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The Weekly Caledonian
43ppl ,,,
WIKWiM i Si! Ip! f
m mm
Toppyredbaa: tidy "dtini. iuSMS
lorntome pound and Aatt- ."Mr
pound tin humidor and j
Mat eaj. practical pouna
cryafaf fa numiaor
mpong moiatencr top
kempt tht tobacco in
petltct condition
Agents for
Gage Hats all from New
York Markets
Carl Blodgctt went to "Wootlsvillo,
Monday, to attend the funeral of his
cousin, Mrs. Lawrence Ford.
E. C. Chandler had the misfortune
to lose one of his cows recently. The
animal fell through the floor and
broke her neck.
Wilmer and Morris Blodgett of
Lyndonville, who spent Easter with
Mr. and' Mrs. Carl Blodgett, returned
home Monday,
i , : j
Physicians and Druggists Everywhere Recommend the
Use of Camphorated Oil and Menthol Creams for
Relieving Coughs, Colds, Croup, Catarrh
Pneumonia and all Congested Conditions
The best form in which to apply si remedy of thi ; kind will be found
in MINTOL which not only contains Menthol, Camphor, Oil of Eucalyptus
and many other healing and antiseptic oils hut also contains germicidal
properties which kill the grip and influenza germ. If MINTOL is applied
to the nostrils it .sterilizes the nose and acts as a preventative as well as
a cure for colds and catarrh.
If you will apply a little MINTOL about the size or a bran to the
back of the tongue it will sterilize the throat and relieve hoarseness,
coughs and all throat troubles. When applied externally to the throat and
chest it will break up congestion and prevent or relieve Croup, Whooping
Cough and Pneumonia.
It is not necessary to use old-fashioned bl'N.leis which are often limns
either very disagreeable in odor or cause soreness and annoyance 1o the
patients and those attending them. MINTOL will be found the most ef
fective, modern scientific treatment for all inflamed conditions. A jar in
the home will protect the whole family from coughs, colds and often times
prevent pneumonia. If your druggist cannot supply, you we will mail you
a jar on receipt of price, r,5c, (idc and $1.20. THE HOME RELIEF
For Sale by
mMmmM. :'! .in ii : I ill : Wm HI iOllflBrat b;.fe""j3
PUT it flush up to Prince Albert to produce more smoke
happiness than you ever before collected ! P. A.'s built to
fit your smokeappetite like kids fit your hands ! It has the
jimdandiest flavor and coolness and fragrance you ever ran
against !
Just what a whale of joy Prince Albert really is yqu want
to find out the double-quickest thing you do next. And, put
it down how you could smoke P. A. for hours without
tongue bite or parching. Our exclusive patented process
cuts out bite and parch.
Realize what it would mean to get set with a joy 'us jimmy
pipe or the papers every once and a while. And, puff to
beat the cards! Without a comeback! Why, P. A. is so
good you feel like you'd just have to eat that fragrant smoke!
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
Geo. McGir nis is working- for
Ix.ukIuss in WiitLi-ford, putting
ni.i saw null.
Captain Kidney McCur.ly has re
ceived hi:', discharge from the army
and hi'.:: returned to his new home on
Main street for the h Unimex. We all
wish him much pleasure and rest aftt.-r
hi ; cxperiem-.: and work in the army.
He certainly is entitled to his share
of this world's pleasure.
Kev. Mr. I'errin goes to I'lainfield
for a few days this week on business.
Next, Sunday morning the children
of the Sunday scho'il wiil hold exer
cises appropriate for Easter iay.
Frank Foster has the position this
year of road patrol man. He has pur
chased a pair of gray horses.
Harold Bonnett, who has been in
France, with the 102cl machine gun
battalion for over a year and a half,
is expected home soon. His many
friends will be glad to see him. j
George Copp has commenced to i
shingle his house. j
B. 1. Graves is busy
at his duties
as lister. Mrs. Graves continues to
It now looks as though sugaring
was over for this season. Farmers
here made about one to one-half lbs.
to the tree.
Workmen were covering the ice be-'
longing to the creamery association
on Saturday. j
Robert Hill was home from Fit.-,
dale over Sunday. He expects to;
move his family there this week.
U" J II.. . ...il ,.C L.-4. .1
IV. ,-1. imS-Jli UJ .Jill HStJLU V.U -
.. ,, ... , , I
a caller in the village on ednosdav. I
Senator Can- of St. .Johnsbury was '
in attendance at the creamery meet-1
ing last Friday, also E. H. Hallctt ol !
St. Johnsbury Center.
