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The Weekly Caledonian
If your
The Masons played another match
in the box ball league at the Temple
Tuesday evening and in points Team
No. 0 easily won over Team No. 10.
Following is the score:
Team No. li
Amey 102 120 112 3.0.4
Brown 130 14!", .84 .".59
Fox 109 87 02 288
Chesley 117 1.10 114 .181
Daniels 119 127 121 .!G7
f,77 COO 543 1729
Team No 10
Howard 114 109 121 .144
Reed 117 112 90 319
McCarty 90 80 98 274
Drummond 113 lit 1.14 .158
Rathbun 95 117 97 .109
529 535 540 1G04
Team No. 5
Amey 119 99 14t .159
Brown 98 128 107 31.1
Fox 78 112 111 301
Chesley 110 134 1.15 385
Daniels 118 121 120 359
529 595 C14 17.17
Team No 10
Howard 75 60 84 225
Reed 300 89 110 299
McCarty 77 84 92 253
Drummond 134 101 109 341
Rathbun 100 100 114 314
480 410 509 14.15
Total points, No.. 5, 8
Total points, No. 10, 0
WANTED Antique bead bag and
old fashioned cameo and two yellow
glass candle sticks. Address Evlyn
Hall, 87 lngersoll Drive, Springfield,
Mass. 3 wks
ATTENDANTS wanted Men and
voinan v.antvd at Vermont Stati.
Hospital fc the Insane, to take po
sitions as attendants. For those who
so desire, opportunity is offered to
tnter training school for nurses. For
particulars apply Vermont State Hos
pital for the Insane. Waicrbury, Vt
FOR SALE Photographic Studio -"COMMISSIONERS, to receive, ex
the thriving village of Oilcans. inPf ml MyUst tho claims' nm 1 de-
a1uipihbui nibi ciuM.. a kuu..
ness proposition. enquire o ine,
t.ote studio, urieuns, vt. oo-io..
FOR SALE Twenty-live cord.! tour
foot dry hardwood. On state road
four miles from St. Johnsbury. Tel
256-1, St. Johnsbury. 4379-80"
MARRY AT ONCE --We ,,ut you in
correspondence with thousands of
charming and refined ladies who wish
to marry, many worth from $1.00 to
$25,000 and upwards. Particulars
free. Address Allen Ward, B 597,
Valley, Nebr. Nov41t.
WAITED Men and women every
where to sell the new Peerless Su
preme Accident and Health Policy.
The best proposition ever offered the
insuring public- Large indemnities
and low premium cost. Good liberal
agency proposition for th.ose wl'C can
devote their part or spare time. Bet
ter contracts for those who v. ill be
come full time representatives. Write
for full particulars. Peerless Ca; ualty
Company, Keene, N. H. 107-Gt wk 2t
TO LET Two unfurnished rooms
for light housekeeping for a quiet
person or couple. J. D. Frye, East
ern Avenue. Call between 5 and 7
p. m. 4381-2
A Free Souvenir for Hunters,
Trappers and Woodsmen
If you want a useful souvenir from the Vermont
Fish and Game Department keep a record of all the
game you see or take between October 1, 1919, and
May 1, 1920.
This department is trying to take census of the
game birds and animals, fur-bearing animals, and
vermin of the State, and needs your help in taking
the same. If you live or hunt in Essex county send
a post card to County Warden, A. P. Richardson,
Canaan, Vt., and request him to send you a blank on
which to make your record.
All records should be kept on these blanks,
which are to be returned to the County Warden im
mediately after May 1, 1920.
After the blank is returned a useful souvenir
will be sent you from the Fish and Game Depart
ment. Your record is needed whether you hunt or
trap extensively or only a little.
Send for the record blank at once.
LINUS LEVENS, Commissioner
Montpelier, Vermont
4380-87 , X
A most effective remedy for the rel? of asthma
and hay fever. The healing fumes n'om burn
ing herbs relieves the choking sensation by
clearing the air passages and soothing the irri
tated membranes. In use for more than 40
years. Two sizes 25c and 11.00.
