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n i iv i;i i i rrxz
Six Meetings Last Week in
Cbunty With Agcnt Harvey.
What Mrmbcrs Dcslre Gntherltigs In
Itorklngham, Guilford, Windham,
Grafton, Londonderry nnd Alhcns.
8tx progrnms of Frirm Iturcnu work
wcrc drnwn up In ns mnny communlticH
lnst weck in n Bcrios of moctlngH nr
runged by thc- rcspoctivc town commit
tecs nnd ntlonuod by County Agcnt 11.
Wiltdn Hnrvey nnd County Club Agcnt
Vloln M. Cnmcron.
A hignificnnt fenture of tbo mectlngs
wns thot mnny of tbc fnrmers cxpresHcd
n dcslrq for InHtruction In farni nceount
Ing. Iinprovemcut of tbc dairy, ioultry.
fruit nnd potatopH. tbc fonnntlon of
clotbing clubs nnd dwnonstrntions nlong
thc llna of homo-innking nlso were prom
Invutly ln thc mlnds of tbc people
touchcd by tbc mectlnga.
Thc projeots whlch tbe people of the
various towna dcslre to havc takcn np,
toffethw vrltb leaderw whero namcd, fol
lcnv :
Rockingham Forty to nttond rn'dk
mpcrlng with Mr. Jiuld, spcclallst ; tbree
mwnbcrs ln! coilntywide Cow Tcstltig ns
sociation, Mrs. J. H. Wooloy nnd lltish
O'Bficn: 10 to nttcnd l'nrm nccouut
:hooI, Loulc J. DIvoll; 30 to bolp clean
lip tbe communlty, Mary DIvoll ; flvo ln
utrtn account club, Loulc .1. DIvoll ; flvc
to itttpud pruiiiun dcmonstratton, demon
stratton to show bcst mcans of carlng
for trces, lnrcKtigntlon of posdbllity of
huiiclllng sprnylns of twsi co-opcrn-tlvcly,
Frnnk Wecdeu; poultry culling
demoustrution, 15 to nttcnd ; flvc ln
poultry club, Nnt L. DIvoll ; onc potato
ilemonHtrntion, five ln potato club,
Gcorse 1. Btickney ; devclopmcnt of
bouwhold oinolciicr four to wenr pcd
otnctcrH, Kntc Hloddnrd; 11 In clothlng
club, Loulc J. DlvoU; 10 ln clothlug
club In Saxtons Hlrer, Mrs. Monson.
Guilford Five membcrs ln cow test
itia ukwoclatiou If one U formed, ca-opcr-utc
wjtb Windham County Co-opcrutive
Mllk Produecrn, Ine., ln productlon of
elenn mllk, the progrnm to be detcr
luiued by W. P. Frost unirMr. HuiTpy,
L. Mnrtlndalc. four to prunc fruit
trccs, ;two pruning demonstrntlons, two
to Kpr'ny llirec timcs, Erncst TliomnH;
10 to .httcnd fnrm nccount Kcbool, H. I.
Tbomab: five boys nnd girls in fnrm ac
count club, lcader to bo chosen : 10 to
nttcnd poultry culling dpmonstrntlon,
nnd five In poultry club, Mrs. Clnrence
Hhltw ; 30 to nttcnd n clothcs remodcl
intt dkmonstrntion, Mrs. K. H. Mnrtln
dnlc; five In cnnning club, Mrs. H. I.
TbomaH! hnndicrnft club. Mrw. Kdith
Qtiinn ; five in clotbinR club, Mis Jpnn
Oampbcll nnd Mrn. Kdith Qulnn ; 10 to
ptirchnbc fertilizcr co-oncra tlvcly, H. A.
Vindbani Tcn to nttcnd dairy mcpt
ing with Mr. Judd, C. H. Jcnninon ; corn
varicty tcat, Mr. Jpnninon ; potato
wprnyiiiR dmonstrntion, I'nnl 1. Jonps;
10 to nttcnd n mci-tiiif: nt notuto (11ks'K
timc, J. W. Horwinail ; flvc in n poul
try club for cjjR-lnylnK contcst, MIhh
Twltchell ; 10 to nttcnd farm nccount
FCbooI, G. I. Duttnn ; oat dust dpmon
Btration and Hino. clcmonBtration, C. H.
Jonnlson ; invcfitipition of ficttinR llme
on Turkcy mountnln, nnd knlo prndica
tion demoiiHtration, H, (J. Chaso; 15 lo
Uttcnd a remodplinR demonstration, Mra.
Ilattle P, Jor.cs; 15 mcmbprs of wiwlnff
clnb. Charlotte TwKcIipII : five ln ncwinj;
club in West Windham, Mrs. Ilay Kich
nrdwin. Grafton Six to nttcnd butter-mnkins
dcunoiiHtrntion, K O. Merrifield ; 20 to
attend mpetinjt with Mr. Judd, Fnink
Wilbur; mcctinR nt 'which dptailH of
mnklnR biRh Rrndo mnplo productH will
be vxplninpd, C. L. I'nrk; 12 to attend
poultry cullInR demonHtrntion, Normun
WriRht: five incmbern in poultry club,
A. j. Sniall; tbrco to pnine und Hprny
four timcH. nix to attend pruning demon
Htratlou, Chorlw Cambridge: 10 to at
fcnd farm account ocliool, Mro. Npllie
Walkpr: tlresH-form dpmoimtratiou, Mrn.
A. 8. Bnrlovc; five iu clotbing club,
Mrn. ChnrlcH CambridRe.
