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The Weekly Caledonian
WEDNESDAY. 3VI.Y Hi, 191!)
Quickly Relieved By
Eocnojj, P. Q.
"I suffered for many years with
terrible Indigestion and Constipation.
A neighbor advised "Fruit-a-tives"
(or Fruit Liver Tablets). I trie J
them. To the surprise of my doctor,
J began to improve and he advised
mo to go on with "Fruit-a-tives".
I consider that I owe my life to
"Fruit-a-tives" and I want to say to
those who suffer from Indigestion,
Constipation or Headaches try
"Fruit-a-tives" and you will get well".
50c. a box, G for $'J.50, trial size 25c.
At dealers or from FRUIT-A-TIVEg
Limited, OUDENSBUltU. Jf- Y-
Prosper Snay, who is employed by
James Leithead, while leading a year
old bull from the John Brigham
stable to the Lcitheads's farm, was
severely injured. The bull got the
start of Snay and went over the side
of the walk throwing the lad against
the planking leaving him unconscious.
When found soon after it was first
thought that the bull had gored him
and an emergency call was sent for a
physician Dr. J. H. Gaines accom
panied by Mr. Leithead were soon
on the scene of the accident. The
boy was taken to his home where he
soon rallied from the shock, and it
is not thought to be seriously in
jured, but was a very narrow escape.
Mrs. C. F. Darling was a Sunday
visitor in Corinth, calling on Ray
Mrs. Clara Atkinson has gone to
York Beach, Me., for two weeks.
Neal Holton made a business trip
to Beverly, Mass., last week.
Tclny Carlson and Richard Cobb
have gone to Newport News, Va.,
with four car loads of cattle.
Mildred Melendy was in Vershire
last week calling on her aunt, Mrs.
Byron Titus of Strafford was at J.
C. Whitney's over Sunday.
Eight young people were baptised
and taken into the Advent church
by the Rev. O. N. Brock last Sun
Miss Lisle Southworth has a young
lady friend visiting her from West
R. F. Darling lost two valuable
cows last week by poison caused by
drinking water in a swamp. Dr
Thomas was called but he could do
nothing to save them.
Dana Smith has a new Ford tour
ing car so we will get our Sunday
papers early in the morning, so we
won't have any excuse to stay home
from church and wait for the papers
to come.
Rev. Mr. Ives daughter-in-law
from Massachusetts are stopping
with tmem for a week.
The Nellie Gill Players gave one of
the best plays of the season last Fri
day night to a full house and New-
bury ought to feel proud to be one
of the towns on the circuit.
Why don't some good motion pic
ture man start in. chave a nice
hall, good booth, everything in first
order to do business.
Caledonia, ss.
The Honorable Probate Court for
the District Aforesaid:
To all persons interested in the
estate of Kate D. Green, late of St.
Johnsbury, in said District, deceased,
Whereas, said Court has assigned
the 26th day of July, next for ex
amining and allowing the account of
the Executor, of the estate of said
deceased and for a decree of the
residue of said estate to the lawful
claimants of the same, and ordered
that public notice be given to nil
persons interested in the estate by
publishing this order three weeks suc
cessively previous to the day as
signed, in the Caledonian, a news
paper published at St. Johnsbury, in
said District.
Therefore, you are hereby notified
to appear at the Probate Office in
St Johnsbury, in said District, on
the day assigned, then and there to
contest the allowance of said account
if you see cause, and to establish
your right as heirs, legatees and law
ful claimants to said residue. ,
Given under my hand, this 30th
day of June A. P., 191!).
Kill July 17
Elderly People Cared for
Mrs. Elsie M. Harvey
16 Spring Street Tel. COG
Newport Auto Accident
Roy Narrowly Escapes Death When
He Steps in Front of Ford Car
Near Derby Center
NEWPORT, July 13 Clinton Fair
brother, the 10 year old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Hugh Fairbrother of New
port had a very narrow escape from
death yesterday, when ho was hit on
the head by a passing auto. The
accident occurred about 11. HO on the
lower road near Derby Center. Clin
ton was riding on the seat with his.
