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22, 1022.
Scliool Fair n Succcss.
The vllltiRO scliool fnlr last Friday
ovcnlnR In Unloii hiill was n iuicccks so
clnlly . nnd flnnncially notwlthstundlnB
tho cold Avlntry wenlher that prevallcd.
Thc tcachcrs and pujiila dcvotcd tlic day
to maklnR prcpnrationa nnd tlic fair
wns o'pcri to tlm ublic at !I o'clock in
tliti nfternoon, The decorntloiiH aml ar
ran'somcnts wejc' all in ptnec nnd the
, Hcbonl .In.readinpnn to rceeiv,C at thp np
A larco mipply of cnniipd fntit' was
contrlbuted,. also fnncy" and uscful ar
tllcs, ' llomc-(ilad,u ' candy'. ctc,' Tw
lurichcon s'cts were dlap6pi?d of by Rt'lllti
holders. all; bclnc tlic hnndlwork of tlu
puplls. A oontfndrnm luncli" was servedJ
Wlth ice-cream at the aftornoon snle. ,
. JiivtlicpvonlnK au Intcri'SthiK- lltcrnr'
unl ..muslgal prograin was follpwcd by
shovt 'tallro by Siipcrvisor Guy 'ltiwers
and two cducators .oC (lie ntate board
Miss lloo I.ueln and Miss AaRers'oi'i o
Montpelier, Miss Faith Yeaw o( th
Itcd Crosn In Hrattleboro also was pres
cnt and took charRe of Ramcs and er
tcrtainmcnt aftcr tlic proRrnm. I.yndn
lIlBKl.ns and Esther Trevnrrow won tlu
two liinclicon sets.
Over .$20 wns madc from thc sale. t
part of which will bc us.ed to provhl
hbt lunches for pupils v.iio carry tlici
dinriers and eat at tlic Kchoolhousc wlicn
the noon-day liour is siient.
The rchodls aro huviiiR a vacation o
two weeks, and will bcgin Jan. 2.
Miss Marjorie B. Kamcs came fro'
Middlebury collcgc TncHday to spcnd tlu
holldny vacation.
noward Osbornc carac from the Uni
vcrsity of Vermont Wedncsday for a vn
cation of nbout two weeks.,
Mrs. M. O. Ilowe lins receivcd new
that her son.Arthur O. IIowc.. recentl
underwcnt nn opcration in Toronto.
Klwin Joncs and A. H. Undcrwoix
were callcd to Herve as grand jurorn a
the lnltod Stotes federal court in Urut
tleboro Tuesday. '
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. IIcBeock wcn
last wcck to Arlington, Mass., to spend
the wintcr in thc homc of their dnufihtcr
Mrs. Alicc ltandall.
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. ITcscoek havc
Ronc to Arlington, Mass'., to spend thc
wintcr wlth their dnUKhtcr, iustead of
to, Brattleboro as rcportod last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin .loncs nnd Mi
and Mrs. Itoy Joncs attcndcd the fu
hcral scr"icc of Carlos Joncs at li
homo in Brattleboro last Friday.
Miss Saidec Morse is spendiiiRtbc
holidny vacation at hcr homc in New
fane. Thc Christmas exercises will be held
at thc Baptist church Monday cveniiiB at
8 o'clock. All are invited.
Mtsrf Giadys Chnpin wcnt to lier homc
in West Townshend Snturday to spend
her vacation of two weeks.
Miss Bcrtha Itecd, a studcnt at thc
Brattleboro Businoss Institute. was at
home last week on aecount of illness.
Therc will be nn all-day mectiiiK of
thc Ladics' Bencvolcnt society Wcdncs
day with Mrs. Ilcrbert AV. Garry at
Mrs. Slonc rctnrncd 'Wcdnesday nisbt
from- Hartford, Conn., wliere shc had
bccn visitins, and is with her dnughtcr,
Mrs. Italph O. Thayer.
Mcrton C. Stone wcnt to Grccnfield
Monday to mcet his daushter. Miss
Marion Stone, who has bccn with hcr
aunt, Mrs. Kdward Iler of Albany, N. Y.,
scveral months.
Mrs. TJertmV Spark's, who' bas bccn ill
and under thc doctor's care, epcnt the
wcck-cnd with Mrs. Jobn E. Morse. On
Tuesday sbc wcnt to Brattleboro to visit
rclativcs a fcw days whilc rccupcratini;.
Winter has arrivcd in earncst. Thc
snow now beiiiB n foot or more in dcpth
Bives flne HlciRhitiK. AutomobileB still
areTunniiiB, to some cxtcnt. Thc cold
wave of Tuesday nlRht produced a tcm
pcraturc of 15 degrces below zcro.
Elizabctli Gordon, who attcnds Lcland
and Gray sciniiiary in Towiihhend, comcs
today to her home for thc holidnys.
