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v ''J7
83rd YEAR NUMBER 4408
St. Johnsbury Academy
Graduating Class Given
Strong Message
The North church was filial Sun
il.iv evening to attend the baecu-
li.ureate of the graduating class of
tilt Academy and a strong address on
the responsibilities of the present
ivuneration was given by Kev. Dr.
F'ltincis A. Poole, pastor of the
South Congregational church.
The pulpit vvis banked with lilacs
st. I other flowers and after the pre
lude the Tii) members of the class
marched impressively to their seats.
The devotional exercises were parti
cipated in by Rev. F. I'. Richards,
Kev. Dr. A. 1'. Orint and Principal
J. A. Davis and the Girls' Chorus
wnj two anthems.
J)r. J'oolo took his text from the
cle.use in 1 Pe'.er 2:!, "But ye are a
chosen generation." The speaker said
Peter meant the christian heroes of
class of 1!)20 at St Johnsbury
Academy and the generation it rep
resents. It i.i yours to save the
greatest country that christian living
has yet developed. It is yours to save
this country from the, evils that now
thi eaten its destruction.
America's message ami its mission
on earth is expressed bv that fa
miliar word democracy, but Am
erican democracy is still in jeopardy.
There is restlessness, discontent, un
ceitainty. Instoi.d of national unitv
ws behold discord and strife. In
1 clitics the contending fractions are.
not playing fair with the people.
Gov. C lement Playng
Sale and Waiting
Gov. Percival W. Clement has can
celed all out of the stale engage
ments and will play close to the
bu.es diN'ing the fight the woman
suffragists are waging to get him to
call a special session of the Vermont J
Legislature to consider the rederal
sufl rage amendment.
Lieut. Gov .Mason Stone has been
be-ciged by the women to call n
special si ssion in the absence from
the state of Gov. Clement and there
ha been correspondence between the
Governor and the Lieutenant Govern
or on this subject. (lov. Clement is
taking no chances and for that rea
son has cancelled his outside engagements.
Fine Entertainments
the St. Johnsbury
Armory on Friday
Con'gationalists Hold Theii
Eighh -sixth Annual
"This Countv of Ours" was the
theme of the SCf.h annual meeting ot
tl'c Caledonia association ol Congre
gational churches, which met in the
nville church Thursday, and the
speakers showed how closely related
the county was to the nation and the
wt rid in the grcr.l forward movement.
T'ere was ;i good attendance
j throughout the afternoon and even
j in f and a strong program was prc
i sentod.
! Kev. Robert Clark of the Lyndon
! church was moderator of the gather
' i.i'j and Kev. J. N. Pen-in of the East
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Tailored In our Suits, Topcoats and Raincoats,
you find the art and ideals of the very best
tailoring. These Clothes are built to give
the wearer utmost satisfaction in style and
The Suits, Topcoats and Raincoats for
Summer possess a "perfection of their
own. They the right in every way, guar
anteed by this store, and guaranteed again
by the makers.
Not cheaper, but better.
Top Coats,
$30 to 60
$30 to 45
$10 to 25
Men's Working Shirts, soft collar attached.
Sizes 14 to lfi 1-2 $10
W.A. TAPLIN, Prop.
On the Hill
Under the direction of Albert W
Smith, leader :' music in our public
schools, the children gave their first
pehlic festival .it the Armory Friday
before large and appreciative audi
ences. The children in the grades
were the entertainers at the matinee
a. id the evening' festival was given by
t'ie Junior High School and orches
tra. Miss Sylvia Kicker was the ac-
(cmnauist at both performances.
The afternoo'i festival included
lni'iiy piettv folk dances, several pan
temimo songs, a Japanese drill and
choius singing. The little folks en
joyed it as much as the spectators
:;ml all did splendidly. Many of them
were in costume and their dancin,
v.a-i exceedingly clever.
In the evening the Junior High
pi:pils gave a concert with chorus and
cehestral pieces pre-dominating.
Tin; program carried many of the
p pular songs and closed with the
'"tar Spangled Banner." The per
un mors snowed much proiiciency in
both vocnl and instrumental work.
