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"After a trip lo Kilauca, the active
volcano of Hawaii, iny Ncolin-soled
shoes were the only ones not abso
lutely ruined. Many in our party
wore hob-nailed boots," said Miss Jean
r. Lane of Seattle, Washington.
The sharp jagged lava of Kilauca
cuts an ordinary, sole to pieces quickly.
That Neolin Soles stood the test tut
emphasizes their toughness ar.d dur
ability. These qualities arc built ir.lo
them by a scientific process. Wcren
and men and children, too who crc
hard on shoes should buy them villi
Neolin Soles. They come in in: -.y
styles, and because of the e::tri v.i-r
they cnVe, are a great economy.
And any repairman will n'-roh y.-.ur
worn shoes with Neolin S-'oIk, v.hicli
are flexible and waterproof r.: v . 'I v.,
long-wearing. They are nind.j by TT.j
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Akn.:i,
Ohio, who also make Wingfool Hetis,
guaranteed to outwear all il:;r heels.
TikK Uuk Btf. V. a. Pt. us.
Miss Jessie Mi nurd i-; visiting
friends in Lyndonville this week.
Robert and Henry Hale are at
home from their srhool at Tilton, X.
The Misses Elizabeth and Nellie
Gaffield are visiting relatives in
Brookline, Mass., this week.
Miss Muriel Crewe and John Uil
ungs received tne nrst Honors at thc
Academy prize speaking contest. Miss
Margaret Porter and Harold Mar-!
tin received honorable mention.
All of the teachers from out of
town have gone to their homes for a
week's vacation.
The water in Waits River rose nine
feet last Friday owing to the heavy
Mrs. Abbic Gormon has opened her
hous on Main street.
Edward Johnson of Montpelier is
visiting friends in town.
Mrs. iMigcno Eastman and dauirh
ier, Ruth, returned to her home!
Thursday. Her brother, James Mur-las is c,l-'ik and Mrs. E. O. Ranney
phy, returned with her to spend his' jllls charge of the linen and is act
vacation, i ing as matron for the present.
Pvt. Joseph l.auanis, Co. D. 1(1;!:
Machine Gun Battalion, lias arrived:
on tne "Oeorge Washington." Most!MC m me U. II. S is spending the i from France and recently been dis
of our Bradford boys who have been j school vacation in Boston. ! charged from the service, with Mrs.
at the front were in this same con -1 Miss Beatrice Stearns is back in ! Wright, visited at Clayton Wright's
puny, but Pvt. I.auanis says that theyj - W- Locke's store after being con-! last week, and they have now gone to
won't get here until about the mid-;nnci' at homo for two weeks on ac-! Littleton.
die of April. count of illness. j Mr. and Mrs. V. C. McGraw are
Earl G. Smith of Lynn, Muss., About $9(1 was cleared at the lib-' entertaining their nephew, John Mc
who has been serving on the U. S. 8. 'y social and benefit for the library ! Graw, of Springfield, Mass.
Donjuandeaustria in foreign waters, last Thursday evening in the Opera 1 Miss Cassie Mason of Conway
has been here the past week visiting i House. Center, N. II., who has been cngag-
relatives. ! A largely attended" ' thonTcofferingl caTtS finish the' year in the FiUdalc
Mrs. E. V. Batten is earing fori and missionary mcetimr u-.-is hnU i irrammar school. ras t.hn mmst. m
Mrs. ran .li'HHins wnile
Knap)) is taking a vacation.
Miss Vivian Hatch is visitin
it '
; her.
sister in Rumney, N. II. j
Mansil J. Martin has had one!
finger amputated on account of blood i
poisoning. He is in the hospital at:
Hanover. N. II.
E. E. Austin is in the hospital at 1
Hanover where he underwent an op-.
oration on Thursday. i
i has finished work
Howard Fifield h;
at. lcumney, ss. 11., and is
with his i
mother, Mrs. Ed. Haskell.
Mr. and Mrs. X. J. Seymour
Wednesday in St. Johnsburv.
A flock of wild geese went over
Thui'sdav aftprnnnn. Ylnivh 21).
Mrs. C. A. Aldrich and Miss !
Sadie Blake were in Lyndonville, j
Tl..... I
1 liutauuY.
Th ,,iii,,n.n c,.i,i hi.
