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■ Mrs. Watson's Message* i
H Sho tolls all suffering womon how she was pi
M ourod of Ovarian Inflammation by r J
Wm ' ' Dear Mrs. Pixkitam : — When I wrote to you a few months ||
|D ago I hud been suffering from inflammation of the ovaries and pjS
B9 womb for over eighteen months. I had a continual pain and pa
BH soreness in my back and side. I believe my troubles were caused pa
H! by overwork and lifting some years ago. Life was a drag to me »M
fca and I felt like giving up. I had several doctors, but they did me |§|
H little good. I began to use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- 3
pi pound four months ago and am in bet'er health to-day than I |J|
Eg have been for years. All my pains are gone. Your Vegetable H|
111 Compound has made me well. I recommend it to all suffering m
Hj -women.' I—Mrs.1 — Mrs. S. J. Watson, Hampton, Va. Q
SB When there is one remedy that is sure, and H
■B hundreds of thousands of women know from ex* M
ESS perience is reliable, is it wise to experiment with m
gg untried and comparatively unknown medicines? IS|
■M^=d jfi «— < fßt A jmi nnflf lOn We have deposited with tSraiß
m tm oh IT^ Bn Ml IB ntnAnU the National City Bank, 1
— mnß ijP H S B 1 I I "■■ WTfllla/ of Lynn, $5,000, which IBWBHi
I *" ■ HH9BI j mmmmmmmm ~ mmm ~~ w>" be paid to any per- I
I 1818 II 1 son w l>o can find that the above testimonial I
I BOHIiBBBH Ictter •? not genuine, or was published before I
I VtJr HW wJf 1(0 obtaining: the writer's special permission. I
Wood That Camcx Sneezing.
A:\iong Us many curious products
South Africa includes the "sneeze
wood" tree, which takes Its name from
the fact that one cannot cut it with a
saw without sneezing, as the fine dust
has exactly tho <-ffi>ct of snuff. Even
in planing the wood it will sometimes
cause sneezing. No Insect, worm or
barnacle will touch it. It is very bitter
to tbe taste, and when placed in water
it will sink. The color is light brown
and tbe grain very close and hard.
For dock work, piers or jetties it is a
useful timber, lasting a long while un
der water.
in the night Croup comes, choking
and strangling your little one— at-
tempting to take away the life so
dear to you.
at this time is the friend in need.
It will relieve the sufferer at once,
and by healing membrane of throat
and lungs prevent a further attack.
Don't delay one day, mothers. If
you haven't Acker's get it. Acker's
will cure Coughs and colds in a day.
" Two of my children owe their lives to
Ackek's Knclish Remedy, It relieves
at once. I a!ii never without it."
MRS. K. G. WEUEK, ltiiffalo.
Write to us for testimonials and
free illustrated book on Consump-
S »:.! Ht 31r, r.o.' ami SI. OO n bottla.
If you nr«i tint »:<u>lln<l return the bottle to
your if riiKKi"') itml !:•■• your money bitrlc.
\V. 11. Hooker & Co., I'ropm., Huffalo, N. Y
L.A.N.U. No. ]5
Imperial preee
Not Second Sight.
In happenings that savor of tbe su
pernatural there is often less rather
than more than is "dreamt of In philos
In the English county of Wiltshire
there lived a woman whose deceased
husband had been a pig dealer. After
his death it was her habit to remark
to chance visitors, without looking out
the window:
"That's a nice lot of young pigs,
"Where?" the person present was
sure to ask.
"Comin down the road," was the In
variable reply. "They're in a cart,
and, what's more, there's a fine fat
bow among 'em."
And it would not be long before a
cart would appear and in it a litter of
pigs and among them the sow whlcb
the woman bad perceived at such a
distance up the road. One day a vis
itor, who saw in this exhibition an
evidence of second sight, exclaimed:
"How do you do It? It is simply won
" 'Taln't no miracle," was the modest
reply. "I've just got my ear trained !
to pigs—that's all." !
No Snakes In Uawnll.
The ccntiped is tho only poisonous
insect on the Hawaiian Islands, and its
eting here Is no moro dangerous than
lue stlns of a wasp or hornet in this
United States. On the mainland tho
tarantula's sting is usually fatal nud
always brings serious consequences.
Hawaii Is fortunate too. in haying no
snakes or poisonous reptiles.—Hono
lulu Republican.
"Young ninn." snid Si'oator Sorghum,
"if you want to Hiieceed In politics
uever break your word."
"Rut are thorp not times when It Is
Impossible 10 keep a promise?"
"To be sun*. Hut yon must make
your arrangements so that yon don't
break tbe promise yourself. Tut Ihe
bluuii* ou tiouu-liudy eWe."-
Cape Town — Five corpses of victims
of the bubonic plague were found in
Cape Town today. Seven additional
cases have been officially reported, six
of these being Europeans and one of
the latter being a yeoman.
Divided the Remedy.
The Philadelphia Reoerd tells a story
of a physician of that city who was
called to sec "an old Irishman and his
wlfo, down with colds. He advised
quinine and whisky as an antidote.
"You must both take It," be said.
"Take It every three hours— two grains
of quiulue and a swallow of whisky."
Tbe next day he called again. The
mau was up and about, but bis wlfo
was In bed. "Did you follow my in
utructions?" asked the doctor.
"To the letther," replied the bus
"How much quinine have you left?"
was the next question.
"Sure, 01 fink she have taken th'
whole ay It," said the man.
"And didn't you take It. too?" asked
the doctor.
"Divil th' bit," was the reply. "Be
gorrah, It kept me busy takin th' whis
ky every toime she took a pill, an sure
she's in bed an Ol'm up."
The llnmoroni Primate.
