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An Old Firm
Under a New Name
WAVING disposed of the Banking Department, we
will hereafter devote our entire capital and energy
to a Strictly Mercantile business-believing that we will be
in a better position than ever to serve your wants.
Valdez Mercantile Co. inc
Successors to
Valdez Bank & Mercantile Co. Inc.
This Space Is Reserved for the
Valdez Bank & Trnst Company
In the District Court for the Ter
ritory of Alaska, Third Divis
ion. . ■ .
United States of America,
plaintiff, vs. William B. Poland
and Frederick William Low, de
fendants.--No. 593, Published
The President of the United
States of America, greeting:
To the above named defend
ants, William B. Poland and
Frederick William Low.
You and each of you are here
by required to appear in the Dis
trict Court for the Territory of
Alaska, Third Division, within 30
days after the completion of the
publication of this summons, to
wit: within 30 days after the 10th
day of February, 1913, and an
swer the complaint of the above
named plaintiff filed in the above
entitled court and causa; and un
less you so appear and answer,
the plaintiffs will apply to the
court for the relief demanded in
said complaint, to-wit: for the
cancellation of the patent here
tofore issued by the United States
to William B. Poland for certain
land in said complaint describ
ed and for the cancellation of
certain deeds pertaining to said
land in said complaint describ
ed, which said land is situate in
the Kenai Recording Precinct,
Third Division, Territory of
Alaska, and is bounded and de
scribed as follows:
Beginning at corner No. 1, near
the north shore of Resurrection
bay, identical wdth corner No. 5,
U. S. Survey No. 241, an iron pipe
three inches in diameter, marked
S. 242, cor. No. 1, thence west 40
chains to corner No. 2, an iron
pipe three inches in diameter,
marked S. 242, cor. No. 2, thence
north 40 chains to corner No. 3,
an iron pipe three inches in di
ameter, marked S. 242, cor. No. 3;
llience east 40 chains to corner
No. 4, an iron pipe three inches
in diameter, marked S. 242, cor.
No. 4; thence south 40 chains to
corner No. 1, the place of begin
ning, containing one hundred and
sixty acres, being the land em
braced within United States Sur
vey No. 242, according to the of
ficial plat of said survey return
ed to the general land office by
the Surveyor General; and for
plaintiff's costs and disburse
ments herein.
This summons is served upon
vou by order of the above entitled
court, dated, made and entered on
i lie 28th day of December, 1912.
Witness, the Honorable Thom
as R. Lyons, Judge of the said
District Court, and the seal of
said Court, affixed at Valdez, this
28th day of December, 1912.
Clerk of the District Court, Ter
ritory of Alaska, Third Divis
Date first pub. Dec. 30,, 1912.
Date last pub. Feb. 10, 1913.
Why freeze in your room and
have to read the sign in order
to tell that your room is heated
with steam, when you can get all
the steam that you want at “The
Subscribe for the Prospector.
— ■■ ■ —r
Attorney s-at- Law.
C. E. Bunnell.
L. V. Ray, Seward, Alaska.
E. E. Ritchie.
George F. White.
S. Biuni & Go.
Valdez Bank & Mercantile Co.
Builders’ Material.
Chas. R. Crawford.
Valdez Bottling & Brewing Co.
Valdez Bakery.
Valdez Dock Co.
Valdez Transfer Co.
Dr. II. Cockerille.
Dr. Charles Daggett.
Dr. German.
Drug Stores.
Valdez Drug Co.
McMillan Fur & Wool Co.
Fraternal Orders.
Masonic Order.
Odd Fellows.
Fraternal Order Eagles.
Arctic Brotherhood.
General Merchandise.
Beyers Cash Store, Golden.
S. Blum & Co.
Fagerburg Bros., Nazina.
Valdez Bank & Mercantile Co.
Life Insurance.
W. H. Crary.
Copper Block, Valdez.
Coleman House, Seward.
Hotel St. Elias.
“The Cliff.”
Rainier-Grand Hotel, Seattle.
Independent Laundry.
Three M.
Moving Picture Shows.
The Orpheum.
Copper River Lumber Co.
Chas. R. Crawford.
Alaska Water Light & Power
Valdez Sheet Metal Works.
Prospector, Daily.
Miner (Sunday), Weekly.
Pool and Billiard Rooms.
Copper Block.
Camp Comfort.
Real Estate Agencies.
Valdez Real Estate Agency.
Valdez Cafe.
Steamship Lines.
Alaska Coast Co.
Alaska Steamship Co.
Sheet Metal Works.
Valdez Sheet Metal Works.
Transfer Companies.
Copper River Draying Co.
City Express.
Valdez Transfer Co.
Alaska Water, Light & Tele
phone Co.