Pupils having lost no time were
lnViol 3.illo V'oi-nnwl Tliinn Puth
Butterficld and Harriet Fifield. j
F. J. Trefren of Lyndon was at ;
C. A. Aldrich's Friday
Silas Gray is moving into the
house lately purchased of Miss Lucy
Mrs. Harlow Gray is very poorly
and her daughter, Mrs. Elsie Taylor
is here caring for her.
Mrs. Ed. Brown was in St.
bury Friday and Saturday.
The right corner stone
for success is thrift be
cause it endures the
test of time.
Now is a good time to
begin to build a re
serve fund and staiv
an account with the
Wells River Savings
4 Per Cent Interest
On Friday afternoon and evening,
! March 2K, the Orleans hospital was
i opened lor public inspection, and
in spite of the heavy snowstorm
about 8(1 people availed themselves of tal he,.e Mis;j J)ora willson is ein
, the privilege. They were shown about , ployed
by Mrs. E. O Kanncy and Miss Myra M g c Smilh is , at ,,cl. hoinc
Douglas and a dainty tea was serv- in U)e vi wWh Dl. w M B,.0,
, ?d ( hT asl Cd by MlSS n in attendance.
Ruth Richmond. ; . ... , . , . r
The rooms of the hospital are most j ...?r Lancaster and Dr.
tastefully furnished and were gay , " ,of .hltc?cl Iu,Y bcc" V
! ... i. i ' fessional visitors in the village during
I with an abundance of spring flowers .g
! for the occasion. ! ,, ",,
'. On the first floor, aside from thai Mra- Ra." ,So,uth Lu"en-
bails, are pleasant waiting rooms, Dr. b,ul'S was ln hltefield last ednes"
; C'lcasby's ofiiee, the clerk's office, X-1 day-
r.iy room, drug room, a large well!
I lighted operating room fitted with all :
, modern appliances and conveniences .
.in,i ,,,f,..,it,r
The upstairs is reached by an easy
flight of stairs where you enter a
light, pleasant sitting room, off from
which is n n.ivntn mom n.tiAJk -
and completely furnished by E. E,
Doe and family.
There are the women's and men's
wards, each containing three bods;
also another room with two beds.
These with the maternity room down
stairs, give the hospital a capacity
of ten beds with the possibility of
more in the main building if needed
at any time. The E. L. Chandler Co.,
Fred Alchurch, Whipple, French &
Co., and "Pythian Sisters" also con
tributed furnishings.
Orleans and the outlying country
have long needed such an institution
. i . .
vcly e'alclul t in V. M.;
icasuy lor tnus answering tins need.
It seems fitting that the hospital
: siioum oe connected wnn tins House
j where for many years the late Dr.
O. Ranney administered to the
I sick. Thc location is ideal since it
i is 011 tlle hi)I away from the dust and
noise of the town, with beautiful
views of the surrounding country
from every room. The hospital was
put into practical use on Saturday
when Dr. Allen of St. Johnsbury,
assisted by Dr. Cleasby, operated on
two patients, Mrs. Walter French
and Miss Mabel Ifennett. The nurse I
m charge is Mrs. E..W. Collins, a I
graduate of the Mary Fletcher hos
P'tal, Burlington. Miss M via Douu-
Miss Sadie Lothrop, teacher of mu-1
l I m .
1 " lu.ps(1;'y P. m., and a good
jum coniriDutcd lor
Mrs. Kate Dew
lives at SnrinirnVId. Vt
"c-ld, Mass.
Tllc Judith Lyford Woman's club :
l11(;t with Mrs. Cordelia Mack Tues- i
day afternoon. Fifteen ladies were 1
present and a social hour was enjoy- j
cel. Uelreshments of new sugar on ;
Know aild P'ain doughnuts were scr-,
' ! M
and Mrs. Fred Wales
have j
K'one to Maine to visit their
son, ;
-Ai-mur ana tamiiv,
Rev. M. W. Hale is snendin fW;
days at Coventry where he dl
uu lo "niciate at a wedding.
Ml. a,lu Mrs. Moses Haines, who
ll.'LVO boon unnnrlinn. tUn .
. vllt vv 1111,1:1 ilt '
Lower Cabot, are back at thni.. !,, i
Robins were heard hem w,.,!n.w. ,
Ml's. Donahue, who keep house for
wrvis iioyles spent Tuesday and
Wednesday at Montpelier Junction.
