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The liability to disease is greatly
lessened when the blood is in good con«
dition, and the circulation healthy and
vigorous. For then all refuse matter
is promptly carried out of the system ;
otherwise it would rapidly accumulate
—fermentation would take place, the
blood become polluted and the consti-
tution so weakened that a simple
malady might result seriously.
A healthy, active circulation means
good digestion and strong, healthy
As a blood purifier and tonic S. S. S
has no equal . It is the safest and best
remedy for old people and children
because it contains no minerals, but is
made exclusively of roots and herbs.
No other remedy so thoroughly and
effectually cleanses the blood of im-
A A/% purities. At the
€bw wlk Ck^ same time it builds
U P the weak and de-
bilitated, and reno-
< %v vates the entire sys-
tem. It cures permanently all mannei
of blood and skin troubles.
Mr. E. E. Kelly, of TJrbana, 0.. writes :
"I had Eczema on my hands and face foi
five years, ic would break out in little
white pustules, crusts would form and
drop off, leaving the skin red and inflam-
ed. The doctors did me no good. I used
all the medicated soaps and salves without
benefit. S. S. S. cured me, and my ekin
is as clear and smooth as any one's."
Mrs. Henry Siegfried, of Cape May, N.
J., says that twenty-one bottles of S. S. S.
cured her of Canoer of the breast. Coo-
tors and friends thought her oase hope-
Richard T. Gardner, Florence, 8. C,
Buffered for years with Bolls. Two bot-
tles of 8. 8. B. put his blood in good con-
dition and the Boils disappeared.
Send for our free book, and write
our physicians about your case.
Medical advice free.
Simplicity, strength and purity com-
bined in Garfield Tea, the herb medi-
cine that cures constipation and liver
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward lor
sny case ol catarrh that cannot be dured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Prop*., Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned, hare Known F. J.
Cheney Ic. the last 15 years, and believe thin
perfectly honorable in all business transaction)!
•nd financially able to carry out any obligation
made by thair Urm. , •
WBBT & Troax, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Waldino. Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Drug-
gists, Toledo, O.
Har.'r. Catarrh Cnre is taken internally, act-
ing <H) ectly upon the blood and mucous sur-
face* of the system. Price, 7sc. per bottle. Bold
by all dr uggists. Testimonials free.
Han't Family Pills are the best.
Take Laxative Rromo Quinln* Tablets. All
druggists refund the money If It falls to cure.
B. w. Grove' a nlgnature m on eaon box. toe.
Frequent Pains
in your chest with a hacking
cough are the first symptoms
of Consumption.
will check the disease before
it is firmly seated. It will
cure a cough or cold in a day.
Insist on having ACKER'S.
Write to us for testimonials
and free illustrated book on
Hold at «5.i, sOc »nd «t.OO ■» »><»"»?.
iry»u»r«n»IM"«H»«l return the bottle &>
"our dnißßl»t, »nd net your money back,
r?. U. Hooker « Co.. Froprs., Buffltlo, N. T.
Imperial lpreoo
George B. Sullivan Killed While Pros
San Francisco— Word has been re
ceived hero that George B. Sullivan,
formerly of this city, who disappeared
In the Philippines while on a pros
pecting trip has been murdered, and
some of his murderers are now in the
hands of the authorities. Sullivan
went on a prospecting expedition, and
In some manner became separated from
his companions and was captured by
Insurgents after a fight in which Sulli
van was wound': .1. He and James L.
Husket, a private of the Twenty-ninth
infantry, were removed from place to
place for a month, and then for some
reason both were murdered.
Charges of murder have been pre
ferred against Lientenant Hilario
Qucsada, Corporal Luis Lopez, Gre
gorio Omaja, Felipe Barnachea and
Jacinto Abat, who are confined at San
Fernando awaiting trial. More arrests
will follow.
The remains of the two men were
afterward buried by the Igorrote Presi
dente of the Rancherla of Sabed, and a
par'y of natives, who at the request of
Lieutenant Johnston, brought the re
mains into San Fernando de Union.
Sullivan was a brother of Clerk Sul
livan of the recorder's office in this
city and of James D. Sullivan, a busi
ness man of Manila.
Proposition for aj British]^Columbian
Vancouver. B. C. — An American com
pany, headed by T. B. McGovern and
company of New York, and represented
at Whatcom by W. A. Onffrey, is again
endeavoring to form a combine of the
salmon canning industry of British
Not only are canneries of the Frazier
river to be in the mammoth concern,
but American capital will to a large
extent, be interested in the control of
the fifteen large canneries of Rovers
inlet, the Skeena and Alert bay, and
the northern coast generally. Over
seventy canneries are asked to go Into
the new deal. Although nothing of
ficial has yet been given out it is said
that proposals made are receiving fav
orable consideration by the Frazer
River Canners' association.
The English combine, proposed at the
close of last season, and negotiated
upon ever since, has entirely fallen
through. N. M. Malcolm, of the United
Canneries Limited, returned from
London today and says that no ar
rangements can possibly be made that
could apply to this season, and the
deal can be considered off. Manager
Wymond of the Frazer River Guano
factory, has been in London for sev
eral months, carrying on negotiations,
but recently friction occurred between
him and other representatives of the
combine company, and as a result a
deal with English capital is now Impos
sible. A big season is looked for on
the river, and a heavy pack is expected
but cannery men fear a recurrence of
the labor troubles of last season.
Sam Gardner of Scott valley is
crowding work on his hydraulic claim
at Hull Gulch. It is generally be
lieved that he will have the biggest
clean-up of gold for the season in
Scott valley mines.
Consolidated Virginia makes a great
showing, but the bears still keep it
down. Last week's output was over
$23,000, the largest for several years.
