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Successors to N. I. HAWLEY.
Coats, Suits, Skirts, Rain Coats.
Fall's fashionable favorites in lit, fabric and finish, confqrmlng to
every requirement of the most fastidious femininity. For those who
are in a quandary as to what to buy, these may solve the problem and
suggest the autumn apparel. Values unmistakably superior to any
quoted elsewhere, style and exclusiveness considered. Samples of coats,
suits, raincoats at 25 per cent. less than regular prices.
Millinery for Women, Misses and Children,
All ready trimmed, in velvet and felt. Look our line over and get our
prices which are lower than the lowest.
Lovcrs of exqulslte laees wlll appreclnte
our new stock of these cholcest of Inv
ported goods. We are showlno some beau
tlful lace Berthas In the new polnt
Polnt ilo Venlco nml Plnucn lace collara
from 69c up. v
All sllk black plnucn laco bnnds lo
scparatc, 50c to $1.50
Crcam nml Arablan plnucn laco bnnds,
to scparnte, 50c to $1.00
rtoys' flcecc llncil shlrts nml drnwers,
Men's pnle blue nml ccru shlrts nnd
drawers, cxtrn vnluc, 48c
Mcn's fnll wclRht Jncgcr shlrts nml
drawers, extrn vnluc, 48c
Men's llccco llnetl shlrts nml ilrnw
ers, 45c
Mcn's naturnl wool shlrts and draw
ers. 75c and $1.00
Mcn's scnrlct wool shlrts nnd ilrnw
ers, $1.00
Mcn's naturnl wool doublo back nnd
front shlrts, $1.00 and $1.50
Men s white wool slilrts and drnw-
crs, $1.25
Men s naturnl cnshmere shlrts nnd
drawers, $1.25
Ladles' Jersev rlbbcd vcsts nnd
pants, 25c, 50c, 59c, 75c, $1.00
Ladles' white wool vests nnd pants.'
$1.00, $1.25
Ladles' natural wool vcsts nnd
pants, $1.00, $1.25
Mlsscs' nnd chlldrcn's Jersey rlblcd
vcsts and pants, 25c, 50c
Mlsscs' nnd chlldrcn's nnturnl wool
vests nnd pnnts. 40c. to 70c
Infnnts' undervests, fashloncd
slceves, 25c. to $1.00
Infants' rlbbcd bnnds, 25c to 33c
Infants' rlbbcd undershlrts,
25c. to $1.00
Infants' bonnets,
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.00 and $2.50
Infnnts' boDto;s,
Infnnts' sacqucs,
Infnnts" blbs,
10c, 12jC, 19c, 25c
25c, 39c, 50c, to $1.00
5c, 8c, 10c, 12lic, 19c, 25c
Infnnts' white nnd Cold Cnsh hoso,
Infnnts' ilrnwcr legglns, blnck nnd
white, 50c and $1.00
Me Wlll Go to the Hartford, Conn., Re-
treat ns Flrst Aislstant Physlclan Hls
Professlonal Career.
An nppolntment hns comc to Dr.
Whltclleld N. Thompson, nsslstnnt supor
Intcndent nf tho llmttleboro ltctrcnt,
whlch, whllo lt Is n promotlon nnd ns
such mccts the npprovnl of nll Intcrestcd
In tho doctnr's wclfnre, Is kccnly rogret
ed by the olllclnls of tho llrnttlcboro In
stltutiuii nml thc communlly In Bgnernl
bccnusp lt mciins tho rcmovnl of tbfj doc
tor nml hls fanilly lnto nnothcr stntc.
O11 Thursday nlglit of Inst weck thc 10
dlrcctors of thc Ilnrtforil ltctrcnt for tho
lnsane. In Ilmtford, Conn . cloctod-Dr.
Thnmpson nsslstnnt supcrlntcniUnt of
Thnt liavo style In evory llne. Tho
"Ellto" cnpe, npproved fnshlon for
fnll. $1.00 palr
These we bcllcve to bo thc flncst w.
linve ever offorcd nt $1.00. In qunllty nnd
style they ecmpnre fnvornbly wlth mnny
glovcs sellliiff nt $1.50. Ordcr by mnll. If
glovcs sent nre not evcn bctter thnn ex
pcctcd we wlll rcfuml moncy nnd pny pos
tngc both wnys.
Dent's mnnnlsh drlvlng gloves, $2.00
Dcnt's colored kld glovcs, $1.50
Trefousse black sucde bIovcs. $1.50
Ladles', misses' nnd chlldrcn's cash
mere nnd golf glovcs, 25c to 50c
Bnum Mnrton pclerlnes, brocadcd satln
llned, cluster of tnlls, $22.48
Isabclla Fox pclerlnes, grcy snulrrel
llned, $13.50
rino rtaum Mnrtcn, long scnrfs wlth
cluster of tnlls. $16.48
Flne Brown Oppossum, long scnrfs. wlth
cluster of talls. $16.90
Flne Brown Opossum, long scnrfs. s iulr-
rcl llned. wlth cluster of tnlls, $12.48.
Flnc llrown Opossum, long searfs, wlth
cluster of tnlls. $12.48
Large llnt Snblo Opossum muffs.
