcomont of the law. Mr.
Goodhue was a member of the last legls
lature and labored ngalnst tho passage of
tho llcense law, but slnce we must tem
porarlly llve under tho law he urged nll
to help toward lts enforcement nnd make
It ns healthful It cnn be.
No Qloss Carrlaoe Patnt Made
will woflr us long as Bevoo'e. No othcre aro U3
henvy tiodled, bccnuso Pevoo's wciglis 3 to 8
ounces more to the pint. Sold by ltOIIlUNS
'. c&a't tlonal. V p..v.r
thta," I Ira C. Omt of W
Tho Hooker. Cotfior & Mltolu-ll ovnmll
factory wlll clftse totnorrow noon for tho
following week, roopeiiliiR Mny 2.
Company I. Vermont Xntionnl fliini-it.
will bo lnspoctod tonlRht by Mnjor Oloiin,
of the logular .army.
Tho W. C. ,T. U. wlll hold n rogular
ineotlng ut thd Y. M. C. A. rooms Thuis
day uftornoon nt 3 o'clock.
Tho ladles' Enterprlso society of Es
teyvllle will meet wlth Mrs. 11. II. llur
nett Wednesday nflenioon at 4 o'clock.
ll'V. Edwnid T. Mathlson wlll siwnk
nt tho gospol meellng In tho V. M. C. A.
loonis ut 4 o'clock Sunday. All men und
boys nro Invltod to bo liresont.
Tho roRiilar monthly biislncss mpotlng
of tho Kpwoilh loagiio will be hold In tho
Methodist chureh piliois next Thursdav
evenlng, Aprll 28, ut S o'clock. The cnb-
lliel Will meet at 7.30.
Thoso who uio lo tnko part In "Suinnn
tha Allen nt the Couit or Fnuio" ,iro
reiUested to meot Mlss llniils nt thr-t'nlvpi's-illsl
vostry, Tmsdny ovenlnR,
Aprll 20, nt 7.30 o'clock.
Cnmp Chistei liold will be estubllshed
thls yenr nt HpolTnnl lake for bovs for
tho thlid seuson by Kdunr Buir Smlth of
Mr. lnl's srhool for boys lu Plainfield.
X. J. The season wlll open June 30 and
tioso Sopt. S.
A moothm of the sowing womeu's so
ciety wns held In Fpstlvnl hall Tuesduv
evenliiR, whlch was nttpnded by nbout 75
peoplo. It wns ixpeoted that some doc
umeiits fiom the trustees of the Thonip
son ftiml would be cousldered, but ns
they lud not nnlved the uieetlng wns
adjounied nfter n brlef tnlk by Mis.
Finnk Wells.
Tho menihers of the liiteinntlonnl Sun
shlne society, lirntlleboro brunch Xo. 1,
will hold n blitlulay party ut tho homo
of Mis. Geoige F. IJarber on Frlday afler
noou of next week ut 3 o'clock. It Is
oxpocled thnt each Indy wlll brllig ns
mnny cents ns sho is years old. It
may bo stated that tho number broiiRht
by nny member never wlll bo told.
DurliiR tho past ten days G. E. Gilman
has made thu following sales of hoises nt
hls Elllot street slnbh-s: Ono pach to A.
E. Torrey of North Hlnsdalo. Mr. Fuller
of Hinsdale, Mr. Tliayer of Gullfoid. Mr.
Alex.inder of Saxtons Itlver. Mr. Allen
of West Brattleboro, Mr. O'Xell aml Mr.
Bushway of Xorth Waliole, Mr. Henry of
Chestorlleld, Mr. Slate of Xoithlleld; a
palr each to Charles Osgood of Saxtons
Itlver and Mr. Sawyer of Wulpole.
The larRest audlence luesent. ut nny
lelipnrsal of lh Chornl I'lilon ciiinp Wed
nesday evenlng. It wns neeessary to
brlng ln extru settees for thclr accommo
d.itton. Tho speclal attractlons were E. H.
I'rane of Brattleboio, baiitone, Mlss Annle
Wny of Boston, vlollnlst. Mr. Crane sang
Fred Field Bullord's "Steln Song" wlth
rreut acceplance and wns glven nn en
thuslastic encoio. Mlss Wny, who Is
visltlng at her homo ln Chailostown, X.
II., cumo to Brattleboio at Mr. CofTln's
HMiuest nnd played threo sclectlons whlch
oellRhted the audlence nml the chorus.