The Denver Post, in a recent issue,
in speaking of the mining industry
in regard to silver, said:
Silver mining is still Colorado's sec
ond greatest industry. At about K0
cents an ounce many mines can yet
be profitably worked. But if the price
is reduced to 30 cents every silver mino
will have to close down and the State
will lose a product worth some $30,
000,000 a year. The proposition to e
deem the six hundred millions of silver
dollars in existence with gold and to
melt this mass of silver down and
throw it on the market as bullion
means nothing less than the destruc
tion of what silver mining we have.
The Phoenix Enterprise says that a
new gold find has been made in Mari
copa county, nine miles from Kyrene,
by the Burnett Bros., of Mesa, who
have prospected the section for a num
ber of years. The Enterprise says that
others have been let into the secret and
several new claims have been located.
Burnett Bros, are running a tunnel
to strike a vein at a lower depth and
their reason for finally allowing others
Into the mine was because of expense
of tunneling. There is a good deal of
tmothered excitement on the south
side, as those who have seen samples
of the ore or have visited the place
Say it is very rich in coarse gold. The
parties themselves are reticent about
the matter and but meager informa
tion has reached the geneal public.
Within the next few days, no doubt,
the extent of the find will be more
Among Los Angeles mining men it
is current that reports from the new
new strike near Wickenburg are to thf
effect that the shaft has been sunk to
a depth of 100 feet and a crosscut is
being run to determine the width of
the ledge. It has already been run 64
feet without finding any indications of
a wall. There is no waste in the ore
taken out, and it is claimed that it
will average $20 per ton across the
entire width of the opening, while
Rome place it at $30 per ton.
Carrisso Creek.— Aother drilling rig j
is in San Diego ready to be sent to j
the Carrisso Creek district.
Test Well— Nonpareil Oil Company,
in San Benito county, has a small
test well yielding three barrels of oil \
a day. '
In Storage — It is reported that the i
Standard Oil Company has over fifty
thousand barrels of oil in its tanks
in Kern river.
Vallecitos — Two oil companies — the
Partello and Randall — are organized
to work on territory leased from the
American Mutual Oil Mining Company,
which holds over 42,000 acres ia dif
ferent parts of Vallecitos. Work will
commence on three wells before June
1. The American Mutual Oil Mining
Company holds about 3000 acres more
in other districts in San Benifo county.
— Hollister Bee. -
Southwest — There has never been
greater interest in the southwestern
extension of the Los Angeles field, and
a dealer in oil lands remarked yester
day that there was a greater demand
for land in that section than in al
most any other field in the State. The
belief seems to be growing daily that
there are better things in store for
that new portion of the Los Angeles
field than has heretofore been believed.
It is expected that theer will be a
great increase in the numbr of rigs
at work in the nex month or two.
Recovered Tools— Monterey Oil cor
poration has recovered its tools from
the well, which has given some trouble
! of late, and ofllcers of the company re- ;
port that drilling is now making gooa j
headway at a depth of about one hun
dred and fifty feet.
Right to Sue— The decison in the
caso of the Kern Oil Company, ren- 1
! dored in San Francisco Wednesday.
I according to. a special dispatch from
San Francisco, only goes to the extent
of giving the scrippers a right to bring |
suit. j
PUMPING JACK— Lowe & Williams
[are putting in a pumping jack for
I their wells on Temple road.
danger has got a production of about |
j sight barrels from his first well on j
, Western avenue, Los Angeles. I
! CHANGE IN OFFICE— Mount Diablo
Oil Company has changed its principal j
•lace of business from Fresno to Los .
Angeles. '
j company's first well, after being sand
; pumped, has developed into on? of the
| best wells in the Kern River field. i
| COMPRESSED Alß— Eastern St'.r '
Oil company hns placed an order with
j ...e Pacific Manufacturing company Tor
a compressed air pumping plant, to
ie placed at the company's wells in the
Kern River field, in about four
weeks. ;
Boers Take a Train
East London, Cape Colon, April 20.-- !
A train loaded with cattle and coal was
captured by the Boers near Monteno, i
Cape Colony, last evening. The for- ;
ward locomotive escaped and ran to i
Stormburg and returned with troops,
who found the train on fire. A couple
rt natives were killed. The train
hands had been stripped and then re
I I psi A V^sk .^a\. |/|l\t| PW*
||1 Says: "Besides being a ||
P good tonic Peruna Is an ef- i
If Udlve cure tor catarrh. I ji
If recommend your remedy, f
Ilk jt^^J^^Ki
"Those outrageuos trusts ought to be
wiped out of existence if it taKes every
gun and every gallows in the land to do
"What's your special grievance
against them?"
"Why, the scoundrels refused to buy
up our plant!" — Cleveland Plain
Mothers will find Mrs. Winslow's
Soothing Syrup the best remedy to
use for tlt'ir children during the
teething period.
Hotel Guest — Can you get r»;o an un
abridged dictionary sinywhere in the
Bell Boy — I'm afraid not. sir, but
there's a lady from Boston on the sec
ond floor. — Sommerville Journal.
: Sudden and Severe t
| * attacks of J
j Neuralgia 1
• Aw4^ coiuet ° •
• 2Wg^r '"any of us, •
, J "^lij£§?^" but however m
• ' ra<l l>at ' llie case *
j MM) St. j
• /Ft Jacobs J
jMm Oil j
• \W' ' penetrates •
• Uffi I promptly J
; • \\, I and deeply, •
• Ai /li soothes :>nd •
• A\\\ ft strengthens *
• / Bm #/ the nerves •
• JcJvL.sL ;^9^_ ant * * >r '"K s *
• * Bure cure< *
L.A.N.U. No. 17

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