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St. Johnsbury Locals
Notice has been received here that
there is a discount on all Canadian
money of 12 percent.
Andrew Moore is here from Balti
more to spend Christmas with his
mother, Mrs. Kate Moore.
Mrs. J. E. Beltrami had two falls
last week and as a result of her in
juries several ligaments of one of
her less were torn and it is now in
a plaster cast. She received' hci first
fall in front of the Berry-Ball store
Friday a;nd Saturday morning slipped
on her doorstop, receiving her worst
injuries in the latter fall.
The Girl Scouts held Christ
mas tree at the South Church Mon
day afternoon, each one of the girls
bringing some one else who will re
ceive gifts. The Girl Scouts suggest
ed this festive occasion themselves
and have entered heartily into its
plans. On Christmas eve the Ciiil
Scouts will sing Christmas carols
through the village.
Harwood Osgood is assisting in
the Moore and Johnson tore during
the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Marshall of
West Burke visited old friends here
Mrs. David Master and John Cor-
vois of Manchesur wlio nave been
here the past few days returned
home Sunday.
Mrs. Kate Crofton, Mrs. Gertrude
Vachon, Mrs. Bert Hastings of Con
cord spent Saturday here.
Mrs. F .B. Kinsley and daughters,
Bertha and Ruth of Lancaster, was
here Mo-day. Mis. Kuth Kingsley
entered Eright'.nok Hospital for an
Edward Young, who is completing
his education at Harvard College, is
spending the holiday vacation with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H.
Edgar O. Deane of Randall &
Whitcomb's has received word from
his sister, Miss Mabel Deane, that
she arrived in New York Saturday
from Liverpool, England. She came
to this country to nu'.rry Waltei IHi
luce of Altoona, Pa. The wedding
was to take place at Mr. Lome's
home here but the steamship was
delayed so that the marriage will
now take place in New York. Mr.
Deane has not seen his sister far
13 years.
Miss Dorothy Andersen is home
from Mt. Holyoke college at South
Hadlcy, Mass., to spend the holiday
recess with her mother.
Mrs. Ernestine Shastany has re
signed her position at Sherburne's
Kestaurant and on Dec. "0 will leave
for Ormond Beach, Florida, where
she will be employed during the
Collctt Frost of Boston and Dr.
and Mrs. Harold Frost of Worcester,
Mass., arc expected Tuesday to
spend a few days with their
mother, Mrs .1. M. Frost, and thrir
sister, Mrs. John Wesley. Miss
Esther Frost is at home from Mid
dlobury college and Mr and Mrs.
Ernest Moore of Boston are also
guests at the Frost home. Mrs. Moore
will be remembered as Miss Kuth
Frost, a former St Johnsbury lady.
The Pythian Sisters hold their an
nual meeting and election of officers
this evening at Grand Army Hall. A
large attendance is desired. There
will also be a dance and whist party
at Grand Army hall tonight under
their au pices to which everbody is
invited. Come and get a Christmas
prize. Mu:ieby Mrs. Wilkic's or
chestra. Martin E. f;.'.iiils was in Bui ling
ton a few day.i Inst wee'; on I usincss.
Miss Geneva Day has re'wnod
from a visit to Sheffield.
Henry Graves rus gone to South
Carolina to visit relatives.
Lawrence Bowman of East Barkc
was a visitor ir. town last weok.
Roland McSwccncy is home from
Middlcbury College to spend the
Christmas vacation with his parents.
Miss Effic Cole, who is teaching in
Johnson visited Miss Florence Day
Saturday, en route to her home in
Miss Edith Ranncy went Friday
afternoon to Morrisville to visit her
sister,1 Mrs. Harold "Parker during the
Christmas vacation.
Mrs. Frank Carpenter of Concord
was the guest of Mrs. L. F Smith
Mi.' R Francis Da is i homo fiom
Columbia University to spend (he
Miss Harion Hanco?i; w;.s the
guest of Miss Helen C. Ross Sunday
on her way home from Smith Col
lege to East Hardwiok to pcnd
v. nristmas.
Miss Mina Young of PassumpMC
is staying with her uncle. Guv W.
Mr. aid Mrs. Howard Bio.--cm of
Tian-c spent Sunday V.uh Mr and
Mm. Frank E. Blossom.
Fred Lougrc and Koinvt Alli.-m
arc home from Brown IJ'iivirrily for
the holiday.
