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Qtestlons and Answers Relative to
the Colorado Delta
•I 1. Where in the l»«*t place to lo
a On the Colorado Delta.
<| 2. What is a delta/
a Consult a school geography.
q .1. Where in the Colorado delta?
.i On the went side of the Colorado
river, in Han Diego County, California.
q 4. Does the Colorado delta over
v No, only clone to the streams.
q 5. What ts the nature of the soil?
a It in what in known an a sedimen
tary or alluvial depo*ttc.
q 6. What is the nature of the cli
a It in arid.
q 7. How can I procure the laud?
a By taking it under the Desert
Land Actor the Homeiitcad Act.
q H. If the country i* arid, how
can crops be grown?
a My means of irrigation.
q 9. How can I procure water for
a Hy buying shares of stock from
the Imperial Laud company.
q 10. At what price doen the com
pany acll water stock?
a At present, It is selling at $11.25
l>er acre, on cany terms.
q 11. In thU then the only co*t of
a No, you will be required to pay
an annual rental of SO cents per acre
q 12. What is an acre foot?
a It in enough water to cover an
acre of ground one foot deep.
q 13. Is one acre foot all the water
I will be allowed to buy?
a No, you can buy as much as four
acre feet.
q 14. Will all crops require four
acre feet?
a No, alfalfa may require it. but
fruit trees will not.
q IS. What will be the principal
a Alfalfa, grain and livestock.
q 16. Do you think it will be adap
ted to citrus and deciduous fruits?
a Ye*.
q 17. Are thcro no other land*
that can be obtained, besiden Govern
ment lauds?
a In a short time we shall place ten
thousand acre* of deeded land on the
market, which will be sold in tracts to
Miit the purchasers, at reasonable
prices and on easy terms.
q 18 In there any church, or any
Sunday school, of the Brethren?
a No. not of the Brethren, at pres
ent; but there are a number of mem
bers here, and we believe from the
number of letters of injuiry we arc re
ceiving that eventually a strong-church
may be built up.
q 19. Are there any other churches?
a Not yet, but one is now in course
of construction, which will be open to
all denominations.
q 20. Are there any schooU?
a The delta has been formed into
the Imperial School District, and a
good school will be opened in the fall.
q 21. What is the cost. of building
a From $40 to sso |>cr thousand, de
luding on the quality of lumber.
q 22. Where do you get fuel, and
what does it cost?
a We get mesquite wood along the
rivers, and it costs only the trouble of
getting it, if on unentered land.
q 23. How far arc you from the
ocean and gulf?
a It is 125 miles to the Pacific ocean
at San Diego, and 60 miles to the gulf
of California.
q 24. What is the temperature.'
a The highest in summer is about
115° above, and the lowest in winter
about 26° above *cro; but the summer
heat U not so oppressive here an in the
Imperial pircoo
«•.!•»!, on account of there being lest]
humidity in the atmosphere.
q 25. Which is the bent route to
the delta?
a Buy your ticket over the Houthern
Puciflc to Plowing Well.
♦I 26. How can we get the best
rates of fare'/
a Apply to your local agent.
q 27. How can we get out into the j
country from Flowing Well?
a Notify us when you will arrive!
there, and we will meet you with our j
conveyance. Yours fraternally,
SjMcial Agents of the Imperial Laud !
t'oni|»;iMY, Imperial. Cal.
HouthwrMrrn Stockman
1 C. F. Saylor, of lowa, the special
agent in charge of the beet sugar in- i
vestigatiou of the department of agri
culture, in in Washington and has sub
mitted bis report to Secretary Wilnon.
He sayn thtH year hhowna very active
tendency toward the rstablishmeut of
new, beet sugar enterprises* Next au
tumn, he says, Michigan will have
three new factories, and Ohio, Indiana
New York, Colorado, Utah, South and I
North Dakota, and Illinois will install
new factory enterprises, making thir
teen throughout the United States now
in contemplation. A conservative es
timate, he says, is that there will be
forty-two beet migar factories in oper
ation throughout the United States by
the end of next autumn. Everything]
indicates that the industry is thorough* ■
ly established throughout the country. \
*f Armour ACo., ft nay* the Eldorado!
Republican, "are sending a car of eggs I
to California from here, and in talking
of their big business here. Harry Mill- ,
er gave uh a fact that was surprising.
In shipping a car of chicken* to Cali-j
fornia at this time of the year the egg*
laid during* (he eight days of transit
about pay the freight. The car will
hold about 3,000 chicken h and each day
the egga are gathered, at the end of j
journey 100 case* will have been filled,
which when hold in California for 15
cents a dozen will realize ?450, which |
amount will pay the charges on the'
car. Cases arc taken airing and all
calculations made to care for the daily !
Aiipply of eggs. The Kansas hen is a
sure pood thing.'*
*^» I »■ O I »> !»<OI^
ilmpe'ria 1|
T ' ▼
| Offices at i , I
k Imperial, Cameron, ▲
i i
? Flowing Wells and Iris.
* Mcssajjcs sent to,
t or rcceive<l from,
▼ any part of the world.
f-v To advertise your business in
|®| our large special edition.
5,000 readers guaranteed.
jr the dotel Diadem
+++++7mptrial, California***** \,
0 Offers tupsrior accommodations to land^cekcrs, tourists and the public ;
1 Hates $2.50 ptr day "c Imperial Land (& Proprietors j
Di nces From Imperial to the Following Named Places:
Flowing Wells 28 miles
Blue Lake „ 8 mile*
Cameron Lake Camp 16 mile»
Monument 220 \b% miles
Salton Ki%-er 20«< miles
West Me»a 21% miles
Kant Me«»a 28J< miles
| Holt Brothers I
Imperial, California,
Dealers '> " m $fc
| General |
J Merchandise I
*fe See us when you want to buy anything *fe
S Before placing your next order
K\»: t Coming this way? |
9& t \- * then you are interested
may 41 j + X
J+++4.t in knowing bow to reach S
S^ id
I"" Imperial Settlement, J
I «New River Country!
I Take the 5. P. train i
h to Flowing We 115.... §
I At this point you get first class accommodations at the McCAUL £$g
I S LEY HOUSE. G. W. McCaulley, the proprietor, runs a regular Q6
| | stage line from that place to Imperial, leaving Flowing Weells at C 2
f | 7:30 a. m. on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning the follow- ■ 5
*^ ing days. /*
1 \ Special teams and rigs are also kept in readiness for any other day, 5 I
1 * and will take yon to any part of the country. y jjj
| S The only direct route to the Carrino Creek oil tiilds west of Flowing I £
E 9 Wells. This stage line is equipped with rigs and teams that are C S
x unexcelled. £ 7
Alomo Mocho 30^ miles
(lanlencr'n 36>* miles
Seven Wells 43' + rnilcn
Salton Crossing 2* 47/j miles
Cook's Wcllh BV,i miles
Don Alamo* , 59^ miles
Haulou's 65^ miles

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