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St. Jolinsbury, Vermont
Knit; ret at the .St. Jolinsbury I'ostoffico
us mail matter of the seooud class
TKRMS OP St;i!S('llIi"nON
ix Months 7;"ic
One Year to any Address $1.00
Life's Dreary Path
John I), is 80 this week. But come
right down to it who cares?
Yes, Woodrow, we've got the same
old cut.
Most every man has one automo
bile tire he brags about.
What a joyous feeling you have
when you screw down the cap on a
full tank of gasolene.
Now they're shipping booze into
Rutland by freight. Somethings the
matter with that town!
Most all us men admire the wife
that likes to get out in the open and
rough it.
Those lawyers conducting that
Ford libel suit evidently know a
good thing when they see it.
It's actually quieted down to the
point where Mutt & Jeff is the most
attractive thing in the paper.
A White River item is headed:
"Auto Hit!", Tree in Unusual Acci
dent." Where's that reporter been
all his life?
Wonder what sort of thoughts go
thru the Kaiser's mind as he lays in
the dark waiting to drop off to sleep?
"Look hero," says he over the wire
to the harassed editor, "do you know
that notice of my death has appeared
in print?' And the editor was unkind
enough to ask: "That so? Whero are
you telephoning from?"
Snap. Bang. Boom. The lid is
Our congratulations to the oFurth
of July committee. They put over
a big job in a big way.
President Wilson is "at sea" over
the Fourth. Well that's not extra
ordinary. The one who doesn't make a big
noise tomorrow is not paying a fit
ting tribute to the boys who faced
death to make the world safe for De
mocracy. We offer a reward of ?1,000 to the
person who will show us a prettier
decorated or more patriotic town in
the United States than St. Johns
bury tomorrow.
One of the big differences of the
present 4th of July compared with
those of years ago is that we don't
have to publish a long list of the
dead and injured the next day.
Might be something doing, if Hank
Ford took a notion to buy the Chi
cago Tribune just to fire the editors.
Old man von Hindenburg steps
under the spotlight to say, if they
want to stand him against a wall and
shoot him, he's ready.
There is only one real test for a
ccugh remedy, and that is use. S. M.
Oliver, Box 192, R. F. D. C, Greens
boro, S. C, writes: "Foley Honey
and Tar is just fine. I keep it all the
time in my family and do not expect
to be without it as long as I can get
it." It relieves hay fever, asthma,
coughs, colds, croup and bronchial
affections by covering the inflammed,
irritated surfaces with a soothing,
healing combination of time-tried, re
lable pure, harmless medicines.
Contains no opiates. Children lnke it.
Act No. 175 of the Laws of 1010 makes the following pro
visions: 1. All communicable (contagious) diseases must be re
ported to the District Health Officer by the physicinn in at
tendance, if there is one, otherwise by the head of the family.
2. Thysicians are required to quarantine families attended
by them in a case of communicable disease is known or
suspected to b6 present.
3. Heads of families in which a communicable disease is
known or suspected to be present, .,and WHERE NO PHY
4. Quarantine will bo raised only by the District Health
Officer on a written certificate from a physician that the
famly is in safe condition for release.
.r. All burial permits will be issued by town clerks.
Quarantine cards and notices may be obtained at the of
fice of the town clerk and from selectmen.
These provisions arc effective July 1, 1019.
James Lang and wife and a
friend from Boston are visiting
Airni! Carpenter at his cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Holme:-
':nd family of Gcrhum, N. II., spent
j Saturday at A. D. ISlackador's.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McDonald of
Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, spent
the week-end at A. D. Blaokador's.
Rev. W. A. Chapin and wife from
Rhode Island are camping at Joe's
Miss Muriel Weed of Portland
Me., is the guest of Mrs. Carl Kmer
son at the Emcrson-Abby cottage.
Rev. V. A. Keliy and wife from
Lewistnn, Me., are spending the sum-
nii-r in camp.
Mr. and Mrs. William McReynold
and son of New York city are occupy
ing their cottage.
L. C. Beck and family and Mrs
Alexander of Bane are guests al
Henry Beck's cottage.
Ralph Gilo of the U. S. Navy lo
cated in Boston visited his aunt Mrs.
