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ConiiiiiiiiKy Cliurcli Clirisdmis.
Tlic Community chlireh, (Jliristinns ob
pcrvnticc will bc hcld Saturday cvening.
Mlss . Sylvlu Dorry is cliulrmiui of tlit!
progrnni oinnilttco niul Mnry Foliind
will hnve chargo of tho trlmmliig ot the
Irrc tuid Mlss Olivc lllood the filllng of
tho cundy bngs. This Is n (.otntnunlty
trce iiiul cvoryone, whothor uttcndlng
church ur not, ls eordhtlly Invited to bc
Hcport of Ladlcs' Ald Fnlr.
Thc report of thc l.adies' Aid fair hcld
last week Tuesday ls iin follows: Faney
work, ?3l.(ll; nprotis, $:tl.07; popcorn,
31.20; cundy, $1U.S; huekstors, S10.ll;
uiystery, $d ; supper niul ontertnlninont,
.?M.70. Totnl expeiises. $:tl.-li. lenving
a balance of $100.:$;?. It Is n very credit
nble nmount to ndd to the treusury of tbe
soeiety nnd rcllects great erodit 011 the
ofricors in cliarge.
Conunuiiity Clmrcli Noliccs.
ChflrloD H. Moorhouse, minlstcr. Pub
lic worship Sunday nt lO.'lii. Peace Sun
tbay wltb. scrmou. Toti Thtngs Which
Make for Peiu'e. Sunda.v schoot nt H.M.";
Y. P. S. C. K. nt 7.8(1. wlth n short serv
ice. nftor wlilch u socitil hour wlll bc
enjoved. Tople. Ilow lo Hnve Clir'mtinas
nll tbe Yottr. Luke 2:8Li. (Chriitmni
lawtlni.) l.cmk'iM. I.uolln Hintib
aml Mls Khona l'nttci'son.
Thurslny. l)oe. 128. nt 12 p. m.,
iunior (.Ibrlstlan Kmlpnvor, tnplo, llow
ClirLst AVnnts IV to 'Oivo. Acts 120 ::.".
((.'lirlNtmns tnoctliiK.) l.i'adors, Mlldrcd
Hownrd niul Arthur N'oill.
Satnrdny S n. ni.. Cmnniuulty Olirint
miw servioo wltb oxorcisos by tbn cbll-di-en
followcd by tbe troo. Rvt'ryono.
wbpllipr nn utti'iidnut nt pbiirob or not.
is cordlnlly invitod to be proont.
Jlrs. Honry Wood k cnrlni: for Mrn.
Jolm I.yons. , .
Fntnk AVbitinan i" iMiifincd to 1ns
bomo by illti". , , ,
I,ovi Ilousbton nnd Cbnrlpw A illard
lmp linlsbPd woik on thp spctinn.
"VVnltor Kolloy nnd fnmily nre vlaitiiiK
in (.JviswoldviUo. Mnss.
.MInm Altn ('milov wnit Alond'i lo ln'r
bomp in Urislid for Ibo ChrNtmns vaon
lion. Frod Martin hus inovcd his fnmily to
Wnlpolo, N. II.. wIhuc hc bas bousbt n
Wultor K. Puikpr. wbo bas bppii so
rioiiwly 111 witb pryslpplas scvornt weoks,
is nnicb improvod.
AlisH Claribpllo Whrclpr U'ft Fiidny
for hor bomo in AVoloott, wliore sbc! will
shtk1 hor mcntion.
IhirlnK thc Kumlay f.now storm. Ilomer
Huiloy drovo tlio fidcwnlk snow plow
throtichout the vlllasc
3Ufs Mlnnic Lewis, formcrly nt Snrnh
"Wootl's in Prattloboro is now stnylns
with Mrs. Johrt Swccn.
Ktlznhoth l?mlov is bnmo from
hor wbool in Knst Xorthfiold Mass.. for
tho Cliristmas rocpf-s, whioh lasts nntil
Jnn. 2.
V. J. Kraith was in Urnttlcborn Tucs
Jni. .nJ irorli.oiirlnr nlti-nrlintr th Dpcoiil
ber tcrra ot thu l)nitcd Htatcs court aa
rrand juror. .. ,,
Willinm lt. Wakc of HpIIowh Falls,
who worked for tho Colo Papcr Co.. hnn
finishcd work thrro nnd voturncd to bis
homo. His placc hna bocn tnkon by Ivay
mond Stowoll. , , ,
The committec in cluirgo of tho annual
churcli pnpper' consMs of Misb Olivr
Bloo1. Mrs. II. O. Cobb. Mnj. A. M. Cor
ser. M. n. G. Bvcrlcth. Mrs. Florn P.
Colo nnd Miss Edith Adams. (
The mothod of pcIHhk tho Cbnstmas
hoals this yoar is n Bront innrorcrao;it
ovor that of formor yrars. Instond or
tho busv housowifo boiiiB bosioKi'd nt
dlffKrcut tirai-H by at lcast 120 childron
trylnc to disposo of thoir sraN. only ono
or two urc asked to scll tboin from uach
Tho noxt nnrHiiiK class will bc lield
Frldnv nftcrnoon at 'l o'clo'k. Ur. C. h.
Loach will ifivo a tnlk on infectious dis
oasofi clilo nnd trcatincnt, iiiarnntinp,
otc. KTorvonp, p.siK.'cially mothors wlth
t.cbcKl childron, nre urucd to attond.
'Vho"c nttcndlns nro ni-kcd to be pro
parcd to nhk (inoHtions. Writton qnes
tions may bt cnrrled If prcferrod.
Thc ChrNtuins exercisos of the West
11111 wbool, of wblch Miss niioini Patter-!--ou
is tcncher, worc bold Friday cvmiiiis
nt the Kchoolhouse. The nine chlldren
I'omprisins the school took n sreat deal
of pride in triminiiiK thc school room nnd
troe, nll of which tbpy did tliPinsclvos.
I'orty pcrhous were prescnt to enjoy the
proRram, whioh coiiMiHtcd of sevornl
soiirs by tbe school and tho followiiiR
recitations nnd sonRs: ChrbitmnH Rroot
inR, ClUTord .Morris; I'd Liko to Know,
-MnrRiierllP Wood; Cradle Ilymn, Dor
othy Alken; tlrnmpas, Gooi-rc Gnrlnnd:
duet, Ilnwl nnd M:uion Morris; l'.l
Itather Ilavo. Cppil Wood: :i1m Christ
mas RroetiiiRS by Klizalsth llolway nnd
Ktbel Wood. FollowiiiR the leollatioiis
nnd miiirs. a two-net plny. Little Miss
Muffet's Christmas Parly. was Rivou by
the school wilh Ihe aihlilion of Santn
Claus, which rob- wns tnken by Iturton
llolway, wbo lnter distrlbutrd the mnny
slfts from the lioe. A very pleusnnt
eieruiiR wns eujojed by nll pvesent.
Uoberl l.oomls spenl tho woek-oiid
with his utint, Mlus L. L. Wnre, nt Xew
I'ane. .Mlss Parker of school No. S is spend
iiiR'her Chiistma.s vacation in Iiellows
Miss Xellie X. Clnrk of Putney is
spendiiiR the wiuler with Mrs. C. S.
