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This is not an ess ay on the horse,
if so the writer wWd give over the
task in favor of the' .average High
School student who iua.v he called up
on by his Teacher, am.1 who known
all about horses from tueir ears to
their tails, to write about t.hat animal.
But the following facts ihave been
carefully noted.
Josh drove up in front of th e coun
ty store in the little town ft
got out of the rig over the bi'ck of
the seat, from the queerest lo okmp;
vehicle ever seen in the village, i i-ben-eezer,
called Ebcn or Eb, for s hort,
the all around clerk, who spent ir vuch
time looking from the window, ob
served the movement noted abo ve.
What in tarnation is Josh up to no w,
he mused also observing that tl ic
horse, a fine looking animal was n
bran new one ior uumi, -i
wagon it had the appearance of hav- I
inir heen hastily thrown together, the f
, parts coming from different junk
heaps; but to cap all this to see Jcvsh
alight from over the back of the seat
was quite enough to a arouse suspic
ion. He turned to call Mr. Paddocks
attention to these things, but too late,
Josh was already coming in at the
door. "Moorin' Josh you are down
early, hows everything on Ryder
Hill?" One look however at Josh
convinced him something was wrongs
his face was wrinkled, corners of
mouth drooping and Ebcn thought
he had never seen so sad a face be
fore. "Is Mr. Paddock ter hum' cn-j
quired Josh without paying any heed ;
to the lerks salutation, but he now!
saw that worthy merchant, who was j
at the far end of the store weighing I
up maple sugar, and he hastened in 1
that direction, the clerk following j
with much wonderment.
ed thoujyhtfull, he seemed to t e mus-1 PAYS
ing io nimself, suddenly stva ighten-!
ing hir.iself, yes, yes, slowly, then a- !
loud I swan tew man, that C oss was
uicing dee south, sartin sa V tin that
is just wltero he's gone, th: it i.s tew
.ay he wa ; headed due north the last
1 seed of iibn, with another sigh, So
us I was a saying Ive got te r due ray
work alone, and with my t sw other
bosses eatin their blamed h tads off;
I rant afford tew keep this ne. Gosh
but lies a powerfall hoss. Mr. Pad
dork had edged around prett ,y near to
Jo -h while ho was speaking,, and now
leaned over and in a ha'.f whisper
said, but why dont you g;t down to
business, how much v.'il you take for
that outfit? altho I have no use for
that old rickety shack you call a wag
0:1, nor very much for the horse
eit.'icr, for that matter, br it seeing you
have mentioned selling I would just
like to get your price, at the same
time visions of the j?it i,ght that horse
could haul and other heavy work
floated before him; Wa 1 resumed Josh
you ware bound tew know all tlw?
ticklers, anil so I've 'told yer, but I
kallate $50 in cash a nd a barrel of
'"patience" flour throw ed in tew bute,
will be my bottom fig 'er, Betsey she
siays ter me just toth r day, she says.
".Joshua wc must hut e some more of
1 'hat 'patience' flour right off." So if
yer says the word Mr. Paddock I'll
lc.'l ve ther whole r ig er stannin right
tha re where it be i m its your proper
ty 1 rom now on. U ell uncle Josh I
guci s you have mai io out a clear case
and. I will accept your offer; as he
ratl-ir gleefully si sated himselt to
write a cheek for $oQ. dollars. Mr.
Paifdock then told lCLcn to take Bliz
zard around to the .stable and make
sure ho was fastened securely, and
after pinner he would take a nearer
look at his new prope.iy. Everybody
seemed satisfied, and. the inhabitants
of this peaceful littlu village went
Kcv. Edward 1.1. Chanman Pays the!
Following Hirh Tribute to
Rev. E. T. Fairbanks
The following "appreciation of Ed
ward Taylor Fairbanks" appeared in
x recent number of The C'ongi ega
iionalist and Advance, from the pen
of Rev. Edward Chapman, 1). I)., now
of New London, Conn., formerly pas
tor of the North Congregational
-ir -.- .1.1 1. -I limnf in
. : 3", " " v; Ud'cly to bed and to profound slumber
ouy u UM ml j as u sual, that night, bout midnight
wagon throwed . in lew bute, by gun r
What's the critter's . name c ; f .mtw to cJreuB
Eben, Mr Paddock cast a w theun q paddock's
glance ; in his direction for in c. up -, con J
ing this now to h.m, very int ercsting J. 1( sQ ft was h no
situation or. t there was , anyone '"R ()f aIa(m 1hilt n.djfhbors caut.