Dr. Edward H. Ross was in Nn:-''i
Danville Saturday to sec Mrs. Han
dle Bailey who still remains very ill. j
r rank IN. Larr came home Satur
day "from New Boston, N. II ., whero
be has spent the past week.
Roland B. Spencer of Lisbon was
here Saturday calling on oiJ friends.
Miss Florence Clifford, who has
spent the past week with her sister.
Miss Clara Clifford, returmu I', her
homo in North Danville Sun k y.
Mrs. Patience Nutting of fMnv'llc
was a guest of Mrs. C. B. Chine Sat
urday whijc doing her Christmas
Clinton Reed of Brookline, Mass,
Iiu; bcc.i engaged to play with Mrs
V.'ilHe's orchestra for the Company
D dance at the Armory Christmas
Mrs. Charles Drew of North Dan
ville spent Sunday here wi'h her
parents, Mr. ami Mrs. Charlc-. An
derson. .
Mrs. Jennie Gooilalo, who has been
citing Mrs. 1. B. Flint, tK past
week, returned to Keene Mom'ay.
. Mrs. ,He;iry Holmes and Mrs.
Robert Dresser of Jefferson, N. II,
visited their sister, Mrs. William
Hayward, Saturday.
Miss Mavourinc Cillry of East
Barnet visited Mi.-s Florence Hay
ward Saturday.
George Vance of Danville was a
visitor hero Monday.
Mr. and Mr. Alfnd Rollins of
East Coneo-d spent Monday here.
! A. B. Dow's Real Estate Agency
has sold the Whipple farm in Sutton
for Walter and Fred W. Craig to Mr.
nd Mrs. Robert Vance of Danville,
also the three tenement house at .'55
Portland street in St. Johnsbury for
Mrs. Vance to Fred W. Craig of Cut
ton. W. S. Wheeler of Wc-st Burl e Vn
been visiting his claugi.t'!", Mrv. W.
i'. Kidiardson.
Miss Madeline Cary, now a student
in smitn uoiiege, worcnampton,
Mass., is home for the Christmas hol
iday. Dr. R. H. Burke was called to
North Danville Saturday to see H.
S. Clark who had a shock and is
very low. Mr. Clark was a resident
of this place for many years, but the
past number of years has made his
home at George H Stanton's. Mrs.
Sarah Darling is caring for him.
Stephen Gilman and Foster Wood
went to New Boston Monday to visit)
Mr. a.-..l Mrs. .Fred Gilman' until
Hezckiah Clark died in North
Danville Monday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Stanton,
aged 82 years. Mr. Clark formerly re
sided in St. Johnsbury for many
years and was a well-known and
highly esteemed citizen.
J. H. Borland of New York City
came home Saturday to spend Christ
mas with his parents, Mr. and Mr.-.
James T. Borland. He now has
a responsible position with the Am
erican Trading Company, having
charge of their import trade in
Europe and South America.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Howarl
and infant son have gone to Atlan
ta, Ga, to spend Christmas They
were accompanied by Mrs Howard's
mother ,Mrs. Eubaaks, who has been
vi'ing them and is now returning
to her southern home.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Brooks,
who have been spending the past
month in Boston, returned home
Word was received hero Monday
morning of the sudden death at his
home in Auburndalc, Mass., of
George B. Knapp. He was a native
in St. Johnsbury, educated at St.
.Tohnsbui'y Academy i.nd Amherst
College and an rcasiona1 and wel
come visitor to St. Johnsbury. The
funeral will be held Wednesday.
The fr.'cr.ds of Miss Florence Hay
ward gave her a farewell party at
her home on Caledonia street Fri
day evening. Games were played,
music was enjoyed, and refresh
ments served. Miss Hayward has re
cently concluded her work at the
Palmer Brothers establishment
whore she has given excellent service.
Word has been received here of
the death at Attleboro, Mass., of
Mrs. Sarah Harrington, widow of
Capt. Ephraim W. Harrington form
erly of St. Johnsbury. The funer
al will be held at East St. Johnsbury
on Wednesday, Dec. 21, at 2 o'clock.
Capt. Harrington was a former mem
ber of Chamberlin Post, No. 1, Gl A.
