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Death of K. 8. Pulnam.
Kmcrson N. I'utnnln, 77, dled nt the
holno of T. A. C'lark, where he bonrdcd,
He wns ii niitlvp of Cambridge, Vt.(
nnd llved thoro untll 15 vearn ngo, when
ho uioved to Willtnnisville nnd lnter tr
tlils town. H1h wlfo, wlni wis AiiuIp
Huntlrv nf Cambridge, dled n fcw yonrf
ago. He leaves onc brothor, Fred W
l'titnnm of Williston, Vt.. iilso thre
dnuRhtors, Mrs. (J. N. Kldd-r nnd Mr
Alvin Ueorgo cif thln town, nnd Mrs. F
II. WnRhcr of Urcentleld.
The funernl wns hold nt tho liom'
of his dnnghter, Mrs. Kiddcr. Wodncs
day nt - P. lil.. Itev. F. W. Pnttlhon ofli
olatlng. The burlnL touk plnce In the
Centrc cemPtery.
Mr. Putnnm wns n travellng Riilesmn
nnd nn anctloiicor all hls nctive lifn. II'
hold nn bonorablo wur rcoord. llp cn
listed In 18tU wlth Companv 15. Flrs
Vermont cnvalry, scrving untll thp clos
of thp wnr. Ilp wns cngngcd in (lie bat
tlp of CVdnr Crpck nnd wltli Gon. Cus
ter nnd Gon. Hheridnn in tlip Shen.mdon
Vnllpy campaign. The lnHt cngngempu
in which he norvod wns nt Appnmatto
whoro Gen I.eo surrpdpr d
'llip fiinprnl wnH lield at tho iiome of
Mr. nnd Mrs. O. X. Kiddpr Tuesdnv
nftcrnoon. Rev. Albcrt Mobbs olBcintcd.
Tlip bnrinl took ploce in the Contrc cem
Mrs. S. E. Whltmore hns becn ill wltt
Ilnrold Penrsnn is at honip from Har
vard universlty.
MrH. A. G. Moody Hpcnt tlie first
tho week in IJoston.
Mrs. Hoxlp is plnnning n fmnily ro
union of her rclntlvcH for Christinns. .
Dr. A. h. Nowton has bc;n eonlinc
to his bod wlth rheumntism tlils week
Chaunccy Dowd of Springfipld wlll b
a Riiest of Miss Uoth Itritton. for th .
Tlip Misses Penrson of Cohoes, X. Y
are guests uf their, brothcr, Alcxamb
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Stcbbins plan 1
Miend thp holidayn in Ilnrlford ani.
John Ilurlpy of New York will joTi
hin fninily at 12d Kilcy's Saturday f.'
tho holidays.
Mrn. C. Ii. Johnson will entertain he
brother. Ilarry Kcndall of New York
for Christmas.
Mr. and Mrg. Dana I.envis ko t'
Stoneham for the week-cnd with Jln
Lenvis'H relativen.
AValtcr .Tones of IJrown univer.sity wil
jotn, lds parents at Mr. Moor's for tlu
ChrifitmnE vaeation.
Tho Granse IioMm a rpRtilnr ineetin
IX'C. 20 at thpir balji at 7.110 p. m. Ther.
will be a Christmas tree.
Mr. nnd MrH. II. II. Chninbprlnin wil'
Bpenu UhnstmaH witu tlieir son, Ila.
noon, Dec. 13, wlth 14 prescnt. Mrs.
Mnry Spencer led the devotlons. ChriaN
mns ntoricH wcro told by Mrs. Ellls B.
.Tonca, Qdiic.vIpvc Alexnnder rccitcd,
Mm, Moody F.ms ChriatmnB Mongs, nnd
fcfreRhinentH wcrc Hcrvcd,
Witiblow lUnck, 8:i. dled nt the hOHpi
tnl In heomlnster Katttrday. For 25
jpiuu Mr. lllnrk coiiductcd a tlirivlnn
nlioe rciialrhiK lnmiiii'HH ln tliis town and
mueh of the tlmc llvrd nt (I. X. Kld
dpr'n. Ilo nnve falthful and (jeidnl w-rv-'('.
Three yenrs iiro he went to llve
with hls nlt'CP, Mrs. II. 10. Ilnx.s in
Tlie Ilome MinHlonary Hocicty pnckcd
Ctvll War Vctcran and Mcinbcr of Ma
sonlo Ki-nlcnilfy,
Georse Ilenry Hmlth, 78, one of the
very fcw roinainlnu Civil wnr vptcrnns of
Ilmtilnlp nnd n llfolong rcHidnnt of tlils
town, dled vcry Biiddenly Wrdnesduy
nftcrnoon nt the hoine of his oldcst son
John II. Smlth, 11 Urnttleboro rpad, of
acntc brlchts (liHi'iim1. He hnd been in
nnd RPiit a box last week to Miss Vlr-1 fnlling henlth the pnHt yenr, but hnd bpcn
k nla Uomanelli ot New Yorlt city. Missl' n'ic ncuve amnn nis iiome unui .iio i
Itomnnclli U in misHlon woil: on the
.iixt pldc and the contcntH of the box
were for a fnmlly ln her dltitrict. The
box contained imtny new Kunnents for
ill meinbers of the family nnd wnnc re
iluy ovciiliiR nnd from thnt tiinu wns in
a HPrious condltlon.