Sho Is flrst vlollnlst In the Fhlette ladles'
orchestra In Boston, und possesses extra
orillnary abllity. Two new actlvo mein
bers wero voled ln. Tho presldent nn
nounced thnt .Mlss Itoach of Boston hail
beon onRiiRed to slng the eonti-allo part
In tho comlng coneert. Mny 17 nnd 18.
.Mlss lto.icli will 1k? the sololst at the
Xew Hampshir.- Stnte Muslo Toachors'
hshik latlon nt iho Concoid muslc festl-
I'r.consclous nnd bleedlng from the
month, Harold Schaffuer, son of Mr. nnd
Mrs W. (1. Sehaffrier, was taken from
under a plle of logs on Ehn street Wed
nesday nftcrnoon nnd was thought to br
ln .i ityliiR coiidltlon. II is plnyniuta'.
Itov Mooip, son of Mr. nnd Mis. I. L.
Mooio, was tnken from under tho same
pne. oie-oing ironi wounos in ni
nnd wilh hls li ft arm broken ubove l
wrist. A iiliyslchin wus summouel
and the boys woio taken to thelr homos
t n Fiost street. Both nro Improvlng and
will make a go 1 locovciy as nelther wns
Injuii'il sfiiouslv Internally. The logs
veie piled besi.le tho stioet when tlio
cround wns covered wlth snow, to be used
by the S. A. Smlth rompany Th- boys.
bile letiiinlng l rme ftom scbool, walkod
on tho lous ,is they had done boforo,
thelr welgnt enusing thi- los to i-oll, tho
wnrm woather havliiK melted the snow
Kiitdunlly nnd niudo the bed of snow ln
seeuio. They woio knocked down nnd
pl'iii"d to ihe Rround until l.olp came.
If iho vllligp of BrattlolHiro hns a .'ull
boaid of liailiffs the coiniliR yenr the
voleis will haVe to Wilte in the name of
one memt er oa tlio ptlnted ballnts ut tho
nnnial IUaRO mcetlng. whlch coines
Tuesday. May '3. A llst of nonilnatlons
was illed wlth tho vlllage clerk. W. Dorr
Perry. thls week. contnlnliig tho nnmos
of E. W. BlodRctt, C. It. Crosby, IL C
llacon, L. M. lloue nnd G. E. Fostcr for
PallifTs. Mr Foster's name belnR subctl
tuted for that of L. W. Hawiey, who de
cllneil to 'staml for ro-eleetlon. Subse-
i.uently Mr. IIoho withdrov !iis name.
I ut It was tm liite to havo nnother nnmo
1 ut on the llst. Tho othor nomlnntions
li elude the pr.ont otlleers, as follows:
For clerk. W. D. Perry; for tioasuier, W.
D. Perry; for colleetor of taxos, I!. n.
Goidon; for ehlef eiiKlneer, H. W. Sin-
dors. for .nidiior, C. A. llarris. The
cleik has hnd copies of tho wnrrant for
tho comlng year posted about the vIIIhro
thls week. The flrst artlcle ls to eleet
ollleers for the comlng yenr. The second
Is to hear the reports of tho otlleers,
whlch repoits ahondy hne beon prlntod
nnd dlstrlbuted. Aitlclo 3 Is to M-alse
n.ouey to defray the expenses of tho com
lng yonr, and artlcle 4 is to seo if
tho vtlliiRp will pay lts ollleers the com
lng year. und artlcle 3 Is to seo If tho
vlllage will appropriate $300 for a serles
of li! concerts to bo glven within tlio
vlllage llmlts by the Flrst ItoRlment band.
Ileretofoio tho vlllage has not pald tho
otllcors any salary, but thero Is a gen
irnl feollng that they ought to be pald
at lcast a.nominnl snm, partlcularly the
balllffs, who havo n great deal of unpleas
nnt woik to do ln connectlon wlth thelr
X. I. Hawloy's condltlon stlll remalns
very sorlous.
Miss Itlta Eckols ls cleik in Angelo
Gorborlno's store.
Mrs. I. B. Tnft Is crltlcally ill wlth In
llrmltles Ineldent to her ndvanced age.
Mrs. Charles Akley returned Tuesday
after n vlslt of several weeks in Sprlng
field, Mnss,
Mlss Annle Caln returned Saturday to
Boston nfter a stay of sovoral months nt
her homo here.
Capt. C. M. Brownell of Burlington wns
ln Brattleboro ycsterday to consult wlth
Col, J, G. Estoy.