There la a story told of a candidate
for the pulpit who was preaching an
ex tempore trial sermon before the
late Archbishop Tait and Dean Stan
In his extreme nervousness be be
gan In a stammering way, "I will di
vide my congregation Into two— tbe
converted and the unconverted."
This proved too much for the pri
mate's sense of humor, and he ex
claimed, "I think, sir. as there are only
two of us, you had better say which is
which."— London Standard.
One of the wisest moves made for
some time was when the Los Angeles
City Council passed an ordinance for
bidding the sale of sewer water to veg
etable growers.
A Victim of Biliousness and
Inflammatory Rheumatism
Tells How He Became
Free From Disease
. . :, ...
A recommendation that is not based
upon experience is without value but
in the following interview the reader
will at once recognize the force of ad-
vice that is the result of personal
Mr. Ned Yerkes Hawley is a trav-
eling man whose home is at 1926 W.
Boone Ave., Spokane, Wash. He has
recently had an experience of more
than general interest and in an Inter-
view with a representative of the
Spokesman-Review of Spokane, he
"In June, 1899, I became bilious and
subject to dizzy spells. I had no ap-
petite, my heart seemed to flutter at
times and beat irregularly, and dark
spots seemed to float before my eyes.
This continued for about six months.
During that time I was troubled with
lameness in my back and pains over
my kidneys. I was under a physi-
cian's care and he told me that my
trouble was biliousness and inflamma-
j tory rheumatism. I was in bed for
! over four weeks and did not seem to
be getting any better.
"One day I saw an advertisement
in which it was stated that a case sim-
ilar to mine had been cured by Dr.
[Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.
! I procured some of the pills and within
1 two weeks the inflammatory rheuma-
j tiom, which had become very acute and
: caused me the most intenese suffering,
was entirely cured.
"You will therefore realize that I
am a firm believer in Dr. Williams'
Pir.k Pills. They cured me and I am
so sure that they will prove eqneally
valuable in other cases that I have
recommended them to a great many
I people.
Dr. Willlams's Pink Pills for Pale
People are an unfailing specific for
'such diseases as locomotor ataxla, par-
tial paralysis St. Vitus' dance, sciatica, '
neuralgia, rheumatism, nervous head- j
ache, after-effects of the grip, palpita-
tion of the heart, pale and sallow com-
plexions Jii'.d all forms of weakness
either in male or female. Sold by all
j dealers, or sent direct from Dr. Wil-
liams Medicine Co., Schnectady, N. Y.,
50 cents per box, or six boxes for $2.50.
Garfleld Tea purifies the blood, reg
ulates the digestive organs and pro*
motes good health. It is the herb
medicine that has been used success
fully for many years.
"I confess I was greatly disappointed
In your friend; you told me he was ao
"Ah, my dear madam, but you gave
us only Apolllnarls at dinner."— Life.
When you take Drove's Tasteless Chill Tonlo
because the formula la plainly printed on every
bottle showing that Is Is nlmply Iron and Qui
nine In a tasteless form. No. Cure, No pay. Me.
Mr. Housekeeper— l want to get a
servant girl.
Employment Agent— What sort of
girl do you want?
Mr. Housekeeper— l'd like to get one
about two by five. We're living in a
flat at present.— Philadelphia Press.
A Perfect Cathartic
Not violently emptying the bowels or clean-
Ing but Kontly Rtimulittltiir, toning strengthen
ing the intestinal walls— t;nscarets Candy Ca-
Ihartlf, ion, 25c, fiOr,
Biggs— Old Skinner is certainly a be
nevolent looking man.
Diggs — Yes. He buncoed more beg
gars out of their time than any other
man in town. — Chicago News.
Stops the Congh
and Works off the Cold.
Laxative Bromo-Qulnlne Tablets cure a cold
tnone day. No core. No pay. Price 26 cast*.
He Certainly Wai a Fiend,
The stage was rolling along the can
yon trail when suddenly the horses
reared back on their haunches as n
lone highwayman with a Winchester
appeared on the scene.
"Step out of the hearse, gentlemen,
and hands up!" he ordered.
One by one they climbed out, with
elevated hands.
The highwayman relieved the party
and several times was forced to remind
one nervous little man to keep his band
from his pocket.
"What's the matter with you?" he
finally roared. "You make another
move like that, and I'll pump the slugs
In you!"
"Please let me," pleaded the little
man as his hand again slid toward his
"Please let you!" roared the despera
do. "Please let you perforate mcl
You're Imposing on my generosity, son
ny. Look out! Look out! Keep your
mit away from that pocket, or by the
"But it won't hurt you!" protested
the little man. "It won't hurt you at
all! Stand just as you are now and
keep your rifle leveled. There! That's
And while tbe highwayman was re
covering from bis astonishment the lit
tle man bad flashed his kodak and
snapped the button.— lndianapolis Sun.
Where tbe Shoe Pinched.
Young Girl (glancing at her pedal ex
tremitieß^—Oh, dear! My feet are so
awfully big!
Practical Auntie— But you stand on
them all right, don't you?
Young Girl— Oh, yes, but so do other
folks too.— New York Tribune.
Ready Bicnar,
Heggar- Say, boss, won't you help a
poor fellow out of a job?
Joakley— Gracious! Can't you get out
of it without my help? Pretend you're
sick or something.— Philadelphia Prcs9.
The Best Prescription for Malaria.
Chills mill (over is a bottle of Grove* taste
lesß ChllTonin. It is simply irou and qniuino
in a taEteleK* form. No cure— uu pay, Price Inn;
\\Mustf,avt this Sisn*tur, &M-\Mamtrflft
I CONS^ A ro<|p^.A g
MiLuuS ww w ■ dr " ggist3 In

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