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r J.
83rd YEAR NUMBER 1427
Warm Winter
: m Winter weight Union Suits in Wool, Worsteds
and Cottons $2.85, $3.50, $4.50, $5.50
, Winter weight Shirts and Drawers in Wool,
Worsteds and Cottons 98c, $2.00, $2.50, $3.00
Cashmere Hose in Black, Grey and the new
Heather shades 75c, $1.15, $1.25 a pair
Boys' Winter weight Union Suits, Wools, Wors
teds and Cottons $1.50, $1.75, $2.00, $2.50
We are showing extra good values in Men's and
Boys' Flannelette Night Robes and Pajamas at re
duced prices.
The Berry-Ball
A Sp6rtsman's Chance
Everybody thrills to the story of the person
who takes a chance on his own life to Eavc
another's that is indeed a sportsman's
v chance.
But people take chances every day that arc
neither heroic nor necessary.
Keeping valuables in the home, where they
serve as an effective bait for burglars, is
chance-taking of the second order.
Thl3 Institution's safe deposit department
is designed and equipped to give complete
protection at nominal cost.
' ?
The Citizens Savings Bank & Trust Co.
Stanley Furniture. Co.
The most up-to-date of
Ambulance Service
Phone 418-M
Is Now In Much
We are able to furnish your
every want, as we are showing the
finest line of Men's Underwear
shown since before the war. We
now have many of the old numbers
thit were unobtainable during the
waf, and have added many new
numbers and features.
Sizes to fit every man, tall, short,
stout or slim.
Dry Goods Co.
Republicans Sweep
Northeastern Vermont-
Northeastern Vermont sustained all the fine tradi
tions of the Republican party in Tuesday's national elec
tion by giving every candidate, from President down to
town officers, a handsome majority. The only consola
tion the Democrats received in Caledoria county was
the election of two town representatives, A. J. Goss of
Danville) who won by one vote over William Clement, and
John Buckley, who won in Wheelock over G. R. Dresser.
I lie election brought out a tremen
dous vote in every city and town.
The vote was nearly doubled
over past elections m every
instance by the advent of women
voters. They showed a great inter
est not only in getting to the polls
early and voting, but also in follow
ing the returns in all the contests.
Caledonia county gave a handsome
majority to James B. Campbell, Re
publican, in the spirited contest for
stale's attorney. lie was elected over
Samuel Richardson, Democrat, by
! 18G8. This is a fine endorsement of
the administration of Attorney Camp
bell and the futility of the Demo
crats in running a candidate as an
independent in an effort to befog the
In the contest for County Senator
William P. Russell of Kiiby and
Frank T. Taylor of Hardwick. Re
publicans, won by handsome majorit
ies. It was evident that the Republi
cans voted the straight ticket to a
very large extent and there were few
split ballots in many towns.
InAhe vote for president the total
for Caledonia county was Harding
5,364, Cox 1838.
The ballot for. town representative
was turned in promptly at S.OOoVlock
and the vote in thenext two hours
was veiy light. It took an hour and
15 minutes to count the ballot and the
result proved to be a sweeping victory
for Gilbert E. Woods, the Republican
candidate and assistant treasurer of
the Citizens Savings Bank & Tiust
Co. Cut of 2.646 votes cast there
! were four spoiled, 56 blank, 959 for
j Charles N. Whitney, the democratic
candidate, and 1626 for Gilbert E.
' Woods. The announcement of tha
vote was received with a burst cf
applause and several left the hall at
once to congratulate Mr. Woods cn
his splendid victory.
The voting became so neavy tiur
ine the afternooft that the cl-ction
committee had to secure barrels to
Hotd the- ballots. The boKes. ocdinax-
ily used for holding ballots had been
filled to overflowing. '
When the ballot boxes were closed
at 5 o'clock there were but 50 county
ballots left. In the afternoon Lyn
donville election officials telephoned
that they Were running short of bal
lots and a new sunnlv was sent them.
The 22 girls in the telephone office
who had come into answer the flood
of telephone calls received a pleating
surprise at 5 o'clock when a five
pound box of chocolates from the
wholesale firm of French & Bean was
delivered to their office with the com
plimcnts of the St. Johnsbury town
llemiblican town committee.
The complete vote for representa
tive in St. Johnsbury was: Woods,
Rep., 1626; Whitney, Dem., S59 ;
blanks, 56. spoiled 4. Tlfe total vote
cast was 2645.