Send (or fr mpla.
ileaUr (annut suppli you urtLr Airrtt from
& Lyman Co. Inc., Buffalo, N.Y.
Caledonia, ss.
Tin; Honorable Probate Court, for
the District Aforesaid.
To all persons interested in the es
tate of .John II. Peck of St. Johns
bury, in said District,
Whereas, Application in writing
halh been made to this Court by the
guardian of John H. Peck, for license
to sell the real estate of said ward,
viz: Consisting of a lot of about .'
acre, and dwelling house and barn on
the west side of Railroad Street, in
the Village of St. Johnsbury in the
County of Caledonia and State of
Vermont. Representing that the side
thereof for the purpose of putting the
proceeds of such sale at interest, or
investing the same in stocks or other
real estate, or using the avails thereof
for the benefit of said ward as the law
direct;! would be beneficial for said
Whereupon, the. .said Court appoint.
ed and assigned the 171 h day of Dec
ember A. D., 1919, at the Probate of
fice in St. Johnsbury in said District,
to hear and decide upon said applica
tion, and ordered that public notici
thereof to he given to all persons in
terested therein, by publishing thi
oi-der three weeks successively in tin
Caledonian, a newspaper published at
St. Johnsbury, in said District, which
circulates in (he neighborhood of
those persons interested therein ; all
which publications shall be previou
to the time appointed for the hear
Therefore, you are hereby notified
to appear before said Court, at the
time and place aforesaid, then ami
there in said Court, to object to tin
granting l such license, il you sec
Given under mv band at St. Johns
bury, in said District, this 22nd day
of November, A. )., 1919.
"383 -St
Estate of John F. Adams
The undersigned, having been ap
pointed by the Honorable Probat
Court for the District of Caledonia,
,nands of all persons against the cs
tat(, o(. ,(.hn R Aanw ,ut0 of Bal.neti
jn sai(, uililril.tf decease,), iin, .,1)
claims exhibited in offset thereto,
hereby give notice that we will meet
for the purpose aforesaid, at the office
of Roy Bros, in the Village of Bar
net, in said District, on the 13th day
of December and 15th day of May
next, from 1 o'clock P. M., until 4
o'clock P. M., on each of said days,
and that six months from the 18th
day of November A. D., 1919, is the
time limited by said Court for said
creditors to present their claims to us
for examination and allowance.
Dated at Branet, Vt., this 21st day
of November, A. I)., 1919.
1.18.1 w-3t
One of the most Important commer
cial uses of chlorine Is la the bleach
ing of paper and various cloth fab
rics. Carl II. Turner of WLithrop,
Mass., called on his St. Johnsbury
friends Monday.
SWANTON, Nov. 20 Mn. Jo. cph
Robinson, living a short distance out
of this village, was sliot in the neck
and head during an attempted .is
satilt here this afternoon, and Hen
ry Liberty, who gives hi.-- liumo ad
dress as Burlington, is held chnrg
ed with tho crime. Liberty chiiin
another man in his company commit
ted the crime, but; Mrs. Robinson
identified him as her assailant.
Liberty was taken to St. Whans
this evening by Sherilf A. G. CiUlin
and last night was in Franklin coun
ty jail wailing investigation of the
case by A. I!. Rowley at Richford.
Liberty says he and one Clark land
ed in Swanton early yesterday morn
ing on a train from Rouses Point.
After sleeping in a barn for a time
he and his companion left. Ilie vil
lage o foot ami reached the Robin
son hone, where he says Clark com
mitted the assault.
Mrs. Robinson says Liberty mine
to the door about noon yesterday and
claiming to have heard she wanted
to f ell iho hou:;e asked permission
to enter, and loot it over. She said
she diil not wish to sell. lie then
ashed permission to sit by the stove
and get. warm, as lie had ridden a
long distance. lie entered and
threw Mrs. Robinson, who is about
50 or 55 years did, to the floor. In
the .struggle she threw him oil'. He
drew a revolver and- fired, the. shot
piercing her neck. She managed to
get free and started to the duo.",
when he fired again, the shot eausin.v
:i :'calp wound. Men ucu'liy bearing
the shots came to hi r ussislnncr.