Londonderry Tcn to nttcnd mcctinR
on duiry mnnaRpment witb .Mr. Judd,
Gcorgc Tnttlc: 15 to nttcnd fnrm nc
count ncbool, W. W. Sluson; 20 to nt
tcnd twultry cullinR demonstration, W.
J. Aidrich; fivo to sprny four timcrf, cotn
parjson demonntratlon, Mnrvin Ilowurd ;
25 to nttcnd foods mcctinR. Jlts, GcorRC
Tuttle; 30 to nttcnd mllllncry dciqon
rtratlon, Mlis Miunin Tjlcr; six to nt
tcnd mcctinR nnd mnkc drcKH forms,
Mro. W. VT. Slnnon : 10 kU Ib in clotbing
club, MrH., W, J. Aldrlcli.
Athens- One llmc dover demonHtrn
tlon, II. Ji HnatihRHi corn variety test,
Kriyl HruiLh ; onc dcmonstration npple
Crchnixl. FrJ Smlth ; 10 to nttcnd nml
try cullinR derooiihtration. Mrn. Ncttie
Goowey: hIx to attend fnrm nccountinR
school, Ned Wymnn; cigbt lu'gardcn
club, Mrw. Willlum ilutwn.
Zadio I'. Corson, W'ho Ilns Bccu Km
ploycd by Waltcr K. Scur, to Lowitc
In Jaincsvillc, Wls.
A fnrcwcll bunquct wnH tendprcd
'adlc I'. Cortion of 28 (Jcntral ntrcct
Hundny tiiRht In Ve Oldo Tnvern by
tbc cmployes 6r Wnltcr h ' Hpcnr nnd
hevcrnl of hU Mubohic frioncLs. Mr. nnd
.Mrs. C'orwn -Ifft town 'liccduy for
Jumemille, WUt., wlicrc tliey nrc to
hnke thelr bomt'. Mr. Oorwn ba bccn
cmploycd by M. Spcnr- almont 10 ycarH,
bnvlng c-omc to Ilrattlcboro ih 1012,
wbcn tbn Uoston & Mninp rallroud
brldgc wua IwjnR bullt and wbere Mr.
Conton waw cmploycd aH uu ironworkcr.
Tbc banquct'Wus attcnded by 10 of
bln fricmlH npd un elKbt-cournc ronHt
fhickcn dluncr u K-ned. Mr. SiK-ar
acted us tonHtmaHtcr, and tbe after
dlnncr cxorclhcH wcro foaturcd by infor
iimiI talkH on the part of Mr. Corwon
and hl fftllow cmploypti.
Mr. Contou baH mndc no (lcfinite con
ncction In Jamewvillo, but is movInR
tberc in order to bc uenr'MrH. Corhon'H
rtwtivcs wbo Hvc ln tbat locnllty.
S. W. Drake and C. W. l'ott Itc-ap-polntcl
to Gunnl Scnatc Jjoon .lo
fcrti Uarfln; Kxcciitlvo MttjsenRcr.
Kergeant-nt-ArmH 1)1 3. Dincll ap-
polnter! hchkIoh doorkcVnerH und lncnncn-
nrrn Haturdny a follows! Hoiihu door
kccpcr, Krcd CretiHy ftf llrntthboro ; ncn.
nto doprkeeper, S. W, Drake of Lyn
don; -nbHistant doorkfcppi-H. Georgt' II.
HutcltliiPon of Jericho, nnd C. W. l'ot
tcr of Belvidere.
roatmnHtcr, Guorgc A. I'ortur of
Greensboro; asslstnnt poHtmiiHter, Itob
crt Gadue of WinooHkl: courtroom nt
tfnilaht, C. M. AVbltc, of WoodHtock.
LxccutlVc mPHnRiT, JoHtph K. Dar
HiiR of ChclHeu:' inesKcngers, MUph Kre
HiPttc of Hardwick,' Gilman W. Ford of
Htittou, I'util yiiumbprlaln . of Haudolpb,
Hnrwlti I. ISrnnili of Grand Iille, Chcw
ter Cbtlcr of lViWnal, Kdwln T. Jnmes
of Weybridge; WIIIIh llryan of Mont
pelier. Winriw I'lerco of Franklin. Ilob
cH Tollnhd of Hrlghtot., Parker Ktuurt
of Caiijbridge and Lee Batcs of Derby.
nclfcfrlu thc lil lnclt uttcndlns ray
inarrlaeon .ilnteu back to tbo ilnyu of nn
eifnt lliiiiic.
Ills tUnclo IlnB a Fow Words o
About LegUlntlon,
Dcnr Edltor:
1 havo inat bceti rcndlnc tbc nrtlclc
eontributcd to yoiir papcr by my npphcw
Jonn Brown nnd 1 am frrc to Haj' tbat.
It Ih tod indcflnltc to bc InteivstitiR
Wbcn tlio votcrn of Hockvillc eleetcd
our Jonns (nn wc cnll lilin) to thc olllcc
ot town rcprcRPiitntlvp wc though hp
wns reuRonnbly hnrd boilcd nnd hnd souic
commoii scnse (wc linvc had thc lincoln
monsoiiHc klud of reprcHcntntlvc long
cnotigh) but wbcn bc begins to bnbble
iiboul dinmoiulfi and Real ukins mnutng
tnx Rruntcrs heic ln thio tovn bc sure
Hrmiuls hilly. Wc cura the precnt hlghj
rato of tnxntion bpciusc wc havc rcnRoit 1
to, nnd wc wcnr ovcralls bccnuHe
buve to.
