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V0L< 9. VALDEZ, ALASKA, MONDAY, MARCH 17, 1S13. NO. 133.
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Mow Them Down Like Wheat— j
Machine Guns Very Effective
—City is Doomed.
London, March 17.—Montencg-j
rins and Servians attacked the !
Turks at Scutari, mowing them
down like wheat, and killing and
wounding thousands. The big
siege guns of the Servians have
also been planted and are con
stantly pouring shot and shell in
to the doomed city. Every sortie
made by the Turks has been re-j
The machine guns were planted
near (he city during the night un
der. the protection of ttie heavy
canonading of the big guns, and
in the' morning they were able
to rake the Turks from the new
position. All efforts to dislodge
Ihcni failed.
The Servians have paid no heed
lo the ultimatum of Austria that
she must not aid the Montencg- ■
Tins in the capture of Scutari. j
Believed That Germany and Aus
tria Backing the Turks—
Russia With Allies.
London. .Maicli 17. II i> re
ported lii'i e llial I lie Turks are
• I e I erin i neil In refuse I lie terms of
peace olVereil I hell) liy the Allies,
ami I lull I hey will etml i11lie I lie
light in I he hopes llial I lie Ku
riipeaii powers will lie drawn in
to Hie mess and in llial way I hey
will secure heller terms, if they
are unalile In recover all (lie ter
ritory lost in the present war.
II is feared that Austria and
(iermany are harking the Turks
and aiding them in their new
stand, as Russia has shown no
disposition lo demobilize her
troops on the Austrian border.
It is estimated that Russia has
over three-quarters of a million
men under arms within striking
distance of Austria, and the Rus
sians are determined lo aid the
Slavs, who are of their religious
Huston, March 17.—A special
grand .jury has been called to
probe I he death of Admiral Kat
un, who is believed to have died
from the effect of poison admin
istered to him by enemies in the
naval service.
Efforts will be made by I he
authorities to fathom the mys
tery surrounding his death and
In punish those guilty.
Hight Re\. Peter T. Rowe is ex
pected on one of the first tmafs
in May. I pun his arrival he will
advance Rev. \\ . II. Ziegler to the
priest hood and will ronlirm a
Miss I,. (Irace Holmes, of SI.
Paul. Minn., arrived on the Mari
posa to relieve Miss Spcxarth at
the Hospital of the (food Samari
Dougherty A Ferguson receiv
ed on the steamer Sampson a
supply ul' fresh groceries, fruit
and vegetables.
The Flirt will sail al W o’clock
leinorrow morning'Tfnv •'KHiim.iiy
Fidalgo and l.andloek hay
Inoculated Twelve Persons Yes
terday—Says He Will Con
vince the Doctors.
New York, March 17.—L>r.
Friedman, who left the city, go
ing to Toronto to start a clinic,
Jias returned here to inoculate 12
more persons. The medical fra
ternity, however, will wait until
he has demonstrated the value of
his serum before they will aid
him in his work. (His refusal to
give either the government or
the city authorities his serum, or
allow them to make tests with it,
has cost him the friendship of the
New York Medical Society, who
refuse longer to treat with the,
German doctor.
They refuse to allow themselves
to aid the advertising scheme of
Dr. Friedman, who has virtually
yoined money since his arrival
Friedman'says he will convince
the doctors here. The doctors
claim: that even, if his serum is
all that he claims for it, his meth
ods are reprehensible.
Have the Testimony of Actors and
Actresses and Prostitutes of
Years of Experience.
Peoria, Marrli IT. —Tin* O'Ha
ra Nice probe is working over
linn and today examined . mans
arlr-'sses and actors, also more
women who earn their living in
houses of illfame. Various rea
sons are given by the witnesses
for tlie “original sin." Some say
if paid more wages they would
have remained virtuous: others
that unhappy home conditions
caused them to “turn out.”