Mrs. Robinson is expected to re
W. C. T. U.
LONDON, Nov. 2fi-(Ry the As
sociated Press) New significance
will be attached to the Triennial
World's Convention of the Women's
Christian Temperance Union to his
held in London next April. For the
first time in the histo.y of the or
ganization, delegates from many
countries will assemble in possession
of voting power and able to bring di
rect political weight to bear on their
The British Women's Temperance
Association is preparing for .the
meeting. The last world's conference
was held in the United States six
years ago. In tho years that have
elapsed since, it is claimed, the
movement has made, marked strides
though its routiiw! work has been
partly checked by the diversion of
many members to war activities.
Miss Agnes Black, who is supervis
ing arrangements for the London
conference, has been assured that, in
connection with the meeting, tem
perance sermons will be preached in
St. Pauls Cathedral, Westminster
Abbey and Westminster Cathod.-n!.
The Salvation Army intends dealing
with the organization's work in
special services in cv.'ry one of its
halls throughout the world.
The Home Office has instructed
British consuls in South A.merica and
Eastern countries to giver facilities
for the delegates coming tin England.
In Williams
Attorney General Frank C. Arehi
bald of Manchester arrived in Mont-
perlier yesterday morning to go over
the exceptions of the defense- in the
case of State vs. F. C. Williams,
charged with failure to perform his
duties as bank commissioner relative
to auditing the .state auditor when II.
Graham was in that office. The
transcript of the evidence was not
copied until about the middle of the
last term of supreme court and the
court directed that the defense have
exceptions ready for filing by Hee. 1.
J .Ward Carver, who was on that
case, reported to the attorney gemeral
that he is now ready for that officer
to review them.
American Legion Smoker
at Grand Army Hall
Tho St. Johnsbury Post o( tho
American Legion will hold a meeting
and smoker in Grand Army hall Fri
day evening at 7 o clock. There
will bo a snappy program and after
wards the evening can be spent in
any way those present may desire.
There will be plenty ol smokes and
a good opportunity to get acquainted
and "talk it over with your Buddy."
All ex-service men, officers and men
are invited and it is planned to make
this the first. of many to follow. This
is a splendid opportunity to get in
touch with the fellows anil tho smok
er should not be missed as there will
be much of mutual interest to be dis
Vermont Tuberculosis As
sociation Heady for Hi4"
Drive for Funds
The Red Cross Christmas Seals
which for a number oi year have
rai.-f 1 funds to finance a nation-wide
work against tuberculosis will be on
sale throughout the United Slates
next week. In Vermont the proerds
from the sale will be used, as former
ly, to support the work of the Ver
mont Tuberculosis Association.
From the pennies, dimes, iiartcir
and dollar.: received from the Red
Cross Christmas Seals the Ver
mont Tuberculosis Association has
equipped and conducted a Pieeento
lium at Essex ('enter, it has enlist
ed thousands of children in the
Modern Crusade, placed a vi.-iling
Mir e i.i the slate iMid helped hun
dreds of sullVrcrs from tuberculosis.
The Association feels that the time
has come now for it In greatly en
lai'i'.e its nctivit ic::, that it. 'is neces
sary to go out ill the state ami find
every case of tuberculosis that is a
menace to the health of others, every
incipient, case and thru ignorance is
loosing the chances of aire. ling the
disease ,;m. every Child thai is ex
posed to tuberculosis in his home.
To fmonee this work 50,000 dol
lars is necessary. Most: every slate
in the union ha: planned to .upph
inent. the sale of Christmas Sea
with a drive lor funds to figlil In
neicuiosis. Vermont lia sorgaiuzci
; to raise .pO.OOO. Hon. Fred
: I lowland ol Montpelier was appoint
i ed Mate Chairman and has appoint.!
county chairmen. However, as the
work of organizing for the drive con
tinned those most, interested felt
that I he first December was the voi
possible lime for Vermont, because
the condition of the roads made
impossible to get aiou.id rapidly in
some parts of the slate to organize
It was felt that this drive was so
important, as it will doubtless ho the
means of saving many lives from tu
berculosis, that no chance should bo
taken. Moreover, it is planned
I sue. id a lame nronorlion of the fund
in the districts where they are raise
and if some districts for reasons be-
yond their control, cannot properly
organize at this time to K'use their
quota the worw in these district
could not be done.
