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Govcrnor Hartness Expresses
Views to President Harding
Attcnds Confcrcnco of Governors, Hnys
Vermont Nceds More Enforccmcnt Of
flccrs, Plcdgcs Stato's Support.
Col, Eriicbt W. Glbson, seeretnry of
clvil nnd mllltary nffalrs, roaehed hls
home Tuesdny noon. from Washington,
whcrcr Uovfat-,Avill Oay. James Hart
ness Mondny, following tlic cotifcronco
of governors at White Sulphur Hi.rings,
President Hurding liavlng onlled tlic
governors of various (.cctions of tho
country into confcrcncc with liim ovcr
tnc situation ns ' to Sth,e euforccmont ot
the Volstend rict in their respectlvo
sthtcs. Oovcrnors wcre prcscnt froni
Orcgon, Idnho, Mlnnesotn, lndiana. Ari
zona, Alnbhmn, Massachusctts, Mary
land, West Virglnla nnd Mime othor
statcs, also Attorncy Gencrnl Daughorty,
Prohibition B-irector Hnyncs, Vice Prcs
idont Coolldgo, nnd Socrctary of the
Trcasury Mcllon.
Following n lunchcon nt 1.30 the
President outlined the condition con
fronting the nntion nnd the dilfprcnt
propositions with whlch tlip ollicials
have to deal and callcd on thp (lifferont
governors for n stntemcnt ns to thp sit
uation in thcir stntcs and their viows ln
regard to the cuforcement of tho Vol
stcad act.
Govcrnor Hartness stood squnrcly for
tho enforccmcnt of tho lnw and pledged
the full co-opcrntion of Vermont to tliat
cnd, but ho made it plnin that by reason
of the geographical iocation of Vermont
ncjct to the Canndlan border the number
of enforccmcnt officcrs wns far too sniall.
Aftcr onc governor had said that no
attcmpt was made in his state to cnforce
thc lnw as to light wines nnd homc brow
President Harding nskcd thc other gov
ernors to indicntc what was bcing donc
with rcspect to those liquors in tlicir
states. A lartrc mnJonty indicated that
nn attempt was bcing made to cnforce
thc lnw litcrally.
Govcrnor Hartness pictured Vermont
ns adjoining tho wct provlnce of Quo
bec nnd said that by reason of tho Io
cation of tho stato rum-runncrs wcre
imini? tho hichWnvH for illecal trar.stior-
tation for this and othpr New Englnnd
ntntes. IIp. said tho nrofpssionnl rum-
runncrs wcre well organized nnd daring
in their work, mnking it diilicult to cn
force thc law as it ought to be enforced
He stated furthcr that this stato was
free from some of the difficulties expen
cnccd in othcr Btatcs, by reason of tlic
fact that there was no great foreign eie
mpnt hpre.
Ho tohl tho President that during the
time Vermont was undcr local option the
liquor denlers apparcntly wcre morc
afrnid of thc rcvpnuc officprs, wlio ox
ncted the covernmcnt tax on denlers,
than thcv were of local oiriccrs and that
rnuch the samc condition exists now, vio-
lators bcing more afraul of the tederal
officers than thcv nre of local ofliccrs.
He pointcd out tliat while Vermont is
mnking progress nnu tne smmuon u
fairly well in hand, yct by reason of lw-
lnl nn tllf Hlinrtpst TOlllP frOUl tllP PlTIV-
iticc of Ouebcc to New England that
nrnblpms of enforcc
mcnt to deai with, also tliat tlic small
number of cnforcemcnfi and rcvcnue olti
oers wcre uriequnl to cope witli thc sit
itntinn Wf np,' 1 niorc pnforcement offi
cern ip nll brnnchcs, he said, and a specd
ing up of enforccmcnt work.
t The govcrnor said he bclievcd, how
cvcr, tlia'l" Vermont wns niaking prog
ress, nnu lie uscd as an uiustrauou im
Htnnnini nf n fnst-movinir train by n
quick npplication of the brakcs. Ilie
train docs not stop immcdiately, hc f-aid.
and addcd that tho momentum of custom
was as rcal ns the niomeiitum of Na
ture. Hc cxpresi-ed tho opinion tliat tho
initiative of thc I'rcsmcnt, ioiiowpi u.
the nction of the govornors, woum nrini
novL- lifn inin tli pnforcement of th'
law, and he pledgcd the full co-opcration
of tho btate o crmont.
ncnorfcd Wedncsday Aftcrnooii, Wliich
Kinlslml Ucccmbcr Tcnn of I'nitcil
States Court Hcre.
Twcntr-six indictments wcre found b.v
thc grand jury in the Docember tcrm oi
tho United Statcs district court, which
opcned hcrc on Tuo.-day moniiiig nnd
closed shortly nfter l.tlO 011 Wedncsday.
Aside from the nnturalization on tlic
first day tho busiiiess of the term wn
limited to thc grand jury proceedings.
District Attorney V. A. JJulbird prosonted
evidence iu 21) cabes, u large proponton of
thcm bcing rum running cases, and tln
grand jury complctcd itB work about
No nnnouncement of tho namos of the
IMsrsons Indicted is made, as thoy liavc
not been arrostou unuer iuc lniiiuiuii-m-,
.lnilpp Hnwo intends to roturn to Brat
tn nrpaiil,, nt somo lioarings
Pnurt lioirnn Tuesdnv al 0 a. m., .IiuK'o
TTninn.l Tt Ilnwo nf ISurlincton urosul
ing. Court officials prpsent bosides
iiwltrn Ttnu-p wnre Clork Henry Conlin
of Burlington, thc dcputy clork, Miss
Susle E. Wilson. U. S. Dist. Atty. . A
Bullard of Burlington, his t-ceretary
M!e 'RpHsip II. Wollcr. U. S. Alarshal A
w TTnrvov nf Chester, and Doputy
Mnrshal Henry C. Lawson of Mont
neller. Sherlff Frnnk h. Wellman of
Brattleboro was bailiff iu cliargc of thc
rrnn,1 tnrv.