$7.50, $12.48
Isnbclln Fox, lnrge, flat murfs, $19.75
Uaum Marten muffs. lnrge, $11.90
Samples nml seconds of Blniikets 25 pcr
cent. off.
Comfortnbles nt 75c, $1.00, $1.25 up to
Letters Exchanged Detween Mr. Roose
velt and Frederlck Holbrook.
tFrom tho Scptcmber Vcrmonter
Oyster Bny, N. Y
Scptcmber 10, 1901.
My dcnr Governor Holbrook:
1 slncercly thnnk you for your courtesy
I11 wrltlng me. I feel the grentest prldo
In tho result in Vermont, not merely ns
1111 lndcx to whnt 1 hopo the rcst of thc
country wlll ilb, but becauso the pcople
of Vermont liavo nlwnys secmeil to me
In 11 pecullnily hlgh degreo to embody
Ihoso chnrncterlstlcs of Abrnhnm Llncoln'H
"plnln pcople" whlcli glve us n llrin nnd
nssurcd bellcf In the futurc of thls Hc
publlc. 1 not merely Brently prlze thelr
rcgnrd, but I feel thnt to Imvo won lt
Imposes upon mo tho obllBntlon of strnln
Ihb every ncrvo never to forfelt lt. I
liopc to bc elected thls fnll; but wliether
elcctcd or not 1 wlsli when I lenve olllco
to rccl tliat I hnvo n ilght to tho ro
spect of the kecn-wltt.cil, Inw-nbldlnB,
stonily nnd uprlght men of thls nntlon
nnd these nro the vcry men who hnvo
Klven me tho support of Vermont In
urh markecl fashlnn.
Fnlth(ully yours,
llon. Fredcrick Holbrook,
llrnttlcboro, Vt.
Great Sale of Winter Overcoats
The surprising sale of Fall Overcoats and Fall Rain Coats has shown us that we
can easily sell in the next few weeks all the Men's and Young Men's Overcoats carried
over from last year. To make a quick sale we have cut prices regardless of cost. lfs
a case of "out they go"before the main body of overcoat buyers are here. Doy0u
want one ? Our New Stock is all in.
Has a fine exhibit of correct shapes in
Men's Fall Hats.
that Klng of Hats,
and tho
mado In the Knox factory.
t5 mfw vdpk
Other hats in many models tobacco brown and greys.
50c $2
C. A. McRAE,
Fashionable Clothes and Haberdashery.
Cash and one price to everybody.
thnt Institutlnn creatlnB the olllce of ns
slslnnt supirlntciidenl to meet nn ex
Igcncy. Dr Thompson wlll ro to Ilnrt
foril on Thursdny of next week to tnke
up hls new dutlcs.
In June of thc prcscnt ycnr Dr. llcnry
I. Stcarns, superlntcndcnt of thc Ilnrt
foril Uclrent, tendcred hls rcslBnntlon,
to tnke effect on the nppolntment of hls
successor. In vlew of Dr. Stenrns's nd
vnnelnB yenrs, he beinfi nbout "fi ycnrs
old, nml of hls 30 ycnrs' fnlthful nnd
olllclent sorvlce nt tho lionil of the Instl
tudon, the dlrcctors dcclded to crcnte
the olllce of nsslstnnt superlntenilent nnd
securo n physlclnn of spcclhl quallllcntlons
for thls vcry Importnut work, who could
ln a IaiB' dcRrce nsHume the nctlvd
dutlcs of the superlntendency, thus kIvJiib
Dr. Slenrns 11 grenter mensure of free
dom. to whlcli he Is f.tlrly entltlt'd. Wlth
thls end In vlew the dlrcctors souRht to
hnvo Dr. Stenrns wltlnlrnw hls reslBiin
tlon, whlcli he illd. nml Dr. Thnmpson was
nt once nppolnteil. In lls reiMiit of tho
nppolntment tlio Ilnrtforil Cournnt of
lnst Krlday snld: "The illrectors hnd fiimll
Isrlzeil themselves wlth the iloetor's rec
ord nnd hnd been con:nceil that hls
npiuliitment wnuld be umlnently sntls
fnctory." ContlnulnB the Cournnt snld: "Dr.
Thompson hns been nsslslant suiMrlntend
ent of the llrattlcboro Itctrent for 12 yenrs
and has thc stronBest ondoisements from
hls otllclal nso-Intt' of thnt instltutlon
and from thc olllcors of vnrlous Instltu
tlnns of n slmilnr chnrncter wlth whom
he hns hnd relatlons ln the trentment of
thc lnsanc. ns to hls soclnl stamllnB,
hlgh mornl woith, consplcuous nblltly,
professlonnl sklll nnd pocullnr fltness for
the cnro nnd trentment of pcrsons nllllct
cd wlth norvous dlsorders."
Dr. Thnmpson wns born In Guilford.