F. B. Milligan Friday.
Mrs. Uichard Wright and Mrs.
Fred Converse of Tassumpsic spent
Thursday here with Mrs. Isaac Turn
er at Point Comfort.
Marion Mender of Whilinsvillc
Mass., came lliursuay to spend a
couple of months with her aunt, Mrs.
F. B Milligan.
Corp. Roy Underwood of Barton
is a guest at Gilbert Hastings'.
Mrs. William Gero and children of
St Jolinsbury are visiting at Clar
ence Brycrs.
Mr and Mrs E. A. Drown of Barrc
are occupying their cottage for a few
The next regular meeting of the
Grange will bo held Tuesday even
ing, July 1.1th. There will be a lit
erary program.
The Ladies' Aid society will hoh1
its supper Thursday, July 10th, un
der the direction of Mrs. F. D. Wil
lianis. Following the supper a re
ception will be held with the follow
ing us guests of honor: Deacon am
Mrs. J. L .Hardy, Dr. and Mrs. M. J
Paulscr, Mr. and Mrs. W. A Hoyt
Mr and Mis. B. M. Cheney and Mr
and Mrs. Floyd Fairbanks. A cordia'
invitation is extended to the towns
people to be present.
Mi;s Emily McWillan from Min
neapolis, Minn., is visiting her aunt
Miss Emily Davis.
Pictures for this week Friday
night will be "Little Miss Hoover,'
featuring Marguerite Clark, and :i
Mutt and Jeff comedy.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Wilson
George W. Howe, Mrs. Nettie Fishci
and Earlc Fisher from St. Johnsburj
visited at W. F. Dole's last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. George M. Dole ant
Miss Luella Frye spent the week-cm.
at Cole's Pond.
Miss Mary Poonc and Miss Ell;
Page from West Newbury, Mass., art
visiting at Alonzo Page's.
Charlie Bartlette and family,
and Mrs. W. A. Hoyt and George
Vance spent Sunday at Cole's Pond.
Miss Gladys Devcnger from New
bury is visiting her brother, Ernes'
Devcnger. Dr. Chas. Libby and family are
camping at Joe's Pond and Miss Mar
garet Davis accompanied them.
In memory of Walter Jordan, who
gave his life for his country at.
Chateau Thierry, in France, July 14,
Mrs. Florence L. Palmer.
Mrs. Florence Donahue of St.
Jolinsbury is spending a few days
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Solon
Mrs. Dora Powers was a business
visitor in St. Johnsbury, Friday.
The Calumet Club met in the Con
gregational church vestry Friday eve
ning, July 11.
Mrs. Darvin Nichols and little
daughter of Mclndoes visited Mrs.
E. E. Emery Friday.
George Lcavitt of Worcester,
Mass., has been spending a few days
with Dr. and Mrs. T. R. Stiles.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Massey have
returned homo after spepding sev
eral weeks with their children.
Harvey Powers is spending a few
days with his sister, Mrs. Fred Si
monds, at Lyndonvillc.
The Bartletts have returned from
their trip to Massachusetts and re
port a pleasant time.
John Morse spent the Fourth with
liis parents here. He has a fine po
sition with his uncle in Boston.
Miss Lilla Morse went as a repre
sentative of the young people of the
Methodist church here to the Mont
pelier Seminary Epworth League In
stitute, with all her expenses paid.
S. G. Crawford and wife have gone
m two weeks' trip and mingling bus
iness with pleasure will visit the
.vholesale stores of Portland, Bos
on and New York to purchase good
for 1 heir renovated basement.
Edward Tute has sold his farm
here giving possession at once.
Dana Kirkland has returned fron
Doston where he went to secure
Albert Colbeth has moved into the
N'iles tenement near the track.
Rev. J. C. Jones is spending a two
.veeks' vacation with friends in the
'ower part of the state.
Dr. Duke who has been visiting
Miss Barbara Erwin at the home of
her parents, has returned to his home
icar Boston.
Dr. C. L. Erwin went to Benning
ton last Tuesday to remain a few
Rev. George Collins, Baptist pas
or at West Charleston motored to
town Monday night in his new cai
ind called upon a few of his friends.
Mr. Reynolds from Boston, the not
id entertainer, gave a fine entertain
nent in the Methodist Episcopal
liurch last Wednesday night undei
he auspices of the Methodist Broth
nhood Men's class.
