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Valdez daily prospector. (Valdez, Alaska) 1905-1918, October 23, 1913, Image 2

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Valdez Daily Prospector
Prospector Publishing Co.
By carrier, per month....$ 1.00
By mail, per annum. 10.0.0
The Weekly Miner.
By carrier, per month. 40o
By mail, per annum.$3.00
The Daily Prospector and Weekly
Miner, by carrier, te one address
per month.$1.25
The Daily Prospector and Weekly
Miner by mail to one address
only per year.$12.50
Business Office and Editorial
Rooms, Phone 152.
Advertising Rates on Application.
“And I am not, violating any
confidence when J say that I have
in my safe in New York at this
moment copies ol' three speech
es which Theodore Roosevelt will
deliver in South America," said
Melville E. Stone, general man
ager of the Associaed Press, a
few days ago in an address be
fore the Indiana members of the
Associated Press. This remark j
gives an idea of one of the ways j
in which the news of the world
is covered. When Col. Roosevelt
actually delivers tile speeches in
South America, the managei.it
of the Associated Press in this
country will he unfilled and over
the wires will go a release mes
sage lo newspapers carrying the
A. P. dispatches. Hefore the
speeches the Associated Press
will probably send copies by mail
to each of Ihe A. P. newspapers.
Those copies will he marked:
“Confidential. To he held until
released." The Associated Press
enjoys the confidence of ollieials |
and the general public, and is j
for that reason able to furnish
such a complete news service.
A notable example of Ihe con-j
flilence imposed in tile Associated i
Press is file fact that during Ihe !
Spanislt-Ameriean war Admiral |
Sampson telegraphed to Mr. i
Stone the plan he proposed to
follow with his fleet in attack-!
ing the Spanish navy. If was big j
news, hut it was not intended for i
publication. To have published i
it would have been to inform the j
Spanish naval authorities of our j
plan of campaign. Hut the in- j
formation enabled file general!
manager of the Associated Press |
to prepare for handling the news i
of the battle. !
It. is not uncommon for t lie
President of the t'niled States lo 1
call in representatives of the As- ]
socialed Press and inform them
of what is to lie undertaken. They !
have a clean record for keeping !
confidences, and officials d ■ not '
hesitate to impart informal ion !
that will aid in keeping Ihe conn- j
try correctly advised.
I lie Associated Press is nun- ;
partisan. II is mi the same eon- |
tiilenUal relations with I Ik* Deni- j
oeralir national adminislration
as it was with the Republican. II
serves Republican. Democratic,
other parly and independent
newspapers alike. II gives facts,
not opinions. It oflen carries the
opinions of olliers, as, for exam
ple, in I he speeches of public
men, but I hey are the opinions
of the men piloted. Because of
its uon-parl isan and careful pre
sentation of the I'aels, if has be
come the greatest news agency
in the world.—Ex.
The reporl of the murder by
Eskimos of Explorers If. \Y. Rad
ford and George Street transmit
ted by Gomjmissioner Peary of
Regina. Canada, for an investiga
tion of the Hudson Bay district,
records a serious loss to zoolog
ical science. The Smithsonian
Institution received last year
from Mr. Radfoid, who left New
York City for the north in Jan
uary, l!)09, the first definite evi
dence of a species of bison, un
known to lhe western prairies,
inhabiting northwest Canada in
the region of the Great Slave
Lake. The skeleton and skull of
the wood bison now in the Na
tional Museum at Washington
are the only specimens of the
kind in the world. Mr. Radford
killed his wood bison in a herd
of 350, found in a rugged and
precipitous mountain region far
from any prairie, and in a part
of the continent geologically (Od
er I hail the prairie regions.
The prairie buffalo is almost
extinct. But it is probable that,
by the efforts of public-spirited
men like Dr. W. T. Hornaday, the
few descendants of tin* vast herds
of bison that once overran the
prairjes of the Great West.