Mr. Smith is certainly to bo con
gratulated upon his success with our
scholars, nearly all of whom appear
ed in i-riday's lestivals, and the
Caledonian-Record hopes this will be
an annual affair in the school enter
tainmcnts both for the sake of the
drill the pupils receive and the enjoy
ments nil orded the hearers.
Afternoon Program
First Grades Children's' Polka,
Miss Randalls Class; Sweeping and
Dusting, Miss Manchester's Class:
Doll Song, Mrs. Beck's Class; Baby
.Land, l he Robin s Song, Choi us.
Second Grades The Wooden Shoe,
Mrs. Ranney's Class; The Rainbow,
Miss Jcnnison's Class; Boston Song,
(Illustrated), Miss Jenness' Class;
Merry Playmates (Folk Dance), Miss
Griswold's Class; Two Little Roses,
The Wise Bird, Chorus.
Third Grades I See You (Folk
Dance), Miss Lyster's Class; Sand
Man, Miss Peck's Class; Folk Dance,
Miss Crosby's Class; Boat Song, Flow
Gently Sweet Afton, Chorus.
Fourth Grades Flag Drill, Miss
Lewis' Class; Harvester's Dance, Miss
Bailey's' Class; Home Again (War
Song) Miss Lougee's Class; Star
Daisies, The. Bird's Return, Chorus.
Fifth Grades Vocal Solo, - Louis
Smythe (Miss Jones' Class); A Song,
of June, Miss Anderson's Class;" Rose
Song, Miss Suitor's Class; Questions,
The Lass of Richmond Hall, Chorus.
Sixth Grades Baddest Boy, Valde
mar Mudgett. (Miss Murphy's Class);
Japanese Drill, Mrs. Follensby's end
Miss Haskell's Classes; The Little
Brown Church, The Linden Tree,
Evening Program
Overture American Airs Orchestra
America the Beautiful Chorus
Sleep Song, (Trio)
Mary Drouin, Louise Humphrey,
Charlotte Brooks
Over the Summer Sea Chorus
Post Commander Orchestra
Annie Laurie ( Folk Song) Chorus
Canoe Song Choius
Cornet Solo Robert Lcary
Orchestra Acc.
"Speed Our Republic Chorus
Carry Me Back to O'le Virgmny
Bridal Bouquet Orchestra
Boating Song Girls' Chorus
Old Folks at Home (Folk Song)
My Old Kentucky Home (Folk Song)
Paramount Orchestra
Welcome Sweet Springtime Chorus
Now the Dav is Over Choius
Dancing All the Time Orchestra
Thirteenth Annual Cathcr
cring of VI. Life Under
writers' Association
The P.Ot-h annual convention of the
Vtimont Life Underwriters' Associa
tion was held at the St. Johnsbury
He use Tuesday afternoon and even
ing, about o.r agents from all parts
of Tile state being present. Many
came in their cars lrom Burlington,
am1. Montpelier, while the Rutland
delegation came by train.
.At the business session at o'clock
Y. R. Bliss of Burlington, the retir
ing president, piesidcd and A. C. Ma
son of Rutland was secretary. These
oliiters were elected for the coming
year: Pres., Harry A. Butler of
Uurlinglon; iiiM vice pres., James
Kelley of Burlington; second vice
pies., A. R. Reynolds of Windsor;
executive com., Harry S. Parks, of
Barrc, N. A. Goodwin of Montpelier,
Nelson Ballard of aUrre: legislative
committee, S. S. Ballard of Mont
pelier, C. H. Aiken of Kiehford, E.
H. Olmstead of Mori isville.
Five minute talks were given on
insurance themes by A. M. Aseltine
oi Burlington, H. C. Farrar of Rut
land, S. S. Ballard and Han-v S.
Parks. Following these was an ad-
cuess by Thomas R. Hill of Philadel
phia, superintendent of agencies of
the Provident Life and Trust Company.
Landlord Herbert E. Moore served
an excellent bannuet and after the
suj.per president Butler rapped to
ore'er. Three excellent addresses
were given, the sneakers heimv
Charles A. Butler, formerly of Bur-
uiiKiuu, out now manager o the
Great Western Life Insurance Com-
ny ot innineo' and living in
Montreal; Homer Vipond, the man
ner ot the New York Life Insur
ance Compny in Montreal and Thom-
K. 11 ill.
t SI. Johnsburv Elks
to Observe Flag Dav
The annual "Flag Day" celebration
of the Elks will be observed at the
(lobe Ihentre Sunday evening at 8
jo clock by St. Johnsbury Lodge, No.
