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St. Johnsbury Locals
The many friends of Mrs. John
Coombs will lie pleased to learn that
she is steadily recovering from her
serious illness and is able to Mt pp
ufew minutes each day. Miss Cora
Hayes is earing for hor through her
Tim mercury took n big drop Fri
day night and Saturday no in i r.: rr g
istercd from :!." to 42 below 7.01-0, reg
istering the latter fif?ure at Fairbanks
village before, sunrise Saturday
"Our Labor Troubles and the Way ,
Out" was the theme of a strong ad
dress givrn in Washington on Fel). 22
bv Judge- Wendell I'. Stafford in
I Mis I.01.1 Varney Is -pending a
few day- in Nor! Iiampton, Ala--. I
i Mi-. ila r.-ilini r o." White llivi-i !
1 Jiiiii-tion is liie fin -I of her brother,!
""' ! I!. A. I'aifiK r. j
'"" A certificate of the propo.-ed issue j
I of l0 shares of stork of the Northern !
Mi. and Mr-. C. F.. liiikcr
called to Grntmi Friday by the
lies of soiuw of bis relatives,
Mrs. Holland Wheeler of Mam-hi-s-' Cadillac Co.. Inc., of St. .John.-bury
If who has been visiting Mrs. W. C. 1 hil" ,"',n. in l,,,lfl'nl' "" S('
., . ... .. . . ',,., retary ot State at Montpelier.
Howe, left lor her horn ! riday. . Ml.s. Lyman j,olton and Mrs. Free
wiunr Hiiin: mis m1u til'- inn
Then She Heard of "FRUIT-A-TI VES"
and Cured Herself of Constipation
linei-y store formerly owned by the
late Stella Fol.soin to Mr... X. A.
Ulodigtt and Mrs. Hariy Waitc.
These two ladies have gone to Iios
ton to select their spring millineryand
will open up the. store in season for
the spring . Mrs. Waite learned
tho millinery trade of Miss I.ucy C.
. Mr. and Mrs. George Mcl.achlin
which he developed the -i "uumenU to
a fuller length than he advanced in and Mr. and Airs. U. 1) McLaughlin
the speech life Rave in St. Johnsbury left Thursday for Springfield, Mass.
and other parts of Vermont lust fall where they will make their home,
entitled "The Labor Problem: the. There was a good delegation of la
new Kiddle of the Shpinx." dies from North Danville here Thurs-Fa-nest
Frizzell was sentenced in day night to hear the address by Dr.
Federal couil at Burlington Thurs- Itees at Grace Methodist church.
lay by Judge Harlund 11. Howe to
three months in the Caledonia county
jail for resisting an immigration ofli
ccr at Newport a short time ago.
Mr. Frizzell pleaded guilty to the
charge and is expected here from the
Washington county jail where he is
temporarily confined early next
Mrs, Louise McLcod sails from New
York next Saturday on the Imporator
and will visit her aged father in Sal
isbury, England, and her other rel
atives in that city. Mrs. McLeod has
been planning for a year to make this
tnp, but not until now has the gov
ernment arranged for her passoprt.
At the children's hour at the Mu
seum class room Saturday morning-
Miss Inez M. Howe.thc director,
spoke to the young folks on the ani
mals of the far North.
Mrs. Allie Berry and Miss Clarissa
Mctcalf were here Thursday to at
tend the funeral of Mrs. Clarissa
Miss Marshall ot the Woodsville
hospital, who has been helping in the
Red Cross service, returned home
Mrs. Fred J. Babcock left Thurs
day for her home in Canton, Mass.,
ufter an extended stay with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Scott.
J. E. Parker returned to Spring
field, Mass, Thursday morning after
a visit hero with her daughter, Mrs.
Walter Tilton.
B. C. Dixon, who has been visiting
Mrs. N .S. Wedge, left for his home
in Washington, Wednesday.
H J. Juneau is home on business.
Peter Sicard is visiting in Boston.