The grand jury was nworn and Judge
TTnitrB nnnnlntpll Alsoll .1. Dugail of
Brnttlcboro forcmnn. The grand jury
then, in secrct session, begnn listcnlng to
nvidence prcsented by Dist, Atty, Bul
lard. The other mcmbers of thc grand
jury wero F. A. Blood ot Townshend, Ar
thur G. Burbee of South Windham, A
H. Crowninshleld of Jamaica, N. H. Da
vla nf flrnftnn. Frepman Ilairer of Jack'
ponvllle, E. H. Joncs of Newfane, Paul
1 Tnnnn nf Wlndhnin. Fred O. Mcrri-
fleld of Qrafton, Edward B. Itnwson of
South Londonderry, B. E. Shippee of
Whitingham, 1J. J. amitn 01 riuney
Frank h. Stratton of Willinmsvlllo
rtonrv f!. Strntton of West Townshend
A Tl TTniWwond -of Npwfane. E. C,
Wellman of Westminster, Gcorge Wilder
of Guilford and Edward Zeno of Bellows
Aft'nrnov Pnnl A. Ohnso of Brattle
loro was admittcd to practlce in the
TTnltiwt Htntps rourt. '
Aslde from tlic grand jjiry work the
principal buslness wns -naturalization
WOrK. l'Ollowuig wcre uuumw w ,
acnsblp: Bridget Uurry, ' . Janiiei
atrant Tl ra 1 1 lohorn ! Bridlo Curry. T
Schcrlin, Vernon; Ualph TJdgar ilqrp.
tnn 4' Mnnlc strcct. Brflttleboro; lida,
Unnnn Hnlnnnn. formorlv of 'WnrdS'
boro. now of Webster. Jlnss., -whoHe
nnme wns chnnged to Hnnnnh IJnlonon
by whlch nnme sne nns neen miuw
many yonrs.
Potttlnna for 11(1 tUinliznllOIl. Wllicll
lout uion hpforp flnnl hcarllig. were
' made by Henry Octnve Houssonu, 1 Hlv-
tell. 33B South Mnin strcct, Brattleboro
Tinldn Rlcanor Kugce. 8 Estey strcct
n..,iii,nrn. Rrlii Johnson. Vernon
Dcclaratlons df Intentlon wcre flled by
Hilma Matllda rcterson, b uaK sireci
n..Mtmrn Hllmn Caroline Ostcrholm
T.inHnn stroct. Brattleboro; Ebba
Estcy itvect, Brattleboro
Elnn Kugge. 8 Estcy street. Brattleboro j
Anthony Onrrlty. 181 Elllot strcot, 1
uratticboro : Ululll Andognini, Mouutnin
Mills, Wilmington; Mnry 1'aplessy, Put
Bnptlst Dlhlo Sehool Mcmhcrs
Glfts for Local Dlstrlbution.
Tho white cift servlcc nt tho First
Bnptlst church Sundny cvcnlng was
vcr.v successfnllv carrled out nnd de-
liglited all nttcndnnt8, An cxceptionally
lnrgo nttendancc of Biblo schopl, cs
pccinlly In vlcw of tho storm, ocaupied
,the inain lloor of the luidltonum. The
rostrum nnd cliojr spaco had been
turncd into n lnrgo cnthcdrnl witll Imitn-
on Icndcd windows. organ. . ctc.
through or past whlch thc various par-
tlclpants, -10 or morc, wcre scen passing
liiie nttcumng tnc iiiimic scrvii'p.
Jiolc sceiip was in pnntominic witli
nl foctibcd lightiug from thc gallcryiatt
hilo' the elcctric liglits of tho uudllo-of
rlum were cxllngiilshcd, lcnving candles
lll cvt'iy Aviimuw iu uiiiuuiL-i; inr h;iiiiiu-
rarily out-door cffcct while loolting into
tlic cathedrnl nnd following tlic Christ
nins serviee going on.
The ucnutiftil cliiidrcns story, wliicn
may hc had from the local library, was
rcnd bv Mrs. Arthur 1j. iMnynard vcry
lcarly and was cnactcd in closc connoc-
tioti thcrpwith. The scenc nt the closo,
hi'ii tho gilt to thc poor children wns
conlcd as tho best illustration ol tlic
Clirist snirit. was honorcd b.v tlic ringlng
nf tlm .l,!,i.,u ,,,wl fn1l,,vn,l l,t nn nnt.
urst of lnelody from thc organ leading '
tho wholc congicgation in thc singing of
Jov to tho World tlio hord Is Come. was
thrilling in tlic oxtrcme nnd fittingly
losou tliis pnrt of tlic program.
Tlie enriy part of the program was in'
troductory to the gift-bringing. Thls
otna m seml- arkness nnd Icndinc sne-
nf old ri.rlRti S llV 'fc nppotltc must bo carcfully rcstrained
uIc bv tl o ornist iSpnntVi (vill ! or ,ho i,ieomc UnVt! to be "ai
, tL L h., K a ,Vni.nn i i .: whtch means rcdueing, by taxntion, the
' t !, ''""Lin o1ti ' J I wnge of the laborere, tho grcat niasR of
bta iloy hnzplle nnd vocal solo, Holy thoh , vho supl)ort tue RtatCi am a
NiBht, by Margarot Jlorsp, thpc.hurch ,,.,,,., ot lt .,,.:,.,, ... n H0011
nl imprcssivcncss. I tnkes to n rcduotion m his wngo,
Tho wholc service, was planncd and j esI)0cially when it has ulrcndy bcen re
airangcd by a spccial committce con- (1ucod nbout to tlic limit. IJon't crowd
sisting of Miss Ilelene Mooro, clinirmnn, thL, Kovernmcnt-supporting population too
,!.'' A ,P, .""O'nls ""! ahs. E. W. tnv or another big strikc may rehiilt. Tax
Mil);oy, aidod b.v Norman MacMann, nti011, like deatb, is one of the thiugs wc
uo nnu I'liute raarni; 01 uuHiginug uuu .
erccting the sccnic cnthcdrnl.
The glfts wcre liberal, covering thrcc
long tnbles in front of the rostrum, nnd
ticluding ncn
carly i00 in money for the ,
oln of those most deservintr. Gifts will
bo distributed Friday mornin" and nny
who wish to add lo thc collection citlier
cookcd foods, poultrv, mcnt, ctc, can
leave thcm at thc church Friday morn-
Ilampsliiro Woolcn Co's Plant, Whicli
Ilas Bcen in Hands of Bcccivcrs
Bou!;ht by Vcrinont Man.