Hu wns born in IllnSdale Dec. 12. 184-1,
n pan of the lntc Wlllinm nnd Mnrthn'
Lntliam Hmltli. Ile was cducated' in tho
torod hocond.hnnd clothlnB. It wuh val- '"W"" a,? ,vl"!?KJ"J"
'. spondcd to by Clirlstmns qiiotntlons .by
cacu inemuur. nristmna cnrois werc
sune nnd n treo wns cnjoyed, The
hostcss fumlnhrd dnlnty rcfreshtnentn.
Tho next nieptlng will be nt the homo of
Mm. II. H. (Jnrfleld Jan. 2.
Tho hoIiooIh, wlth the pxception of the
Monument, cloed Kridny nftcrnoon
with ChristmaH trccy, nxcrcincH and
Hanta f'iatis vl.sltiiiK in pcrran 8omc of
the riiouiH. MIhm Mlldrcd 1'eurnon roch
to Hancock, MInm Ituth Haynioud to
Krone. MImm Kvcltne Ilnilpy to howis
ton. Mo., MIsh Florence Ilooli to Hox
bnry, MnHH., M'ihh OJinrlotte Khcchnn
to Iinkoport. nnd I'rof. llodlne'H fnmlly
to ItcllowR Falls for tho vaeation. Mlns
Mnry Turncr, toAehcr at the Monument,
clonod pchool (hlrf weck Wodnpsday
Therp were OhriNtmnM exerplsoH then
in the nflPrncon.
led nt 557. Mrn. Mnrthn Glllett ln pren-
(lent of tlip hociety. MIsm Komanelli
xradtiatpd from tho r.emtnnry here in
1020 nnd throURh Mrs. C. P. nufftim
.'he nced wan tnnde known.
The nnnual mcetiiiR ot tlie Woman's
Ueltef eorps vwns held Friday at Alex
nder Jlemorlnl hn1l. A dlnncr wns
rved nt noun to 20, ineludinR the II,
I. Johnson pist. G. A. U. The follow
UR ollieers of the corps were electcd :
res., Mrs. II. M. Hristol : S. V. P.,
Iw. II. II. Chnmberlnln ; J. V. l, MrH.
;C. M. hnzolle; chnplnin, Mrs. Marj
)oolittle ; treasurpr, Mrs. J. A. Steb
blns ; conduetresw. Mrs. J. K. Xyo :
;uartl, Mrs. J. H. Hninilton : dplPRntes
t: tho state convention, Mrs. llcsic Hpv
ranee, Mrs. K. M. Ln.elle. The post
lectod their ollicprs alco thoiiRh only
hvee nipm.bers were nblo to be prcRent.
I'lieir oflieers arp: C'oiatnander. .1. U.
llainilton; S. V. C, Isnnc h. Tliomas',
r. V. C Alonzo W. AVlieeler; adjutnnt,
II. liuffiiin : qiinrtormnxter, U. H.
I.imllton; ch-'plain, patriotie iiistniPt.ir
nd dclcRnto ln the dcpartmeiit onrinip
nciit, F. H. r.iiffuiii: altcrnalp delpRnte.
S. Ptttnnni. Tlie two nrilers will
ld n jidnt insf allutiim tho third Fri
d.iy in Jnniinry.
woolen iudustricfl in tlils plnei. stnrtinR
in at nn enrly nRP, nnd he followpd tlils
linc of work prneticnlly nll hls lifc up t
thp. (Ime he retlrcd n fcw ycnrs mro.
He enllstrd nt the iirp of 17 and on
Jtily 0, 18(2, was mustcred into Coinpaiiv
K, Dth Vermont Infnntry HeRiment Vol
nntoers at lirattleboro, and served in the
Union nrmy with thnt coinpnny unt'l
.lunc 13, 1805, whcn he wns hoiiornbly
There will be u C'hrlHtmiis tree nnd
ChrlHtmnH cxerclHes nt the hall Frlda.
cveninc. Dec. 22.
ICrncHt Cnrpy and Cllfton Oarey wciu
to Keotie Monday to viait Mr. Carey'i
father, who Is ill.
Fiftecn of tlie woiuen belonKliiR to thr
L'ti-to-datc club met with Mrs. Myrn
Fair Dec. 13. A bountiful dinner wn-
Tlie ChriHtiaas tree nnd exercis
Hp mnrrlod Mnr.v Cnllstn Dickinion. i rridnv cvcniiii! will be n eommunity nf
dnuRhter of Xnthnnlel nnd fuclnn Hll' (uir and cvcryune is invitcd to attenu nin'
Dickitipon of Hwnnr.py. N. II.. nt Unttlp- put lircs'ents on the tree.
!ro. Sent. 20, 18(17. Uev. Jopph rhntid-' At tho Orange ineetiiiR lnst Snturda.i
ler otriciatliiR. Ho wns n mpmbor nf Gnl- iRht Mr. nnd .Mrs. Cllfford Clilckerini.
den Itiilo IoiIrc. Xo. It, of MaRons of thm pnvc nn interestiiiR report of tlic wtiUi
town. . i Orange ineetiiiR nt I'ortsmouth, X. II .