Mrs. Mildred Kussoll of Spring
field, who has been visiting Mrs. W al
ter"-' Bcwseo, left Thursday for her
F.sljihvooks and
daughter, Helen, visited her mother,
Mrs. Andrew Rtche, at Barnet Thurs
Mrs. Alice Peters left Thursday for
Piermont where she will make her
The many St. Johnsbury friends of
William A. Ellis of Montpelier will
be interested to know that he has
been appointed in charge of the con
servation work for Vermont under
the', direction of the National Board
of ' Fire Underwriters. This seivice
iff free to all property owners, and is
part , of the campaign to reduce the
cpormous fire waste of this country.
Orvis K. Hale, who died on Feb.
23, in his 81st year was bom in Plain
field, June 23, 1839. He married in
1880 Julia A. Kinney and leaves
thi-pc sons, Henry H. of St. Johns
hury, Harold M. of Saugus, Cal., and
Q; Dean Hale of this place. He also
leaves three grandsons. The funeral
was' held at his home Wednesday af-tej-hoon,
conducted by Ucv. F. B.
Richards' and the entombment was at
'Lenten services this evening at
7.30 at f.. Andrew's Parish House
.with exposition of St. John's Gospel.
Major and Mrs. John W. Tinker
arercceiving congratulations over the
birth of a daughter, Esther May, on
Feb. 23.
The citizens arc reminded of the
, special village meeting in the Town
Hall at 7.30 Friday evening to take
action on exempting for lOjrears the
shirt factory soon to be .started here
by Tauber, Lipton & Co., of New
York city.
Judge Frank L. Fish of Vergenncs
is here for a few days on legal busi
ness. Mrs. Adell Howe King, who has
been visiting her sister, Mrs. C. A.
Cramton for the past three weeks,
returned to her home in Bethel Fri
day morning.
vv Fred Howe of conway, w. h., is
visiting his sister, Mrs. J. A. Cram
ton. Mrs. V. A. Fenoff of Springfield,
Mass., who has been visiting Mrs.
Lora Spaulding the past two weeks,
left Friday for her home.
Mrs. Almon Priest went Friday to
Bradford after a visit here with her
sister, Mrs. Gladys Bailey.
Mrs. John B. Finley is confined to
the house by sickness.
Mr. and Mrs. R. T. Silver of Fitch
burg, Mass., who have been visiting
here, returned to their home Friday.
Mrs. Silver will be pleasantly re
membered as Miss Tessia Lunnie.
Mrs. Louis N. Smythe and grand
son, Louis 2nd, left Friday for Wood
stock to visit her daughter, Mrs Ma
rion Speare.
Mr. Reed of Alberta is here visiting
Herbert Coats.
H. E. Gray of Waterbury is here
o a business trip.
Mrs. George Lynaugh of Littleton
is here and has taken a position at F.
bnercurne s Restaurant.
Rev. Dr. C. II Merrill went to Han
over, N 11., Friday
Mrs. J K Gaskell and hor mother,
Mrs I). C. Wood of East Burke were
here Friday. Mrs. Wood has been
visiting her daughter the past few-
days and has returned to her home in
Fast St. Johnsbuiy.
A. B. Dow's Real Estate Agency
has sold L. II. Vitty's place at 1'as-
sumpsic to Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Shat-
ney. Mr. Vitly intends to move to
St. Johnsbury.
Dr. Milton S. llces will address tho
employees at the scale factory Tues
day noon from 12.20 to 12.50 o'clock.
Kenneth Flint, who has been at the
St. Johnsbury Hospital for sever:'.!
weeks with an injured eye, is able to
leave and k now at George C. Cary's
home. His uncle, Walter P. Stanton
of North Danville, called on him
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mcrtz of
Wayne, Pa., have been called here by
the critical illness of Mrs. Mcrtz's
mother, Mrs. Hntrv M. Day.
Arthur A. Annis, formerly of S'..
Johnsbury, was married at Spring
field, Mass., Feb. 28, to Celina Victa
line Lussicr.
Mrs. Henry E. Wilson is seriously
ill with pneumonia.
