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VOL. 9. MO' 172
Troops From Tyrol Province Are
Sent to Montenegrin Frontier
-Government Fears Slavs.
(Ieneva, Paly, May 1.—The Ty
rolese division of the Austrian
army left for the frontier of
Montenegro today. The division
was rerruiled to its full war
standing and fully equipped. II
is consido'ed the Mower ot the
Austrian army and is expected to
force King Nicholas lo come to
lime. The Tyrol division is be
ing sent lor the reason that the
Austrians of the mountains can
he depended upon to stay with
I lie government, while the re
cruits from among the Slavs of
lower Austria and Hungary inighl
conclude lo assist the Monteneg
II is believed here lhal I he Hus
siau government lias acquiesced
In the denionsl rnl ion against
Montenegro, bill il is feared I hat
should I In1 Russian peasants be
come generally informed of the
conditions they would force the
government, to assist the Slavs.
The Austrian army on the Rus
sian frontier has been largely in
Jacob Oppenheimer, Sentenced to
Death i Second Time, Kills
Suifado in Death House.
San HaiTel. Cal.. May I.—iacoh
Oppenheimer, I he convicted mur
derer, was again found guilty of
murder today.
Oppenheimer killed Francisco
Suifado while both were in The
death house wailing for the death
penally In he carried mil, which
had been passed upon the two
The dispatch fails to say why
oppenheimer should he pul to
death for the murder of liis fel
low convict rather than for the
murder he had first been senten
ced to death for, nor does it'ex
plain the necessity for a new
I rial.
Operate on Frank Gotch.
Marshalltown, .Ja., May I.—
Frank notch, the rtianjipiiVn
wrestler of tho 'world, underwefit
an operation on liys) ^)ose yester
No Child is Really Bad.
No child can lie rqally bad if
lie lias bad (lie right trainihfc‘. ff
the childmu of the world were
corralled in a great Held you
would'find them' all 'mildness and
If they were horn mean and
wicked they Would sling you like
serpents or claw and scratch like
little tigers, or bite like wolves.
Instead they coo and play and
howl to stretch their lungs.
If, a child of 5 years is a tor
ment, if he is cruel to animals, if
lie is lacking in respect for older
people, il is because his mother
does not understand that a little
discipline is a great kindness.
The indulgent mother who per
mits her child to grow into a
young demon is respected by none
—least of all by the child.
The last dance given by the
liaglos was a grand success and
the committee will "bust them
selves" to make this week’s dance
even belter.
it is worm while taking a
change on the $800 diamond ring
being raffled at Plant & Com
pany’s, jewelers.
Acting Secretary of State Nloore
and Nippon Ambassador
Washington, I>. C., May 1.—
President Wilson and his cabinet
yesterday considered the Japan
ese protest against the contem
plated California land laws. The
Slate department was represent
ed by Acting Secretary Moore be
cause uf the absence of Secretary
of State Mryau.
After the meeting the acting
secretary and the Japanese am
bassador. Viscount Yasuya l.'ehi
da held a long conference, hut
Ihc newspapermen were, unable
In secure from either any news
as to what transpired al the meet
People Rush Into Streets Fearing
End of World—Quake Lasts
for Half a Minute.
New York, May I .--The earth
quake of last Monday felt
I hroughoul the northern pari of
the stale1, and especially at Old
enburg and Syracuse, was the
heaviest ever experienced in I hose
The quake lasted for fully a
half minute but little damage was
done, although the peofHe rushed
frantically into the streets and in
terror, thinking the world was
coming to an end.
Chicago, May I.— Prof. K. H.
Harper of the chair of. biology
of the Northwestern university,
has been experimenting on the
relative intelligence of the sexes
in animals. He tried his experi
ments on pups, ami kittens. He
found the females were, brighter,
more intelligent, grasped ideas
quicker than males.
“The jfdmale hi alM rials dis
^ifeyed. great quickness in grasp
ing ideas,said*: rhe professor.
“The, feiuale maintained her su
premacy over her iiiale compan
ion in a rather militant manner,
which' jg • quite according to the'
ideas of, sex supremacy.”
. .The salary pay roll for Iasi
month of*the Alaska Water, bight
&" Telephone coiiipaiiy was $3,
000. We do not know how it ef
fected President llemple wftdn he
signed the'checks,'bnl it would
give the editor writer’s cramp and
a heartache to lei go of a wad
like that. Superintendent Quinn
does not care how much it costs,
hut he Wants a plant that will give
a 34-hour capacity service both
summer and winter. He says he
is tired of kicking when the man
at they switch goes to sleep and
will have an automatic regulator
installed which will not only Keep
(he voltage the same at all timse,
but it will; also awaken the op
erator when he so far forgets
himself and takes to the land of
A new ooId storage plant has
been installed oir the Yukon and
she Will be a large carrier of
fresh nipats to northern camps
froth how on.
The Prospector for job-work.