Mrs. Mnry Perry moved Saturday from
tho Whetstono buildlng, where sho has
llved during the winter, to her houso in
Mlss Mlnnle Duffy of tho Greenfleld
hospltnl Is carlng for the son of F. B.
Davis of C Ulgh street, who was opernted
uion for appendlcltis Tuesday by- Dr.
Stntlon Agent Burke rocolvcd n tele
gram thls mornlng announclng the lllness
of hls son' Ih Essex Junctlon. The; boy
nn.d hls mothcr wero Intendlng to ret'urn
homo tomorrow. Mr. Burko wlll go to
lissex junctlon today.
Tho marrlage of Clarence W, fteod,
travellng salesman for Dunham Broth
trs. and Ixulse Klnson Hackley wlll take
plnco at 12.30 o'clock next Tuesday at the
home of Mr, and Mrs. Fred S. Doak on
Green street. They will llve In Brattle
boro for a short tlme, golng later to Al
bany, N. V,
The War News.
The latest rumors from the Ttusso-Jap-aneso
war como, ns usual, by way of St.
Petersburg. They nro to tho cffeot that
the Jnpanese rtro landlng troops nt New
Chang, whlle at tho samo tlme the Jap
nnese navy Is renewlng the attack on
Port Arthur. Thls would Indtcato that
the Jnpanese n.ro now prepared to strlke
thelr long-exposted blow on the rallroad
leadlng to Port Arthur.
V. ' I I liafW Tirll t. t M m . . -i-
imn- a"iBni8aiBtrons' f wi
uns souled, forcfutnd wiso presldent.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. 1 Swlft spent Thursday
In Athol.
T. A. Austln wns ln Boston tho flrst of
thls week.
Mi. nnd Mrs. Alfred S. Tliorapson spent
Sunday in Kcono.
Arthur Sargent of Sprliiglleld, Mnss.,
vlsltcd hls pnrenls thls week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. D. A. Elllot moved Wed
nesilny to Whlle lllver Juitction.
M. J. Moian wont to Sprlngllold on biis
Iness Wodnesdny, lotuiiilng yesterday.
Mlss Lydla Fourtler of Keene wus n
Riiost of Mlss Mury Dawson over Sun
day. Mis. Edwaiil Langlllo Is visltlng her
daiightfr, Mts. A. W. Ilurwrey, In Lynn,
Mrs. Hownid C. Itlco Is ovpooted homo
today from n lslt wlth hor slstcr ln
Mr. nnd Mrs. Wlll II. Smlth of SpiIiir-
Held, Mnss., dpont Sunday wlth rolatlvos
lu Brutlleboro.
lluiry Thomas, of the SprliiRlletd t'nlon
stnlT, siH?nt Sunday wlth lils mother on
Piospect stleot.
Mts. (ieoiKo C. Averill wont yestPidny
I to Boston to sppnd a week wlth her
! 'iiother nnd slstcr.
.Mrs. Gpo.ro Itoberts nnd son of Caniil
street aio 111 und nie undei the cnro of a
I pioresslonal iiuiso.
I J. M. DiiRiin hns succoeded W. F. God
1 dard ns nlRht wntLhutnii nt the Br-ittle-I
I oro Snvlngs bank.
Mr. nnd Mis Chailes A. Smlth riovoil
Sntuidny from Frost street to "The Co
louiul" on HlRh stleot.
Mr. nnd Mis. C. M. Smlth left Tuesday
for a shoit vlslt In Mnsthnmptoii, Mnss.,
und Middletown, Conii.
.Mr. and Mis. C. D. Wullace of Xow
Voik uiilved ut the Iliooks 1 loliso Mon
dny to spond s.'Vorul days.
Mlss M. W. Lewis of IrvliiRton-on-tho-Iludson
wns n guest of Mr. und Mrs. F.
W. Putiinm ovor Sunday.
E. C. Crosby started Tuesday on u lnm
Iness tiip to MlniiPiipolls. He Is ox
pocled home Surday nlght.
J'lss Mr.udo fjarlton went Snturday to
Spilngtlolil, Mnss., wheio she hns u po
sltlon in the Qulgley storo.
Mlss Miwjorlo White went to Xew v,,r
yesti rdny to spend u few days wlth her
slstcr, Mis. Chatles Fawcetl.
Paiil D. Cohb of Hattford, Conn., vls
ltcd hlsi parents, Mr. und Mrs. C. L.
Cohb, yosteiday und today.
Finnk llaker of Sprliiglleld. Mnss., camo
home Saturday on nccount of the lllness
of hls mother, roturnlng Tuesday.