Frank Aldrich, a stndcnt at Vermont
academy in Saxtons Hiver, will siicnd
thc holiday vacation at his homc hcrc
Thcre will be a Christnias trcc and
cxereiseti.in thc Methodist church Katnr
day night at 7.150 o'clock. Kvcryonc b
Cliency Willinms. 'Wiiliam Willlains.
Maudc Moorc, Carlotta Nido nnd Klv
Gary came home Thursday from tlu
Brattleb T' hiKh bchod for the Clirist
muH vacation.
I. S. Derby of AVest Townshend has
becn in town sevcrnl days this week. 11c
has Riven up his rooms in A. M. Mcrri
lield's house, shipped his macliiucry and
Konc to Winhall, v.iicrc be will put his
lathcs in a mill and cnt chair stock. II'
has bccn in West Townshend the past
two ycars.
Mrs. h. .1. Allcn fell nnd fracturcd hci
hip Sunday.
Miss Muricl Grout ia home for n twi
Weeks' vacation.
Sevcral from hcre attcndcd tho Green
wood auction in Townshend Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Butlcr were ii
Brattleboro last Friday.
A. fi. Glcasou was in Wilmington Sun
daj to nttend the funeral of Will Ilobin-
Mrs. Xcd Picrce. Mrs. G. II. Glcasou
Guy l'circe nud Kd. Ktotldard were in
Brattleboro Dcc. 14.
Mhs Madallnc Bllls went Tuesday to
her home in West Wardsboro for a, vaca
tion over the holidays.
Guy l'eirce, Miss Buth Allcn. Mix
Kthelyn Hownrd, Charlie Iloward and
Ed Stoddnrd attended the minstrel show
in .Brattleboro Satuiday cveniiiB.
News has bccn receivcd hcre that Mr.
und Mrs. J. N. JJcttcrley, who left Fri
day nlRbt on their way to Houthcrn
I'inea, N. C, arrivcd there Sunday inom
inB. Tliey arc spcndinR n fcw days in
thc home of thclr son, Iliigh J. Betterley.
and fauiily nnd wlll then go to n tene
u ment which hnH boen rescn'ed ,for thcm
'for the wintcr. They stated that the
Rrnss"nroiind their son's home was ns
" green aa In Juue nild that Irs. Betterley
' plcked 'iwuie roses Sunday nfternoon
which sbc scnt to home folks berc.
Women Need More
arid B.etter Blood
To lo strong, well, equul in dbmanda
of home, cocietv, otlico or ehop.
"It is a ac"t p'foven by thousanda of
gratcful Iptters tlint Ilood'a Barsa
parilla ia Tomnrkably bonelicial to
youiif; or pldor womcn.
Tho most coinuion aihncnta of
women drnin niid weaken tho systom
nndflomctlnics rfisult In nnomia, ncr
votts weaknoss, gonoral bicak-dowh.
Ilpod'e Sarsuparilla givea tho blooc.
more vitality and bottor colnr, nmko
Btrrt.ngor norves, ani coutributoi to
tbd.lenglU nnd onjoynient of Ufo. .
Dratli of IVank Davis.
Frank M. Davis, 01, dicd last week at
tho home of his UauKhter, Mrs. Gcorec
Batchplder. In Easthnmpton, Mash1.,
aftcr an illness of scvcral yenrs, al
tliougli be 'as ablo to be out around
most bf thn timc tiutil lils dcath.
Aftcr his marriagc nnd unlll liis
wlfe's dcath ncvcn yenrs ago, he llvcd
most of thc time In this town. althotiRh
hc was prpprlc.tor of thc TowishiuI
Inh n fev yc'ars and thc Cottnty House
In Newfane, At thc timc of Mrs. DavisM
dcath hc 'owned the Davld Stowcll "fnnn
nn klll Afli.i. Ii'or ilnnth Ii
sold' the farm nnd piadc liis holnc Kvitli
his son, Karl, in Newfane1 ilml liiN,
(laugntcr in ljastuanipton, out ne was .a
freqncnt visitor 'j)i this villaBC.
' Mr. Davis was riqpiity sberiff many
y'cars and was wcll known throughuut
ho county. Hc bclonged to thc Masonic
lodjre of-this villaBc
Th6 funeral was ; held at the homc of
'iis daiiBhter in, Kastliainpton Snturday
tfternoon nnd lntcr the body will be
'irotiBht hcre and lnid besido his wifc
n Ulvcrside ccnietery in this vlllage.
Albert Aldrieh is ill.
Mrs. Ella I'ayno is at homc from
'Wio new iron bridge was put on last
Gcorgc J. WriRht has hired the Sher
vln houso nnd will movc therc soon.
Ilcrnian Eddv of Newfane visitcd hia
laiiBhtcr, MarRarct, at GeorBe AVil
iams's over Sunday.
Scveral men worked last wcck dig.
InB the holcs nnd scttlng the electric
ight poles throiiRh thc villagc.
Mrs. Ed Kowalski is ill.
Mrs. Ollvc Stylcs is assistins in thc
Siftcr oflicc.
F. W. Mclendy is gaining from his
eccnt illncwi.