Prior to Mr. Radford’s verifica
tion of reports concerning the
bison of the Great Slave Lake,
Dr. Hornada.v was of the opinion
that they were a northernmost
herd of the familiar type of the
plains. It is now the belief of
all American naturalists that the
wood bison is a distinct species,
perhaps the ancestor of I he prai
rie buffalo. The two varieties may
yet have free range in the greaf
national parka and may he per
mitted lo multiply under the pro
tective care of the civilization
that all but destroyed them. The
wood bison is more massive,
broader and bigger in ever way
than the bison of the Great West;
a generation hence may witness
their increase in great numbers
as a proper substitute for the
nearly exterminated species. Hut,
it, is of importance that the rec
ords gathered by Mr. Radford and
his companions should lie1 recov
ered, and made the basis of fur
ther attempts lo win back this
lately discovered a species to its
place of vantage among Ameri
can fauna.— Kx.
Human Folly.
I remarked to Dr. Skate: "I’m
increasing in my weight, and it's
giving me the blues, for I cannot
tie my shoes, so I want a pint of
pills, or a syrup made of squills,
or some other kind of dope; you !
can pull me down, I hope?” All
tin1 time at heart I know that I
really ought lo go to the wood
pile with an ax. and get down to
old brass lacks. Oh, I ought to
do my chores and get busy out
of doors, healing carpels good
and hard, cleaning up the liller
ed yard, with a mind and heart
at peace, thus disposing of my
grease. But, instead, I trot a
block, and consult the four-eyed
doc, and he shakes his head and '
sighs, and he looks confounded
wise, and gives me pellets labeled
“Nux,” and assesses ]me three
bucks. And some forty million
jays are as foolish, all their days.
Ills and aches would travel hence
if we'd use a lillle sense. If you
Have an aching foolli, have il
pulled al once, good youth! Bui
of course that simple plan won't
appeal to any man: you will
nurse your throbbing jaw and
denounce the moral law. blow
yourselif for paten I cures, and
Ihe chloroform that lures: then,
with agony accursed, do what
should he done at lirsl. Most of
us are dotards dense; few of us
have any sense.
- i
.f. Johnson is in town from
down Ihe sound.
Excellent change of picures at
Ihe Orpheum tonight.
.J. Jewell arrived from the
Idil.arod by way ,,1' Nelchina.
Another bunch of mushers ar
rived from Fairbanks this morn
The Balkan War and other
new movies al Ihe-Orpheum to
The dance in Mod i Hall last
evening was well niI*>ti,1*»il and
nil had in enjoyable .nre.
II. L. lhdvey, Ihe l.'ndei'wnnd
I v pewriter 'salesman. Will leave
in Idle nexl Inial fur Seal t ie.
Mouse weekly dance in Moose '
Hall nexl, Sal urday evening. Sup
per at twelve. All visitors are
Piledriver (Jus and some of the
other hoys are expected from Kl
lamar today. The Seward is
loading ore at the mine.
Lou McCullum returned from
I he new strike, lie reports about
200 abins built at the new town
and unite a few will winter there.
A. Id. Carson and A. B. Peter
son, of the Lindeberg party, ar
rived from a hunting trip on the
summit last evening with a big
mountain goat. ,
Don’t neglect your health on the trail.
is prepared to fill your medicine kit
with the purest and best of drugs,
medicines, and surgical bandages.
Your good taste
and good sense
can be applied in full measure at
this store. Our pledge is to give
you the same class of merchan
dise that you see displayed in the
leading men’s stores of the big
cities. These big city stores may
excel us in size but they cannot
excel us in values. We handle
]j “The same price the werid over"
I You are sure of the same style and the
r same values as well as the same pri. ...
I Our new display includes nil the new U ; .
I for Fall—the new colors, the latest cl itheffe' the
I prevailing styles—some conservative, some cxin :::c.
f Every suit and overcoat is guaranteed. ,'ou
get style plus all-wool fabrics plus e::perf. •‘roritnian
ship plus fit.