To Alex. Nelson, his heirs, admin
istrators, and to all whom it
may concern:
You are hereby notified that I
have expended four hundred dol
lars ($400) in labor and improve
ments upon the Last Chance No.
1 and Last Chance No. 2 lodes,
situate in Shoup bay near the en
trance (hereof, Valdez recording
precinct, Territory of Alaska, the
location certificates of said claims
being of record in the office of the
U. S. commissioner at Valdez,
Alaska. Said expenditure was
made in order to hold said claims
under (lie provisions of the laws
of the United States and of this
territory, said amount being $200
per year, the amount required to
hold the claims for the years end
ing December 31, 1911, and De
c rnber 31, 1912. And if. within
ninety (90) days after this no
tice by publication, you fail or re*
fuse to contribute your proportion
($200, being $100 for each of said
ears) your interest in said claims
will become the property of the
subscriber, your co-owner, under
Section 2324, Revised Statutes of
the United States.
_ , „ „ WM. KOCH.
Dale of first pub. Jan. 24, 1913.
Dale of last pub. April 24, 1913.
The steam heat at “The Clifl”
is mighty fine these frosty days.
Notice the contented expression
of our tenants.
Chas. R. Crawford
Wall Street Phone 1S9
Plate glass, window glass, roofing and
building papers, roofing pitch, lime, ce
ment, plaster lath, shingles, builders'
hardware. Shop and job work of all kinds
Window,, Door,, Moulding, Finiih
ing Lumber
Tacoma, Feeb. 0.--Unable To
proceed except on a zigzag course,
owing to I lie loss of her rudder,
800 miles from, the nearest dry
dock, the steamer Seward, of the
Alaska Steamship company, which
until recently was in service be
tween Valdez and Tacoma, carry
ing ore, is at Mazatlan, where she
arrived January 21 in distress,
according to advices received here
yesterday afternoon.
The Seward was on route from
San Francisco to Central America,
under charter to the Pacific Mail
Steamship company. She encoun
tered a terrific gale 100 miles
south of Cape St. Lucas, during
which she lost her rudder.
■ Capt. Johnson made several
jury rigs, and at last got one to I
working sufficiently well to allow |
Ihe steamer to make port. Pari of!
the time she was going in circles
or on one tack or the other. Iml
she managed to obtain a general
forward movement. She will he
towe'd by a tug to Salina Cruz,
where repairs will he made.
Winnipeg, Man., Feb. 0_In a
bailie between a sheriff’s posse
and John Baran, the outlaw, at his
brine bear Riding mountain to
day, a woman and child were shot
to death by officers. In the ex
citement Baran escaped.
, The sheriff’s posse had gone to
Baran’s cabin to arrest him for
shooting Constable Charles Rookc
of the Manitoba police. Rooke
was shot when he attempted to
! arrest Baran on a warrant charg
ing him with wife desertion.
When the posse approached the
cabin Baran opened fire. Bullets
were returned by the posse and
firing continued several minutes.
The. 9hots from the cabin ceased
and the posse stormed the house.
Their prisoner had fled. On the
floor was the bleeding body of a
woman with whom Baran is said
to have been living. Clasped in her
'arms was a dead infant. Both
were victims of the possee’s bul
Taft's Message.
Washington, I). C., Feb. <>.
Prcsidml Taft will send his Alas
ka railroad message to congress
this afternoon.
Arctieles of incorporation of
the Alaska Quartz Mining com
pany have been tiled in the office
of the clerk of the district court.
E. II Barthoff, Howard T. Anion,
Ira Isaacs and C. A. Holloway, all
of Seattle, are the incorporators.
The capital stock 890ff890ffw9
The capitalization is for $500,000
divided into 500,000 shares of $1
each. Their place of business in
Alaska is at Knik.
J. C. Black, the Slate creek op
erator, arrived on last night’s
It is worth while taking a
chance on the $800 diamond ring
being raffled at Plant & Com
pany’s, jewelers.
without board, Ibex House, Key
stone Ave., Mrs. II. Sharts
Fe insurance
See Crary about that
insurance today
Policies Written Here
Fresh Milk and Cream
Telephone orders to Phone 187
Geo. f. white
The Assayer
Assaying and Ore Testing
No More. No Lew
Washington, D. C., Feb. <5.
No matter what the Democrats
may do with the bulk of nomina
tions sent to the Senate this ses
sion by President Taft,, they in
tend to prevent the confirmation
of any and all federal judges, and
this means that Clinton W. How
ard, recess appointee as United
States district judge for western ■
Washington, will not be confirm- i
ed, and will in consequence leave j
the bench on jJJarch i next. His I
successor, who will get a perm- j
anent appointment, will lie a Dem- !
ocrat. j
The charges preferred against ;
Howard are not serious, and Sen- j
ator Jones is of the opinion I hat j
if this were not I he end of an ad- J
minis! rat ion, Howard would lie,
confirmed, for the charges could j
be readily disprovon. However,!
