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A Second Grand Jury Convened in
Extraordinary Session on
important Matter.
A 111.11111*1' grand jury i> bring
drawn to meet on Jan. -Till to
inquire info certain mailers
brought l.o the attention of the
court and requiring immediate at
tention. The clerk of the court
and jury commissioner are exer
cising great care in only select
ing the best men in the commun
ity as members of this body, a
new list from which to draw from
having been prepared by Clerk of
t he Court Angus McBride.
The purpose for which the sec
ond grand jury of the year has
been assembled is to judicially
inquire into the reason why cer
tain of our citizens are not pur
chasing tickets to Hie firemen’s
hall, inasmuch as the object in
giving- the dance is to purchase
a lire alarm system, a mailer of
benefit and protection In every
resident of the city, he they
householders or renters. Buy
your tickets and avoid an inqui
sition by the grand jury into
either your sanity or financial
standing, the only two legal ex
cuses for not lending a helping
hand to a public cause.
Washington, D. (!.. Jan. —
The wooden Frigate .Xipsir, for
several years past prison ship at
i tie Hremerton, Wash., navy yard,
is to Jie offered for sale within
a few weeks. The vessel was
Jaunehed in 187If and performed
many important duties mi the Pa
cific coast and in the Orient. She
survived the typhoon in Samoa in
.March. 1880, when the American
warships Trenton and Yandalia
foundered and the Herman man
of-war Seadler sank with her
crew. Tile .Xipsir is of I,dim Ions
displueeuieiil and formerly car
ried a eo 111 pi c 11 l"l 11 nt i i olfjcers
arid mi'll.
Steamer movements.
.Xorl liwcslcrii. northward li.nmul.
Mariposa, smil iiward Inuiiid.
Yukon. si ml hwn rd in m ml.
I .atmiche in purl.
I’ll- steam heal nl “The C.lilf”
i~ )lligill\ line Miese I'rosly days.
Xiilice (In- cnnl-nl-il -vpr-ssjnn
iif on r I - n an I s.
Subscribe fur lh- Prospector.
Serial No. 01571.
» . s I.and Office, .limeaii, Alaska. .luniiur.x
i. I it I:«
.Voire is hereby given tlial in pursu
ance. or an Act of Congress, approved Ma.\
1 oil), 1873. lloberl Pringle, by Frank c
Weber, attorney in fact, whose posloffier
address is Valdez, Alaska, has made up
11liratIon for a patent for 115 1.70 lineal
feet on the Helena and 1264.24 linear reel
-in the (iroiiiid Hog lories, bearing gold,
silver and copper, the same being 1 44 4.70
feet S. 22 deg. 0 1 mill. W. and ill fee,
\\ 22 deg. (it inin. E. on the Helena and
1251.21 feet N. o deg. 33 min. E. and to
feet S. (I deg. 33 min. W. on Hie CroniUi
Hog lodes, from their respective discov
ery points, with surface ground 330 feel
<oi the north end in width and 489 feet it.
width on the south end or the Helena lode,
and 35(1 feet ill width on the south eno
and 100.53 red in width ou till" north end
or the Croimd Hog lode; situate in tin.
Valdez Mining District. Knights Island,
ferrilorj of Alaska, and described by I In
official pint and tleid notes on lllc in tin
office or i lie Itcgislcr Of I he ..ail l.ano
Iiislriel. Mask.l. as follows, viz:
Helena Lode.
in-,'.'inning at corner No. I. whence ('. s.
1 . M. No. 3s hears N. 27 deg. is mill.
::n see. w. :|n7S.9n feel: tlienee S. 10 di g.
5 7 mill. \V I son feet to corner No. 2,
tlienee s. 85 deg. 52 min. H. ISO feet to
....riser No. 3: thence N. 22 deg. hi min.
I. j 15 l.7o feel to corner No. i: Ulema
N. sr, deg. 52 mill. E. 350 feet to corner
No. I. Hie place or beginning.