Jeanette Fullerton, an actress
with the local slock company,
testified that chorus girls receive
$10 a-week when they started
work on the stage, which was the
minimum wage that those with
speaking or singing parts were
paid from $25 to $70 a week. She
staled that the girls went on the
stage because they were ambi
tious- and not because they were
hungry. The largest number
came from well/.to-do families,
but they craved excitement. Few
girls went on the stage from
hunger she said. The charge that
(continued on page 4).
Captain J. T. Morris and wife
are expected to arrive in Valdez
in May, to spend a flw months
here, and the captain may invest
in local shipping. Captain Morris
is a brother of ('apt. !>. K. Mor
ris. now running the Mutual
Comincrrial cmopanv.
M. K. ( Ison, who is lo have
Charge oi‘ the Catneron-Johnson
development work, was tin arrival
on the Mariposa. The company
have a complete plant ready for
shipment up the glacier lo the
claims and will push development
work as tapidly as possible.
Excellent Photoplays.
Those who did not attend the
Orphcum last evening should not
miss the same program this ev
ening as they are all dandies.
Change tomorrow evening with
fine Pathe weekly.
M. J. Sullivan, formerly pro
prietor of the Windsor hotel at
Cordovn, returned to the railroad
town on .the Mariposa and will
spend Ihe'surhhier developing tils
quartz claims at mile 101.
Arrive at New York and Claim
Huerta Ordered Killing—May
Prevent Recognition.
New York, March 17.—Francis
co ami Ernesto Madero, father
and uncle of the murdered presi
dent of Mexico, wife and tnother
of the slain.man, his four sis
ters and two brothers, arrived
here today from Cuba, where they
had taken refuge after the fall
of the Madero government. They
were' aided from Mexico City by
the Cuban minister and taken
from Vera Cruz on a Cuban gun
All of the Maderos claim they
have positive proof that Gener
al Huerta ordered the killing of
the Mexican president. They were
met at the dock by Evarista and
Carlos Madero* who have been at
tending college, *one at Cornell
university, and the other at the
Michigan Military academy. Em
ilio and Guljo Madero, two broth
ers. who reached San Antonio dis
guised when the Huerta govern
ment had announced that they
had been killed, are also on the
way to rejoin the family.
The Madero family consisted of
:thirteen, nine hoys and four girls,
bul Francisco, the former pres
ident and fluslivo were murdered
In- the Diaz anddluerla forces af
ter I he' surrender.
If the I'nited Slates Slate de
parlmenl is convinced of the Irtilh
I of I hi* statement that the death
j was a cold Idnoded murder, it is
[doubled here if tile new govern
ment will lie recognized.
American Dancer Dies on Ocean
ic and Mother Wires to Have
Her Companion Held.
London, March 17-—The Ocean
ic arrived at Liverpool today,
bringing the dead body of Fran
ces Leslie," the American dancer,
and upon a wire from the moth
er of the dead girl a male com
panion, whose name is not made
pubiie, was arrested and will he
held to await the inquest.
The mother claims her daugh
ter was killed by the man she
was traveling with. Poison, she
asserts, was used. The inquest
will he held today.
Tlie Mariposa arrived in Val
dez al 7 o'clcok yesterday morn
ing, liringing many passengers
for this port. She also had a
large list for other Alaska towns.
|The boat sailed west al II o'clock
and is due here going south some
[lime this evening. The following
passengers arrived for Valdez:
, Miss S. (i. Holmes, Miss T.
Dougherty, J. Sherlock, F. 11 nick
el. Mr. and Mrs. \V. A. Dickey,
Duuken Dirked, D. Hergman, F.
Friend, M. K. Olson. H. <1. Count
er, It. F. Kohler, It. J. Johnson,
A. l.aing, John J.aing, J. Vasulilf,
P. Hopkins, S. Dorkham, J. C.
Schultz, J. Schultz, T. Seward,
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Heinple, C.
Robertson. T. A. Watson, P. K.
Dunlap, P. Meehan,.A. Bjorkluml.