Miss Abblc Cromack is Raining from
u attack of neuritis.
Mrs. Sylvin I'aync is visiting Mrs.
Iarvey Kiplcy nud family.
Mrs. Muiidell and four chlldreu are
Isiting her father, E. W. Knnpp.
Mrs. .Tack Morse and two childrcn of
jynn, Mass., arc at Lyle Ilunt's,
Mrs. Dclla ('ummings cared for Mrs.
'uey Williams whilc GeorBe Hunt was
iway on a busincNH trip last week.
A. L. Tuttle rcprcscntcd Fnrmers'
OrnnBC of this plaec at the state Grangc
mecting in BurliiiRton.
Ono enndidntc was initiatcd MoiuVo
vcniiiR at the regular mecting of West
.liver lodgc, No. lil.
Alxmt 2,000 Christmas seals have bccn
s :ld by the scliool childrcn of thc town.
Miss Ilarrict Davis had charge of the
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. A. Dudley wcnt to
SprinRfield Friday. They will spcnd
he wintcr with their dauBhtcr, Mrs. W.
U. Stuplcs.
Thc Green Mountain bnnd will givc
i -conccrt and dince in the town hnll
Ded. L). Kcnt Kebckali lodgc, No. 0!);
will servo the Hiipjicr.
Mr. und Mrs. liV II. Mebnron havc
bccn in Jamaica scveral timcs rcccntly
callcd there by the illness and dcath of
Mr. MchUron's fathcr.
The communily Christmas trcc will bc
placcd in postotlicc squarc and decorated
with electric lights. for the week, a rc
mindcr of thc Christmas spirit..
Thc villagc scliools closcd Tuesday
nfternoon with u very enjoyable' p.'irty
and trce. Candy was furnishcd by the
teachcrs. hnnta Claus even tooK a lit
tle Vldc trip und' -was' preECIlt to unjoy
thc afTair with the rcst.
Thc first lcsson ln nursing was givcn
to n good class which mct with Misn
Minnie Tjier last wcck llmrsday. The
liicetinB will be held with Mrs. Suc
Mlllingtou. Tlic Mibject will bc Bcls,
and bed-makiiiB will be dcmonstratcd.
Thc Christnias nerviees will be held
at the town hall Monday cvciiIiib, Dcc.
1!Ti. Thc villagc schools, with thc teach
crs in charge, will fiirnish the entcr
tainment. Sinall trccs will he decnratcd
and popcorn nnd candy bags will bc
given the childrcn. ('ake und cofTec will
be servcd to ull udults.
Itobert T. Shcpluirdson post, No. 812.
Ainerican Lcgion, clcctcd thc followins
ffii,rs at their annual nnH.'ting: Coni
inander, Dr. A. O. Walker; tlrst vici
commandcr, Frank Marden : sccnnd vice
commahder, Clarence I'ierce; adjutant
Caspnr Lnndinan ; (inancial olfic-r
Wallace Grover; chaplain, Emil M
Mattson ; sergcant-at-aruis, Leou Tor
At the mreting of tlic Sons of A'ctcr
uis Weilncsilay ovcning ouc caiulidatc
was initiatcd, and thc followins otficerf
were clcctcd : Gunmander, Don Eddy :
's. V. C, Herbcrt Frcnch : J. V. C, hcon
Colenian; secretary, Frank Ilulett
ireaBiirer, Hcrbert Uauisdell : camp
ouncil, Williard I'case, Jtiuia Convcrse.
caspar Landmaii. Thc invitatinu of
Il(.oker W. U. C. to attcnd their instal
lation was accepted.
All mcmlers oi Ivcnt Rcbekah lodge
No. r!), are urscd to attend the next reg
ular meetiiiB Dec. 27. This mceting wlll
bc for thc elcution of olhccrs. Thc clos
!ng birthday party of thc year for tlu
members whose birthdays oecur in Oc
ober, Novcmber and Di'ccmbcr. will b
held. Whlle thee members will be tlu
ucsts of honor, therc v bc a gcncroin
upply of rcfrcshments for all. It is e.x
peetcd that the noblp grand, Mrs. Rubj
N. Carley, will be prcbi'iit.
Leon Gibbs is ill with grlp.
Mrs. Fishcr is ill and undcr the doc-
tor care.
Mrs. Frank Robbins Is ill and nndei
the doctor'a care.
Miss Ollvo IIowc spcnt the wcck-cnd
at A. J. WcbcoU'h.
A. J. Westcott nnd son, Ilarofd, wen
in Brattleboro Friday.
Harry Hall has a new pnlr of hom
that he bought of O. S. Farwell.
Mrs. Alva Harris is ill with asthmu
und Eudora Abbott is hclping with tlii
School wlll close Friday for the
(Jhrlstiuas vacation wi(h a, Christmat
iieu in the eveniug.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Jennlson have
coiue to spcnd the wintcr witli Mr. and
Mrs. A. J, Westcott.
The snow roller was out Tuesday foi
he tirst time this wlnter.