Thc Ilanmshiro Woolen Co's nlnnt nt
Ashuolot. N. II., whicli hns bcen in the
lands of roceivcrs for sevoral months
past, has been sold b.v the roceivcrs, Ar
thur H. Joncs of Kocnc, N. II., and
Gcorge W. Biown of Boston lo Willinni
Wnlkcr of Evurts. Vt.. who lin.i Ijimmi
thc managcr of thc Ottcr-Otloclice
Woolcn mills iu Evarts. Thc Ilamii-
sliiro Woolcn mills have been in cxist
cnce for more than CO ycars, nmnufae-
tunng woolcn goods.
'Xlio pncc paul for thc rcal cstatc.
water powcr, maehinery and all the per
sonal propcrty was tf.'!7,U(), and that
liaid tor tho stock 111 tradp .V21,783. !)!.
A dccd of thc propcrty has bcen lilcd at
Ihe oince of the rcgistrar of ileods in
Kconc. It is roportcd tliat Mr. Walker
plnns to contintip the manufacturo of
woolcn goods iu tho fyciory.
Complaints of Dog Clmsing Decr Bcing
Comnlaints are boirinnin" tn' pnmo In
tho fish and game dcpartnicnt nbout dogs
clmsing decr. Some dog owncrs sccm to
lniik that bocause thcv havp imid tho
iconsp fcc tiieir docs can run at lnmo
and hunt whenevcr nnd wliatovcr thcy
plcase, but tho law docs not pcrmit tliis.
n ownor or kccper who pernuta 1ns dog
lo run at large and chase decr is linhle lo
a licavy iinc, and unless tome dog owncrs
tnUe warning thcy will have to justif.v
hemselves boforc tlie court. A man who
has a deceut dog and pcrmits it to run
iiround the country unhampered exccpt.
by thc dictntes of its own will, is run
ning n big risk of not onl.v losing his
dog, but ulso of losing some cold casli be-
ldos. A word to the wise shouul be
Count Warden.
Brattleboro, Doc. 20,
Town Clerk Carlclon IC. SparhawU Gct.s
Notlco from Washington.
(Special to The Ucfonucr.)
WALPOIiE. N. ii., Dcc. Ul.
Town Clerk Carletou E. Snarhawk
has rpceivcd notico from Washington,
D. C, of his nppointinont as po&tiuaster
of Walpole, succceding Ilusscll Gravcs,
who has liehl the olhcc the iast cight
Mr. Snarhawk is n clerk m Metcalf
& Cnhalane's storo. Ho was not op-
posed in his cnnvass for the nostmnstcr-
t-hip. lle will tuko thv ollicc as soon ns
tho dcluycd commissiou is rcceivcd. Ilc
was postmaster hero 15 ycars, prcvious
to Mr. Gravcs's appoiutmcnt.
TI:o Mornlng After Ilallowecn.
There was tuniult iu the villagc,
Ancry rushing to und fro.
Chorusiug of ini.lignatioii,
Threatenings neitlier sott nor low :
For November's sun in rising
On the morning of the hrst
Let a sccnc of wild confusion
On the publics vlsion bursl.
haw firm's sign was millincry
With thc notice nanging down :
"We're tho slickest pair of trimmers
"To. be fouud in nny town."
On thc doctor's door wns postcd :
"Climb tho undcrtnker's stnir;
"If cvcntually you'll havo to,
"Wliy not go at oncc right there." ,
Uoal cstato man at his oflice
Madiy started ,ln to rave
At the barbcr's polo und placard.
"Hcre you get the -(jlospst sbavc."
And it cruHtv baclielor tailor
Sworc in furiciK outbursts
At tho Mignbnurd to him givpu :
"Grent attention pnid to fckirts."
Nolclibors, avIio from 'strnincd relations
Dhln t psnniiy sppnK,
l-Ttnl t r-till nniin ciipli'othor
v .Viu'iished blinds and etpps.ti smHj .
Ahd'thpy all glnrod witltusploiop '" : ' .
fX tlie yoilllgslciH ipoy wyniu.uiKci,
hobking pcrfcctly unconSclous ,
'nf ilirf rmmiuvt Iii 1 hft Btrppt.' '
Gcorgin White ln Sprlnglield Iteport'cr.
Itocuperatlvp Kffcct.
ftnnsMorpil with rcfcrcncc to tts vp
pniiprntivn cffppt. thprP is not SO much
good in tlie ovdlnary vncntion ns thoro
is in n slnglo bottlc of Hood's Sarsn
parilla. The lattcr rosts $1; thc formrr
well, that dpppnds; how much dld
your's cost last ypnr?
Hood's Sarsaparllln rpfrpshps tlie tired
blood, sharpcns tho.dulled appptite, re
storcs the lost CQurnee. Advcrtiscment.
"A Common Citizcn" Urges Thcm to Be Wa'ry of Wolf
Who Simulates Shcep Don't Changc
Statutes Blindly.
Advico to new mcmbers of the legisla-1
ture: .
Don't get nll fusscd up and linvo
ous iirostration tliinkhiL' ovcr tlic Im. rn.
fonns you c.xpcct to inaugurntc when you
arrivo nt thc capitol. When you got there
spe-liou'il Und you uniount to nbout as mucli
n llcn on tlm wpII nriniint.il nirm,i
n hound dog. Vou may agitato tlic
cuss bo ho'll tuko an extra junip, but '
nelther of you nor nnybody clsc can tcll
wnere nc il iinaliy 1111111.
lt you'vc got 11 well dcservcd locnl rcn
utatiou ns a slick "hoss" trader you'll
piobably got aiong lirst ratc with somo
of thc poiitieians, for "swoppm' hosses"
is their big saint. If you can swop with
thcm so as to gain in thc long run nlinost
ns much ns you loso, you 11 soon bo
hailed aa a rcal polltlcal wisc guy.
"Hor!c-shedding" is onc of thc funda
mcntals of n polilical carcer, but now
that thc automobilc has chnnged tho
""rsc sncu xo n garnge you nucu 10 waicn
oul. or you ji gct ponticai aspuyxmt on
W ? ruu " 0M. inacuiiic witn t ic
doors closcd. Tinlcs hnvo chaugcd a bit,
you'll iind.
Tlic troublc with thc state as with
somo humnns, is that it hns a champagne
nll cxpect to expericnce, uut 100 nuicn
jH too muoh by n sight," as the minis-
ter told his parishonors nfter the bonefit
nound nartv to wliich cach of 407 kiud
frionds had contributed n pound of nce.