Mnlne, Oct. 2. 1Sfij. lle wns educatcd. ln
n prlvnte sehool. Koxcroft ncndemy nnd
Hatcs colloKc. Ho wns prlnclpnl of the
Wnldoboro hlgh school two enrs. Hls
prcllmlnary courso In medlelno wns
tnken nt the I'ortland school for medlcnl
Instniotlon nnd the mcdlcal department
of limvdoln college, nnd he grndunted
nfter n full course, from thc Jefforson
Mcdlcal collcge of I'hlladclphla ln tlio
class of lSSO. In Augjist, 1SS9, he cnme
to llmttleboro ns seeond nsslstnnt to Dr.
Jnseph Dmper, HHIiib n tcmornry vn
cnncy elght months. In Mnv, 1S90, lio
uns npimlutcd to n posltlon on tho stnff
of the Tnunton (Mnss.) lnsanc liospital,
wherc be servctl untll Dccembcr, 1S91,
when he rcslgned to leturn to the Ilrnt
tloboro Itctrent. On thc doath of Dr.
Dr.Ior he wns nppolnteil flrst nsslstnnt
superintenilont. nnd hns held the iositlon
evcr slncc. The trustecs of the lnstltu
tion hnvo takcn no dcflnlte nctlon In re
gnrd to choosliig hls sueccssor.
Dr. Thompson Is n mcmbcr of the Ver
mont Stntc MiVllcnl soclety, tho Amcrlcan
Mcdlcal assoclatlon, thv New Kngland
I'sychologlcal soclctv nnd thc Amcrlcan
Mudlco-I'.sycliolog1cn assoclatlon. Mrs.
Thompson, whose dcparture nlso wlll bo
dceply reRrettcd. Is n Brndunte of tho
woman's mcdlcal colleBe In I'hlladclphla
They hnve two children. Mrs. Thompson
nnd thc children wlll remnln nt I.lnden
Ixxlgo durlnB tho winter.
At Wilcox's N. Y. Bargain Store.
Ladies', Misses and Children's
Winter Underwear
Wo linvo dccldcil to closo out thls llno of
goods, ns wo need tlio room for othcr goods.
Now, wo gl ve you thls opportunlt y ydu nccd,
just nt the comnienccmcnt of tlio Benson, to
buy tlicfo goods, nnd you cnn savo from 10 to
2o per cent.
Men'u Flecced Underslilrts, rcgulur prlco 43
conts. to cloto, 33 conts.
Kxtru Hcavy Flecced 50 cent kiiitl, to closo,
42 conts.
Iloys' nnd Sll&ses' 30 to 39 cent klnds, at 23
ccnts. '
We hnvo n small lot of Men's Underslilrts nt
23 ccnts.
Just rccclved. nn clegant Unoof FIGUUED
CIIEPK PAl'Elt, nnd whllo lt lusts, slmll sell
lt nt 10 cents per buncli.
Do not fall to call and see some of
our fjood bargalns.
llrnttlcboro, Vt.
Grecnflcld. Mast.
Paying from 4 3-4 to 6 per cent.
Wrlte for Informatlon.
New England and Eastern Propertles.
Brattleboro, Vt.
The secret of success
in business is to have
desirable goods at pop
ular prices.
We have the goods
and leave you to judge
as to prices.
On Saturday and
Monday next we shall
have on sale the choic
est and most elaborate
display of
Ready to wear Hats
it has ever been our
pleasure to show.
You will find them
correct in style, well fit
ting, becoming hats at '
extremely low prices.
Do not miss this op
portunity. Very respectfully,
Tho ladles' Entcrprlso soclety wlll
mcet wlth Mrs. Nlles, Elm strcet. Tues
day nfternoon nt 4 o'clock.
The lndlcs' nld soclety of tho Methodlst
church wlll meet wlth Mrs. A. L. Sum
ncr nt 2 Estnbrook street next Wednesday
at 2 o'clock, to sew.
Centro Congregational church, mornlng
worsnip ni tu.au, prencmnB by I'rof. L. D.
l'nton. Sunday school nt 11.43. Chrls
tlnn Endeavor scrvlco nt 7 p. m.
Flrst Bnptlst church, George D. Law
8oii, mlnlster, Mornlng worshlp 10.30, sub
Jcct of scrmon, "Ix-ssons of the Falllng
Ieavcs," Blble school 12 m. Kvcnlng
scrvlco nt T. subject "Hnblt," tho sccond
In n speclnl course to young pcople.
Chrlstlan Sclence servlce ln mnrket
block Sundny nt 10.45., subject "Probatlon
At'ter Doath." Text, Itevclatlons 14:13.
Testlmonlnl mcetlng Wcdnesdny nt 7.30
p. m. HcndhiB room opcn Tuesdny,
Thursday nnd Snturdny from 2 to 5 p. m.
All nro welcome.
Vnlversallst church, Itelgnold IC. Mar
vln mlnlster. Mornlng worshlp nt 10.30
o'clock, subject of the sermon. "God's
Korglveness nnd Mnn's Forglvencss."
Muslc by the qunrtet. Itnlly dny ln tho
Sundny school nt 11.45 n. m., wlth speclnl
exerclscs. Senlor unlon nt 7 p. m. All
are welcome.
Tho nnnunl meetlng of tho mlsslon clr
cle of the Unlversallst church will be held
In the church parlor Wednesday nfter
noon, Oct, 19, Instend of Thursday, for
the electlon of offlcers nnd for work. A
supper for tho beneflt of tho Kurn Hnttln
llomcs wlll be servcd nt G.15. It Is hoped
theio wlll bo n lnrgo attendance.