Chnrlos D. Btooks of South Maln stteet
Is feeoverlng lovly from the shock of
pnralysls whlch ho suslnlned recotitly.
Prof. und Mrs.. L. A. Kutterfleld havo
loturned from Boston, nnil aro now oc
cupyliiR thelr homo on Washington street.
Mrs. G. A. Eols nnd daughter, Mlss
Allce Eels, wont to Concord, X. II. , Mon
day, MWs4Eols onterlng St. Mary's sehool
Mis. W. S. MeKenney nnd daughter,
Ituth. of Fltehbiirg vlslteil over Sunday
wlth Mrs. McKenney's father, G. A.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Waltor F. Coddaid havo
1 egun linusokooplng in tho Bond houso
at the coiner of Ponrl nnd South Muln
II. P. Venrly, of tho llrm of Itoward &
Venrly. nnd hls famlly have moved from
South Iondnndorry to tb I ohtth hous
0 v.nual s'reet.
Mlss S. E. Grlswold, wiio hns been nt
1 er hom" In Middlebury the past thre
months, will return tomonow lo Brattle
boro, to iisuine dressmakliiR.
Mr. and Mis John Lewis Morso of
I'hlladelphla came to Urnttleboro Sat
uiday on account of tho cntlcnl lllness
of Mrs. Morse's father. X". I. Il.uvlxy
Mr. nnd Mis. J Frank Malns wont to
Noithnmpton. Mnss.. Suturdny wberi- they
will mnko thelr homo. They spent a week
with Mrs. Malns's mother. Mrs. Wllliam
Iul I. Allen was at home from Ciin
eoid. X. II.. over Sunday. He Is being
glven u trlal nt thlid bne by the Coneoril
team of the Xow Knglaml base ball
Mis. Thomas Hnrnon and daiightor,
Mlss Gi iro Haniion, of UennlnRton cnme
to Ui'ittlcboio Monday on nccount of the
lllness of Mrs. Ilntinon's mother. Mrs.
Iietsey eather'iead.
ltov. F. W. I ewls wlll start Monday for
i.os Aiigeies. L-nnr.. ns a delygato from
Vermont lo tlio genernl r-uif-Monee .,f tho
.Methodist chuiih. Ile will bo away
through the month of May.
Georgo M. Whltakor of Boston wlll
spend u fow dnys eacli week lu Brnttle-
ihho dolng edltorlal work on tho Xow
England Fartner until n sucessor lo the
late Goorge A. Martln Is seciued.
I ho mauiage of Miss Susan Hntrls
Mather ot ltutland to Capt. Ernest J.
aterm..n of Uiattleboro will lake nlace
at the homo of Mr. und Mrs. Charles
I ond Hnrris in ltutlnnd next Wednes
day evenlng.
Fred Itull.iid, formi'rly employed in tho
liooKer. Corsi-r & Mitcholl i ei ill facl nv
but reoently bookkeeiier ln tho St. Albans
ctenniery, will go to-Iallfax. Xovn Scotla.
where ho has u posltlon ns govoinment
npt J. 11. Hstey, adjut int of the Flrst
ipimont U Rimeiit. wns In Ilutl.nd Wed
ne.Mlay to joln wlth Major Glenn of iho
rogular nimy. Capt. Brownell of Burang-
t m and sinj ir Dyor H Kutlaml In lu
spectlng Company A.
John Co.ik nro daughter went Tuesday
to thelr homo in Williston, where Mr.
"V.ok has bought u farm. Mrs. Co.ik and
her mother, Mis. Eaton, romalned nt
.Mrs. m. n. Gale s on Klllnt street on nc
count of tho lllnos of Mrs. Eaton.
Mrs. J. G. Fllery nnd two chlldren,
Kllzabeth nnd Oscnr Marshall. arrived
In Brattleboio Saturday nlght on thelr
retuin trom Germany. Tho son, Oscar.
was treated by two speclallsts for hcart
liouble and was very much benefltted.
Mr. Messer, mannger of Plno Grove
Springs at Spofford lake, who has had
oharge of a hotel in nockledge, Fla., dur
ing the winter. nrrived yesterday nnd
went at once to the lake to make his pre
llmlnary preparations for tlio season,
Fred Ford will start this week for Frog
'nore. S. C, wliero ho has n nosltion lo
a genernl morcliandiso storo owncd by the
.ucunnuiu ,v liKins company. Tho llrm
owns sevoral stores, ono of whlch is
mnnaged by Mr. Ford's brother-in-law.