•Iiiui'iiii. May 1.—The Millard
election law was defeated yester
day by the House after a bitter
light among Ihe members. Rep
resentative Ingram fought for the
bill and was its champion in Ihe
lower • House. The difficulty be
tween Ihe House and Senate arose
because of Ihe claim for prece
dence between I be I wo houses.
The Wickersham followers had
Ihe Driscoll election bill passed
in 1he House and il was sent, to
Ihe Senate, where no action was
taken because the Senate had al
ready passed an election law. In
revenge they tallied Ihe Millard
bill indefinitely. The result will
bo that no election law will be
passed at Ibis session.
The delegate’s followers in I lit*
lower House arc iu a sulky mood
and are expected to be obstruc
tionists for the balance of ihe
, The Roden lein law, drawn in
favor of the laborers, has passed
bulb Houses and is believed by all
to be the greatest, boon given la
bor in this territory, giving them
Ihe Mrst protection for their la
bor on all dumps and claims.
The two houses agreed yester
day on a revenue and taxation
measure and appropriated money
for the territorial government.
The Pioneers Home at Sitka,
which will be located in the bar
racks abandoned by the marine
corps and later turned over by act
of congress to the territory, re
ceived 810,000 and a home for in
digent' prospectors will be estab
lished as soon as possible.
Money for the maintenance of
tin* treasurer’s office and for his
salary was also allowed and the
mine inspectors, established un
der the linden law, was provided
for by an appropriation of 88,000.
The territorial .'interior de
partment received 811,000 for the
work turned over to that depart
ment. and the governor’s office
for clerk hire, secretary and nf
Itce expense received 85,500. The
newly established juvenile court
was taken care of by an appro
priation of $10,000; for the care
of dependent children $8,000 was
allowed and placed in I tie treas
urer’s hands to be used its pro
vided by the law just enacted.
Federal Judge Wolverton Re
stores Land Worth Sixty
millions to Government.
I’im'I land. Ore., .May I.—Judge
! Wolverton. of Hie Failed Stales
Federal Court here, rendered a
decision today restoring to Hie
government all the lands taken by
the Southern Pacific railroad
from the public domain.
The lands are worth $00,000—
000 and if the' decision is sus
tained by the higher court this
land will all Ue thrown open to
settlement. .
Many -squatters have been lo
cated oil the lands for a mUn
bor of years aiid some have placed
expensive improvements thereon.
/. ‘ ",—,
Exciting change of program at
the Orpheum tonight. (iel llie
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph .Schmidt
have moved inL<> the former
WUIfi' residence on Court street.
, <’«. Nicholson, formerly with I he
Mineral (’reek Mining cornany,
has taken a position with (he F.l
lamar Mining company.
' Dr. Fellows has opened his of
fice in the Treal building on Wall
street and has fitted up a fine
medical office with every conven
W. E. Dunkle returned I his
morning from Ihe Midas mine.
He had a hard I rip* on snow shoes
as the snow is very deep and quite
Robert MtcCIieSinciy, who is al
Ihe local hospital, is doing as well
as could be expected and has bill
little fever. It is now almost cer
tain that his toot will be saved
and It will be placed in a plaster
east loniorfoiv.
'i; V: ■'—'
DougtteWV & Ferguson receive
ed ,bn the steamer Sampson a
Stipply rvf fresh groceries, frnif
andyegctpbles,,.- .
| Meeting at Eagle Hall Largely
Attended and Organization
is Perfected.
Igloo No. /, Pioneers of Alaska,
was organized Iasi evening al
Eagle hall. Eorty-eiight members
signed the charier roll and were
al once initialed into the order.
Charles Day was elected presi
dent, C. E. Bunnell lirst vice
president, Bolt McIntosh second
vice-president, Eugene Ames re
cording secretary, \V. II. Crary
historian, A. Carlson treasurer,
and the three trustees are Win.
Wilson, Al. Dowling and Dr. Har
ry Cockerillo, for three, two arid
one years, respectively.
William Brennan was elected
sergeant-al-arms by acclamation.
. The had weather is interfering
with the progress of tin* work on
Iheuiew Blum building.
;Phil. Wilson and Pally. Mar
shall came initleimorning from
(told creek. ■***
The dance last night al Mouse
hall was one of the largest held
by the dancing club and everyone
enjoyed themselves.
T. J. Deviiinev is expected up
from Ellafnar in a few days. He
is still suffering from the effects
of his fall down the shaft at the
Mrs. Edith Moore held No. 58,
which was ltie lucky number that
drew the, swell crocheted table
cover made by Mrs. Swanson and
raffled off.
fi. W. Storm, the surveyor,
went to Eilamar with Pete Jack
son and will do some surveying
for him. It will require about a
ihrinth’s time. He will ke'ep in
touch with his office here while
dway, so don’t send outside for
a surveyor.
l)bti’t fofget the Eagle dance:
ffobd music, fine1 floor and a nice
luridf.'' ■■■'*•' ',f
Mexican General Who Crossed the
Border and Surrendered to
U. S. Troops, is Freed.
San Itiego, Cal., May I.—Up
on orders from the, War depart
ment at Washington, General
Pedro Ojeda, who commanded the
Huerta troops at Naco and who
fled across the border with 300
of his soldiers and surrendered
to the Americans under Capf. II.