Frank W. Ball and Fred II. Pope
left for New York Monday in the in
terest ot the Berry-Ball Dry Goods
i..i i-n 7-.:....! calf of Coventry.
xiJi vinous iuis ii'lt lllli X li st 11.11- . , . ., . , 11
i: , r, 7. . , J The automobile fire truck wp - eull
uuiiui Diiiu 10 enter 1110 employ 01 . . . , , . . , -. ,, ,,.
a. r 11 r. r. . i led to the. home of David h. Port it
man Russell of Concord and Mr
Perley II. Bacon and Mrs. T. E.
Wheaton of St. Johnsbury Center
visited here Wednesday.
eN'well Williams of Danville died
at the St. Johnsbury Hospital on
Feb. 2.V
Mr. and Mrs. Henry J. Goodrich
who .started on an extended trip a
few weeks ago for the South and
West, have reached Pasadena, Cal.,
and will spend a goodly portion of the
next month in California.
The many friends of Harry A. Mar
den, chief of the lire department, will
be pleased to learn that he is steadily
recovering from lis serious illness j
of pneumonia and is able to bo out-1
doors a little. j
A woman's wit against a man's i
passion with two lives at stake! The'
revolutionists had captured and con-1
vieted the man she loved on the j
charge of being an "aristrocrat" and
death was the penalty! Tears audi
pleadin;;- had failed and as the black j
shadow of doom fell upon her lover j
she played a game ; a game that only '
a woman knows; a grim game as old I
as eternity and Sec Gcraldine rar
rar in her crowning screen achieve
ment, "The World and its Woman."
An epic photoplay; one of the most
magnificent spectacles the screen has
ever seen. Miss Farrar appars for
the first time supported by her hus
band, Lou Tellegen, styled "the most
romantic actor in America." It's a
Goldwyn picture: it's at the Globe to
Miss Luulla Brooks went to Can
ton, Mass., Thursday where she will 1
work far Mrs. Fred J. Babcock. i
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. McLaughlin
went to Springfield, Mass., Thursday ;
where they will make their home. '
The funeral of Mrs. Clarissa Met- i
Ash ford, Xew York.
"I feel it my duty to tell you what
'Fruit-a-tives' or Fruit Liver Tablets
did for me.
I tried several kinds of physic for
over three years ; and, of course,
while I took it every night my bo-velsj
would move ; but as soon as 1 stopped
taking physic, I would be constipated
and would have Piles terribly.
.1 heard of 'FruiUi-tivcs' mid bought
one box and took them. Xow I
am not troubled any more with
Constipation and no 111010 Piles..
'Fruit-a-tives' did for wo what uo
other medicine ever did ; they left
no after-effects, and now 1 Jo aot
have to use physic.
I recommend 'Fruit-a-tives' to all
my friends".
COc. a bos, C for $2.,j0. trial size 23c.
Atdcalersor from FltL'lT A-T1VES
ceeded by Panl W. Farnham.
Mrs. Eliza Allen was given a sur
prise party at her home at St. Johns
bury Center Sunday in honor of her
77th birthday. Her son, Freeman E.
Allen, and her family came over from
North Danville and her daughter,
Mrs. Edward Grey, came from St.
Lyndon A mold received congratu
lations Sunday on the occasion of his
7Cth birthday.
Mrs. F. C. Browning of Barton
visited her brother, Amos W. Scott,
John Roberts died, at his home in
Summerville Monday afternoon after
a short illness of pneumonia. He
married Grace Peo,uin of North Dan
ville' and his w'ifo and four young
children survive him. Tho funeral
was held on Wednesday and the buri
al was at North Danville.
Miss Maud Marshall, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Marshall, sails
from New York Friday with a party
of .22 who are going to do relief work
in the Near East. Miss Marshall's du
ties are secretarial and she will be
located at TiHis, a city in Armenia
between the Black and the Caspian
Max Forbes is very comfortable at
tho St. Johnsbury hospital. Mrs.
Forbes is ill at her home on Prospect
Mrs. Herman Rudd and little girl
are very ill with pneumonia at their
home on Portland sti-eej.