The assistant superintendent of
the Maine Central Railroad was here
Thursday on business regarding the
depot. j
Mrs. Ellen Potter spent Sunday
with her uncle and aunt, Mi
Edwin Potter.
and Mrs.
Mrs. H E. Dean of SI Johnsbury,
Cephas Haines, lor many years a
resident of this town, died at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Mabel
Perkins in Lakcport, N. II., last Wed-
nesday and will be buried in the vil -
lagu cemetery here Monday, April
G. E. Colby who bought the Bab-
bitt House is putting in it bathroom
and nniking extensive repairs on it
before moving in.
The Greensboro Fire District No.
1 held their annual meeting in the
Hose House last Tuesday evening, ,
April 8. The following officers were
elected for the coming year: Modera-!
lor, Rev. E. C. Haynes; clerk and'
treas., B. M. Willey; prudential com-1
mittee for three years, C. H. Miller;
auditors, J. H. Barrington, F. C. Kin
ney and C. H. Miller; fire chief, A. j
R- DeBrunc, who will appoint his own i
assistant. A tax of SO cents on the ,
grand list was voted.
Mrs Sally Pcrrin has been ill the
pa.-t week,
Sugar parties were held at J. 1).
Olmsteads last Wednesday and at A.
E. Jackson's last Thursday with a
large number present.
Word has been received that Roy
Atherton who went to France nearly
two years ago has landed in Boston
with the 2(ith regiment and is expect
ed home soon.
Mrs. Rose Tolman left last Wed
nesday for an extended visit with rel
atives in Hardwick and Montpelier.
Mr. and Mrs. George Marshall have
moved into the house of Mrs. Rose
ri. I I -Ii r .1
lolman and will occupy it for the
. "
Harry Crowley returned to New
York last Monday after several
weeks' visit with relatives in Hard
wick and Greensboro Bend.
E. A. Allen of Greensboro Bend was
in Danville one day lart week on bus
iness. E. L. Adams pf Greensboro Bend
visifinp trilh vnliittvuu in Wuclnifi
jj j ' '
l?r.v All. XliM.ir .,rw1-,1 i.moI,,. M..,.
of (;i.cen.,,)01.0 j;on(1 visltcd the past
week in Montpelier
, Rev. W. L. Bradford has been ap
pointed pastor of the Methodist
church, Greensboro Bend and is ex
pected to begin his service at once.
Mrs. William Sternberg after spend
ing the winter in Stannard is at the
home of her son in Greensboro Bend.
Fred Sheldon came from Camp
Dcvens and spent last Sunday at A.
15. Fairbanks'.
Willie Spring was badly hurt one
day last week by being kicked in the
face by a horse.
Mrs. Martha Bates who has been
in Williston, is at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Charles E. LaPienc.
Mr. and Mrs. James Whilticr of
Wolfboro, N. IL, recently visited at
Charles McKown's.
Lewis Parker, who is X(i years old,
walked six miles one day last week.
Mis. Harlow Gray is failing. A
trained nurse is caring for her and
Mrs. Gray's daughter, Mrs. Elsie Tay
lor, of West Danville, is with her al
so. Mrs. Grace Biownson lias been vis
iting Mrs. Ilalph Turnbiill.
Mrs. Waldo Gilman Ls quite poorly
at this writing.
The Bundy, Whipple and Village
schools will open April 21,
! A Iji.u' l'HI people gatl., r,. at th"
' ph a.-iirt Lome of Mr. it'itl Mi--. Alfred
I Cuudrenult last cdiii-sday evening in
honor of ilu-ir son. Charles I', Guod
I le.uilt, who ha arrived from overseas
! .-oi vtco. A wry enjoyable evening
was passed with music ami games.
ii'.d i-cfre-.-hment.-i were served.
Amomr those pre e:it from out of
town were Mr, Georgiana Dubloisc
and two sons of Barre, Mr. and Mrs.
Herbert Austin of East Haven and
Madam Asselin of St. johnsbury.
The annual vi -it for members of
Adah Chapter, No. oi, and their fam
ilies w ill be held in the Masonic Hall
Friday afternoon. A home supper
will be served at six o'clock and the
installation of officers occurs in the
-ri . i 1
the committee m charge ;
aic Mrs. E. A. Gray, Mr:;. C. F. Cut
ting, ?,1rs. W. O. Eochleau, Mrs. I). B.
Sanborn, Miss Helen Reed, Mrs. A. J.
Lyon and Mr.-;. Florence Joslin.
Mrs. W. L. Eeed and Mrs. Helen
Burroughs were in East St. Johns
bury, Saturday, guests of Mrs. Chas.