Rev. C. W. Kelley has been
n Montpclier for a week acting as
Dean of the Montpelier Epworth
League Institute, a summer school
'or the training of young people in
eligious work. MrMs. Kelley and the
hildren went to the Institute for
ew days.
Miss Barbara Erwin who recently
rraduatnd from the New England
Conservatory of Music, with honors,
ias been visiting friends in North-
'icld, but is now at home with her
Captain Baker of the Salvation
Army fit Newport City conducted
wo services in the Methodist cnurch
'ast Sunday in the absence of the
astor and gave excellent satisfac
ion. Air. and Mrs. J ion w hippie arc
rejoicing over the birth of a son
Mrs. Whipple is at the home of her
iiother, Mrs. Armstrong, in this vil
'age. Both mother and child are do
ing well.
Mrs. S. M. Kelley and son, Robert,
)f St. Albans spent several days last
veek at the Methodist parsonage.
Walter Whipple recently sold all
us Household furniture at auction,
nit did not dispose of his farm.
Mrs. Sweet's mother, Mrs. Horner
nf Sheffield, who has been visiting
her daughter for a few days has re-
urnod to her own home.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Larabce
motored to Highgate recently to at
tend the funeral of a relative.
Carrol Rollins has left the cream
ery and is working for his father at
Mrs. Volney Phillips visited her
laughter at Rich ford last Friday and
Dr. Adams saw the famous game
if base ball at Burlington last Sat
Ed. Durgin and one or two other
from the creamery here went, to
Burlington a few days ago to attend
n school of instruction for creamery
Captain Richard F. Corey who
sailed with Company L of Newport
for Franco on October 1017, ar
rived in New York on the M.iunt
Vernon Saturday, July 5th, where he
went to Camp Dix and received his
discharge, arriving in Newport Wed
nesday morning. He is very busy rc
'.'c;ing the glad hand of his many
Mr.--. Ray Hunt and Mrs. Melvin
Willis have broke camp at Eagle
Point and returned home.
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Huntington
and son, Dean, returned from their
trip to Old Orchard Tuesday.
Bund concert will be on Friday
night this week on the Memphrema
gog Park.
Rev. Ernest J. Labelle, director of
St. John's College, is a guest of Rev.
I. M. II. Bastion.
Mrs. A. J. Proulx is visiting in St.
Johns, Que.
Miss Simonc Audet of Swanton is
visiting at her uncle's, Rev. J. M. II.
Miss Melvina Lahar visited in
Sherbrooke, Eastman and Magog
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. GciJron left
Monday for Lens.
Dannis Cote and Miss Josephine
Cote and son, Francis, of Rockland,
Mass., visited at Mrs. Louise Hamel's
of Pleasant street last week. Alice
Alarie, who was boarding at the
Convent accompanied them to North
Hatley, Que.
Ovidc Dame and Mrs. Joseph Tct
reault visited in Sherbrooke, East
man and Magog last week.
Mr. Gonon that has been living on
what is known as the John Curtis
farm at West Waterford has moved
to the farm where Rufus Remick used
to live.
Mrs. Lucia Daniels was called
Thursday to Mclndoes to attend her
brother-in-law's funeral, Mr. Man
chester. Morris Blodgctt from Lynodnville
is visitin her aunt, Mrs. Carl Blod-
John Lang, Max Lang and Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Quimby :itanded the cel
ebration at J.:uuvi-.ter, iN. 11., Julv
Barbara Morgan has recently bee
placed in charge of the New 1'nglai
telephone central station in thi
place. Miss Morgan has been in tb
employ of the New England Tele
phone Co. for three years, giving ex
cellent service. Previous to that
had long experience in the centr;
offices of the Citizens Phone, whic
for nine years was in her home. Her
iSarnct friends congratulate her up
on her promotion and w.Vh her sue
.'ess in her new and more responsible
Mrs. Lilla Libby who has had
charge of Barnct cenhal office since
Airs. Minnie Campbell went away re
signed her position on account
ill health and has gone to her home
:n Lyndonville.
Nelson Darling and fjmily ofiTjrari
ford were visitors at Benj. Gadley'i
aver the Fourth and went with the
dadlcys to St. Jolinsbury for the eel-
!b rat ion.