Mr. Paddock was noted for 11101c than j tIcil. .Kindow, am,
another in the village .1 was his l ee -; ' fmd ,f rw what .;,,
neu for a trade, however Josh stop-, ,,, .c. u woul(, )je jln))0,siblf:
ped long enough o answer the U.- U) dcsc(.ic th; mckeJ mixe ;u R
tion casting a ha f glance in the , , ,
clerk's direc ion. he pronounced Jt ; anv Jack Js to ,han,e, however thU
! " f-Z . who felt bran, enough t , venture out,
u vet, "S""'""". j-cll0W tb. sound w, ire led direet-
in an off hand manner, as he might,
have said P.ill or Jerry. Well Josh
whats the trouble, whats your pro
position, what are you down to the
village so early as this for, and, low
ering his voice a little and dropping
' some of the bluster, say Josh, tell me,
where did you get that horse? Haint
been over the other side of forty
five have yer? with a twinkle
in his eye toward Ebcn; no
Sur no scch thing as that, listen.
Betsey tnats my woman, goi worn ner
second cousin on her Father's side,
that is Jake , what lives in Ellabalmy,
down tew Mobile I think twas, some
sech names that; ennyway dont make
no difference, his Boy's been over
tew France fighting Germans, and the
Boldshivers, and the Hottentoys, and
what not; and he got "greased" you
know. I assed a Soldier who I see
wearing the U. S. uniform what that
ment. Tell yer what Im mighty proud
to see one of our Boys in that rig;
and I slutcd, and says I did you go
acrost? and he says kinder prompt
ly to Mr. I'add. n'ks Stab.'e, or purhaps
I should say w hat there was Jei't of
it, for Blizzarc' had now come into
his own. lie had literly kicked away
one side of the barn and then he had
fired out 01 the barn everything with
in reach 01 his heels, including one
other horse, one pig, seven hens froiji
their peaceful roost, and smashed
several carriages to kindling- wood,
that new horse had made a circuit
about the center post to which ho was
tied, demolishing everything within
his radius. Sir. Paddock was a prac
tical man, an:l also being a thorough
business man he lost no time In get
ting back to his store where he at
once wrote a letter to the Quarter
master General, of the IT. S. Arm v.
In three days Blizzard had been ship
ped and was on his way overseas, he
duly arrived in France and reached
the front line trenches Nov 10th, in
time to go over the top with the
Yankees and actually kicked the stuff
ing out of just 17,8."2 Germans, thus
turning the tide of battle and saving
like, "you bet," says I then you must; 1- Al Hu ,h
know what it means to get "greased' 1 T,,-,.. ,r , ,
, , . T, Blizzard, Mr. Paddock received a
nnrl h cave nh irn ullrp Thn I.nrmnns v
and he says oh yes sure, the Germans
you see get so gol darned hungry that
they eat the American prisoners and
the last thing is to greas them. Must
be an awful death. Wei Jake's boy
has cum home; and nothing ter due
but he must see Betsey. She tuck
care of him when he was a youngster,
and he hinted he had remembered her
by bringing some sufernicrs, what
ever them air; and she callates ef he
dont get well he has left her some
money tew bute. Yes yes, from Mr.
Paddock, hem, clearing his throat,
that is all very interesting, but what
about this outfit outside, lets get
check for $5,000 from the grentfuli
armcy, and now sports a Uosaford-oldsmobilc.
The attempt of Homer Cummings,
chairman of the Democratic National
Committee, to saddle the blame on
the Republican party for the distress
visited on the country by the failure
of appropriation bills in the last
Congress will not get anywhere.
Practically every one of those bills
was sent from the Democratic House
down to brass tacks, how old is that to the Democratic Senate during the
.norse, ana wny o you wisn 10 pari, nisi week 01 Congress, after the
with him! come now it there is any
hole in this property we want to
know it. Josh put on a most inno
cent expression mingled with an in
jured look; he took out his red hand
kerchief wiped his eyes and resumed.