Tlien JonnH rnmblpH on nbout cow tu
herculoHis people nnd how thcy rnlik. If
bc mcans cow doctnrs thpy rnnk ncc IiIkI.
wbcn II wmea to dlvcyinR up thc nppro-
printion but tbc Rinnll-towii furmer Im
not In it. IIc Ih old-faHhloned and con-
sldprM n cow n UphIi und blood anlmal,
not n mncliinc to bo forced to produce
thc RrcatcHt posiblc amount of mllk ln
thc Hhortest iossible tlmc, nnd when it
brpakH tinder thc strnln to bc Hhovcd on
thc Htntp nt pure brcd prlcen. No,
JonnH, whllc thc propoHltlon eali bc corn
mvrcinli2rd In some locnlltlcn, Hockvillc
Ih not progrcsslvn cnougb to profit by
It. And now aftcr thls RPiitlc nnd klndly
crltlcism I will plvc the bov crcdtt for
one mlghty good idea. Ills prepnred
ncns plan is grcat if hc prppares ln a
sejiRlble wny. Wbcn be prCnnres to ce
tbo dlfference .bctwccn practlcnl legiHbi
tlon and lcgiHlntion of tbo etnotionnl
kind nnd wbcn hc lcnrns tbnt renl pub
llc oplnlon is not of the mndc-to-oidcr-by-propagnndu
brnnd hc- will bc Rplng in
the rlght dlrcctlon.
It s better to tnke n imcKwnru stcp to
RolltL Rround than to jump nhend and
itpI utnek ln tbe nmd. Tlien ns n follow
up Jonas mlght study thc vnrintion in
vnluc bctwccn thc uctunl and thK)rctlenl
bcnefitM the public rcccive for its ever
increanlnR taxcs and tbcn nsk blmsclf
whicb kind bW town gets.
Now if Jouna will prcparc in this
nianncr and will vote for ju-dlce, econ
omy, bomc rule, nnd Hockvillc be will be
real utiixipular with thc clnss of people
wbo fattcu on npproprintions but liis
old liome town will be mlghty proud to
know tbcy scitt n renl man to the leg
islature, nnd I do hope tbat when bc
Hauntei-s iiito tbc ntute Iiouhc wenrlng
bin ?21.08 Kunday Huit bc won't allow
nnr mushy propngandist to lnflucnce
bim to turn hls new eoat. If be shoul.l
It mlght show n yellow strcak iu thc
Yours for Hockvillc,
Fcrmcr Brattleboro Woman Was Earn
nst Worker In Bantlst Churclu
M, A,lilln n Mtnllninl Vnn T)norn.
who diinl TieMlav in Pittsfield, Mnss.,
at tho homn ot hcr daughter. Mrs. W.
A. Burtoii. wns born in Jamaica Junc
10, 1812. Sho was ono of tho t.evcn chil-
,iron fnnr Iwinr nn nml Miren dnuuh.
ters. of Ilbnjnmln nnd Carolinc (How-
ard) Bnldwin. 'JTie only Mirvtvor ot tuc
, . , t. i. .i..t. . r..
Tupcdav niornmc and
the body of Mrs. V
WelnpRday nlgbt.
When Mrs. Vnn Doorn was scvcn
ypnrs old thc famiiy raovrd to Chrstcr.
Ul. .l i.l, f1, ll.,.,.iat nh.n1. In
.. ... ......... ...v
Uipster when sbp wns a girl. She
taucht school several jears. bcfore hcr
maiTiage to Charlcs A. Van Doorn, n
Civil war vcteran, July 5, 1SC0. After
thcir mnrriage thcy wcnt to Concord,
Mass., to llve. Latcr thcy camo to livo
in Brattleboro to caro for Mr. an
iiiuiiivi. hnrilpned. thc bend wns morc periecr-
Formcrly sho wns nn nctivc worker In i,nPti bv n piece of wood ui onc cnd of
tho Flrst Baptist church, tcaclnng n wi,!eh was cut n circulnr des'Rn. B
class in tbc Bibln school and' being as- j)nBj,iiig n,iH dcslgu nround on tho bend
sistant superintendent. In 1877 they 0f cement ns It drlcd, n perfcct outline
movcd to Grcenfinld, Mats., wbere she Wns obtnlncd.
nlso wns nn carnest church worker, Knch stonc wns slmilnrlv trcntcd, II
tnught n Sundny pchool class nnd wns t.pinz inpnsed in ccincnt sufficicntly deo"
nssistant supprintpndcnt. Mr. nnd Mrs. m tblit when pl.lced lmek in tbe grounil
Vnn Doorn llved in Greenfiold moro tbo cement portion extended six inchc
thnn 20 ycars, Mr. Van Dqorn conduct- below the purfnce of tbe dirt.
ing n crockcry nnd glnsswnre store, and Mr. Pent'aml snvs tbnt old beadstonc
in thc spring of 11)01, when fuiling rnn be slmi'nrlv trented bv anyone wh
hcnlth compelled bim to rctlre, they Is linndv nnd by the npplicntion of p'ni'
movcl to West Brattleboro. Mr. Van "rdinary coinmon seTit-e Tle is cjl t
Doorn dicd in 1000. Mrs. Vnn Doorn's offcr this method of beadstonc prefrv"
henlth faillng, shc movcd to thc cabt vil- tion to nnyonc who desircs to tnke nd
1 n rrn n n t with l,n r.vnritt.i, tf nnrt vi.n V I V n tn Tn nf bls PxnorimPnt. ntlll W'"
livcJ with hcr sister, Mrs. Clnrk, until
last April, when she wcnt to llve with hcr
daughter ln Pittsfield.
Aiiidc from hcr daughter and sistcr,
Mrs. Van Doorn leave n granddaugbtcr,
Miss I'jlizjibctb Van Doorn Burton of
Pittsfield. .
Mrs. nn Doorn hnd suffered n hard
cold Reveral days, and Improvcd. but on visitor to tlipni.