Miss (Jruce Keudall of Xoilh Adams
will spend ChrlMmns with her jiister,
.Mrs. .1. M. .lohnsou.
Mrs. Itobert I.oomis nnd Mrs. Carl
Stockwoll iue Rtiests of Mrs. Ilenry
, Phelps of Brattleboro this week.
Miss Iteatriie Stearns, tcnclicr nt X'o.
7, has rcturned to her home iu Brattle
boro for the Christmas vacation.
Both schools will unltc nnd furnlsli
the" Christmns entertninment at Piercu's
liall Saturduy eveniiiR. Thero wlll be n
Christmas treo for the chlldren. Kvcry
one ls invited.
OwinR to illness of thc tcacher, thc Xo.
S school hcld Christmas exrrciscs Doc.
10. The school room presented n lovely
siRht with Chrlstmus Rrccns nnd trce
' ladcn with goodles nnd gifts for ull. Thc
program eonsisted of recitations, din
logucs and carol slnginR by school nnd
. visitors. Kach cbild had made u mntch
1 scratcher nnd holder for parents and a
Rood nciRhhor furnlhhed ornnges for the
, childron. Tho success'of the entertnin
ment wns ilue to tbe untirinR efforts of
the toaoher, Miss lieatrice Parker.
Thu No. 7 school pefebrated the close
of thc fa 1 term nnd Christmas wilh irti-
r i.. ... i i ir ,ni i i
propnaie rxciriM's xni: wuimhii
.ns,,,. .tnu firMuMntilli trtlimiril
wreaths, botiRhs and drnwliiRS, whlle the
. wcll-ladou tree caused fuvornble coni
inont. A plny ontltled Santn Claus ut
School wns cleverly done, with soiirs nnd
. recltutlons to t'omplcte tbe proRritm.
Aftcr Santn distrlbiited Rifts to all the
rhildrcn, cornbulls were servcd to the
scllool und niimerous visitors. Much
credlt is dtin the teucber, Mlss llcntrice
l Stenrns, for the exccllent program pre
sented. A vory InterostliiR proRrnm was rIvoii
Saturday cvening at tho Commuuity
I'lul) mectlng ut I'lcrec's hnll vcitli . tlio
following commlttco ln chargo : Chnir
ninii, Ilownrd I.ooinls, ,fny Parker, Fcd
Vahio nnd Carl Slookwell. Tbe flrsl
utimbor on tlio prugrum wus n short sklt
glvon by ull thc nion'eiitltled'Tlie F.nd oC
ii l'erfcct Dnv. Tlio program nlso ln
olttded a rocltutlon, l'at's Confedorntc
Pig, Carl Stockwoll ; violln atul plano
solo. Fred Viilno nnd Gladys Vnlno ;
reading. Olndys Valiio ; linseon duiicct's
nnd singers, (luy Stockwoll, Gilman
Vnlnc nnd .lny Parker; address,
Ainerion, by Ootave Odotlo. TIip ontlro
iMitortaiiimcnt wns liitersperKed with
jokes wcll told by Ilownrd I.oomiH.
(Iiiutes, sliiging nnd ilancliiir followed.
Coffeo nnd cnke wore servcd by tlio so
chil oomnilttpo, Mrs. ViiIiip, Mrs. l'uiit
nnd Mrs. Phelps. Tboro wus a good nt-tondunce.
dolnt Excrciscs by ScliooLs.
Tho Christmns oxorcisos of botb
sohools wore hcld toRcthcr thls yonr nt
tho town hnll paturdny pvetiinc wlth n
commutiity Christmns troo. Tho oxor
cisos were umtsunlly sood, showlnR nuicb
splcndld work by botb totubcrs Itnd
Tho- sliiRinR of Cbrlstmas cnrols by
the Westminster West school, a duet,
Oh, Little Town of llotbleliem, by Eli2n
botb Goodell nnd Lotils Clmpimin, nnd
n solo, Cradle Ilymn, by Aldythe Taylor,
were much enjoyeii. l-lizniu.'tli .Minnril,
Hlizabcth Goodell nnd I.onise C'hapinaii
were tbe plnnists.
The actltic rcclfations, Dnrnlnc thc
Chrlstiiins ytockitiR, by Albort llnnnoy
nnd Ilerbcrt Snnburn, Knnta's Cako, by
.Mnry lHlxton, nnd WnltiiiR l'p for
Santn, by Kvolyn Ornisby and Aldythe
Tnylor wore vory nmusliiR.
t The little plny of two ncts, Santn's
Voluiitecrs. wns wcll done by the younR
nctors and nctressos. wlth tho followiiiR
cnst of oharacters : Siisle, Kllznbcth
.Minnitl: Mnry, r.llzabeth Goodell;
Alice, Aldythe Tnylor: Apncs. Lonise
Clinpmnn; GeorRe, GoorRo Pebbles:
Ilenry, f'llfford Ormsby ; Albort. Itlcbard
llrnwii; Pat McCarty, Itobcrt Penon.
Aftrr tbe pxorrisos Knnta C'lans np
ppined in all his Rlory nnd nftor maklns
I'riends with the chlldren ho dlstributcd
Rifts to pvorybody ln town, from an im
iiieiise ChrlstmiiH troo wblch resteil .on
the floor nnd lcacht'd to Ihe (piliiiR.
Waltor Amidon of Putney is workhiR
for L. M. Snnborn.
Mrs. Mni-y Iluxton is spendhiR thc
wintor with hor dntiEhtcr, Mrs-. Clara
iMiuer. in warrpn.
Mnple Grove GraiiRe will bold its nn
nnal supper nnd Installntion of oflicers
Thur.sday eveniiiR, Dee.
Laurentins F. llarnos, (55. died at his
home Momhiy abont 11 a. m. He !ind
been in fnilinR hoalth for somo time.
Miss Annie MorRan, wbo vecently re
rnrned from California, whore sbe spont
the summcr, Ls visitiiiR Mrs. Waltcr P.tix.
On neoount of thc smnll number in nt
tendance and to save fuel tho Sundny
eveniiiR serviccs nre beiiiR hcld in thc
various homes on the villace srtect.
Ioris Chapnian ramp home Saturday
from IJoston, whero sho is tnkiuR n poursc
in domcstie feirneo nt tho Y. W. C. A.,
for n two wroks ('hn.-.tmas vaejition.
Ilev. nnd Mrs. Waltor Curtis went
Thursdny to Jersey City, N. .1., to f-pend
Ohristmas with Mrs. Curtis's datiRhter.
Mrs. S. O. Ilaeon. Mr. Curtis will vislt
ovor ("ihristmns nnd Mrs. Curtis will rc
mnin for h two woeks' visit.
Prof. Ilnrold AVnshburn of Dartmouth
follcRO and 'VTife nnd little t-on, IIpiip,
camc Sundny nnd left Hrne with Miss
Alice Goodell. while Mr. and Mrs. Wnsb
burn nre visitinR in Now York city for
the Christmns vucntion. They went to
Xcw'York Sundny cvening.
Cotinty ARcnt It. Wilton Hnrvoy and
County Club ARont Vlola M. Cameron
of llrattleboro were bcru Tuesday after
noon nnd evcninR nt the town hnll. The
mectiiiR in the nfternoon was to talk
nbout various litics of furm work. In the
eveniiiR they presented uiovlng picturcs,
which were much enjoyed by oll,
' Xews hns been received of the dentb.
of brxmehltis, in Hed Ilook, N. Y., of
ltobert, infnnt son of Mr. nnd Mrs.