E. H. Hallett leaves tonight for
Mrs. Alice Biadley of Springfield,
Mass., is hare visiting her mother,
Mrs. A. W. Babcock.
Mrs. A. W. Babcock and daughter,
Mrs. Alice Bradley, visited Mrs. S.
J. Astle at Monroe Wednesday.
Mrs. H. S. Davis of St. Johnsbury
Center visited her daughter, Mrs.
Reginald Turner, here Wednesday.
Ralph Shastany of East St. Johns
bury visited here Wednesday.
John Bariwgton of Bakersfielcl
was a business visitor Tuesday, call
ing on old friends. .
William A. Wright is home from
Boston and Brattleboro where he
has been on business.
Miss Elvina Dcsrochers is ill at
her home on Railroad street.
Elgin Paquin of Springfield is
here called by the death of John
Mrs. Carrie Blaisdell of Lyndon
villo spent Tuesday in town.
Miss Madeline I. Randall is able
to be out after a long illness.
Mrs. Samuel Marawitz is ill at hei'
homo on Tearl street.
L. E. Stafford was in East Burke
Tuesday to see his father who is suf
fering from a slight shock.
Mrs. R. L. Childs of Springfield,
Mass., who has been here visiting her
mother, Mrs. W. S. Mastcn tho
past two weeks, left Wednesday
morning for her home.
Paul I. Sherry has opened an of
fice in the Brunelle building.
Mrs. A. L. Bailey was in Burling
ton Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Gilinan are
home from a trip to New Boston, N.
Howard Thomas has been visiting
his daughter, Mrs. Milton
West Lebanon, N. H.
Frank McClinick has sold his pro
perty on Green street and leaves for
calf, who died Monday will be held : Sherbrookc Tuesday.
Thursday afternoon at the home of : Henrv Kidder of 'Middlebury spent
F. C. Sherburne, and the burial will Sunday here.
be in lrasburg. Mrs. Mctcalf leaves I Miss Anna Stanton, who has ben
four children, Mrs. A. E. Grant, Mrs. bookkeeper at the St. Johnsbury Gro
F. C. Sherburne, Guy I Mctcalf, all coly Co., the past two years, finished
ot St. Johnsbury, and Pl.vnn Met-' the,.e Satul.(Iay ni ht and has
: tered the employ of A. E. Counsell ;
& Son in the same capacity.
V(i... L'V.,.,1- v;n.... f i) 1
1 hursday ,..., . . r.;(; ,:,'
IIIWIUIIIK ' "' l l-lilil'in-v liii . it .mm
age to the property was slight am
tho blaze was soon extinguished.
Mrs. G. W. Luce has returned to
Montpelier, having been called here
" I.' il... I. I
1 ' IT V y -T ' 'tlu"ra'in St Johnsbury.
w .mn 11VM1V iTlUllVIUJ .
Mrs. Jennie S. Noyes is confined to
the house by illness.
Mr. and Mrs. II. W. Jackman went
Mrs. C. X .Stieeter, who has been
ill is convalescing.
Miss Lena Miltimnrc, who has been
srriouslj ill is better. Miss Flora
Williams was home from her work
in Waterfonl Saturday.
I Lot Woodbury, Lancaster, X. II. . is
I visiting his son, llardie Woodbury.
Miss Pearl Lunnie w ent to Xewpo t
Thursday to visit her sister, Mrs. Ho
' ward Day, nturning Monday aeoom
I pnnicd by her niece, Ruth Day.
j On account of the condition of tlu'
I roads the degrees were not coi.ferrol
I at the regular meeting of Concord
Grang No. -I0S, Friday evening, but
will be at the next regular, March 12.
Frank Hanney and family are ili
from the prevailing disease.
Elmer Hunter is still confined to
the house from illness.
James Morgan who has been vi--.it
I ing at Charles Morgan's returned .i
i St. Johnsbury, Thursday.
Charles Morgan was i'1 St. Johns
j bury on business Saturday,
j Miss Douvina Rancour of Por''---:
is visiting her father, Joseph Ran
j cour.