The closcr you stand to n tlnng tnc
more of your vlcw of distant sconpry is j
obscurcd. Bpcause a big appropriation
of tho state s money will bcnelit your
nwn town of Skecdunk is no sign for thc
state ns n wholc. A grnin of sand in your
lilti. n liitr tlilnir to you. but
wn lowii 01 "u"i, i-, i.u w ...
tnte ns n wholc. A grnin of sand 111 pur
vp socms like n big tliing to you, but
tho neighborbood ns a wholc will be mucli
ho neighborbood ns a wholc will be much
mre animated by and intcrcstcd 111 the '
postcr on tho town hnll announcing tho
coming 01 n town snow. uci uic umii'--heiisivc
statcwido vicw of things.
Becnuse you arc a farmor or n mnnu
mprchnnt don't blindly M1P-
port cvorv mensurc allegod to bo bonp
ficial to vour pnrticular clars nnd turn
down witbnut intolligent considcrntion nll
othor mpasures. It is said thnt somo
1;,,, n -nlf ntismiips thp ncncral nppcar-
ance of n shcep when he gots huiw
onougb. hikowise spooinl mtorosts havo
riPnn Iti-nwn to howl loudly in favor ot
Homhor that"! Hcrntolied yours thc
other dav wlicn it ltcbcd. And wlion
you stoop to the disgusting tnsk you arc.
and say :
From to 1 O'cIocU Ycstcrday Morn
ing 101 Sachs of Mail Wero Ucccivcd
at Ixical l'o.stofficc.
Santa Claus is going to be vcry gon
proim with cvcrylxidv this C'hristmns, nc-
nnr nr tn t 10 I1UI11 )Cr OI n:iCKIlKO H""
V rVWTnd W iur at The
locnl postoflicc, Postmastcr .Mornn says
that tho Christmns businoss tliis ycnr
lVRffi virking f rc o 1 p o-offioe
is 'it w rk n l alnmt ovcry bit of avail-
Mhl n K bo g uscd. All tlie clerks
Sns tho work is
n,.,n,iin,. nirli t.iu ntmost nrpcision
and dc.-patPli nnd tius far thc closc ot
thc postoUic,' at nigut'has f-een evcry
iiiccp of mail sorloil and dolivcrcd.
Somo hlpa of thc work that tho mcn
arc doing is bliown b.v tlie fact that up to
10 vostcrday uiorniiig. 1!1 sm'Us of
mail had bocn rcceivcd sineo tho othco
opcned itt 0 o'clock. Of this number
11." camo down from White Uiver Junc
tton on "Tlic Ow'" tr-'i'i. whcre nll N er
muiit mail is bcing sortcd. ,
Thc rccord ol s..cl;s of mnil rcceivcd
and dospatchcd for the past six days is
follows: , , . , .
Despatched Hcccn'cd
Friday T.fil . 1;
Saturday -114 11
Sundhy H a
Monday -r'01 , 2,0
Tuesday iS . M
Weduesday : "A-
Postmaster Moran says tho locnl olfico
has tho bituation well in hand. While
he anticipatcs a vcry licavy busincsH up
to tlic cloM of this weck, hc lxdlcvcs
many people liavc obscrvcd tho tcipicst
of thc dopnrtment in gotting packagos
started carly. A Inrger voliiiiio of paek
ngos was haudled late last weok und
carly this weck tlnm nt any prcvious
Christmns sensoit, indieatmg that pn
trons arc bclieving more and more in thc
"Mail Early" campaign.
Extra hdp has alrcady bocn addcd
to tho rcgular force and morc mcn will
be ndded this weck as needcd. Frnneis
Austin is nsslstlng in tlie main oflice nnd
Hubstitutes Ralnb h. IJurdett and Caryl
Georgc urc nssisting in tho pnrcel post
delivcrv. Throo sleiglis liavc bcon used
for this delivery for tlie pnst two days
nnd it may be neeessary to incrotisc this
number ns thc holidny nppronches. Tlie
pnrcel post men mako as many trlps ns
thoy can cach day. As soon as one load
is dihposod of thcy return to the olhcc
and load up with another.
U'Uh ...... . -- - , .
Dcaths Yeslfnlay in Saxtons Ilivcr of
Matsliall A. Wilder, (12, and MKs
Harriet Fosler. 85. .
SAXTONS UIVElt. Dcc. Ul. ,
Two of the oldest and lifoloug rcsl-
donls of this villnge dicd at their homcs
hcrc thlH morning, .lrtrshall &. w nuer,
8i!,. nnd Miss Hiirriot Fnstor, SO. v
tS -Mr.. WJUler wns for many ycars thc
'wpll-known propciotor of the old Saxtons
Jlli'vef hoU'l provUius to Its demolltion in
'IWKl to-'iiinko wny 'l'or tlic liroscnt Sax
tons I(lvl- lliu. Hls father. Abel K.
WlhkT,' wn'i) ''proprlotor bcforo lilm.
Mar'shnll Wilder nevor married nnd
leavca no neur rohitivcs.
' Miss Fosler diod al tho homc of n
nioce, Miss Kdlth Fostor, whoro shc had
inadi her homc many ycars. Sho Ieavcs
no ncarer rPlalivcs than tho nieee.
In this town, Rockingham, llius fnr
tliis roonth 15 deaths have occurrcd. Of
Ihcse thrco wern orer 00 years, threc
ovor 80, four over 70 nnd one over 00,
maklng a rcmnrknhle rccord of longovlty.
Englnnd hnn nearly 1)00 wouipii magis-tralps.v
monsuips that tney sny wouiu i n. .. t v, r- wholly bnnkrupt yct.
millcnium for farmers, or morc 1. ints. or "i. nnii n r , ,0KP
wliatovcr clnss thcy wisli to, ca re no ,nvP ,,1,-cndv nrovon fairly ae-
litically. Aftcr "thc dpcd is d'd thcA "Xblc Iv ipw lnws b-spd on untri-i
then crawl around w.th tho saliva of w '..ro'
Prppd drinn!ng from thcir hungry inw thpm ps jn u l.nil ociipi i I nf
i.i i.nr.(.... ' iTiir siiuiiiiin r in ii !.-
itllegorically spcaking, dcvoutcd by thc
horrld beasts. ' lt is triio' thni tim tnrmcl
nerv-'fecUs the wutM, btit tliat Hinglc fnct doen
nui ciiiuiu nnu iii any Hpeciui coiiMidi'ia
tlon. ilc docsn't do it becauso ho is a
i.liilanthropist. lle docs it .becnusc thats
tlic wuy he. trom choico, gets a livipg tor
iiiitisult nnd lamily. Tho mercliaui. ti.
bankcr, tlic Jiiliiiitlacturer and iniiumcr
uble other clannes 'of pooplo contriliui.
cqually uh mucli to the economic welfare
ot civilization and the stntc.