Therefore, it has been decided to
postpone the drive to raise $50,000 to
f.ght tuberculosis until May, or .June
the definite date to be announced
soon, and to place, the Bed Cross
Christmas Seals on sale for the sake
of keeping up the present work of
the Association until that time.
in order that the broader pro
gram may not be delayed by tin
postponement health nurses will
appointed and given special training
for tuberculosis work, district a;
sociations organized in each of the
ten health districts and a doctor
lected to attend the Trudeau school
for tuberculosis experts in order that
no may ne prepared to serve as an
expert consultant. Thsi will mal;
it possible to start the work in ever
part of the slate as soon as the driv
in May is finished.
It is hoped that enough money can
be secured from I he Red Cross
Christmas seals to finance this pre'
Iiminary work as well as the othe
activities of the. Association until
June 1.
Aulo Trucks to
Take Place of Camels
Just think of motor trucks running
through the .streets of Jerusalem
where camels and asses have for s
many centuries been the only burdc
bearers! if we except the womc
a. id children, who for so long have
toiled under heavy loads there. Tlr
great British linn of Easton, Lloyd
and Company, Ltd., of Birmingham
England, who are the agents for
England, Ireland, Scotland and
Wales for the Rainier worm driven
delivery trucks, have a standing or
der with the liainier Corporation for
lifty of these trucks every month
and part of them go to Palestine and
to Jerusalem. These light yet strong
trucks have been found very useful
in crossing the desert countries,
Like the camel, they can go a long
time w'lth very little water and they
carry their own gas with them.
The peoples in these Eastern coun
tries are beginning to look with un
usual lavor upon the motor truck
especially the light trucks. They fin I
them faithful servants and call them
"The Modern Camel "
It is no unusual sight to see ten
or a dozen Rainiers in a caravan, do
ing the work of a hundred enmeb
and doing it without grunts. Export
ers look for nn extraordinary increase
in the sales to all these countries.
And the locution of the Rainier fac
tory, right in New York City, makes
if a favorite with them, as' they can
get trucks quickly.
Ring I'p tho Goda.
Tn China many temples are provided
with a bell at. the entrance, and when
t worshiper enters he gives the rope
pull tu ring the bell in order that the
(odd nay be notified of his coming and
be at band to attend to Ms prayers,
Make Plans for
SI. Jnhushurv Council
The first meeting of the delegates
to the St. Johnsbury Council was
held at the Trustees' room over the
I'.is-umpsic Savings Bank nn Thurs
day evening at H o'clock.
A goiul delegation from the vaiious
organizations was present and plans
lor the next meeting were discussed,
which should result in the formation
of the Council. Some delegates were
not empowered to act at the first
meeting, but to report at the next
meeting of their club, and let the club
lake action uno.t the matter.
A committee of three was elected
!o confer, to investigate the workings
and accomplishments and methods of
organizations of oilier Community
Councils in other tow'iis and cities,
with a view to adapting the .same
!o the particular needs in St. Johns
l.nr.v. The committee as elected con
'ists of the following members, Mrs.
Robert French, David Frechette,
Mrs. L. N. Smylhe.
The above commit Ice is also to
notify delegates from the various or
ganizations, um.I to ask that the dele
gates come to the next meeting with
power i.) act. The time and place
of next meeting was decided upon as
follows. Friday evening, January !),
at. the Trustees room, over the Pas
. imip'iic Hank at V.:;o o'clock.
Many subjects for Town Better
ment along Civic and Social lines
were freely discussed and il was the
.sentiment of the meeting' that a Com
munity Council, organized in accord
a:i -'wiili the special needs of St.