Methodlst Eplscopal Church, F. W.
Lewis, pastor, resldence 52 Hlgh street,
Sundav servlces tirenphin nt iftirt n .
nnd 7 l, m.; lllble school at 11.43 n. m.i
Epworth Iague prnyer mcetlng nt 6.
Class meetlngs Tucsday evening and
nraver mentlni? T.'rlilnv ovaninr. . v nn.
aU nre welcome. Junlor Epworth Lcaguo
w eunesuny niiernoon at 3.16.
Edward, 0, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Duclo,
dlcd Saturday nt tho home of hls parcnts
on the Shrewsbury road nbout n mlle bo
yond Mendon notch from tho eltccts of n
fall several days prevlous.
News roached Halifax, N. S., TueTday
of tho wreck of the little steamer Cnll
off New I.ondon, r. E. I., durlng Inst Snt
urday'B gale. wlth the loss, lt Is bclleved,
of all on board, somo 19 souls, of whom
14 wcre passengers, nll men. Among those
on tho steamer was the son of John Fa
gar of Halifax, one of the prlnclpal own
ers of tho steamshtp llne.
Brattleboro, Vt.,
Scptcmber 7, 1904.
To thc President,
Oyster Uny, N. Y.
llespectcd Frlend:
As one of the two or thrce survlvlng
Wnr Govcrnors" who dld whnt he could
to uphold President Llncoln's ndmlnstrn
tlon duilng the Clvll Wnr, I venture to
Innovnte to your vnluable, busy tlmo wlth
a few slmilnr congrntulntory words on
llu- outcome of the Vermont Stnto cloe
tlon, ns nn lndcx to tho gcncrnl drlft In
the comltiR Prcsldcntlnl Electlon. As Rne
Vermont nt such clections, so bo tho
majorltles sulllclent in othnr sln tns fri
elect n President. Thls saylng Is qulto
gcnernlly ncccptcd.
Ncrniontcrs hnve n warm respect nnd
klndly rcgnrd for you, ns you remlml them
sn much of tho lamcnled President Lin
coln In sturdy patrlotlsm, plaln spcech.
so full of cplgramatlo lllustrntlons, nnd
sn ni n oi uesiro to bo in touch wlth the
"Plaln pcople" of the country, ns Mr.
Lincoln uscd to style them, nnd to carry
oirt thelr vlows nnd wlshes.
Vermont scnds mnny of hcr sons nnd
dnuBhtcrs lnto othcr stntes, wlth thelr
broad nnd pntrlotlc views, Instilled by
the pure. InvlKorntliur nlrs. nnd flm ni,.
Ilmo nnd benutlful sccncs of Nature nmong
her Green Moiintnlus. Thev settle fnr nnd
wlde, partlctilnrly In the newer Wcstern
Htntes. nnd clve tono to the Inws nnd
snnpe lo tne publlc nfTnlis of those stntes.
Thlx. In fnct. Is tho cause of thc wlde
sprend lnllueiice of thc little stntc.
I remcmlwr n spcech mnde yenrs ngo
.ii a ninie uonveiunm by old Suuire Bell,
rnmlfiitlicr of our tlovernor-clect. in
nhlch he sald: "Thcre Is the little Stnte
nt Vermont! Iook nt hcr goiitlemen!
Smnll In geographlc.il exlent. but nlmlghty
In splrll!" Thls ln n stentorian volce.
and wldcly stroched arms. brnught down
the house In lbud applnuse. Ho was n
Kentlemnn of the old school ln bluo
wlth velvet colnr nnd bms buttons, buft
vesi. nmi rulllcd slilrt front.
Conlldont of your trlumphnnt electlon.
and w.. henrtiest wlalics for your henlth
and prosperlty. I nm. wlth much respect
iinii Kinu rcBnru.
Your frlend,
Iaiu Dlllon, the world's chamnlon Irot-
tlng mare broke nll wnrk-out records for
tnittlng hnises nt Mcmphls Mondnv bv
olrellng the course In 2.01 4, paccd by n
riimier. The fmctionnl tlme wns 30; 1.00;
i.svit : mne ;.uivi.
The nvernges of the Amerlcnn nssocla
tlon shows that Jnmes Bnrrctt rankcd
lowcr In lioth battlng nnd lleldlng thnn in
.my prevlous season. Hls perccntnge with
the stlck was .2tK, nnd In tlcldlng hls mnrk
wns .927. He rnnks nmong the ilrst 25
men ln battlng. Only nlne men batted for
.) or lietter, I.ilolo Iending wlth .379.
Kitty Wllkes, the veteran cnmpalgner,
won tne last thrce hents nnd tlrst mnncy
in n slx heat rnce for n purse of 1501
at buiiBus. Mnss., Monday. She llnlshed
slxth, elghth nnd thlrtl ln thc flrst thrce
heits, but lod the tleld of nlne In the next
tliree. whlch she turneil In 2.15Jt 2.15ti
and 2.16's. Kltty Wllkes Is IS or 19 yenrs
old nnd Lumps. the other racer wlth whlch
F. L. Chlckcrlng of Westmorelnnd hns
done s woll thls season Is n son of
Kltty Wllkes.