GeorRe Ilubbnrd. Mrs. Hubbard was
Miss Stella Goodell of this placc and Mr.
Ilubbard is -n uephew of Fred Cumpbell.
Itobert wns thoir .only son nnd wns born
Sept. 1. Their many relatives and
friends hei;e oxtend kludest sympnthy.
An nmbulanre camt from Ilnnover, N.
II., Sundny niul took Mrs. F. 11. Cotiner,
wbo bas bocn 111 soine time ut tbe home
of hor dauRhtcr. Mrs. C. .1. MeKlroy, to
Ilanovpr, to the bomo of hor daiiRhter.
Mrs. Ilarrett. Mrs. Harrett, wbo hnd
been here scveral woeks' nssistinR hor
sister ln onriiiR for their motlier, went
with ber; nlso n son, Krncst Conner. wbo
oame from llanover with thc nmbulnnce.
onncr, wbo nW-. has been II b U
luch better, went to llanover witb
Mrs. Kollin Itanuey recently received
u very interostinR letter from hor
lnotlier. Arthur Wilcox, formerly of this
plnce, wlio is living iu the oil regions nt
Alfo. Idaho. AmoiiR olhor things he
wiote nbout the low prlces the farmers
reeeived for their crops this yoar. Al
tboiiRli ralSiliR Rood citips the inoney
sliortiiRe hns beou very serlous. In one
locallty he says there hnve bcon 000 fore
closuros of morlRaRcs on fnrms nnd iu
many inses where Ihe farmers hnve paid
fpiile a sum on their fnrms they losp all.
Mr. iCnd Mrs. LosIIp Bllls vlsiled rela
tives iu Townshend und Newfane Sun
day. Miss llazol Mlller came from North
fiold seminnry Wodncsday to spond the
Christmas vnoalion at-home.
1 here will be n commnnit.v trce nnd
exercises iu (JranRo hnll Saturday evi
nitiR, Doe. 21!. Kveryone isj invited.
Services will bo held In the church
Sunda.v nt the usual time. Spoeial inu
sie nppropriate for Christmas has been
Miss Marion Lauzhtoir of Middlehurv
collcRo aud llazol Mlller of Northfield
spmiiiuty will spend the Chnstnias vaeu-
tlon nt tlieir uomcs.
Mrs. Ettn Best of Nova Scotia nnd
Mrs. .Mnrj' Romls of Lowell, Mass,, re
ccntly visltod scvoral days with their
brothcr, W. U. Hced. and family.
Thc community party Friday niRht
was a succoss. Community singlng was
enjoyod. The dramntics und music com
mittco8 had cliarge o tho followlng pro
Rram : LiviiiR -picturcs Mrs. It. Albort
Ncwton, Aunt Dinah ; Aliro LaiiKhton,
motber; Ilenry Ilazclton. fnther; Mar
Riirct Laughton, llttlo Rlrl: Fnnny Wil
der, old inuic) ; rocitation, Edith Dutton ;
fiunrlet csmsistinc of K. II. Miller. F.
L. Stark. Jtuth Flshcr nnd Hplen Fisher
snag two holoetions. A song, Mumps, by
n firoup, wns wpll nctod out. A frouk
dnnre by oight glrls wah well done.
A now lnborntory weiRbinR mnchlne
cnn necurately wpIrIi onp-tiOO,000,OOfltli
part of n sIiirIp Rruin. Sucli rellned
wpighinR hns to be dono In u vncuiim,
und the Instiiimrnt is mounted in n con
tniner from wblch the air can ho ex
baustcd bi'foro the work begins. Tho nc
tual weiRbinR ls donn by incasurlng thc
vlbrntions of tho baluncc, by incniis of a
spotlight tbrown iipnn n scale, wblch
sliows tlio nctunl niovenicnts of ttlo bal
ance enormously magniHcd,
Swordflsh iniiRo from four to 15 feot
in lcngth, the sword Hself bclng ns long
as threc fcct in somc cascs.
WIUoii Spcuccr ItobliiKon.
Wllson Sponcer Roblnson. 57, dlcd nt
bis homo on tho Dover roa.l nbout noou
l)ec. U ot lieart troiible, nftor nn lllness
of nbout 10 days, nltlioiiRb be bad not
bcon In his iisunl Rood hcnlth for scvcrnl
montbs. I
Mr. Hoblnon wns born In AVnrdsbonx
ln AtiRiist, 1805, a son of Hppncer nnd
Mnrv (Fltts)
UomnsuU. iie nnii inroe
sisters, two of wbom
aro llvinc, Mrs.
Hnttlo Mnnlov of Ilrooklvn. X. Y,
Mrs. Wlllinm White ot Readsboro.
'Mr. lloblnson wns n tenniHter nnd nt
ono tiino drovo n bakcr's wnRon ln
In Mny, 181IS, bo marrlod Mlss Adn
Gallup of WllmliiRton. T1ip. llvod ln
Dover one yoar. nftor wblch thoy boiiRht
tho fnrm wblch hns slnce bcon tbolr
Mr. Itoblnson wns n fiulct, unnssum
Iiir, liard-workinR mnn. dcvotod to his
home nnd novcr bocomliiR Ri-ontly inter
rsted In nny orRnnizntion ; n klnd nolRh
bor. but rntber rotlriiiR ln dlsposltlon.
The funeral wns hcld Sundny nftor
iioon nt the hnuso. ltov. Lewis W.
Champnpy olllclatlnR. Tho biirinl vi-
ln lllvorvlew.
Uclntlvos from out of .town wbo
camo to attend tho funeral wore Ileniy
(Juiiiii of Dnlton. MnsM., Mrs. II. ('.
Davis of (Iroonfield, Mnss.. nnd Mlss
Mnry Gallup of FitohburR. Mnss.
Miss Idn Turner Ims gone to Brattle
boro to work.
loseph Dainour was a business vLs
Itor ln New York n few days recently.
Miss Klennor Blssell came homo Fri
day niRht for her Christmas vacation.
Mrs. Pbilin Barre nnd diiURhtor.
Florence, wcie iu KeadslKiro Wednes-
v Mr. and Mi-s. Phlllp Barre urc enter
tiilnliiR Mr. Itnrre's bvother, Frnuk
Miss Rose .larvls of lteadsbiuo wns
n Riiesl ut her brother, Trilley .Inrvis.
Wednesday. !
Mrs. Cliurles .lohnsou is ablc to "be
out ngaiii nftor baviiiR been housed two
or three woeks.
Lesler Gurney'.s miither came home
from North Adams' wilh .Mrs. Gurncy
Tuesday for u visil.
Miss Eunice Medbury nnd frh'nd,
.Miss Cn. is expectcd bonie from Spiing
field. Mnss.. Snturday.
Miss Mnbel Me'dbury cuiiic home from
Xorth Adams, Mass., Wednesday niRht
for tlio Christmns vucntion.
Miss Fideliu Estnbrook ls roIiir to
Brimficbl. Mass., to Friday to spend
Chrislnias with relatives.