Caledonia County complete gave
the following vote: For Congress,
Dale, R, 5,042; Witters, D, 1957; for
Governor Hartness, R. 5,497, Martin,
D. 1,481.
The first Democratic town to be
heard from was Lemington in Essex
county. The vote here was Harding,
24; Cox, 28; Dale, 24; Witters, '28;
Harness, 25; Martin, 27. Wendell C.
Holbrook was elected town represen
tative. The first town to report the presi
dential vote in Essex county wus
Granbv which reported toho Caledonian-Record
at 5.12 n. m? The vote
was Harding, 14; Cox, 6; Congress
man Dale, 17, Witters, 5; for govern
or, Hartness, R. 17, Martin, D, 4. O.
M. HdWgdon. Rep. was elected. : '
In Danville Ashley J. Goss, Demi,
was elected representative over Wil
liam Clement. Ren. by one vote. The
vote, Goss, 298; Clement, 297.
In Essex County
Brighton, Essex County, Harding,
R, 264, Cox, 1), 243; congressman,
Rain. Tt. 289. Witters. D. 191: Gov
ernor, Hartness, R, 292, Martin, D
170: Town Representative, Edmuna
C. Foss. '
Canaan Essex County, Harding, JJ,
129; Cox, D, 29; Congressman, Dale,
K, 128, Witters, v. 34; uovcrnor,
Hartness, R 131, Mar.tin, 1), 26;
Town Representative .Daniel A.
Marsh. R.
Bloomficld, Essex County, Harding,
It, 42, Cox, 1), 45; ConVressman, Dale
RM9, Witters, D, 33; Governor.
rUhness, R, 46, Martin, D, 37; Town
Representative,. William Schoff, R.
East Haven, Essex County,
Harding, R, 22, Cox. D, 3; Congress
man, Dale, R, 24, Witters, D 3; Gov
ernor Hartness, R, 21, Martin, D, 3;
Town Representative Lisle J. Wash
burn, R.
Granby. Essex county, Harding, R.
14, Cox, D, 6; Congressman, Dale, R,
17, Witters, D, 5; Governor, Hart
ness. R, 17, Martin. D, 4 : Town Rep
resentative, O. M. Hodgdon, R.
Lemington, Essex County, Harding,
Strong Winner
R, 21, Cox, I), 28 ; Congressman, Dale,
R, 24; Witters, D, 28; Governor, R,
Hartness, 25, iviartin, D, 27; Town
Representative, Wencell C. Holbrook,
Victory, Essex county, Harding, R,
38, Cox, D, 8; Congressman, Dale, R,
29, Witters, I), 9; Governor, Hart
ness R, 34; Martin, D, 4; Town Rep
resentative, Daniel Murche, R.
Concord, Essex County, Harding,
R, 288, Cox, I), 34; Congressman,
Dale, R, 258; Witters, I), 60; Govern
or, Hartness, R, 274, Martin D, 2";
Town Representative, J. R. Richard
son, R. -
Lunenburg Essex County, Hard-f
ing R. 201 Cox, 471; Congressman,
Dale, R, 190, Witters, D, 55; Gov
ernor Hartness, R, 201, Martin, D, 43;
Town Representative, M. D. Bowkcr,
Brunswick, Essex Countv. Harding,
R, 19, Cox, D, 16; Congressman, Dale,
' .1 ,.,: ' "i''""-"",'
R, 17, Witters D, 18; Governor,
Hartness, R, 15, Martin, I), 18; Town
Representative R. S.- Beattie. K.
Guildhall Escx county,! Harding,
R., 78, Cox D. 58; Congressman, Dale
R., 78 Witters, D. 55; Governor,
Hartness R. 79. Martin. D.. 52. Town
representative, Chas. Canfield R.
.Splendid Line of Speakers at
Sunday Night's Rally
at the Globe
The annual Red Cross roll
starts in St. Johnsbury Monday
j.SiludaNrXlft;bo observed, here
I as Red Cross Sunday with a big rally
at the Globe Theatre in the evening
at 7 o'clock. Manager Graves has
kindly donated the theatre for the
occasion. The music will be under the
direction of Albert W. Smith, teacher
of music in our publi cschoois and
Academy. Speakers of a national re
putation have been. engaged and the
public are cordiallv invited.
The speakers include Dr. E. A. Pe
terson of national headquarters at
Washington, director of health cen
ter,; Arthur Rotch of Boston, man
ager of the New England division;
Miss Lav i nia NevvelH director of pro
duction, also of Boston. Leon H.