In ii' w.i the fnrmcr occuplcs n lH'ttoi
stratcgic position timn do some other
ciasses of produccrs, becausc he produtv
lood, nnd can i'ccd liimsclf nnd fnmilj
vMiother or not othor clnses buy his prod
ucts. You cnn't stnrve him out if hc doc.
a little work. But how nbout the manu
I'acturcrsV If 110 one buys his products
hc is a goner. Ilc can t cal locomo
tivcs, or nutomobilos or picknxes. He
uis 10 scll his nroducts boforo he can cai
anything. (if courso tho farmor nnd
cvcrybody cisc will be hnppier and thc
wplfuru ot nll iipodIo ercnter when nll
elnssos have cqual opportunity undcr thc
iuw to produce and cxcimngo wiuitai)
limoii!: themsolvcs their various liroducti
lienco 1 say to you scan closcly ull ipro
posod lnws whicli may givc special priv
ilegcs to any onc clnss of people, nnd
atich scnnnlng must bo donc carefully
intollicently and conscientbusly. for,
I have said, wolvcs somotimos assumo
tho gencrnl appearanco ot shcep.
Hoformcrs arc ncccssnry to the marci
nf rmicriws nnrl plvllizntioil. honCC TC
formers, as a whole, arc dosirablc cvcn
; un,,,n nf i,M rninmnn ticnnlp do liavc
hard work rcconciling thc propnganda of
nm-fn ,1 Kclf-stv G( rcformprs witli our in
hercnt common seiihe. Y'ou may be an
A No. 1 nnturnl born reformer with n
mission. but tlic lnw of avcrages is dcad
ngainst any such supposition on your
part. . .
Tho chances nre tbnt you arc 311st an
averagc, cvory-day, common-sense citizpn
0se(1ontly nnich morc valuablo to
, jn )r ,m,lr. condition than
w bp if inflatc,j na r!,iscd to
,.-iti, ,,n unnni'i t!i ptu (n n rcioriaci . llim
j hcights so psspntial to genuini
. ;, You'll fecl morc nnturnl.
,,b . f ttor ,vnVU if vnu don'i
dizzy iicights so osspntinl to genuine re-
forming. ioifll lccl morc imiuiiu. iuw
nnd do lots bcttcr work if you don t n
, Toursclf to bocome und'uly clovnted
Tf , n.lturnl talent at "wiud-
,..1,11 nn tn vnll nild tl'V tO 1MT
o,,,,,ln vnn In fl'v with tiiom to thc
l.nifhta imf dmi'f tiprmit thpm to temp
vou. St'nv whoro you bclong nnd use your
- . ir .. l.n,.n nml
(onimnn k'iisc, n j '
you hnvon't you descrvo pity, for pvpry-
bndv will finil u ont bPloro you coi ik;v
home. espcciully if you do n lot of foolis1
tnlking. L ,
KPincmlipr thnt tnc oin mhu- iii
ngod to stnggcr nlong for sovornl yonv--undcr
thc prpont lnws. mcetiniT some trv-
nnn't lic n "nnt" hu
'o . ((
use jour nuu
' A
lmro i nnvtliln" 'n it
iv-nntnnl.-v C.nrn : Two cups eorn, 1
.,-,2 ta.,.
moltcd bimor
add tlicm to
,.,.;il.wl l.nttnr Hpnt the CU'CS linlll llglU
tho mi c. incn siir iu iur
tho melted buttor. bcason to
u to, turn into a buttPrcd baking disl,
placo in u pan of hot wator and bake n
u modcratc ovon 3,ust until sot, like cus-
tard. Eitl.cr frcsl. or cnnncd com may
hc used.
I nm told ilic ycllow spots on white
ivory toilet nrticlcs can uc vcmovcu oj
rubbing with pcroxide ot tiyurogen.
Savn nll your fruit juices from you
cnnncd things lor yopr miucu muui.
win.n miiii.iitiiff n iicw hole in a scw
ing mncbinc belt, hoat a hatpin vcry hot
and it will penotrnte the belt nue magio,
Curricd hima Bcans: Cook one. oup
of Iiima bcans, covcred with boiling
wnier. witll il slicod onion. Add a lialf
.nn nf KWCPt 0111-11 or OllC-foUl'tll CUP O!
rice, one oup of tomnto soup and one
tOaSpOOll OL 1'IUT)-I"UVI. uiimiii.i
thc vogotables and rice arc donc. Add
n little btrong stoek, snlt, peppcr und
butter, simmer and serve.
Pnper stucl; fast lo tho polisliod top
of a tnblo may oasuy ne removcii oy pui
ting a few drops of oil on the papor nnd
rubbing gcntly witli u soit cioiu.
To prevciit browu sugar from gptting
hard, pincc a snccu uppiu iu " j"
nf miII nddcd to coffee beforc
it begins to pereolato will givc n dclieioiis
llavor and prcvont ine encapcst coue
from tasting bitter.
Hi' oftcn in cuttins chcese. csnecially
rich choese, it stlci:s to thc knife-blade
and spoils u niee slice. To prcvent this,
put tlio knife-lilndo in boiling water just
before cutting, and thc slioes can then be
cut ns thick or thiu ns desired nnd not
crumble or breuk. "
fn hiinL'iiur out clothes in cold weathor,
ndd n little salt to thc rinsing water und
the clothes will not Irocze to tho iinc
Honie Toplcs.
Once upon n time tlierc wns u womnn
whose houso ran bndly becausc sho was
ahva.vs gettiug rnttled. Then a changc
enme ovcr her and her cnvlronmcnt
hittlo Iy little her lifo straiglitcncd out
licr houso liponme orderlv and her dayt
likewise, A friond, llkewlse ,of the nor-
vous typo, always boliind with ovcrythni;
sho wantcd to do. askcd her sccrol.