Ground Hoa Lode.
Hegmniiig at corner No. I, whence i . s.
i. M. No. 38 bears N. 47 deg. Of nun. 30
see. \V. 2115.43 feet; tlienee S. 7 deg. 50
mill. W. 1281.50 feet to corner No. 2;
ihence S. 85 deg. 52 min. \V. 350 feet to
corner No. 3; tlienee N. 0 deg. 33 mill. E.
1261.21 feet to corner No. 1; thence N. 85
••leg. 52 min. 196.53 feet to corner No.
I. the place of beginning.
Containing 2 4.813 acres, and forming a
portion of Knights Island, which lies it.
1'rinee William Sound, in the Valdez Ntln
ing District. Ten-lory or Alaska, described
as Survey 029.
The presumed course of the lode line on
Hie Helena lode, is S. 22 (leg'. 0 4 mill. YY .
and i n Hie Oiirmid Hog lode N. 0 deg. 33
min. K. magnetic variation 26 deg. 35 min.
Tile locution indices of said lode mining
claims are recorded in llie office of die
1 nlted States Commissioner and Ex-offirh.
Hceordcr at Valdez, Alaska, in hook “IF
if Mining Locations on page too, and tn
Hook “.I” of Mining Locations on page 5s.
Any and alt persons elatniing adversely
:uiv portion or said Helena bale or C.romid
lpig lode, are required to tile their ad
verse claims with Hie Regtsier or tin
Vnited Slates Land office at .Timean. Alas
ka. during the sixty day period or publi
cation hereof or within eiglil nionlhs
thereafter, or they will he barred hy pro
visions of the statute.
Ily FIIANK c. WEIIElt. Attorney In Fact.
I'nitcd Slates Land Office, Jnnean, Alaska,
■fanuary 4. 1013.
It is hereby ordered tliut I he foregoing
notice be published in the Valdez Pros
pector, the. newspaper published nearesi
the said mining claims, for a period ot
sixty days.
First publication .'an. 16. 1013.
Las! publication March 17, 1913.
San Francisco, Jan. 23.—Riot
ous in color and action a “min
ing camp of ’49” promises to be
one of I lie chief at tractions at the
'Panama-Pacific exposition here in
I!) 15. The concession, which em
it ails an expenditure of $100,000,
was granted today to Sam Davis,
friend of Mark Twain, and of
Flood, .Mackay and other bonan
za kings in (he early Comstock
days. Davis slag's! such a spec
tacle here at I lie mid-winter fair
, in 1012.
'Thornu-h brace" stagecoaeh
ii's, among them the one in which
! Horace Oreelcy made his famous
ride through the Sierras, will lake'
visitors direct from the hotels In
the camp on the fair grounds.
Rugged mountain scenery will
greet the visitors. .War a crash
ing waterfall will he located the
main camp with its Chinese res
taurant and laundry, dance halls,
gambling, saloons, post office and
Red-shirled miners will pan the
gravel of the creek for gold ill the
dull intervals between shootings,
and there will be horn spoons and
pans in plenty for everyone to
try his hand at placer mining.
Let the tenderfoot well conceal
the nuggets he finds, however, for
with every ticket goes a guaran
ee that reckless desperadoes, car
ing not a spilt drink for any hu
man life, will hold up and rob
every stage coach.
London, Jan. 23.--Miss list Clio
\V. Stead, daughter of the late
William T. Stead, who perished
in the Titanic disaster, claims to
have received a number of mes
sages from her father's spirit in
I lie past few weeks.
“My father tells me," she de
clares, “Ihat he is working where i
he is just now the same as he j
did here, for the promotion of j
world peace. Being untrammeled ,
by a physical body and able to be
here, I here and everywhere, he is
working and influencing by im- I
pression. Ifis latest - message!
said: ‘There is heavy work in!