II" lonves two dnuRliterH, Mrs. MnH- 1 last weck. 1
I,. I.fiffoml of Hinida'e nnd Mrs. Ada 'j'10 plny, The Little Clodhopper, wi'
Mnv McDonnld "f Xnrth Illndalc: tliree 1 Up presented by the Orange Thursdnj
.on1" John H Stnith of tliis town. Gnv t night, Dec. 28, followcd by n danco nit-.
V Snvtlt nf Wliitn Ulvor .Tiinctlnn n'"' I ovstcr supper. Davenport s orehestra o
O M''n finiith of 15rattlollor. nnd si i four pjrocs from Hrattleburo wlll fnrnisi
,tlolil1tll'll .
vn rnnnr"! .nrvlcet wlll b" ''old "t t
homo Fridnv iifter'i""n nt 215 nVlnrl.
INv II V. W'Ah of the ll K-miIs oliiir"'
f KrattVl'oro will nlFVnto nnd tl'
i nr'i'l will tnk plnce in l'ino Grovo
i tho lmisic.
i Tlio siibi.'et nt lnst Siinday cvoniiiK
meetiiiK was. .Tcsiis. Friend of Sliinen-
heador, Mrs. Mnbel Itrown. Xet tjtin
dnv evcniiiR meetiiiK will l"1 nt Dana Wil
ilcr's. Siinday sclnx.I at Fml llmerson
at 11 o'clock as iHunl.
Olinuiberlnin, in Turners Falls
Jlias Nellie Xyo of Orretiliold will !!
with her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. D
Xye. for tho Christmas heason.
Miss Florence t'olton comcs homi
from l lrlad lphia w'- " ' ' 'tdyin.;
osteopathy, for the lioliday, scason.
Mrs. Emma Fitt l'owoil ,nul daugh
ter ot I'lillndelphia came the, first of tho
week to the hoine of her parents for a
Mr. and Mrs. A. 1. Fitt entcrtnincd
Moiid'iy I'VPiiiint in lnMior of tlu- birth
ilay of'thfir dntiKhter, Mrs. E. Morriiaan
Ui'idon Moody of Yale wlll be with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. O.
Moody. for the vaeation. He cnmu
,Mrs. C E. Williams haa 40 layettes
to be mnde by the mcnibers of the Ited
Cross of tliis town ns tlielr quotn. The.v
are for Xear Kast Itclicf.
Mrs. Svronn H'ndgett and i-on, Fran
cis. of Springfield, and Miss Fann:
t-'' ckhridtio of Washington, j). ('., nrc
g,.osts of Mrs. C. C. Stockbrid?o.
Miss Violet Kelloy, who hns bcen t-m-valcscing
all the fall at tho homo of Mr
nnd Mrs. Hlnclnlr .SutheV'land, went t
hcr home in Wntertown Snturday.
Tlie Order of the Eastorn Star wil'
hold its installation of oflicei-s tho evc
ninz of Dec. 2!). Mrs. lola V. I iske o
Groonfield will iirtnll tho omrers.
Miss Marion Webster went Friday to
Boston and retnrned Mondayv where shr
tnkes piano nnd violin lcssons. She w.i
a guest of Mrs. O rtrude Dewey 11 t
Mrs. F. R Cnldwoll will h ive ho
cMldren nt hoine for Chri'itiniis. Mi
Mirlnm Caldwell of Springrield and M
nnd Mrs. O. T. Hailoy of Xow Ilav'ei'
Miss Mary Dennett and Miss Mai'
Towno li'ivo gnne to their hoaios r
Koniiebunk, Me., for n two-woeks' va.
tion. Thoy are diy stndents in piaim n'
tho seminnry.
Miss Annio Campboll wlll liavo I r
guests Miss Nellie (.'ainpbell of Spring
fiold, Miss Mnrgarot Campboll of Ne
York and Mr. and Mrs. TIioiiiiih Camp
bell of hoston.
Tho Christmas cxcrcises of the Crni
gregational cluircli will bo held Frida
night with supper for tho children i"
5.30, followed by a piograui. picluro
Hnntn Ulnus iinu gittH.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Herinan Kondrick wi'
coine Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Fran'
Kendriok's for a fcw days. Mrs. Ho
mon Kondrick will go to New Havo
with her liusbnnd for two woeks.
Mrs. It. II. I'hilbrick. .Innior I'h;'
brick, nnd her mnid. Miss M'lry Cr.n
ford, hnvo gone to Atlantic City for tw
weoks. .Innior I'hilbrick 1ms entered "
privato school in Doortiold as a stud.-n;
Aldon DooUtHe of the Massachusoti
Agrieultural ccllego at Aialierst, iiti
Miss Grnoi' Doolittle, who toalios ii
Xcwton, nro nt. homo for tho Oiri.stmn'
Mrs. Fred C. Morrlfiold wont last
wcok to l'rovidenw to visit her son
Pnul Wlllinm. n stndont nt Hrown nnl
veniity, and Mis l'hoobo Williams. Kln
will then go to I'hiladelphia to visit hei
Mr. nnd Mrg. K. F. Ihiwnrd will liavo
wlth them for the holldays Mr. nnd Mr;.