Mrs. Samuel Baker of Woodsville
who was visiting here at the home
of her father, L. E. Gilfillan startee
with her car Wednesday evening with
a party of ladies for St. Jolinsbury
In Last Barnet round the ledge ju
beyond licit (JaJuraith s store, an
other car ran into her car and did her
ar serious damage. Fortunately no
one was hurt.
A good many Barnet people went
.0 St. Johnsbury to attend the cclc
nation including Ella Robinson, Ed
ir.d Roland Robinson, Mr. and Mrs.
George I. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Al-
bee and a good many family cars that
went up in the morning just to see
the parade.
Miss Christine Hall is homo for
her summer vacation from Bridge
water, Mass., where she has taugiit
school for several years.
Mr. and Mrs. Julian P. Laughlin
spent the Fourth at St. Johnsbury
Center with Mr.- and Mrs. Alex
I'ringln. Claude Laughlin and wife
from Whitcfield, N. II., came over
and went with them.
Mrs. W. H. Hey wood of St
Johnsbury and Mr. and Mrs. Downer
Newell of Hoyokc, Mass., were vis
itors at the home of Edith Wallace,
ord has been received here of
the death of Charles Uiford of Bar
ton. Mr. Ufford will be remembered
as a great friend and frequent visitor
of the late Chandler Whitney.
The church wil give a reception to
the.r new pastor, the Rev. Arthur
Gregg and Mrs. Gregg Tuesday eve
ning to which everybody in the par-
ish here and at East Barnet are cor
hally invited. The reception will be
held in Odd Fellows hall.
Sunday, July 27th all the churches
in town and those of Rycgate are in
vited to attend church at the Barnct
Center Presbyterian church as it is
the 70th anniversary of the dedica
tion of their present house of wor-
hip. This church was the first
church in town and it has been
thought best to make this occasion
one of more than ordinary interest
to the town as well as to its own
people. A basket lunch wii! be carried
and it is probable that there will be
an afternoon service as well as in
the morning. Further particulars in
regard to this will be given later. It
s hoped that a large number of peo
pie can be brought together for wor
hip at this time.
Mrs. Bertha Hooker of Boston is
visiting her mother ,Mrs. E. II. Loth
rop. Mrs. Bachand has returned to her
home f rom two weeks spent in Lowell
Leon Turnbull, son of J. G. Turn-
bull has returned from overseas and
cceived his discharge.
H. S. Webster has moved to the
ate home of his mother which he has
thoroughly repaired making one of
the nicest resiliences in town. Harold
MeNamara and wife move to the
encment vacated by Mr. Webster on
Maple street.
Hazen and Hazel Converse with a
party of friends motored to Stanstead
ind Aycrs Cliff on Wednesday.
H. I. Brown and wife with their
sons, Wallace and Jack of Springfield,
Mass., are with their parents, Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Brown for a two
weeks' vacation.
A large party from this place at
tended the dance at the New Wil
Iougaby Hotel, Westmore, Thursday
evening and report a fine time.
Miss Grace Austin, librarian at
Lascll Seminary, Auburndale, Mass.,
s visiting her brother, A. O. Austin,
vnd friends in town.
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Whipple and
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Converse spent
a day recently at Lake Massawippa,
The Chautauqua is being well pat
ronized though not as large an at
tendance as in former years.
Miss Bertha Richardson of Spring
field, Mass., is visiting her cousin,
Mrs. H. S. Webster.
Miss Mary Chamberlain, a Red
Cross nurse, is spending the summer
with her mother, Mrs. Henry Smith.
Mrs. H. F Brown and son. Wallace
spent several days in West Derby vis
iting relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Smith of
Glover visited at II. M. Whipple's on
Miss Ella Blaisdell was a recent
business visitor in Newport and Barton.
The following officers were in
stalled for the ensung term in the
Jr. O. U. A. L, at their meeting on
Saturday evening: Councilor, Ezra
Newell; vice-councilor, Peter Gil
man; Com., W. M. Willey; Warden,
Harry Berry; Inside Sentinel, A. R.