VA'-l The Grand- Army Veterans,
memtiers ot the American Legion,
Spanish-American war veterans,
members of the Vermont National
Guard and the Boy Scouts will be
present. An elaborate program is
being arranged anil the principal
speaker will be E. Thomas Larkin of
Troy, N. V. The public are cordially
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac A. Balch Strong Address by
of Waterford Quietly
Observe the Dav
Woodbury Granite Co.
Gets Big Contract
The Woodbui-y Granite Company
of Hardwick has received now the
contract for furnishing the material
for the new American Telephone and
Telegraph Comparty building at
Broadway and Fulton streets, New
York eity.
The material will be quarried at
Bethel. Twenty thousand tons, repre
senting 200,000 cubic feet, will be re
quired. The price is approximately
This is the second largest granite
contract cvfr placed in New England
the first having been for the Wiscon
sin State Capitol completed four
years ago.
Work will be begun within 10 days
at both quarries and cutting shops
which have been idle auring me msi
two years, the granite business hav
ing been affected by the war.
Board of Control .
Visited St. Johnsbury
' The Board of Control spent Thurs
day night at the St. Johnsbury House
leaving early Friday morning for
Lyndonville where they will visit the
Vail Agricultural school. ' The per
sonnel of the board is as follows: Gov
Percival W .Clement, Hon. Walter
F. Scott, state treasurer; Hon. Ben
jamin Gates, state auditor; Hon.
John E. Weeks, director of State ins
titutions. In the nartv were also Mis.
i Weeks and Howard L. Hindley, edi
tor of the Rutland Herald. Gov. Cle
ment spent the evening at the home
of his long-time friend, Hon. Alexan
der Dunnett.
Miss Marshall Still
In Constantinople
Mrs. I. G. Marshill ff St.. .Tnhnu.
bury has heard from the Near East
Relief of New YoVk citv that, her
luiuguiei, miss iviaua Marshall, is
still on duty in Constantinople, but
leaving for the United States within
la days. As announced in these cnl-
umns a short time ago the unit with
which she was connected in Armenia
had been ordered-oat Uy-ol. Has
kell. This seemed advisable as the
Bolsheviki forces had marched down
into the Russian Caucasus and the
female personnel of the unit were
arsembled at Batoum and taken to
Crnstantinoolo on a United States
destroyer. This order from Col. Has
kell was issued on May 10 on June .1
the Near East Relief had word that it
seemed advisible to their foreign of
fice to demobolize this ' group w.th
the exception of a half-dozen Red
Cross nurses, since there was no im
mediate prospect of returning them
to their field of work. ,
That conditions are far from nor
mal, even near Constantinople, is evi
denced by the Associated Press des
patch of June 5 which says that Brit
isn warships opened fire on National-
is', positions on the Sea ol Marmora
Friday night as the Nationalists had
approached close to the British en
trenchments along the Gulf of Ismid
where many British units arc sta
tioned to protect the troops guardim
the railway. The collapse of the Sul
tan's troops leaves the British alone
to delend the railway tenninals op
posite Constantinople and many Ar
menian and Greek refugees have en
tered Ismid after escaping from the
Fitzdale Lumber Co. Have a
Four Thousand Dollar
Loss at Early Fire
The new saw mill of the Ea
Ccncord Lumber Co. was burned
ed to the ground early Wednesday
mrrning. The night watchman di
covered the blaze about " o'clock,
but it was too late to extinguish the
flames. The mill is located some
I distance from the village of East
Ccncord and" few in the village knew
of the fire until after it was all over.