"It's voi-y siinplo," said tlio screno
fi-iond. "In fact. simnlc is the word
Vlieli I got all fusscd over tlie number
if things tlioip'urc tn do iu n day, 1 just
stnn cvorything nnd sit down and slin-
plify. I iiick out the things that nre
nhsoiutPiy lioi-ossary and i nrrnuge- uuu
for tlioso lirst-.- Tlien I serutinlzp tho
rcst of the plnnned actlvitics witli nn
cnglo oyc. It thoy can uo east ol! on
t rclv. I do so. I tr.v not so much tr
postpone as lo clenr out. Postponing is
apt to clutter up thc fnturc. The first
tliing I know nll the neccssary things nro
dono nnu tlm day has n mnrgin ot picas
antnoss nnd -iioaco. It n the unruflle
mlnd thnt tums tho tricls." Ncxt timo
you gct yoursclf into n mcss, just stop
right wiicrq .you nrc, sit uown anu sim'
lllnst DaniiiKcs Statlon.
Thc New Encland I'(iwppCn. nt. t)nvl
Bridgp dld solnc damnire (o tlie niilrond
statlon Tucsday afternoon, when tliey lot
off n blast of dvnnmitp nn tho lilll r)nn
to tnc east side of tho buiiding. Evcry
njuuun iwin niuiikll UUL lluwlnillirH, 11X1(1 i
nll tho front nnos in tho tonenipiit nbovel
wcre aervrd. llkewisc. Mrs. Davis's housc
plniltS, Wliich illled tho front wlndoWS,
were tiirown to tlie floor und thc pots
iid vascs smnslicd. Tho wIikIowb wpro
boardcd up until thcy cofild Iiq rvphiccd,
Iiicrcaslng Kcd Cross Intcrest.
Mrs.- Glad.vs Davls. chairman nf flih
Bod Cross roll cnll for AVhltinghnin, hns
rclwrtpd to thp chnptor offioe in Brattle
boro the cnrcUment of 1!7(J mcmbers,
ngnlnst n quotn of 101!, whlch indicates
an incrcasing intcrest. nmong thc rcsi
donts in Ucd Cross work, und thc prin
ciplcs for wliich Ilcd Crof-s stnnds.
Vcsta Sawycr und Mrs. Houghton Saw-
cr were Hhoiiners In N'orth Adanis Snt-
Mrs. Fullcrlon nnd young son, Gcorgc,
ro stnying with her brothcr on the
Joodnow fnrm.
IT T T", ! . r 1 1 1 . 1 ,.. . .
nn tortn.
Mrs. Whitmnn AVhcclcr nnd childrpn
hnve rcturned from Worcester. Mnss..
whcro thcy uttcndcd tho funernl of Mrs.
Wheeler's mother.
Tl, ,.llnn Lnlmnlu n-nvr. ol,.l -r...
dny on account of mpusles. Tho Pcrccll
children nt Duvis Bridgo nnd Hurold
Murdock, who lives in the villagc, are ill
nt lii'csent
Mr and Mrs. Pliny CraftS of Wilming-
ton spcnt the wcck-end at J. H. Gillptt's,
nnd bnturdny thoy motorcd to North
Adnms, nccompaiiipd by Mrs. Gillctt nnd
Miss Hcster Crawford.
Uora Uillctt is home for n two-wecks
ncntion from Wilnuneton hhh school.
Dorieo Kcntlicld cniup homp .Thu'rsdnv
morning from tho North Adnms liigh
sclinnl fnr n vncotinn nf tlie K.-imn Inni'tli
of time. I
Old-Timo Wcather I'hophcts in Vermont.
In Washington that old man, Prob.
ls mostly always on 1ns 30b ;
boinctimes he 11111 1. But 111 Vermont
There Ubcd to be denend unon't!
ln days of yore. some lirouuets who
Couid read the calcndar right through ;
r orccnst, not only onc dny's wcather,
But bunch tlie scabon all together.
Barometers the.v didn't want.
Those wcather prophets iu Vermont.
They diagnosed climatic ills
As doctors do malarial chllls.
Morc signs they had to prove their knnck
Tluin has tlic Solur Zodinc;
And if they failed thcy knew thc
I causc ;
The gulf strcam wasn't whcre it was.
Old Bijnb Pike could "tcll ns how"
hen m thc fall hair on tlic cow
Or cat grcw thick "iou might s well
Four months on runncrs folks would
Jack Frost would lone bc hancin' 'round
And snow lie decp upon the ground.
Uut by some goosebone fol-dc-rol
Zack Ynn provcd not much snow
would full.
From wcather prophcsying I
vill-3ust switch ou to. tclb jou, wliy
Old Bijali changed his rcsidcnce,
Migratcd from Mount Holly honcc;
For somehow. I'm inclincd to want
To tnlk of wintcr in Vermont.
Where fcnces disuppenr from sight,
Like old Pompeii, overnight.
Old Bijali in Mount Holly dwelt.
hcrc snow in May bogmn to melt.
He'd chopped nnd loggcd it manj n
Erc he could read his title clcar;
Then he made un his mlnd to go
To livo nt Bethel 'Lympus, so
ilc wouldn t havo to 011 bare ground
Thrce months cach ycar go drnggin'
As dispensation from the Lord,
Those men ugrced with onc accord
If sun shone out on Cnndlcm's Day
Tlio ground hog in his lnir would stny
And wintcr in the Inp of xpring
For six wecks nioro bo lingering.
Old Znck nllnwcd it might be cight
Kro "Old Ucd Bob' would scck his
But Zaochous was a pessimist,
And nrgument could not resistr
And his prognosticnting powcr
. Would till tho wcather buroau drawcr.
The Durfcc boys said Unclc Zack
Was some like Aycrs'es almanac;
Strung his prcdictions out so long
They surely couidn't nll go wrong.
As cnch month's flnnl Friday wns
So ncxt month's weather's bc, becnuse
No surcr sign was cvcn known,
Not hog's melt, evon, or gooso-bone;
Zack Yau since eighteen forty nine
Had noticcd tliat last Fridny sign ;
And whnt, forsooth, old Znck ovcrred
Folks know was truth and had oc
currcd. Thick husks in auttimn on thc corn
Mount carly wintcr, "sure's you'ro born."
But prendvcnture, husks wcre thin,
"Green Christinns" wintcr would be-
And thnt nionnt grnvo ynrds waxing fat,
Old Doctor Kichmnnd well knew thnt.