Uncle Nat Rowcll of Derby v. ho was
returning home from Newport witn
his auto truck, where ho had been
to cany the milk to the creamery. As
they were half way up the hill near
the Sash and Door shop, the truck
was going very slowly being heavily
At this point Clinton stepped of the
truck to go to the home of his grand
mother Mrs. A. A Rowcll, who lived
near by. He passed around back of
the truck to cross the road, and in
doing so did not see the Ford run
about driven by Jay Carr of Newport
which was coming down the hill to
ward Newport, neither did the driver
of the car see the hoy until it was too
late too avoid the accident. The
fender of the car hit him on the head,
threw him some distance, his head
striking a stone. Young Cavr stopped
his auto about 7.r feet from the acci
dent and did all he could for the boy,
who was taken to the home of hi
grandmother. A doctor from Derby
and Dr. Longe of Newport were call
ed; also the boy's father arrived
shortly after the accident as he was
working at Derby Center that d:iv
and was on his wav to Mrs. RowcllV
where he was to take dinner. The
boy was unconscious until late in the
afternoon when he began to rally. At
a late hour it is not known just how
serious the accident will prove to bo
but hones are entertained that he is
not seriously injured. No blame is
attached to aCrr for the accident.
Miss Abbie Smith has commenced
repairs on her recent purchaseed
property. George Dee is doing the
stone work.
Rev. J. N. Pcrrin preached at the
Kirby church Sunday afternoon to a
large audience. His sermon in the
morning was from the text "A good
name is to be chosen rather than
great riches," was very helpful.
Merton Edncy is haying for R. E
Mary Wark is working in Lawyc
Porter's odice at St. Johnsbury.
Helen Cushman is working at the
office of the St. Johnsbury laundry,
the new creamery building if
ready for the new machinery, part
of which has come. The crapenters
are now building the ice house.
Charles Birch and his two men are
working for Charles Flint on the
Kopp farm, haying for the present,
THhcoutlook for a large crop of hay
on this place is good.
Mrs. B. K. Graves is able to walk
to some of theneighbors.
Raymond Chasct of White River
Junction visited his parents Sunday.
Mrs. E. E. Shepard from Tilton, N,
H., is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Owens
for a few days.
S. J. McGinnis has the contract to
do the haying at Chase and Hovey's
this season.
Mr. Weatherman, if you have any
spare rain drops wish you would send
some along before long. They would
be much appreciated.
Clarence Ward is working at the
creamery building.
Mr. and Mrs. George Much and
daughter, Marion, of Watcrville, Me.,
and Mrs. Jones Lane and children of
Livermore, N. H., were visitors at
I). G. Shore's last week.
Lyman Fisher of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
called on old friends last week.
Fred Currier has moved into Tom
Belinger's house.
Union Services Draw Crowd to Hear
G. A. Martin's Discourse on
"Making Christ Real"
A most inspiring sermon was heard
at the North church last evening by
a large combined conregation or
Methodists, South Congregationalists
and North Congregationalists. The
discourse was on the subject, "Mak-
in Christ Ileal" and was delivered by
Kev. G. A. Martin of the Mctodist
The speaker traced the methods
pursued by men since the death ot
Christ in attempting to make the
presence of the Saviour a compelling
force in the conduct of human af
fairs. From the doubter who would
see the wounds of Jesus after his
crucifixion and resurrection to be con
vinced of his reality, down thru the
men who took themselves from 4he
ordinary pathways of life and seques
ted themselves in the Monastries to
make Christs' presence more "real,"
and the various ideas of the sacra
ments and methods of preaching, the
attempts to make the "realness" of
Christ felt were skillfully traced by
the pastor. "To make Christ real to
day," he said, "it is but necessary to
attempt to better the position of one
person, to unselfishly put your ef
forts to the betterment of a single
life. 'Then the gripping "realness" of
the Savior will be felt."
During the service, special music
was rendered by the North church
COVENTRY, July i:. Sunday
evening thc-hou:o on thr I'aim owned
and occupied by Mrs. Lida Nilos was
destroyed by fire.
The fne was discovered about (
o'clock in the upper part of the
liouse. Miv. Niles and her sister were
in thehouse and two boys were at the
barn. Help war, summoned from
Coventry village and nearby farm
houses, but the flames had gained
such headway taht it was impossible
to save the buildings.
The men set about to save the con
tents. They wcres uccessful in sav
ing the greater part of the contents
on the ground floor, but much of the
.roods in the chambers were destroy
ed. Jlow tlie lire started is uhkiiowii
us there had been no fire in the stove
since that morning.