If you had bin thru one half the sufr-
v erin I have since Betsy first got that
letter youd have tew go ter bed. How
somcsever, bracing up and looking
' quite triumphant after getting off
this word, I callate that tharc Hoss
cnurcli Here: 1
Edward FitxGorald once wrote to
Carlyle of the "funded virtues of
many good men gone by" as a chief!
constituent in the worth of the vil-!
lages he knew. The man whose nur.g
stands at the head of this article
and whose death was lately recorded '
here illustrates the saying. He
thought himself to be an inconspicu- j
ous country minister. So in the I
world's eye he was. But he was also j
a man of v t-'-tt genuine !
learning, unfailing piety and ho. j
ami unique ........ oiiuriii all of
which with untiring industry he '
ploughed .into the soil of his native!
town. He was born in St. Johnsbury j
in ISnti; educated at St. Johnsbury:
Academy, Phillips-Andover and Yale; !
taught for a time; returned to An- I
dover for a theological course; trav-1
rlcd widely in Europe and Asia; came
home to Vermont; was ordained the i
minister of a small church in St. j
Johnsbury Center on Jan. 1, 18GS; mi-.
grated to the pastorate of the South I
Church in 1871; resigned in 11)02;'
served as Librarian of the Athenaeum !
and died, as he had lived, in his na- j
live town, in January, 101!). ;
He thought his l'ifo to be incon-;
spicuous, as 1 have said; and si
stranger, reviewing its outward i
events, might have called it humdrum. !
li point of fact, to all who knew
him it was like the shining light that 1
Evangelist pointed out to Christian
when the latter could not see the'
wicket gate; it was a beacon at the!
entrance to the Way. And so farj
from being humdrum, I have rarely!
known a life that seemed to be so full i
of high and enchanting adventure.
His body, to be sure, after its days!
of travel in the East, kept steadi'lyj
at home; but the mind a d soul of
the man always oxtraordir;iriy ;ii!rt!
and active, seemed to have the Uni-j
verse to work and play in. The'
"common day" was never worn in ;
the least threadbare by his use of it.i
Birds sang-, flowers bloomed, cloud 1
floated in the sky, rain watered and
snow mantled the earth, Spring was
born and Autumn bore its fruits a
thoutrh all were done in hi.; behalf. I
do no? mean that he was selfish or
s."lf-centcrc-d; but these beings and
'.ioings of the world spoke to him.
Scarce a wind blew by that did not
whisper in his ear some message to
feed his soul and help him feed the
souls of others.
I should have called him especially
shrewd in his judgment of other men.
Guileless himself, he was slow to dis
cern guile, thouv;h his very hLjli ord
er of intelligence forbade the success
of any extended attempt to deceive
him. But set him on horseback among
the fields and hills he knew, or .let
him walk up the village street where
all recognized and loved him, and
you found him so wise and clear-eyed
that shrewdness seemed but a sham 1
wisdom after all. For he could read!
the face of the world and see into
the hearts and high destinies of:
men. And when he came to put his j
wisdom into words they developed a I
savor as pungent and haunting as the I
breath of the pines that he loved.
It is difiicult to suggest on paper
the quality of his style. It was ur.-,
conventional but with the unconven-
tionality of a man who was at once j
highly cultivated and deeply in earn- j
est. It was often epigrammatic, too; j
yet you could not suspect him of the I
dreadful business of fabricating epi
grams. Here for instance, is a com-
mon housefly which one clay broke
in upon his sermon-making. "A fly
just alighted, rubs his antennae sleek
ly, drops his fore paws, desires to
know what I a;n writing about. Good
fly, I was just this moment saying
how impossible it would be for God to
explain to me the high mysteries of
His thoughts."