The loss is estimated tit $4,000 and
is partly covered by insurance. The
blacksmith shop and the lumber in
ti e yard were saved. The sawmill
has been operated two months and
was owned by the Fitzdale Paper
Recital by Miss Laura
Gertrude Shields
An appreciative audience gathered
in Athenaeum Hall in St. Johnsbury
Saturday evening to attend the piano
recital given by Miss Laura Gertrude
Sh-elds, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Cl aries A. Shields. She gave an
interesting and carefully selected
program, entirely from memory, with
remarkable success for so young a
pirformcr. Her playing showed
much facility of technique, unusual
s:c(uracy and finish, combined with
genuine musical feeling. Her per
formance reflected great credit upon
i.er teacher, Miss Maude E. Brown,
:va well as giving evidence of con
scientious and faithful work- on her
own part. Tho number entitled
'"Moment dc'Canrlce.b'y Lack show
ed the young musician at her best,
and her execution of its many diffi
cult passages would have done credit
tj manv an older performer. She
sri.iild have a bricht future ahead
.he continues to progress as she has
done up to the present.
Another enjoyable feature of the
program was the appearance of Miss
Lillian M. Martin who read most ac
ceptably one of the clever stories
written bv Mrs. Laura Chadbourne
Piiffer of St. Johnsbury for John
Martin's Book. Miss Martin respond
ed to an encore and gave a unique
interpretation of the flowers as ap
plied to the world's famous compos
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac A. Bnleh of
Waterford celebrated their sixtieth
wedding anniversary at the home of
her brother, Oscar Wallace, Thursday
Frank L. Goods
ol Barrc
The 77th commencement i
of the St. Johnsbury Acadei
held at the South church 1
n.ermng when a) received
afternoon when friends and relatives f;cm the classical departm
called to extend hearty congratula
tions. Refreshments were served at
the reception and the aged couple
were the recipients of hearty con
gratulations, flowers and gifts of
Isaac A. Raich was born in Lunen
burg Sept. 1;, 18:)5. He lived on the
home farm through his boyhood and
for five years after they were married
he lived in the same town. After
that Mr. and Mrs. Balch moved to
Lyons, Mich., where for 40 years Mr.
Balch devoted himself to bee culture.
He became an expert in this line and
at one time kept MOO swarms. His
specialty was raisino- and marketing
queen bees and he imported a queen
bee from Italy for which he paid $10
and introduced Italian bees into that
part of the northwest as well as in all
parts of the United States and Can
ada. He shipped at one time a car
load of bees into the Dominion. Mr.
Balch has resumed his favorite work
since coming to his Waterford home
and has two swarms on the Wallace
place. These are black bees, but he
has just purchased some Italian
queens and wjll "Italianize" his
Mr. Balch finds time to cairy on a
fine garden as well as care for his
bees and is in excellent health. He
is the last of a family of six boys and
six irirls.
Mrs. Abbie J. (Wallace) Balch n
the daughter of George an
Wallace and was
in November, 18
Only One Jury Case
Tried In County Cour(
The June term of Caledonia coun
ty court, now ;n session at St. Johns
Lurv. has the unique distinction ol
having had only one jury case. This
was finished Thursday and Judge
Butler has dismissed the jury subject
to call, and will spend the rest of
the time in hearing divorce cases and
chancery cases. He expects to be
here about two weeks longer.
The case jwas that of A. D. Little
Kale v. W. II. Nugent nnd Dominic
Costa and was brought by the plain
tiu', a resident of Maine, to recovci
for a consignment of ajiplcs. Jamej
B. Campbell appeared .for the plain
tiff and the defendants were repre
sented by Porter, Witters & Long
moore. The jury brought in a verdict
for the plaintiff to recover in the sum
of $271.
George Roy Wins the
Twenty-five Dollar Prize
No. 194 drew tho $25 in gold af
the dance of the Loyal Order of the
Moose in Grajid Army hall Wednes
day evening and the lucky winnci
was George Roy. who lccontly
bought Ed.- Champoux's barber :;hop.
Mrs. Wilkic's orchestra furnished ex
cellent music and the entertainment
was enjoyed by all. An exhibition
dance and fox trot was ?iven by
James E. Candlin and Miss Elaine
Miss Leach sang two song-;; Frank
Lapoint and son entertained with
iokes, songs and the banjo, and
Floyd Lapoint gave selections or
the banjov The dance which followed
the entertainment closed at a late
hour with the Moose heart waltz and
all present had the best kind of f.
time, i
Tuberculosis Drive In
St. Johnsbury
This is the week for the state
wide drive for tuberculosis through
aut Vermont and the local canvassers
Virvo heen husv Duttinir St. Johns-
Lury over the top and will make their
di al report next week. The quota as
sigi ed for this town is $2,500 and it
is exnected that, as usual, St. Johns
bury will go over the top. Any who
n ay be missed by the energetic can
vassers may send their check by mail
o Gilbert E. Woods and if their con
tribution is too heavy to send by mail
if they will telephone Mr. Woods he
will send a truck to the house to take
th'! money to the bank.