Mrs. Niles and the children went main sireei. wsi evening,
to the house of her mother, Mrs. tight until eleven guests
Charles Burgoin, which is about one-1 were arriving and departing. About
half mile away, where they will stay the gathering there was an air of in
for the present. The house was a one' formality and grace which eminaU u
and a half story with ell and in good f'oni the happy smiling faces of Mr.
,i;t;n n.ul Uin loss will bo o.uite'i"d Mrs. Wilson.
heavy- There was .fl,S.tl insurance
on the house and contents.
Children's Day was observed at full of the fragrance of carnation:'..
the Methodist church Sunday. The buffet and table of the dining
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence and son, J00"1 d with pansies. A
, ..,., , ht,. . 'large bouquet of yellow-eyed daises
Robert, C. W. thresher and M,,ha(1 been the to
Charles Thresher were at Barton, t;10 iK)rne
Monday. , , , I Mls- G. A. Martin presented the
Mrs. William uoouricn ami uaugu-
ter of St. Johnsbury visited at Clar
ence Pillsbury's last week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J Hobart were at '
Newbury Sunday to see Mr. and
Mrs. Simeon Hobart, who have bota
been ill.
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Williams
from Massachusetts are in town.
Mrs. Clarissa Clark of Newton
Highlands is boarding at Lydia Stro
bridge's. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hastic are
rejoicing over the birth of a son on i
Saturday. ,j
Mrs. Flora Bailey of St. Johnsbury
vvas a visitor last week at her sisters, I
Mrs. M. S. Hunt's.
Miss Kate Harriman of Kansas ,
City is a visitor in town. j
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison, Mr. and
Mrs. Dwight Stoddard, Mr. and .
Mrs Harry Welch and Ira Jcnnison
attended the funeral of Ben. Man
chester at Mclndoes.
Mr. and Mrs. Norman McLean and
children wore at R. B
Kincrson's, ;
Alice Renfrew of Manchester is vis
iting her aunt, Mrs Anna Renfrew.
The V. I. S. of East Pcacham held
a lawn party Friday night on the
Common Four tables were laid and ,
a very pleasant time enjoyed by all. ,j
Rev. Harold Hayward conducted a
prayer meeting on Sunday evening at
Blain's Hall at East Peacham. A
good number were present.
Alden Clark of Fargo, N. D., who
has been visiting his parents, M. and
Mrs.. George Clark left for
home ;
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Thompson !
ancl lricncls irom Pcacham oCrner at- !
tended Chautauqua at St. Johnsbury
Saturday. j
ueorge Smith who has been at K'ris, miss Katherine Brown of Ear
Brightlook hospital for five weeks has ' nct a"d the Misses Ruth Ruiter and
gone to Greensboro for a rest among j Helen Sampson of St Johnsbury.
relatives and friends,
E. M. Wheeler had a bad fall List
week He slipped and fell out of the
cow stable door and hurt his hip bad
ly. Mrs. O. B. Exley and two daugh
ters of North Danville have boon
visiting friends at East Pcacham.
Miss Katie iRchardson and Leslie
Welch of Corinth were visitors Sun
day at V. E. Lambs. Miss Marjorie
and Beatrice Main went back with
Mrs. Ncild Montgomery and son of
Hardwick visited her mother, Mrs.
Mary Craig Saturday and Sunday, i
Mrs. Frank Goss who has been vis
iting in the west for six weeks has
returned home.
Henry Howe was at Thetford last
week to attend the wedding reception
of his grandson. 1
Miss Alma Powers visited last week
at George Chamberlain's. i
Mrs. W. P. Warner who has been
caring for a sick relative at Barton
has returned home.
John Stevenson, Henry Hancock
of Danville, Mr. and Mrs. James
Stevenson of East Pcacham and Mr.,'
and Mrs. Truman Gould of Hardwick
were Sunday visitors at George
Chamberlain s,
George Chamberlain got his foot
badly hurt Sunday by a colt stepping
on it. It is feared he may have
broken a toe.
Rufus Hubbard, Mr. and Mrs. Har
ry Adams and daughter, Evelyn, and
Clyde Adams of North Danville were
callers Sunady at The Pondside.
Miss Emily Morse has returned to
her work at North Danville, Charles
Morse is also working at Clayton
Chester Clark lost two good cows
and a pig Saturday and Sunday. Dr.
Thomas of Wells River was called
and he is making a thorough investi
gation of the case. Mr. Clark's health
is poor and it is a great loss to him.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peak, Mrs.