Dec. 7 she bccame worse, and hcr sistcr I Mr. T'entland al.p will bP glm to ri
was callrd from Dulutb. Bronchlnl "nv. MoYmnWon rrcnrding thr
pnrumoiiin tlovclopcd nnd shc dicd
o eloclt Tucsuay morning.
Tbc funoral wns hcld nt 11.30 Friday
mornlng ln tho Flrst Baptist church.
Hcv. Dr. Clark T. Ilrownell. pnstor of
the eburcb, olficiatrd nnd Mrs. Frnuk
.E. Bnrbcr wing Fnce to Fnce nnd Abidc
with Me. Tbo burlnl txik plucc in Pros
pcct llill ccmetery. Tbc bearors wcre
H. W. Edgctt, G. W. Brooks. Dr. W. H.
Noyctt nnd 0. H. Ilopklnn. M.rs. Francis
E. Clnrk of Dulutli, Mlnn., nnd Mj-h. ,
W. A. Burton and daughter of Pittstield,
Masi wcrc hero to attend tbo funcrnl.'"
Robert Mulloiy of Woodford Sticd Brat
tleboro Selectman for SOOO and Was
Allowcd $282.
In tbc Bennington county court casc
ot itoocrt .Muiiory oi woodtoru agalnst
Sclectmnn W. E. Htcllman of Brattlc-
boro, whicb -wns to recover $2,000 for
damagcs in nn nutomobilc nccident, thc
Jury Dcc. 14 brought in n vcrdict for
thc plnlnllff to recover $282. Tbe jury
wns out two hours nnd cvidcntly rcncbwl
a compromisc verdlct.
lbc accldcnt bappcned Nov. 2, 1020,
when Mr. Stcllrann wns on hls wny homc
from Syracuse, N. Y., through Woodford
and Bennington. Hp met Mr. Mnllory
ncur wbat is known ns Threc Bridgcs.
Ii was not clalmed thnt Mr. .Stcllman's
car damnged that of Mr. Mnllory, but
that Mr. Ktcllman wns drlvlng rapldly
nnd forccd Mr. Mnllory ovcr a bank unil
into u strenm. Mr. Mnllory clalmed
L'i'Ji. 'bc octunl dumnRPs to bis car wcrc
?00. Tbc dcfcnbc did not udmit nny
rcHponslbil ly.
Kobcrt Ij. Hcaly of Bennington wns
coun.el for tho plaintlff nnd Homcr L.
"7:'7 "i mmiow wns counsci ior .nr.
ntcllinun. ,
Gung of Kiglit from Wilmington Hcld to lenve hcre nt 8.53,-was ovcr un bour
Ovcr Nlght In Grecnlleld. i lnte und did not leuvo Brnttb'boro unlll
A gnng of clght Ncgrocs who hnd bccn 10.10. Tbe morniug northbound traln.
cmploycd nt Wilmington, arrivcd lnN- 703. whlch nlso travclcd ln two soe
Grecnlleld Hundny nlght. Thev clalmed iioun, nlso was delnycd. Thc first bcc
thnt thcy had had somc troublp ln re-1 tion, oomprislnR tbe conclies. was ovcr
celvlng thcir pny nud hnd lcft their Jobs hnlf an hour lnte. Tho sccond sectlon.
nnd wcre golng tfouth. Thcy werc taken with thc mall, pnrccl iiit, ncwspupcrs
In chai-gc by thc pollce dcpartnient und nnd oxpress innttcr, did not arrlvc until
dctalhwl iu tho lockup but wcrc rclcased 10.45. Northbound No. 73, duc to lenve
und ordervd out of town next iiiornlng. Brattleboro at Jl.5 n. m., was 25 mln-
iMnoiiR thc nshcr toiK of uorntvail no
woman ls allowcd to whlstle or bud luck
wm nurciy totiow,
In Holland mnro tbnn 10,000 ncron nm
devotcd to tho cultlvntlou of bulbs.
pfin j- nrlm'nitBo -Dmnaet.
CtlUand UnginatC3 ProceSS to
Stop Detenoration
Kncascs TliPin ln Inycr of Ccincnt May
Itcsult iu 8:tvliiR Hiousands of Ati
clcnt Slato Marltcrs.
What pcrhaps will rcault III the rccln.
mation und prckervution ot oid lieudHtuueb
"'un' ceuieU-rien turoutibout tlie LmiteU
.lttic l'r culurly in tnu lJust, wticre
lt"ele ul'1 thouRuiids ot Btonu und Hlale
murkers demgimtnig tbc rctiug places ot
uu- ciiriy piuuuerH, ix ine pruceHx rcceiitl
origlnuted by Willlnm .1. I'cntluud of tbi
town, tbc well known plumber und tin
nmith, wbosc HUcccsHful cxpcrimcnt of ln
" uxV,aH1 , rnncnt of ln.
B" Lr , t 'il S?,l5kVr" i"1 iu
" ,0,' .c,1 "f"1,,, "U,b178 w" btK d,l,,,,'
iJ ubi,tL"18' '."i 'l,.a Lts uf lM'
eurly aettlcrii all ovcr tbe coiintry,
Tbc expi-rlnicnt wns the reHult of nn
Idea dcvclopcd by Mr. l'eiitland, wbo
prevlously liad repalred scvcral old hcud
stonco lu Prospcct llill ccmetory by cap
ping thera with coppcr, thus protecting
thein from tbe ruvuges of Inclcmem
wentber nnd nddlng tevernl ycars of lifc
to thc Btoncs,
Kecently u Chlcago man, Chnrlcs 1$,
llennctt of 2323 Oegood Btrcct, camc to
Brattleboro to look up thc gravcs of his
nncpitors wbo bnd bccn buricd ovcr 100
jcaru ln l'ronpcct II111 cemetcry. He
found the old slatc mnrkers in very bnd
condition nnd wna told by the rnretukur
of tbc cemetcry tbat tbe Hamc trcatmcnt
could bo accordcl those stonM ns had
lecn givcn thosc whlch wcrc capped witb
copper by Mr. I'entlnnd.