Charles A. Cutting nnd Uona A. (.'ut
ting havc sold the Daniel Warren, or
Cutting. farm to Ilermon .1. Pursons.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Purmclee re
turned Fridny niRht from a few days
visit umoiiR relatives in Brimficld. Mass.
Mkss Elcnnor Brown, Mlss Mnry IIol
mnii from Ohio will come this week from
Burlington for tlieir Christmas vacation.
.1. IrvinR Glenson and Miss Mnrjo
rie Crnfts nre to suend Christmas ut tbe
home of his parents in Worcester, Mass.
Miss Edith Brown visited nt the bomp
of her brother, Curleton M. Brown, in
West Dover from Saturday to Wedncs
day. Mr. and Mrs. Wnllrr Trne left Satur
day nfternoon to spend nliout 10 days ut
the homo of ber parents in Worcester,
Ilownrd Mann of Shelburne Falls,
Mass., bas bocn n guest at tbo home of
his brother, Leon II. Mann, the past two
Mrs. Francis Medbury vriH go to
Sm-iiicficld. -Mnss:. Friday to MH'Jid
(. hristmas witii lier uaiiRUter, Mn. Jiiuus
II. Sibley.
Morton Ward is serionsly ill with
double pncumonia at his home. Iie is
iinder tho cure of u trained nurso and
Dr. S. F. Dunn.
Miss Alice Mnllory is expectod home
from Readsboro Friday. Slie has been
workiiiR in the telephone central oUieo
there a few days.
Miss Harrict Alvord, who teaches in
South Amhcrst, Mass., is oxpected home
Saturday to spend Christmas with her
niother, Mrs. May Alvord.
Mr. and Mrs. llarrison KiiiRsley nnd
two childron, Mrs. Dill Piko nnd Mrs.
Arthur Day went to Xorth Adams,
Mnss., for the day Saturday.
Miss Alice Stone, who has bocn koep
inR tbe books in L. A. Browu's RnrnRo
duriiiR tlie summcr und autumn, has
goue to her home in Halifax.
Miss Margaret Moran, Mlss Dorothy
Vol'oI nnd 'Mr. and Mrs. Krncst Ilarris
werp nmoiiR the Christmns sboppers in
Xorth Adams, Mass., Wednesday.
Homer Boyd drovo his horses on Ihe
Brattleboro stnge Tuesday morniiiR f;ir
Ihe first time this-seuson. the automobil
ing baving lnsted lnter thuu nsual.
Miss MnrRnret Wheelcr and Miss
Edith Suro ii re eicpected homo from their
stndles at Bay Path Institnte at Spring
field, Mass.. Saturday for a week's vnea
lion. Floyd Rafus wns taken to North
Adams hospltal Tuesday for nn operu
lion for uppemlicitis. whiHi wns pei
foriiK'd bv Dr; M. M. Brown nnd Dr.
Merrill Green, who has been visiting
his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Nnthan Green,
ut their home on Castle hlll U few days,
rcturned to Middlesex Tuesilay by Ihe
iy of Brattleboro stnge.
Miss Folioia Allen, Mrs Ilnrold G.
Allen, Mrs. Lester Gurney. Mrs. .1. II.
Benl, und Mr. nnd Mrs. Ilenry Mann
were umong ('hristmas sboppers iu
North Adams, Mnss,, Tuesday.
Mrs. I'nrl Yeaw of East Dover was in
town Wednesday nnd her sister, Mlss
(Jruce Travarrow, nccompanied her home
for u visit. aftcr wblch shc will rcturii
lo her work at j. AllM-rt BueH's.
Fred .lohnsou of West Dover was nn
over-nlRht guest nt the home of Mr, nnd
Mrs. William M. Hnrris recently, going
from here lo spend the holidays wlth
his brother ln Manchester, N, II.
Mrs. Ed, Dixon was taken to the
Xorth Adams hospltal in n crltieal oon-
dition in the Jiight Sundny by Dr. A. II.
Wrlght und Mrs. Mnry Trlpp. Clar
unce Pike ilrov'the car to carry them.
Miss Lilllnn KWit, who has been
tcachlng iu Rocky 1 1 ill, Conn., is com
fhfc Friduy nlght t spend Christmas at
Floyd Crafts's. Miss Kent was cm
ployed in the oflico at Childs Tnvern last
Roy Brown hns hold his half of the
hoiibo on East Mnin street, known as tbe
Dr. Pnge house, to Greeley A, Brown,
who ln turn convoyed it to Leon R.
Covey, (viio Ims moved there from his
house on West Mniu street.
Mrs. Ilnwkcs, n nurso who trained ln
Worcester Mnss., hus located In town to
work for the loenl physleluns and wlll
do soilie outslde nurslng in her spare
time. Slie hus been (.'arlng for Daniel
O'Donnell, who is now recoverliiR from
nn nttnck of pneumnniu.
Christmas concprtHvlll Iie held at thc
ihiirches ns follows At tho CoiiRr'eRii
tionul church Friday evening, Unlver
sallst church Snnduy cvening, and ut tho
Buptist chiireh Monday evening, Pluns
ulso are belug made for a commnnit.v
treo and concert Wednesday eveniiiR,
Dee. 127.
At the Ilnptlst church the pastor wlll
sponk Sundny (mornlns oni tlio subjoct,
Tho, Prophotlii Htnr. Thls will bo n
Chrlstinas Sorinon. Thc nti'ijcct for thc
pvenlne sorvlco wlll bo. rFlndlm: tho
CliHHt CIilli . On Thiinilay ovoiilnR,
I "' , 2S. th) silbje( t for' ponslderntloii
V'111 .P0 1h and last plirnsc of thc
I'r H Vtajvt, Ainon.
Mlss llazol Whpelor w drivliiR ncnr
Ilowe's mpiit innrkpt Moitclny itftprnoon.
wheii, In tilriliiiR, tho slrfRb struck tlio
suiewniu. tnrowniR .Mlss' viieeier oilt.
The horso stnrlod to nni, roIiir tli
leiiRlli oi wnaiter street. Hlown llie hlll
toward tbe LuddlnRtoli Woodcnware
factory, ncross tbe bridRe nnd up West
Mnin street, slrikinR the hIcIrIi tiRnlnst
n telpplione polo nnd shntt?rlnB the body
of the hIpIrIi. Thc runnllip pnrt ot tho
sIpIrIi was left ln front of Tanls Courlo
innncho's blncksmlth hhop. The horso
contlnuod on tlirmiRli tho sriuare,ln the
crlilOr of tho vilbiRO. .boiliR stoppod at
M-anois npraRiies iiiik'Ksuiuii siiop. It
ls tinderstood that tho most sorjous dam
iiro donc wns thut to tbclslclgh, whicb
hns bocn undcrRoltiR p.vtontlivo ropalrs nt
K. 0. Strootor's wool woi1iir shop.
Xoal Fniilkner Inotorod to Oi-tfnfield,
Mnss., Mohday.
S. E. Clement wrts in WiluiiiiRtoii.
Monday oveiiiug.
Loone Ilngor wns iu Grcenllcld, Mnss.,
the llrst of I wock.
Frcomnn .Ilagor nttcnded the Unititl
Slntos Uistriet court ns lurvmnn in llmt.
Ilentr'u-e Tehiple. wbo 1ms been in
Greentiobl. Mass,, a few dnys rolumM
home Monday.