Owens unci Mrs. Charles Wark.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Lee entertained
a few friend;; at a sugar party Sunday
Mr--. F. L. Carpenter visited friends
in St. Johnsbury this week.
Mr.:. Arthur Warren of St. Johns
bury has been visiting- her mother,
Mrs. Minnie Williams.
Mrs. Helen Burroughs has
visiting friends in St. Johnsbury
Joseph Cheney visited friends here i
Thursday. Mr. Cheney has recently
returned from overseas and now're-j
sumcs his engagement in Sousa's
Mr. and and Mrs. C. N. Streeter '
went to St. Johnsbury Saturday to
visit relatives. ;
At the regular meeting of Adah; Mrs. Benjamin Glcason, Mrs.
Chapter, No. ,'!!, O. E. S., Thursday j Luette Lew-is, Miss Marion Stuart,
evening the following were elected a;-, and Mrs. O. W. Baker, Louise
officers for the ensuing year: W. i.T., i Chapman, Mrs. Thomas Hunter, Mrs.
M.-s. Walter D. Chaplin; W. P., Free- j Leslie Cooper, Mrs. H. B. Morrison,
man I. Russell; A. M., Mrs. Edilh spent Saturday in St. Johnsbury.
Lee; Com!., Mrs. Nellie Chapman; i Henry Eunney is dangerously ill
A st. Cond., Mrs. Gladys Spaulding; 'from pneumonia.
Sec, Mrs. Abby Holton; Treas., Mrs.; Uev. George S. Smith lias accepted
Florence K. Foster. ; t)lc tan to the M. E. church in this
Mrs. French of Island Pond has., lace. Mr. Smith was a former pas
been upondin;: a few days in town. I tor here and all are glad to welcome
Mrs. J. ii. Warren is (juite ill.
Raymond Eriggs was in St. John;:-
bury Sunday to visit his brother, Ger
ald P.riggs, who has returned from
overseas and was home from Camp
Dev'-ns oi a short fur'o"'rh.
Allen Moore of Fitzdulu and Dulmu
, and Martin Pond ot Lunenourg were
! jn town Sunday, enroute to their
, homes from Camp Dcvens for a short
f jvj lough, having just arrived from
(overseas with the 2(ith division.
j Regular meeting of Coneord grange
j No. 4 OX, April Light reficsh-
' ments w ill he served,
I Homer Guodall of St. Johnsbury
tl Ls
The of a reliable dealer HH(h Sffit
andlhe.woridsbestCasoIine g
J v - ' i - ';-
'"Many months of comfort at little
expense " i.-. the way Charles A. Pear
son of San D'Cjjo, California, sums up
his experiir.ee v. it h Xcolin Soles. Mr.
Pearson 'n-.d two pairs of shoes re
soled with Nc-ii:i Soles, and after
wcvinai ihcm for twenty months
writes "i vill bzvc to sot new shoes
sometime, but far as the soles are
concerned, inal time seems as far
distant So whci they were new."
This is tvnical of the experience
miti:n.n "k.,,.; ...i.u Mn.-.im ci
IIIU.IUII UIC lit.IV lilt: lllli iiuuuu Ol.lLS.
rrraliv1 hv s,.,t i i riM
j flexible and waterproof, these soles
i are an important factor in cutting
I shoo expense. You can get them on
I new shoes for the whole family, and
, for re-soliiiR. They are made by The
! Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Akron,
i Ohio, who also make Wingfoot Heels
j guaranteed to outwear all other heels.
lleolifi Soles
? rode Hark Res. U. S. fat. Off.
spent Sunday at F. L. Carpenter's.
Miss Iteta Hash has finished work
for Mrs. Perky Lyndon and will work
bccnlfo1' Mls- Leslie Cooper.
i Mrs. Earl Davis and son, Ilalph, of
Springfield, Mass., are visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Rash,
Mr. and Mrs. George Languer have
returned from Littleton, N. H., and
are at Mrs. Languers father's, Joseph
Boucher. Lewis Languer of St.
Johnsbury is a guest at the Boucher
him back.
M'rs. Reginald Peed visited her
parent.;, Mi
and Mrs. Stanton Bon-
nett in St. Johnsbury one
day last
Rev. W. J. Bradford has received
a charge at Greensboro and Stan
nard. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Lunnie are
spending a time with Mrs. Lunnie's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Caswell.
The social committee for May at
the Universalist church arc Mrs. Alice
Richards, Mrs. A. J. Lyon, Mrs. O. B.
Cutting. Mrs. Clara Chaplin, Mrs. W.