Iloston vniiQulshcd New York at New
York Monday. wlnnlug the Amerlcau
U-ngue chnmiilonshlp pennant for tho
sccond tlme. It wns n sensatlonal llnlsh
to n thrllllng struBBle. nnd whlle lioston
won. the New Yorkers nlmost shared tho
honor wlth the victory. Durlng the Inst
two months these teams have been sec
sawlng in the lead for chnmplonshlp nnd
tho fnct that the issue unrrowed down
to the outcome of Monday's doublc-hcnd-cr
demonstratos how close tho bnttle
was." lioston won tho ilrst gamo nnd
pennnnt by n score of 3 to 2. New York
won tne sccond 1 to 0.
Pomona Grange Meetlng.
Wlndhnm County Pomona Grange held
a successful mcetlng wlth West Itiver
GraiiBo of Townshend on Oct. 0. Worthy
Mnstcr Allen preslded. Tho questlon
"Whnt lnllueiice hns the homo ln tho
formatlon of character7" was dlscusscd
nt the forenoon session, nnd lt was Ben
ernlly concedcd thnt tho lmpcrceptlblo
lnlluence of nctlons nnd decds hnd the
grentest effect Tho llternry progmm
nt the nfternoon session wns good nnd
tho questlon consldered wns "What cut
tlvatlon, cnro nnd trentment of our or
chnrds Is nccessary to sccure good crops
nnd salnblo frult?" Prunlng. cultivntlon
of tho soll nnd fertlllzntlon wcre deemed
csscntlnl to Insure success. The mcetlng
at West Hnllfnx Sept. 15 wns good con
sidorlng tho weather nnd travellng. The
questlon for dlscusslon wns "Does lt pay
fnrmcrs ln the rural dlstrlcts to keep
thoroughbred or roglstcrcd stock?" The
mnjorlty favoreil tho thoroughbred. Tho
next meetlng, when olllcers wlll bo elect
ed, wlll bo held wlth Protectlvo Grnnge
In Brattleboro Dec. 8, the date hnvlng
been changod to nccommodate those who
wlsh to nttond the Stnto Grnngo meetlngs.
Aavertlsed Letters.
Men N, C. Crawford, Hcnry Davls,
Dave D.ivlson, D. P. Doualiue, Frnncols
Dumont, Mlchael Flcmlng (2), Peter
Fleming, Mr, Hutchins. Pntrlck Moore,
Geo.'A. Oal;s, Gustav Olson, F. B. Phclps.
Lovl Polnnd, Llvi Poulln (2), Henry llob
crts, H. Grnnt Spenccr. Wm, E. Stokos,
Geo. W. Streetcr, T. II. Thomas, John
Vernon, Mr. Whltcom, Joscph Worrnl.
Women Mlss Clara Arms, Mrs. Julla
Chnse, Mrs. Allco Chcney Eln, Mrs. nev.
Ilornco Fowlcr, Mr3. Snrnh Hescock, Mlss
II. McKenzlo, Mis. E, W, Pcrry, Mrs,
H. D. Sawyer, Mlss Minnlo A. Shnw, El
lle Spooner. Mlss Dclln M. Tuthlll, Mrs.
Webb, Icna Whccler, Mrs. Ireno II. Wol
Flrms Wrnpper Factory Co.
Mrs. Emmn Ewlng Palmer, 50, the last
of tho two "osslfled" slstcrs, died Frlday
nt Sherburne, N. Y. Owlng to n dlscnso
of n rheumntlo nature, which bnllled tho
sklll of mnny Importnnt physlclans
throughout tho country. Mrs, Pnlmer hnd
bllnd nnd wlth ovcry.musclo rlgld for tho
laln motlonlcss upon her back, totally
past 27 ycars. The dlseaso mnnlfestcd
Itself wlthln n fow days nfter her mnr
rlago to Wllllnm Palmer ,of Onclda, nt
tho ngo of 23. Her slster, Mlss Stella
Ewlng, who dledirin Rome, N, Y.. two
ycars ngo, wns nflllctcd ln the same way.
$10 last Winler Overcoat we shall sell at $7.87
$12 last Winter Overcoat we shall sell at $9.47'
16 Young Men's Overcoats carried over from last
season that were $6.48 and $7. Your choiro
$4.87. Sizesl5tol9. eat
Seven $10 Rain Coats left that we shall u
for $6.87. Se"
Nine $12 Rain Coats left that we shall cPn
for $8.47. eu
Five $7.50 Top Coats left that we shall crfi
for $4.95. "eu
Thirteen $10 Top Coats left that we shall sell
for $7.38.
Eleven $12 Top Coats left that we shall sri'
for $8.87. a
FOltTV DOZKN $1 grude Mcn's Underwear In brokcn f,,
cnrrled over from last ecason. All pizes In Fomctlmijr Tti.i i
contiilnsscvcrnl dozcn Wrlght's Hcalth liidenrcarnnitver
dozen Cnmel's Hnlr goods, ticvcr sold nt less than !. Yno
cliolce for 69c.