From his horse's back he may very
likely have looked over an orchard
wall at the broken branch of a fruit
tree and caught the talk of the
anples. "How nice we are! said the
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St. Johnsbury Local Branch, 1 Eastern Ave
C. W. Steele, Manager
Jiouse committee had log-rolled and
mulled them over for months. They
came to the Senate in a fearful mess
and would have required, under the
Desi 01 conditions, weeks to make I ,.,.n,r .hm.riimr , ., i.vnken
presentuble. An example is taken at , jirlim.h: "so much better than pota-i-andom
from the Army Appropriation toes!:' "A mistake, sillv apples; you
bill, under the head of Quartermaster; im. 0!f the tree where all your good
Supplies, equipment, etc., the Ue-; lli;ss comes frorn; vou wm never rip
serve Olhcers Training Corps was :,,,,. Here is a pregnant question
recommended by the House for an illlS(.( on SOme incident of travel,
appropriation of 1,000,000, but when' showimr with what aptness he coul 1
in the naborhod right round some- i lhe. bi". llild Jiassed the House and , relate the little and the great. "Why
where nigh seven year old; not a day
over eighl.No surrce. Why do you
want to sell that rip. With a sorrow
ful shake of the head and another dis
play of the red handkerchief, he
broke out. You sec if Betsy is goin
tew Ellabalmy she must have some
money, clean cash you know; and
then I cant work the hoss alone, my
hired mans gone, with a shudder, how
did that hapeen put in Ebcn, rcgard-
hm-UmwI ;,i li u: . !.t
u...,i,M jii kitiiuii: wu.-i uuiu uuj i ieu , can
.'-Hio whether through error or design
could net be determined. The Senate
committee amended it to $5,000,000.
Hut there were a great many errors
of th's '.oit, and some still more grie
vous, if conditions are us sad as Mr.
Cumminits declares them to be in at
tempting to fiy Republican responsibility-
and it jb admitted they are
the reniiuy is nrriit within reach: Let
you not pocket the advantage
when the conductor forgeU your tick
et? Because of a heavenly vision that
paints honor in morn radiant colors
than profit and holds the least item
in each day's duty sacred as it were
the jewel of an angel's crown.''
His humorous and kindly eye not
only looked into but saw his very
mirror. "There is no sense," he once
less of Mr. Paddocks impatience, you i ""fA,. T "i t J'", remarked, "in poking at the mirror as
se w liail him hifrlmH tnur i . .......... .iv ,,um iiw kiuu-I mougn it were tnc device oi leininme
Ssbtrreume SonlZ H
JduinT A ?-Pp'oP.ionsCwill bsstl S STpu 'a fju
f J " ,a,d; Aw J'0lltnc "construction measures will be ity. It deserves respect for telling
never see a hoss pull l.ke Bliward taken up by the party which knows the truth. Yea, what is this Bible
pulled, Jos-h heaved another sigh,1 best how to legislate. Cummings' mirror for if not to dress by?"
UiLflets',p.pefl'an'l.hltthath,1(:.(l ems to be that the Repub- As lonir as hc lived there was in
nnTthM wnnrl hor? TV I -t i t i,'"" i'can paity black-jacked the country,' that conlmutlity a testimony to the
T; ,T i'1 11 h.,m; 1 jvh.ch is false, and th,t head of the miIity of tho Go.spcl that noVnc toukI
Lewis Mooney will soon move lo
the Stone place which has been occu
pied by Ed. Flint. i
Carroll Chaffee is home for a two 1
weeks' vacation from Fitchburg,
School closed here Friday, March j
23. On account of sickness the at-1
tendance for the past term has no;
been as good as u.iuul. The only pj-
pils of full attendance and without
a tardy mark are Arthur Johnston ,
and Alton Amidon, and Nellie Tup
pcr had no absent marks.
Leonard Goss has returned home
from Lyndon Institute.
W. A. Astle expects to move to the !
corner of Summer street and Mt. i
Pleasant street in St. Johnsbury this
M rs. Helen Stearns i.s spending her
Easier vacation with her father, W. i
S. Braley at Hartford.
Mrs. Donald Gosselin is visitinc '
her sister, Mrs. tied Bennett.
enquired Ebcn, the fact was thc4iired
man refered to and Eben were chums.
And Mr. Paddock had become so in
terested by this time that he forgot
to look cross because of this new in
.terruption on the part of Ebcn. I
dunno sighed Josh, he left so quick I
didnt have time to ask him. Has he
gone home queered the clerk. Lets
Democu-tic party refuses to resusci
tate it, which is true.
Why doesn't Wurst's Magazine
print Eve in the Garden on the front
cover and have it done with.
refute or gainsay. Now thut hc i.s
dead his memory and his written
words abide to witness to the great
ness of the country minister's calling
and to sanctify the places that hc
knew; and at least one friend catches
himself pondering upon his incalcul
able wealth in having such "treasure
We'd like to get a slant at the
lathers and mothers of the sweet laid un in heaven .-lirainst thp risnr-
eee his home is in Canada. Josh look- young things on the magazine covers, rection of the just." '
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