I'ronl. Do not imagine Ihe'Turk i
lias left Kurope yet.'"
llenver. Colo.. Jail. 23.--'the
lienyer Woman s Kvpial Suffrage f
league al a meeling last night
look steps to demand from Govtjr- ,
nor-eleei Ammons tin- appoint-]
i jii* it I tif mu* or niorr woiuou upon
all stale hoards and commissions.
\ committee of seven was ap
pointed to confer with III:1 Public
Service league to bring pressure
io bear upon the new governor..
The league especially desired one |
id' their number upon tin* lunacy.]
I lie stale industrial school, school ]
of menial defectives, deaf and]
dumb school and school for the]
blind hoards. ]
London. Jail. 23.—Prince Al- ]
bert, second son of King George,
who was born in 1893. stood six
ty-fourth in order of merit in a
list of sixty-tive persons who un
derwent an examination for na-j
val cadets last month. The news
papers comment on the standing
of the Prince as evidence of the
complete impartiality of the ex
Washington, I). C„ Jan.
Slalt* ilnparl infill nll'icfi's are of
I In* opinion- llial formal recogni
I iimi of China's new goveminimi
proliahly will not lie delayed after
I In* legal requirements of inter
pal ional law have henn met. proli
ahly in Kehruary.
Alvali Raines, chief mail clerk,
arrived in Valdez on I he Latouche.
It's surprising to see how
many people make for ‘‘The
Cliff” to gel warm rooms these
snappy days.
A meeting of the Chamber of
Commerce win bo held In the Fire
hall on Friday evening, when bus
inees of Importance will come be
fore that body. Members are re
quested to be preeeat. By order
C, E. BUNNELL, President.
House and Lot for Bale.
six-room house and lot on Uo
jlmrt street below court house.
; To is property can be had for $1,
;,r)00 on easy terms. For further
information apply at S. Bhim &
Co., or Ifte Valdcr Dock company.
I .
Walla iWalla, Jan. 23.—The
weather man sprung a new one on
the valley today—a dust storm in
January, with snow on the
ground. The storm developed in
the southeast about the middle of
the afterno'on, and rut from view
Milton, Freewater and College
Place sections, which usually are
visible from the observatory
Sulzer for Governor.
Chas. Sulzer, prominent min
ing man of Prince of Wales is
land, ami brother of Governor
Sulzer, of Mew York, will he the
next governor of Alaska, succeed
ing Walter E. Clark late in March.
This is tile genuine political dope
arriving by the last mail from
an Eastern source which is au
thentic, and sets at rest a great
deal of speculation locally.
There had heretofore been sev
eral aspirants in the Held for gov
ernor, it being known that the
resignation of Governor Clark
would he in the hands of Presi
dent Wilson when he assumes of
fice on March 4, and if being gen
erally conceded that the appoint
ment would he made early, as the
office of governor of a territory
is generally considered the per
sonal representative of the ad
Chas. Sulzer has been at. I lie
head of the Alaska Industrial
company, mining for copper on
Prince of Wales Island, for a doz
en years and is well known in this
section of Alaska. He is a broth
er ofGoveriior William Sulzer and
has not been identified with any
particular faction of the party in
Alaska. The appointment of Sul
zer is sure to bring satisfaction,
particularly in this section where
he is so well and favorably known.
--Juneau Dispatch.
FOR SALE--Full-blooded male
Japanese spaniel, llftie's puppic.
Apply room 28, Panama hotel.
HOST—,\ small sack contain
ing trunk keys and small change.
Finder please return to convent.
Oenllo norse anti comfortable
culler for ion! by day or hour.
Rale reasonable. Apply Fred,
l i-li. phone .
Thi- i' I lie kind of weather
Hull the 1.■ na111> to' “The Cliff’
wear a broad smile and spend
I heir time in llioir mom' w i 1 ti
com fori.