Mcn's, Womcn's nml Chlldrcn's Uublicr Ooods arc c
thls jeur, but you will llnd our prices much lowsrtban v
could exeet.
One Price, Cash, and your Moncy Back Ifyou wantlt
Goodnow, Pearson & Hunt
Several flocks of wlld geese hnvo been
seen inigratlnB southwnrd thls weck.
Iloserved sents for Why Glrls Ieavo
Home wlll go on sale tomorrow mornlng,
Saturday. at the box olllce.
Clarcnco BIIss hns bought of E. S.
Prouty of Mnrlboro 150 ncres of tlmbcr
land sltunted nonr Mnrlboro south pond.
A trnck was bullt nround tho wTeck of
Coiiductor lloliert Wheoler's passenger
trnin nenr Mlllers Fnlls Frlday so thnt
trulns were alde to tniss in tho nfternoon.
The wreck wns cleared up Snturdny.
The Kntherlne Itober Stock compan
flnlshed n week's engaggement in the
Autlltoiium Snturdny niKht. plnylng to a
good slzed nudlcnce. Mnnngcr Fox has
enimgeil the enmimny for n return stand
In Thnnksglvlng week of next yenr.
The 15 menibers of company I who wlll
pnrticlpnte In the nnnual shoot for the
trophy ctip nt Fort Lthan Allcn next
Tuesdny, Weilnesdny and Thursday wlll
not bo sclected untll nfter tomorrow, ln
order thnt thcre mny bo one moro prnc
tlco on the locnl rangc beforo tho selcc-
tlon is made.
dclcgntlon of members of Hrnttletwro
cnmp. Modern Woodmcn of Amcrlca.
mnde Mr. nnd Mrs. Fred J. Bohrmnn nnd
fnmlly a surprise vislt Monday evonlng,
nnd ln bclinlf of the camp I. L. Moore
prescnled Mr. Bohrman, n Imndsome gold
watch, sultnbly engraved. Mr. Bohrman,
ns nn ollloer of the cnmp, hns dono vcrj"
-Hiclcnt servlce In socurlnc new members.
He nnd hls fnmlly left Wednesday for
Oaklnnd, Cnllf.. to llve.
The nttrnction whlch Managcr Fox wlll
offer to thc patrons of the Audltorium
Tuesday evening. Oct. IS, wlll be entitlcd
Why Glrls Ix?ave Homo. lt is sald to bo
nn nbsorblng story, realistically portraycd.
and of wholesome conception. lt is a
drama of domcstic llfe whereln are polnt
ed out the frequent consequences of un
Just susplcion nnd stubbborn sclf wlll
how plque nnd passlon may be responsl
ble for the engulfing of innocenco nnd
the wreck of homcs. ln Why Glrls Leave
Home there ls woven n thrllllng story
of the nilsunderstnnding and unyleldlng
slde of brother and slster whlch well
nlgh brlngs lgnomlnlous ruin to both.
The prcsentlng company is sald to be an
cxccptlonnlly clevcr one and the stage
nccessorlcs pcrfect In every respect.
Tho new traln schedule, whlch went
lnto effect thls weck, is prnctlcally the
same ns last wlnter's schedule. the prln
clpal chnnges from the summer tlme ta
ble belng the removal of the northbound
traln at 5.45 o'clock In tho mornlng and
tho mornhiB traln south over tlio Central
Vermont road, whlch lenvcs nt 10.15 in
stend of 10.40, connectlng nt South Vernon
for Kccne and Sprlngfleld. The nfter
noon Boston & Mnlne traln south nt 4.23
does not stop botween Bellows Fnlls nnd
Brattleboro, whlch makes very unsntis
fnctory servlce for peoplo wlshlng to go
to Putney nnd bnck tho snmo dny glving
them just nbout tlme cnough to get dtn
ner. It ?ns hoped thnt tho Boston &
Mnlno Itnllrond company would yleld to
a petltlon to stop that traln nt Putney
when the winter schedule went lnto effect
The $550 whlch Fisk G. Itogers of Dum
merston deposlted In the Vermont Natlon
nl bank ns payment for hls llcenses,
wns ncccptcd Saturday by Town Clcrk
Adln F. Mlller of Dummerston, nnd Mr.
Mlllcr nfllxed hls slgnature to tho llcen
ses, thus brlnging to nn end, for the
present nt lenst, tho controversy over
thnt mntter. There may be developments
of publlc Interest lntcr, Aftcr tho llcenses
were slgned nnd the money nccepted Mr.
Uogers told Mr. Mlller thnt ho hnd sus
tnlned dnmnge through lltlgntion, loss of
sales, otc, on nccount of Mr. Mlller's
refusal to slgn tho llcenses, nnd thnt ho
would make a proposltlon in rcgard to n
settlemont if Mr. Mlller would hear It,
otherwiso he would seek to recover dam
nges through legnl proccss. Mr. Mlller
sald ho would tnke counsel in the matter.
George H. Hough, 29, eldest son of Hev.
nnd Mrs. A. J. Hough of Groton, former
ly of Brattleboro, died Sunday at his homo
lp White Itiver Junctlon nfter an illness
of nbout ten days wlth pneumonla. Mr.