Not snthdicd witb tbc rcsnltN attnlned
by tbc uso of coppcr, Mr. I'entlnnd coii'
ceived tbc Idea of incasltiR tbe markcrs
in a tbln lnycr of ccmunt, thus prutcctlng
the sldcH nnd back of tbc stono. Icavlnc
only the cblsqlcd wordlng on the faec of
the Btone exjxjncd. In nddition, hc fiRurcd
tbat Kuch n trcntment would ndd nn im
measurnblc di'greo of nppearanco nnd
prpHervatioa to tbc stono nnd nt un cx
tremely Rinnll coRt.
Tbo mnnner iu wblch this cxperlmcnt
wns accompllsbo'l succcsMfully will bc
rcndtly ndmlttcd ns belng dccidedly uovcl
nnd ingcnious.
Thc old hendHtoncs wcro fir.it rcmoved
from tbo ccmetery nud tukcn lo Kverett
IMiillips's cnrpcntcr shop, wbere thcy
wcre clcnncd carcfully and thoroushly.
spi'cinl attcntion bcing givcn to the
"ul"v".?."""" 1.,"' ""l
cxnoHtire to tbc wcather had sulit thcui.
A wooden form was then made, somo
whnt largcr tban thc dimensions of the
stonc to bc trcutcd. The inside wldtlv
of tho form was two and onc-hnlf Inchcs
widor than thc width of thc Htone. The
iislde of thc form wns then lincd w
mctnl, prcfernbly zinc, ho tbnt thc Rton"'
when flnlshed, would bc pprfectly smooth.
At tbc end of the form wherc tbe top of
tbe Htone CUItlO. tllC zillC cnrcfull.v WHS
madc to conform to thc shape of tbc
Rtone. wluch in somc casoH is Hemi-
circulnr and In othcrs, leaf-Rhnped., Hcre
"R"in it may bc mcntionpd tbat zinc i.
thc mctal morc dcsirablc for nsc bccaus
of its plinncy.
The stonc itsclf wns lnecd on thc sidc
nm iinoic wit. n ounrter-iiicn cn vn'v
i ccllar window mcsh wbich formcd a
n-hn qprninniinl'pil reinforcoment for thc rolled cdgos nnd
nn C h ? tLo bnck of tbe stonc. A qunntity of cp
an uoorn ntre mc)t nn(, n ycfy fin() grn(,p ()f Klmrp Mnt
wns mixcd nnd put Into thc fonu to tne
deptb of two inchcs. Upon this ccmcnt
i , -1 i e ....
"'IXlHrC, I Iie iniUKCr !1S IM'M.i.1 w U.
Tlie mnrker wns then "puddlcd" lnto tm
rplnent ntil it 8qllCPZi up bctwccn th-
sids and top oi tne Htone nnu ine ionn.
More ccmcnt wns nddcd to tbc sidcs nnd
top wberever neeled so ns to provid"
inch ,,c(u nrcn,d thc f-tone cdgc of tbe
fnce cxcept at the bottom. Afi the cemcnt
nniiRH cemcnt tor n onc nnu one-nnr
wishe to nre.ervo 4lw old oririnnl mark
crs crcctcHl ovcr the grnves of his nnce
torn. , , ,
Anvonc visiting Brnttleboro who d"
slres 'to ncc the stoncs whlch Mr. PenK
tind cpnientpd mnv oall uion t'ii cnrc
tolri.1. rt Immpct Tlill remeterv. Elbrid"
iftiowlton. who will be glad to direct tb'
niethod lic iiRed. upon rcquest
Tcnipcraluio of 10 Below Zcro at 7
O'clwrlc Wcdnfwlay Monilng Wiitc
Itlvcr Junction Kcpnrtrd 1 Bclnw.
Tcn below zero ! Old King Wlntcr nt-
tn'cked Brnttlcboro thcrmomctcrs with
fmw. TiimmIiiv niirbt nnd bettered thcin
m budly thul' at 7 o'clock next inorniiiE
the mercury had been drivcn down to 10
degrces below the zero mark. From thnt
ivolnt, the rcd fluid maunRcd to rally nnd
with thc nsslstnncc of thc mornlng sun
grndunlly workod its wny bnck until al
10 o'clock it stood nt onc below zcro.
Latc Tuesdny aftcruoon, tbe fcellng
in thc utmosplicrc gavc evcry indicatlon
that tbe nigbt wns Vo bc a cold one. At
8 thnt niRlit thc liu'reury rcad tivc
depves nbove nnd from tbat hour n
stcndy dccrcasc was notcd. Coal blns
Wcre deplctcd by tbe bcaplng of coal on
tllc furnnce 'fire, certnin rooms in thc
bouseH werc closcd nnd therc wns n tcn-
dencv lnst evenlng lo gioup ln the most
easlly hcated room In tbe house.
Ery ri,.rs on Wcdnesday found-thc
window panes cnvcrciUwith a thlck coat-
JnB of frost. Folks who hnvc bccn con-
grntulatlng themselvps on tbc wny tbp
renl cold wcatbcr hns hcld ou" turned up
their coat collars this morning and de-
cldcd that the old tradltionul Vermont
wintcr has bct In tor good.