Frnnk Floming of Xow York. I'hillp
Howard of Har.vtird medical colloge and
Miss lClizaboth Howard of Middlebury
Xorthfield t-Ptiiinnry gave in contr'.lm
tions noarly $250 ln tho cainp.iign for
tho scven (wllogos for w.imon ot tlu
Orlont. Xorthtiold Farms contributcil
nbnllt S12, Tliis miikcs a total foi
Northfield of $-Il.
Col. Homtiii Dowd. Miss Holen Duwd
little Holen l'attlson, and Miss Ju.ii'
l'attison came from Orange. N. J Hat
urduy to tlie Xorthtiold hoti:l to visl'
Uev, and Mrs. F. W. I'nttlson and Mrs.
Stnnlcy hnd fnmlly,
Tlie Unltnrlnn society holds Its Clirlst
mas festivltles Rnturd.iy evcnlng nt the
church- wUh ouppcr for the children
fuliowed by it 'progrnin nnd giftB from
n ClirlwtmiiH tree. All nseiated witli
tlie church are invitcd.
MIku Mniul Ilnmilton. who hns bu-n
iu chnrgo of tho edticllnn of tho dolli'r
cnntrlbutiont: for tlie r5cvcn Woinon'R
CollcgDs nf tho Oriont, announco.H th"
recelpt of $1-10. A separate contrlbu
tipn is bclng gathcri'd at Xorthtield hm
lnnry. Tlie Mothers' society met nt the homo
of Mrs. W. R. Moody Wcdnesdny nfter-.
Levi Paliner hns fmishod work for A.
A. Dunklee and is nt work on the sec-
K. W. Diinkleo went to P.rattleboro
Monday to serv'e on jury in the iininieipal
Dan Hnskoll of New York city is
Miending a fcw days with his mothcr,
Mrs. Xettie Haskell.
ttnlipt-l C. Allon wns called to
Springllold (Vt.) recently on account of
Clark Allon.
Miss Ctara Whitnoy closed tlie Pond
school with uppropriate Christmas excr
.ises Friday and has gone to her home in
Athol for the vaeation.
The soutli vernon sunuay scnooi wiu
have a Christmas tree and exercises at
the church at 7.30 o'clock Saturday
evening. nveryone is welcome.
Itev. C. II. Hcwitt will preach in the
Advent Christian church Sundny uiorn
ing nt 10.45 o'clock: Sunday school at
noon ; junior Loyat Workers' ineeting nt
4 o'clock ; Iioyal Workers' ineeting at 7
o'clock ; evening prenching by tho pus
tor, Itev. C. II. Hewitt, at 7.45 o'clock.
Friday evening the pupils nnd toacher,
,Mrs. Ella Amsden, closed the S'tuth
school for the holidays, having n Christ
rans tree, and a program of dialogues.
tableaux and music. Tho children did
their part in a very creditnblo lnanner,
which showcd carcful proparation. 111
ness pieented the arrival of Santa
Claus, but n well-loaded Christmas tree
gave maiiy gifts to all the children.
Nw Ijihnii-y Roolci.
Vpv bo"k nddnl to tho lilir"vv nro:
Cliv-o'-d, Tho C-iintry Hpvinl : Hns
sott Oranito and C'nv : Oimlr. Two
Slioll Ho Horn: Fnrnol. I'erfgrinos
l'rocrofs; ('nnli"ld. llouali-liown ; (
pnnhclm. Tho Fvil Slii'phord : lincidn.
Fair Il-rl'or: Wlddomor. A Minister of
O'-ac-1: Kvno. Tho Prlde of l'liloiiiiii' :
Joi-din. The Hluo Ciiclo: Xorris. (Vr
oln lo"iilo of Iniiiortiiiieo : Amos. Slro-
bnr S'r.itt'n: Manmaiid. I ' iiRpeaU-, ;f t will n((ll.(1 , tIlt. cndowment fuml
North I nblo Ooiitlii'in: McCarter, Iloincliind ; K.wn n j,s miynblo.
.Maruiui'i. ing i c"t.
Jiivnile Smdbunr. Rootnbngo nr.Wnlter Gilroy of tho fcderal bovir
S'orics: Abb-tt. Hnppv IIoii'o: Hpyn. tubcrciili.Kis erndicatioti forco in th.
Trim. tho Little Stnwborrv (orl: Htntt. hns resigncd to ontor private prac
cott. G-od Storios for Orcat Itirtlidayf. ; u,.,, i vew Yrk. hvmnn Filield. a ln.
Mr. and Mrs. Mdvin E. Fairbanks o:
Spiinglield celebvatod their goidon wed
(ling annivcrsary i.t their hoine Tuesda..
Tho Ilarro cltv ltospital has recoivoil
a gift of JJ3.000 from William Ilarclay ir
tho form of ati insaranco policy on Mi
l'.arclay's lifo. Tho liopital Is niado i
th. bouot ciar.v for tho full iimount. i.
Ivorcd by Prcftldcnt Hnrdlng nnd Illgli
OlTicLits Dcspllo Atlttudo of Vermont
Dilcgatlon ln Comricss.
(Spccial to The l'hoenix.)
WASHi.N(TOX. Dcc. 21.
Ilarry C. Whltehlll. publlsher of
tho Waterbury ltecord. wlll be col
lector of customs for Vermont. He
will be namod bccause Prosldcnt
Hnrdlng nnd hlgli nlliclals of the
ndmiiiistrntion dcslrcd hlm and not
becausc a majority of tho Vermont
delcgntion ln congrcss wltdicd liim.