And winter's rigor, some folks fclt,
Depended on the porkcr's melt.
tinip the wild gcese made
Tho wcnthpr-wlsp wnnld nevor slieht :
And whon the wedgc-shnped flock ilew
Thoy skywnrd gazod with opcn mouth.
And lt tho mtgrntnry utru
Mndo onrly llight thpir pulscs stirrpd
All-thought-of drifting snow nnd ico
And four-foot-cordwood's nnscent
Tn newo' tho moon they plnnted pens,
Or wns it old? just as you plense.
Some skeptlcs thoiight it food for
To say thoy plantcd in thc oarth.
Rut earth or junon. thoso wise old tops
'Most nlwnys got tho bigeest crnpS:
And folks who flout such ccrtain signs
WHl gct fcw pens, but mostly vincs:
T rcnlly cnn't .tcll nll T wnnt
Abmit thoso nrophots iu Vermont:
Mnro wcnthor loro those mcn pnsF.efsed
Thnn niptoorolopists hnve gucsscd.
But as nll pluns of mlco nnd meli
Sonictimes go wrong, lt wns so then;
Dry wcnther slgns oft time brought
wet :
Some people sny 'tls thnt wny yot.
Put whero nro ,'iiose old mcn todnv,
Vlinso momory iny dnonm doth hnunt?
tIipv snw tho slen nti wpnt thp wny ;
Thoso wpntlicr iironlictB In Vermont.
Ooonn Vlcw Vnrfnllf Vn
Plnir fni'mpp,, ia -ip cnlp curi-pnpv
iirp(1 hv thp l"hl)ilnntR nf snme nf Ihe
mm-A rAn.ni., viiim, raiimU ln tlm South
Paclfic oeon'n. '
urn. Jlica unvm OI ncaosooro 1S icncil- ' ri,,wi(liitp tnr ili.imrtntinn 'I'nov nro
!n,1'Snpn!,,,,,ClV00, ,n,-",,l0ar(1t1",K nt, "T whhavx'1 am c '"in Itufy a. d
homc inHcadsboro, dnvlng n tcam back.tlicy are nlixl0us to cet bnck to their nn.
Among the shoppcrs in North Adnms own mcrits. 'Ihe records nrc lnvestignteil
this weck wero Mrs. T. .T. Tnylor, Mrs. oy Col. h. ) Gibson of Brattleboro, scc
John Sullivnn. Mr. nnd Mrs. h. Dcming, T,nri' of civil nnd militnry nffnirs nnd
Mrs. G. W. Kentlield, Mrs. Provost, Mrs ,0.h(J1 I?,cor'J? , llnt nru recommcnded by
.Tnrni-iii Ah-s Mnblo .lillsnn ntul Alno Bn'Ilh H. A nlkor, supcrmtcndent of thc
t .'"'i ' M ' aUR ',1Uson anu Mae.prison. nnd by Judge John E. Wceks of
Many othero nt Windsor Uonsid-
crcd for Parole
As Fnd n PrlniPr Arn Ttppu.1 nn,
As 1 n?,1 as V II? leal Ot"'
crs Como In State Appropriation of
jf lUll,OuO lo Bo Askcd.
Thc stnte of Vermont is somcwhnt nt u
loss nt tnc prcscnt tiinu to know wnut to
do nbout Hm ntatc jinson problcin nt
Windsor. Thc pnson tiiero is uongcsted
.willi prisonei-M, tnwc bcing JtO uiinaicH
witli uceoinniodations lor only yio.
In urdcr to rclicvo this congcsled con
dltion, many pnsoners now in thc institu
tiou Wlio .liuve guod pnson rccurds nnd
who it is bclicved wiil try to Iive bcttcr
ilves when thoy arc released ure under
conslderiition lor jiurolc.
A batch ot rccomincndatious nlrendy
iiqs gone to uov. .lanics iiartnoss lor ap
l,rvnl and of 00 such pnsoners nnd wno
"ttv9 b?11 rcfominended lor parole ao nl-
rcniiy liuve been released. Amoug tlioc
I wlio have bcen gotten rid ot arc thrce
iiV(. country nnd ay thcy nevcr will re-
iurn to tlm Tnitcd Statcs. Four men nro
wanted bv other statcs- and nlrcadv have
been turncd ovcr to thcse autlionties, nnd
lt is probnblc that this proccdurc will bc
USCll 111 tllC CUHCH Ot' OtllCr HlCll W'llO fltO
wantcd elsew;Iicre. Four boyB have bcen
Ti'"- lu wmuu muuui ui cM.uuru,
Mu?f- antl, thrce boys have bcen rcturned
rto tnc stnte ludustnnl school nt Ver-
ln M;)Ite of tiesc rclcnscs, the situation
i9 stin acute, for prisoncrs arc nrriving
nt the institution with as much rupidity
UH the mcn nro pnrolcd ; yct, thc stnte is
obliged to gct along as well as possiblc by
tliis method until somo solution to tho
nroblcin is found.
In ordcr to detcnnine who is in linp f
a iiarolc, the rccord of evcry individunl
in thp.nrisoii hns bocn invcstientcd uuu
tlioroughucss. Each case stands upon Its
Middlebury, dircctor of stnte institutions,
are sent to Governor Hartness, who
nasses unon cach casc lndividuullv,
Tbcre arc many cnses of bo.vs and
young men whose reoords nre now in tho
procoss of investigation, nnd it has been
uhown thnt many of those are youths
from Massachusetts who have come into
Vermont as runaways. While in this
tney have committed theft or some
othcr offcnsc in order to provide them
selvcs with money whcrewith to exist.
Manv of thcsc bovs nre from 17 to 12-
years old and have good records prcvious
to their prcscnt incnrcoration.
It hns hoen suecpstpd that tho Rivrr-
sido Itcfonnntory at Itutland might bq
uscd ndvantageously to rciieve the prcs
ont congcstod s'tuntion at Windsor, but
e prison committec is averse to utilizing
thc available room thcrc for two roa
sons : First, tlio buiiding thut could bo
uscd for this purpose is in vory bad ro
nair and would rcnuirc thc exncnditure of
sevcral thousands of dollars to put it into
good shnpe for houslng mcn ; nnd, scc
nnd. the stnto of Vermont has found by
oxporioncc that it is bad ponology to
houso mcn nnd wonicn together in t' o
snme institution, nll woman prisoncrs
convirtpd of offcnse in this state being
scnt to Rutland.