I Vistitors in St. Johnsbury included I
'Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lillicrap, Mrs. j
1 Charles Rook, Miss Lovina Rancour, j
Ariel Cobleigh and Mildred Crofto.i,
Miss Helen Reed, Miss Ruth Hast- !
I inR's. !
! Mrs. O. W. Baker was in St. Johns- j
1 bury Saturday.
I Mrs. Ernest Quimby has been quite
j Evelyn Brown who was ill the pa' t
1 week is better.
There will he no services at the
Universalist church next Sunday
morning, March 7. as the pastor Rev.
f. J. Maclnnis, will occupy tho pulpit
of the Universalist church at Adams, 1
Marshall and Hepsibeth Miltimovc
returned to their home in St. Johns
I bury Monday after spending two
I weeks at tho home of their uncle and
aunt Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Miltimorc.
! Tlift ti'iiclnou nf i 1m I Tnivnrs'il i t. !
church have received a substantial
i contribution from M. M. Tutro of
' Chicago.
j Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Richards were
in St. Johnsbury, Saturday.
Mrs. Ilarrictte Douglass was in St.
Johnsbury Wednesday. j
Madeline, one of the twin daugh-
j ters of Mr. and Mrs. N. J. Erwiii j
1 died Thursday evening, aged 8 weeks, i
I Q,,,-,.;.- .o, l.nl.l 1 Vlr,,.L- Cl. I
urday afternoon, Rev. George S. j
Smith officiating. Entombment at
St. Johnsbury. j
Mrs. W. O. Rochlcau spent Fridny 1
gue-: of mend in town ,ui:n.cl '0
! hi-r home in lio-'on, Friday. J
Jacob Rirhai'l-ti.'i S.. i- on the sie!
The Fib.ir.-iry Committee of t!i"
I l'niversali-t c!iuu-l 1 ' :.'. In
Murray Clenn n; of Danville was i'l
town on I'li-incv. pait of la -t week.
Miss Aiabella Lord iienl tin
week en. I with .'''is. 1.. .1. Cooper.
.Mrs. l'nih!: Ki.nnett letunc.l to her
home in Ke.-t St. John.-bury Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. M. , Spaulding -pen!
Supnday at W 1 1. Chaplin's
Mr. and Mrs. I Stanley of Si
Johnsbuiy have been gue.-'.s of Mi.'
and Mrs. C. 1 1. Stanley.
Mrs. (li-ovi r Perkins and daughter.
Florence, of Johnson, spent Saturday 1
here wi;h her parents, Mr. an.! Mrs.
lohn liriekelt.
Mrs. 11. II. White spent Wednesday
at Si. Jchnsliurv. 1
Those sjel; v,tli tin- );i ip me M 1.
an.i M:s. Heniy I'lill'iM.I and daugh
ter. Mary and Howard Smith and
Mr. and Mrs. Geor-re Ailt's. Mr. and
Mrs. CilbeM H.istinvs and rhiMion.
Miss Foster of Wnlden is woiUint;
.:; Willa.-d Iiriekett's.
Mrs. timer l.abraek who has been
Ml her falt'.-r's. Wdlnid Iiriekett's for
the past two weeks earing fo--Mrs.
Ih'icke'.: il-rough pneumonia
went to her home at Fast llardwiek
Roy D'yer who has been workin;;
in .dassaeluiM'tts came Saturday 1-)
visit his pare!'!.-, Mr. and Mrs. Clar
ence I!ier.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Daniels and
Clarence are on the sick list.
Harold Swasey of Montpelier speiu
the week end at his brother's, Char
les Swasc-y's.
Alfred Daniels of Lisbon, X. II. ,
is iritinu' his brother, Albert Dan
iels. Fred Daniels is repairing his hou.-e
and pulling in a bath room.
JZ t. Xlto Lisbon Monday tm"3
. 1 n iiiuuivi, il 1 U, 'J IL rwiiiciu.
much im-i Al: . .... .
..il. --. Aijiec jji.uue. wnu iuis ueeil
will be glad to know he i:
proved though Mrs. Salina is still in
poor health.
