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Dr. W. T. Heffernan returned from
I/os Angeles Thursday.
T. 8. Brandegee of San Diego, was
looking over this country recently-
W. H. Horn of Lincoln, Neb., was
looking over the Imperial country this
The organ to be used in the, Chris
tian church is in the reception hall* of
the hotel.
George Emmerson of Indiana, who
will probably invest in this country, is
here this week.
Engineer Rockwood was here from
Cameron lake last week during the
visit of the editors.
S. W. Fergusson, who went to Los
Angeles last Saturday, returned via
Yuina latter part of this week.
The household goods of our towns
man, Dr. W. T. HetFenian, were de
stroyed by fire in Yuina, recently.
Deputy Tax Assessor and Collector
Frank Stephens of San Diego, has
been doing the town and country.
Messrs D. B. and William Crawford
of Pomona, arrived in Imperial Thurs
day tolook after their interests here.
Hon. A. H. Heber of Chicago, is
here, investigating this country and
the work of reclamation that is being
Mr. Thompson of New York City is
in Imperial this week. He is here
with a view to investing in land in this
H. P. Wood, secretary of the cham
ber of commerce of San Diego, accom
panied the Editorial party to Imperial
last week.
Misses Nana Caler and Elizabeth
Staub came out from Los Angeles
Thursday with a view to locating land
in this country.
Mrs. H. L. Frost returned to San
Diego April 6, having spent' several
days here, the guest of her daughter,
Mrs. H. C. Reed.
The foundation was laid this week
for W. Patton & Cos. office building.
There is to be four rooms in the build
ing, two of which will be occupied by
Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Fergusson.
W. S. Post of Los Angeles, arrived
here from Phoenix, Arizona last week,
going from here to Rockwood's camp
at Cameron lake. Mr. Post is an en
gineer and is interested in the devel
opment of this couutry.
Miss E. Bertella Fergusson left for
her home in Los Angeles Monday,
having spent some time in the Imper
ial country. Miss Fergusson will
probably return to this country after
the summer months have passed.
S. R. Gage of Louisana, who has
been in Porto Rico the past few
months, was in Imperial Sunday, go
ing from here to Los Angeles Moday.
He will engage in the livestock busi
ness in this country if he finds suffic
ient land in a body.
Mrs. R. V. Tibbols of San Diego,
was here last week. Mrs. Tibbols has
a tract of homestead land near Blue
lake and came for the purpose of gain
ing information regarding same. Un
fortunately no one here could enlight
en her, as the surveys are not yet com
G. W. Uothwell came in from Sun
set Spring last Thursday, returning
the fallowing day as leader of the Im
perial Editorial Party. Mr. Bothwell
said that surveying was the only work
being done at present on the East Side
tract, but that work on the canals
would be commenced in about thirty
imperial prcoo
Two Churches for Imperial
Work will at once be commenced on
the construction of the Christian
church. Material is all on the ground
and the building will go up rapidly.
Rev. J. C. Hay of Pueblo, Colorado,
has been secured as pastor of the
church for a term of two years. From
all reports, he is an excellent gentle
man, and is the right man in the
right place. We anxiously look for
ward to the time of his arrival.
Rev. J. S. Kline and E. A. Slane of
Pvos Angeles, were in the city the lat
ter part of last week. The former has
a quarter section of land in what will
eventually be the suburbs of Imperial,
and, with Mr. Slane, who is a carpen
ter, came out to look over the land and
lay the plans for the erection of a res
idence on same.
Mr. Kline, who is a member of the
Southern. California M. E. Conference,
announces that a Methodist church
will be constructed' here during this
year. He expects to spend a portion
of the summer here, and move his fam
ily out next fall.
The Telephone Line Will be Completed Next
W. F. and Leroy Holt left here Mod
•day of last week for Flowingwell, j
to resume work on the telephone line, j
The work has been delayed for some:
time on account of the poles failing to ;
arrive. A good 1 force of workmen are ;
no'v employed and the work will pro- j
gress very rapidly, and Mr. Holt ex- !
pects to have the line completed to Im- ;
perial some time during next week. j
Four stations will be established, at '
once, and others will be added as it i
becomes necessary. One station will \
be placed at Iris, to connect with the
telegraph, one at Flowingwell, one at
Imperial and one at Cameron Lake. It !
it is thought that a station will be I
necessary at Sunset Springs, on East
Side tract very soon.
Mr. Holt is to be congratulated for ■
his nerve and enterprise in placing I
forty miles of telephone wire in a
country where the population requires
but four 'phones.
Imperial Public School Will be Opened Ip
the Fall of 1901. .j
The Imperial settlement has been
made a school district, and County
Superintendent Hugh J. Baldwin ar
rived here Friday of last week and
appointed Paul E. Fergusson census
marshal for the Imperial School Dis
trict, and gave instructions for holding
a trustees election in June.
The plans now are to erect a school
house this season to cost not less than
$5000 and to open the first terra the
coining winter with an enrolment suf
ficient to employ two teachers.