The dcl'gnti 'it b .wed Wcdnosd y
to the Inevltnhlo and votcd threc to
one for Wliltehlll.
Congrossman Grpono rcfused to
loaVo Jdlin T. Cushlng, oditor of the
St. Allinns Mossengor. the candldntc
whom tho Vermont delegntlon, with
the excontlon of Senator Dllllng
ham, would liavo olllcially favorod
hnd not tho nutlonnl ndinlnistra
tion stepped in.
Presidont Hnrdlng hnd lot tho
dolcgati'in knnw lioyond ipiostion
thnt ho would like to sce Whiteliill
Tlie Ilepubliean nntionnl commit
tce nnd cnblnct ollicials, incltiding
Socretary of tlic Trenhliry Mcllou in
mldltion to Sonator Dilllngliaui, the
dcnii of Ihe Vermont delcgntion, de
sircd tho chnlco of Whltehlll.
The Waterbury man had connec
tlolis wlth tho Prcsidont nnd the
natlonal comniittcp bcforo and fol
lowing (he noiuinatioii of Hnrdiiig.
Ho has dono yoonmn sprvito in rnls
ing nionoy for the committor, it is
Htatcd. In timcs back he was if-Mi-clatod
in Washington with Mr.
Dlllinglinm. ho it came nhotit Ihat
tho majority of tho Vermont di'lojn
tion foitr.d thomselvcs opjioslng tho
iiievitnble when they tried to get
Ciishing nnined iiistend of Whlt-hill.
And s -i in'il ritv nf tlie thno ''i-li-ing
mon decidcd. it is stuted. that a
tluce to ono dologation vote fnr
Ciishing would onlv ppt tlie dologa
tion ln wrong with tho adminlstra
tioii nnd arcomilish nothing,
swilchcd to Whltehlll for the for
mality of tho thing.
Tlie Prosident has the power of
appaintmont entlroly in his hauds.
Had tho dologation boon solid for a
candidnto otlier than Whhohill it is
possiblo that ho would havo listenod
to their wislios. llut with a split
di'logntion and with nn ndniinistra
tion obligntlon, it Is nid, to bo pald,
Whiteliill, tlie Waterbury man, has
won on t.
Reconstructlon Work ProgTcssoa Ra
pldly, Says IJnrcau In U. 8.
Post-wnr reconstnictlon work utidcr
Riiporvlslon of the Pollsh governliicnt
Ik raiddly r.lvnnclnR in tho Eastcrn
I lvivliii'pu of l'olnml. whlcli silfforod from
tho dlfferent cnmpalgim iu the Worhl I
cult. In somo dletrlcts thcrc nro at prc
pent less than one-tcnch ns many horses
as thcre were in 1014. Anothcr handlcap
suffcred by the eastcrn nrovincea in the
shortngc of rnllwnys. One of tlic Ira
portnnt fontureR of tho work how bclng
tlone is the tnpplng by rnilwny of nrcnM
whleh havo horctoforo becn nccessiblc
only to hjiirge-drawn vchiclcp.
Llic Inek of liottscK ln some rcgions hns
War and from the liolshcvist nttacks ot compellcd tho ropntrlntes to lind tem
porary lodglngs wlth othcr famllios, re
siiltlng in greatlv crowdlng tho housing
fncilitics. Xew York Timcs.
11)10-1020. Othcr partH of Polnnd less
n'Vorly nffcclcd by the wur have bcen
qulok to nid the jicoplc of the cnstcrn dls-tricts.
From Poznnnln thcrc were scnt from I M-iy Havo Ilonorcd Volstcad.
00,000 to 70,000 carloads of potntocs, A llock of gocse wcrc ilying South,
onts, harley nnd othcr soeds, ntatcH tlic ' vhon n little glrl noticcd they flcw so
Pollsh Ilnronu of Informntlou in the i ns to form n lotter V nnd nsked, "Why
iinitcu Mnics. ini! govcrnment, ,nsuie i iio tney ny so ns to mnue n V V" Think-
.ng n mlnute she snld: "Oh! I know!
It is bccause thoy are ln Vermont and
thnt bogiiis wlth V. Whnt nice geese
thoy are!" liurllngton Free Press.
from tho actunl supcrvislon of rccon
itriiotion work, has set aside fuml for
tho usc of repntriates in reslocking their
devnstated lnnds,
Tho rclntlve deplction of the llve stock
nnd of the agrieultural implemcnts hns
mnde the wotk ot rchnbllltation difli-
In fivc ycars the Negro populatlon of
Dotrolt haa inereascd 000 por ccnt.
J. Tenny has a new Ford touring
.Tv Maynard Millcr of Mount Ilermon
schotiT will spond the holidays nt his
home, coming Thursday for 10 dnys'
Mrs. Charles A. Wright will lcave
Saturday for West Rutland, where she
will spend Chriatmas and Xew Ycar's
wlth Mr. Wright.
Survices nt the Union church. Sun
dny morning service 10.45, sermon by
the pastor, Itev. B. K. Jones; Sunday
school ut noon ; Christian Kndeavor at
7 ; evening service at 7.30.
A. J. Rrown, jr., rcturned from Y'nle
vllle, Conn., Saturday, where he was
cnllcd by the illness of hls father, VA. J.