Hough wns a grnduate of the Vermont
Methodlst semlnnry ln Montpelier, and
whlle hls pnrents wero ln Brattleboro
from 1S92 to 1895, he was for a tlme a
studcnt In Wesleyan unlverslty. He went
to Chlckamnuga ln 1893 wlth company G
of Bradford. Slnce 1898 he hns been em
ployed in White rtlver Junctlon by the
Cross-Abbott grocery company and moro
recently by the White Iltvor Junctlon
Pnper compnny. Ho wns mnrried nbout
two yenrs ngo to Mlss Inez Drake, daugli
tor of Dr. Drake of West Lebanon. Mr.
Hough wns a young mnn who wns held in
hlfih esteem. Besldes his wlfe nnd par
ents ho ls survived by two brothers, How
nrd nnd Arthur, nnd a slster, Mary, of
White Blvor Junctlon. Snnford A. Dan
lels went to White River Junctlon Tues
day to nttend the funernl.
W. C. Messlnser, 52, proprletor of the
Hartford Dcntnl depot, Hartford, Conn.,
died suddenly of hcnrt dlsease between
7.30 nnd 8 o'clock Mondny mornlng nt tho
Brooks House. Ho cnmo to Brattleboro
on tho lato trnin Sundny nlght and went
nt onco to tho hotcl. About 7.30 tho noxt
mornlng he rang for n pltcher of hot water
and a physlclnn. Managcr Hcaphy called
Dr. G. It. Anderson, who was In the hotel,
and the doctor gave Mr. MesslnBer a
hypodermlc Injectlon. At that tlme Mr.
MesslnBer was pcrfcctly consclous, nl
though ln a crltlcal condltlon, and he dlot
In n few mlnutes. He told Dr. Anderson
that he had never been attacked by heart
dlsease nnd hnd tnken out two llfe In
surnnce pollcies wlthln n month. Hls
relntives In Hartford wero notlfied nnd
an umlertnker came here, return
Ing with tho bcMly in the nfternoon. Mr.
Messlnger was well ncqualnted wlth Brat
tlelioro dentlsts. ns well ns others through
out the Connecticut vnlley, nml they en
tortnincd for hlm strong feellngs of per
sonal cstccm. He Icaves flvc children.
I'nlted Stntes Distrlct Attorney J. L.
Mnrtln wlll go to Itutland Monday to
attend n session of the Cnlted States Dis
trlct cnurt. Among other legal mnttets
he wlll reprcsent the government In tho
proseeutlon to two Chlnnmen cltarged wlth
belng in thls country unlawfully. lt has
been about n yenr slnce the governmcnt
ofEelnls hnve npprehended n Chinnman
comlng lnto thls distrlct illcgally, nnd
durlng that tlme they hnve hnd oppor
tunlty to round up somo who wcre nlready
here wlthout rlght. The two who will
bo tried next weck bclong to tho latter
class- nnd wero arrested because they could
not show papers entltllng them to n resl
dence In thls country"- On Oct. 2, 1903,
l hearing was held bcfore Judge Wheelcr
In Brattleboro, Involvlng the questlon:
"Hns the immlgration olllcer the power
under the ncts of Congress to dccidc the
rlght of Chlnamen to cnter tho ITnlted
States when the clalm is maae that they
are nntlve born?" The questlon nfter
wards wns taken to the Unitcd States
Clrcuit Court of Appeals and flnally to tho
I'nlted Stntes Supreme Court, the lattcr
court dccldlng that the Immlgration olllcer
has such power. Slnce then, as stated,
there has been no trouble'from Chlnamen
cnterlng thls distrlct.
Mlss Sally Mlnot of Northfield entcr
tained the Brattleboro Chapter, Daughters
of the Amerlcan Bcvolutlon, at her qualnt
and Interestlng home Thursday, Oct. C,
from 5 untll 9 o'clock. Tho houso abounds
In nntlque furnlture. chlna nnd lamps
aml contalns a cholco collection of lnces
rlbbons, embrolderles, feathcr fans and
hand woven llncn. A copy of the Wor
cester Gnzette publlshed In 1790 was
shown, also one of tho Grecnfleld Courler
publlshed ln 1778. Miss Mlnot has the
mllltary records of several ancestors, one
benring the dato of 1724. A commlsslon
to her grent-Brandfathcr bears the slg
nature of John Hancock, governor. 17SS.
Lunch was served In tho dlrilng room.
nnclent chlna nnd sllver belng used, nnd
tho evening was spent very pleasantly ln
wandcrlng nbout the house. examlning
he fnmlly portralts. palnted by n cele
brnled Boston nrttst of n ceniW ngo,
aml the many valuablo artlcles of antlqul-)l-
,The a,lnot famlly cnme from Bos
ton In Revolutlonary times. nnd nll the
HnmIeJiU.rn,'tVre wns bro"Sht by tenms.
Homes whlch have such a flno collection
of nntlqucs are very rare, and the privl
lege accorded the local Daughters to ex
amlno thls one Is gratefulirnppreclated
by them.