Arthur Peak and Mrs. R. M. Davis
were at Northficld Saturday night to
visit Mrs. Eli Goodenough.
The farmers are all rushing in their
hay, but although the weather is very
unfavorable for growing crops, a
good crop of hay is reported.
Loving; Cup and Piuses of
(Jold Presented on 50111
Nearly two hundred guests were
present at the very happy and
charmingly conducted celebration of
the fiftieth wedding anniversary of
Mr. and Mrs. Airs. Henry E. Wilson
which took place at their residence at
The entire first floor of the home
was beautifully decorated with flow
ers and ferns. The color scheme of
the parlor was pink and green, pro
duced by many dozen of Jack roses
and by ferns. The living rooms was
b,.,( coui0 w;th a beautifullv chas
ed loving cup engraved with the fol
lowing inscription: "A token of
irratitutle and alfetion bv members r.r
the Ladies' Aid Society and Grace
Unity Club of the Grace Melhodi::t
Episcopal church of St. Johnsbury,
Vermont, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry E.
Wilson, July t)th, 1!)19."
A purse of fifty dollars in gold
was presented to the Wilsons by Rev.
George A. Martin from the member:;
and friends of the Grace Methodist
In presenting the purse Mr. Martin
by changing the names quoted Eu-
gene Field's tribute to Charles A.
Dana of the New York Sun. The
toast was as follows-.
God bless you Brother and Sister
Wilson! .
May you live a thousand years
And help to keep things moving
in tms Human vale of tears.
And may I live a thousand years
No a thousand less a day
For I'd kinder hate to be on earth
And hear you'd' passed away.
Mr. Wilson responded to the toast
with fitting words.
A .wi.i:.: 1 -. ,
I txn uwuiuuuiii purse oi in ty dolla
in gold was bestowed upon the couple-
wun ine nearuou ' est wishes of
neighbors and frhi.ds. The mnrv
Bouquets of roses were the gifts of
iriends ana relative? in hoinv cf the
Other gifts were of out glass r.vil
china among which was a cut class
cracker and cheese dish from SaviHo-
isomers and CoTrwtr.y, grocers, a firm
with which Mr. Wilson had been nre-
viousiy associated tor eighteen yen is.
At the door receiving and ushering
the guests were stationed three young
Mrs. Charles Ruiter ami Miuu
Emily Albee of Barnct introduced
the guests.
The gifts were in charge of Miss
Tilla Johnson and Mrs. James A.
Impey and Mrs. Gertrude Fisch'in
secured for the guest book the sig
natures of all present..
Refreshments of ice cream and
gold and silver cake were served in
the dining room under the direction
of Mrs. Guy Hill, Mrs. H. H. El
ridgc, Mrs. Clarence Weeks and Miss
Elizabeth Galbraith with five nieces
of Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, the Misses
Euna and Beryl Wilson of Bradford,
Mrs. Charles Kimball and Miss Mar
jorie Albee of Barnct, and Mrs. Wal-
1,1 juhi,--i ui oi. jonnsuury as
The musical program was ren
dered by Mrs. lion C. Stiles and Mr.
McDonnell, vocalists, and the Misses
Lola and Marjory French at the
violin and piano.
Mrs. W. C. Conner and sons,
Franklin and Wendell went to Rostnn
Tuesday by auto.
Homer Watson and family are
camping at Joe's Pond.
Verna Aldrich has returned home
from West Burke and her many
friends are glad to know she is able
to walk and be around the house after
the terrible accident she had last
Viola May of Boston is visiting her
aunt, Mrs. A. J. Corriveau.
Mrs. Robert Blair, 4G1 S. 20th St.,
Terre Haute, Ind., writes: "I suffer
ed two years with kidney and blad
der trouble. After taking Foley Kid
ney Pills a few short weeks I found
my trouble gradually disappearing.
The backaches stopped and I am also
free from those tired spells and head
aches, and my vision is no longer
blurred." Foley Kidney Pills help
the kidneys keep the blood clean and
eliminate the impurities that cause
backache, i-heumatic pains, sore, stiff
and swollen joints and muscles.
"Like a
"Yes, she dues run pretty quietly.
"Why? Well you see I'm very particular
about keeping her engine correctly oiled.
That has a lot to do villi keeping motors
quiet, smooth-running and oui I'ul.
"Sure. There's never bci n a drop of any
thing but PolarillC in lier oil ri-si rxoir siiici
your father bought the ear.