Charles CuttiiiR hu4 sold lits funn niul
stock to n Mr. Pursons. Mr. Cutling will
move to Wilmington soon.
Xews hns l-on recelveil that Mts. .rnlia
Pike, who h iu tbe North Adams bos
pitnl, is gainlng slowly.
Gcorge Snyre niul fnmily hnve stonsl
their Roous nnd uave lctnrneil to tlieir
former .bomo iu Newurk, N. .1. ,
.Alrs. C. II. Waste is very ifil with
nni unionia. Dr. Wnlsh is nttendiii!: her
and Mrs. Calista Stowe ns nurso.
Bernioe Aldi-leh and fnmily buve moved
into Mr. Wolf's tenemont. Slipl is ns
sistin? in the store tlirouglt tbe liiliilny.s.
At the npxt lVRular Grange lni'clinR
Tuesdny eveniiiR, l)eo. 12(1. tbe tlllrd nnd
fourth deRrees will be wolkod. A hnrvest
supper will be servcd,
Tbe public schools wlll closo for thc
holiday Friday of this week.
Miss Maudc Elmer. who spent scvoral
days wlth Mrs. Earlv Taylor, returns to
ber home this week.
Miss A. L. White, toacbor iu thc
South school, wlll Kpcnd hcr vucntion ut
her homu in Proctorsville.
Tho tcncher and pupils of tho South
school hold their Christmas exprvises
with a trec Friday nfternoon, Dec. 22.
Miss Powors, who has bocn subsjtitut
iiiR in the West srhools two or threc
weckM, will rcturn o hcr homo in Ches
ter this week.
It is e.xpectod that Kev. nnd Mrs. II.
R. Milos of New Havcn, Conn., wlll
occupy during thc bummer thc cottnRe
whioh Mr. Eames nnd son hnvc bnilt
ncar thc lnkc on tho farm of Prof. Paton.
Rev. Mr. Milcs has spcnt two sunimers
Mrs. Georgia Whilucrc nnd hcr dnugh
tor, Bossic, Mrs. Wright nnd daughtcr,
Annola, have mct nnd will spend the
wintor togethcr in California. The Whit
ncros went by wny of thc Cnnal nnd thc
Wrights by the overland routo. They
nll intend to rcfum to Amcs hlll for the
Kunds lo lli t"sl iu Towii.
The work of tho nnnual Rcd Cross
roll cnll, wblch wns carricd on by thc
tenehcrs of tho town under tho "chair
maushlp of Aivah Noblc. hns yieldod
.$.'MJ. nll of which wlll be used ln llnllfnx,
as u ruling this yoar made it possible
for persous to specify tbut their mouey
should bo used in tJit-ir ovrn oounty if
that wns their dcsire. In nddltion to
rnising $30 for thc Red Cross the teneh
crs conducted ,u danco, whicb vlelded
.12. The toul wlll bo Used as n chil
drcu's repair fund to bo matchcd bj
Richnrds M. Brndley of the Thomas
Thomp.son Tmst fund.
Jcsse Wheclor ls nt work nt C. E.
.Mrs. Edn.i DeLongi is c-arlng for Mrs.
Wnrren Dnlryni)le nnd Infnnt dnughtor.
Tho Christmas oxorcisos nnil tree will
lw held nt the Bnptist church Monday
eveniiig, Dcc. 25.
Mr. Noble closed n very successful
(erin of school here Fridny. A fuip enter
tainment cinsisting of plnys, songS and
recitntions. wns giveu in the evening,
aftcr which u Christmas tree wns onjoyod
by tlie ehildreu.
Itaptist churcli, Kev. A. S. Buzzell,
pastor. ln splte of the srorm which
made tlie trnveling lnjrd u fnlr number
were present nt the sorviee Sundny soine
couilng live. milos for the sorviee. Surelv
'Tbe fnitli onis delivorcd to tho s;iints
slill lives in soine lives. horvtees next
Suudny will partujiu of the Christmas
splrit. At 11 o'clock there w.ill be u
service of song und story entitled, His
Blrthday, the pastor reading the story
nnd the choir singing tlie songs, At 7
o'clock the topie will be, What Christmns
Means to .Me. '
.Miss Viola Brainan spont tbe wcek-eud
iu Brattleboro.
Claronce Peuse of (ireenlield is cutting
t'hristnias trees in town.
.Mrs. Merrlck Hnriis returned to ber
bnme Monday from the Franklin hos
pitul. Kolland Hubnrd came Tuesduy for u
visit with his Rrandparents, Mr. nnd Mrs,
O. P. Ilubbnrd.
Mrs.,, Clnrn Galvin rcturned from
Greentield ."Monduy, whiro slie visited
Mrs, Elbridgc Alden.
Mlss Aliec Stonc, wbo bas been work
ing in Wilmington, is wlth hcr parents,
Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Stonc, for the wintcr.
The Christmas tree nnd exerclseS at
tlie Vnley schnol were held Thursday
evening. Miss Burtoil, the teaeher, wcnf
t i her 'lioine in Brnttleloro Saturday.
Quallly Not QuantJty.
Sally. thc mnld, was being Iwittcd by
her mistress nbout Jim, hcr bcau,
"But Jirrt hasn't very much s?nsc, has
ho. Snllyr'
"No'm, he aln't sot much, but what
hc iH got, is vory good." Phlladolphia
Miko vas worklng diligchtly on his
potntu patch whcn ho saw th6 postman
eoiniiig up tlio road, bciiriiig for him n
black-cdged cnvclopc.
Mike becauio uneasy, nnd showcd it.
"IIopc H'h not bad ucws," said the post
man. "It is that," snld Mikc, glnncing nt
the nddress. -"It's upsct I nm Intniroly.
Iy brother Put's dead. I can tcll by his
haiulwriting !" Chleago Ncavs.
Wnmcn's umbrcllas, lost by thoir own
ers Whllo trnveling nbout, reach nollcc
headmmrters nt the rale of ovor 200 n
, day,
ATr. nnrl Afrn 11 t. TArrv All1rt.Ar1
from Jamaica Dec. 1-1.
Mlss Annld Mcllcti cnmo Saturday
from Monlrenl to sponil Bcvcrnl days at
hcr bomo.
Thc Chrlstlan MudenTof toplc for
noxt wununy cvcninif ls (Jhristmns All
the lenr.
ChnrlPH 1. Ollddcn hns gonfl , to Brat
tleboro to spend tho wintor wlth his
dnuRhtor, Mrs. Ellznboth McGreevy.
MIrs Ilcion M. Johnsoh rcturned
Wodncsday from Norwich, Conn., whcre
shc spont sevcrnl wccks wlth Mr. nnd
Mrs. Ilnrold Johnson.
Sorvlocs wlll bc l-csiimcd ln thc church
Sundny, Dcc. 24, nt thc usunl hour. 12
oclock; Sundny school, 1.15; Chrlstlan
Endouvor nt 7 o'clock.
Thero wlll bo n Christmns trce, wlth
apiiroprlato excrclsts by tho school
chlldren, in thc OongrcKntlonnl church
rrldny eveuliiR, Dec. '22., All nrc In
vited to nttond nnd cnjoy'the Rood time.
The womcn renllzod nbout $30 from
the Christmns snle Friday cvchlng nt O.