Mrs, Ford nnd chlld will reroaln In Brat
tleboro for tho piesent.
Mrs. H. E. Bond nnd Mrs. C. F. It.
Jeur.o started Sunday for Washington to
attend the conllncntal congress of the
uaughters of the Amerlcan ltovolutloo
ns Rists of Mrs. Klttredge llasklns.
Mis. Jullus J. Estey nnd Mrs. Annlo O.
Cohb, who were nlroady'ln Washington,
ulso nttended tho meotlng.
. It. Flshcr of New York was in town
last week. Thursday, Aprll 14, belng the
lutu annlversary of thelr marrlace. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Flsher were glven a pleasant
surprlso by n number of thelr relatlvos
nnd friends. Mr. Flsher returned Frldaj
iu ius nuiies in iienevue uospitai, New
York, where ho wlll graduato next Au-
gust as a tralnod purso.
Mlss Huth Adams. dauchter of I .prnv
F. Adams. Is ono of 10 younfe women to
be honored by Abbott academy, Andover,
Mass., by selectlon ns Draper readers nt
ine commencement exerclsrs ln June.
Thls ls one of the hlghest honors be
stowed by the ncndemy and ls determlnod
by the hlghest marks In studles, deport
ment nnd health. Thls Is Mlss Adams's
flrst year in tlio Instltutlon.
Dr. F. H, O'Connor of Bellows Falls
wlll opon an offlce In Urnttleboro within
u short tlme. Ile will be remembered as
pltcher for the Dartmouth and Unlver
slty of Vermont base ball teams, the bat-
ier- u uonnor aml itnnney belng Pno of
tho best In the entlre countrv. rr
O'Connor played with the Pliilndelphla
Nntlonals for a tlme. He Is n musician
of note nnd has dlrected the cholr of m
Charles's chureh In Bellows Falls tho past
livo yeurs.
N. T. Itynti of Oreenllcld wns In town
Mlss Huth Allon, who wns ln lllllams-
vltln 'ft U'POk.f. tl turned Snturdny.
O. A. BllllnRS of Hntfleld, Mnss., wns
town Tuesday iilgni nnu eoousu..,.
Mnmrnl lireslln of Mlllers I
spent Tuesday with friends ln town.
Mrs. P. L. Shen nnd son. Jnck, will go
.w.. io tierbv. Conn.. for n vlslt.
Mlss Abhlo Pratt returned Sunday nfter
a Vlslt of n few dnys in nneiouriiu ruim.
Alfred Stebblns move.l hls fntnlly thls
week from Hlgll sireoi lo n nnm
Georgo Cnln of Morldon, Cmyu wns
Ucto wlth hls paronts tho Ilrst of tho
Mrs. O. B. Itntnsey left Thursday for i
vlslt ln Lyme, X. II., with her daughtet
M. HMItr,
Hetbert L. Klfncr of llockland, Mnns.,
wns n vlsltor In town irom nunuaj o
Mrs. Hniinah Baker of Elllot streot I
111 with pneuinonln, nnd u tralned nurse i
carlnR for hor.
Ilev. Father Doiiahue of tho Farren hos
pltnl, MontnRue, wns tho guost of Dr. K
It. Lynch Wpdnesdny.
Miin iiwtt' rnliirnpil Sunda:
.iinr iciiii.' - - - r
from a stay of four wpcks ln New oik
clty und Grnnb.v, .Mnss.
T. A. Austln nnd daughter, Kalherine.
ipturmd Monday nftor n vlslt of a few
days iu Cambridge, Mnss.
nttrf t.-t ATM.iln,- wlll trn todav tn
IVUIIV ..... r,.- v
Bellows Fnlls to S"p her cousln, Mlss
Knthprlno lllgglns, wno is iu.
tt.... ti.... t...t(.,., mi ,it.,io1 Mntnrtlfiv
Burlington nfter a vlslt of sovernl weeks
with her slstcr. Mrs. J. C. Sulllvon.
James 11. Sulllvnn, who wns ln town
sevoral davs after hls return irom rior
Ida. wont Mondav to Northfield, thls stnte
Mrs. Jonnlo White hns roturned from
Plalnlleld, X. J.. wheie she spent tho win
ter with her daughter, Mlss Ellzubetb
Charles Bundy. who hns been employ
ed horo soino tlme, flnlshed work. thl
week nnd roturned to hls home In Al
Htend. X. 11.
Dr. It. It. Klnkend went Monday to
linrtront lo niioiiu n meeiing oi ine i on
necticut Stnte Dentnl society. Ho will
retuin lociay.