There were Christmus exercises nnd
a tree at tho West xchoolhouso Tliursdu.
ciiiiig, Dec. XI,
Farm Burcau meetiiiB wnn held in th
hurcli vestry Saturday eveaing, Mis
Violn Camcron boing presotit.
The oyster supper nnd dance nt Ilarry
tJcmis'H Friday eevnlng wns u pleusapt
occasion, over 40 being prescnt.
Mr, nnd Mrs. G. I. Frntt receivcd ncwt
from their dnughtcr, Mrs. Johu Itowu of
Madbury, N. II., of the loss of their homc
ly llrc, Notlilug was savcd from th'
store and postotlice and thc househo1
fnrnlturn wns n comnlcte loss. The fam
ily escnped with only the clothes which
-iiey wore.
WJwonsln has moK .cheese foctorlw
thon duy otbcr state.
Commimlty t'liiislmas Dcc. -.".
Tho prograin for thc coininunlly
Christnias exercises tn bc held in the
town hall Christmas niRht. Dcc. 25, will
bcgin at 7.110 and wlll Includo solos,
Carols and cliortiscs, also rccitntinns und
cxcrciscs by the childrcn. Mrs. B. II.
I'liillips nnd Mrs. A. J. K. Dnkctt have
tlic llrogrnm in chnrRo and wlll be as
sisted b.V Miss I.nwrcnee and Mrh. il'at
oum. lcatlicrs of thc gradcd H'chooi. Mrs.
W. II. Nobbs, Mrs. W, II. UogcrB and
Mrs, A. F. Cutlcr havc charge of trim
iniiiR thc tree, which wlll' be gay wlth
(ranil.v bags for every chlld in the coin
munlty. All arc askcd to fcel frce ti
brings glfts for family or friend.s tu, hclii
dqrorate thc trcc and udd to thc evcnlng's
cnjoynielit. Aftcf tho trcc Is strippctl Ii.
b'ocinl hour W.ill bc cnjoye'd by old und
HhiiiI Hadly llurt on IJand Saw.
Whlle workrng at C. II. AVillanJ's mlll
ucsday W, Av Eddy, who was wcarlng
Jienvy ploves, caiiRht his lcft hand "on
thc bniid snw, scvcrinR ono fingcr and
badly nuitilating n sccond. As Dr.'Os?ood
wns out of town Mr. Eddy was takcn at
once to Brattleboro by Mr. Willard.
whcrc it was fouud nccessnry to iimpn
tato tho sccond finger nt thc Mcmorial
bospitnl. Mr. Eddy began work-ut thc
mill only the day hefore the accidcnt.
Church Roll Call .I.wi. 1.
The annual roll call of thc Congrcga
tional church 'wlll be held at usual on
New Ycnr's day, Jan. 1. Thc chicken.pic
dinncr, tn which all members of church
and society nre invited. is in charge of
Mrs. I. S. Sayre and Mrs. Clarke Ald
rich. The afterdiiincr prograin will bc in
charge of Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Northup.
Ofliccrs of the church, society and Sun
day school will be choscn during tlic
Miss Mnrgiicrllc Dauchy is cxpcctcd
home from Bryn Mawr collcgc Saturday.
Thc Adrcnt school in district No. H
is closed on nccount nf the chickcn-pox
cpldcmic in that locnlity.
Miss Catliariho Flant wcnt this week
to the home of her nephew in Chicngo,
whcrc she will spcnd tlie rcst of thc win
tcr. A short husincss mceting of thc Com-
munity club will be held in the town
hall Monday cvcning, Dcc 2.", at
C II. Straitift" is houscd with a brokcn
rib. eaused by slippinB on the ico in
Willard's mill ynrd latjt week, whcrc he
was worliing.
Mrs. Knytnnnd Watson of BurliiiRton
came rucpuay anit .Air. watson came
Thursday to spcnd the Christmas vaca
tion wlth tucir pnrents.
Allan Ilcath of Mnssachusctts Acri
cultural collcgc came AVcdnesday to npend
a two-wecl;s vacation witu ins parcnts,
Mr. and Mrs. II. J. Ilcath.
Christmas cxcrciscs will bc held at thc
ITnion graded school Friday bcgiunhiR at
l.Mi p. m. liic program will concJuuc
with tlie distribution of cifts from a
Mrs. Dora Benson of Brattleboro
nssisting .Mrs. u. n . rtullips in carmir
for ncr tour-montlis-olil uauy. wlio lins
not been gaining as" fnst as could bc
The Townshend studcnts at tlie Uni
versity of Vermont, Jamcs Follclt, Earl
Vincent and Nnthan Dauchy, came to
their Iiomcs Thursdny for the holiday
Mrs. I. II. Holland wcnt Thursday to
Grccnfield. Mass., to meet her da.lRhter,
Miss Doris'-IIollniid. who, rcturits' home
for the vacation froin her school in Wa
tertown, Mass.