P. Mlllcr'M. A plcnsltig inuslcnl pro
grnm wns ulven, IncludlnK sovcrnl solos
by ltov. and Mrs. A. V. Woodworth, F.
ri. Brnsor nud Mrs. Arthur Bcnls.
Thero wlll bo' scrvlcts.lu tbo Bnptist
churcli ns usunl SUnday.
Mrs. Wallnco Jolinson is iu Colernln
nuing for .Mrs. Churles Illgley.
Miss Merinm Nlchols, who tenches ln
CntubrldRoport, oaine home last Friday
for u tyo weoks' vncntlon.
Mrs. Edwnrd Moseman went Monday
to MIcIiIruii to jolu her husbiind, who
went thero u few woeks ngo.
Miss Mnrion Phelns. who is tnkint? n
teaeher tralnlng course in Brattleloro
will come to her home for the vucntion,
Chnrley Coleinnn nnd Rlchnrd Cox,
studonts nt Suxtons Rlver. wlll isimp
Friday to spond thc vacation at tlieir
School ln district No, 1 closes this
week fof the Christmas vacation, and
tlie teaeher, .Mrs. Spencer. will go lo her
home In Brattleboro.
Misses Ida und Therrele Mcrrlfleld,
students ln the hlgh schooL in Charle.
moin, .Mnss., wui come f rniny to tlieir
lioiim for the Christmas vncatlon.
A Card.
We wisli to cxprcss our heartfelt
thanks to our mnny friends for ull their
kindncss during the illness nnd dcath of
our liu.sband and fnther. Also for thc
beautifill llowers.
Mrs. Wulter ('. Phelps und fnmily.
West Guilford, Vt., Dec. .11), 1022.
Will Bullock is here from the West
to visit his mothor, Mrs. Mnry Bullock.
Mrs. O. Cook visited two woeks re
cently in Springtiold, Holyoke und
There will 1 a supper nnd danco in
GraiiRe liall Thursdav evcninR, Doc. 2.S.
Snow's orchcstru of Brattleboro will fur
nlsh music.
Broad Brook Grangc wlll obscrvc
Christmas by baviug u Christmas tree
und entertuinment aftcr thc regular
meeting Saturday evening, Dci;. 23. A
eordiul welcomo will bo oxtended to all
Grnngers nnd their fnmilies, and it is
hopcd that evcryonc wlll help innkc thc
occaslon n success.
Mrs, Wallaco Johnson ls helpitig care
for Mrs. Higley on North River in Hali
fax. Hnrry Angus nnd William .Tarvls of
Wnlpolc, Mnss., wcrc callcrs nt W. A.
Dcnnison's Sunday.
Wcslcy Page nnd family went Monday
to Rcod IIollow in Hnllfax, whero hc is
to work for Will Warren nnd son.
W. L. Tnylor nud Miss Cora Arnold
rcturned to their homes Sunday nfter
visiting ncarly two wccks in thc home of
Mr. and MrS. Dcnison.
Tho Christmas troo :hd excrciscs will
be Frldav evening, Dec. 22, nt the church.
All nre invited to nttcnd nnd bring prcs
ents to bclp trim tho trce.
A lnrgc truck lonil of goods belonging
to Mr, Lnduc of New York came Tuesday
to the Fairbauk's farm. Mr. Lnduc is
caretaker for a mnn in New York who
recently bought thc fnrm.
New ShOes NecIed.
Negro Uooklc "Pd Ink to hnve n
new pnir of shoes, suh !"
Sergeniit "Are. your shoes worn
Negro Rookie "Worn out? Mnn, thc
bot(oms of mnh shoes nre so thln Ah
ran step on n. dimc nn' tell wbethcr it's
liead or tnils !"
Her F-auIt.
Mothor Tvo tried so hard to makc
you o good child, Margaret, and yet in
spite of nll my efforts you are still rude
and nuiiRhty."
Mnrgaret (deTply moved) "What u
fnllure you aro, niother." Londou Telo
Lame every mornlng, achy nnd sli.T
all day, worsp wheii It's dnmp or cllilly?
Kusiicct your kldneys and try the remedv
your neighbors use. Ask your ludgh
hor !
Mrs. S. (. Graves, 7 South Muiii
street, llrattlelioro, says : "I have used
Doan's Kldney Pllls for scvoral years
und liayc nlways found them just as good
ns they are clnimcd to bc. When 1 first
uwd Doan's my back nnd klilneys were
in n had (Hmditloli due to heavy liousc
work. My back wns lame and sorc und
when I Mnnpod or Hfted anythlng. sharp
nulns in the smnll of my back were un
bearahle. My kidneys wore weak and
Irregular. I heard nf Doan's Kidney
Pills nnd got a balf dozcn boxos ,nnd ln
a short time they curcd the trouble.
Slnce then I hnve tised Doan's wlth e.
cvllcnt rcsults and I um glad to -ecom-mend
them." ,
00c.. at all dealor. Fostcr-Milburn
Co.. Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. Advcrtlse
District of Westminster, ss.
Tlie Ilnnorablc Trobatc Court for the Dis
trict of Westminster:
To all pi-rsons interestcd in the estatc of
Alvah C, Carlcy late of Londonderry ln said
District, deceascd, GRKETING:
At a Probatc Onirl, holdrn at BcIIqws l'alls
wltbln and for sald District on thc 9th day
of Dccember, 192J, an initrunicntiurportlng
ln bc thc last Wijl and Tcslameht of Alvah
( Carlcy late of Londonderry in sald Dis.
trict, dt-ovated, was presented to thc Court
aiori-sain, tor I'ronaie,
And it is ordercd by said Court that thc 6th
day ot Janysry, 1923, at thc l'robate OrTicc
in said Bellows Falls, (x- assigned for proving
said instrument; nnd lliatnpticc thcrcof bc
glvcn to all perbons concerned, by publishing
thls order threc wccks succcssively ln thc
Vermont I'hoenlx, a ncwspapcr circulating in
that viclnlty, (u said District, previous to the
time appointcd.
Therefore, you are btreby notificd to appear
beforc said Court; at thc time aud place
aforesaid, and cotitcst thc probatc of atd
wlll, if you havc causc.
Given under my hand at Bellows Falls, in
sald District, tliis ?th dny of Dccember, 1922,
50-52 JudBC. '
In the inntter of
llunkrupt. In Bnnkruptey.
Not cc s hcrehr Rivon thut on tlic ViOth
day of Dccember. 1022. Churles A. Satl-
der'son of Guilford ln the County of
Windhnm nnd Stutc of Vermont, wns nd-
judgcd bunkrutit ; und that thc first incct-
inc ot his credi nrs wlll he hcld nt .Miinl-
eipnl Court Room in Brattleboro on the
30th day of Decomber, 11)22, ut 10 o'clock
n. m. , ut wblch time snld crcdTlors mny
nttcnd, provc thclr cluims, nppoint n
rrustec, cxnminc tlic uankrupt niul trnu
snct uny- otlior proper husiness.
Roferee in Bnnkruptey.
Dated nt Guilford, Vt., Dec. 20, 1122.
District of Marlboro, ss.