The following canvassers have
leen engaged for the drive:
J. H. Brooks, J. V. Puffer,
lames Cosgrove, C. C. Bingham. Dr.
'L H. Miltimore, R. C. Baker, Frank
'I. Lanctot, Frank G. Landry, F. B.
Tacques, George A. Burbank, R. C.
V. Babcock, Edgar R. Brown, Dr. C.
V. Cramton, John F. Hinch, W. J.
r'arr, Alphonse Nolin, A. B. Noyes,
W. H. Taylor, Fred C. Beck, John
n,. Clark.
Death of M. F. McDonald
of South Ryegate
M. F. McDonald, a pioneer granite
utcr of South Ryegate, died at
.riffhtlook Hospital in St. Johns
bury on May 31. The funeral was
eld at the united rresDyuuian
hurch of which he was the senior
elder, on Wednesday afternoon. Rev.
S. A. Jackson of Lowell, Mass., had
charge of he services, Rev. Francis
Laird of West Barnet and Kev. u.
M. McKinlcy assisting.
Mr. McDonald's dcatn is a custinci
os? to the community and the
church, as well as his own family
:ircle, as he ever stood tor what was
'lighest and best in public and pri
vate life. He was the pioneer in the
;Vr.nite business in this town, coming
1-: a young man about 40 years ago
,o take charge of the cutting shed
RoDert and t'eter Laira, notn tor-
r.er St. Johnsbury residents, who
hud purchased'the first quarry land
an Blue mountain. His business
ucissed some years ago into the de
ficient hands of his sons but goes
ur.der his name still.
to Mr. Balch atV wTirJune
1860. bv Rev. MiTSewall. She ha
two brothers living, Oscar Wallace
and Frank Wallace of St. Johnsbury.
Thcv have had no children. Mr.?,
Wallace has been an invalid tor n
11 1 .l 1 A
years, but is aDie ana very giuu iu
assist in the family housework.
The Caledonian-Record joins with
all other friends in extending hrarty
congratulations to th:s couple on
caching Jhis nqjabie anniversary.
Sherbrooks Masons
Entertain St. J. Brethren
Nearlv 75 members of Haswell
Rfval Arch Chanter accepted the in
v'.tition from Golden Rule Chapter
oi Shcrbrooke and made them a re
turn visit Saturday and Sunday, the
trip being made from St. Johnsbury
in automobiles, supper was serveu
bv the ladies of St. Andrew's church
after which the Shcrbrooke chapter
w iked tho Roval Arch degree with
Irst Hieh Priest Estell in the chair.
Tho sf.. Johnsburv brethren were
much interested in the work which
differed in some of its details lrom
the way it is worked at their Temple.
Following tho work P. H. P. Estell
called on several of the Shcrbrooke
me mbers for speeches and these lrom
St. Johnsbury: Fred C. Beck, B. A.
Palmer, cRuben G. Cheney, Herbert
A. Lougee, Fred H. Dolloff, Charles
Bennett, A. If. Glcason, and C. A.
Brodien. Music and refreshments
clcted a most enjoyable evening.
Sunday morning the Golden Rule
chapter entertained the visitors by
shewing them the sights of the city,
while many of the visitors attended
th( church services. The return to
St.. Johnsburv was made Sunday af
ternoon, and though the weather was
unfavorable for sight seeing the Ma
st ns had a most enjoyable trip.
Horton Bird Contest
Scheduled This Week
The annual contests among the
chool children for the prizes offered
by Charles H. Horton will be held
- ,
it the Museum class room as ionows;
First Division: The contest for
Giadcs I and 2 will be held Wcdnes-
Jav, June 9, at 2 p. m.