Mrs. M. W. Hale and children arc
spending thc school vacation at her
parents home at Lincoln.
Miss Alice Paine who has been vis
iting relatives at St. Johnsbury and
Hardwick, for the past two weeks
has returned to her home in this
E. J. Rogers returned home from
Boston the first of the week.
O. C. Kittridgc a former resident
of this place died at the home of
his daughter at Walden Monday.
Porter Walace recently lot one ofjed
111s line work Horses. J his makes thc I Charlotte Bronson making a fifteenth
Second horse Mr. Wallace has lostUt lw.i- nlisnnl hnm. n Wnrlnncrl-iv
I this winter.
1 .The town
selectmen moved the
town safes Monday to Porter Wal
j laces'.
' Farmers are busy making sugar
i but the robins say that short will be
1 the sugar season.
j Thos. Lapeun has taken Bertha
Ball's sugarplace for this season.
I Jesse Lane and Clyde Uatchelder
! are working for Marvin Ball during
the sugaring .season.
tl. John French is working for L.
I. Gordon.
' Mr. and Mrs. Begin have a baby
gii I-
School at the Street closed last Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Linden have
come back from Portsmouth, N. II.,
and expect their goods lo arrive soon.
M is.
Helen Folsom will open mil
rooms at what is known as
Folsom's store, holding her Easter
opening Thursday, Friday and Sal.ur
day of this week. Will be pleased to :
hur. tveijone call. adv.
Mrs. John Willson took her little
daughter, Jean, and niece, Nina, to
Hartford, Conn., where the children .
are to receive treatment at the hospi-1
"u lu,a ii an.- m
haPPV Parents of a daughter, born on
t'ie "in , , .
J. H. Cole purchased a pair of
horses from the Gilman stables in
f1". Jo"1' Jasc WCCK - anmn
i bc"lff the aB,e"t , .. . ,
' Mrs. PlUe ds Was thc KUCSt f
lier daughter, Miss Clare Woods, and
other St. Johnsbury relatives over thc
Miss Elizabeth Colby of the Lan
caster post office force was thc guest
Misses Ruth Cole, Emma Cole,
Helen Pond and Eleanor Morse who
are attending Montpelier Seminary,
came home on Saturday for thc Eas
ter vacation of ten days.
S. C. Smith was in Woodsville on
business Friday.
George Ramsdell and family have
rented the creamery tenement and
will leave the farm on Baptist hill
where they have lived for several
years us soon as the necessary
,,aj,.s a,.e ma(ic on thc tenement.
I ai ti, nh.u nh mention- whiel. uus
held Tuesday evening, March 21, it
i was unanimouslv voted to continue
the present union of Congregational
and Methodist societies for another
year, provided Rev. G. W. Douglas
was returned to this parish by the
Judge Kyle T. IJrown was in Guild
hall on legal business the last of the
Melvin Willson invited the Uoy
Scouts to meet at his home on Fri-
day evening. Owing to the illness of
Scout Master Douglas, no regular
meeting was held, but Mrs. Willson
served sugar and doughnuts to those
who came which suited the boys quite
as well as any form of entertainment
all having thc time of their young
Rollo Wright who has returned
Mrs. Ira Carpenter and family in the,
West neighborhood over Sunday.
JMmer Willson of Lancaster is!
Upending the week with his cousin,:
Melvin, and is helping with thc sugar!
I making and eating:
Mrs. Henry Jewell and George
Mownii ,w'mnni w!uii,.u i,,.. I
.1 H Winslow's in WhitpfiHd ";
Mrs. Alvin Thomnson is failnc
verv fast and no hone of recovorv is
given. '
Mr. and
AT..,. !)..... .
Hallctt, Paul
and Charlotte, of Hartfon
are guests of the J. J. Ma
f'nni I
Sunnysidc fann and of Mr. and Mrs.!lne anll' u mnesnewauKa sugar
" i..1.. ...Unim linn nnnlilir mini a
L. B. Brown, Mrs
Mallett's grand-!
tir .... r . i 11
. V .rP?n ' ? ciule
Mrs. Charles Rogers and son,
Charles, Jr., of Lancaster were here
1 . 1 1 ,, .
last wcck Packing up then-
laving rented their house to Mr. and
M'-s. Guy Remick.