"Yes, Polarine keeps her timing system
running right uud her cylinders, shaft bear
Mr. and Mrs. Charles II. Simons
had a very pleasant surprise Satur
day evening, Juiy 12, when about fit)
of their relatives and friends gathered
at their home, it being their ilOth an
niversary. The gifts and a purse of
money was presented by Harry Carr.
A pleasant time was enjoyed by all.
Sandwiches, cake and punch were
Parkey Barrows has bought Bonnie
Sayi.rs' house at the lower end of the
street and takes possession at once.
Howard W oodbury has moved to
the Ranney house which he purchas
ed last week. Alfred Biiggs has mov
ed for a short stay into the Howard
Woodbury house.
Mrs. Dora Grant and daughter,
Pearl, visited Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Martin at Concord last week.
Agnes Fisher, Esther Nelson and
Clayton Bailey of Hartford, Conn.,
are visiting relatives and friends in
town. Clayton Bailey went Monday
to Sawyersville, P. Q., to visit his
Mrs. Nellie Libbey and son, Biy
ant, who are stopping in Gorham but
have made their home with their
uncle, Bonnie Sayers, came Saturday
to pack her goods as Mr. Sayer has
sold his place.
Mrs. Mabel Wethorbec and
two children of Brockton, Mass., have
been visiting Mr. and Mrs. James
Giant a part of last week.
Mr. Reynolds, an entertainer who
was here last year is expected to give
an entertainment at the church next
week Wednesday evening.
Frank Warren was a visitor in Lit
tleton over Sunday.
Fred Whipple and daughter, Katie
and Irving Smith were visitors in St.
Johnsbury, Monday.
Mrs. D. M. Smith and Mrs Helen
Folsom were business visitors in St.
Johnsbury Saturday.
Marcia Isham who has worked for
Dr. Farmer at St. Johnsbury for the
past year is spending her vacation
with her mother, Mrs. Hubbard Fish
er. Hazel and Moraine Rivers of Lit
tleton, N. H., are visiting their
grandparents, Mr and Mrs. D. II.
Mr. and Mrs. Elery Fiskc were
week end visitors of relatives and
friends in Haverhill, N. H.
Mr. and Mrs. C J. Breakwood
went on a trip Sunday to Lyndonville
East Burke, Island Pond, Stratford
and Grovcton.
Edwin Barrows and daughters,
Hazel and Lona of Lancaster, N. H.,
were Sunday guests of Mr. Barrows'
sister, Mrs. Eliza Graham.
Gerald Tinker of St. Johnsbury is
visiting relatives in the place.
.Mrs. Leonard Isham was a visitor
in St. Johnsbury one day last week.
Mrs. Lem Fisher, Mrs. Elmore
Crawford and Mrs. Frank Hildrcth
with Henry Briggs as chauffeur were
visitors in Littleton, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Emery and
children of Monroe were visitors at
their, brother's, Mr. and Mrs. Willis
Emery's last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Riley Blodgett of
Guildhall are at their farm here to do
the haying
ing; and all the other parts from wearing
loose; and shaking her all out of wlmck. Just
as irnod in winter as in summer."
I'olarine retains its body anil lubricating
qualities at all cylinder heats. Suits all
types of engines. Saves wear and teur and
expense. Buy l'olarinc where you buy
power-full SoCOny Motor Gasoline where
you see the red, white and blue SoCOny
Mrs. Nellie Hawes, Mrs. Hattie Mc
Millan, asii little daughter, Nellie,
Mrs Charles Spaulding, Thomas Will
son and Ernest Spaulding motored to
Concord on Sunday.
Mrs. Ira Blood was called to Lyn
donville last week by the serious
illness of her sister.
Mr. and Mrs C. W. Turner and Mr.
and Mrs. Alby Parker motored to the
Mountain View on Sunday.
Mrs. R. N. Wormwood is spending
the week with Mrs. J. C. Calhercole
in East Lancaster.
Mrs. aGrdner 11. Balch of South
Lunenburg was the guest of her
daughter, Mrs. Stephen Kelley in Lit
tleton recently.
Miss Edith Kate Hodson of Brook
line, Mass., who is summering at the
Heights House will give a recital of
Scotch ballad and English songs at)
tiie town hall on 1- ruiay evening, July
13, at 8.:;o. The program contains
many of the old favorites as well as
new songs and will be of special in
terest to music lovers. Miss Hodson
is a charter member of the Woman's
Professional club of Boston, Mass.