Tho auto fire truck was called to
J the Fairbanks scale shops Wednes
day afternoon for a small blaze in the
tin shop. The fire was all extinguish
ed before the department arrived on
ii.e siem.. ; Mrs. E. L. Spencer is gaining -it
11.?ho many fi-'cwls of Mr. and Mrs. - hei. homo on Ch Htrect
ilhatn J. Holloway extend their j w. s. RuS8cI, s-homc f a .,
deep sympathy to them in the death , in the v.cst scli th (. j
ol then- son, Kenneth ilham, which ; parm K00ls
uceuiien .il iiiuii- nuiu- un u-rot Ml.s fieni-irn Cnon of T-W 5l
visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A.
W. Babcock, left Monday for her
home in Springfield, Mass.
Foster Butterfield of Sprindfield
spent the week end with Mrs. But
terfield at the home of her parent:-,
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hallett.
C. F. Cutting spent Thursday in j
St Johnsbury on business. j
Mrs. Frank Leach and daughter, j
Eva returned to their home in Lyn-
donville after spending several days j
in town, guests of Mr. and Mrs. O. B.
The dance given by Concord
Grange, Wednesday evening was a
pleasant social affair enjoyed by
about 35 couples
Miss Mary King who has been a
A person often docs more than he
realizes when he tells a suffering
friend how to get well. J. N. Tohill,
Avenue, Thursday morning. He was 1 .Johns!,u ,:y vi,sitC( h'e;. ni0(1P'r M'ls' j clerk Lottie Hotel, Evansville, Ind.,
six months and six days old and died j l Spenc(,,. Monday ' " writes: "For weeks I suffered con-I
of pneumonia. The funeral will be j m,.'.,, Mrs.' .Charles Creaser goes 1 Klantty with pains in the muscles ofi eSB
Get the Fertilizer
That's Right
USE Lowell Animal Fertilizers made from
Blood, Bone, Meat, Chemicals, and contain
ing i'f water-soluble Potash.
Our nitrogen is right.
Our phosphoric acid is available.
Our potash is unquestioned.
They mean Big Crops. They help starch
They better the qual ity and quantity of potatoes.
They better the feeding value of hay.
They make heayier grain.
They make your soil rich good producing and
they keep it going strong.
Order your supply of Lowell Fertilizers at once
You'll be glad you did it.
In harmony with the efforts of the Soil Improve
ment Committee of the National Fertilizer Ass'n
to standardize brands, we are now offering high
grade complete fertilizers containing Potash. The
prices are from $10 to $16 per ton lower than last
spring on such grades as 3-8-4, 4-8-4 and 4-8-6.
Lowell fertilizer cd
Ur.nch of CoiuolidiKd Rendering Co.
Boston, Mass,
er has employment with the Hood
Mrs. Maria Mudgett and Mrs.;
Harry Waite are spending the week
in Boston.
A. 1 Ttnnmni' wnu f!illn.l in !
I 1 I 1 ' . Tl 1 . HT... ...... V...1.-M W
ner nusiianmn oona, cu.gar a. m,s. , t Sum, b th(J f, h f
Aritasoff has been m this country four 1 njs futher
yeai-s and her two children will return I Mi; j,.;,., IJalo of Newbu
iui ner o jjuigo..... spent a few days of last week with
held at the home Saturday afternoon , t0 roslon Mo,;('ay to liv(! M.
at,, z o ciock, conuucieu uy iwv.
George A. Martin. i
Miss Mary L. Wheeler has gone,
to New York with her sister, Mrs.
Donteho Atansoff, who sails Saturday
for Constantinople and will later join
my thigh. I was treated by the doc
tor for rheumatism but found no re
lief. Upon recommendation of a
friend, Itried Foley Kidney Pills and
began to get relief almost immediate
ly." Good for backache, rheumatic
pains, stiff joints. ms
pains, stiff joints.
West Barnet are the proud parents of
an eight pound girT which was born
at the Frost sanitarium in" St. Johns
bury on Monday, March 1.