Miss Emma Bushuell of Springlipld,
Mass., and Mrs. Lnura- Morey of Oak
I'ark. 111., arc expectcd Sattnday to
spcnd thc holidays at the home of Mr
and Mrs. C. II. Willard.
I'lans for Christnias carols to be siiiie
on Christmas eve in various parts of the
villnsc arc bcing made and all mter-
ested will meet Sunday nfternoon for re
hearsal. Mrs. D. G. Hmythe has thc
projcct in charge.
Dwight "M. I'utnnm of Kockvill
Mnss.. has bought Merton AdanisV
farm in the north end "f the town
u ritmgs were made Friday. Mr. Ad
nms has sold his work horscs. harnesj.
ileds, ctc, to Mr. I'lttimm.
A Christmas social was Riven nt tlic
seminary Tuesday evcning by thc scipor
class. Secnes from Dickens's Christnias
Carol were Riven und the cvcning closcd
with dancing. A Christmns program will
be held at thc seminary Friday nfternoon,
bcRinning ot 2 o'clock.
Although the morninB was bfttcrly
cold the all-day auction at A. K. Green
wnrd's farm S'ltunlny drew a lnrgc at
tendancc and bidding was lively. Tlic
various itcms of stock, farm maehinery.
ctc, brought fair prices. The farm was
not struck off ihiritiR thc auction. and at
prescnt rcmnins in Mr. Greenwood's
Mcrlc Hnndallj who has a teacher's po
sition in thc Umvcrsity of Vermont, was
nperated upon Wedncsday inorning iu
tho Mury Fletcher hospital for hernia
md posslblc complications. Uis parcnts,
Mr. and Mrs. F. T. ltandall. receivcd a
messago about 11 o'clock that the opera
lon was succcssful and their son dbing
Thc girls of thc W. h. I. club held
a mcrry Christmas social Wedncsday
evening to which the bo.vs of the sem
inary -were invited ns a spccial privilcgo.
Each person prescnt brought n gift for
the trcc, cach in turn rei'eiviiiR n prescnt
from Santa Cliins (or was it Santa's
wife?), who carried olT the character in
a coiamendable manner. Livcly gnmes
fillcd the cvealng witli fun.
A gcnerous sizcd box wns sent this
week to the Soldlers Home nt Benning
ton, packcd wlth giftn from uicmbers of
Kirchanl oman s Uelicf corps. The box
contnined a variety of pfeservcs and
frult in qunrt tmu pint cases. Manv
glasscs of jelly, boxes of hoiiie-madc
Christinas cainly. towels. books nnd niac-
azllies. Holiday teals and cards were
uscd plentifully and the hearty best
wlshcs of thc corps went with thc box.
iho corps secrejary, .Mrs. p . II. Law
renee, luul tlic pnckiiiR iu t'harRc.
Tho nnnunl roll call of thc Bnnttst
church will ' bn held at the church
Tliursday. Dec. 'JH. A chickcn.n p dln
ner wlll bo scrved at noon und itnmeil!.
ately followIiiB will bc held ,thc biiHincss
mectitiR ot tno ciiurcn orRnnlzntion with
elcction of olTiecrs nnd a roll call of the
uienibcrs. A husincss mecting of thc
Uadausah Iciiruc will be held latcr ln tjic
nfternoon. The coinmittcc in chargtf of
tne iunner is Jirs. l. u. Minvthc, Mrs
L. J. I'nrker. Mrs. 1. S. Silyre, .Mrs. W.
H, Nobbs. Mrs, F. Jl, J.uwrcncc, Mrs,
B. 11. I'ldlllps.
The members of the Iladassnh lcnRiie
werp entprtaiiicii nt tlie iinme of Mrs.
Ernest Cooluy Tliursday afteruoon. Dec
1-1, the occasion proving 911c of the
most enjoyable mcctiiiKs of tlie year
Mrs. Cooley was assistcd ln entertnliiinr
liv .Mrs. linurcn I'lUe. A (IcIIcIouk hnl
dinncr was servcd to both thn "elderlv
nnd "yonthfur' niembers nt noon. Tbe
nfternoon was plcusuntly spent witl
ChrlKtnins scwinir. Itendlnes were clvei
bv Mrs. B. It. Phillliis nud Mrs. Nellli
Mllw. Plans were made for tho nnnunl
church call dinncr nnd n commlttce wns
nppolntcd for ihnt day. I'lans nlsrt were
HW11IC lUi llllliiuin UUilCl uj iiiv;
Mr. Whitncy, who is cuttlng Iors, is
oardllig at Ilarry Styles's.
Mrs. M. R. Biirrington wns a business
visitor in Brattleboro Tuesday.
Thcre willibe a ChriHtinas conccrt nnd
iree at tlie cliurch Monday evcning.
Miss Giadys Chapin is homc from hcr
cl.ool nt South Newfane for u two wceks
vacation. , ,
Tlic I.adles' Aid socletv snln and
Chrlstinn Endcavor supiicr Thursday cvc-
ilH2 was a siiccess.