Second Division: The contest for
Grades 3 and 4 will be held on
n ursday, June 10, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Tliiivl liruiuinn- Th contest for
G'ades 5 and 6 will, bo held on Mon
day, June 14, at D.00 a. m.
Fourth Division: The contest lor
Grades 8 and 8 of the Rural schools
vnd all winners of cither Museum
or Horton prizes in the. contests of
1.P18 and 1919 will be held on Mon
day, June 14, at 2 o'clock p. m.
Woman's Club Hears
Mrs. Estey of Montpelier
Thj June meeting of the St.
lohnsbury Women's Club was held
in Athenaeum- hall at three o'clock
Tuesday afternoon. Mrs. George
Cheney the club's new president pre
sided. After greeting three new members
Mrs. L. Lillian Ingalls, Mrs. Chu'de
Arnold and Mrs. S. J. Morri.-oi, an
"iitcrtaining talk was given bvr Mrs.
Estey of Montpelier on "Parliamen
tai'v Law." Miss Mary Ide, chair
man of the civic committee introduc
ed Mrs. Estey.
An entertainment course of the
hiehest order was among the inter
esting features voted upon during the
regular business meeting.
. i
wtr 1 1
n I
four from the commercial dej
The pulpit was banked with
flowers and the church was
the doors with an audience
y.iently enjoyed the progra
War March from the Priest;
Athalia Mem
Prayer Rev. Francis A. Pool
Pi;. no Solo Lo Papillon '.
Margaret Brooks
The Place of the Classics in 1
tion Newel
Clrra Barton Iris Un
Yachting Glee Boys' Q
Hobbies nnd their Uses
J. Newton Per
Abraham Lincoln, a Symbol
String Quartette Idyl I
Allan Hunter, Francos' T
Rhea Gilson, Mildred Ri
Commencement Address
Rev. Frank L. Goodspeei
Presentation of Diplomns uni
Hon. Henry C. Ide, Pre
tho Board of
Cod Shall Wipo Away all TJ
, Allan Hunter "
Fe? cdiction. fit'M
The first honor was awirtj
Miss Harriett Vernon and thi
honor to Newall Penihi Ei
rereived scholarships minted
University of VeiTOonjf4ip
est scholarship Hi tb
. course. H j
fallowina; arc the men)
e graduating clasBMit th i
department: ' fti'!
Merton Ellswuth Ashton!
Winfred Harris Beard'
Theodore Conrad Beck ' Vj
Lucicn Charles Benedict j
Cecil Warren Bowenli
Evelyn Huldah tfrfciM$$$
Ernestine Mae Brown ''
MabeTElla Biuce :.: '
Kathleen Esther Chaffoj;i5
George Blair Chaniberlola
Maude- Ethel Ckmgh ft-
. Barbara AHerton Conaut V T.
Hazel Mae Coombs j- ?
'Dorris Orrel Cowles "' ;
Langdon Sumner Cummin
Edward Robert French vs
Arthur Bruce Gaffney, Jroj
Sumner Abbott Gilfillan
Rhea Cooke ilson -
Ruth Leola Goss '
Arthur Edwin Grant '!
Luther Nathaniel Greene
v Maude Estello.Hall
Clara. May Hdlett '?.-
Edward James Hamilton jv
James Allan Hunter
Avis Mae King '-J
' Kathleen Margaret Lanctot
Kenneth Babcock Lanpherj
Roderick James Ling' "
Gladys Vivian Livingston
Natalie Lillian Marden '
Wendell ArlanJ Morris
Olga McClaiy j
Mildred Lois McCullough
Mildred Lettia Orton . I
Eleanor Mary Perkins '
Newell Greeley Pen-in ' 4
Justus Newton Pen-in, 3rd
Winthrop Eugene Pierce
Georges Etienne Prevost
"Marion Ramage ,
Mildred Keenan Rann '
Helen Maude Roberts
Amos Scott, Jr.
Hazel Louise Shaw
(ConHr.ued on pae thret
You know how . much"
more you can accom-;
plish by putting whole
hearted effort into
your work. And that,
is just the kind of tf-
fort to put into saving!
money. ' j
An account with th
Wells River Savings
Bank is a splendid in-1
centive. ' '1
4 Per Cent Interest A
i-i. .
IxlVER 1
it' J-.
-. .

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