The members of the Outlook Club
will meet with Mrs. T. H. Underwood
on Wednesday afternoon for sewing
on Missionary work. A large at
tendance is desired.
Mrs. Benjamin Ward and little
daughter left Mrs. Moore's sanitar
ium Sunday and went to their home
in North Danville.
A. B. Scott is ouf with his auto
after three weeks driving a hack on
account of the snow.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Peck re
turned home Saturday from a week
spent in Boston.
Charles Town of Boston was here
Monday on business.
Itaymond Stevens spent Sunday
here with friends.
Mrs. Michael Colman is a little
better at this writing.
Mrs. J. C. Taylor is quite ill with
the grippe
Miss Sadie Hooker returned Satur
day from Groton where she has been
L. Fisher I her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E.
Cut out this slip, enclose with Tie
and mail it to Foley & Co., 2835 Shef
field Ave., Chicago, 111., writing your
name and address cleanly. You will
receive in return a trial package con
taining Foley's Honey and Tar, for
coughs, colds and croup; Foley Kid
ney Pills for pain in sides and back;
rheumatism, backache, kidney and
bladder ailments; and Foley Cathar
tic Tablets ,a wholesome and thor
oughly cleansing cathartic, for con
stipation, biliousness, headache, and
Smith at sluggish bowels. SOLD EVERYWHERE.
Mrs. A. S. Bai-tlctt has returned
from a visit in Holliston, Mass.
Dr. H. H. Miltimorc is out from his
recent illness and able to resume
Mrs. Charles Drew of North Dan
ville was here Sunday called by the
iljness of her mother, Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Daniel Noel left Sunday for a
three weeks' vacation in New York
City and Washing-ton.
C. B. Smith was in Woodsville,
Pearl Dudley of Orleans visited his
uncle," C. B. Smith, Monday.
Misses Minnie and Jane Dutile left
Tuesday for New Yorkwh ere they
will visit millinery centers.
Miss Florence Sealcy is home from
the millinery markets.
'Mrs. Lora Spaulding left Tuesday
to spend a week in White River
Junction and Springfield, Vt.
On account of the increase in his
business Wilfred Harvey of the Qual
ity Restaurant has engaged Peter
Landry to work nights.
Mrs. C. B. Rathbun went Tuesday
to Newbury to spend the day.
Mrs. James S. Weeks is home from
York and Boston.
Dr. J. D. Bat-hand has recovered
from his recent illness and his den
tal office is open again.
March entered like a lion all right
and the mercury registered 28 below
zero Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Mae Heath was called to
Franconia Tuesday by the illness of
her uncle, Henry W. Noyes.
Mrs. W. F. Walker of Springfield,
Mass., who has been visiting Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. Carpenter the past
two weeks, returned to her home
5ni Tl F.V17T?V. 1 . A- -
Sar- : ' -i iTWem
If the Reds are suffering in prison,
it is probably because of their strong
desire to go to work.
Get inside of one of these
An all-round coat a combi
nation of style, comfort and
Medium weight, medium
length at a minimum price.
Heavy enough to keep you
warm when it's, chilly light
enough to wear or carry When
it's warm.
A coat that every man should
Smart, stylish models in at
tractive fancy mixtures
Special values at $35.00.
Men's suits at $35.00 that are
worth more.
Co-operative Shoes for men.
Quen Quality Shoes for wo
The O Spot
"Come On Over
to Our House
We're Fine and Warm!"
Children playing on the floor, with no danger of
catching cold. Rest of the family comfortahle in any
part of the house w hat's more desirable during
these long winter evenings ? An
Onepipe Heater 7
brings joy to the whole family. The whole house is
kept warm, so no need of hugging stoves. Only one
fire to tend once or twice a
day and no fuss, dirt or both
er from fuel or ashes.
This one scientific heater, placed in
the cellar, through its one pipe and
register delivers healthful heat every
where in the house. And it keeps the
cellar cool.
You ouglit to have one; it costs no
more to run than several stoves. Get
the big InrEKnTrioniL. Onepipe book.
It is instructive, interesting.
Railroad Street
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
tSjMjffi j '''.

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