Thc mornlng trnins wcrc nll oft schcd-
ulo. Tbc Owl, duc to lcavc hrre at 5.24,
trnveled in two scctions Wednesd y.
Tbe firfct, or Qiiclwc sectlon, cnme
through nbout 7.50: the sccond, or Mon-
treal sectlon, wcnt through at 11.15.
Thcm was generous roating of frost.
snow und IcIcIch ovcr thn cnglncs nnd
the cnrs, nnd mnny oi uie concn winuow
i wcro frozcn ln. Thc dclav .was due
lurgcly to thc luablllty of tho locomotlvcs
to genernte suHiclent stcnm in the below-
Trn tv.xitli,.. Kniltliltntinfl ?Cn 710 ,li,,t
""'s inic,
PusBcngors nirlvlng on No. 712 from
thc north rcported tbat tbo temperature
nt wnito uivcr Juucttou tbat mornlng
ra 10 below,
I Thu rccurd sbowlng tho chnhge:
tcmpernture na outllned on thc rccordlns
thermomctcr nt Ferrls H. Vntl.'thnn'B on
Hlgh atreet wns ns follows, bcglnnln
with 8 o'clock Tttesday cvcning :
8 p. tn. 6 nbove zcro.
10 p. m. 1 nbovo zero.
Mlduigbt 1 below zcro.
2 n. tu. -I brlow zero.
1 n. m. 4- below zero.
0 n. m. 8 below zcro.
7 n. in. 10 below zcro.
8 n. m. 10 below zero.
10 n. m. 10 below zcro.
12 noon Zcro.
' 2 p. m. 7 nbovc zcro.
Jolin Wojcllc to Sm-o 30 Dnys for Bcat
lng Hls Wlfc Hcr Eyo Closcd and
Klachnncd. .
A casc nf dnnicstlc Infellclty wnH nlred
In thc miinlcipal otirt Fridny morniug
when John Wojclk, -18, an cmpioye of
Vbe Centrnl Vermont Hallway Co. at the
coal shutes. wns brolight bcforc Judgp
Frnnl; I). 13. Stowe and chargcd with
lireach of tbc pcace, to wbich hc plcnded
guilty. Ile was givcn a sentcncc of not
'ess than 30 dnys nnd not morc thnn 40
days nt hard lauor In thc county jall at
Thcre has been consldcrable troublf
In, thc Wojclk famlly for ncvcrnl weeks.
Mr. and Jlrs. Wojclk llve with scverat
'hildien ln the north Watercurc bulld
lng nt 107 Elliot strcct, nnd tbnt morn
tng tho bcad of thc fnmiLr nnd hl
snoiiRc lccniup involvcd In onc of the nc
ries of brnwls wbich havc occiirrcd thcre
recently. ln thc meloe whlch cnsucd.
Mrs. Wojclk rei-cJvcd thc worst of thc
oncouuter wbcn bpr husband cavc hcr a
I scvcre blow whlch blackcned nnd corn-
pletcly closcd hcr lcft cye and cut tbc
skin undcmcalh.
Nclghboi's who livard thc row noti
fied Sbm-iff Frank A. Wcllmnn, who
wpnt to tbe houso nnd nrrcstcd Wojclk.
Sevrrnl of the neighbonj nlso stntcd tbnt
Wojclir'had acvcral tiracs tbrcntcned hin
lu court, It dcvcloixxl tbnt Wojcik
was nccustonied to pny tho rcnt, whicb
amounts to S8 monthly. but eontributcd
little oIhc tnwurd the hupport of tln
mrgo rnmiiy, tho btirncn lalling on thc
wife. It was snld by nelghbors tbnt
Wojcik would glve his wifc 50 ccnts in
the mornliiR for the purchnsc of food for
tbc cntlrc fnmily nnd then would makc
troublc lntcr wbcn bc found thcro was
not sufGcient food for n full coilrsc mcnl.
Tlie caso was proswutpd by Grand
Tnrr Pnul A. CIihrc in tho nbsenoe of
Stntc's Attorncy Ilnrold E. Wiltncy.
Attonioy Chnw went to thc Wojclk
Iiouhc tbnt niornl.nR for tho puriwfic of
uaviiiR Mrs. Wojcik appear ln court
'gninHt hrr busbnnd, but he found her iti
bed RUfferinR"from hcr bruiscs and in n
hlgh stnto of uervousness rcsaltlng from
tbc frny.
Wojcik, in his own dcfensc, snid the
womnn bnd hit bim 25 time to bis
:nice. Kecently, he snid, Mrs. Wojclk
blt liim ovcr thc lcft hnnd with a stick
that causcd a swelling which rcmaincd
for scveral days.
Tlie invcKtigation wns thc fourth onc
mndn by Shcriff Wcllinnn, who hus
quicted thc houschold on prevlous oncn
sions wbcn assaults havc takcn place
Judgp Stowe, in BPntencing Wojcik.
said brawls of. Jbat natnrc would not bc
toleratcd and nddcd tbat the sentencp
was not as hcnvy ns perhaps should be
imposed iu a caso of tbnt kind. Jndge
Stowe nlso mndc an arrangcmcnt tbnt
np-half of whatcvcr moncy Wojcik
would earn at Newfane thould. go to
Mrs. Wojcik townrd thc biipiort of the
Will Bo Hcld Under AUspIces of Outlng
Club All Clilldren Having SUls In
vltcd for Short Trip.