R. and had been its commander.
There will be Crtmas exercises
and tree at the Advent Christian
church Wednesday evening, begin
ning at 7 o'clock. Singing will be
a prominent feature, and the recita
tions will be largely by members of
the Advent Sunday school. The pub
lic and friends are cordially invited.
Lawyer Guy W. Hill is in Lebanon
on legal business.
Fred Humphrey of Clarcnceville,
P. Q., is here visiting his aunt, Mrs.
Florcncs Camp.
Miss Flavia Folsom and Mr. Car
oline Darling of Lyndonville visited
here Monday.
Mrs. William McFarlin left Tues
day to spend the week as guest of
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Perkins.
Mrs. C. E. Bicker and son went to
South Ryegate Tuesday to spend
Christmas with her mother, Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Huntley of
Stanstead, P. Q., who have been vis
iting her sister. Mrs. Ada Silsby,
went Tuesday to Braltleboro to visit.
Mrs. Flora Washburn went to
Springfield, Mas?'., Tuesday to visit
her son, L. W. Dcnsmore.
Miss Alice Lord went to Groton
Tuesday to visit friends a few days.
Mrs. Wilfred Amadou who has
been visiting in Canada was here
Tuesday on her way home to Barnet.
Miss Lena Riley and Charles Scae
left Tuesday for Meredith, N. II., to
visit relatives over the holiday.
Mrs. A. W. Babcock went to Mon
roe TiiFsdav to visit her daughter,
Mrs. S. J. Astle.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon K. Diniick and
children went to Fnir Haven Tuesday
to visit, relatives over Christmas.
Mrs. Ernest Sargent of Danville
visited Miss Annie Hansen Mnndav.
Mis. D. J. Vallier of Lyndonville
was a Christmas shopper here Tuesday.
George C. Cary and Charles W. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall arc planning,
Ruitcr arc taking a business tripU most delightful time for nil wlioi
through the northern part of the ' attend. .
state in the interests of the Caryl
Miss Freda Leach is visiting her
I sister in Greenfield, Mass., during the
I Christmas vacation.
j Miss Estcllc .Slack, is home from
the Capen school at Northampton,
Mass., to spend the Christinas holi
days. Miss Gertrude Cramton of Wel
lesley College is home for the holi
days to visit her parents, Dr. and
Mis. C. A. Cramton.
Mrs. Ralph Parker and little baby,
who have spent the past three weeks
here visiting friends, returned to
her home in Bennington Friday.
Over live tons of equipment for
Company D have already arrived at
the Armory This includes cots, tcnt
nge, uniforms, field range, cookinir
utensils, raincoats, overcoats, hats,
rifles, mess kits, canteens aud in
trenching tools. There is yet to come
shoes, leggings, blankets, shelter
The City Mission is planning for
the biggest and best Christmas fes
tivities next Wednesday night ever
held by that worthy organization. A
big Christmas tree will be erected in
the Y. M. C. A. building and there
will be suitable gifts for everybody.
An interesting feature of the even
lg's program will be an entertain
ment of songs ad recitations.
The comedy drama "Bar Haven"
was repeated at Grace Methodist
church assembly room Thursday eve
ning before a large and appreciative
audience. The players all did ex
ceedingly well and those who saw
both, performances declare that the
second was even better than the first,
which is saying a good deal.
A surprise party was given Thurs
day evening to Gustavus Pederson
in honor of his birthday at his home
with Charles Curtis on Belvidere '
street. About 20 friends called to
gether and the surprise was com
plete. After games and a social eve
ning refreshments were served by
Mrs. Curtis and the birthday cake
was cut. In behalf of the Men's Club
of St. Andrew's Episcopal church
Rev. Dr. Grint presented Mr. Peder
son with an Odd Fellows' watch
Mrs. John Mor.;r,ey is ill at her
home on Portland street.
Mrs. Gcorirc Hoo! .Cr I si i"iniv ill nt
her homo on PoiKan. twf.
Mrs. I ,B. Flint snent the
Monday in Keene ,N. H
Miss Mary Prevost has gone
Montreal to visit relatives.
Fred C. Mayo of Wood' ville spent
Sunday with his family here.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Barrett .'.re
rejoicing over the binh of a son,
born Dec. 19.
George Prevost lr.n gone to Mon
treal to visit his si -iter, Siste St.
Raymond do Toulou
Holdcn Aubrey wont to Newfane
Monday to spend Christmas, with his
grandfather, W W. Person.