Maserve; Outside Sentinel, Leon
Harry Bickford, deputy, installed
the officers, Slate Councilor, Noah
Drew and wile, Frank Drew and wile
were guests of the evening. After
the installation, ice cream and cake
was served to the members and their
families. State Councilor Drew
gave an excellent report of his visit
at the Orphan's Home at Tiany,
Ohio, which he visited while attend
ing the National Council.
L. N. Cree went last week Tuesday
to Worcester, Mass., for a week's
stay with his family, returning the
firt of this week.
Mrs. Lamont Smith and children of
North Troy are this week visiting
her cousins, Mr. and Mrs. A. E.
Mr. and Mrs. W .M. Willey at
tended the funeral of Winslow Brown
III. XJ1H111I VtllH-i lll.lt. MUHllt.J.
Mrs. Beatrice Porter is visiting her'
husband's parents Mr. and Mrs. A. J
W. Porter.
Mrs. W. A. Smith is sick with I
Mrs. V .R. Weed went last Thurs-I
day to her daughter's, Mrs. D. Pitt I
at St. Johnsbury. I
John and Linn Buckley were cal
led to Lyndonville last Saturday to j
attend the funeral of Miss Lizzie j
J. B. Ripley was up from Windsor
with his family over the 4th, return
ing to his work Monday.
Last Friday afternoon Mr. and
Mrs. A .E. Weed went to their farm
buildings at South Whcelock and
found on going into the house that
lightning had entered the house
from the telephone wire and burned
the wall paper for sceveral feet from
where the box was taken down. It
was a close call for a fire, but for
tunately went out before doing much
damage. The house has been closed
for several months. It was probably
struck at the time two other houses
were struck near there in a hard
shower some two weeks ago.
Mrs. Frank Scruton fell from the
veranda of her home last Wednesday, I
fracturing her hip.
Airs, iviary Keough spent a lew
days last week with Mrs. Martha
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Weed were in
Stannard last Monday.
G. L. Gerry attended the meeting
of the of the insurance agents ot
Caledonia and Essex counties on
Tuesday of this week.
Miss Etta Gray was a wccK-cnu
visitor with her friend, Mrs. Irving
Cconre Roberts and lamiiy were in
West Charleston over the 4th.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Jondro of
Northficld who have been visiting at
John Aldrich's returned home Satur
day. Mr. and Mrs. John Blewitt who
have spent the last three weeks with
their mother, Mrs. Sarah Trcfrcn, in
lis village and other relatives in
the surrounding towns returned home !
to Waterville, Me., Thursday by au
tomobile, taking with them their
niece, Miss Rickaby, of Newport.
W. E. Morse of Hyannis, Mass.,
visited his brother, W T. Morse Wed
nesday and Thursday.
Mrs. A. T. Fiske and two daugh
ters of Concord, N. H., have been
visiting at W. T. Morse's for a Jtew
Kev. E. W. Sturtevant rcturncu
Friday having spent several days at
Mrs. Wells Quimby visited her
niece, Miss Jennie Iieldcn at Concord
three days last week.
Mrs. Daniels and daughter, Louise
eturncd last week from a three
weeks' visit with her ralatives at
Whitehall, N. Y., and other points.
Kay Wells has purchased of Scott
W. Farnum the largo three-tenement
house near the depot.
Miss M. K. Paris and son, Murray
came home from Boston last week.
Mrs. Charles Bradshaw and her
daughter, Bculah, are staying at
Miss Grace Tisdalc is working at
Ernest Gour's at Lyndonvillc.
Mrs. J. II. Chaycr returned Friday
from a three weeks visit at the home
of her son, Rev. C. C. Chayer at
Salisbury, Mass.
Ralph Davis and family returned
:ist week from Island Pond where
ley have visited relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. L. I). Hall very kind
ly invited the Methodist and Congre
gational Sunday schools to hold their
annual picnic on the spacious grounds
surrounding their home and about 00
persons spent last Saturday at that
place, swinging,, playing tennis, cro
quet and other games or enjoying
ours of pleasant conversation on
the broad piazzas. All found it a
most delightful occasion. The Meth
odist Sunday school tendered them a
ising vote of thanks anell also to
those who furnished conveyances
Married in Lyndon, Friday evening,
July 11, at the residence of S. S. Mc
Dowell by Rev. E. W. Sturtevant,
Ray R. Wells and Alice Farrar, both
of Lyndon.
