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You arc made aware of the neces-
sity for cleansing your blood in the
spring by humors, eruptions and other
outward signs of impurity.
Or that dull headache, bilious, nau-
Reous, nervous condition and that tired
feeling are due to tho same cause —
weak, thin, impure, tired blood.
America's Greatest Spring Medi-
cine is Hood's Sarsaparilla.
It makes the blood rich and pure,
cures scrofula and salt rhcutn, pives a
dear, healthy complexion, good appe-
tite, sweet Bleep, sound health.
For cleansing the blood tho best
medicine money can buy is
It is Peculiar to Itself.
SfuFTelonx Chicken Lega.
The mechanism of the leg and foot of
a chicken or other bird that roosts on a
limb Is a marvel of design. It often
seems strange that a bird will sit on a
roost and sleep all night without fall
ing off, but the explanation Is perfectly
simple. The tendon of the leg of a bird
that roosts is so arranged that when
the leg is bent at the knee the claws
are bound to contract and thus hold
-with a sort of death grip the limb
around wbicb they are placed. Put a
chicken's feet on your wrist and then
make the bird sit down, and you will
have a practical Illustration on your
skin that you will remember for some
time. By this singular arrangement,
seen only In such birds as roost, they
will rest comfortably and never think
of holding on, for it is Impossible for
them to let go till they stand up.—Pres
Eczema is caused by an acid humor in
the blood coming in contact with the
skin and producing great redness and in-
flammation ; little pustular eruptions form
and discharge a thin, sticky fluid, which
dries and scales off ; sometimes the skin is
hard, dry aud fissured. Eczema in any
form is a tormenting, stubborn disease,
and the itching and burning at times are
almost unbearable; the acid burning
humor seem* to ooze out and set the skin
on fire. Salves, washes nor other exter-
nal applications do any real good, for a 1
long as the poison remains in the blood
it will keep the skin irritated.
"For three years I (i -
had Tetter on my JKafijifc
hands, which caused
them to swell to twice jMljffflffiSfiJli
theirnatural size. Part «jy«»oeaJ»
of the time the disease [email protected]^ V
was in the form of rvin- jaß^' tfjfc. f.
ning sores, very pain- |ijr"®Ti flr^ 1 " if
fnl, and causing me slspiiiiSi* i.
much discomfort. Four i&lgSjbaCr* H&l. I
doctors said the Tetter M*%?3(£t~* flptX
had progressed too far / 7MMS3Ir?~ JsßK'
to lie cured, nnd they M»'HW'rt*wisWfe
could d> nothing for jtftgSxgR&NS&SLL^
me. I tiok only three >{S®i?y«S®^3HBK
bottles of S. S. S. nnd
was completely cured. WhMS^^^MAW' : '
This was fifteen years
Bgo, aud I have r.cvcr
since seen any ii>ni of my old trouble." — Mrs
1,. B. Jackson, 14:4 McGee St., Kansas City, Mo
S. S. S. neutralizes this acid poison,
cools the blood and restores itto a healthy,
natural state, and the rough, unhealthy
skin becomes soft, smooth and clear.
StSTN HL*^ sipelas, Psoriasis, Salt
>». Rheum and all skin
k/jjq frOflß diseases due to a pois>
*^Br '^08' oned condition of tht
blood. Send for our book and vmte us
about j'our case. Our physicians have
made these diseases a life study, and can
help you by their advice ; we make 110
charßeforthisservice. All correspondence
is conducted in strictest confidence.
13 IfcwxCouKb Byrup. T»Bte«Good. U«> K|
Ej W tlma. Br.ln I'T druwUtfc g|
Imperial preae
TULA RE COUNTY— A rig Is in place
on = La Mesa Chlqulta, where drilling la
about to begin.
CAHUENOA— Cahuonga Oil Com
pany is preparing to drill six more
wells west of the city.
MONARCH— Monarch Oil Company
is still drilling in San Diego county,
having a thousand feet of bole.
COALINOA — Confidence Oil Com
pany is bringing in its No. 4 well,
which Is estimated at 100 barrel capac
Oil Company's drill has penetrated bit
uminlzed shale and developed consid
erable gas.