The first of n series of childrcn's ski
pnrties will be hcld this nfterno m
undcr tbc nuspiccs of tbe Brattleboro
Outlng club. Thc pnrty will meet at tbc
town bnll at 2 o'clock and under tbc
lcadcrship of Frcd II. Ilurris will ski
to the hills on tlie Brndley cstnte and rc
turn, m.iking n totnl eourse of nbout ty
rnilcs. Tbo trip hns bcen made short 6n
account ot Its bcinR tbe first pnrty of
the series and becnuse of scvcral chlldrcn
who probably will mnke thcir first run
on skis.
Announcemcnt of tbe cvcnt wns mndc
in schools ycsterdny by Miss Florcii'-c
M. Wcllmnn. Lnst ycnr about 70 chil
drcn took part in thc cvcnt nnd it is cx
pcctcd tbnt fully tbat numbcr will be
out today.
Mr. Ilarris rcqucsts that evcry chlld
deslriiiR to take part should comc fully
eiulppcd witb proper ski fastcninRs, cs
pccinlly bnck straps, ns the futllity of
trylng to ski without proper equlpmpnt
was sbown lnst vear. Tbe affnlr Is oiM-n
to nllcbildrcn witli skls wbo cnrc to
ianc puri.
j Invltatlons Scnt to .More Than 300 to
Attend Anniial Party Saturday Aftcr
j noon at 5 O'clock.
, More thnn 300 chlldrcn will bc rcraciu
l bcrcd this year at thc nnnuul Christmns
pnrty or tho ermont Whecl club. which
will bc hcld in the club rooms Suturdny
aftcruoon from 2 to 5 o'clock. Invi
tutloni, iilrcady havc gonc out nnd thu
chlldrcn reccivlng thcm nrc requcsted to
present thcm nt the door for ndmlssion.
Tbc program Includcs music by Hnow's
jrchcstrn, uiovIiir picturcs furnlshel b)
Mrs. E. C Farringtou of tbo Princess
thcntrc and thc McUarrigle dog show.
Followiiig the cntcrtuinincnt gifts of
toys. clotbing. cnndy, ctc will bo dis
tributcd. The Cbristmas pnrty for chlldrcn who
mlght not othcrwisc havc n "Mcrry
Cbristmas" has Im'cii conducted by thc
Wbecl club tbe post, few ypars nnd !( an
vent lookinl forwnrd to witb iilcnsure bv
I those whose privilcgf It is to holp in thc
r ntcrtninment of tlie chlldrcn.
Opcidy AitIvmI At.
Ile Thc Iceturcr snld thnt a wife
diould be nn opcn book to her husbnnd.
Shc I udmit that, my dear. And a
husband should be nn opcn poekctbook
o tbe wife. Boston Transeript.
Tho new tbiiiR is often tho old Uilng rc
found. Evcn tho polltical cquallty of tbe
mxch wns nntlcipated ccnturies ngo. It
hns jlst bccn dlseoverwl thnt in tbo year
2400 B. 0.. n city lu Asin Minor wns
rulcd by n prlnce nnd priuccss with mclc
nd fcmnlc prcfcct, and thnt the wpincu
hnd prcciscly thc samc powcr as their
Catarrhal Dtafneso Carmot Be Curcd
by lucal nppllcalloue, ls they ciinnot rcach
tha dbeagcd purtlcm ot thn car. Thern Is
only one wny to cure cnturrtal deatnraa,
and that it Ly a coaatltutlonal rumedy.
Catarrhal Daafntt Ii, cauatd by nn In
Uamed condltluii of iue i.iuuoua llrlnir of
the KuBtaculan 'J'ubo. When thla tube Is
Inllamed you havo a rurntiltm: sound or Ira-pcrft-Pt
hiHrltif, nnd whrn Ii l.i rntlrtly
clciiKd, Ucafnt'ts la th" rcault. L'iiImj tho
Inllammatl.iii cbh h i.'il..cd and thli tube
rnlorod to tm riormal eonJUIon, hcarlni;
lll he dcatraytd forsver. fliviy eaeca of
dtafneaa nro latiaed by cntnrrb. whlch Ij
an Inflamdd con'lllllia nf thn mucoui aur
(acea. Ilall'u Catmrlt MeillnliiM acta Ihru
the blood on tUa mucioi.u aurfaics of the
Wo will glvc'Ona ITntifli1 Dcllara for
ay coae ot Catarrhal Daiira llit,:nnnnl
curd by llall Caturru Wedlclne. Clr.
'Ulart trc All DrUfiriatt, 71. 1
r. J. ciiuNKi a oo.. tou.10. a
RECOYER $7,500 i
O. B. Lay Says Ludington Co.
Violated Contract.
rialntllT Clalms $9,500 on Opcn Ac
count, $1,500 for Moncy Advnuced, nnd
$2,400 In Commisslons.
Pnpcrs In n sult for dninn'gcs of $7,500
vferc Hlid in thc Windham county clerk's
ollif'o lnst Saturduy by Barber, l!nrbpr&
Mtller, counsel for O. B. Luy, dolnR
inistnoH ns U, II. Lay & Uo., of t'oit
Allcgany, Pa.. agalnst thc LmlinRton
Woodenwnrc Co. of Wilmington, the
Vermont Nntlonal bank of Brattleboro
irustec. Tlie sult is rcturnablc at thc
Spril tcrm ot court.