I'n John McPherson, hi' heir.',
adininislralors, and I" all
whom it ma> concern:
You are hereby nolilied tlial 1
have expended $100 in labor and
impro\ enienl s upon the "I,ark"
bale mining claim, situated about
Iwu miles N. E. of Slump bay and
S. E. of Slump glacier, in the Val
dez Recording District. Territorx
of Alaska, the location certificate
of which said .claim is of record
in Hook 2 of Records, page 392, in
llm office of the recorder of the
recording ditsricl aforesaid,
proof of said expenditure appear
ing by affidavit filed on Decem
ber 28, 1912. in the office of the
recorder aforesaid: that being
$ 100 per year, the amount re
quired to hold said claim for the
year ending December 31, 1912.
And if, within ninety days after
Ibis notice by publication, you
fail or refuse to contribute your
proportion ($50) your interests
in said claim will become the
property of the subscriber under
Section 232 i. Revised Statutes of
the t oiled Slates.
First pub. January II, 1918.
' f.nsl puli. April 15. 1913.
To Frank llcasc, his heirs, ad
ministrators, and 1o all whom
it may concern:
You are hereby notified that 1
have expended 8300 in labor and
improvements upon the follow
ing named lode mining claims,
lo-wit: The “Two Friends No.
t,” “Two Friends 'No. 2.“ and
“Two Friends No. 3,” the loca
tion certificates of which said
lode claims are of record in Rook
2 of Records, pages 377, 377 and
310. respectively, in the office of
the Recorder for the Valdez Re
cording District, Territory of
Alaska, said lode claims being
situated on the west side of
Mhoup glacier, about six miles
from Slump bay. in the recording
district aforesaid, proof of said
.expenditure appearing by affi
davit filed on December 28, 19)2,
in the office of the recorder
aforesaid; that being 8300 per
' ear. the amount required to hold
said claims for the year ending
December 31, 1912. And if.
within ninety days after this no
tice by publication, you fail or
refuse to contribute your pro
portion (875, being 825 for each
uf said claims), your interests in
idaid claims will become the prop
i erlv of the subscriber under Sec
jtioh 232 i, Revised Statutes of the
I United States.
i "First pub. January ti, 1913.
Fast. pub. April 15, 1913.
■s y ww r -s? ^ v» ■ "r* : ■ ■■ v . . • w < ■ *
McIntosh Stage Line
Mail and Passengers from and to Valdez.
Connecting at Willow Creek with the Orr
Stage Line for Fairbanks and the interior.
j To Chris 'J'josevig, L. P. Cas:i
man. Oscar Olson, N. P. Jensen,
Frank Gustafson, L. M. Price, ad
ministrator of the eslate of Alex.
Nesbitt, deceased, and the heirs
of Alex. Nesbitt, deceased, and
the heirs, assigns, personal rep
resentatives and successors of
each of you:
You and each of you are here
by notified that the undersigned,
Lars Holland, John McDonald,
Chris Johnson and Adolph Lar
sen, co-owners with you of the
Viking group of fourteen lode
mining claims situated about five
miles northeasterly from the
head of Gravina bay, Prince Wil
liam sound, in Valdez mining
and reeoruing district, Territory
of Alaska, to-wit: The Viking
No. L Viking No. 2, Viking No. 3,
Viking No. 5, Viking No. 5, .Vik
ing No. 0, Viking No. 7, Viking
No. 8, Viking No. 9, Viking No. 10,
Viking No. 11. Viking No. 12,
Viking No. 13, Viking No. 11, have
expended labor and improvements
upon said group of claims to the
amount and value of fourteen
hundred dollars (81,400) in each
of the years 1910, 1911, 1912,in
cluding certain amounts contrib
uted by you or some of you; that
each of you above-named, co
owners in said group, respective
ly, is delinquent in the amount
due for annual labor, in the
amounts and for the years here
j inafter specified, to-wit:
I Chris Tjosevig, §700 for the
jyears 1910, 1911, 1912; K. P.
i Cashinan, §137.50 for the years
11910, 1911, 1912; Oscar Olson,
'§225 for the years 1910, 1911,
1912; IV. P. Jensen, §180 for the
vears t911, 19I21; Frank Gustaf
son, 8270 for I he years 1911,1912;
estate of Alex. Nesbitt, deceased,
§90 for the years 1911, 1912; that
the amounts specified are the
{ amounts due respectively from
;each of you as your respective un
! paid proportions of the amount
necessary to be expended for the
vears. named. In hold possessory
I ri'.drt and till** to said fmirteen
! minims claims under the prn\is_
' illll- nf Seel lull i irl I lie He
{vised s I a! lit*-— o I I he I oiled,
Slates. and I In- amendment.