Oliver K. McCoseo and Edgar J.
Houghton of West Danville were
in St. Johnsbury on bu;:ness Fridny.
Lawyer Guy W. Hill went to
White River Junction and Hanover,
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Jones have gone
to Johnson to spend the week.
M. M. Tatro of Chicago is the
guest of Dr. H. H. Miltimore.
' The annual Christmas entertain
ment for the North Church Sunday
School will be held at the chapel on
Wednesday afternoon at four o'clock.
The Athenaeum will be closed
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of
this week, re-opening on Saturday
morning, Dec. 27.
Miss Virginia A., oldest daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Witters,
was operated on for appendicitis at
Brightlook Hospital Monday morn
ing. The Cary Maple Sugar Company,
which recently increased its cauital
stock to $1,000,000, has filed a report
with the secretary of state at Mont
pelier of the way it is expected the
stock will be divided into G000 shares
of preferred stock and 4000 shares of
common stock.
Representative Frank W. Hastings
of Glover, well-known and remember
ed in St. Johnsbury, recently visited
Montpelier, "where he found," says
the Montpelier Argus, "at the State
House, notwithstanding the ravages
of war and the uncertainly of politi
cal preferment, that some of his old
friends still remained on the job.
Some idea of the amount of pnr
cel post the post office force are
handling through Christmas week
may be gained by noting that Mon
day night Calderwood's big track
took two loads of packages from the
post office to the. depot for the night
mail trains. The truck was loaded
to its capacity each time.
Marshall M. Stocker of Danville
was a business visitor here- Monday.
Edmund P. Hamilton was a busi
ness visitor in Montpelier Monday.
II. Shastnny has finished work at
the Comer Garage.
Mrs. Foster Butterfield of Spring
field is here visiting her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. E. H. Hallctt.
Miss Helen Stearns is home from
Bridgewatcr Normal school to spend
the Christmas vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur R Brooks left
for Boston this afternoon' to attend
the funeral of George B. Knapp,' who
died at Auburndalo, Mass., Sunday.
The two tenement house on- School
slrcrf. owned by Dr. George H. Smith
has been sold to Allen MeKittrick by
the Charles E. Kirk real' estate
Th annual Christmas tree and ex
ercises of the Citv Mission will be
b-ld at the Y. M. C. A. building
Wednesday evening at 7.30 o'clock.
a nil
I (iMif Mnthnrlwt rtllll'ch will
place at 7 o'clock Wednesday even
ing. An attractive program of
Christmas exercises has been arrang
. rhc annual Christmas tree
festivities for the young folks
ed. :
Mrs. Bertha Edwards who has:
been there the past few days went tojKorth Bennington Is
Mrs. A. J. Corriveau of Lyndon
ville was hero Tuesday on her way
to visit her mother in Concord.
S. M. Reed leaves this afternoon
for Boston to spend the holidays.
Roy Brown of Miles Pond visited
here Tuesday.
Mrs. N. H. Nutter and daughter of
Woodsville visited here Monday.
Mrs. George Winch of Mclndocs
Falls was here Monday.
The teachers returned to their
homes Friday. Miss Folsom to
Barton and Miss Gitchell to Mont
pelier 'for their Christmas vacation.
George Shoruy spent Sunday with
his sister, Miss Mary Shorcy of St.
Patrena Harron who has been with
an aunt in Canada several months re
turned to her home here last Satur
day. Mrs. Foster Butterfield of Spring
field was called home Saturday on
account of the illness of her mother,
Mrs. E. H. Hallett and sister, Clara,
who have been quite ill for several
Mrs. Sam Piper of St. Johnsbury
is caring for Mrs. Dan Gallagher
who is sick with an abscess in the
Miss Nettie Ayer'who Has been
visiting in Johnson has returned to
her home here.
Mabel and Ethel Gray who are at
tending the normal school at John
son are at their home here for the
Christmas vacation.
Next Sunday, Dec. 28th will be the
last Universalist service at the
Green Mountain grange hall until
further notice. The people are very
sorry not to hoar Mr. Lewis as he
was very much liked. He now has
evening service at Lyndonville. With
the cold weather the people here
think it best to discontinue the ser
vices for the present.
Mrs. Gladys Campbell of Shcr
brooke, P. Q., is visiting her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Prcscott of
Wakefield, Mass., are visiting her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Chaffee.