Urown, sr., who died Dec. 11.
Miss Gladys Urown. Miss Grace John
son, Miss Xathalie Carr, John Miner.
hcon Ilrooks and Harold Blodgett, stu
dents at the Hrattleboro high school, aro
spcnding the Christmas vaeation nt their
A Christmas tree and entcrtainment
i.v the jounger memhers of the L'nlou
Sunday school will be givon Saturdaj
"vening at 7.30 o'clock in the vestry.
All children, their pnrepts and fricnds
are invitod to be present.
Pi'ofessor Packard of Mount Hermoii
.ehoul was the speaker of the morning
at the Union church in plnce of the pas
lor, Rev. E. 10. Jones, who spoke nt
Mount Ilermon. On account of the
storni, the evofiing serices were omitted.
Mi'iiibors of the cholr of the Union
church, who have bcen prnclicing the
I'hristmas music, have becn dolightfullv
'.nlertnined recently in the homes of J.
I Wright nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. O. K.
Stobbins. who opened their honii's for
lehcurtials, afterwurd serving refresh
School in tho north dlstriot wns
opened ngnin Mondaj, nfter being closed
a weik on accuuiit of a case of tcarlet
fovor devuloped by ono of tho pupils.
Xo new cases liave been reported and it
is lioped the drcad disease is woil iu
ha nd. Miss Doris Itoss, tho teacher,
could not return on account of illness,
but the ussistunt teacher, Miss Jolinsou
if Concord, X. H., is iu churge.
A. I,,I5arnes recently bought a wcll
red joung luill, .Muunt Heriuon Volun
letr, from the Mount Ilermon school, pay
ug S.'OO for liim. His daia is makin
a tiue showing as a milk iroducer, liaving
,i :.4i;:-nouuil rccord in iiti.i ita.vs as i
innior two yenr old. Thu slre has 75
or ccnt the Kiuno brocding ns a 3(),()0il
pound eow. His dam won 100 in gold
it thq Xational D.iiry Sliow in 1010 for
. R. O. cow. His dnm is by tho saiao
ire un Miss Olndlcv Uuttcr Iioy, which
v;ou first priau of $150 iu gold.
of Ar.drcw G. Ander'-oii of
tonsvlllo Fouitfi by Wlfo.
Andrew O. Andorsoti, a farinor Hvlns
near the Rcickliighani town farm nt Uur
tinsvlllo, c.iiiunlttcd suicide Sunday
night by hanging hlmself In hls horse
bam with a Imrness strnp. Hls body
whb found by hlH wlfo wlthln nn hour
of hls being last hoou. No renfon for
the nct is known ns he hnd nppearcd as
well ns usunl. He wns n Swede about
50 years old nnd served tho town several
voiirw ns siiporintend"nt of the town
fnrm prevlous to 1013. Ho lcnve.;, be
Hides his wlfo, a sin and d'Uigiitor.
Placlng Her Way Jlnclc.
Mis-s Oldun (calllnB) t play only
ulasaie music, dcar .Mozart, lieethoven
and Ilnydn, you know,
Hostosa' little dnughtcr You'ro just
llko my innmma. Sho doesn't plny any
thing but tlic pleces thnt was new when
rIio wns young. 'Boston Transcrlpt.
MIrr Ituth Ihnwning is ill
Mrs. W. E. Watson hns gone to New
bury. Vt.
The new switehboard will bo installcd
about Jnn. 1.
Mi Alico Jiffords roturnod home
Monday from Plymouth for the holid'.vs.
Mrs. Frnneis Strlcklnnd ces to Dur-
1 liani. Conn., this wcok for Christmas.
j Goorgo Dainc hns bought the house on
' Oinnl strcet belonging to Jnson W. IIol-
Mrs. Collins and Miss Aldina Morin
nro with their mother, Mrs. Charles
Mlsses Uornice nnd Itortha Fuller of
Rpston unlversity are visiting rclatives
in town.
T.enord Wntors hns bought tho houso
in which ho has boon living of the Red
dlng cstnte.
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. A. DiivIr wont to
Gardnor, Mass., Thursday morning for
Miss M. J. Ilarroli lef) Wcdnesday
evening for Xew York nnd Xew Havon
for the holidays.
Miss Ruth Colton lcft Thursday to
spond a wcok with Mrs. Ilnowlton in
Cambridge. Mass.
Tliero will be a Christmas tree in the
Cingr.gational church vestry Saturday
evening, Dcc. 23, at 7 o'clock.
Ge'irge Damo hns movcd his houso
hold giMids to the home which he re
cently bought nu Canal streot.
Wnp hoka council had Cliristm-'s
rce Monday ovening. A jolly timo waH
pnit. Refroshments were served.
Mrs. J. K. Ryan ot New Umd m.
Conn., came Monday to visit hcr par
cnts, Mr. and Mrs. Octave liolivenu.
Tho nnmcs nf Arthur Joslyn, Orlin
Whitnoy. M. Piitzner. Harold G irtield
nd J mcs McCormick may be added to
!.e lucky dcer hunters.
A danco will bo hold nt Forestors'
11 Friday, Dec. 20. Snow's orehestra
vill furnish niusic. The dance will be
,Ivon by J. P. McCaughorn.