Aiian nan or niieucia was tne
guest of his mother, Mrs. Lilla Hall,
at the' home of F. H. Chandler last
R. M. Wormwood fractured a ria
while at work at thc casket factory
ast week nnd is tiki no- nn pnfniveri
vacation at present! i
Mrs. A. J. Newman went on Fiirlav!
to Boston to attend a meeting of the,
Woman's Liberty Loan committee of:
New Enirland. She will bo the truest
of her sisters, the Misses Bennett,1
while in thc city. 1'
Miss Lena Vallcv of Berlin is thn
euest of her aunts. Mrs. Cora Geef
.,,,,1 M 1 M....t u f
i. 1: '' , ,t o ri.i: I
Cornn anv. " ' ' i
tii... m 1.... e 1.1:.... .
fourteen of her friends with little
n,- opauiuiMR cni.ciu.iM-.
1 -At.
afternoon, serving new sugar and !
"fixins" and giving each truest a
dainty ribbon-tied souvenir of sugar
cakes as they left the table, the time'
being full of merriment from start
to finish. "Just as thc sun went
down" Mrs. Spaulding posed the
ladies in front of thc house and took
snap-shots of thc group, the only re-
giet of the day being that thc hos- Mr. and Mrs. Murray H. Dodge re
tess had to be omitted from thc pic-, turned to their home in North Troy
turcs as she pressed the button of the on Tuesday. Alvin Thompson went
camera herself. (with them and will make his home
Word v.'as received on Thursday there,
evening of the death of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Annie Simonds hns returned
Herbert Garland's baby at their ilome aftcl. caring for Mrs. Alvin
home in Windsor. Mr. and Mrs. Gar- Thompson for two weeks.
mi'l have many Iriemls here, where
they were former residents, who ex- jn fo. about a month paaswl quil)ty "
(end sympathy. to vcst at mi(ini.ri,t, March 29. Fun-1 ,)'"- A '' Nichols was in Lancustc
K. M. liray of Whiteficld was thccral scrvices wcre hcl(l ut lhc home!on ,'Ui,ww last Wfiek.
guest of Mr. and Mrs. James King
mi Thursday.
A card from Pvt. Will J. Kin
reived last week tell.; of his safe at
rival from overseas.
mi.-., nauivn nJHK viniwu mcim.-, in;
hi .... 1 v : : :i...i r..: 1.. :..
,'"lv';,.';l" ," ' j
Miutjw JitUHi, Lewu: awl Irene Dal
fe ,Wh "ITic sin of a reliable dealer M rJ)ilf,lBir J lm
--"1 and Ihe worlds best Gasoline fTSll E
were in Whiteficld on Friday, com-
bining business (at the dentists) with
John Murtaugh has purchased the
John Aycrs farm in North Luncn -
burg and takes immediate possession,
We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs.
Murtaugh and daughter permanent
residents of this place where both1
llavc 's'cnt thc Skater part ot their,
Zeno Waterman of St. Johnsbury
was ine guest 01 mr. unu mis. n.. j.
tj..ii. ... ipi w..;,i.. ,,;
.1-- j. i tit.. 1 nr.... t ' . r
ruii;ii ut. iiuiuiuiL uii i inmj, vi.-tii,iii
. , . 1 l.
r',. " "", ''""" "l
syrup is Doing inuuu.
The ice went out of the Connecti
cut river at South Lunenburg on
Thursday, and according to the old
est inhabitants there will be only
one more good run of sap this year.
On Sunday morning Pastor Doug
las spoke on the subject "The Needs
of the World" and Minute Man Horn
er Stuart gave a brief talk on the re
In the '
ligious needs of the country
evening the theme was "The Flight of
the Holy v amny into cgypt , ana
"The Care of Our Children."
There will be mid'-week prayer scr
vice as usual on Thursday evening.
Next Sunday morning there will be
given a missionary exercise of song
and stol'y "The Hero of Labrador;"
the work of Dr. Grcnfell in Labrador.
There will be also a special mission-
aiT exercises during the hour of the
Sunday school.