A t .... rl,....l rrtlr nrwl MluuAU lOlWf,
iM-th nnd MnrRaret Sulllvan wero with
thelr slster at tho Farren hospltal fn
.Momugue jnursuay.
from Cork, Irelnnd. She has been visltlng
ni nor cousin s, i-aincK l.yons s. rne
wui oeRin wor ni ine neironi noxi -moh
A. II. Iliint. of tho Goodnow & Pearson
t 1 .. f I-nO 4u.l. ,1...
Knights Tomplar degree In the Holy Cross
commanuery ni ueuows raus lasi r riuaj
West Dover Man Who Shot Hls Brother
Gcts Not Less Than 10 Nor More Than
12 Years Term.
State vs. Frnnk 11. Bogle. The indlct
ment In thls onse chargeil tho rospondent
wlth commlttlng nn ussnult on hls broth
er, hred Boglo, nt Dover on the 14th dny
of September, lt02. with intent to klll.
belng nrmed with a dnngerous wenpon.
IJospondeiil shot his brother in tlio nb-
domen witli a plstol. The defense wns
that the shfsitlng wns done ln self defense.
but tho Jury brought ln a vordlct of
gullty aftor belng out nbout 30 mlnutes.
Bogle was sentenccd to not less than 10
nor moro than 12 yenrs ln state prlson nt
Windsor. Schwenk and Martln for stnte,
J. K. ltatchelder of Arlington for resHmd-
The next case wns state vs. Colonel H
McGowan for kllllng n deer out of Ben
son. McGowun II vos in Bellows Falls
and on the 31st of last Jnnunry went to
til-afton with two friends huntlng rabblts
It was clalmed wiiile up thero ho shot the
deer. The Jury brought ln vordlct of
not guilty Thursdny uftornoon. nfter be
lng out nbout flve hours. Schwenk for
stnte. Ilyder for resnondent.
Vesterday afternoon n jury wns drawn
In tho South Xewfane case of Stratton vs.
Morso. Thls is a brench of promlso to
mairy case. aml tho wholo afternoon wns
usod lu tho examlnntlnn of tho plaintlff
wiucn wns contlncd thls mornlng. The ju-roi-s
not ln thls case woro excuscd until
.Monday nfternoon nt 2 o'clock.
Enrller county court report on pnge 2
H. W. Allen of Burlington and James F
Mannlng of Rutland Chosen Merrlll
Dld Not Flght.
The Hepublicans of tho flrst Vermont
dlstriet- in Burlington
ns delegntes to Chlcigo II. W. Allen of
Burlington and James F. Mannlng of
ikuu.iini, wun i-.. s. neurv of Isle I.i
Motto and It. W. Huiiburd of Hvde Park
as altornntes. Tho Clement wlng mailo
no contest, tho name of Judgo Merrlll
not belng presented. Out of 358 delegatos
305 wero present. The proceedlngs lasted
loss than half an hour. Tho conventlon
enoorseii uio piatrorm of the stato con
ventlon of tho prevlous day.
The oftlcors of the Itepubllcan League
held a meotlng nt the Van Ness House
Wednesday nlght. nnd doclded to call n
league conventlon, In Montpelier Immedl
ately succecedlng tho state conventlon
June 30.
Thero Is little news iu the market thls
week, prlces remalnlng firm except in
mts which nro shadlng oft n little.
Southern grown gardon prcsluco Is com-
ng In in good condltlon. in fnct better
than usual. Tho maple sugar supply is
mnterially less- thls week. but probably
here ls a sufllclent amount in the farm
housos, whlch will bo brought in a,
soon ns tho shortage becomes known.
Fnlvnpiafilluf ni...-i. n .
r" " muilii, neginoiu iv. Mar
vln. mlnlster. MorninR worship nt 10.30
O Clock With nnuM.. i... .. ' "
sundav .v:rr , Ule p?510'--
Union nt 7 p. m. All aro w'eicomo. ben'r
Jill Humors
Are impure matters -whlch tho ikin,
llTer, kidneys and other organs ean
not take care of vrithout help, there ii
uch an accuraulation of them.
They lltter the wholo system.
Plmplei, boili, ecrema and other
ernptiom, loes of appetlte, that tired
foellng, bllious turng, flu of indiget
tlon, dull headachos and many other
troubles are due to them.
Hood's Sarsaparllla
and PUls
Remore all humor.
1 wfotuuxua au
I helr effect., atrengthen, tono and
InvlrrAi.AlA n 1 .