A. SPvarts, was released today,
as were also I he men who crossed
the line with him.
Gen. Ojeda surrendered April
13th and has been a military
prisoner since that lime. He was
defeated by Gen. Alvaro Ohrcgon.
who commanded the Sonora stale
I roops.
j Five-minute Rule Makes Quick
| Action Possible—Expect Long
Fight in the Senate.
! Washington, I>. May I.—
| The denale in the House on I he
•larill' hill ended yesterday, the
members being limited to live
minutes each and alt efforts to
stay the measure were futile.
The Senate, however have no
such, governing rules and it is
l expected that a long and tedious
| argument will follow extending
j well into the hot summer sea
I son.
ilS13 DISH
New York, May ).—The year
It* 13 has proved Ihus far the
most disastrous Ihree months
that ship owners oh both sides
of I he Atlantic have experienced
... fifty years.
Correct estimates of the loss
caused by the series of storms
that have swept it ho coasts of
Europe and America are difficult
to obtain, but one authority, who
based his liguros on the Lloyds’
report, said that the! damage to
deep sea vessels afoue . would
amount to 87.000,000.
This does not include I he loss
suffered by the coasting trade of
the United Stall's, estimaled at
several millions.
During the month .of .January
one agency reported the loss or
partial wreckage of 328 sailing
vessels and 510 stelamships.
The Horrid Habit of Contrddiotion
One nf the very worst habits to
acquire—if we care for our own
happiness and the happiness of
others—is the habit of contradic
Unfortunately, it comes easily,
nfrqu unknowingly, and attains
its growth before we are fully
aware of the existence of the evil
thing-we have nurtured.
Woman has no monopoly of
this habit. It is often seen and
is just as had in a man. ,Contin
ual watchfulness' over the unruly
longue is the only safeguard, the
only remedy and the only cure.
Consideration, one for others,
should he cultivated if one would
retain the love of friends.
The regular Eagle dance will
he held Saturday at the hall.
without board.* Ibex Jlouse. Key
stone Ave. Mrs. fl. Sharts.
California Must Act—Eastern
People Fail to Recognize
Yellow Peril.
- - __ I
Washington, I). C., May I.—
Senator Work of California, de
fends the right of the state to
pass such laws as it may deem
necessary regarding the owner
ship of land in its jurisdiction.
die says that the Cast has no
understanding of the yellow peril.
They know nothing about the
conditions in the WJesI he as
serts, nm| should not condemn
the action of the Western states
until llie\ know of the circum
Thn West, lie furl her asserts,
is aide lo care for itself and will
in one way or another so arrange
the laws as lo prevent the own
ership of I lie land hy the Japan
ese and Chinese. California must
act to prevent further encroach
ment hy the sons of Nippon.
hr. Sleem delivered a led lire
lo the scholars of the high school
this morning. The scholars en
joyed the lecture very much.
Good-la-tah Loses His Suit With
Railroad—Reed Case Now on
and Consume Four Days.
Cordova. .May I.--(thief iiood
la-lali. who sued I tic Cupper Riv
er Railroad Co. Iieraiise the con
slnielioii crew had crossed an
laneieni graxeyard of lilt- trihe in
which reposed the remains of the
former*chief's ancestors, losi out
today when I lie .jury, which had
been out for nine hours, return
ed a verdict for I lie defendant
railroad company.
The suit of Mrs. ,t. K. Reed, as
administratrix, against ttie Cop
per .River road to recover dam
ages for I he death of her hus
band. who was killed by the ro
tary when it fell through a burn
ed bridge and crushed the engi
neer to death, is now on, the jury
being completed at 10 this morn
ing. II is expected that this case
will .. al least four days
to try.
The Alaska Steamship com
pany spent S 1*7.000 repairing and
overhauling the little steamer
Dora, plying between Seward and
Unalaska. The insurance under
writers paid g15,00(1 to the com
pany for loss when tin* boat went
ashore and was badly pounded on
the beach al Seward.
Kim* change of program at the
Orpheum tonight.
Orpheum Program Tonight.
$ 1,000 Reward for Kansas Kid,
tin* wild cowboy outlaw.
His Wife’s Whims, comedy.
Life Among the Muruts inter
esting travelogue.
Lake of Dreams, tragedy of
shattered ambit ions.
A (treati|r Love, cowboy ro
$1,000 Reward.
One thousand dollars reward
for the capture, dead or alive, of
the Kansas Kid, the fast, furious
and treacherous outlaw. For
further particulars attend the
Orpheum change of pictures to
"Gome on. let’s go aud buy
some bargains at Adler’s."
t)oes your watch need repair
Spc Remise, the watch doc

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