Baxter will speak of the work in St.
Johnsbury of the Junior Red Cross
and Bernard Daniels will tell of some
of the thing he saw in Eurone where
the Red Cross was of special service.
The speakers from out of town will
speak on their respective lines of
work and one of them. Miss Newell,
has frequently visited St. Johnsbury
and will bo cordially welcomed here
Important Meetings
for Farmers'
E. H. Hallntt, manager of the Cal
edonia County Farmers Exchange
and County Agent M. V. Barnes
commence a series ot meetings wea-
nesday night. It is hoped that every
-r'n.nMA.. ...ill nltnnil AYin flf tllACn mnnt.
ings at the nearest place of business,
Plans for the future w6rk, and orders
for seeds and fertilizers will be taken
a well as other matters of imnort -
ance discussed. 1 '
West Barnct, Monday evening,
Nov. 8.
reacnam, tucsuay evening, mov.
Wednesday afternoon,
Nov. 10.
West Biirke, Wednesday evening,
Nov. 10. i t
Sutton. Thursday evening, Nov. 1 1.
Sheffield. Friday afternoon, Nov. 12
I Wheelock, Friday evening, Nov. 12.
. Hardwick,' Monday evening, Nov.
Stannard, Tuesday afternoon, Nov.
East Hardwick, Tuesday evening,
Nov. lfi.
Waldcn, Wednesday afternoon,
Nov. 17.
Danville, Wednesday evening, Nov.
17. a
Easr Burke Thursday afternoon,
Nov. JR.
Lyndonvillc, Thursday evening,
Nov. 18.
Waterford, Friday afternoon, Nov.
Concord, Friday evening. Nov.
Mclndocs, Monday evening, Nov.
R'arnet. Tuesdnv evening. Nov. 23.
East Barnet, Wednesduy evening,
Npv. 24.
Passumpsic, Friday evening, Nov.
26. ' ,
Need Only $195.30 to Com
plete Quota. School
Pupils Helping
Only $195.30 to raise to complete
it's quota. That is how the village
of St. Johnsbury stands today in the
drive to secure funds lor the Chil
dren's Aid Society of Vermont in an
effort to help the chilci. ei. of the state
Officials in charge of the campaign
are hopeful that the fund here will go
"over the top" this week but will be
satisfied if the quota is completed
earlv next week. St. Johnsbury's
ouota is $1,000 and 804.70 of this
amount already has been subscribed.
Every citizen is urgently requested to
give according to their means, if only
a few pennies. '
The first contribution in the cam
naigning was received from the City
Mission. The check forwarded by this
organization was for $20.00 which
gave the fund a good start.
The town of Lyndon has passed
wav beyond its quota of $500 and is
still going. Up to date $769.55 has
been given to the society and the
money continued to pour in. Why
can't St. Johnsbury do as well.
Mrs. M. N. Heywood, who is chair
manman of the drive, has received
the following letter from Miss Ruth
Damon Downes:
' Nov. 3, 1920.
My dear Mrs. Heywood:
i it. ii wnn xnc greatest pleasure
that iendou tihe renort of 'what
It ii with the greatest pleasure
the school children pf St. Johnsbury
have done in the Drive to help the
"Children's Aid Society".
Two weeks ago they were given
the slogan "Work, Earn, Give" and
faithfully have they remembered it
as the results prove. The fact that
the money has actually been earned
by the children gives it far greater
value as a gift.
The total is $112.17. To the third
grade in the Summer street school
goes the honor of earning the largest
amount, that sum being $15.74. The
fifth grade in the same school came
second with a credit of $13. The sec
ond grade came in third with $11.50
and it is with pleasure that we note
the little tots in the first grade earned
$8.50. They should have had first
place if enthusiasm could have given
it to them but little folks cannot
earn the amounts that the larger
folks can. However, they deserve rec
ognition for their splendid spirit. .
Reception to Representative
Elect Gilbert E. Woojds
Notwithstanding the numerous at
tractions Thursday evening over 5O0
of our citizens accepted the invitation
of Representative-elect Gilbert E.
Woods to call at his Summer street
home where he and Mrs. Woods kept
open house throughout the evening.
The St. Johnsbury band led the crowd
to the house and early in the evening
Mr. Woods came out on the piazza
and in a few well chosen words
thanked the ladies and gentlemen of
lit. Johnsbury for the splendid sup
port they gave him at the polls. The
crowd then filed through the house to
PTttsp Mr. Woods' hand and extend
personal congratulations. In the re
ceiving line with Mr. Woods was hi.'
wife and his mother and the members
of the republican town committee, W.