"id mo wnoie system.
JnMbtd. "U rheum on my hnd that I
eonm ot work. i took Hood-. 8ar..pa,l u
Ut. O, Bowif, Kumford Fll, Me.
uro nna Keops th promlio.
Fnltnrlnn chureh, Ilnv. K. (). S. Osgrsnl
pastor. Servlco overy Sunday nt lo ui
Stihday sehool nl 11.45. Thomo for n xt
Sunday, "Endurlng HnrdnosH." All nrr
Fltst Bnptlfit chureh, ilev. Geo. U. lMV, -son,
mlnlster. Mornlng worship. 10 .0
Subjoct of hortnon, "Slgnlllcnnco of th
Xnmes Jasus, Iird, Chrlst." Kvrnirp
7. Subjoct "Tho llcnd Stono of the f'or
rer." Ulblo sehool, 12 m.
At tho Advcntlst Chrlstlnn chureh. Su,
day schwil ut non; prnyer meetliig
1 p. tn.; prenchliiR by tho pastor. F.ldi-r I
M. Blanchaid, 2.30 und fi; Thursday c.
nlng prayor meotlng 7.30. All nre ..
dlnlly Invlted to ull tho servlces.
Chrlstlnn Scienco servlces ln M.irK
block Sunday ut 10.13 n. m. Subn r
"Evorlastlng Punlshmont." Toxt, ls
53:7. Tostlmonlnl mootlng, Wedncs.i..
nt 7.30 p. m. neudlng riHim opon T i.
day, Thursday nnd Suturday from i t .
3 p. m. All nre welcomo.
Methodist Kpl.tt-opal Chillcli, 12-11 1
llot street. ftev. F. W. LpwIs. p.tsi
resldenco 32 Hlgll street. Next Sund
Aprll 21, holy communlon will ! ..
bratod nt the usual hpur of mornlng
shlp. Sehool for Blble study at 11 I",
m.. Epworth League prayer tneethii.'
0 p. m., followed by the rogular fwu
sorvlcp at 7; tbe sermon will Ih- d. Ii.
by tbe pnstor, nml thls will bo th. 1
Servlco nt whlch he wlll le present u"
Bftcr the niljournment of tho gen-1 il .
fercnce. Tho Sunday servh-es will 1
mnlntnlned during hls ubsence, nl . i
logulnr meetlngs of the week. Cl ,
ineetlngs Tuesdny evenlngs. Junlor 1
worth League Wednosdny nftornHn
3.15, nnd tho chureh prnyer mecting y
dny ovenlngs. A cordlnl welcomo to nl
J. F. Pufror of St. Johnsbury w.is t
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Knlght thls
L. J. Knlght returned Tuesdav fn
Boslon, w horo bt has spent sovcral w ,
Arnd tlould hns rcntpil 1 is 'u-m i
he md hls n.othcr l.'ivo mn,"(l i-i l i t
Mlss E. M. Hlll of Spencer, Mn- ii
spending tho week with h;r Pimts t
Misses Knlght.
Mrs. L. F. Clark wns threatened wi
pnpuinoi'la the Ilrst of tho week. but
now Improvlng.
Over 10 lnches of snow fell In tltis i
lago during Frlday nlght nnd Satuidi
fmenoon. It wns the heavlest fall of t
Tho cream gUherlng buslness wii: i
dlvided Mny 1. Prevlously Oscr ('o. .
has covered the whole territory, but aft r
May 1 Charles Ssacy wlll cover a part
J. S Cuttlng 1ns moved to t' e up
stalrs tonemont ln J. L. Barnev'- ho. se
Leon, il d Taylor. who former!v occuplel
Ihe tonement, Iibb moved to Mr. Knapp s
A valuable fox houmi owntd by tli
Stockwell brotliers, whlch has bcn m's
lng severnl weeks, was four.d n few ,li - -sgo
ln a pond on the rncadow brxk
Evhie. ily ho fell through tn.- lco and w s
D. T. Perry has rented hls farm t" L.
E. ilownrd, tho mllkmnn, who will i.ioxe
here ard run the farm to facllitate l.is
mllk buslness. Mr. Perry will mo l..s
famlly to Alonzo Stowe's house.
Mlss Etta Hobart wlll teach the sprn.g
term of sehool In dlstrlct Xo. 14.
Com fodder dry nnd crisp Indlcatcs f nr
weather: but damp and llmp. raln. It i-i
very sensilive to hygrometrlc chang. s
Letter to F. H. Holden.
llmtthboro, Vt.