As tho problem is now shnping itsclf,
tho stttte, ppiu'ing nn ndditinn to the prcs-
stnte prison. must bc libcrnl in its
parole systom. or move thc IInno of Cor
rcction which is now part of the insti
tution at Windsor, to Hutlnnd. and in
thnt cnso the question ariscs, What will
bc donc with tlio women at Uutland?
This unusual situation will continue to
Im n problem for tho state until an nd
dition to tlic prescnt institution in built
wliich will provide for houslng more
prisoncrs. Stpps toward thin cnd cannot
be tnkon until ncxt month, when thc
logislnturo will moet. At thnt time it is
mid thnt it will be neccssary for thc
stnte to approprinto S100.000 nr morc for
an ndditinn to the institution or for n
-nrnte buiiding, following out whnt
over recomnicnd'itions the state prison
rommittpc ma.v mnkc.
At tho presont timo work is going on
in cnnnoctinn with thc buiiding of tlio
"xtcnsion of thc prison wnll so as to in
o'udc n fac&iry bni'ding now outsido thc
proont wn'ls. This construct'on is tho
rc'niU of nn npproprinlion of S10.000 re
cpntlv mndp by tho stntp rommiltpp on
"l'udgpt. following out thc prnvis'ons of
tlic stntuto whic'i reonirPM thnt prisoncrs
onnnot nft ht'l " ic t-tn firnn
uitable pravision is mndp to k""'
all tlio inmatcs at work. At thc nrcsptit
time thcrc is not suftfp'pnt work for thc
:illl prmoiiprs in tho prisnn fnclor'cs. but
soon as tho new wall oxton-sinn is
built t'o as to ino'nsc annthcr fnclnrv.
wprk wi'l bo nrovldcd fnr all. Thc biiP'l
ing of tho wall is bpi""r dono b.v tho
nn,.ors thcnisplvpfi. under rieid sun
vision so tlmt evorv man nt work, nnd
vnn as tho wall is fiilipd t'-o m
"nengod 011 that project will go into tho
prison fnctnries.
TW Con'dprate.
Mrs. Ncwb'-idc When vou found
thiit you ciddn't' nceopt tho invitntion
to on'r wodding, you might hnve sent
your reerots. ,.
Cvnicnl Fripnd Oh, I thoiieht you d
havo pnough of vour own pretty soon,
dcr, Boston Transcript.
Butter, crcnmery, lb
Butter, dniry, lb.
Oleomargarino, table. lb. . . .
OIpo. nut. lb
Home-mndp lnrd. lb
Lnrd compound. lb
Eggs, locnl, frosh. doz
Flour. brond. bng
Flonr, pnstry, bng
Sugar, white, lb
Beans, white, lb
Beans, yellow eyo
Rollod ontn. lb
Rioc, wholc, lb
Carn tnenl. cwt
Crncked corn, cwt
Brani cwt
Provondpr, cwt
Mlddlings, cwt ,
Onts, bii
Hay, balpd, ton ............
Rnron, lb
Bflcon, Swift's Premium, lb.
Bccf, rpast, 11)
Sirloln slcnk, lb
Portprhouse steak, lb ,
Round stoak, lb.
Pot ronst, lb , ,
Pork chops, lb ,
Sausnge, lb.
Snlt pork, lb
flnm, sllced. lb
T.nmb. los. lb
. .30-.35
. .0S.'.
Lnmb chops, lb
Vcnl, Rtpnb, lb ;..
Fowls, lb
Broilers, lb
t Wholesnlc.
Hldps, lb '
Pork, drcnscd, lb
Pork, livo, in
Vcnl. llve. lb.
Calfsklns. ench C0-1.00
Fowls. llve. lb .23
, Eeirs. locnl. frosh. don .00
JlJutter, crearacry, lb". 501
Practical and, attractive
gift sets for red-blood-cd
Amcrican boys', cpn:,
sisting of Baseball sets, . ,
Fpp.tball sets, Boxing
Glovcs and. Playground , r ,
sets and Golf sets for '
children from thr'ee to
tcn years . '
Stainlcss Stccl Jackknives
Stabiless Steel Carving Sets
Stainless Steel Table Knives
Stainless Steel Table Forks
Stainless Steel Table Cutlery
Empire Jackknives.
Wiss Shears and Scissors .'
Universal Vacuum Bottles .
Universal Lunch Kits
Universal Percolators
Universal Tea Ball Tea Pots
Universal Toasters
Universal Electric Irona
Universal Electric Heaters
Universal Curling Irons
Pyrex Ware and Holders
Evcready Flashlights the
complete line, including the .
long-lived Eveready bat- ,
Winslow Skates
Spalding Skates
Shoe Skates for men and
women the finest line
ever shown in Brattleboro.
Hockey Sticks, Spalding make
Hanson Scales buy her one
for Christmas, they are
good ones
Autostrop Fafety Razors the
best shaving instrument I
know of priced from $1
to $17.50
. Gillette Razors, Gem Razors,
Eveready Razors, Penn
Razors, Durham Duplex
Razors, Straight Razors
and razor accessories . .
Twinplex Razor Stroppers
Good Fishing Tackle al
ways acceptable
Carpenters' Tools, Machinists'
Tools, Automobile Tools
all standard lines and
every one fully warranted.
Genuine Stillson Pipe .
Wrenches, G. T. D. New
Model Pipe Wrench, Coes
Wrenches, P. S. & W.
Yankee Screwdrivers, Good-ell-P
r a 1 1 Screwdrivers,
Stanley and others
Tools for nearly every pur
pose, including one of the
most necessary but seldom
used snow shovels.
The above are suggestions
for Christmas Gifts there
are others in this little store
that may interest you call
and look 'em over.
88 Mnin TEL. 38 38 Maln
Carl A. MitcheU
Lady Ajslitant
Trlephooe 834-W or 834-R
IJcfiisod in Vermont, New Uamp
Bhlr and Massachusetta
Drives Paln Away
A Binglp npplication erter
iiully bflnm iustant relicf
from nturalgia iains, bt&d-lu-lic,
stilT jointa, sproiuD,
fhcuroatjo paics.
ipjlciit fur colds, cranips;
colir, paintcr'a colic, whca
takcu iiitprpsUy.
Sfc Ertectltc Coralortioa
30c. 60c.
ntatores or malled dl
rcct upon recolpc of prlce.
D R. B.J. ''KrDALL1 S "
.50 j jlj
.45.1; wmL
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piinn mh
mnil im

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