J. Nelson, CS. A. Howard and wife.
W. C. Rcrllsch, RvC. Roll sell, C. A.
Tear Clothes From “Hell-raising
Suffragettes,’’ Who Would
Stagger Humanity.
London, March 17.—A mob of
10,000 at larked the militant suf
fragettes, who were holding an
open air meeting in Hyde park
yesterday afternoon. Clothes were
torn from the women and they
were badly handled, although no
lives were lost. The police had
been reinforced, but were helpless
in the hands of the mob.
The women had announced that
they intended to “raise hell” or
get the ballot; that public build
ings would be burned; that the
mail would he destroyed, and that,
if necessary, lives -would be tak- j
en in the war of the sexes for
equal franchise. The announce
ment, coupled with the fact inat
the rnilitiants have destroyed mil.
lions of dollars worth of govern
ment and private property; have:
placed tubes of acid in the st.-et' j
i- ai! boxes, destroying the eon.
tents, and committed other • mt
rages, brought out a determined:
mob bent on repaying the wom
en in their own coin, and the po
lice were unable to protect the
suffragettes, who were badly
I lie l-.ngli.-li people are most
determined to put a stop to the
destruction of properly and the
authorities claim that seven- .jail
sentences will lie imposed upon
all violators of the law.
Kighl uiushers who eaiue north
on |lie Mariposa le&t't for Fair
banks this liiorniuR.
So Reports William Druey, Old
timer, Who Arrived at White
horse "Yesterday.
Skagway, March 17.—William
Druey, an oldtimer in the north,
arrived at Whitehorse yesterday
and reports the new. strike at
Teslin as a frost, lie reports
that the Indians have staked the
creeks and are willing to sell the
claims, but that lie was unable
to find any claims were of value.
He says the trip is a hard one
and that the men now on the way,
following “Skooknm Jim” will re
gre that they ever heard of the
Chief Clerk Alvah Karnes has,
under ins) met ion from the post
olfiee depart meat requested bids
for a twice a month mail service
from Dempsey to Paxsons and
then to Culkana. The running
time allowed is seven days and
the weight limit is 150 pounds in
each direction. The bids must lie
received at Cordova prior lo Ap
ril 15th.
The service is for ihe months
of July and August.
P. Kruckaich. of 1 lie Sea Coast
Mining Co., came lo town yes
terday on the Viking.
John Vidak, of Louie’s Cafe, I
will leave on the next boat for
F. H. Vaughn, the Teikhell
roadhouse keeper, was an arriv
al in town today. *
IHaoe Because the Latter Had Re
fused Longer to 8uppcrt the
Present Delegate.
The following account of the
row in the territorial legislature
precipitated by the attack of the
present delegate upon a member
of the lower House is taken from
the Juneau Empire:
The political feud between the
“VVickersham” and “anti-VVick
ersham" forces in Alaska showed
its head above the surface for a
brief spell at the joint session of
th<* Senate and House that had
assembled last night in the hall of
the'House to listen to an address
by Delegate James VVickersham,
and for a moment threatened t o
bring the proceedings to a close.
As it was. Senator Elwood Bruner,
of Nome, withdrew from the
The incident was precipitated
by Delegate VVickersham’s attacK
upon Representative Charles E.
Ingersoll, of Ketchikan, because
(Continued on page i)
Takes Place at the Home of
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Mi." Ti*.**x* Dougherty. daugh
I«■ i* nl' 'Ik Ik I >inighert v. I In' local
i merrlianl. was unileil in marriage
al (Ikill o'clock Iasi niglil al Ihe
Imme of Mr. ami Mrs. Ilerlierl Da
vis. In lli-rlierl I.. Jaynes, the
Itev. W. II. Ziegler performing Ihe
Miss Dougherty arrived mi Ihe
Mariposa yesterday morning and
the wedding was mil long delay
ed. The oride is well known in
Valdez, as she has lived here for
many years and was one of the
most popular young ladies in the
younger set of Valdez society.