Johnsbury would be most desirable.
Harvey Lapicrc
Ituried at Newport
The body of Harvey Lapiere, who
passed away at his home in Woods-
villi. N. IL, Tuesday, aged M years,
was buried at Newport Thursday af
ternoon, the local order of Masons
having charge of the services at the
Rufus W. Spear did the scripture
reading. Master Roy Skinner had
charge of the Masonic ritual.
Harvey Lapiere was born in Sut
ton, g., .lax 0, 18f.fi, son of Mr.
.Mid Mrs. Francis Lapiere. He was
one ol three children. In his youth
he lived at Enosbtirg Falls, Sheffield,
v. lieelock and Glover. At the age of
17 Mr. Lapiere went to Newport
where ho worked at the old Mem
phiemagog House. He later entered
the employ of a local dry goods mer-
Shortly after coming to Newport
he married Emma Lhul.-ey of Derby
anil tney moved to Kansas City, Mis
souri, where he lived for four years.
He returned to Newport and with
George Newland built the Arlington
block His wife died at this time and
he went to St. Johnsbury and opened
a ticket brokerage business. There
ho married Amanda Fat re of Water-
ford and went to Woodsville whee
be ran a hotel for three years.
ne later conducted a hotel at
hitefield. He traveled for the
United Distributing Co. until two
years ago when he was taken ill. lie
was fa poor health for more than a
year. Jle was in the hotel business
at Woodsville at the time of his
He leaves a widow and son. Charles
21 years old, and a brother, Horace
Lapiere, a barber of Newport.
Nearly 40 members of Cliamberlin
W. R. C. met at G. A. 11. ball for
the regular meeting last
Thursday afternoon. After tha
meeting was over a complete sur
prise for the president, Mrs. Mabel
Carpenter had been planned.
The ladies donned their wraps and
all apparently were going home as
usual. Mrs. Smythe asked Mrs. Car
penter to go shopping with her and
after their departure the members of
the Corps quickly returned to the
hall, and two long tables were set and
were loaded with a most delicious
supper. The affair being in honor of
Mrs. Carpenter's; birthday. A large
birthday cake decorated with candle:
and ornaments was donated by Mrs
George Green. The menu consisted
of scalloped potatoes, salad, tea bis
cuils, cake and pumpkin and lemon
pic and colfce. At six o'clock the
lights were turned out and we beard
the well known voico of Mrs,
Smythe wondering if she had left hnr
spectacles up there. As Mrs,
Smylhe and Mrs. Carpenter entered
tho hall 40 members of the Corps
roso to their feet and greeted them
with cheers, and tho lights were turn
ed on disclosing the loaded tables. To
say Hint Mrs. Carpenter was surpris
ed hardly expresses it. A happy two
hours was spent at the table. Mrs.
Smythe acting as mistress of ceremo
nies call on every one present and 'all
responded with cither speeches, songs
It surely was a red letter day for
the Corps, and we were all more than
glad to honor our much loved presi
dent. '
Only Real Monument
Those only deserve a monument,"
wrote Hazlltt, "who do not need one;
Hint .s, who have raised themselves a
monument In the minds and memoiief
of men."
Dally Thought
To receive honestly is the best
thanks for a good thing. George Mac-
Donald, . ... ..
C hild Almost! Dead
(handniolher Saves Life
Rnxbury, Ma.-.s. A grandmother in
Hoxbury writes: 'I put great faith
in your medicine, mid one of my chil
dren was dying. The doctor said she
could not live until morning, and 1
ran out to the drug store got a botile
of Dr. Tine's Elixir, was so ceiled 1
gave her the half of the bottle at
once, and at night I gave her the oth
er hair. I thought it's either or
cure for the doctor says she is dying
anyway, but, she did not die. She
went to sleep, the lirst sleep for a
week and the next morning she pas
sed two worms, red mi roio: . six in
ches long. The doctor cam.' to ..ee if
she was dead, but he ran out pretty
quick, as she was sitting in her chair
eating a bowl of oatmer.l and milk.