Admission to the recital 35 cents.
Rev. Fr. Lavccr of St. Johnsbury,
who was formerly in charge of St.
Leo's parish in this place, and who
has recently returned from work
overseas called on some of his former
parishioners recently, receiving aj
warm welcome. I
Harry Bowkcr and daughter, Alice
of Littleton were over Sunday guests
of Mr and Mrs. F. S. Bowker.
The Ladies' Aid society will enter
tain at Riverside Farm, South Lun
enburg, Mrs. Franklin Bell and Miss
Annette Bell, hostesses, on Friday af
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lewis of
Guildhall have come to Albert Lewis'
to live Mr. Lewis is working for
Elias Lowrey during haying.
Mrs Nellie Hawes, who has been
keeping house for Albert Lewis, has
gone to the Heights House for the
REG. U.S. f'AT. OFF.
Catching Cold?
It is surprising to read in the daily papers treatments that our fore
fathers and grandm6thers used for coughs, colds, catarrh and bronchial
affections. It impresses the writer with the fact that modern scientific re
search had not advanced an iota, when, as a matter of fact, there have
been wonderful advancements in the treatment of all diseases and con
ditions that bring on disease. Just because grandmother used old
fashioned mustard blisters for relieving colds and congested conditions it
is no sane reason why we should resort to the old antiquated methods when
there have been wonderful improvements and new discoveries of remedies
which are far more effective and less painful to use.
SPECIAL NOTICE: A druggist said the other day that a customer
came into his store and inquired for a mustard plaster and he suggested
to the customer that they try MINTOL as a more modern treatment for
congested conditions. The customer accepted the druggist's suggestion
and in twenty-four hours the same customer came into" the druggist's store
and said, "how long have you handled MINTOL?" The druggist replied
that he had been handling it for some little time and the customer frankly
stated that he would never use a mustard cream or plaster for colds,
coughs or any congested condition again. There are thousands of others
who would say the same as this druggist's customer did, if they would only
try MINTOL. If your druggist cannot supply you we will mail you a jar
on receipt of price, 35c, COc and $1.25 a jar. THE HOME RELIEF.
For Sale by.. ,
Hie sirfn of a reliable dialer
and It mxMs tl Cdjofcne
summer; Miss Lena Valley is also
employed in the dining room at the
Heights House.
Mr. and Mrs L. T. Huntley, Mr.
and Mrs Charles Willoughby and
Miss Sybil Barber of Littleton were
guests of M v and Mrs. H. F. War
ren on Sunday.
Camp Winneshewauka
Visitors at Camp Winneshewauka
during the week include: Mrs. B J.,
Carney, Hutherford, N. J.; J. F. Bee
bo, North Acton, Mass.; Elsie P.
Sussdoiff, Elmhurst, N. Y.; Mabel
B. Brewster, Northampton, Mass.;
Mrs. C. P. Harris, Miss Harris,
Hushing N. Y.; Edith M. Brown,
Swanton, Vt.; Lillian West, Newton
ville Mass; Mr. and Mrs. G. F. Le
land, Springfield, Vt.; Commodore
Walter H Allen, U. S. N and Mrs.
Allen; Mr. and Mrs B. G Webb, Miss
Alice Moulton, Lisbon, N. H.; Mr.
and Mrs. Bernard Jacobs, Lancaster;
Mrs. Sarah Adams, Mr. and Mrs.
George Green, Mr. and Mrs. J S.
Weeks, Charles Hastings, Mrs Jane
Williamson, Dr. and Mrs. B. E.'
Doyle, Misses Madeline and Vera
Doye, all of St Johnsbury; Mrs. Ma
bel S. Douglas, New Brunswick, N.
The Camp family attended church
at Lunenburg Corner in a body on
Sunday morning, both at the Congre
gational and St. Leo's churches. ,
Next Thursday evening at the mid
week service. reDorts from the visit
ing committee on th work of last Sun
day afternoon will be given. Next
sunciay morning .Pastor Douglas will
speak on "The Mission of Music."
On Thursday evening, July 24th,
after the mid-week service, the imper
sonator, Frank C. Reynolds of Boston
will give an cntertainmnt in the
the town hall.
The infant daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. E. W. Hastings of the West
Neighborhood was bantized nfc t.hp
morning service on Sunday morning.
and C. C. BING1

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