A ivery pleasant surprise was given
Harry Rash Friday evening at the
hall. A send off before his leaving
for Davenport, Ind., to study for
a chiropractic degree. The evening
was pleasantly spent. They present-1
cd him with a watch and $10.00 in
money. Refreshments of sandwich
es and coffee were served.
Harry is one of our most popular
young men and will be greatly miss
ed. All wish him success in his new
Little Glen Johnson is ill with
chicken pox.
Ai Fulford had the misfortune to
break two ribs one day last week.
Mrs. Nelson Rash and son, Hai-ry,
Rash arc visiting in Tilton and La-
coma, N. II.
C. R. King is not so well.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Carbec have a
baby girl born Dec. 13. Mrs. Carbee
is staying with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Isaac Shatney.
Ernest Skinner sang in the canta
ta at the Methodist church in St.
Johnsbury Sunday.
William Smith and Clarence Vilty
arc home for the Christmas holidays
from Norwich.
The Christmas exercises will be
given as published last week except
that the exercises of the M. E.
church will be held in the church in
stead of town hall, Thursday evening
and the exercises of the Universalist
church for the children of the parish
in the vestry Wednesday evening.
Mrs. D. J. Lunnic spent a few days
in Montpelier last week.
Miss Lou Richards who attends St..
Johnsbury Academy is spending her
vacation at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Richards.
L W Ford of St. Johnsbury and
men are pressing hay at Frank Ran
ney's. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Reed have
gone to the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Elmer Reed for the winter.
Fred S. Woods of St. Johnsbury
has sold his home on West Main St.
to Harry Lund, who has taken pos
session. V. L. Rcmick has moved to the
Harry Hutchinson house in the vil
lage. '
Helen Morton spent Sunday with
her sister, Mrs. Clinton Gale.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Rich,
of Youngstown, N. Y., are spending
the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. W.
M. Rich.
Albert Owens has returned from
Waterbury where he went to visit
William Crofton, who is improving.
Jacob Richardson Sr., has returned
to the home of his s.on, Jacob Rich
ardson, Jr.
Among the schools which closed
for the Christmas vacation with
Christmas exercises, mention should
bo made of the Texns school taught
by Miss Lord, whieh were especially
Mrs. Minnie Williams was in St.
lohiubury Thursday.
Rivel in Red Cross
Returns from the sale of the
Cross Christmas Seals up to the
Ucnt date indicated a close race
twecn St. Johnsbury and North Ben
nington to secure the penant for sell
ing the most seals per capita. Both
places report that they have sold
slightly over six seals per capita.
In 1918 no seals were sold. In 1917
the pennant for towns of less than
5000 population was won by Vcrgen -nes
selling six seals per capita and for
towns over 5000 population it was
won by Bennington with 5.4 per cau
ita with Brattleboro close with a sale
of 5.G. No returns from Brattleboro
Bennington or Vergcnnes have as yet
been received and it may be that these
towns will increase their former re
cord, selling enough to secure again
the leading places.
Windsor reports that they have sold
nearly six seals per capita and when
the final sale is over will go ahead of
St. Johnsbuiy.
The Vermont Tuberculosis Associa
tion estimates that the proceeds from
the sale of Christmas Seals will be
at least $6,000,000. This is $1,200.00
less than the sale in 1917, but in that
year one dollar's worth of seals was
sent out by mail to eveiy owner of an
automobile in the state, while this
year no seals have been sent out by
mail except where there were no local
agents. Therefore, the net profits
from the sale of the seals will probab
ly equal that of 1917.
With this money the association
plans to secure nurses, provide them
with special training and have cvery
ihi'rur roadv to carry out the bigger
program for tho prevention of tuber
culosis that is to be financed by a
drive which was postponed from Dec
ember 1st to 10th to a date
latter part of May.
Christmas Toys Made by
Manual Training Boys
For the cast two weeks the Junior
High school Manual Training Shop
has been the scene of intense activity
for the boys of the first year have
been nlannins: and making a varied
assortment of toys to be turned over
to Mr. Marshall of the City Mission
for distribution among the poor chil
dren of St. Johnsbury.