RAPID WORK— Kern River Mutual
Oil Company began drilling on its lease
on 4-29-28, Kern river field, on Febru
ary 18, and already has two holes down
to sand with prospects of a fine well
in each this week. The company has
a, good water well, tanks and field
buildings and drilling on No. 3 will be
begun within a week.
ENCINITAS— Victoria Oil Company
has succeeded in casing off the water
in its- well at Encinitas, San Diego
county, and has 835 feet of casing in
the well.
NACIAMENTO — Naclamento Oil
Company has tapped oil sand in North
ern San Luis Obispo county and it is
thought a good well will be brought in
when drilling is resumed.
OIL EDITIONS— The Fresno Demo
crat has issued a special oil edition of
much value. It covers the petroleum
industry in a comprehensive way.
SAN PEDRO— AII the wells at San
Pedro have been abandoned, but the
j Ellsworth company Is preparing to
drill a second hole.
expected that the Kramer Consolidated
Oil Company will levy an cssessment
in the course of a few days to pay for
a standard rig and bear the expense of
LIQUID ASPHALT— It is reported
| by members of the company that the
Juanita Oii Company has drilled into a
stratum of "liquid asphalt" at Summer
mont, Tex., now has an exchange for j
the sale of oil company stock. ;
SUNSET WELLS— A correspondent
of the San Francisco Chronicle has
counted thirty-six producing wells in
the Sunset field.
WASHINGTON — A half dozen oil
companies have been organized in
Washington to develop prospective oil
territory in that state.
Coalinga Crude Oil companies each ex
pect to begin drilling in Warthan can
yon, Fresno county, by the Ist of May.
WILDCATTING — A company has
bonded 2500 acres of land between Bag j
gulch and White river, Kern county,
and will drill for oil. This is untried |
territory. j
CARSON ClTY— Carson City, Nev.,
has put in a claim to oil, and there Is]
talk of drilling near the town. Drill- :
ing will also soon begin near Virginia
ABANDONED— IsoIa Oil Company
has abandoned its Newhall well, which ;
had reached a depth of 1300 feet with
j no oil in sight.
Company has more than a well full of i
water in its 1300 — foot hole and has i
been obliged to abandon it. A great
flow of water gives the well some |
value '
Johnny Sunpcotit Ilia Pa.
"Pa," said Johnny, looking up front
bis book, "what is tho meaning of 'me
tenipsychosisV "
A look of confusion suddenly over
spread pa's countenance, but It was
only for a moment.
" 'Metempsychosis,' Johnny, means
it means— but If I should tell you yov
would v<T,v sn<in forget tho meaning.;
Look lv the dictionary for it yourself,
and then yon will bo more likely to fo-'
member. Information that comes ivlth-j
out effort seldom 1 1 users in the inotu
or.v." j
Half an hour or so later Johnny
Bought the dictionary In the library.
When he got there he found pn with
the dictionary open at "Met." Doubt
less it was merely a coincidence, but
Johnny could not help thiuklng that bis
pn was Buracthlng of a fraud.— Hoston
Poaching In London Parka.
Nearly nil tho London pinks nre well
stocked with cntjililc birds, and It Is
the easiest tiling in the world for the
loafers to kill them, clean them ami
carry them off to the nearest hot plate
for roasting. A story la told by Lon
doners of n couple of Impecunious
Scotch black nnd white artists who
took a garret In Lincoln's Inn Fields
and lived for a week oil Law court pi
geons, which are plump, lively, plenti
ful nnd tnmo nnd would doubtless
make a good meal. In addition to
ponchlng in the parks, there la also
good reason to believe that ninny of
the rare birds snld to shndy bird deal
ers are snared then I.—(Jlasgow1 .— (Jlasgow News.
Bnronrflßlnß I7rr Cnunln.
"Ah, yes!" sighed thu lovelorn youth.
"I'm pn.sslomttrl.v in love with Mlsfl
Van rickcl. I womh't 1 If I will over
sneered in winning her affections?"
"Why not?" replied his Cousin Hel
en. "I know at li'.-ist half a dozen othei
men who have."— Philadelphia Tress.
Her ticm Tor.