That was twenty-four years ago, and
now she has a baby girl of her own,
seven months old, who is also using
Dr. Tine's Elixir." (Name on request)
Constipation, headache, tired feel
ing, weakness spots before the eyes,
bad breath sleeplessness, irritability,
dizziness, and many other signs of
sickness, can bo relieved, if you take
the prescription known as Dr. True's
Elixir, The Family Laxative and
Worm Expeller. It has done much
for sick people, men, women, and
children ever since 1851 over i.r
years reputation.
Take Dr. True's Elixir give it to
your children The Family Laxative
and Worm Expeller. AT ALL
DEALERS. Dr. J. F. True & Co.
Auburn, Me.
The December term of the Cale
donia county court will open at St.
Johnsbury on Tuesday, December 2,
with. Judge Fank L. Fish ol Vergen
nes presiding. The assistant judges
are Hon. Morris D. Coffrin of Gro
ton and Hon. Oscar C. Woodruff of
Burke. John Gibson of Mclndoes is
the new deputy clerk. He is the son
of Dr. J. M. Gibson, a graduate of
Mclndoes Academy and has also been
educated at the University of Ver
mont and Norwich University. He
left the latter institution to enlist and
served overseas with the 57th Pioneer
There are only 25 cases on the jury
calendar and but 15 on the court cal
endar. The six insurance enses have
been on the docket since Feb. 8, 1010,
and the first case on the court calen
dar has been nn the docket since
Sept. 23, 1915. In all probability but
few of those old cases will he tried
this term.
These are the cases on the jury cal
endar: Williams Mfg. Co., et al., vs, Bos
ton Insurance Co.
Williams Mfg. Co., et als., vs.
Conn. Union Insi Co., Ltd
Williams Mfg. Co., et al., vs. Royal
Insurance Co.
Williams Mfg. Co., vs. Orient In
su ranee Company.
Williams Mfg. Co., vs. Hartford
Fire Ins. Co.
Williams Mfg. Co., et al., vs. Penn
Fire Ins. Co.
C. B. Ensign & Co. vs. George
D. I. Grapes vs. C. E. Willoughby
and Tr.
Frank A. Crane vs. Charles E and
Lilla I). Mills.
Philip Beck by next friend, J. K
Beck, vs. Margaret N. Heywood.-
Mount Ida School, Inc., vs. Daniel
T. Oilman et al and Trs.
Frank Randall, Admr., vs. Fred II
Henry J. Goodrich vs. W. D. Pel
ley and Arthur F. Stone and First Na
tional Bank, Tr.
Sarah T .Allen, apt, vs. Est. of
Manley Allen.
IL G. Beeman vs. Charles Farring-
ion & Tr.
Town of Newark vs. Elden W.
G ray.
F. S. Woods vs. Richard Beattie,
F. S. Woods vs. Elias A. Bemis.
Carrie A .Bennett vs. Coop & Lents
enormous Motorized Shows, et al.
George Shorey vs. S. D. Nichols,
Beulah A Harris vs. Amos Morton,
Charles S. Pierce - vs. G. E. Jen
nings & Camp Westmore Company,
Village of Hard wick vs. Town of
Robert Delworth ' vs. Frank Kene
Sidney S. Stimson vs. Albeit Stern.
L. A. Von Seldeneck vs. Ellis W.
W. E .Barter vs. J. II. Ross & Tr.
A. Storrs & Bemcnt Co., vs. The
Caledonian Co., Inc. & Tr.
Henry Daniels vs. Gordon Austin.
Clark & Davidson vb. Grant Em
ery, v
A. Ronca vs. M. Ambrosfni.
II. J. Bushway Lumber Co., vs. B. A.
Scott, apt. 1
Thompson & Hoague Co., vs. A. A.i
Myra Laundry vs. George C. Wheel
Oldsmobile Co. of Vermont ws. The
Consolidated Automobile Co., (Inc.