E. Houston.
Many will be interested to know f
that Douglas Tracy Eall has arrived
iit Camp Devens from overseas and i
has been enjoying a furlough in Eos- ;
ton with his brother, W illard Eall, and j
wife. Mr. Eall was a member of the
Mist machine gun battalion. ,
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Reed visited j
relatives in Burke over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Felias Rancour and i
son, Charles, of Springfield, Mass., j
were guests of Thomas Rancour Sat- j
urday. j
J. Eugene Nadeau returned from
overseas has been visiting his par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Nadeau, at North
j Concord.
I E. H. Bazin was home from his
j work at St. Johnsbury over Sunday,
j Lucius Reed returned to his broth
' cr's, W. T. Reed, after having been
' absent several weeks.
Rev. P. J. Maclnns oif the Univer
i salist church occupied the pulpit at
St. Johnsbury Center Sunday after-
1 Charles Goodreault and sister, Miss
I Dorothy, left for a visit to Rumford
land Biddeford, Me.
j Merlin Bradshaw has been confined
I to the house by illness.
Miss Lydia Hemingway has finished
j work for Mrs. F. V. Chapman.
:i Mrs. Helen Stockwcll visited in St.
! Johnsbury Saturday. j
C. 1-. Cutting Wiis a business visitor
in St. Johnsbury Saturday.
Mrs. Leslie Mcn-iani and Miss Eu
nice Merriam were in St. Johnsbury
Miss Genevieve Sargent was in St.
Johnsbury Saturday, a guest of Mrs..
L. W. Ford.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Miltimorc of
Portland. Me., Dr. Fred Wheaton and
Dr. Grace AVheaton of Biddeford, Me.,
j wc,.,. KU(,sts of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Miltimorc from Saturday until Tues
Mrs. Helen Folsom will be at the
home of Mrs. Harry Morton Thurs
day anil Friday with a display of i rim
med aond untrinimcd hats. adv.
Miss Margaret Bishop of Hard wick
Lis been a guest of her cousin, Miss
Ruth Hastings.
Visitors in St. Johnsbury the past
- ,, n li
Miss Dorothy Goodreault.
The many friends of Mrs. George
Howard are glad to welcome her to
her home here after spending the
winter with relatives in Bradford.
Mrs. Howard returned Wednesday ac
companied by her daughter, Mrs. A.
M. Lang of St. Johnsbury.
Mrs. Edith Brooks has returned
form St. Johnsbury where she has
been for medical treatment.
W. L. Reed returned Wednesday
from his work at Montpelier as town
The social committee of the L. B.
society at the Methodist church for
week were U. u. cutting, Mrs. cnimu :virs. Jicry roru, ivirs. ucorge now
West, Mrs. Nellie C. Pan-is, F. L. jard, Mrs. Harry Fuller.
Crapentcv, Mrs. Walter Harvey and!
So-CO-ny Motor Gasoline gives
truck or car power not only for
usual needs but for emergencies.
And the power you get today you
can get tomorrow or next week for
So-CO-ny is every day the same.
Adjust the carburetor for So-CO-ny,
and forget that part of the machine.
Combustion never varies, power
never slackens.
Why take chances with unknown,
doubtful mixtures? Keep to
So-CO-ny and keep power at par.
Buy it where you see the Red,
White and Blue So-CO-ny Sign.
"FRUIT-A-TIVES" Brought Relief
The First Day He Tried Them.
1G0 Caroline Ave., Ogdcnsburg, N.Y.
"I suffered a great deal for three oc
four years with Xcrvous Sick Head
ache and Dyspepsia, ilad to take two
to fourseidlitz powders every other
day. Tried doctors nte bran gems
took nil kinds of remedies but
nothing did me good until I used.
'Fruit-a-tives, or Fruit LiverTablets.
I was relieved the first day I used
them. They made me wed and keep
vie well, and I am always glad to tell
people of the great things 'Fruit-a--lives'
havo done for me.
I have many friends in Ogdcnsburgf
now using 'Fruit-a-lives' on my
recommendation" .
COc. a box, 6 for $2.00, trial size 25c.
At all dealers or sent ov receipt of
price, by FRUIT-A TI VJiS .Limited,
May, arc Mrs. Allen Hodgdon, Mrs.
G. S. Smith, Mrs. P. S. Woodbury,
rill ti S IT
;011t the old civilian clothes feel
i P, i,, ,., ,u in,rc w,'
, '
I Who's the proudest member of the
household when son comes home from
France? Think it over.
Better put in your coal while it's
available to put in, friends. In only
a few weeks the leaves will be falling.
Most men have to be asked about
i three times to string up the clothes
line! .

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