D. S. Durbr lins rmished work nt
Tuft's mlll nnd has moved his mnchincry
to Burbcc s mill 111 indlinm, whcre 111
liaa n convcnlcut rooiu littcd up for busl-
I'rnyer mceting . this wcck at thc
itarsoiiogc. Chrlstian Endcavor mcet
ing at the church nt 7.!i0. Topic.
now to navo unrisimas All inc lcur.
I.cnders, tho" associate mcnibcrs.
Yottr correspoiidcnt receivcd newt
from W. H. Ilnmllton of Jainaica that
hcy arrivcd 111 Jncksmvillc, 1 la., . in
mfety. were plcasantly locatcd nnd thn
he wenthcr.was hiie, mercury nrouml
11 iu tlm mtililln n( tllp llliv. Wl'l'O llMDIIV
livinj high with new potntocs nnd ull
;inds ot vcgctnblw.
Ed'wln. Itobert nnd Lewis Stowell arc
chopplng for John Gould 011 East hlll
and boardlng at Samuel Wiswall'fl.
The ccntcr Bchool nnd thc Sunday
school will co-opcratc in couimiinity
('hristmas exercises Friday evcning,
Dcc. 22.
The West Windham school held
Chrlslmns cxcrclsc.i Friday evcning, Dec.
lf, which were attcndcd by n fair num
bcr outsidc the school.
Thc West Windham scliool closcd
Dec. 15 for two wceks' vacation. The
tcnchcr. Miss f.ora Kicharueon, has gone
to her homo in Glover. Thp ccntcr school
will close Dec. 22 for two wceks.
A. O. Burbcc und I'nul P. Joncs were
summoned to U. S. court in Brattleboro
Tuesdav. Owine to thc scvcn inchcs of
snow which fell, Sunday and preventcd
iiutoiaobiling oh country ronds, they
wcnt Monday 011 tlie inlxcd train to
reach there In time. .Mr. JJurocc wcnt
to Springficld, Mass., to spcnd Monday
Thc Farm Burcau new a committec
mceting 011 thc nfternoon of Dec. 14 o
draw up a community program of worit.
In tho evcning there was a pnulic mecl
ing to discuss nnd adopt thc prograin.
Five recis of moving pictures also drev
a Rood numbcr, ns moving pictures d(
not reach Windham cxcept when tlu
Farm Burcau prcsciits thcm.
Miss Carrie Warc has becn ill nnd
still confincd to thc house.
Mrs. Annu Torrey is convalcsciiiR
fr"m an illness of two wceks.
Mrs. J. M. Dcniiison and Stantou,
who h:'ve bccn houscd two weeks, arc
now able to be out.
Lewis Williams went to Brattleboro
Wednesdav for a fcw wceks' trcatmcnt
by Dr. W. II. Lane. '
F. W. Whitncy has closcd his home
for 1111 indclinitc timc and has gonp to
thc Mcmorial hospital in Brattleboro for
an opcration.
Otis Iletllon's schopl in Windham
closcs this wcck. He plans to U-avc S:n-urd-iy
for 11 two-wccks' vacation witli
fricnds iu I'enusylvaiiia.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Walcs lMimptou phin
to ro to Putney S. turda.v to Miend
Christmas with Mr.. -UliiiiptonV parenls.
Mr. and Mr. W. A'. T?age. I
Miss Kdith Kidder Ih ill with pleurisy.
Sbc wr ebligcd to close hcr school nt
West Wardsboro for the prescnt and
was brought to her homc hcre by Dr.
0. V. Ilcillon Tuesday.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Willis Caniicld and Mr
and Mrs. Frank GrilHn were eiitcrtained
at Miss Williains's homc Prid eve
niiiR. Dinix -.c's there Sunday in
cludcd Mrs. 1 i :ii - Gleason, J. E.
Glcasou. Mr. :".! Mis. B. C. Parsons.
Mr. and Mi . Iu. .ild Huntington and
Mr. nnd Mis. W. W. Kidder.'
An iuvitation is cUeiidcd to ull to at
tend the ('hrihlmiw cxcrciscs !
ctal to be held at tlm town hall Monday
evcning at S ociick. .v liiciin.v
niuical program has bccn arrangcd h
the coinniittec, aftcr whicli thc gifts w 1
bc dihtrihiitcd fr 111 the trcc miI -mi c'
prescnt will .bc left out. Following this
there will be a social hour iu the dining
rooni, whcrc sandwlches, cake and c 1
fce will be servcd, frcc to all.
Ilard colds are (juile prevalcnt.
W. R. Nash rocently visited his mothci
nnd viistcr in Spriiiglii'ld, Mass.
Graydon 'Wliite of Newfane is visitiiu
his KraiiilmotliHr, Mrs. Ilug Putnain.
Mrs. Bclle I'ike lias bccn visiting lici
lstcrs at l A. lloitkiiison s tlie pas
Miss CoriiM! Piko is in Chctcrfield, N
H. Little Chester l'ikc is living 11
Georgc Tudor's.