1 therein; the !asl nf said annual
; expemill lll’e- lieillJS the il'OnUlll
i m-e,-.--ary In Imld -aid claim.- I'm
I amt duriin- lie- >--ar endiim l».
remliei- .'11. I 9 I •'!.
\ nd j I" y < ,n. nr au> "I > < • 11 I ait j
. i,i• relu-e In make pa> mein nf I in- ]
i* i i • i <> 11111 al'-Oe lied ami reeit- j
led a.- line I rniii > mi a.- a e. • -n\v n -
i it, aeeni dm- in taw, v, il Inn niin-i;.
i da,’. - after pi-rsnmil --1■ r\ 11-• • •! j
, I 111 - Iinliee upnll > *01. it |ier.'"lialj
-ervice In- made, or within iiinj-!.'
, iiim-ly days after I lie eomptet ion
j nf imldical inn thereof according
to law. the interest of any of you
wlm may fail or refuse to.make
the payment due from him as a
cn-'nwiier will become the prop-;
jerl.v ot the undersifrned eo-own
jers, who have made the required
! expenditure, pursuant, In said
i statute.
Dated Valdez. Alaska. January, j
12. 1913
john McDonald.
(illy JOHNSON.
Date first pub. Jan. 2. 191-3.
Date last pub. April 17. 1913
Place your
In the
Si <j> vesiiul Ins. Co.
I•ac-itir* Ins. Co.
Sorin«' Garden Ins. « «•
American Fire Tns-i <*
Manufacturers Lloyds %
Merchants Fire Lloyds
C. G. WULFF. Local Agent
Licensed Insurance ffn.krr
Hates ou Application
Launches and Lighters
Fur Sair, Kent nr Charter
Weekly service to Ellsmsr
Landloek and Fidalgo
*(';i|)t. I>. K. MOKKtS. CitJ niifli
Valdez Sheet Metal Works
Manufacturers of
Plumbing, Steam and Hot
Water Heating, Pump* and
Welt Point*.
Sheet Metal Work of Every
Description, Ho** Valve*, ,
frei **lpe, Fitting*.
Can supoly your wants in Fresh Fruit*, Fancy Groceries ami
other Good Things to eat
t'HoNK u« loaves for 25 cents
Alaska Coast Co.
To Juneau, Puget Sound Port* and Southwestern Alaska
S. S'. YUKON Leaves Seattle January 27
( oar.ectiii^ at .Seatilt.1 with steamers of the Al.isl-e.i-J'aeiiie Steamship Co. for
Southern California ports Sailings every Monday and Thursday. Through
Svrt ice and Low Kates. Might reserved to change steamers and sailing dates.
General Agent Local Agent
Seattle Sailings sasjsas
Fine steamships Mariposa, Alameda and Northwes
tern leaving here aborit
9th, 19th and 29th
of each month all the year around.
Mail, Express, Freight and Passenger line
VALDEZ DOCK CO., Local Agent
Fagerberg Bros.
General Merchandise
Miners & Prospectors Supplies
Fresh Goods—Reasonable Prices
When In Seward Stop at the
Fourth Ave Seward, Alaska
Grand Ball
Saturday Night, January 25th
Eagle and Moose Halls
Proceeds Will Be Used to
Install a New Fire Alarm
Help the Boys
Who Help You
t. f t; I? \ .m ,p t: •* • • ~ '• - ' • •

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