Thc HonOrable Probale Court for thc Dis-1
trict Aforcsaldi I
To thc. heirs and all pcrsons intere strd in
thc estaft bf Kllsha J. Corkins late of Whit.
ingham in snld District, dcccascd,
Wlicreas, nppllcatlon hath been made to
this Court in writiiiR, by tlie Admlnlstr.itor,
prayinK for llcensc and autbority to scll all
of rcal cstate of sald dcceAsed, rcprecnting
to sald Cotirt that it would be beneficlal to
the heirs and all persoiu interestcd ln thc
cstate of sald deccased, to sell said rcal
cstate and convcrt tlic same Into moncy.
And bringinR into Court the conscnt and
approbation In uritliiK, of all thc hctrs to
said cstate resldinu in thls State. and settine
forlh the slluatlon of thc real cstate.
Whereupcn, the said Court appoinled and
assiijned thc iOth day of Dccember, 122, at
thc l'robate Oflice in llrattlehoro in sald Dis
trict, to hear and decidc Upon ald application
and pctition, atul ordcred puhlic notlce thcrcof
to bc Klven to all persons imcrestcd thercln,
by publishlnit sald order, tottetlier wlth the
time nnd placc of hearinK, thrce weeks suc
ccsively in tho Vermont l'hoenix, n new
paper uhich clrculatcs in the neiRhborhowl of
thow pcrsons interestcd in saidVstatc, all o(
wlucn publlcations stiall Iie previous to tlic
day asslirncd for hearinR.
Thcreforr. you nrc hcreby nslified to nppcar
bcforc sald Court, at the time and place
assiKncd, thcu nud there in snid Court to
makc your cbjcctions to thc grantinfi of such
lir:nse, if you $ce cause.
Given undcr my hand at llrattleboro, in
said District, thls 8th day of Drcember. 191:.
50-52 Judtfc.
District of Marlboro, ss.
The Honorahle Probatc Court for tltc Dis
trict Aforesaid:
To the heirs and all person9 interestcd in
thc cstate of Laura E. Ilailcy lnte of Vernon
in snid District. dcceascd, GREKTING:
Whercas, application hath been made tn
tliis Court in writini?, by the Admlnistrator,
praying for llcensc aud autbority to scll all
of ,rrai estatc of said deceascd, reprcsenting
to said Court that it would bc bcnefieial to
thc. heirs and all persons intcrested in thc
cstate of said dcccasrd, to scll rcal cstate
and couvert the fame into money.
Whercupon, the said Court appointcd and
asslimcii the 30th day of Dccember, 1922, at
thc l'robate OIScc in Brattleboro in said Dls
trict. to hrnr and drcide unnti saiil ai,lrj!cation
and pctition, and ordercd public uoticc therc
j nf tn be given to all pcrtons interestcd
with thc time and placc of hcariwr. thrce
weeks fcuccessively in thc Vermont I'hocnix,
u m-wspapcr which circulates in ,thc neighbor
hood of those persons interestcd in said
cstate, all of whicb publications shall bc
previous tn thc day assigncd fnr hearinfr.
Therefore, you arc hcreby notificd to appear
beforc said Court, at thc time and place
assigned, then and there in Said Court to
makc your objcctlons to the granting of such
llcensc, if you stc causc.
Given undcr my hand at Brattleboro in said
District, thls 8th day of Deeember, 1922.
50-52 Judge.
District of Marlboro, ss.
Tlic llonorable l'robate Court for thc Dis
trict Aforesaid:
To atl pcrsons interestcd in the cstate of
Harrict I. Sweiry late of Vernon In said
District, dcceased. GREET1NG:
Whereas., said Court has assigned tWe 30th
day of Dccember next for examining and
allowing the account of the Adminlstrator of
the estatc of said deceascd and for a decree
of thc rcsidue of sald estatc to the lawful
claimants of thc same, and ordcred that pub
lic noticc thcrcof bc given to all pcrsons in
terestcd in sald cstate by publishing this
order threc wetks succcssively previous to the
day assigned. In thc Vermont l'hocnix, a
ncwspapcr publishcd at Brattleboro, in said
Thcrcforc, you are hcreby notificd to appear
at the l'robate Ofhcc in Brattleboro in said
District, on thc day assignrd, thcn and llicrr
lo contest thc allowaticc of said account if
you sec causc, and lo cstablish your right as
heirs, legatccs and Iftwful claimants to said
Given undcr my hand, thls 8th day of
Dccember, 1922.
A. V. SniWENK. .
50-52 JudRe.
District nf Westminster .
Thc Hniiorablc Probatc Court for thc Dis
trirt of Westrrinster.
Tn all ptrsnns interestcd 111 thc cstate of
Sara (I. Warner, ltcT)f Putney, in snid Dis'
trict, deceascd. GREETING:
At a l'robate Cotirt. boldcn at Bellows
I'alN wiihiti and for said District nu thc 13th
day of Dcct-mlK-r, 1922, an instruirent pur.
porting to be- the last Wlll and Tcstament
nf Sara (J. Wnrner, late of Putney in said
District, deceaied, was prcsciitctl lo thc
Court aforcaid. for l'robate.
Aml it is nrdcrrd by sald Court that the
6th day of January, 1923, at thc l'robate
Oflice in sald Bellows l'alls, lic asiigncd for
prnviin; said instrument; aud that noticc
thi reof bc given to all persons concerned, by
publi.hinjj this order thrce wrt-ks succes--dvtly
iu thc Vermont Phoenix, a newspapcr
circulating in thit viclnlty, iu said District,
previous to tlie time appointtsl.
Therefore, you nre hcreby notificd to ap
pear before said Court, at tlic trruc aud placc
aforesaid, and contcKt thc probale of i,aid
wlll, If you luvc causc.
Given Undcr My Hand at Bellows Falls in
said District. thls 13th day of Dccember,
J District of Marlboro, ss.
Tlie llonorable l'robate Court for thc Dis
trict Aforesaid:
To all persons interestcd in the cstate of
lloracc I'. Frost late of Brattleboro In said
District, deceascd, GREETING:
Wherean, sald Court has assigned the 30th
day of Dccember next for examining and
allowing thc account of thc Aditilnlstrator of
thc cstate of said dcccascd and for a dccrec
of the rcsidue of said cstate to the lawful
claimants of the same, and ordercd that pub
lic nollcc Ihcrenf bc given to all pcrsoiu
interestcd in sald cstate by publishing this
order threc wccks succcssively previous to thc
day assigned, in thc Vermont I'hoenlx, a
ncwspapcr publishcd at Brattleboro, In said
Therefore. you arc hcreby notlfied to appear
at thc Probatc Oflice iu Brattleboro In said
Districl, on thc day assigned, thcn and there
to contcst tbe allowaticc of sald account if
you str causc, and tn cstablish your right as
ficirs, lcgatcts and lawful claimants to taid
Given under my hand, thls 8th day of
Dccember, 1922.
50-52 Judge.
Tho Rctort Pnternal.
He I told your fnther that I just
dote 011 you.
Shc And what did he say?
IK That I had better flntl nn nnti
dote. lyndon Mall,
Good Cliiinre WnMcd.
Motber I wouldti't whlii hlni thls
time, Robert. Wult tlll hc tloes It agaln.
Falher Ilnt suppose he doesn't h it
ngnlu? llostou Transcript.
The UndtrslgncJ, havlnj 1en appoinltj hf
the llonorable I'robate Court for the District
of Marlboro, Commltiloncrs, to rccelve, ex
amlnc, and adjutt tbe claims and dcmandi of
all pcrsons analnst the cstale ot Georite ,N.