Toys such as carts of various sizes
running wheels, dolls ironing Doarcis
bean bag games and ring toss games
games, various animals, to bo drawn
.nhout on wheels and some very ser
viceable sleds that would gladden the
heart of any boy fortunate enough to
be their possessor, have been com
nleted. All carefully made and inspected by
pjece work then assembled and Jinisn
ed in bright red, green or blue, the
finished product might well put in
the shade some of the high-priced
though cheaply made toys offered to
the public this year.
The great interest shown by the
tnvm.ikers and their incessant desire
to work overtime after school hours
and some nights until close to ten
o'clock, dearly demonstrate the plea
sure gained by making and giving
gifts to those who arc less fortunate
than, themselves.
The school department co-operated
by generously donating all material
and so helped to make this venture
the success it has proven to be.
Through the courtesy of A. v.
Scott Co., one of the show windows
of their store has been given over to
the boys from Saturday until Tuesday
where the toys will be on display and
it is hoped that all those who are in
terested in boy's work will spare a
moment at this holiday time to ins
pect the handicraft of the young
The work has been done under the
direction of Leon H. Baxter, super
visor of Manual Training.
Company D Defeats
Monroe A. C.
In a lively game of b?skct ball Co.
D defeated the Monroe A. C. in the
Armory Saturday night in a well
played game. There was considerable
roughness at the outset of the game
i'ut when the two op:WJ a? "ides
;o'.in" that" this could no.; ho cat l ied
on without a stiff "come back" the
phycrs quieted down and pl.iyed ti
steady game free from roughness.
Moirison scored thi 2e b:u!ols for
t:ic hon e team and Austin and Haw-'
toy two each and one was gained on
a 'foul. For the visit "s Emery iTid
Lt 'itcr scored one each ant!, two were
g.i not! en fouls. Grcen,vid tvas 'the
The line up:
Einc-'V, c e, Mori;on:
Knipry. rf ip, Hawley
Lf-e-.. If If, Austin
E .I.n fcry, rg u Pease
Da''n.T, lg l.T. Acihto.i.
I lie home team is linV'ij: frf
g.riK'3 with teams in this sc.tion.
They arc specially anxious to take
on Co. L or the
teams of Newport,
Mobilize Thrift Work
To Beat High Prices
ST. ALBANS. Dec. 22 The old
iigh cost of living which today
ccms to be pounding along with
tn.ini i.tllo flnllitf 1hf liei'-
aliled opposition win soon nnng up
against a stone wall here in New
England when one million women,
members of the newly organized
thrift army, will start an intensive
fight to reduce high prices in this
Although the ranks of this thrift
t'rmy have practically been filled,
new volunteers are being added
daily. The work of mobiizing this
army is being done by the state di
rectors of the various women's or
ganizations under the supervision of
Mrs. Myra B. Lord of the Savings
Division, First Federal Reserve Dis
trict. Mrs. Lord who has just completed
a tour of the various states says she
feels assured that the majority of
women in New r-ngianu now rea
lize that one of the best ways to
reduce the present high cost of
living is to practice thrift.
Mrs. Herbert J. Gurncy, former
president of the state federation of
women's clubs in Massachusetts, is
handling the work in that State;
Mrs. Caesar Misch of Providence,
in Rhode Island; Miss Gertrude Brc
itzke of Hartford, in Connecticut;
Mrs. D. C. Jones of Waterbury in
Vermont; Mrs Mary Wood in New
Hampshire and Mrs. William C.
Eaton of Portland, in Maine.
Divorce Cases Granted
In County Court
Before a recess was taken in Cal
edonia county court until Jan. 10,
1920, Judge Fish heard three divorce
cases None of them were contested
and in each case a bill, was granted.
Fred J. Daniell of West Danville
was granted a bill from Hattie J.
Daniell for desertion. The plaintiff
was represented by Guy WV Hill.
Mary S. Davis was granted u di
vorce from Ernest Davis, the plain
tiff being represented by Mr. Conant.
Before adjournment Judge Fish
ordered the six cases of the Williams
Manufacturing Company against six
different fire insurances companies to
be consolidated and tried as one case.
It is expected that this case will be
the first one tried when court con
venes again next month. Albert F.
Lawrence, who was unable to serve
on the present juiy on account of ill
ness, will be the only one of the old
jury to be empanelled and 85 new
men will be drawn.