The sult is basd on nn nllcgcd brcach
of contrnct. It Is clnimcd by Mr. Lay
thnt on Jnn. 1, 1021, thc pnrties cntc'red
uto u writtcn ugrccmciit undcr thc
tcrms of which thc plaiutiff wns to havc
iho exclusive snle in cnrlond lots of thc
eiitire otitput of tbc dcfcndant's plnnt in
Wilmington, cxcept about 10 carluads
of wlre-end wood buttcr dlshcs, tnkiug
them iu cnrlond lots nnd placing thcm
with retnll merchnnts nnd jobbers, un
dcr condition ngrccd upon iu thc con
trnct. In nccordnnce wltli thc contrnct' the
plnlutlff, It is clnimcd, bought 7,000,000
wirc-ciul wood buttcr dlshcs, iwytng tn
.'iccordniico with thc agrcemcnt, nnd
the dcfcudant was to contlnue to
'tinke uddltiounl goods ns providcd In thc
contruct, Lntcr Mr. Lay clalms, n sup-'
plemcntiil contract was made allowing
the plnlntlrf certnin addltionnl comniis
sions. Tho plaintlff says tbat whcu the
contrnct cxpiretl l)ec 31, 1021, tbe
pnrties mutunlly n?rced to contlnue
thcir busincas deallngs on n slmilar
Mr. Luy nsscrtH tbnt tbo Ludington
Woodenwnrc Co. has fnllcd to pny thc
n'nintiff $2,500 duc on open nccount;
tbnt tbc plaintlff has advanccd moncy
argely In exccss of thc contrnct provi
sions, whcrcby thc interest clmrRcs nnd
othcr daiiiagc's to the plalntiff on nccount
f tbc moncy so ndvanccd amounts to
:?1,500; tbnt tbo dcfendant fnllcd to
nay the nddltionnl commisslons on ?40,
000 worth of Roods, nmounting to
$2,000; und thnt thc dcfendant has
fnllcd to deliver five carloads of goods,
causlng n loss of $400 ln commlssions.
Formcr Brattltboro Vlsltor NVas rroml-
nrnt In Epl.scopal Denomlnation
Marricd nora Fcimcr.
Protcstnnt Eplscopal cirrlc!" wcre
sbockcd Monday by news of tho dentb of
Hev. Dr. Hcnry Ansticc. one of the mont
promlncnt officinls of thc denomlnation,
whicb occurrcd on n traln on the wny
from his homc in Montclalr, N. J., to his
officcs in the church raission bouse in
New York city. Dr. Ansticc wns known
by n numbcr of Brattleboro pcoplo ns
he mnrried Miss FJora Fcnncr, siBtrr of
the latc Mrs. Wells Frost of Brattleboro,
nnd be nnd his wife grequnntly came to
Brattleboro to vibit rclatlvcs.
Dr. Anatico had bccn ofBcially con
nectcd with evcry triennial gcncral con
vention of his church since 1877. as first
secrctary of thc house of dcputirs until
100-1 and ns secretary from then until
1002. IIc dcclined unnnimous rc-clcc-tion
at the lnst convcntion in Portlnnd.
Ore. Ile was born In New York in 1841.
Women as u rule hnve beptcr eye-
sight thnn mcn, nccordlng to oculiats.
Good Catchcs of Kass and Northcrn Plltc
Itcportid Slilncrs I'scd m Bnlt,
Bought In Brattleboro.
Fbhlng through the icc nround Brat
tleboro hns bccn In progress thc past
sevpral da.VK, or cver slnc? tbc lce was
thlck enoiigh, nnd falrly good luck ls rc
poricd nltlioURb nn. cxccptlolial, cntcbes
'liave been mndc, The Ilunt mendow Is
iih UKiinl thc fnvorlte tishlng ground, but
mnny ru to thc Kctrcnt mendow nt the
inoutb of West rlver nnd the mouth of
Bi'oad brook, whlle othcrs flsh along tbe
(.'onnectlcut. At tliilcs ns many ns 50
pprs ins hnvc flshcd tlirough thc icc bc-
About This Time of Year
many conservative invcstors, both large and small, are
vcry carefully considering the placing of a certain amount
of their funds in some good substantial proposition whero
thcy will gct a good return on thcir money.
Times Change !
costs are nearly double what they were at that time. You
should inveat your money so that its carnings will make
up for this differencc.
cstablished and growing New England corporation, with
thcir first wholcsale groccry house at Keene, N. H., and
later cstablishing distributing points at Woodsville,
Nashua, Laconia, Claremont, N. H., and Burlington, Vt.,
are now offering at $100.00 a share.
$300,000 in 7 Per Cent
Cumulative, Pref erred Stock A
Par Value $100
dividends payable quarterly, by check mailed direct to
stockholder, February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and No
Write us for further particularB
The Holbrook Grocery Co.
Wholesale Grocers
St. Jamcs and Lamson Strcets
Fey days are too cold for comfortable
driving in this sturdy car.
Snug-fitting curtains, which open and
close with the doors, afford complete
protection from wind and snow.
The carburetor and starter are famous for
their prompt and dependable rcsponse
on cold moniings.
Cord tires, with safety treads, act as a
safeguard against skidding, and greatly
reduce the possibility of having to change
tircs in disagrecable weather.
Tho prlru ls $'.)00 dclhcrcd.
Federal Garage, Inc.'
wopn Whetato'nc brook nnd th3 Ilunt
niondnw nt oncc thls Benson.
Thc prlncipal catchps nre black bnss,
iiorthprn plkc, wnll-eycd plke nnd plck
crel, tho bnss nnd northrrnplkc prcdoml
natlng. A milnbcr of good catchcs of
bnss hnvc bccn mnde, somc of thc specl
inPtis weighlnR ns hlgh as four pounds.
nnd onc northern plkc thnt wclghcd
nlne iiounds hns bccn rcported.
Tho fishprmph use shlners for bnlt,
bought princlpnllv of the two locnl deal
crs, Chniles Oakes nnd Don Bcllvlllc.
piylng fiom one to threc ccnts eiich.
Hcnlth Is tbo foundntlon both of Judg
mcnt nnd industry. nnd thcrcfore of nuc-
Keene, N. H.

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