Red Bill may be singing, "Berlin,
My Berlin," but haven't heard that
Berlin is singing, "Bill, My Bill."
" Porch of the Wisely
Cottage, 11 A.M."
Mrs. Wisely, like 3,000,000 other wise house
wives, is not tied down to kitchen work. She
takes her ease on the ceiol porch w hile the
New Perfection Oil Cook Stove cooks and
hakes in the kitchen.
Its steady blue flame stays put provides uni
form, concentrated heat for frying, broiling,
baking, toasting and simmering. Lighted in
stantly without fuss or litter safe, convenient,
always ready.
Mrs. Wisely also uses a New PerfectionWater
Heater. It provides plenty of hot water for
dish washing, scrubbing and other uses.
New Perfection Oil Cook Stoves are made in
1, 2, 3 and 4 burner sizes with or without
ovens and cabinets. At your dealer's.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Howe of
South Dakota were visitors in the
place Thursday.
Mrs. Cordelia Mack who has been
spending the past week in Barrc re
turned homo Thursday.
Mr. Rising of Burlington who is to
bo principal of the high school next
year was a recent visitor here.
Mrs. Ruth Butterlield is moving
her goods to her home in North
Mrs. Julia Barr returned Saturday
from Northiield where she spent a
week with relatives.
Miss Alice Paine returned Wed-
nosday from a ten days trip to o,v-
town and Montpelier
Miss Susie Nelson recently visited
her uncle and family at Fayston.
Mrs. Juiia Barr is spending this
week with relatives at Greensboro.
Howard Lance is visiting his fath
er, Clyde Lance.
O. K. McCosco of West Danville
was a visitor here the first of the
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Harding and
son, Wendell of Concord were visitors
at the home of Mrs. Julia Barr Tues
day. Mrs. Lottie Clough of Randolph
was an over Sunday guest at the
homo of Lyman Clough.
Dr. L. W. Burbank and family are
in Camp at Joel's Pond for a few
Several from here attended the cel
ebration at Barrc July 4.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Orne were in
St. Johnsbury Sunday to bring home
their little son, who has been very
ill at Brightlook hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Barrington of
Grensboro were callers in this place
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Davis and
daughter, Roberta of Fitchburg,
Mass., and Mr. and Mrs. Horace Da
vis of Northfield were recent visitors
at Mrs. Julia Barr's.
The members of the 4th and nth
years of the high school were in
camp at Joe's Pond last week.
A spectator in the Washington po
lice court had his pockets picked of
$110 Moral Keep out of police
fcoortof v' , '.JL-V-:
Also Puritan Cook Stoves
the best Short Chimney stove.
If you arc "run down" or out of
condition, if sluggish bowels have al
lowed poisonous impurities to accu
mulate in ycur system you are liable
to suffer severely with the grip. Dr.
True's Elixir, the famous household
remedy of 07 years' reputation, may
ward off the grip or make an attack
t wfcy?
is a vegetable medicine that puts the
system m good condition, prevents
and relieves constipation, stimulates
the appetit-3 and improves the diges
tive power'". It can do no harm. It
is purely vegetable. Ask your drug
gist for it, or write DR. J. F. TRUE.
& CO., Auburn, Me. 40c,60c, $1.00.
FOR SALE "Auto Accessories,"
"Lubricant Carbon Remover," and
"No-Water Hand Cleanser." Mf'd by
I The Kimo Mr'g Co., of Buffalo, N.
Y., and guaranteed. Frank H. Wheel
er, Agent for Caledonia County, St.
lohnsbury Center, Vt. .
ATTENDANTS wanted Men and
women wanted nt Vermont State
Hospital for the Insane, to take po
sitions as attendants. For those who
so desire, opportunity is offered to
ntcr training school for nurses. For
particulars apply Vermont State'Hoa
pital for the Insana, Waterbury, Vt.
LOST, strayed or stolen from Mis.
Milk' farm on Pumpkin Hill my sil
ver Angora Cat, "Max." Reward for
information leading to his recovery
Mrs. Brian Brown, Danville. Tel. 47,
A . i A I 1 ! US.
-A . . J k -r mmm ?

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