If the makers had not spent sixty-four years m buildii , up
a trained organization, and in establishing an unequalled buying
for, the price would Do ?.zu to
instead of only $17.
Your good taste and good
sense will say "STYLEPLUS for
mine.” Ourmirrorand five min
utes of your time will .prove it.
The Economy Store—
Seal Ik*, Oel. 2,'i_The steamer
Sampson, of the Alaska Coast
Company, left here last night for
Valdez ailn will also call at Knik
anchorage anil at Kodiak. The
steamer has a small passenger
list for Vahlez, Iml is loaded with
freight, for Southwestern Alaska
The following passengers are
dmard: Charles Adler. W illiam
hamoii. W . Cilkey and Mrs. ,1. J.
fa \ ana.
FOR RF.NT—.'1-room apartment
liiicly furnished, liol, and cold
(val »*i* and hath. Reasonable
wnt. neutrally Iocaled. Kmiuire'
:il Hie Prospector.
LOST--A purse containing dia
mond ring and sum of money;
■ilher on Keystone, Front or
l-iroadway. Return to this office
;uid receive liberal reward.
The man who wails for inspir
11 ion is st ill wail ing.
Twin Screw, Powerful
and Commodious,
Freight, Passengers and Towing.
Inquire Room 1, Panama Hotel.
When in a hurry call on-me.
is my motto.
Phone 82. J. A. SPENARD, Prop.
Contractor and Builder
Day Work if Desired
Estimates Furnished
Copper River
Draying Co
Freighting and passengers to all parts
of the interior. (Jeneral Trucking
Wd. Wood, Proprietor
McKimey St. Valdez
ft UP Hotel
El/POPtM — rDligi\
J/| fllLW/zf
|||**Cmas.Peppy, mop.
Schedule of the Donaldson.
The following schedule for
launch “Lieut,. C. V. Donaldson”
will take effect today. All orders
to the contrary are revoked.
Daily, Saturday and Sunday, ex
cepted :
Leave Fort Liseum, Alaska,
8:15 a. in. and 1:15 p. m.
Leave Valdez, Alaska, 9:45 a.
m. and 4:00 p. in.
Leave Fort Liseum. Alaska,
8:15 a. in. 1:15 p. in. and 5*00 p.
Leave Valdez, Alaska, 9:45 a.
m. 2:00 p. m. and 5:30 p. m.
Leave Fort Liseum, Alaska,
1:15 p. m. and 7 :00 p. in.
Leave Valdez, Alaska, 4:00 p.
in. and 10:30 p. m.
There will be no trips for the
launch on the 2nd and 4th Fri
days of each month, these days
being used to clean Dollers.
Soecial trips or cancelling of
the above will be made without
notice only to meet the exigen
cies of the service.
By order of Lieut. Col. O’Neil.
Second Lieut. 30lh Infantry,
Hospital of tho Good Samaritan.
For $6 we will give you a tic
ket entitling you to hospital ser
vice and care for any eight weeks
out of the year from date of your
ticket, v/hen incapacitated by in
jury or sickness.
PostofTiee Hours.
Week days I* a. m-. to 6 p. m.
Sundays and holidays 12 noon
Chas. R. Crawford
Wall Street Phone 159
Plate, glass, window glass, roofing and
building papers, roofing pitch, lime, ce
ment, plaster lath, shingles, builders*
hardware. Shop and job work of all kinds
Windows, Doors, Moulding, Finish
ing Lumber
Agents for Fairbanks, Morse & Co.
Otpbeum fflovks
Every Evening
A. H. P1NKUS, Mgr.
Sewing Machine Motor
Will sew 100 yards of cloth for One Cent
The outfit is the essence of simplicity and
durability—may be attached in a few mo
ments —can be run by a child.
Ends the drudgery of foot pedalling.
Turn the switch—guide your work—
That's All.
