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Valdez Daily Prospector
Prospector Publishing Co.
Daily Prospector.
§y carrier, per month....$ 1.00
By mail, per annum. 10.00
The Weekly Miner.
By carrier, per month. 40c
By mail, per annum........ $3.00
The Daily Prospector and Weeklj
Miner, by carrier, to one address
only after September 1st..$1.25
The Daily Prospector and Weekly
Miner by mail to one address
only .$12.50
Business Office and Editoria
Rooms, Phone No. 222.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 1(1, 1013.
It was Washington Irving who
wrote a highly diverting sketch
on the mutability of things. If
might be well, in view of recent
events, to enlarge the topic to
the mutability of empires.
Readers of newspapers who
hastily scan the accounts of oc
currences as they are recorded
day by day have witnessed of late
developments that will stand out
conspicuously when the next gen
eration studies the history of the
period. The overthrow of the Ot
toman arms in Europe and Af
rica, resulting in the curtailment
of the power which some centur
ies ago the combined force of Eu
rope in -vain launched itself
against, is but one of the devel
opments. The humbling of Is
lam will go down as the most im
portant world event of the year
The renaissance of China,
which has been going on quiet
ly during 'the present twelve
month, is another epoch-making
event. Following the overthrow
of the century-old Manchu pow
er the ancient empire has come
into the family of modern-na
lions in swaddling clothes as an
infant republic.
Mexico in the long-lienee will
look back upon 1912 as a year of
blood and horror, the aftermath
of the overthrow of Diaz, whose
power in a way seemed as unas
sailable as that of either the
Manchus or the Turks, having
been a reign of lawlessness that
has made the country groan.
In our own country there was
an avalanche that, gave notice to
fh1 world that I ho'government of
the people, by the people and for
the people cannot be subverted by
any would-be modern .lulius Cae
Tin* Turkish Sultan knows, of
course', that the European powers
ilo nol-want war and can not have
war, and this knowledge gives
him .courage lo.hlutl' and h'lusler
and‘delay for I lie purpose of
making I he best terms possible.
The negotiations thus far have
made little progress toward peace
but the temper of I he representa
tives of I he several powers, so
far as manifested, is not that of
unreasonable obstinacy, but ratti
er that of willingness to con
sent to an arrangement looking
lo permanent peace if such is at
tainable without incongruous
concessions. The attitude of the
Balkans, being that of conquer
ing invaders, inspires expres
sions outside the conference
chamber which cannot be accept
ed as indicating the ultimate ouf
come of llie work of the entire
body of plenipotentiaries. Th*
dismemberment of Turkey is a
delicate task in which there are
many difficulties due to conflict
ing ambitions.
The world generally will hope
fhal Hie negotiations will he
pressed to a successful conclu
sion, assuring .justice to all con
cerncd--with the mental reser
vation that the Turks will lie
driven out of Europe., 1
Turkish diplomats are heller j
slayers Ihan her soldiers.
The Balkan field is not being
overworked by life insurance
How can I he. Mexican army be
reorganized when il has never
been organized?
If mere lime is what the Turks
want, their system is all right,
but if they want a good time they
better hurry.
Those who have written poems
about the beautiful snow, per-,
haps have never worked on the
Copper River railroad.
India, being an old and a wise
country, should know that it is
rfeithev safe, or sane to welcome
a vice-roy with a bomb.
The officials of the Washing
ton railroads will know how to
sympathize with those trying to
operate trains along the Copper
Seattle is pining for an avia
tion school, when the fact re
mains that there is already too
much high flying in that rapid
By this time Seattle should
know what the Arctic Brother
hood tliinks of their eternal pen
chant for grabbing things Alas
It didn't take Kanagin a tittle
of I lie time to settle tin1 status
of Hie man to whom he gave
liquor Ilian it took two juries to
Neither (he high cost of living
nor the threatened Democratic
revision of the tariff is keeping
Dan Cupid from asserting his
prerogal ive.
The members of tin' Alaska'
legislature have a virgin field to.
work in when it comes to pass- j
ing laws, as we are literally a |
lawless people.
The people of the interior who
have not been receiving their
mail are beginning to protest
against the miserable service ov
er the Copper River railroad.
After so many ways of spend
ing money have been discovered
within the past, few weeks, it
would be a relief for some one
to come along with a scheme by
which some money can be made.
The Boise (Idaho) editors who
have been sentenced to ten days
in jail for contempt of court can’t
hide the bars with the flowers
they have been receiving from
their admiring Bull -Moose
Subscribe for the Prospector.
SERIAL NO. 01552.