Crosby, late of Dummerston in satd Ulstllct,
deceaied. and all clalms eKlilblttd In ofltrt
Ihereto, bercby glvc notlce Ihat we wlll meet
for thc purpoie aforetaid, at the Crosbr MD1
in the town o( Dummerston in said District.
on thc 2filh day of Dectraber and 8th day ot
.May next, (rora 2 o'clock 1'. M., untll 4
o'clock P. M., bn each of sald davs and that
slx months from the 10th dav ot November
A. D. 1922, is Ihe time llmited by taid Court
for salil crcditors to prescnt their clalms (o
us for examlnatioti and allowance.
Dated at Dummerston thls 4th day ut De
ecmbcr A. D. 1W2.
19-51 Commltsioners.
District of Marlboro, ss.
The llonorable Probatc Court for tbe Dis
trict of Marlboro:
To all pcrsons Interestcd In the cstate of
Cyrus S. Sherman late of Dover In said Dis
trict, deceascd, GREETING:
At a I'robaje Court, boldcn at Brattleboro
wllhln and for sald District on thc 2$ti day
of November, 1722, an instrument purporting
to bc the last Will and Tcstament of Cjnts
S. Shrrmau late of Dover ln said District, de
ccased, was presented to the Court aforesaid,
for Probatc.
And it ls ordcred by said Court that the
30th day of Dccember, 1922, at the l'robate
Oflice in sald Brattleboro, be assigned for
proving sald inslrumentl and that notlce
thcreot be given to nll pcrsons conccmed, by
tiublishing this order ibrce wecks succeisively
in the Vermont l'hocnix, a newspapcr circtt
lating In that viclnlty, in sald District, pre
vious to the time appointrd.
Therefore, you arc hcreby notified. to apjx-ir
before "ald Coilrt, at Ihe time and ptace afore
said, and contest thc probatc of said wifl, if
you havc cnuc.
Given undcr my hand at Brattleboro in satd
District, thls 8th day of Dccember, 1922.
50-52 Judge.
District of Westminster, v.
Tlie Ilnnorablc l'robate Court for ihe Dis
trict Aforesaid:
To thc heirs and. all persons inlercsted in
the. cstate of John Ilarrett late of Putney in
sald District, dcceased, GREETI.NG:
Wbcreas, application. .hath been made ln
this Court in writing, by tlie Admlnistrator,
pr.iymg for llcensc and' autbority to sell atl
of rcal cstate of sald dcccascd, subject to
existing morlgagc, for thc paymcnt of debi
and ehargcs of administration, sctling forth
thercin thc amount of dcbts due from soiJ
deceascd, thc charges ef administration,
amount of existing mortgage nnd the amount
of personal cstate and he situation of thc
rcal "cstate.
Whcreupon, the said Court appolnted and
assigned the 6th day of January, 1923, at the
Probatc Offiec In Bellows Falls In said Dis
trict, to hear and decidc upon said application
and pctition, and ordcred publio noticc thcrcof
to bc given to all pcrsons interestcd thercin,
by publishing said order, together with tlie
time and place of hcaring, threc wccks suc
ccssively in thc Vermont l'hocnix, a news
paper which circulates In the neighborhood
of Jhose pcrsons interestcd in safd estatc. all
which. publications shall bc prcviou) to the
day assigned for hcoring,
Therefore. you are hcreby notificd to aprjear
before said Court. at tlie time and placc
assigned, thcn and thcrc in said Court to
makc your objcctlons to the granting of such
license, if you see causc.
Given under my hand at Bellows l'alls, iu
said District, this 9th day of Deeember, 1922.
50-52 Judge.
District of Westminster, ss.
The llonorable rrobate Court for the Dis
trict Aforesaid:
To all persons intcrested in the cstate of
Rerilo lloward Ula of Jamaica in-said Dis
trict, deceased, GREETING:
Whereas, said Court bas assigned the 30th
day of Deeember next for examining and
allowing thc account of thc Exccutor of thc
estatc ot said dcceascd, and for a decree of
thc rcsidue of said estatc to the lawful
claimants of thc Ratnc, and ordercd that pub
lic noticc thcrcof bc giveu to all persons
intcrested in said cstate by publishing. tbls
order threc wecks succcssively previous to thc
day assigned, in the Vermont Photnix, a
newspapcr publishcd at Brattleboro, in said
Therefore, you are hcreby nolified to apptar
at thc l'robate Oftice in Brattleboro in said
District, on the day assigned, then and tberc
Iu contcst thc allowahcc of sald account If
you see causc, and to cstablish your right as
heirs, legatccs and lawful claimants to said
Given undcr my liand, this 9th day of
Dccciybcr, 1922.
S0-S2 Judc
3)0 Barber Bldg. Oflice boors.: 10 to 12 artd
2 to 4. Trentment by appointcnent. Tel. 39-W.
W. R. NOYES, M. D.,VhysteUn and Snrgwn.
Eyc. Kar, Nosc, Thrnat. Glnscs filted. Hra.
9-12, 1J0 5. Wcd. nnd Sat. Evc. Am. Bldg.
Hcoker block. Sfaln street. Te!eihcnr.
Telephone. 510. 141 Mn Mrret. Br;
Vt. Hourir: 9 to 12. 2 to 5. Saturday
6J0 to 9.
Brattleboro, Vt.
And Sollcltors -of l'atcnt. llrattlelioro
Guilford, Vt, Spccial atteulioti to probatc
Acts as Executcr, Admialstlator, Caardlin
or Trastee
JOHN E. GALK. Ttnst OfficCT.
Surgcry a spccialty, Oflice ond rcsldence
Brook s Houei 123 Main Sl. Itonrs: Aftcr.
nootts, 1.30 to J: evenlng. 7 to 8, exccpt Tucs
days and Fridays, Sunaays tj appointtnent
oul)-, Telephone, 2-fi.
A. I. MILLER. M. D. '
Hookcr block, Hours: 8 to 9 a. m., 1 tn a
6.30 to 8 p, tn. Telephone, 237-W.
Cutler block. OIHcc bour-l; 1 to J artd
7 to 8 p. m.
W. II. LAKE, M. D.
117 Maln St. Hours s 1 to 3 and 7 to 8, ex
ccpt Sundays. Telephone, 789.W.
Oflice, Bank block. Hours: 1J0 to 3 and 7
I08 p. -m. Rrsidenre, 81 Green Street. Tele
phone eonnrctlnn. -Morn'ngs and Sundays by
appoiutment only.
OHicr, 1'atk Illdg.. rooms 1 and 3, (elcphcine
540, office hours, untll 9 a. rn., 2 to 3, and 7 to
9 p. ui,; Melrose hospltal, telephone 201, 9 to
10 a. ui.l rcsldence, Putney Rnad, telephone
177. Sundays by apnolutmcul ,only.
Market block, Klllot street. Oflice hotrrsi
8.30- to 9J0 a. rq., 1.30 to 2..X) u, m., and 7 to 8
P, ni. Telephone, 744-W.
Offiec, Ixonsrd Dtock. Reslderfe, West
Brattleioro. , Hottrst 1 to 3 and, 7 to,6 p. m,
TcleHione 318-W Rcsldence, 318-R Office.

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