Mrs VAhi Joslyn of Rarrc, Vt., came
f! ursday to visit at Mri. Anna Til
I n's. Mrs. Stnfford. who lr d been
v.siting thcrc, retumod to Rarre Satur
day. Jason Holman, who hns b?en sulTcring
with n bad throat, has been in Spring
'old tho post wiok having it treatcd.
Mrs. W. D. Holman went to Spring
fiold Monday to visit hor son.
A hNtoric picturo, Paul Revere. was
liown at tho Mouitor theatro Friday at j
' o'clcck and two shuws were given in
he evening. Tlie picturo was given in
he intercst of tlie hogion.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy T.iylor star'e '
Wodnesday for tho South. Thoy will
:o by uutomobilo jiud visit liolnts of in
:orost on tho way. Thoy wlll riiaain in
Il. ridi during the winter months.
Mrs. It. h. Fletcher gavo n Clii-istinas
pnrty and tree at hor hoino I'ridtiy for
Ihe li. It. club and husbands. Supper
vas wrved at (1 o'ch ck. Iu (he evening
oanls and other games wcro enjoyed.
Tho high school scniors hold a food
salo iu tlie vestry of the Congregutlnii'd
church Saturday aflernoon. The scnlorh
will conduct a danco- at tho town hall
Friday evening, Dec. 22. The Gem or
chositra of Keeuo will furnish musie.
Tlie Kiiittiug club enjoyod a bouuto-
iw turkoy supiier ut the homo of Mrs.
Tl. C. Holland Dec. 14. The home
showod nll iinllcatioiiM of Yule tlmc. All
nieinbors but two were preneut. Two
invil'ed gueutH were added to the supper
Tliere were no soitIccs at tlie I'nl
versallst church Sunday on account of
the storni. Thcrc wns a buslness ineet
ing Friday evening and oiricers were
electcd for the different bootlis nnd du-tio-i
for tho t'oming fair, which will bo
lyld Fub. 8 nnd 0.
It is expeetcd Georgo W. H.im, gnut
Junior sagamorc, of Faruiiugtou. and
Algle Holt, groat keeper of wauipuin, of;
rotcrcoro, wni nc present ut tlie ineet
ing of the Red Men Dec. 27. Four in
didutes wlll bc inltiated and curn nnd
vetilion wlll 1h! Berved. It is hopcd every
member will be present.
The Congregutlonal I.adles socloly met
at the homo of Mrs. Liiolht Fay WciIikm
day nftcrnoon, The following oflieers
for the yenr were electcd: I'rcsldont,
Mrs. Iiiiella A. Fay ; vlco prcsidont, Mrs.
Vnlaiore Aldrlch ; seoreary. Mrs. F. A.
Davin; trenKurer, Mrs, O. A. RobertNon.
Thu Hlnsd'ilo Woninn's club mot in
tlie homo of Mrs. O. IS. O'Xeal Dec. 18.
The ChristinnH program was carrled oiit
iiv tlie program c(nnmittee: iteauing.
Thp Chrlstnias Illghwnymnn, by Mrs
inspt'ctor in tho fedoral forco, has beei
trausferrcd to Baltimore, Md, where ho
will be in meat inspection work.
Fortv-two ornamental lights liavo booi
placed'on Church streot iu Hnrlingt' n
i-acli of 000 ciuid'ciMiwer. The uev
lighting projoct has boon undor construc
tion f-r some time and is now n peru'
ront lixture. The lights were turnod o
f.r tho first time Saturduy evening.
St-'tisti(N t"kon from tho diroctory re
o-ntly distr'bnted at Montpelier slinv
that." in spite nf tho granito sltuati"'
Montpelier hns 101 new nnmos. ns fll
new nnines nppear and 751 old ones hnv
boon tnken nnt Hnrre hns not farod s
woil. with 072 new nam''S while 1.53'
old onos liave ben tnken out.
Miss M.-deline Duchnrme of Rnrr
snffered a cut ovcr one eye which re
quirod a doetor's attontion when nn nu
tninnbile driven by Honry Desilcts o'
Montpelier, with whom she wns ridinir
eollided with n trolley :ar bctww
Barre nnd Montpelier Sundny evcnin-r
About ?100 daiu.ige. was dono to the cn'
Innorent Darllug.
While grandpa was dozing on the
roucli baby Mlldrcd tried to awaken hlm
by pulling his eyelashes with hcr smnll
fngers. Orandpn scolded hor for disturb
u; hiin. "I was only trying to opon
,uir eycs by the stwings, drnnpa," he
.lid tenrfully. Itoston Trnncrip.
New Coins for Christmas
We have secured a supply of silver and minor
coins for the Christmas season. If you are in
doubt about a suitable gift for some friend who
you wish to remember, you can make no mistake
in giving NEW COIN. We also have gold coin
and new bills which we shall be glad to issue to
all who wish to secure a supply.
Vermont Nalional Bank
"The Bank of Service"
Wlllinm Ring, a Jericho farmer, is i'
a critical condition nt the Fnimy Allot
'aispital, as the rcsult of a iire wh'c
wi'it two bnrns and two silos. nnd kd'
I -cc I'orses. with resultant damage totn
n': smne $15,000. when his Inntcrn o"
I'od'd Tuesday inorninc, while ho was ii
thp barn, preparing to feod his anmio
Tlie explc.sion cnusod his clotliing t
ch firc. The iiittle were saved.