MINERAL SURVEY NO 736.—U. S, l.allft
omee, Juneau, Alaska, November Vi,
Notice Is hereby given that the hnigliis
island Copper Mining Company, a cor
poration organized and existing under
and hy virtue or the laws or the Ter
ritory or Alaska, hy S. A. Hemple, Its at
torney in ract, whose postoll'lce address
Is Valdez, Alaska, has made application
for a patent ror twelve hundred rorty-one
linear reet or the Appoila I.ode, lode,
mine or vein; lirteen hundred linear reel
->f the Hercules Lode, lode, mine or
vein; lirteen hundred linear reet or the
Bald Knob Lode, lode, mine or vein;
thirteen hundred rorty-threc and elght
tenths linear feet or the Mogul Lode,
lode, mine or vein; thirteen hundred nine
ty linear reet or the Due Illme No. it
l.hde, lode, mine or vein; lirteen hundred
linear feet or the tme Dime L.ode, lode,
mine or vein, all hearing copper, with |
Mil-race ground six hundred reet in width
-in each or said lodes, situated In the
Valdez Mining District, Territory or
Alaska, and described in tbe omciai plat
-and by tbe field notes on tile In toe
ofilce or tbe Register or tbe l). s. . Land
Otrice at Juneau, Territory or Alaska, as
follows, to-wlt:
Beginning at corner No 1, a green
stone * 10” sfet 12” m me
ground, with mound or stone cmseied
wltb a cross ( ) and 736-nl, rrom
wblcb U. 8. Location Monument No, 17
bears N. .12 deg. S3 min. E. 355.44 reet
distant; tbcnce N. 24 deg. 04 min * E.
583.80 reet to Corner No. 2; thence 8.
68 deg. 24 min. E. 1241.00 leet to
Corner No. 3; thence S. 24 deg. 04 min.
W. 600.54 reet to corner No. 4; thence
N. 67 deg. 38 min. W. 1240.14 reet to
Corner No. 1, the place or beginning.
Beginning at Corner No. 1. which is
Identical with Corner No. 4 or the Ap
pollo Lode, rrom which U. S. L. M. No.
17 bears N. 52 deg. 55 min. VV. 1340.23
reel distant; thence N. 24 deg. 04 min.
E 600.54 reet to Corner No. 2; thence s.
72 deg. 54 min. E. 1500.00 reet to Cor
ner No. 3; thence S. 24 deg. 04 min. W.
604.48 foct to Corner No. 4; thence N.
72 deg. 45 min. VV. 1499.49 reel to cor
ner No. l, the place or beginning.
Beginning at Corner No. i, rrom
which U. S. L. M. No. 17 bears N. 65
deg. 29 min. W. 2779.32 foct distant;
thcnco S. 88 deg. 32 min. I'. 1500.00 reet
to Corner No. 2; thence S. 27 deg. 32
min. W. 598.20 reet to Corner No 3;
thence N. 89 deg. 13 min. W. 1508.03
reet to Corner No 4; thence N. 27 deg.
32 min. E. 018.20 foot to corner No. 1,
the place or beginning. ’
Beginning at Corner No. 1, rrom which
11. S. L. M. No. 17 bears N. 65 deg. 49
min. VV. 3058.50 reet distant; thence’ N.
24 deg. 27 min. E. 673.09 feet to Cor
ner No 2; thence N. 87 deg. 30 min.
E. 1343.80 feet to Corner No. 3; tlience
8. 24 deg. 27 min. W. 673,09 reet to
Corner No 4; thence S. 87 deg. 30 min.
VV. 1343.80 reet to Corner No. 1, tlir
place of beginning.
Beginning at Corner No. l rrom which
II. S. L. M. No. 17 bears N." 37 deg. 38
min. E." 353.19 reet distant; thence S.
67 deg. 38 min. E. 1390.00 reet to Cor
ner No. 2; thence S. 27 deg. 32 min. W.
600.00 reet to Corner No. 3; thence N.
67 deg. 38 min. W. *300.00 reel to
Corner No. 4; thence N. 27 deg. 32 min.
E. 600.00 feet to Corner No. 1, the
place ol’ beginning.
Beginning at Corner No. 1, identical
wltb Corner No. 4 Appolla Lode, Corner
No. l Hercules Lode and Corner No. 2
One Dime No. 2 Lode, all or tins sui'v-v,
from which U. S. L. M. no. 1 hears N.
52 deg, 55 min. VV. 1340.93 r. et distant;
thence S. 76 deg. 43 min. E. 1500.00
feet to Corner No. 2; then.'a 8. S'.7 detr. I
32 niln. VV. 618.20 feet to Corner No. 3; (
thence N. 76 deg. 02 min. VV. 1495.66
feet to Corner No. 4; thence N. '.‘7 d< a.