Rev. Olenn W. Uouglas went on
Tuesday to St. Albans to attend the
nnniinl rnnffinnrn of Mn thn dint, i
fi,..nkoB . mI
Pcrc, Mallett has sold his faZ
,.,.t.r ir,io,. ti,. ,.,h ;
: l 1 li; ..
immediate possession. Charles Ris
hop will carry on the Taylor farm
thie !iKnn
David Noble finished work for thc
Lunenburc Mfcr. Co.. on Saturdav
School in the West Neighborhood,
Miss Effio Cole teacher, is taking the
week vacation allowed this spring at
this time, the impassable state of the
roads together withother considcru-
tions making it seem advisable,
Mrs. Alvin Thomnson who has been
,. Mondav afternoon. Rev C. W '
iDouglus speaking comforting words
lc"to thc calhcrcd friends, and Mrs. S.
, ('. Smilh and K. T. IJrown singing
favorite hymns.' The body was laid;
..f r)iv,.a,l n.,tu
Eliza Jen Nichols was born in Con-
cwnl Vt7 February 20, 18-19, the.
daughter of Luther A. and Caroline
i Hall Nichols. On February 2G, 187,
she was united in marriage to Alvin
mi 1 .1 1 1 4.1.-:..
inompsuri aiiu uiey iiuvu inuuu uieir
i home in Lunenburg. Mrs. Thompson
i was a Past President of Howard Re-
j lief Corps and was for several years
the efficient librarian of the Balch
public library, and a valued friend
and neighbor.
Her husband, who is seventy-five
years of age, an adopted daughter,!
Mrs. M. II. Dodtre of North Trov. a :
grandson, Bernard Dodge, one
brother, L. Allen Nichols of Lunen-
burg, and two nephews, Clarence Ni-
chols of Newfane and Darwin Nichols
of Mclndoes, besides other relatives
arc left to mourn her loss, and have
the sympathy of all in their sorrow.
Mrs. Homer Stuart received word
last week of the death of her sister
Christine (Mrs. Fred Tolman), in
Raton, New Mexico. Mrs. Tolman
was born in Lunenburg, the daughter
f Mr am- l's Dexter Thomas and
going to New Mexico nineteen years
ago. She was ill and came herein
summer with her daughter, Miss
Laisy, spending the summer with her
sister, Mrs. Stuart and family in thc
hope that the air of her native place
and old home scenes might help to
restore her health, but, not gaining
as it was hoped she would, she re
turned to her far-a-way home in the
j early fall and gradually failed till the
j end. The brothers, sisters and other
"-emw nave tne sympatny ot thei
many triCndS.
The social and sugar party which
was. held under the auspices of the
Ladies' societies at the town hall on I
, :
ouluiiiliv u iiiinii wii.s wn niiT.i'nn-r
Saturday afternoon was well patron
ized considering the unpleasant
weather. The sugar and doughnuts
were of the finest, and were much en
joyed by thc company.
Mr. Wiggin of Whiteficld was a
professional visitor in the village on
Saturday, but is nowGtodmIiawdM
Mrs. George Newman of South Lu
nenburg was seriously ill on Saturday
but is now convalescent under Dr. W.
M. Bronson's care.
Mrs. M. I). Bowker returned on
Saturday from a visit with Lyndon
ville relatives.
Little Gcoririu. thn d;iui'litnr of Mr I
and Mrs. I. .1. Bowknr. has boon ni.it,.
ill for a few days with Doctors Bron
son and Wiggin in attendance but is
... ' ' i
Most of us turned the clocks ahead
)n Saturday night when we wound
tl,t'111 or the night but we haled to
Miss Ida Kcnncy of Lancaster wus
j the over Sunday guest of her sister
vMr. Frank Lewis and herp oftnts.
.Mr. und Mri;. Johji Jtvuey,
You can place complete confidence in
So-CO-ny Motor Gasoline. Its quality
never varies. Every drop gives the
same forceful "kick."
You get quick starts, instant pick-ups,
most mileage winter and summer.
You are freed from carburetor adjust
ments and clogging you are freed
from carbonized cylinders.
Don't risk the dangers of unknown,
inferior mixtures. Buy So-CO-ny for
Wherever you see thc Red, White and
Blue So-CO-ny Sign there's the safe
place to get your gasoline.
1 John Bui nham who went into the
f . I ' J .1 - X1
army irom mis lown unu was uiKen
to Europe, has returned home and is
chauffeur for Herbert Turrell of1
New York.
j Lester Piper of Burke is
; friends in town
The first surgar party of this lo-
M " ast T.v d here
..4 c,,...-.., i-,nl, c, if
, number present
..V.? ?? . ? ..P.Ci. .
hci.e am, enda his summers here has
sol(1 out h'is ,cstaurant at White
iiver Junction and entered active
j pJll.llLU Cta cfc IJIJIVIUIH
VT . . . 11 T 1 C t....i:.-
is seriously ill and threatened with
Maurice Goodrich is working for
Henry Miller.