Let us send an outfit on free trial.
PATENT.—Survey No. 993.—
Serial No. 01618. United Stales
Land Office, Juneau, Alaska,
August 20, 1913.
Notice Is hereby given that In pursu
■nee of the act of congress approved
May* to, 1872, Fred Llljegren, whose
postolftce address is Ellamar, Alaska, has
made application for a patent for 1,50u
linear reel on the Copper Bullion No. I
lode mining claim and for 1,500 linear
reet on the copper Bullion No. 2 lode
mining claim, hearing cupper, together
with surface grounds as allowed by law
lying, being and situate -in the record
ing precinct of Valdez, Alaska, and de
scribed by the official plat and hy the
Held notes of IJ. S. Mineral Survey No
993, on file In the office or the Register
or the Juneau Land District, at Juneau,
Alaska, as follows, to-wlt:
Copper Bullion No. 1 Lodo.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1, whence U. s.
Mineral Monument No. 8 bears N. 46 de
grees 44 minutes 21 seconds E. 613.92 reet
distant; thence N. 01 deg. 09 min. W. cun
reet to Cor. No. 2; thence N. 28 deg. 5 1
min. E. 1500 feet to Cor. No. 3; thence
S. 61 deg. 09 min. E. 600 reel to cor.
No. 4; thence S. 28 deg. 51 mill. W. 1500
feet to Cor. No. 1, place or beginning.
Area 20.661 acres. The Additional aim
Amended Location Ccrtllleate of the Coo
per Bullion No. I lode claim is duly ut
record in Hook 11 of the Records of the
Valdez Recording Precinct at page 361.
This claim is hounded on Ihc north l>v
the Copper Bullion No. 2 lode claim.
copper Bullion no. z Lode.
Beginning at Cor. No. 1, Identical wiilu
Cor. No. 4, Copper Bullion No. 1 Lode or
tills survey previously described, whence
li. S. Mineral Monument No. 8 bears s.
17 deg. 12 min. DO sec. W. 9:14.98 feet
distant; thence N. 01 deg. 09 min. \V.
COO reel to Cor. No. 2, Identical witn
Cor. No. :t. Copper Bullion No. I Lode;
thence N. 28 deg. Di min. E. 1500 reel
to r:or. 3, whence u witness corner, a post
marked C B No. 2 Cor. 3 W C bears S. 23
deg. 51 min. W. 383.40 reel; thence from
true corner S. 01 deg. 09 min. E. 600
feet to Cor. No. 4, whence a witness cor
ner, a post marked C II No. 2 corner 4
W C bears S. 28 deg. 51 min. \V. 141.70
rect; thence from true corner S. 28 dev.
51 min. W. 1500 reel to Cor. No. t, the
place or beginning. Area 20.061 acres.
The Additional and Amended Location
Certificate el' the copper Bullion No. 2
lode claim is duly of record in Book 14
or Records or the Valdez Recording Pre
cinct at page 362. Tills claim Is bound
ed on the south by the Copper Bullion No.
1 lode.
Any and all persons claiming adversely
any portion or said mining claims or sur
face ground, are hereby required to file
their adverse claims with the Register
or the U. P. Land Oirice at Juneau, Alaska,
within tlie time prescribed by law, or they
will be barred by virtue or the provis
ions or the statule.
It Is hereby ordered 1. at the foregoing
notice or application be published In tic
Valdez Daily Prospector, the newspaper
published nearest the said mining claim',
lor a period of sixty days.
Date or tlrst publication Aug. 27, I9t:i.
Date or last publication Nov. 6, 1913.
\VANTKl>—S«M!outl-liuin! ■ l< ■
slt'tl. Inquire' Albemarle.
Valdez Sheet Metal Works
Manufacturers of
Plumbing, Steam and Hot
Water Heating, Pumps and
Well Points.
Sheet Metal Work of Every
Description, Hose Valves,
Irci °ipe. Fittings.

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