Mr. Baldwin is an energetic and
courteous gentleman, and ma.de a most
favorable impression with the people
of Imperial. He was making the trip
by private conveyance and left here
Saturday morning for the Hedges and
Picacho districts, about 100 miles from
The Press Office
The Pkess is one of the most com- 1
plete "little" printing plants in |
Southern California. It is equipped j
with material to do a superior class of j
job printing and to publish a small
newspaper. Our type is Barnhart's
"Superior Copper Mixed," while our
press is Chandler & Price's "Challenge
Gorden," and it is perhaps only justice
to say it was furnished us through
Nicklin's Southwest Printer's Supply j
of Los Angeles. Mr. Nicklin assisted •
personally in selecting the material, |
which means that everything in mod-,
crn and up-to-date, and who, by-the- J
way, had the hnnor of christening the
With a Visit By the Imperial Edi
torial Party
Perhaps no finer body of men ever
visited any place than that composing
the Imperial Editorial Party, which
reached the city at noon Wednesday,
I April 10. About 2p. m. the party filed
into the Pkrss headquarters and paid
us a tribute that shall long be remem
bered and which is the most interest
ing feature of the initial number of
the paper. We know of no better way
of expressing our appreciation of the
same than to say to each individual "if
you don't see what you want ask for
it." Those of the party who started
as we did, "as a printers devil," put
their good wishes in type, while those
who had never acquired the skill as a
typo left their copy with us. The fol-
I lowing is what they said:
' Here's hoping that the Impe
! rial Press may live long and pros
per. Compliments of George F.
' Weeks, editor Alameda Daily En
The Imperial Press is destined
to become the vehicle which will
tell to the worjd the marvelous
story of the transformation of a
voiceless desert into a valley full
of life and dotted with the happy
homes of a prosperous and con
tented people. — Fred L. Aij,ks,
Evening Express, Los Angeles.
The words "to fail" are un
known to such men as Fergusson,
Chaffey and Rockwood of the
Imperial Land and Water Com
panies. And now comes the Im
pekial Pkess, a bright and new
sy sheet, published in the Imper
ial Settlement, through the
columns of which the editor will
tell to the world the great and
glorious work which is being ac
complished by these Imperial
men in providing homes for
millions by the reclamation of
the desert. — J. L. Matthews of
the Covina Argus, LosAngelesCo.
The following is by L. M. Holt:
Don't wander too far from town or
you may get drowned in mirage lake.
This is a great country. Here the morning
bath is taken in imaginary water; then a brisk
walk is enjoveJ down the imaginary boule
vard; with the aid of a pipe the morning's news
can be imagined, even to the cablegrams; in
fact, all the comforts of civilization can be im
agined by the nervy men who propose to make
them realities. Here's to their success.— l. H.
Rice, Western Graphic, L. A.
The Imperial Colony, the largest ir
rigation development in America, will
bring into use and fruitfulness, the
most fertile body of arid land on the
continent, and will make a desert
waste a community of happy homes,
and a center of industrial activity.
All honor and prosperity to the men
who had the courage to inaugurate
this gigantic enterprise.
H. D. Wiu.iams,
Whittier Register.
The mirage of the desert will
be surpassed by the great miracle
of the desert transformation to a
garden fit for a second Adam and
Eve by the waters from the Im
perial Canal. — Gaknek Cukkan,
Los Angeles Daily Journal.
We are most favorably impressed
with what we have thus far seen on
our trip of observation as one of the
guests of the Imperial Land Company.
We find thousands of acres of first
class land, requiring water only to
make it a garden spot, an inexhaust
ible supply of which is to be had from
the Colorado river. To accomplish
this gigantic irrigation scheme bold
financiers have provided the means,
skillful engineers have perfected the
plans, and an energetic and competent
engineer, Geo. H. Chaffey, is pushing;
the work to a successful conclusion.
The Imperial Press, H. C. Reed ed
itor and manager, which issues its
initial number on April 20, at the new
town of Imperial, San Diego county,
is comfortably housed in a new and
roomy building, and is well equipped
with material for job and newspaper
work. Mr. Reed is a young man of
experience as a practical printer, and
a pleasant and courteous gentleman.
That he will ably represent the inter
ests of the new city and colony of the
Imperial company goes without saying.
« C. H. Ebbhi.r, " '..'
Downrv Champion.
A. F. Clarke, of the Riverside Press,
yawps thusly:
All hail, Imperial 1
You waste of desolation,
With never an indication
Of greatness latent :
Open up your eye of faith
And squint
A decade hence.
See the desert transformed
And the act performed
Which wedded water to fertile land.
Kindly Nature's gracious act
Of promise prophetic
Finds realization thrice perfected,
And every hope fulfilled.
Imperial !
'Tis a name to conjure
And so we adjure
You to make known its charms.
Imperial has a future, and that
future is assured. Crops will re
ward industry, and fat cattle will
make the land famous.
J. A. Johnson
Orchard and Ranch Editor, Los
Angeles Herald.
The Imperial Press, published in the
town of Imperial, which is the Imper
ial Schoool District, in San Diego
county, in the Imperial State of Calif
ornia — one of the statesof the greatest
nations on earth. This paper repres
ents the Imperial Settlements, which
are irrigated by the most extensive ir
rigation system on the Pacific coast.
1,. M. Hoi.T.
Imperial Farmer, L. A.
Having had five years' experienca in
conducting a desert journal, I extend
greetings to the editor of the Imperial
Press as the exponent of the happiest,
healthiest and most useful professions.
You will carry to the word the devel
opment of a new region.
Pasadena Daily News.
April 10, 1901.
Hail to the Imperial Press! We
shall greet you and pull with yon until
we are bound together with ikon ties.
E. J. Swaynk,
San Diegan Sun.
Martin Ilensin of Escondido, was in
Imperial recently, Mr. Hensin has a
a tract of land about six miles south
from town and has just completed a
residence on same, which is the first
building erected in the country sur
rounding Imperial. He went from
here to his home at Escondido, but
will return when water for irrigation
can be had.
I How to reach the
| Imperial Settlement
I in the
I New River Country
» Take the Southern Pacific
i train for Flowingwell, which
i is located about 190 miles
i east of Los Angeles.
i You can get good hotel ac-
i commodations at Flowing-
i well at the
I McCaulley House.
« The McCaully Stage Line,
[ with good teams and rigs,
' will take you to any part of
J the valley.
' Total expense of trip from
j Los Angeles, about s2s.

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