Mi;.j Kidder. tlic villagc school tcacher
was ill Mo'iday nud ohllgcd to go hom
ior u fcw ilays, so school will not Kec
Snow came Sunday, ubout (ivc inchc:
Therc wero no scrviccs ut tlic churc
Sunday, und the stiliie wont witli horsi
Miiml.-iv T'lrniivt 1 i tr pnmit frnni Tou'l
shend in the storm to tuke hia mothcr t
The sikw storm of last wcck Thursda:
bindcied u Kcncral liininut to tho o.tte.
upper aud salc which the Ladics' Sneiu
ciiclc had et for that night. but a goo
numbcr came nnd had a gooii time. Iher
was a good supply of drygoods on sa'
iMth by ll.e Circle und the Girls' clul'
Of thc t.wo pleced bedquilts the inns
nieces were given by Mrs. Eininn Smi'
rom licr cousin, Miss Bellc Piercc. On
f tbcni was beautifullv done by tw
ladics in East Dover, Mrs. Kun Adaic
md Mrs. Sarah Adams, agci S7 nndSI
rcspectivcly. The net rcceipts were .1"
Merry Christmas, evcryhody!
Wintcr scciiis to have descendcd ln goo
Nothing green nbout this Christmas' lx.
the trees and those mnke good hacl
grou.nds for tho iircscnts.
Miss Daisv Fltznatrlck'H many frieii''
arc sorry to learn o her accldent nti'
t.ope siio is Riuning rppmiy.
In !i recent isSnn nf 11 western licwspr
ncr the corivpondent rejid of n niilroi:('
(l ncairo i: A ton. that was mitting n
rndlo aml moving pictures on ono of it
vaiiiH. Wonlttn't tlint be n good sugge'
I n for tlic West Itlvcr division of th
Ccntrnl Veruiont? Might be more iltv'Jr
nvr thaii chnngitig thc. selicdule cvcry fcv
'ays. '
An invention whlclt Hhould do mue''
n snfegunrd the llves of.niinnrs is a bcll
wbleh autonuitlcnlly souiids nn alarm If
hcro Is n dangcrous nuiount of gns or
fiicdamp in tlic plt. Tho dcvlcc can bo
et so that it goes off as soon as a ccr
niu perrentnRe of gas ia ln thc ntmos
nlii'i'p. nnd It irlvcs nninle timc for the
iinrs )o cscapo beforo tho nlr bccomes
renll)'" uangerous.
Windsor Cnstle' hao dcen a royal rcsl'
dence for more thnn 800 years.
Tlic Lato Mrs. Ida R. IIowcs.
Thc funernl of MrH. Idn H. HnwrH. M.
was held in tlie Northfield Fnrms, Musm.,
llbrary 1'riday nfternoon nt 2,:!0 o'clock,
following scripture readlug und praycr
by Dr. Lemon of the (Jrecnfleld Baptist
I'hurcli at McCurthy'H iindcrtaking jiar-
h.ra in Greenficld. Rcv. F. W. Fattlson
"Jr'i10. Y?or,fi.lifi,!,,i c.ongrcgatlonnl church
ofliciatcd. Tho hltr al (00k p bce in the
IIowcs family lot in Northfield Farms.
eiiurch at McCurthy'H undcrtaklng' nar-
11. ra 111 urcenueiu. Jicv. r. v, I'atuwm
MrH. HnWi'M lllcd ill tho Fnl-rnn tmj
pilul in Montaguc, Mans., Dcc. l.'l aftcr
a fcw days' illness with pncumoriin. She
wus born iu Bcrnnrdston, Mass., nnd bo
came a uursc. She spcnt 10 yc'ars as a
nursp in the stnte hospital in N'orthamp
ton, Mass., and sbc and her lni'dmnd
livcd 011 their farm in Northfield Far'ms
n'bout 25 ycars. '
Aftcr the dcath of her hushand, Elson
E. Howcs, sho madc hcr hoine wlth her
diiughtcr, Mrs. C. O. Dunham of this
Pjncc. She was callcd to Blvcrslde,
Mnss,, to nurse her grandson, Harland
I ritcy, who was 111 wlth pnctimonia. Iler
datlgliter. Mrs. Charlcs Traey, con
tractcd thc disease and dled uftcr a short
Mrs. IIowcs, bcing worn out by con
stnnt Jiursing, wns ovorcomc bv pneumo
nia and dicd tlircc days following her
danghter'H dcath.
She was always a fricnd of thc nccdy
aml finnlly rhvc hcr lifc in sacrifice upon
the allnr of scrvice. She Icnvcs her
daughtcr. Mrs. C. O. Dunham, and five
j?nindchlldrcn, Gordon II. nnd Ida Dun
ham and Harland, ' ClltTord and Hclen
Lula IIowo is spendiiiR thc wcck
F E. Ycaw wa in Brattleboro Satur
lay on husincss.
W. D. Howc is confincd to his bcd by
IlncNS. Mrs. IIowc is gnining slowly.