A. Ricker, Charles W. Steele, Frank
G. Landry, W. W. Blodgett, and W.
H. Taylor. After congratulations had
been extended the crowd passed into
another room where each lady re
ceived a generous sample of maple
sugar and each gentleman a good
i Miss
Wpr1flr.fl Tn Hartford
Miss Dorothy E. Goudreault,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred
Goudreault Of Concord, Vt., was mar
ried to Ernest R. Bouchard, son of
Mr. and Mrs. James Bouchard, of
Hiii-lfnivl r.t.. Mnnrinv. October 11th.
at 0'clock at St. Anne's church by
- . t t-1 T"i 1
j to,. of tn.lt cnui.ch.
Following the ccremonv a wedding
j b-rakfast was served at the home of
, bridegroom for relatives and
I friends from New York. Springfield
I anrt Boston, Vermoflt, New Britian
! a-ui Hartford. Rev. Joseph V. E. Be-
janl,ci. was also present at the break-
Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard ihavc taken
a two wecKS' weacitng inn inrougn
. New York state and Washington, D.
C. where Joseph Bouchard, a brother
of the bridegroom is attending Gal-
la"det rolleerc.
I Mr. Bouchard is employed b- the
, f'-m of C. J. Elmsrren. heatine engin-
eers. Mr. and Mrs. Bouchard are now
r"sidine at No. 06 Madison Ave.,
'rVl-lifna Hie
; 90th Birthday
iyf... and Mrs. T). D. Bean and Mrs.
W. H. Ford of Nashua. N. H., were
"uof, pf Mrs. Robert French. Nov.
?nd. in honor of the 90th birthday of
thnir father, John Bean.
Fronds and neighbors called dur-
, !ng the afternoon and evening and
j h1 wep'ved manv biH-hdav post cards.
Mr. Bean is. a familinr figure on ou-
-eets. bein verv aHve for on of
i fcis. pdvancedy nre. t He voted fov
i VaHinir nn TupHav ond has vote
, t Hp Remiblicnn ticket sinco he was 21
""trs old. He went to Ijjpsmifl. on
""hu-sday to spend a month with Mrs.
Sen. Harding Has 404
Electoral Votes to
127 for Gov. Cox
NEW YORK, Nov. 3 One of the most sweeping
Republican victories in party history today stood record
ed for Senator Warren G. Harding for President and f
Republican congress. Tremendous and unparallelec
Republican pluralities beginning with the first town tc
ballot in yesterday's" election continued mounting today.
Ueteat in their fight both for the
residency and congress was con
ceded early by the Democratic na
tional leaders on the basis of the
crushing Republican vote. And de
spite the absence early today of finnl
and official figures for the presidency
and congress the Democrats aljo lost
crovernor.5, state legislatures ar'l oili
er state and local candidates. ,
The breaks threatened to extend '
into the border states of the hither-1
Reconstructive Tonic
It creates a heartv appetite, aids digestion, creates;
thousands of new red blood ccrpupclcs, the glow of.
health replaces pallid cheeky ..- gg'a disappears' acd
strength and vigor: -:';ti-fr:f
RECONi TONIC builds up your:
strength, creates a supple bodie and alert mind. Get a
bottle at once and see what real joy there is in life,
when your health is as it was intended to be.
IS Your Money
This Community?
New bunks anil new tciipines. piyinghigh rates of interest
have lately been shown up in their true character as regards
security am! 'lie integrity of their officials.
Your home Bank can and does pay you a fair rale of inter
est and you can call on the principal when you need it.
These funds arc passed along to local butiness men and
industries to help development and keep our woi kers ira loyed.
Passumpsic Savings Bank
5 5 Main St. St. J ohnsbury, Vt.
I . . J NTELLIGENT and thought- j 1
II ful attention to YOUR III
i ll everY requirement-More friend- j i
i i amosere Posing sur" ' M
1 The RrstNtiomBank II
fi!z zBgR fedcral reserve s Tj
i .
to "solid south." Republican gains
in some of the southern states wejx
larger than any since the Civil War
Senator Hardiiv's victory, in what
Governor Cox of Ohio, his Demo
cratic opponent and other Democrat
ic leaders anel many prominent Re
publicans hr.il as the "solemn refer-
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