The Grange sewlng soclety will meet
Thursday afternoon.
The flrst In the serles of Grange dances
will bo held In Grange halj this evening.
At the meetlng of Protective Grange
Wednesday evening lt was voted to
chnnge the date of the nnnual fnlr from
Oct. 20 to Nov. 9 nnd to hold a speclal
meetlng Oct. 26. Mrs. A. J, Currler.
w-ho had chnrge of the program, presented
the following: Plano solo, Mlss Barker;
song, Mlss Sanders; reading, Mlss Bailey;
song, Mr. Wllson, nn old-fnshloned choir
rehearsal wlth Dr. Dutton ns leader, tho
accompanlments belng plnyed by Mlss
Barker, plano. and "Uncle Lewis" Hlg
glns, bass vlol; harmonlca solo, wlth
plano nccompanlment, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wood
of Mnrlboro, Mass.; recitntlons, Mrs. H.
W. Sargent and Col. II. E. Taylor; char
ncter song, Mlss Sanders and Mlss Weld;
plano solo, Mlss Elolne Franklin.
Somethlng About the Apple Crop Hldej
Half a Cent Hlgher Advance of Two
Cents In Eggs.
Apples are comlng lnto the markct ta;
In such ltmlted quantity that a -,.,
by the barre!, cannot be glvci It is pr ,.
able that the market price will oc fno
1 to $1.25, posslbly $1.50 for extr g -
ones. Tho yicld thls year was -) ,d, f'
but the recent hlgh wlnds In this lxi
removed liundreds of barrels nf , pPiei
from the trees, practlcally spoiling hem
as merchantable frult. It is likclr
that thls wlll effect tho price ls f rm-i
nro not over anxious, as a rule tc de' te
much tlme to the apple busins witi
they hae to pay 40 cents ea. h f r ,pr,
barrels. Hldes brlng half a c t m
and eggs are two cents higher V s w x
Potntoes m
Cheese u
Buttcr (pound) ;o .
Maplo Sugar Hr
Maple Syrup (gallon) 8521.M
Hldes " 5tj
Calfsklns, (each) 30SLOi)
Beef, (dressed) 5 g ;
Pork (dressed)
Veal (llve) sge
Fowls (dressed) 13315
Lobsters (pound) , ;s
Tca (Japan) 33570
Tea, (Oolong) 5so
Tea, (Young Hyson) OSS')
Potatoes (nutlve) r
Cheese 14316
Butter (pound) 2i't
Eggs "3
Sugar (refined) (1,
Sugar (Maple) UQil'
Salt. T. I., (bushel) s
Flour (roller process, bbl) .... 6.75
Flour (patent) 7.50 17 T3
Corn 70g75
Corn (northern) Tjgsa
Meal (cwt) i.ji
Lobsters (pound) !5
Mlxed Feed 1.3001.35
Eran 1.23&1.30
Llnseed Oll Meal 1.4081.43
Provender 1.40
Mtddllngs 1.351.45
Byo Meal (pound) 3
Cotton Sccd Meal 1.60
Gluten Meal 1.45
Cracked Corn 1.33
Homlny Meal 1.30
Oats, bu 50S55
Hay (baled) $19Sf$:o
Raw Oll so
Kerosene 1115
Corrected Oct. 13.
St. Gaudens's Studlo Burned.
The studlo of Augustus St. Gaudens, the
noted sculptor. was burned ln Cornlsh,
N. H., directly across the rlver from
Windsor Tuesday nlght. and It ls stated
that the loss wlll be $100,000. The fire
stnrted ln a barn nnd spread to the studlo,
destroylng all the contents, Includlns a
clay model of Charles Stewart Parnell for
the state to be erected ln Dublln. Red
mond, the Irlsh leader, was ln Cornlsh
only a few days ago to examlne the model.
Another model destroyed was of Marcus
Daly, the Montana copper klng.
Mrs. Rose Ostrout Acqultted of Murder.
Mrs. Rose Ostrout of Westfield, charged
wlth the murder of Amella Hoyt, a r-i-per,
was acqultted ln the Orleans county
court at Newport Tuesday mornlng after
the Jury had been out all nlght. Mrs.
Ostrout was accused of havlng caused her
death by deprivlng her of food, exposlng
her to inclement weather and strlklng her
In the course of the trial physlclans testl
fied that death mlght have been caused
by heart dlsease brought on by blows.
The body of Andrew Martln, 63. who dls
appeared n week ago, was found In Lake
Champlain at Burlington Wednesday.
The pleasure of eatlng a hearty meal ls one that is de
nled the unfortunate dyspeptlc. He selects his food with
great cautlon, for fear of the distress that might follow. AH
such persons should know that
Stomach Bitters
posltively strengthens the digestive organs and assists the
stomaeh in the perfect digestion and assimilatlon of the food.
Then you'll not be bothered again with
Bolchlng, Sour Stomach, Poor Appetlte,
Costlveness, Slck Hoadache, Insomnla,
Dyspepsla, Indlgestlon or Llver Troublos.
Try a bottlo Today. The genuine is sold only in bottles,
never in bulk, and has our Prlvate Stamp over the neck.
For sale by all drugglsts.

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