32 min E. 600.00 reel to corn!" No. i,
the place or beginning.
Variations at all corners or this survey
OA dno- A 7 min I,- !
Acres Acres
Area of Appolla Lode ... . 1O.S53
Area or Hercules Lode . . . . 20.095
Area or Bald Knob Lode . is.Slid
Less area in conlllct with
Hercules Lode .... 0 in 5
Net area Bald Knob Lode . i s 701
Area Mogul Lode .... 18.509
Less area In connict with
Bald Knob Lode .... 1.379
Net area Mogul Lode.17.130
Area One Dime No. 2 Lode . . . 19.008
Area One Dime Lode . . . 20.329
Less area In confl.ct with
Hercules Lode.1.759
Net area One Dime Lode .... is.57o
Net area lnl Survey No. 730 . . 110.977
The presumed course or the lode line
on the Appolla Lode is S. 08 deg. 24
min. E., on the Hercules Lode S. 72
deg. 54 min. E., on the Mogul Lode N
87 deg. 30 min. E. on the Bald Knob
Lode 88 oeg. 32 min. W„ on the one
Dime No. 2 Lode N. 67 deg. 38 min. W.,
on the One Dime N. 70 deg. 43 min. W.
through the center lengthwise or cacti
of said claims.
The location notices or said lode min
log claims are recorded in tne u S.
Commissioner's and ex-olllcio's onice at
Valdez, Alaska In Book C. or Mining Lo
cations on Page 92, in Book E. on Page
279„ In Book C on Page 91, In Book E.
on Page 426 and In Book H. on Page
69 respectively.
Any and all persons claiming adverse
ly any portion of said Appolla Lode,
Hercules Lode, Mogul Lode, Bald Knob
Lode One Dime Lode No. 2, or one
Dime' Lode are required to me their
adverse claims with the Hegister or the
United Stales Land onice at Juneau,
Alaska, during the sixty day period or
publication hereof or within eight months
thereafter, or they will be barred by
provisions of the statute.
Knights Island Copper Minting Company
Attorney in Pact
Juneau, Alaska, Nov. 27, 1912
It is hereby ordered that the forego
ing notice be published In Ihe Valdez
Prospector, the newspaper published
nearest the said mining claims lor a
period of sixty days.
C. B. WALKED, Heglslcr
Date or First Publication Dec. 6 1912
Date of Last Publication Feb. 15', 1913.
Independent Laundry Co.;
Satinfuclion Guaranteed |
Telephone fid I
I Foot Keystoiie A vt '
I Rou^hJDry 10c lb. J
Agent for
2 1-2 H. P. Stationary Gasoline ;
Keystone Dock Valdez Iron Works
.• ' ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
> ■
Wind and Water Proof Canvas Coats
We have finished our annual stocktaking and find we are
long on small sizes in mens lined canvas coats. These coats
Were priced from $3 to $4
and are offered for much less than cost. They are blanket
lined, interlined with a slicker material, making them wind
and waterproof.
Boys from thirteen to eighteen years will find these a
Splendid Wearing Coat.
Copper River
Draying Co.
Freighting and passengers to all parts
of the interior. General Truolting
hid. Wood, - Proprietor
McKinley St, Valdez'
ffcup Hotel
fi/fiopfp/v I' HA U ft
8/1 j *\+'*S£xrr/.£
The most progressive
store keepers a!i over the
country use electricity for
lighting. Why is it?
It makes a lighter store.
It is cle .niy.
It gives leas trouble.
Itaoes not pt llutotheair.
It lends its' if readily to
any spec hi! decorative
It shows, up colors to
rood ady-.ii ago*
1 'Phono f .r orr expert to
talk it over i/ith you..
Steam Heat Electric Light*
Finely Furnished Rooms All Modern Conveniences
Good riir niirrcT Good
Goods I lit DUritl Goods
Copper River Lumber Co., Inc.
Native and I I TliyiDCD and Building
Puget Sound * U IYIOLjIa Material
Price# Right W. M. FINICAL, Mgr. Phone 18
Patronize a Home Industry
Drugs and Druggist Sundries
'Telephone Orders Solicited Free Delivery
Arguments May Be Disputed, But
“Facts Are Fads”
It i a fact that Valdez beer is a food and nut a tonic.
Ask any doctor you know. Valdez beer aids digestion. Use
it a few times with your meals and you’ll find we’re right.
If you drink beer you should use Valdez beer in preference to
others. First, because of its unquestionable high quality.
Second, because it is a home product; brewed in your home
town and all who arc interested in the growth and prosper
ity of Valdez should patroniz home products.
We do a [
Bank in
rear of
We Pay 4 Per Cent Internet on Time CertiSeates oi BepmU,

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