The groom is also well known
here and is the owner of some
very promising gold properties
located on Mineral creek.
Those present were Mr, Dough
erty, the bride’s father, who gave
the bride away, Mr. and Mrs. Her
bert Davis, Mrs. Williamson, Miss
Handley and Mr. (Vilson.
Mr. and Mrs. Jaynes have tak
en apartments at the Panama ho
tel, where they will he al home
to I heir friends.
C. A. Hamsay, one of the own
ers of I lie Ramsay-Rutherford
ground, upon which much work
has been done by the Mineral
Creek Mining Co., but later re
leased by that company, return
ed to Valdez on the steamer Mari
posa to take charge of the work
of opening ilie property.
Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Hemple re
turned on yesterday's boat. Mr.
Hemple has been in the states
purchasing supplies for the new
power plant to lie erected by the
Water, Light & Power company in
Solomon basin, above I lie present
lies power site.
Charles Crawford, superintend
ent of tin Cold King Mining Co.,
is on the ground attending to the
freighting of the summer's sup
plies from the beach to the mine.
Just arrived on the Mariposa,
a line of suits, dresses and milli
nery al Harvey's Toggery.
K. C. Ward, of Portland, is
slopping al t lie Seattle.
C. H. Hall is stopping al the j
Copper Block.
Members of House and Senate
Prepare Many Laws and Intro
duce Them for Passage.
Juneau, March 17.—Senator
Roden, of the Iditarod, has in
troduced a bill in the Senate to
abolish the plea of contributory
negligence by corporations when
employees are injured.
Boyle, of Valdez, has introduc
ed the saint! bill in the House.
Senator Sutherland introduced
a bill in the Senate to abolish the
use of fish traps and Represen
tative Svindseth will father the
bill in the lower House. Svindseth
has a bill introduced n the House
to prevent aliens fishing in Alas
kan waters. It is The same as
the bill prepared by Senator Suth
Representative Boyle is father
ing a bill to allow the cities of
Alaska to extend their incorporat
ed limits.
Is the Report Given Out by Sen
ator Pittman, of Nevada, and
a Former Nomeite.
Wash inpl mi. 11. Maicli 17.
Senator Pittman. of Nevada,
rliairman of (lie Senate Territor
ial eoiiiinil I ee. announced today
that President Wit-on had derid
■ ed to appoint .Major I. I'. A.
Stroup, of .luneail, I" succeed
!<iov. Clark, who Inis resp je.duAt t
tiov. Clark, who Inis resipued.
Senator Pilnilan says that the
I si roup Alaskan iiidorseinenls of
I Stroup and the Seattle influences
I determined Hit' selection by the
Pittman is we. 11 known in Nome,
where he spent several summers.
Seattle, March 17.—The S. S.
Yukon, of the Alaska Coast Co.,
and the Northwestern, of the
Alaska Steamship Cn., arrived
here yesterday anil are both lull
ed to leave next Thursday. The
north hound travel is increasing
and (lie Northwestern will have a
capacity passenger list. The trav
el to Southeastern Alaska is es
pecially heavy.
The lumber for the Hud Aim
ing Co. has been delivered on the
beach al Cold creek, and the Mc
Intosh teams are breaking trait
and will soon he hauling the ma
terial for the hydraulic plant up
the basin.
Mr. and Mrs. \Y. A. 1 ickey and
family returned from Senile on
the .Mariposa, Hie s|.,an ,*r slop
ping al Landlork In allow lln-mfn
land al the mine.
Mrs. Fritfcndcn is i <i><| I• •
return In Yalilez from t.andlne!;
mi llie lauaril Flirt.
Miss Tense Dougherty. a (laugh
ter of T. F. Dougherty. the local
inerchaiil. arrived on the Mari
S. (I. Morford, I tie Seward at
torney. was a through passenger
on the Mariposa.
<ieo. Reinke. the watch repairer
and jeweler, is al I he Valdez Drug
company. .

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