Disabled ox-service mon who nro !
Vermont and otlier hospitnls. are to rt
coive Christmus boxos from the Amcric
'.ogion auxiliary of tlic departmont o
Vermont as a rosult of tl e activities o
he departmontal hospital nnd wolfa
"ommittoe of the auxiliary. The legie.n
ding in tliis and othcr Cliristnns activ
ies. The Inxes will contain candy, to
'incco, cigars. cigarctts. clotliing nn
i r nrticles.
Tlic buUd'ng at It'rro rocontlv tak'"
iver bv the Fanuius I'layors hn'f
Moving' Picturo oorp'-r 'tion. wis d i
ged snmowlint Mondiy niornliig by
' which thrcatonod f r a timo to d
rov tho slriicturo. it is tlmught that
ignrctte stub in n club 100m at th
nok of he buildlng ht'irted the fi c
''Inors nnd wnlls were tom opon to giv
cccss to tho tire inside tho partltions
Tolwy Clinrehill. tho nine-year-old sc
f Mr. and Mrs. Gcorgo A. Churchill n
HurliiiEton hns rozninod, consciousness
fler u 4S-hoUr laise following a eoasting
o'idont which occurrod in tho rcnr '
'ip Adaias school. Tobcy with seer
ther children were iising biards f
InK The board nn which Tobcy wa
llding slewed ugainst tho corner of tli
iiilding with tho rosult that his head
'ruck the wall and his skull was fra
Sberlff O'Mn'c P. f'allio nf St. AUni"
w'h iintlliod Mi'iidav iroruing th 't snmo
ono h"d entered tho b-irn of t' D. Tra '
f Porksliiio Conlcr tlie nlrht bcforo nnd
'nok one of hls hnrsos nt-d 'oft ni'othor
It U thoiight bv tho nfiJci'iU nnd b
ownor of tho horso thnt tho swap inigli'
liavo becn mnde bv a "Iwvh" rnniio"'
who, llndlng his horso tirod out. cx-
hniiReil with Mr. Tracy. The pollee o'
tho county are invohtigating.
1 1 Xjjri
I f . .(HRlSTMASf
7.K A T T.jLJ 3 xvol
Christmas Gift
Gift S:ggeLtions fcr Every Mcmkr of th: Family
Women's Gifts
Dress Shoes
Evening Slippers
Brogue Oxfords
Drcss Oxfords
Felt Slippers
Bed Socks
Rubber Boots
Felt Shoes
Scholl Foot
Skating Shoes
Moccasin Shoes
Misses' and
Children's Gifts
Drcss Shoes
School Shoes
Kiltie Wool Spats
Rubber Boots
Felt Slippers
Dress Pumps
Gymnasium Shoes
Boys' and Little
men's Gifts
Dress Shoes
School Shoes
Rubber Boots
Wool Leggins
Leggin Rubbers
High-Cut Shoes
Leather Top
Short Wool Socks
Gymnasium Shoes
Meet Your Last Minute Needs
Men's Gifts
Slore Open Evenings Till
Dress Shoes
Strcet Shoes
Work Shoes
Felt Slippers
Leather Slippers
Moccasin Shoes
Felt Boots
Short Wool Socks
Leather Top 1
Sheepskin Shoes
Boot Socks
R. R. Plke; roll call, which wns re-
Rov. Reiiianiin W. Ponnock. OS. o'
S'oniervillo. Mnss.. fnrmerly of Ritlaul
diod nt,the fcirmer plnce Monday. II
was a 'gr.'idinte of Rutlind li i school
ivhrisf colloc imd Dover Theological
seminari-. After hls graduatinn from
tho divlultv school, ho was ord'ilnal n
minister of the Congreg'itlonal church
Mid hold p'lstoratos In dllTorent pnrts of
Vermont nnd Mnssachusetts. Ilo leaves
two daughters,
lv rdliia IMcho, :). of Winooski. wn
sttuok and klllod Jiv an engine early
Snmlav inoriiing Iu the Contrnl Vermont
frclght yards. I'pm invostlgation, it
wns found that a uvin hnd bcen run
over nnd hnd been drngged about eight
rir 10 fcet bcforo the enginu atopped.
IIIs head was practically severed from
the bodv ns was the left avin. Chlcf-of-1'nllco
Rarbcr. who tooked carefnlly into
tho mnttcr, finnlly deelded thnt Mr
l lclio olthoi'fell and ould not got up or
he hnd laln ilowii on tlic truck, wlth hls
head on tho north rall. Ile was.u niciii
hor of the old Company G and wns iu
Frnnee fnr soino time and nlso was iu
the tienches, where he was gnssod.
Unclo Ui-s Obscnatlon.
"When Vr inan tnlks 'liout luck," ro
mnrked Unclo Kzrn, "ho gliiernlly means
hnd luck. 'Cause when lic's prosperous
hu's gwinter tnke nll de credlt foh hls
owa smahtnpss." IJoston Transcrlpt.
Rubber and Woolen Footwear
(The Kind with the Red Ball Trade-Mark)
Made in Styles for People in All Walks of Life
Our Hosiery Department
Exceptiohal Values for Men and Women, Including Slyles in Silk, Lisle,
Wool and Silk and Wool
The Family Shoe Store

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