Hetty (recently engaged)— Oh, mother,
you ought not to ask me to make the
bread now. The dough gets Into the
setting of my diamond ring awfully!
Mother— Then why not take Hip ring
off when you begin to make the broad?
Hetty— Mercy! Suppose somebody
should come in!— Rostnn Ti'iuscrlpt.
The system cannot be in good condi
tion when the bowels are constipated.
Take Garfleld Tea, it cures constipa
tion and effectually regulates the liver.
Fiso's Cure for Consumption Is an
infallible medicine for coughs and
colds.— N. W. SAMUEL, Ocean Grove,
N. J., Feb. 17. 1900.
"Always tell the truth', my boy,"
counseled Uncle Allen Sparks, "but
don't be always telling it."— Chicago
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All
druggists refund the money If It fails to cure.
E. W. Qrove's signature is on each box. 2fic.
CITO Permanently Cured. No flta or nervo<isncn
II I V alter llrHtilnyV mpuf I»r. Kliue'sCirvut Ncrvn
Rortorer. Scud for FKE E 94.00 trial bottle ami treat
ise. Da. B. 11. Klin k, Ltd. .Ml Arch St.. Philadelphia, Pa.
An Unpleanant Relative.
"Her rich old uncle isn't a bit nice to
her. Is he?"
"Nice! no's horrid! Why, he
threatens her awfully!"
"Threatens her?"
"Yes. threatens to leave all his money
to a hospital for asthmatic cats."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
When a man is out of money, he
doesn't show any. but when he is out
of temper he shows a lot of it—Chica
go News.
1 ft jj
111 1 Beware of Them |
IJ? Then- are two afflictions which J?
1 Jf perhaps give the most paiii Jc
1 X and trouble, viz: g
I Sciatica §
I X and g
! I Lumbago |
! V Both disable and cripple, §
g but g
I St. Jacobs Oil |
1j is their best cure. X
This signature is on every box of the genuine
Laxative Bromo*Quinine Tablets
the remedy that riire* a col«l In one d«y
[Suffered Twenty-five Years]
WASHINGTON, D. C, April 1, 1898.
Dr. S. B. Hartman, Columbus, O.
My dear Doctor — It gives me pleas-
ure to certify to the excellent curative
qualities of your medicines, Peruna
Hon. J. D. Botkin,
Congressman at-Large from Kanias.
and Manalin. I have been afflicted,
more or less, for a quarter of a century
with catarrh of the stomach and con-
stipation; a residence in Washington
having increased these troubles.
A few bottles of your medicines have
given me almost complete relief, and
I am sure that a continuation of their
use will effect a permanent cure.
Peruna is surely a wonderful remedy
for catarrhal affections.
If you do not derive prompt and sat-
isfactory results from the use of Pe-
runa, write- at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you his
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
■ \\ g ///£bs6's THE ORIGINAL
I7ffi/%^ /a. (/a*Jf OILED
■ J^m~C-/ff77/?V^tA BLACK OB TtlLOtV
KecpYoii dry
tfeftwitk Wettest Weather
take no JUBSTmrres. toon tor above trade hark.
Showing Full Line of Garments and Hata
SUMMER is best time to
cure Catarrh, Bronchitas and
Consumption. Our remedy is
guaranteed, $1.00.
1 P.0.80X 973 W.H. SMITH k CO,. BuffaIo. N.Y
I Heirs 01 I'nlou Soldiers who homo tended
[loss thrin 160 mi! es before .lu.ie '2J, 1S"1 (no
i mutter if HliKiidoncil), should itddri'ss
I lIKNIIV N. Cori', Waxhlngton. D. C.
'Consumption Cured
I For the treatment of Consumption
: nnddisonßoa of th« throat. Call or write
j for literature ami report of cases.
4SI,'.J S. Spring St., lx)s Angeles, Cal.
>gBpr when you plant TEraßk
fcfjijj/ buy cheap eocOa you cuu't ESSj™
6fSg be sine. Toko no chances— fffilß
V»flL gsi Kerry'B. lValt-re every- /SEw
Ngifcj where m-U them, Writo AfiS ¥
KB for l-.HU Need Arinuul - Msßr
raffS 0. M. FERRY Ik CO,, jfißr

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