I lie fact that charges are pending,
give lhe Democrats some pre
tense of ground for holding up the j
nomination, and they are seizing I
upon lhe opportunity to make va- i
cant at, least one federal judge- !
ship on March i. There will be
others, but none in the northwest.
Judge Howard's failure In be
confirmed by the Senate cannot tie
construed as any reflection upon
him, for the move of the Demo
crats is purely political, and he
suffers by reason of being ap
pointed just before a change in
administration is to take place.
Portland, Ore., Fel). (5.-The fed- j
eral' grand jury in session here I
have indicted ten commission
merchants, charging them with
having entered a combination in
restraint of trade for the purpose
of keeping up prices.
Hillman to Qo Free.
Seattle, Feb. 6.— Clarence IX
Hillman, the real estate thief, will
be released from McNeil’s island
on February 17 by virtue of Pres
ident Taf’ts pardon.
Pete Cashman arrived in Valdez
this morning. He says he has no
excuse for coming this time, but
will think of one before he re
turns to the Cliff and reports to
Supt. Millard.
Clark Duff arrived on the Mor
iposa and will leave for the inter
ior soon.
•I. T. Evans, the Chicago attor
ney, who spent several weeks here
in December, was a returning
passenger on the Mariposa.
Hon. John P. Fay, one of Seat
tle’s best known attorneys, is in
the city to represent the Huhbard
'Elliot company in a suit to come
before the district court.
Captain \V. A, Carlelon, who
has been assigned to Ft. I.iscum,
was an arrival on the Mariposa.
The captain is accompanied by his
wife and children.
FOR SALE—Paxsons roadhouse,
store and postoffice business,
probabiy as good and compiete
a plant, in as good location, as
there is in Alaska. Undoubtedly
the best roadhouse stand on the
Fairbanks trail. Reason for offer
ing for sale want to go outside.
For particulars address A. J. Pax
son, Paxson, Alaska.
Reinko, expert repairer, at the
Valdez Drug company.
To the Public.
We hereby announce that we
have retired from the banking
business and have transferred
our banking department to the
Valdez Bank & Trust company,
for whom wo bespeak the good
will of the public. •
Valdez, Alaska, Jan. 29, 1913.
Thursday, February 6.
High tide, t :0 4 a. m.. 12:20 p. m.
Low tide, 0:24 a. m., 7:09 p. m.
Friday, February 7 .
High tide, 1:20 a. in., 12:53 p. in.
Low tide, 0:57 a. in., 7:32 p. m.
Saturday, February 8.
High tide, 1:47 a. in., 1:25 p. m.
Low tide, 7:29 a. m., 7:54 p. m.
New York Life
Insurance Co.
W. H. CIAH, K^r.iUtl..
Valdes, Alaska. Phone 41
A. M. Dieiinger
Valdez Transfer
General Trucking and Freight
ing to all interior points
Teaming of all kinds
Positively oo coal delivered
unless paid tor in advance
J. A. SPENARD, Prop.
Ouick delivery t all part* of town
at short notice. Will move baggrge,
furniture, etc., at reasonable rates
Office in Alaska Securities
building. Wall St. Phone 82
Graduate of National University
Washington, D. C.
Phone 92 Feurteen years in
Office iniWhaling building VALDEZ
Next to cable office
Office rooms over Owl Drug store. Office hours
9 a. m„ toe p. m.. 7 p. m., to9 p. m. Sundays
by appointment All work guaranteed
phone 13« Valdez, Alaska
Offices Wall Street
Phone 31 VALDEZ
L. W. STORM. E. M.
RSPOSTS os Mimas
Patsmt Susrsrs
Gsnssal Minima Emaimsssiso
Phoms No. ios
Civil Engineer and
U. S. Deputy Land and
Mineral Surveyor
Blue Printing Res. Phone. I8t
Meet every Tuesday evening at 8 o'clock in
Eagle Ball. All members are requested to
attend. S. McnIECE, Arctic Chief
Visiting and local Odd Fellows are re
quested to register their name with the
Valdez Odd Fellows' Club. Regular
meetings, first and third Monday.
Coll on P. S. HriMT. Secretary.
VALDEZ AEK1E *0 1971
Meet every Friday 8 p. m. Eagle Hall
Valdes lyodge
No 168.
Free and Accepted Masons
Regular Communications Orst Wednesday In
taoh month in McKinley Ball Visitors always
seloome. '
James H. Fatten m..W. M
C. C Reynolds. Sso

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