St. Michael's College
and Its Steady Growth
Founded at Winooski in 1904 and
incorporated by an act of the Leg
islature Jan. 2Sr 1913, empowering it
to grant the usual college degrees,
St. Michael's College , and High
school have thrived wonderfully, not
withstanding the difficulties that usu
ally accompany a new institution of
the kind.
At its birth 'the new college num
bered 44 students and today it has
reached almost 150. Its accommo
dating capacity is ovcrtaxerl, even
with the acquisition of two fpacious
residences nearby which servo the
purpose of dormotoric for the col
lege men. Relying on public gener
osity and good will, the Fathers of
SU Edmund, who conduct the col
lege, have now started a building
fund for $100,000 for a school build
ing; $1750 have already been donat
ed towards it. The fathers are con
fident that the friends of education
in th estate and outside will not be
indifferent to the developmet of one
of the four colleges of the Green
Mountain state.
O It Now!
The doors of opportunity remain
open for years, but they close with n
bang, and they never reopen. Wo lire
responsible lor the good we might do,
oad the world Is poorer for our neglect,
as no one enn do our work. If there
ts something that needs doing, don't
wait till tomorrow! Do It nowt
In Exchange ;
for clean wheat you may bring us or that was with J
us at the time of the disastrous fire in which our I
wheat bolt and grist records were lost.
A. H. McLeod Milling Co. '
Quality Flour, Feed and Grain
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
;, .Telephone 18
W. C. T. U.
The December meeting of the W.
C. T. U. was held at the Methodist
church Wednesday. Dec. 1". having
been postponed from the previous
Mrs. Elsie M Harvey, in leading
the devotional service, read from the
Scripture, the story o.f the Wise Men
and n beautiful solo, entitled "Beth
lehem" from the cantata "The First
Christmas," was sung by Mrs F. II.
Mrs. T. P. Farrell was appointed
superintendent of the department of
A letter from tho state treasurer,
Mrs. W. L. Archer, emphasizing tho
importance of continuing the Jubilee
Drive, was read.
The topic was "Child Welfare."
This subject was treated by Mrs. C.
A. Stanley under three heads: Prob
lems of Child Welfare; plans propos
ed; Work accomplished.
Much valuable information was
j given and among the things mention
; cd as contributing to tho welfare of
the child, were right traiing, proper
I care of health, literary and industrial
training, a good home and needful
, Statistics were given showing
what has been done in the various
states of the Union and in foreign
countries to bring about better con
ditions among children.
The meeting closed with singing
"Blest be the Tie that Binds" and
the W . C. T. U. benediction.
The regular meeting of Troop 2,
Boy Scouts of America was held at
the South church, Wednesday at
An important business meeting
was held relative to the Christmas
socia.l to be given Tuesday evening,
Dec 23, in honor of the Girl Scout
An interesting program is being
arranged and plenty of fun is anti
cipated. A committee was appointed to.
gather evergreens and procure a
tree. The same committee to assist
in the decoration of the church.
Fourteen more games were
brought in making the donation of
games for the past two weeks of over
Plans have been' completed to start
on the morning train, day after
Christmas for Joe's Pond where tho
troop will occupy Goss Abode for
two days.
The standing of the patrols in the
efficiency contest is as follows:
Eagle Patrol
131 U
1 Beaver Patrol
Fox Patrol
Musings of Martha.
Those wonderful business women we
hear so much about may he all right,
but I'd like f see one of 'em tackle ,th'
Job of gotfin' up In th morntn on
gettfn' breakfp.st for ten before day
llKbt. Her Shoe Wurt Her Feet .,
As a general thing, when yon Sae a
vomnn hobbling along the street with
in agonized expression it is a sign that
prve's got more foot than head. Dallai
News. .
Value of Wrestling.
Only in Japan has the vclae of
wrestling been universally recognized,
nnd the rosult Is that the overage Jap
anese physlfluo Is unrivaled for pow
er, agility aud the internal . health
that so largely depends on the vital
ity and balanced development of the
Inner muscles of the lower part of the
Loyalty Is First Demand.
Business presents untold opportuni
ties, magnificent possibilities; but the
only man who ever succeeds for hlra
Bdf or deserves promotion from any
one else is the man who is loyal.
,, , Ml ,
Only Real Monument,
"Those only deserve a monument,"
wrote Hazlltt, "who do not need one;
that Is, who have raised themselves a
monument In the minds and memories
of.-men." . . v. .

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