Bcnr Sir: If you pnlnt two tiouscs nllkc with
two dltleient puint, and one takes twice as
much palnt tn tho other, you know .vln.li
pnlnt to buy ufter that so far as go-far gnvs
don't j ou ?
Ono of theso paints Is Devoe; the other i
nny aenuie palnt. Tho worst aro woie than
thnt; the lictter aie not miicli tH?ttcn no other
paint thnn Devoe is anywneit? ncar Devoe tn
go-fur. Dcvcx- i go further; tho rcst aiv go
frhort. go.mlddling and go-thrcc-iiuarters.
Vours truly,
19 F. tV. DEVOE & CO.
P. S. ltohblns - Cowles scll our palnt.
' A Card.
Wo wMi toe.vpres our slncoro npiiroclatinn
lor tlio a-itiuico ionderel us during the 111-no.-sot
ourliolincMldiiughiernnd tor tlio sym
pathy showii following her dcath: alxt for
beautiful lloral trllmtes.
Mlt. A.M) Mits, c. E. DOWXEIt.
lirattleboro, Aprll 21, HM.
A Card.
We wlsb to ovpress our henrtfelt thanks to
the inaiiy frienils and noIglilKii-s who so kindlv
awUte.1 us in the slcknoss and burial of our
wlfo nnd mother.
Miuth Newfane. Aprll 31 11104.
The legnl voters of the illngeof Itrattloboro
aro horcby notmcd to meet at tho Town Ilall
in said llrattlelK.io on Tuesday. .May 3. l'.Ol. nt
to wlt? "' '"" IO "Ct 011 tl,e follow'"K articlts.
AltTICLE 1. To eloct all tlio villnge ollicers
rc'iVrli',M'i. ?wVor th0 cnsutng year?
AitiiLI.b-'. lo rocehe and act upon tho
UiuTineV.r! """1'S' 'tnau "d Chlef
AltTICLE 3. To rnise money to dofniv tlio
oxiK-nsos for the coming year. ul-,r"-, ,mJ
il,',. J,1,!1,- 4.' oi"0 we wluu falnryshull bepaid
year vlllage ofllccrs for the ensuiug
li!ieiwf5in 800 w"eher tho villngo of
Ki JSi "i "I't'roj'riate a sum of to
2 l en xwm i',laM foro K? of 1B concerts to 1
snln vet1i,"itll0.ivllllVu l"nlts during the cn
nrat'fle5Co.V', t,' KirSt He8lme"t ,,a,1 of
For Sale orTo Rent
AT?Vi?I0I.ln LAK.E" Chesterflekl. X. IL,
Urn V ,n wYM,afih.iI'0'.f ,,e C1,f0 know" as Dcw?
l,,1 -rV,V. .'th a" !'10 ,lj'rcs thereto bolong.
useVl fal eJ.Vrio3"'5' c08' "f front room
CmfoetTnner ' fH" Op0n SruM for tho sne "t
dr i .ks JSS eri,:,fr040nr?- eanned goods, soft
iiruiKs. etc. ihlsroom is provided wilh irool
show casos and counter. Tliero is alw a dhdng
enraUla?iJ;rVn,' la kln airf'U mry.
n1idThftte?fKera,0,ra- "lco larBo rango
tho lake su,',',"e t'ottagere nrouiid
RtimVls on iS'ur?Bd' ,,i,es """.I'nke. Ice crcain
al2 vo IVS vcranda ; Inrge wlno room
aIe:ia,n.i0"''108rco Isanlce little buildlng
aro . Im AT.mi".I0r B u,pcr "hop. Thero
-ri ? c,,n"1 iorseen lds.
Tifi? buslness goes wlth the nroicrty.
The lco housoJs lllled, thero s a go covered
carrlawsf BotKl s,abl0 frliarness and
tuTi'ltvfnri'M8? fown' Tlnslsagood oppor
nii' V cottago known ns the Old Cabin
cafo and en kJ. Ii nU1 ln connectlon with tho
Thlsn'ne'r f.8!8?". "3S"IJ. .... . ...
appiyingt6" ' jC u. nfiowif.ren,Ba v
x lirattleboro, Vt.
SicSlHHv'd'il-, U, 0an,1, c'0 Thls is
.vkuu01 iinniK-Doro, vt.
The Best Moth Killer.
Red Cedar Flakes.
Mado from tho wood of tho Hed Cwlar
combined with the best moth doatroy.
ers known to modorn pharmacy.
15c package.
2 packages for 2Sc.

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