Mi'H. ChurlcH Turner wcnt Mondav to
Hraltlcboro to spend n fcw days with
Mi-s. W. E. Waterbury spcnt n fcw
lays last week in .Springficld, Mass., rc
umlng home Snturday.
Thc many fricnds of Mrs. C. O. Dnn.
am were sorry to lenrn of her illness
with pilcuinonin in Grccnfield. She was
allcd thcre by thc illness aml dcnth of
'.er inothcr, Mrs. Ilowex. nnd was takcn
II nnd not nble to nttend hcr mother's
uneral. Both sbc nnd .Mr. Diinhnm havc
.hc sympnthy of this community in their
All Holidays on Monday!
Christnias comcs on Monday, this vcar
whtrcat cvcrvbody is pleased. And is it
not a pcLHliar state of mind, wben a
thniB tlint all pcople desire sucli as
Munday holidays cannot be arrangcd?
Thc world was made for man to mnko
the bcst of aud get thc most out of with
full rcgnrd to his neighbors.
Tlua Munday holiday givcs pcople time
for enjoyiucnt ; relievcs business of a inid
weck wreck ; cnlnrges the scope of travel ;
adds to tlic domcstic life of the uution, ct
If this is true, nnd if we do cnjoy the
holiday on Monday, why not have thcm
all on Monday? Christmas could as wcll
be cclcbratcd on the Monday nearest tlie i
25th of Deccmber, ns on the day itself ;
ior inere is notnniR niit trmlition aDout
that date. Iu thc making of calcudars it
lias bccn shiftcd iniiiiy times.
Fourth of July could be rccogHizcd as
Indcpcndcnce day ns well by Iiavii:g the
ho'Idav ui Mondav nearest to the Fourth.
Surely we could always havc our Thaiiks
g.ving day on Monday. And we can
unito our Thnnksgiving nnd our Armis
ticc days und mnke the holiday ouc aud
the same on Monday of tlie wcck of
Nov. 11.
- By
Post Office
Tax Free.
This company is
heart of the financial
Do you realize that the days of 1 dividends on safe securities will prob
ably soon be a thing of the past? Rates are already showing a marked ten
dency downward. Why not buy nov?
Also a Limited Number of Shares of the
New Egland Co. 6 First Preferred Stock
and 12 Additional Dividends for Ten Years
At 102 and Accrued Dividend to Yield 7.35. Tax Free.
Other lower yielding securities or investments nearing maturity may be
profitably exchanged for either of these issues. We will, on request, suggest
such exchanges to meet your individual requirements.
Victory Notes, Thrif t Slamps, and Liberty Bonds also Accepted in Payment.
Fatal Shock from I'ccullar Causc.
StaudliiB with hcr bnrc feet on u wet
lloor, 11 Hcrtlbwoman touclicd the glass
hulb of au ordinnry electric lamp and
was inslantly killcd. Doctors stutcd tl
, . fiuned bv electrnciitl.ui II
" :UI' ,vu" ,C,IU" " ' "''" "" 11
riRp ''J' tll(' tinustuil occiirrcncc, hcr cm-
rmp "i unusimi occurrc
pioycrs callcd in 1111 electrlci
mnke n thorough exaininnt
11 , , .. ,
clowly wrut iiMiib the hiinn
pioycrs caiicii 111 1111 eiectricai cxpert to
inntioii. ITpon
bulb, thc iu-
vcstigator disoovercd 11 thln strenk of
e Have It
Flowers, plants, ferns, cards, gifts, novelties;
jardineres, baskets, Christmas trees, wreaths; i
holly, laurel, red berries, red, white and green"".'
roping ; mistletoe, berry bowls, poinsettias in
fact everything in our line.
For service call
Open Every EVening This Week.
Hopktas Tlie Florist, Inc.
Christmas Spirit
In the busy season of Christmas
shopping, this bank is prepared to fur
nish new silver and new bills. We will
welcome the opportunity to aid you in
yottr holiday problems.
Peoples Nalional Bank
Brattleboro, Vt.
the Investmenl
Square Co. 7
1 1
Stock of
Price 97 and Accrned Dividend
building one of the finest office buildings in the very
district of Boston, which will be known as the
llmc on the Rlass, cxtcndlng from tlie
bnsc of thc'lnthp to'.wtthlii il fcw.'lnchea
uf tlie tlp. Voluntcer lcsts plainly Indl
cated a hcavy lcakagc of currcnt through
thc llmc. Fiirthcr cxpcrlniflntH lllus
trated thc dangcr in conductlve dcposits
upon thc surfaces of elcetrlc lainps. whcn
cxtcndliiB from' thc "llvc hnsc, this haz
ard ihcreiiHiiiR in proportion to thc hu
mldlty of tlie Btirroundlng ntmosphcrp
and the cffectlvcncss of the contnct nindb
with tlic "ground," or lloor. From .the
Novcmber I'opiilnr Mcchanics Magazlnc.

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