Mrs. W. B. Simpson visited the-
past week in Hardwick.
At the meeting of Caspian Lake
Grange last Thursday evening the
women discussed the question: Do
j the mothers of today teach their
daughters to cook, sew and conduct
housekeeping as they should? And
the men discussed, Do farmers teach
their sons farm work and dairying
as well as they would other boys?
Mrs. B. F. Chambcrlin of Greens
boro Bend is quite ilk
C. C. Skinner of Orleans was at
Greensboro Bend the first of the week
looking after the lumber interests he
recently bought from R. A. Ritchie.
Those who have dogs should look
after licensing them before April 1st
as it wil be very expensive to dog
owners to keep them after that date,
The new state dog law has not been
n A.i,,.r nnii wii
....v...., .....v..,, ....w..,. v...
a summer resident here has a fine ar
ticle in a recent number of the Chris
tian Advocate, (New York) in de
fense of the Church as a real power
in the world.
About f0 of the friends and rela
tives of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Jordan
gathered at their home about two
miles from this village on Wednes
day evening March l'Jth to help them
celebrate their 50th wedding anniver
sary. During the festivities Earl M.
Jordan of Hardwick a nephew pre
sented the honored couple with a
purse of ?21.50 and besides there was
a line large wedding cake and 18
beautiful carnations. Refreshments
served to the happy company.
n:...,. tit
Hiram M. Jordan, born in Wolcott
' tiit . 1. ti Kim ....I T,i;... T '1. r
iviaren a io'jo, 111111 miss Liue.v viiai
fee, born in Berkshiro October 10th,
1817 were united in marriage at Al
bany. Since their marriage they
have lived in Hardwick, Elmore,
Wolenlt and Greensboro, coming to
their present home about 21 year.s
;r:o. To this couple there daughters
have been born, Erdine who died at
the ugd of nine, Mrs. George Young
and Mrs. Reuben Curtis both ot
Prof. N. J. VMiileluilI of White
River June
j are at his
j William Barrington. is at home
; I XI.. I -1,1 A jlnma d
i irom uaKemuiu .tauciujf iu
week's vacation.
i Mrs. Mary Craig went to East
Hardwick Saturdav on account of the
. . n . , , 1 t . t :i .1
! "
Mr. and Mi
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peak are re-'
( ce.v.ng congratulations on the birth
I of a son March 30- . Mrl- Leslle. Ad-
I ams s caring for Mrs. Peak and m-
fant son.
Mrs. Mark Wheeler, who has been
with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butson the
past winter, has gone back to .her
home at East Peacham.
Word has been received from Ralph
Hay that he has landed in New York
Dascomb Rowe expects to sail for
the United States April 1.
The faculty of Peacham Academy
have been away for the week's va
cation. Miss Douglas to Belmont,
Mass., Miss Holton to Sherburn,
Mass., and Miss Fullington to Island
Pond. School reopens Monday, March
Henry Bolton, who has been quite
sick is much better.
Mr. and Mrs. William Somcrs of
thc North Part arc both sick and
Mrs. Guy Mctcalf of St. Johnsbury,
a sister of Mr. Somers, was recently
there to sec him, also Mrs. Brock of
Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Kinerson havo
had as guests the past week their
grandchildren, Lucy and Donald Mc
Lean of St. Johnsbury.
Union service was held at the
Methodist church Sunday and will be
held next Sunday.
Mrs. O. W. Taylor is very low at
Jicr home in thc village.
Fred Pollard, who has been confin
cd to his bed has been up and had
his clothes on.
DON'T MISS THIS. Cut out this
slip, enclose with 5c and mail it to
Foley & Co., 2835 Sheffield Avenue,
Chicugo, 111., writing your name and
address clearly. You will receive in
return a trial package containing
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound,
for coughs, colds and croup; Foley
Kidney Pills for pain in sides and
bark; rheumatism, backache, kidney
and bladder ailments; and Foley Ca
thartic Tablets, a wholesome and
thoroughly cleansing cathartic, for
const i))it inn, biliousness, headache,
and sluggish bowels. SOLD EERY
We stnnd for j our Business

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