L. S. Robie vs. Ralph Dunn.
C. A. Smith vs. Andrew Hfill and
L. S. Robie vs. Herbert Buntham
McGovern vs. Town of LyndBon,
E, J, Mathews vs. P. G. Miles V
License to Mortgage Real Estate
Caledonia, ss
The Probate Court wilhin and for
the District of Caledonia.
To all persons interested in the r
tale of Mary M. Hasting of St.
Johnsbury, in said District,
Whereas, application hi writing
lint In been made to this Court by the
guardian of Mary M. Hastings, for
license to mortgage the whole of the
Heal Estate of said Ward, to wit;
the three tenement house at No. "I
Clilf street and cornering- Roosevelt
Avenue; house at No. 40 Spring
street anil cornering Roosevelt; also
a parcel of land .four rods square
with a cottage house thereon, situate
on Roosevelt avenue, all situate in
the Village of St. Johnsbui-y in the
County of Caledonia and State of
Vermont, representing that it would
be beneficial to said Ward and her es
tate to mortgage said Real Estate for
the purpose of paying debts, taxes,
and expense of repairs and improve
ments of the property of said Ward,
now due, or soon to become necessary.
Whereupon, the said Court, ap
pointed and assigned the 12th day of
December, A. D., 1910, at the Pro
bate OHire in St. Johnsbury in said
District, to hear and decide upon
said application, and ordered that
public notice thereof be given lo all
persons interested therein, by pub
lishing this older three weeks suc
cessively in the St. Johnsbury Cale
donian, a newspaper published at St.
Johnsbury in said District, which cir
culates in the neighborhood of those
persons interested therein; all of
which publications shall be previous
to the time, appointed for the hearing.
Therefore, you are hereby notified
to appear before said court, at the
time and place, aforesaid, then and
there in said Court, to object to the
granting of such license, if you see
Given under my hand at St. Johns
bury, in said District, this 1.1th day of
November, A. D., 1010.
W-r.t Nov. 10.
Caledonia, ss.
The Honorable Probate Court for
the District Aforesaid:
To all persons interested in the es
tate of Chandler B. Whitney, late of
Barnel in said District, deceased,
Whereas, said Court has assigned
the 17th day of December next for
examining and allowing the account
of the Executor of the estate of said
deceased and for a decree of the resi
due of said estate to the lawful claim
ants of the. same, and ordered that
public notice thereof be given to all
persons interested in said estate by
publishing this order three weeks suc
cessively previous to the day assign
ed, in the Caledonian, a newspaper
published at St. Johnsbury, in said
Therefore, you are hereby notified
to appear at the Probate Office in St.
Johnsbury, in said District, on the
day assigned, then and there to con
test the allowance of said account if
you see cause, and to establish your
right as heirs, legatees and lawful
claimants to said residue.
Given under my hand, this 18th day
of November, A. D., 1919.
W3t Nov 10
Presented With a
Drawn In Rug
Miss Ivnh Dunklee returned to her
home in Denver, Col., Friday taking
home with her a drawn in rug which
was the gift of Mrs. Lucy L. Wood
ward, mother of Mrs. Elliott, and
now in her 70th year. She has been
spending the summer at the home of
Mr. anil Mrs. Burleigh Ruggles at
West Burke and her father is well-1
remembered' as a former Danville
physician. She was at one time a
student at St. Johnsbury Academy
and is a graduate of the New Eng
land Conservatory of Music and Col
lege of Oratory in Boston. She is
now director of dramatic art and
public speaking in Bethany College,
Topeka, Kan., and also in the even
ing vocational school of Denver. She
has had great success as an inter
preter of dramatic literature and has
read throughout this country and in
many European cities.
The Skinner Lumber Co. of St.
Johnsbury has recently completed
sawing a million feet of lumber on
the Nelson farm in Wheelock. The
mill has been located on the Hoyt
farm near the South Wheelock
church and last week they began
moving to the T. Buckley farm. It
will take about three weeks to set up
the mill when they will begin on
an all winter's job cutting the timber
on the Buckleys and MOijgan farms.
It is estimated that they have now
purchased enough timber lands, on
the farms in that vicinity to keep the
mill busy for two or three years.

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